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Previously on pretty little liars Who does not want a big slobbering beast Who can catch a ball in the end zone? That's it! I am being honest with you.

I have a boyfriend.

And I think you deserve a better boyfriend.

Your friend left her backpack here.

I returned it to her parents.

Are you doing drugs with her? What are you talking about? Are you stoned? No! So what were you and noel kahn talking about today? Just telling me about some stupid rumor he had heard.

What kind of rumor? The english teacher-- You know, the one that you think is so great? He's having a thing with one of his students.

We were days away from a foreclosure.

This is our lifeline, and I will pay it all back.

Well, if the bank finds out about your unauthorized loan, That's like a felony, right? It's only a felony if they find out.

"don't say I never gave you anything.

Turn on your computer.


" If the girls knew I was seeing you, Oh, my god, they'd never shut up about it.

I wish they were more mature, but We don't have a lot of time.

I have to get back before they wake up.

I know you wanna kiss me.

She doesn't even look scared.

Did alison ever look scared? Come closer.

( groans ) He pushed her, didn't he? All that mumbling and groaning, Maybe she was gripping the ground because she was-- Looking for a weapon to defend herself? Why are you snapping at me? I'm just trying to give your creepy brother an out.

In-law, okay? Ian is my creepy brother-in-law.

Okay, whatever he is, he just married your sister, and he might be a killer.

This definitely proves that he was with her the night she died.

Can we just watch this video one more time and figure out what they're saying? No, please.

I can't watch this again.

Yeah, em's right.

Let's just give it a rest.

Is anybody else freezing? I'll make some hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate? What is this, camp tamarack? We can't just sit around singing kumbaya.

We have to hand over that video.

What video? Uh, hanna rented tootsie, but she left it at home.

Oh, well, you're welcome to hang with us in the barn.

Your sister picked some chick flick on demand.

Where do we keep the popcorn? That drawer.



Oh, emily, by the way, I've been meaning to ask you, You ready to trade your goggles in for a field hockey stick? Yeah, we could use some speed on offense.

Right, spence? Mm-hmm.

Thanks, I'm still into swimming.

Well, you wouldn't be if you saw what they skimmed out of that pool every week.

What's up? Did I walk into the middle of a chick flick? Okay, I get it-- no guys allowed.

( sighs ) God, that was close.

Spencer, how can you even sleep here, knowing that he's living in your backyard? We have to give that tape to the policeTonight.

And when they ask us where we got it? Forgot the salt.

got a secret, can you keep it? ♪ swear this one you'll save ♪ better lock it in your pocket ♪ taking this one to the grave ♪ if I show you then I know you ♪ won't tell what I said ♪ 'cause two can keep a secret ♪ if one of them is dead ♪ Okay, does this look even? Earth to hanna.

Sorry, what? Oh, uh, yeah, it's fine.

Okay, remind me, how come you're the chair of the decorating committee, And we're the one's decorating? I can't climb up there.

I'm saving my one good leg for tomorrow night.

Hanna, the printer guy needs to be paid.

Did you order six baracks and no michelles? Are you kidding? Tell him no michelles, no money.

Uh, maybe you should tell him.

He says this is what you ordered.

I'll be right back.

Oh, and it's a little low on the left.

Can we just break her other leg? Hey, are we still doing this at lunch? If by "this," you mean taking your laptop to the police, Then, yes, we are.

But no one called over there, right? They don't know that we're coming.

What's with the cold feet? It's just I was up all night thinking.

What if this is a setup? "a" could've planted this video on my laptop, Knowing that we would turn it in.

Guys, let's not try to second-guess "a.

" We've been there.

We ended up scared of an old con Who turned out to be just a jealous freak looking for a better grade.

Yeah, let's not forget "a" also tried to kill hna for knowing too much.

We could be walking into a trap.

You are already living in it.


Ian Might have done other stuff, But he's not "a.

" There's no way he'd want us knowing this video even exists.

But it does, and the police need to know What happened to alison that night.

Toby gave alison his sweater before she saw ian, And toby shouldn't go to jail for a crime he didn't commit.

She's right.

Hey, I'll drive you to the station during lunch.

( sighs ) Hey, how'd it go? Not well.

You know, I should call the shop and get him fired.

How much do you think he makes an hour? What you should do is have him sponsor you for the dance.

Ask the manager to pony up a couple hundred bucks.

How much have you raised? Some, not a lot.

Your mom's gonna throw down, though, right? Of course.

Have her pass that at work.

That's what my mom did.

Hey, do you think your mom would hire me again to work at the dental office? Oh, I wouldn't go there.

Why not? Hanna, you threatened a kid with a drill bit.

He aimed at me for rinse-and-spit! Look, if you don't have enough pledges, you can split some of my sponsorship money.


No, it's not that.

It's just I'm saving up for some earrings.

They're crazy expensive.

So can you just ask her? Please? Sure, but if I were you, I'd keep looking.


Simone? What are you doing here? I wanted to surprise you.

She's in town visiting her parents, so I hijacked her.

Mom, I don't need a babysitter anymore.

No, but my first period english class does.

Your mom invited me to speak to her classes.

You know, try to convince them that there's life after rosewood.

And it's actually a very impressive life.

Guess who is now a published author? What?! That's fantastic! Okay, okay, slow down.

Two short stories and an online journal, And your mom thinks I'm j.



Mom, why didn't you tell me simone was coming? Well, because some of us can keep a secret.

It's so weird to be back in this building.

I came in and went right into auto-pilot, Walked straight to my old locker.

Oh, don't tell me you miss it.

I do.

It's twice the size of my apartment in new york.

( laughs ) well, I mean, do you have to leave after my mom's class? You should come to mine, too.

Hanna, spencer, emily-- We're all in the same english class.

Oh, why didn't I think of that? That's a great idea.

I'll be right back.

Your mom tells me that you kept Quite an intense journal while you were away.

Yeah, well, I had to do something.

It was iceland.

The sun went down in October, and it came back up in March.

Don't diss it.

There might be a really good story in there somewhere.


No, I doubt it.

And when you win that pulitzer, you better thank me.

I made you turn off the o.


And read wuthering heights.

It wasn't wuthering heights, it was the exorcist.

Okay, volume.

Mother on campus.

Okay, so we're all set.


Fitz is in, and, simone, you are booked till lunch.

If you have time for a cup of coffee while you're in town, I think he would really like to pick your brain.

Say yes.

He's very single and very handsome.

Am I wrong? Yes, I heard what you said, but can I at least-- Can I at least say hello to her? Hello? Hello? Was that your mom? No, maya's prison guard at true north.

How's she holding up? Wouldn't know.

They won't let me talk to her.

Why not? What do they have her doing over there in those woods? Building a log cabin? Building character.

And now they've taken her phone away And reprogrammed it so only her parents can call.

No texts, no emails-- no nothing.

Give me your phone.

What? Give it to me.

You'll get it back, And then you can call your honey 24-7.

What are you looking at? Not what, who.

That new kid? I don't wanna go there.

I heard he's sketchy.

Sean gave him 20 bucks, he totally upgraded his phone-- more memory, new apps.

He'll hook you up.

I don't even know his name.

Em, he doesn't want a "thank you" card, he wants cash.


Hey, lucas.

Wouldn't have even recognized her.

When's the last time you saw simone? Huh? Oh, I don't know.

It's been a while.

Well, she must be doing pretty well if she's willing to sponsor all four of us.

Come on, han.

You can look at "help wanted" on the way over.

I hear rosewood p.


Is hiring.

Well, I do have experience with them, just the wrong kind.

Okay, come on, we have to go.

We only have 45 minutes.

Wait, hold on.

What's this? What am I looking at? How come it shows your music library's online When your laptop's on your shoulder? Look, isn't that your playlist? What? Why are you carrying a yearbook? I'm not.

Where's your laptop? It's in my bag, except it's not.

This is insane.

This bag has been plastered to my side all morning.

What about p.


? It was in my gym locker, but no one else has that combo.

The coaches do.

Ian must've heard us last night.

Well, if he did, then he knows what's on there.

If he has my laptop He knows we've seen what's on there, too.

Caleb, wait up.

Didn't you see me wave at you? I saw you.

You need something? My phone-- is it done? Did you crack the code or not? Hey, let's do this Monday.

You said it'd be ready today.

I said I would make it happen.

I don't give dates, all right.

You want speedy delivery, ll best buy.

What if I give you Would that make it happen any faster? Let me put it this way Yes.

Yo, not here.

Walk with me.

So what's the rush? I wanna speak to my friend tonight.

Where is she, rehab? It's not rehab, it's more like Who told you it was rehab? Nice cushy town like this? I'm guessing rehad is the new boarding school.

Well, it's not.

She's not a pothead.

She shouldn't even be there.

Where did you move here from? Why do you care? Why can't you tell me? I didn't say I couldn't.

It just might cost you an extra 40 bucks.

( sighs ) all right, fine.

I'll give you a discount.

You can hear my whole life story for a chili cheese dog.

You don't have time to eat.

You have a deadline.

I chew fast.

Susan, I know your inventory back and forth.

If you could just give me one shot.

Look, I think you're terrific, hanna.

If it were up to me, I'd love to hire you, But my boss would kill me.

Why? Your mother owes us some money.

Um, well, maybe I could work it off.

Honey, there are not enough days in the week.

I'm sorry.

( sighs ) How'd it go? Did you get it? They said they'd call.

Well, someone's going to hire you eventually.

Relax, it's a pair of earrings.

Just ask your mom for a bigger allowance.

Can we just go? Please? Is this a bad time? No, no, I just, uh I know, I know.

It was impulsive.

I should've called.

I know that's our deal, But I just figured it's a Saturday morning, You got a stack of papers to grade, And we're not really gonna get a chance to talk tonight at the dance.

I wasn't working.

I was actually reading one of simone's short stories.


How is it? It's really good.

She's talented.

I figure I should read one before I meet with her For coffee.

So you're meeting with her now? At noon.


It's 11:30 already.

You didn't mention you were doing this.

Well, your mother was pretty persistent, And I couldn't exactly tell her I was seeing someone.

Oh, of course.

You're okay with this, right? Yeah, why wouldn't I be? I mean, you should be seen out in public with someone closer to your own a.

It's just coffee, all right.

No, I know.

So should I just stay here, wait for you till you get back? I could just read or clean out your refrigerator.

There's nothing in it.

Well, there's this.

Oh, uh You should probably go first, And I'll count to 50.

Oh, hey there.


You haven't seen my laptop anywhere, have you? I've got this paper due Monday, and I can't find it anywhere.


I mean, you had it the other night, right? Weren't you and your pals looking at it? Yeah But I thought I brought it with me to school.

But you backup your files, right? Yeah.

Yeah, most of it, the important stuff.

Well, I haven't seen it.

Maybe it's in the barn.

You're welcome to check.

Oh, okay.

Hey, listen, do you want half of this? We're gonna need plenty of energy for tonight.

We? You're going to the dance? Why? Well, they asked me to chaperone.

Yeah, it was either that or spending a night in philly With melissa and her business school friends.

Yeah, school dance felt less painful.

( chuckles ) And melissa is okay with that? Well, yeah, she knows it's not my scene.

I'm more comfortable here.

Or at least I used to be.

Why, what's changed? Well, you know how it is-- small town, people gossip.

They think they know you, but they don't.

Who exactly are we talking about here? Listen, spence, what do you say we put the past behind us? We're living under the same roof now.

Let's try and be a family.

♪ You sure you wanna check your purse? Yeah, why not? It's sloshing.

What do you have in there anyway? Nothing.

I just brought a little beverage In case the punch bowl has no punch.

You brought a flask.

Jeez, hanna.

At least fold your people magazine around it.

( locks drawer ) ♪ Excuse me.

Bruce, how are you? Thank you.

♪ Hey, how are you? You're sure your laptop's in that bag? Well, there's only one way to find out.

Why would he bring it to school When he knows that we're all gonna be here? Maybe he thought you'd bail out early, Go home and snoop through his things.

Why don't you? Already did.

We need the bag.

I know you're all eager to get started, But first the rules, all right? Number one-- there's no stopping during the dances.

Your chaperones will be walking around, Making sure you're still moving.

What if he already erased the video? Well, then we know for sure he's hiding something, and we go to the police.

With a non-video? You think they're gonna take our word for it? Look, we saw what we saw.

Something went down between him and alison, And he buried her in the yard to shut her up.

Now let's get this party started! ♪ ( cheering and applause ) Oh, hey.

I thought you had a faculty dinner.

Yeah, I did.

It wrapped up early.

So I thought I'd stop by and lend a hand.

It's not like we need to be avoiding each other, right? Of course not.

All right then, where do you want me, boss? Uh, how about the snack table? Sold.

Listen, I've been a little out of the loop this week, What exactly is a dance-a-thon? Well, you're sponsoring aria, right? Yeah, $10 a dance.

So if she makes it through 20 dances, You need to pony up $200 towards her class trip to d.


Woman: Ella, we need you.

Snack table's that way.

To be continued.


Please tell me you did not request the backstreet boys? Simone.

What are you doing here? Do you not want me here? No.

I mean, yes, of course I do.

Here you are.

How awesome is that? Hey, I didn't know you were coming to this.

Two days in a row? Are you living in that locker? ( laughs ) Ezra mentioned that he was on the chaperone shift, So I decided to stop by.

Oh, so you and ezra had a nice time.

He's terrific.

You're lucky.

They did not have english teachers like that when I was here.

♪ We've gotta get that key.

I feel your touch ♪ yeah ♪ Hey.

Do you have it? Where is it? Wait, how much did you charge her? It was a rush job.

If you give it away for free, nobody would want it.

I threw in some extra ringtones On the house.

Well, you should, considering you charged her three times the normal amount.

That phone should answer itself and have a built-in lipstick.

You have a problem? Call customer service.

You're an ass, okay? You knew she was desperate, and you took advantage of her.

Ever heard of suppy and demand? Oh, always working an angle, aren't you? Like you're not.

You don't know the first thing about me.

No, you don't know the first thing about you.

Go fresh.

Discover what's happened to freshness.

Hey, he checked his jacket.

It's number 62, and the key ring is in the pocket.

What are you looking at? I feel bad.

No one's asking lucas to dance.

He's used to it.

Well, so was I 40 pounds ago, But you were nice enough to make me feel included.

No comparison, you were sweet.

This kid's looking to get bitch slapped every time he opens his mouth.

Hey, it's just a dance.

You wanna pick a charity? Save a whale.

Once dance? Ready for a dance break? I'm working.

Obama will still be in office by the time you get back.

Come on.

I'm sure you can find somebody else to step on your feet.

Lucas, you've been treating me like a beg bug for weeks.

We came here for a good cause and to have fun.

Why can't we have fun? I love this song.

Hate this song.

You love this song.

You're right, I love this song.

Well, come on, let's bust a move.

Let's go.

♪ Should I call you tomorrow? Sure.

Maybe Monday? No, no, I understand.


I miss you.


( phone beeps ) Hey, was that maya? How is she? Amazing.

She seems really Happy.

So why don't you? Me? No, I'm--I'm good.

It's all good.

I'm not sensing good here, emily.

What's wrong? What happened? It's just weird.

It was like she was there, but she wasn't.

Oh, sweety.

She's in wilderness boot camp.

You know, she's been talking to bears.

And besides, I bet her counselor was probably watching her the whole time.

No, she was alone.

Maybe she's moved on.

What made you choose prague? I figured if you're gonna spend a semester abroad, You might as well do it where they sell absinthe.

Ever been to one of those crazy marionette shows they have over there? Oh, yeah, yeah.

Why do you think they sell absinthe? Both: Hey.

Uh, do you need your jacket? You're not punking out on the marathon already, are you? Oh, talk about somebody who loves their puppets.

Remember that huge cookie monster you had on your bed? You slept with him every night.

Uh, no, don't really remember.

How could you forget? He had to be peeled off of you in the morning.

You slept with him in between your legs.

Actually, it was my ankles.

Can I get coat 62? My dad left something in his pocket.




♪ Guy: All right.

( song ends ) Wait.

Why? Just one more dance.

I like this song, too.

You came here with sean.

Remember him? Big guy, likes to hit me? Shh.

Just dance.

♪ it makes me wanna run as fast as my heart beats ♪ I saw it in your eyes ♪ I saw it in your eyes, and now it's washing over me ♪ Hey.

Why aren't you dancing? Bathroom break.

Mom, how long does simone plan on staying here? I don't know.

She and mr.

Fitz seem to be hitting it off.

Well, I think she's making a fool of herself.

Why, because she's going after what she wants? Some men find that appealing.

I think I know what's going on here.

You're jealous.

What? Why would you say that? Honey, she's your old babysitter, and she's your friend, And she's spending more time with mr.

Fitz than you, But, aria, you gotta cut her some slack.

You know, it's hard to meet nice guys.

Sometimes you gotta strike while the iron's hot.

You'll understand one day.

so afraid to say I'm haunted by the memory ♪ of who I wanna be ♪ the fire inside is burning out in front of me ♪ I'm out of control ♪ Um, just keep dancing, okay? I'll be right back.

But this is a slow song.

Well, sway.

I'll just be a second.

What's up? What's up? You said one dance.

It's been five.

No, I know, but for the first couple, we were just talking, And this is the first one he's actually gotten into.

Oh, yeah, I know what he's into.


Okay, stop.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.

There'll be plenty of dances for us.

Hanna, I spent most of homecoming Standing around and waiting for you.

Do you bring me to these things just to ditch me? ( phone beeps ) don't answer that.


No, I mean it.

If you're trying to piss me off, it's working.

Look, I have to check this.

I'm sorry, it's important.


( sighs ) Need some help with that? I--I was I was just looking for-- A chainsaw? I can pick that for you if you want.

Could you close that door please? Feeling a draft? This is way too complicated for me to explain right now.

What's complicated? I don't live in a cave, I get it.

The rich girls steal, the pretty girls lie, the smart girls play dumb, And the dumb girls spend their days trying to be all of the above.

How much will it cost to make you forget that you walked in here? ♪ Well, four hours down, two to go.

Did you ask him to play this? No, I wish that I had, though.

Listen, as long as it's playing ( both chuckle ) We should take simone out to that little pizza joint we used to love.

You, me, the kids-- it'll be like old times.

It's still there.

Oh, no, I know, And the kids would probably really enjoy that.

I'm just not so sure I need to be there.


But then it wouldn't be like old times, would it? No, you're right.

It would be like new times.

It's just It's just a pizza, ella.

Yeah, but it comes with a lot of toppings.

Let's not confuse things right now, okay? Let's just dance.

♪ ♪ So then I couldn't get into the drawer.

None of the keys worked.

What did this kid see? Did you have to pay him off or something? No, he wouldn't take any money, but I think he'll keep his mouth shut.

It's not like he doesn't have plenty to hide, right? Aria? That is it! I will kick her back to new york if I have to! Wait, aria, stop, before you do something you regret.

Spence, let go of me.

I'd be happy to pass your stuff along.

Really? Mm-hmm, sure.

My editor is coming over for a drink next weekend.

You should join us.

There are teachers here and parents--your parents! I don't care! It's just a train ride away And a 15-minute walk from penn station.

We need to talk.

What's going on? Mr.

Fitz Will you dance with me? What? We're allowed.

Come on.


Someone's crushing on her english teacher.

( chuckles ) ♪ My feet hurt.

My brain hurts.

Everything hurts.

Scoot over.

Hey, where'd you get that? This is mine.

I helped myself.

To all of it? Why are you dancing with lucas? What do you mean? You're torturing him.

You know he worships you, And you're never gonna look at him that way.

I already feel like crap, okay? So if you're gonna pile it on, You could've at least saved me a sip.

Alison did the same thing to me.

Makes you feel powerful, huh? No.

Just the opposite.

It's too bad she's not here tonight.

Alison would've been really proud of you.

( phone beeps ) ( sighs ) ♪ What the hell was that about? Saving your relationship.

Five more seconds, and you would've ended up on youtube.

That was a suicide mission, and you know it.

♪ Look, hanna, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to lose it.

Let's just forget it and dance, okay? Look, I--I can't.

Can't or won't? Look, I have to dance with lucas.

Please don't ask why.

Just let me dance with him.


Okay, sure.

And you know what? You can do more than dance with him.

You can leave with him, too.

No, sean, please.

That car broke more than your legs.

There's something really sick going on up there.

We're over.

you know I'd do anything for you ♪ Hey.

Is everything okay? Do you wanna go outside and talk? No, just dance with me.

I don't wanna lose your love tonight ♪ try to stop my hands from shaking ♪ What is going on with emily? ( sighs ) Hey.




Come on.

Hey, sit down.

Okay, I'm gonna go get you some water.

Caffeinated water.

I'm not thirsty.

He shouldn't be here.

He's not a chaperone.

He's a killer.


Why is toby at home wearing a lojack, While this freak can go anywhere he wants, Do whatever he wants Emily-- Marry your sister?! Okay, emily, with us.

Come on.

I know what you did-- we all know-- And you're not gonna get away with it.


Aria can handle that.

What are you doing? You and I are gonna dance.

What was she talking about? I--I don't know.

And I think you do.

She knows about us.

She knows we kissed last summer.

Well, I thought we agreed we were gonna keep that a secret.

Who else knows besides your little friends? No one.

That better be the truth Or someone's gonna get hurt.

Was that tree always here? ( sighs ) here, take these.

She's not driving.

No, I'm not taking her home.

If her mom finds out it was my flask, I'm gonna be feeding the bears with maya.

Fine, I'll drive her.

No, I'm not going home.

Just crash at my place then, okay? You, too.

I don't wanna be home alone when ian walks in.



Can I take you home? Ian, I kinda promised them-- Look I know sean took off, And I was thinking that since you guys were now over I can open my own damn door.

Lucas, it's really, really sweet of you to offer, But emily's kind of She needs me right now, And I already told spencer I'd go with them, so Okay.

If you want, you should just leave with simone.

Take her home to new york.

Why would you think I'd want -- Well, why wouldn't you? She's beautiful, and she's smart and funny.

I met her yesterday.

She's successful.

You love her writing.

She's your age.

I can't-- I can't compete with that.

Nobody's asking you to.

Yeah, but it's true.

You two even look like a couple.

You can dance with her and hold her hand in front of other people, Leave your apartment at the same time without having to count to 50.

Aria Why are we having this conversation? I'm I am already in love with someone else.

( people laughing ) ( phone beeps ) Who are you calling? Maya.

Give it back.

Friends don't let friends dial drunk.

You'll thank me tomorrow If you can remember my name.

Now, sit, lie, sleep.

If you need anything, we'll be right downstairs.

Hanna Those things I said to you in the courtyard Don't apologize.

You were right.

The truth is, I was worse than alison tonight, If that's even possible.

And I do know how lucas feels about me.

I wasn't messing with him for fun.

I had to.

( sighs ) ( sighs ) Hey, how is she? Passed out.

She wanted to call maya, so I took her phone.

Smart, that could cause some serious damage.

Spence? Was this always sitting here? No.

Ian must have put it back before the dance.

Well, then why didn't you notice it? He left after me.

( sighs ) the video's gone, And the trash has been wiped.

Surprise, surprise.

Oh, my god.

It's ali.

What? What is it? "watch your backs.

I didn't.


" That was taken in your yard the night she disappeared.

She's wearing the yellow top.

There's a shadow right there like someone was following her.

Spence, you know who that is? I--I have no idea.

Here you go.

You have everything? Okay.



Number 32 coming right up.

Here you go.

Hope you had a good time tonight.

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