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  01x18 - The Badass Seed
 Posted: 02/23/11 07:06
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I never told the police where you were.

Do you believe me? That's what I asked you Before the cops picked me up.

I never got an answer, either.

The D.


is dropping the charges against me.

I'm free.

We can get that awful thing off your leg right now.

The cab is waiting.

I'm going with Spencer.

Well, how did you like Mr.

Fitz? Every English department has one, full of charm and promise.

This is crazy.

You can't keep staying here.

Hey, if you need a place to stay, there's an old couch in my basement.

My mom will never know.

I figured out what the message means.

It wasn't b-a-d.

It was the number 214.

All Em, all the time! Don't tell.

Whatever it is you're holding on to, it's got to stop.

Come closer.

I think he's dangerous.

And I think you need help.

Melissa Spencer, we're pregnant.


Fitz, this is Byron Montgomery.

I'm sorry about how our meeting went, and I'd like to talk to you, so maybe we could have a beer? If you're trying out for the bad seed, you need to sign up here and wait by the auditorium door until your name is called.

Thank you, and good luck.

Start with the line about the stolen medal.

Why isn't she wearing any shoes? So she can look short enough to play an eight-year-old.

What's my line? I don't see anything about a medal.

No, that's what the eight-year-old killed her classmate for.

Penmanship medal.

That's why they call her the bad seed.

A penmanship medal, really? Didn't you read the whole play? Don't look at me.

Hanna's the one trying out.

I'm just here to make her look taller.

Why do I have to read the whole play? I don't wanna be the bad seed's mother.

I want the other mother, the one who's drunk all the time.

No comment.

Are you still ragging on me for bringing a flask to a dance? I don't need another parent, Spence.

One's plenty.

Well, has the one figured out that Caleb's in your basement? No, but "A" has.

What are you gonna do? I'm gonna tell my mom before "A" gets to her.

I'm just gonna ask her if Caleb can stay in the guestroom.

Hey, there, Hanna and her clanna! Hey, Mona.

How'd it go in there? Honestly, I nailed it.

It was epic.

I think Mr.

Fitz cried.

Good for you, Mona.

I guess the rest of us should go home.

No! There are no small parts, only parts that don't make it into the yearbook.

Good luck.

Why don't you audition? You kind of have an in with the director.


Is he wearing the tie you gave him? Stop! It would be so awesome to hang out with you two after school, see you as a couple.

News flash.

Just 'cause we're on this side of the building doesn't mean that we can suddenly light candles and slow dance.

That's the opening night party.

"Hello, Aria.

" "Hello, Ezra.

" Are you finished? It's not like we'll ever be able to go on a double date with you guys.

You won't even send us pictures.

Pictures? Hanna, we meet at his apartment.

It's not Sea World.

We're just saying it'd be nice.

Believe me, I know.

Wish I could.

But I can't.

Um, where's your other scene? Is Mr.

Fitz in the auditorium? Uh, I'm, uh, right here, Jenna.

What can I do for you? I don't know if you're interested, but I would like to compose some music for the play.


That'd be great.

For the flute? Yes.

Is there a reason that you picked the bad seed? It's one of my favorites.

The theme is so inspiring.

Uh, inspiring? I'm fascinated by the nature of evil.


Oh, hey.

Didn't, uh, wake you, did I? Sort of.

Are you packing or unpacking? Uh, little bit of both.

You know, I gotta make room.

Babies come with a lot of gear.

Yeah, it's time I get rid of some of this dead weight.

What's in there? Junk, mostly.


Baseball gloves, trophies.

Stuff my mom probably wants more than me.

Listen, can you, uh, hold this flap down for me? It's a tape gun, Spence.

You won't get hurt.

I know that.

Really? 'Cause you flinch every time I come near you.

Have to go get ready for school.

Yeah, Melissa told me what you said to her at the swim meet.

You think I had something to do with what happened to Alison de Laurentis? Well, for the record, I didn't Though I'm not surprised she ended up that way.

What is that supposed to me? It means your friend Alison was a psycho stalker who wouldn't take no for an answer.

Okay, someone else probably had enough of her.

Yeah, or maybe you had enough of her.

Listen, our relationship could be summed up in two words: Get lost.

Right, well, it's too bad she's not here to defend herself.

Trust me, she never played that position.

Your friend Alison was always on offense.

Didn't I just buy this milk? Is it sour? Empty.

And so is the butter dish.

Why are we going through so many groceries? I may have made some mac & cheese for Caleb and me.

He stayed over for dinner a couple times.

I thought we talked about this.

I'm not crazy about this friendship.

Mom, his home situation sucks.

His foster parents treat him like dirt.

Hanna, there are a lot of great families out there he could be placed with, just not ours.

And there's no sugar, either.

Uh, yeah, we made brownies for dessert.

So, I guess this would be a bad time to see if he can stay in our guestroom for a couple nights? Ah, so the cat in the hat now wants room and board? He never asked.

I'm asking.

I mean, how do you expect him to study or get a good night's sleep? Hanna, we need our privacy.


Potter's nephew is still circling out there.

We're not in the clear.

I applaud your compassion, but I worry about your judgment.

So, is that a maybe? And now I'm worried about your hearing.

I'm late.

I love you.

She's gone.


How much did you hear? Between you and mommy? Not much.

I will, uh, put some groceries on the back porch.

My parting gift.

Caleb, chill.

I'll talk to her.

She'll come around.

Said the girl with poor judgment to the cat in the hat.


Uh, hey.

What's this? Your newspaper.

I don't subscribe.




W-what's up? What are you doing here? Nothing.

I just wanted to talk to you before school.

About your dad wanting to take me out for that beer? I don't have to do it, Aria.

I can dodge him.

No, don't dodge him.

I want you to spend some quality time with him.

Why? Because.

It'd be cool if my dad could see how special you are.

I want my friends to see that, too.

And why do we suddenly care what your friends think about me? Have you told them about us? Mm.

Your homies will like me just fine.

I cast Spencer and Hanna in the school play.

Really? Excellent.

They'll be so psyched.

Who's your stage manager? Ah, couple of kids have asked.

Why? Well, you'll be spending every day after school and weekends so if I'm stage managing we can see each other all the time.

On campus.

Off campus, too.

It'll give us an excuse to finally have coffee outside this little apartment.

I love this little apartment.

I do.

A lot.


Come on.

Let me be your stage manager, please? Part of me says this is a terrible idea.

But I'm not talking to that part.

Just say yes, Ezra.

Come on, just say it.

Say it.


Caleb, can you get me my mascara? I'm in the shower! Can I just come in and grab it? Sure.

You know, if you guys cleaned this showerhead, you could have amazing pressure.

Go for it.

Hanna? Is my phone in your bathroom? Um, I-I I'm in the shower, mom! I was halfway to the bank when I realized I didn't have it.

What is with this charger? I only have three bars.

Uh, I really can't talk right now, mom.

I'm getting shampoo in my mouth.


All right.

See you at dinner.

Wanna share a towel, too? That's awesome.

That's the part you really wanted, right? Yeah! It's pretty cool.

If you guys are all involved, maybe I should do props or something.

Why is Paige McCullers calling? Is she still torturing you? No, she's We're cool now.

Really? What brought you closer, her trying to drown you? She's got a cousin in the military, and she's kind of anxious about it.

Did you and Toby figure out that braille thing yet, what 214 means? You haven't given up, have you? Definitely not.

We're still working on it.

I'm supposed to drop off his French book after school, so Can I do it? I haven't seen him since they dropped the charges, and I'd kind of like to talk to him again.


Maybe now he'll be more willing to hear me when I say I didn't turn him in.

What are you looking at? I didn't even know they knew each other.

There's a lot of things that we don't know.

What is that? What did he just give her? So, the play raises an interesting question.

Are people born evil, or do they learn it? I brought some additional material to give you guys some background on the period.

Can't seem to find my way around here anymore.

What gives, Velma? Did you have a nasty dream last night about Shaggy? I was in the shower with him.

Oh, talk about a wet dream.

No, it wasn't a dream.

He took a shower at my place.

Did you lose your v-card? No! Nothing happened.

Well, that was a waste of water.

Are you into him or not? Okay, you know, I'm just confused.

Decide soon.

Bad boy only showers once a year.

Do you need help? Oh, no, I'm good, thanks.

So, I recommend that you read the novel, and to whet your appetites, I copied the first chap I-I got it.


Why don't you hand out the schedules? Oh, Aria, uh, while you're up, could you do me a favor? Uh, sure.

What do you need, Mona? Could you hit the vendy and grab me a powerbar and some mints? I think I should just pass these out, but everyone can "hit the vendy" when we go on break, okay? I think you'll see, even with the novel, Rhoda is not the typical eight-year-old.

Only the janitor is Yes.

Uh, I'm guessing this isn't the varsity booster club.

My bad.


Let's all take a look at the first scene with Rhoda and the janitor, if you'll turn to page 25.

He is so creepy! I can't believe you ever kissed him.

We all wanted to kiss him.


At that frat party when he was big man on campus? The one that Alison got us into? Not me.



You are so bad-ass.

Did you make these? Where'd you get this picture of me? I look like my mother.

That is your mother.

So, you guys can thank me later.

Wait! So What do we what do we do now? Act your new age.

Oh, excuse me.


Hey, Spence, isn't that your sister's new boyfriend? Really? That's what I thought.

Are you? He's kinda cute.

So's his friend.


He's a little bit old for you.

Not tonight 'Cause I'm 26! Put that away.

Yeah, and take a math class.

You're 21.


All right.

Just right up here.

Looks like Mr.

Melissa is giving miss rum & coke a special tour.

Maybe he's just taking her to the bathroom.

Or finding an empty room so she can lie down.

Yeah, on top of her.

What? Look, I don't know about you vestal virgins, but I'm here to make some memories.

Let's divide and conquer and meet back here at midnight.

You should've said something to your sister that night.

Like what? "I crashed your boyfriend's frat party"? I would've been so dead.

Like your sister isn't now? Yeah, knocked up with his bad seed.

Hanna, why do you think that the janitor in the play is the only one who knows the little girl's not a liar? Um, that's because the janitor is childlike himself.

It's like when we were reading Shakespeare, and Ezra talked about the fools and how they can get away with saying Things that other people can't.

Let's just focus on this play.

Okay? Hi.

Spencer asked me to drop off your French book.

There a reason she didn't want to? No.

Not at all.

I practically snatched it out of her hand.

I wanted to.

I should be on your porch.

I found out who turned me in.

It was Jenna.

Her way of keeping me close to home.

Well, no one can do that now.

It must feel good, knowing you can ride that whenever you want.

It'll feel even better when I can get it to move.

So, I was thinking Maybe we could go out sometime and celebrate, now that this is over.

What happened to Maya? I meant celebrate as friends.

Breakfast or something.

I like breakfast.

Tomorrow? Don't tell me you're still working.

No, just prepping.

I like to fool myself into thinking they actually read some of the things I put up here.

Well, hope springs eternal.

Look at you, you're teaching, writing, directing the school play.

Do you even have time for a beer? Sure.

Just, uh, don't tell my students.

It'll only make them love you more, if that were even possible.

My daughter thinks that you are pretty hot stuff.

And you know what? After reading your stories that Aria gave me, I have to agree.

But I gotta say, it's very bold of you, exposing yourself to your students.

Come on.

You look like you need that beer.

Okay, pick up the coat, move stage left, and then push him out the door.

Can he have lunch first? I wasn't talking to you.

Oh, you have someone crashing in your attic, too? No.

I'm learning my lines.

Can I help? Nope.

Can I make the sandwich? No.

So, how was the rest of your day? Mine got off to a really strange start.

I was taking a shower Yeah, you know what, you can make a sandwich, and you can eat it, too.

I have to practice being drunk.

Can I help? No! Thanks.

Here you go.

You know, when you talk about your writing, you seem much more relaxed than when you talk about your day job.

You're not hiding out at that high school, are you? What? Listen, Ezra, I have known many gifted people who were too scared to bet on their own talent.

No, no.


Not me.

I love teaching high school.

Oh, of course you do.

I mean, everybody always loves their first class.

You bond with them in a special way, but don't forget the same kids that you love are gonna move on, you know? You know, time goes by so fast.

I mean, Aria's already looking at colleges in California.

You know, if you taught at the college level, you'd have a lot more time for your writing.

I need your help.

What's going on? I saw Ian hand Jenna a bag at school.

So? Well, do you have any idea what was in it? No.

Why do they even know each other? He's a coach.

What team does she play on? I don't want to have to ask Jenna.

We're not talking much these days.

You don't have to talk to her.

Just Get her phone.

What? We have to find out if Ian is in her recent call lists, and Hanna has a friend who can unlock her password.

I'm not stealing her phone.

Toby, we're no closer to figuring out what 214 means.

Ian might be who she's whispering to on the other end.

I don't know.

If I've gotta be careful.

If I start stealing if we don't get to the bottom of this, you're just gonna be waiting around for the next piece of evidence to be planted in your room.

Until they find the real killer, your nightmare is never going to end.

We need Jenna's phone.


Is that Emily? Yes.

Toby's not here.

Or are you here to see me? He's not here? We made a I said I'd take him out for breakfast.

Well, he's having that with Spencer.

He left early this morning.

Said he needed to do homework.

It sucks, doesn't it? What? Feeling like you're second choice.

How soon can I get it back? Shouldn't take him long.

Have you eaten? You want some toast? Is whole wheat okay? She goes ballistic when I touch her stuff.

Yeah, I get it.

My sister once threatened to break my thumbs for using her hairbrush.

Toby, can I ask you something? Why was Alison so sure it was you spying on us the night of Jenna's accident? I'm sorry.

I shouldn't I never spied on anyone.

I never looked in anyone's window.

Your friend Alison made that up.

Why? Why you? Because she thought she had something on me.

She she didn't understand what was really going on, and she used it against me anyway.

Well, it seems like she had something on all of us.

Maybe, but you don't have to live in a town where everyone believes you killed her.

Not everyone.

You did.


I guess I did.

But I'm not proud of that.

This whole Alison thing has never made any sense to me.

It still doesn't.


You're already taping.

I thought you wanted me to.

I do.

Just not sure we'll have people up on their feet yet.


I'm sorry about slipping up yesterday, but I don't think anyone picked up on it.

Oh, they did.

I'll be more careful.

I promise.

Oh! So how was that beer with my dad? What'd you two talk about? Lots of stuff.

He offered to help me get a job at Hawes College.

Why? You already have a job.

But there's one class available there, and it could lead to something more.

Why would you need something more? Truth is, I need something less.

If I worked at Hawes, I would have more time to do my own writing.

Yeah, but teaching here hasn't kept you from your writing, has it? Not entirely, but I gotta think about the future.

So, you're planning on leaving here? Maybe, eventually.

But you are, too Leaving eventually, right? Oh, hey, Mr.


Oh, Aria, um, I'm a little parched.

Have you had a chance to pick me up some throat coat? Um, you're gonna have to go get your own tea, Mona.

I'm a stage manager, not a gopher.


You sure bite like one.

Where did you get this? The year 2020? It's for someone who can't see.


Well, someone who can, might need to call NASA to turn it on.

Uh, take however long you need.


Take an hour.

It has to be returned as soon as possible, or the person who Borrowed it might be in trouble.

They should be.

Stealing a blind person's phone? That's sick.

What do you like to do for fun on the weekends, break old lady's hips? Just give it back to Spencer as soon as you can, okay? Where does my character sit? Uh, I haven't blocked it yet, Mona.

We'll get to that on Saturday.

For those of you just arriving, the stage has been taped off to mark the living room, and the prop table is being stocked as I speak.

Wait, this Saturday? I can't be here this Saturday.

I only sent the e-mail to those who were called for that rehearsal.

Well, am I called in or not? We'll be blocking that scene on Saturday.

I thought I mentioned that.

You didn't.


Fitz, can we find a way to work out the kinks in the system? I assure you, Mona, from this point on Aria will be on top of things.

I just need some clarification from our director on the scheduling.

Can we take five, everyone?! Thanks.

Are you still angry at me about yesterday? I'm angry at myself because I knew this wasn't gonna work.


I will help you find a new stage manager, but it sounds like you're trying to replace me in other parts of your life.

Who said that? You did.

Suddenly, everybody's leaving here.

And why were you talking about your future versus our future? Because they may not be linked.

Look, I'm not saying I'm leaving here tomorrow, but, let's face it We are not tied to this place forever.

You're looking at colleges in California, which you have every right to do.


I looked at one college in your favorite city.

We could move there together! Aria, that's not how it works.

Why can't it if we want it to? The whole point of college is to broaden your world, not pack up your high school English teacher and bring him with you.

You're not just my high school English teacher.

Is that how you see yourself? No.

But you will, when the time comes.

Cute couple, aren't they? We should study our lines.

Yeah, I still don't get my second scene.

Your character is suspicious.

It doesn't say that in the script.

That's because it's underneath the words.

That's the reason why she's drinking.

No, she's drinking because her kid drowned.

Hanna, at this point even the little girl's mother thinks that she's a murderer.

It's the drowning, the old lady who fell down the stairs, the janitor who was set on fire I was just talking about this scene.

She could think it was an accident.

Maybe there are no accidents.

What do you mean? We never questioned what happened at that party.

All right, I'll see you guys later, okay? Hey, Mike, I want to see pictures.

I really like that top, em And I think someone else might like it, too.


Why? He's drooling in his beer pong cup.

Just go talk to him.


Go talk to him! Are you okay? Don't touch her! I'm gonna go get help! Somebody call 911! She's still breathing.

We should go.


Why didn't you tell us about Ian at the top of the stairs before? I I didn't think about it till now.

What if that girl didn't fall just 'cause she was wasted? We're starting.

What's going on? The night that we crashed that frat party.

Yeah, what about it? We're thinking Alison wasn't the first person Ian shoved.

I can't do this right now.

This phone is out of my league.

I can't crack it, and I know you're dealing with a time issue.

You're just gonna give up? This is important! Why? Why are you breaking and entering Jenna Cavanaugh's phone? It's none of your business.

How'd you know it was Jenna's? Because I'm not blind.

Are you gonna get over what happened yesterday morning? Because I can have that tattoo removed.

I don't know what you're talking about.

So, what do you think? Are people born bad? I'm having a hard time figuring out who's evil and who's just naughty.

I think you know the difference, Mona, but let's ask some of your castmates.


Thoughts? Yes.

Some people are pure evil.

We should get out of here.

They're gonna start questioning everyone.

We can't leave without Alison! I voted for mini golf.

This was a huge mistake.

What's going on? What happened? You missed it? Where were you? That that girl that was with Ian She fell down the stairs, and it was terrible.

Can we just tell her on the bus? Note to self: Don't drink and dive.

If my mom finds out I was here, I'm gonna be grounded until I'm 50.

Guys, if we run away like babies, we'll definitely be questioned.

What is she doing? Excuse me.

My friends and I made the mistake of having a little drink before we ate, and none of us feel comfortable about getting behind the wheel.

Can we trouble you for a ride back to Rosewood? What what are you thinking? I'm thinking we're not taking the bus.

Chillax, ladies.

The bolder the move, the less anyone questions it.

I think my character's being totally selfish.

I don't even know how to play that.

Miss Verne is protecting the future of her school, Mona.

So, is she forgivable or not? It's unforgivable if she's only thinking of herself.

Let's stop here.

These are all good thoughts.

We'll pick up where we left off tomorrow.

Study your lines.

Put away your props.

I'll see you then.


What are we looking at? Why would that be in here? What's that? Is that blood? Em, where did you get this? I didn't! I've never seen it before.

Oh, God, no.

You think that's what Ian used to kill Alison, don't you? Guys, slow down.

We don't know that that's Alison's blood.

We don't even know if that is blood.

Yeah, but we don't know that it's not.

That's insane.

Why would he hide that in here for everyone to see? Because it's a bold move, and no one would ever look for it here.

Why did the bad seed hide the medal in the box on top of her desk? Why didn't she just bury it? Because she was eight! Guys, we all saw that video.

Ian did not have a trophy in his hand.

We didn't see what was on the ground.

It could've been in his luggage.

This was when they were together at Hilton Head.


What are we gonna do? We hand it in.

We're not wasting time losing evidence again.

Emily's right.

This goes to the police now.

So, what do we do now? Just wait.

How long until the police figure out that it's Alison's blood? I don't know.

I'll tell you this I don't want to go home.

I don't want to be anywhere near where Ian is.

You can stay at my place.

Could we just all stay at your place? I don't know, it just feels weird splitting up after this.

I can't believe we had it, the weapon, in our hands.

After all this time, it's like Like Ali can finally rest in peace.


We all can.

We'll pick up some food on the way to Emily's.

I-I can't stay over tonight.

Look, believe me, I don't want to go home either, but my mom hears something in the basement You haven't told her about Caleb? There's only so much I can do in one day, okay? Actually, can we just make one stop along the way? I-I promise it won't take long.

Yeah, sure.

Wait, Em.

We didn't call Toby.

What? We have to tell him what we found.

You tell him.

That should be you.

Sorry to bother you, but I'm I'm not sleeping tonight until I say this.

Take your coat off.

Sit down.

No, no.

I'm not staying.

I just came here to say that I signed up for the play for all the wrong reasons, so I'm officially done.

You're right, it was a terrible idea.

Aria but you were wrong too About the future.

You have no idea what's gonna happen tomorrow.

Nobody does.

My friend Alison, she didn't.

She didn't get a future.

She didn't even get to turn 16.

Listen No, but let me finish.

I don't know if I'm gonna end up in California, or some fishing village in Guam it doesn't matter.

We're both here now.

Can't we just be happy that we have that? Good answer.

Didn't take anything that wasn't mine, officer.

Are you leaving? I thought you'd be relieved.

Why would you think that? Because you've been treating me like something you scrape off your shoe? At least, since our shower.

Look I know.

I just I wasn't Ready to see that much of me? No.


What, and now you think you have to throw down, too? What if I don't want to? It's okay.

What if I do want to? That's okay, too.

Did you guys sleep at all? No.

Just tossed and turned.

She tossed.

I turned.

I cannot wait for him to be carted out of here.

Just knowing that he's in this building now thinking he could get away with it.

Her blood in that trophy case.

Makes me sick.


Oh, my God.

They're going to drag him out in front of the whole school.

Why is he coming over here? Ladies.

Which one of you found the trophy? Who's, uh, Spencer Hastings? So, was this a group effort, or are you three just along for the ride? What do you mean? I mean, you should've done a little research.

There's no golf tournament on Hilton Head on that date.

What about the blood? It's not human blood.

Comes from a rat.

No, but why would there Let's save our questions for the precinct.

Follow me.

Detective Breyer? "A" planted that trophy.

We should've known.

Guys, where was she that night? At the frat party when the girl fell, where was Alison? She wasn't with us.

She wasn't with us, either.

What are you saying? I'm saying maybe it wasn't Ian who pushed that girl.

Maybe maybe that drunk girl was just in Alison's way.

Why would Alison do that? Because that frat party wasn't a random pick.

She took us there because she wanted to see Ian.

Maybe she was stalking him.

Wait, so now you believe Ian? You don't think he killed Alison? I didn't say that.

I think he killed her.

There's just a lot about that night that was still don't know.

Oh, my God.

What? What if Jenna was also blocking her way to Ian? What if Ali threw that firecracker in Toby's garage knowing that Jenna was in there? She had us all fooled until now.

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