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  01x10 - Keep Your Friends Close
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars Hanna, we have to make some adjustments.

This is a one-paycheck family, and we can no longer live a two-paycheck life.

I love this song.


It was one kiss! Listen to me, Alison.

Or what? - If you say one word to my sister about Ian, I will tell everyone the truth about the Jenna thing.

Ian? - Wait, Melissa's Ian? Where are the pictures? I'm trying to find a way to tell you about what happened last summer.

Toby, you're scaring me.

Emily, wait! - So, where's Toby now? - We don't know.

Looks like he handed her over to a nurse and ran off.

Toby called Alison the night she died? He did, or somebody else did using his phone.

So, is Toby dead? - I couldn't bring myself to ask.

"Thanks for getting Toby out of my way.

'A'" Okay, I need to ask you guys something, and I need you to be totally honest with me.

Of course.

Is this side of my face fatter than this side? - No.


Is that Ian? Yeah.

I hear he's the new field hockey coach.

Does Melissa know he's back? I don't know why she ever broke up with him.

She didn't.

He broke up with her.


The first one's for my bestie, and one for each of you, my bestie's other friends.

Oh, uh what's this? Oh, nothing.

Only an invitation to the most awesome birthday party ever Camp Mona.

Camp Mona? Don't let the camping part scare you.

It's "glamping," not camping.

"M" is for Mona and massages, not mosquitoes.

Oh, Naomi, Riley! Hey, wait up! Why is Mona inviting us to her birthday party? She knows that we're friends again, and she's just trying to reach out to you.

She's trying to be nice.

So, are you gonna go? I know she's your friend, but I'm gonna have to pass.

I've got this I got a lot of stuff to do this weekend.

Me too.

"Camp Mona's a scavenger hunt and I'm the prize.

" "Come and find me, bitches.

" "A.

" Talk to a representative.

Ugh! Screw you! Is everything all right? Uh, yeah.

Can I help? I'm handling it.

You have reached the A-1 mortgage company's department of delinquent accounts and foreclosures.

Please select from the following menu It's the birthday girl! - Happy birthday! - Hi.

The birthday girl wants to be shopping the second the stores open and have lunch at Rive Gauche.

Excuse me? Did I say lunch? My bad.

It's dinner at Rive Gauche.

After school.




I'm serious.

Me too.

Okay, so, should we meet after first period or just bail on school completely? No, you heard my mom.

I can't ditch.

Yeah, so? I don't see a locator bracelet on that ankle.

Look, Mona, I really want to go with you Hanna, do you want to be my friend or not? Because lately I'm feeling like you're everybody's friend but mine.

You're either with Sean or shim or the others.

This is our special day, and if you screw it up I'm not turning the other cheek.

If you disappoint me, I'm going rogue.

Mona, come on, you know that I'm your friend and I totally want to celebrate with you, it's just things have just been a little tight around here.

Ever since my dad left, it really hasn't been that easy to Hanna.

I completely forgot.

I'm gonna be working late tonight, so This should cover dinner, right? No, mom, I really don't need that.

Happy birthday, Mona.

Don't forget to lock up.

Ooh, Ben Franklin.


Oh, um, I was gonna do the laundry tonight.

This place is out of control.

Yeah, well, I guess we're all gonna have to pitch in a little bit more around here.

Maybe we could take turns.

We each choose a night to, uh, cook and then do the laundry and then pay the bills and then help your brother with his homework.

And then find time to grade papers and write lectures and go to PTA meetings.

Dad, how much coffee have you had? Are you still having lunch with your mom tomorrow? Yeah.

At the grill? Yep.

What do you think she would do if I were to come along? Um, I don't know.

Why don't you just call her and ask? Dad, no.

That's dirty.

What's stopping you? She asked me for space.

She moved out.

How much more space does she need? Good morning.

Juice? Why are you being nice to me? Why didn't you tell me Ian was back? Because normal for us is not speaking.

He told me he saw you at Alison's memorial.

Well, we didn't talk.

He asked me out for coffee.

That's good, right? Ian broke my heart, Spencer, and I'm still getting over Wren, so I said no.

I'm really sorry about Wren, Melissa.

I really am.


Uh, no.


Let me show you.



Like this.

Okay? Right there.


Did you like that? Maybe.

Well, uh I'll see you on the field, okay? Okay.

Okay, gross.

What did you see? Enough to make me want to puke.

He's your sister's boyfriend, and he's, like, old.

Well, it was nothing.

Just forget it, okay? It looked like you were into it.

Well, I wasn't.

I hope not, because if were were, that would make you a skank.

That would make you a skank.

It's a bummer Camp Mona's a girls-only party.

I was hoping to see you this weekend.

Yeah, well, there's Sunday.

We could Lay around being lazy together watching old movies all day? I love that.

Then it's a date.

Ready to go? Oh, we gotta talk to coach.

I'll see you later.

How's my tank? He plays football, right? He's actually really smart and he's funny and he loves old movies You don't owe me an explanation, Aria.

You're entitled to be with whoever you want to be with.

See you in class.



What could they have found? - I don't know.

Hey, what's going on? The cops are here.

I heard they found something of Alison's.

Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, - Emily Fields, Hanna Marin - Hanna Marin.

Please come to the office.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

I'm Agent Cooper.

FBI? This is my partner, Agent Rendall.

And we're here because the Bureau was asked by the local authorities to assist in the investigation of Alison Di Laurentis' murder.

I want to show you something that was sent to the rosewood police department by an anonymous source.

The family's given me permission to show it to the four of you.

Wanna see more? I know you want to.

If the girls know I was seeing you, oh, my God, they would not stop talking about it.

I wish they were more mature, but we don't have a lot of time.

I have to get back before they wake up.

I know you want to kiss me.

Is there anything you can tell me about what you see? They're at the kissing rock.

It's in the woods behind the lake.

I I think this was taken the night Alison disappeared.

She was wearing that yellow top.

Wait, that's not her sweater.

Are you sure? Ask me what's in each one of our closets, and I'll give you an itemized list.

I know clothes.

I think she's talking to the older boy.

So-called, uh, mystery boyfriend? Alison didn't want us to know who he was.

Was he an older high school boy? She only told me enough to make it a secret.


Alison liked secrets, huh? She thought sharing secrets kept us close.

They do but secrets are made to be found out with time.

I know you want to kiss me.

I'm trying to refinance, but the house isn't worth as much as it was when I bought out my ex.

I just need another extension.

I'm sorry, but your request is denied.


I'm I'm begging you.

I'm sorry, but the answer is still no.


Have a nice day.


Potter is here, and she'd like to visit her safe-deposit box.

Every year, like clockwork.

Thank you.


Potter, how are you? I'm old.

How are you? Let me get my key.

My sister died.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Oh here it is.

I'm the last Potter.

When I go, that's the end of the line.

Are you ready? Hey.

Heard you got called down to the office.

Everything okay? Yeah.

There's a woman in town from the FBI, and she just had a few questions about Alison.

What's this? I don't know.

"A" wants you to read page 22.

It's a poem by Ezra Fitz.


It's a number.

It's a song.

It's a girl " - Can I have that? - Sure.

Have a nice day, then.

Take care.

Oh are those butterscotch? Help yourself.

Thank you.

Right, see ya next year.

Uh, you don't know me, but I'm in your fourth-period social studies class.


Could you give me the name of your liposuction doctor? Uh, sure.

If I had one.

God, this day just keeps getting weirder.

I'm sorry about lunch.

Did you get my text? I got your text, and then I got a text from "A," whoever that is, cluing me into the real reason you got skinny last summer.

"A" sent you a text? I was eating three almonds a day, and you were getting liposuction? No, that's not true.

I bought Naomi and Riley matching pajamas for my party.

I was gonna pick up a pair for you, but then I remembered you're not coming.

Of course I'm coming.

Come on, you know I'd never miss your birthday.

It's invite-only, Hanna, and you're uninvited.

Mona, you're my best friend.

We were best friends.

Now you're just somebody I used to hang out with.

It's not like I didn't give you a warning.

Hanna, Mona rip cord.

Naomi, Riley.

What was that about? Um, "A" sent Mona a text, and I think she just broke up with me.

"A" sent Mona a text? I'm so over that bitch.

I thought you guys were still close.

Not Mona.


" - What did it say? It doesn't really matter.

It's all lies.

Hanna, I'm so sorry.

I know that Mona's really important to you.

She was my friend when you guys weren't.

Well, we're here now, so if you're not going to the party, - then we're not going either.


No! No, you're going on that scavenger hunt, and I'm going too.

"A" might be playing games, but I'm not.

I read your poem.

"B-26"? How could you?! How could you write these words and feel these feelings but give up on us so easily? I I never intended for you to read that.

You let me believe that you didn't love me.

I thought I was doing the right thing.

For you.

Not for me.

That's not true.

Oh, are we gonna talk about truth now? What, today's truth or yesterday's or last week's? Because, honestly, I don't know which of your stories to believe anymore.

The, uh, "I thought about you every second I was gone" story, or the ones that end with "I'm outta here"? But it wasn't my age that ruined us, Ezra.

You did.

Aria, please.


I've moved on.

You should, too.

What's going on here? Nothing.

There is absolutely nothing going on here.

Is there something you'd like to say to me? Ian? Am I allowed in? What part of me not returning your calls do you not understand? Look, I know you don't want to see me, and I don't blame you.

You broke up with me, remember? I just wanna take you out for coffee.

You guys are going camping? Cute.





What? Maybe you should give him a chance.

And you're suddenly looking out for me because I don't know when this war between us got started, Melissa, but can't it just be over? I'm only 16, and I'm tired.

Is this you trying to fix what you broke with Wren? No.

Just trying to do the right thing.


That's it.


Since when are you mending Melissa's relationships? I kind of owe it to her.

What's she ever done for you? It's more about what did I do to her.

I'm the reason she and Wren broke up.

We had a moment, and Melissa saw us.

A moment? Yeah, it gets worse.

Yeah, Melissa doesn't know this part.

I also had a moment with Ian.

Shut up! It was early in the summer before Alison went missing.

It was just one kiss, but after they broke up we started seeing each other.

I feel like the poster child for poor judgment.

You could've told us, Spencer.

Really? 'Cause Ali knew about the first kiss, and she thought I was awful.

Well, we are not Ali.

I should not tell Melissa, right? Right.

Spence, turn the TV up.

Authorities searched the family home earlier today, and initial reports have confirmed that a bloodstain on the sweater is a match to the victim's.

If you just tuned in, police have issued a warrant for the arrest of missing rosewood teen Toby Cavanaugh.

He is wanted for the murder of Alison Di Laurentis.

That sweater is Toby's! No, Alison was not dating Toby.

There's no way that that's the guy she's talking to in the video.

Aria, you saw the news.

They have proof.

If it's Toby's sweater, than he has to be the boy at the kissing rock.

Is it finally over? No.

Toby's been missing for weeks.

It won't be over until he's behind bars.

How could I be so wrong about someone? I think the Toby you knew wasn't the Toby that killed Alison.

We all have a dark side.

She just brought his to the surface.

Alison went missing right after my dad left, and I always hoped that when he came back I'd feel safe again.

You will.

Can you get that? I think it's my mom.

You really want her to know we're together? She can know we're together without knowing we're together.

Emily's phone.

Hello? Is somebody there? I can hear you breathing.

Hello? Mom? Mom? Hello? Dad! There she is! Uh, Maya? I didn't know that she had company.

Um, dad, this is my friend Maya.

Hi! Emily's talked so much about you.

I'm really happy to meet you.

It's good to meet you too, Maya.

Oh, God.

Look at you.

I think we're ready for some family time here, so, uh, Maya? Oh, um.


I'll, uh, I'll call you later.


So, I have all the fixings for your favorite meal, and that's a good thing, because baked potatoes are making a comeback.

Come here, my girls.

Alison, she convinced us that she hated Toby, and I totally believed her.

Guess she was just playing a game.

People aren't dolls.

You can't just play with them and then put them back in the box.

You've been painting.


For years, I couldn't find the inspiration to get back to it.

Little did I know that all I needed was some lies and infidelity to light that fire.

Do you blame me for keeping that secret? I wish you would've told me, but I don't blame you.

I thought I was protecting you.

I know.

I feel that I made a really big mistake, and I just want to make sure you're hearing me when I say I'm really sorry.

I hear you, baby.

But no more secrets, okay? No more secrets.

I've been watching the news.

Are you okay with all this stuff you're hearing? I know it's supposed to feel like closure, but I only have more questions.

Your mom told me about homecoming.

Toby Cavanaugh? Is he the reason you broke up with Ben? He's just a friend.

A good friend, actually.

Emmy, he's dangerous.

You know that now, right? I guess.

I just don't understand it.

The only thing that Toby can give Alison's friends and her family now is the truth.

There's an honor to being truthful.

It could set that boy free.

But what if we're not ready for the truth? What do you mean? Maybe it'll be too hard to hear.

Emmy, you know it's always better to be honest than to tell a lie.

Dad I missed you so much.

Me too, baby.

Me too.

Knock, knock.

I actually had a good time with Ian.


I will call TMZ.

I was thinking about what you said earlier, about being tired.

You and I hating each other has become a lot of work.

I didn't know that we hated each other.

I just I thought we didn't like each other.

You've seen the news, right? Yep.

Alison fooled us all, didn't she? I remember her constantly trashing that kid, and the whole time she was seeing him.

Well, Ali played a lot of games, Melissa.

That's probably what got her killed.

I want to finish what I started to tell you at homecoming.

September 1st is the day I ended it with Jenna.

I felt terrible about what we were doing, but I didn't know how to stop it.

Stay there, okay? Please, if you want me to listen, just stay there.

Jenna told me she'd tell people that I forced myself on her.

She didn't want it to stop.

Jenna wanted to be with you? Jenna was in love with me.

She's still in love with me.

Thank you so much! That's so sweet.

I specifically said no gifts, but look at this.

This is amazing.

I'm not gonna say no.

Oh, excuse me.

Welcome to Camp Mona! Happy birthday.

Oh, whatever it is, I'm sure I'll love it, and if not, I'll return it.

Swag! Oh thanks.

Oh, it's, um subtle.

Okay, tour time.

So, over here, we have the massage tent, the mani-pedi area, the blow me bar, and the mini bar.

Excuse me.

Um, did I just see you eat a cookie? I asked Alison to meet me so I could tell her that she did me a favor.

She got me away from Jenna.

Why was she wearing your sweater, and why would Ali meet you at the kissing rock? We didn't go anywhere.

We met right outside of Spencer's barn.

I gave her my sweater because it was cold.

When I left her, she was getting in the car with some guy, still wearing my sweater.

She was very much alive.

You have to tell the police.

You see how it looks.

They've already decided I'm guilty.

If I don't go to this party, my friends are gonna know that something's wrong.

I only came back to say good-bye.

Back from where? I spent a year in reform school.

I've got friends in all the wrong places and misery loves company.

You can't keep running.

I need to get as far away from here as I can now.

But if you're innocent If? You think I'm lying? I need you to believe me, Emily.

It's all that matters.

But I still have so many questions.

I left my stuff behind the church.

If there's any way you can come, my ride's not picking me up until midnight.

If you tell your friends, you know they'll call the cops.

And so I said to her, "if you were invited, you would've received an invitation.

" Can you believe that? He came back to tell me that he's innocent and that he didn't hurt Ali.

He's lying.

We have to tell the police.

It's Hanna.


Hey, how's my friend Mona? Uh she's Mona.

Well, I'm leaving in ten, and if "a's" watching you, I'll be watching her.

Are you sure you're gonna be okay? Aria, I went to fat camp for five summers.

I can handle some woods.

Hanna, listen.

Emily saw Toby.

Hello? God, service out here sucks.

It's from "A.

" "You found my bracelet.

Now come find me.

Good luck, bitches.

" I think we're supposed to go to where we found Ali's bracelet.

That was in the middle of nowhere.

Actually, it was 15 steps east of the half-point tree, which is 136 steps from the main road.

You're a freak, and I love you.

Emily, Aria! Your turn to get blown.

Well, it has to look like we're here for the party, so, go glamp, and I'll be back before it gets dark.

Is it "A"? No.

Uh, just my mom.


Shut up.

What happens if you touch it? Did you find anything? Come here.

Guys, check it out.

Is Jenna telling us that she's "A"? I don't think so.

There's something else.

"You're as in the dark as Jenna, looking for me in all the wrong places.

" Well, if this is the wrong place, then what's the right place? Hey.

Just walking home.

Maybe you could give me a lift.

I'm not going home.

I I'm late.

"You're looking for me in all the wrong places.

" "Looking for me in all the wrong places.

" Hey, where's Aria? I don't know.

We have to go to the Wright place.


Wright's playground! I think you're actually enjoying this.

Thanks for meeting me.

I don't blame you for being angry.

I deserve it.

I was a coward.

I should've fought for you.

Yeah? Why didn't you? I was looking for another job so I could leave you, Aria.

I was looking for you.

I thought that if I resigned from Rosewood, we'd have a chance.

Then I saw you with Noel.

And I decided I was being selfish, and if you had a chance of being happy without all the complications You really are a jerk, Ezra.

You can't just go around deciding how things are supposed to work out.

I mean, you don't get to choose how I feel.

Look, whether you believe me or not, I have always been honest with you.

But you hiding your feelings from me is just like lying.

I was wrong.

Forgive me.


Forgive me.


Fitz and Oh, my God.


Alison loves Ian? Hanna! We're over here.

Hanna! Watch out! Hanna, look! Oh, my God! Hanna! Hanna, get up! Oh, my God.

Call 911! There's been an accident! We're at the Camp Rosewood parking lot.

Please hurry! She's not breathing.

Hanna! Please, no! "She knew too much.

" "A.

" Somebody! Hanna! Help! Hanna! Hanna! Hanna! Somebody! Help! I know you want to kiss me.

Come closer.

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