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  01x09 - The Perfect Storm
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars We're having a look in Toby Cavanaugh's locker.

Why, do you think he's hiding in there? - So, where is Toby now? - We don't know.

Someone made a copy of Alison's bracelet.

Yeah, and made sure that we would find it.

Let's get real.

In theory, we are a lot more wrong than we are right.

I don't remember doing anything to get you this mad at me.

It's me.

You you're great.

Alison was just straight up evil.

You put something online, somebody somewhere's willing to buy it.

I really appreciate this, Lucas.

That corner of the park is going to be a safe place where you can go and sit and just think.

You should think about Alison while you're there.

Who do you want to take there? Are you moving out? I would never do that to you or your brother.

Alison told me how you even threatened Toby if he told the truth.

She said she was afraid of you.

Is that why one of you did what you did? This is insane.

How many words do they expect you to learn in one night? Stringent.

Uh, tough.


It's not like you're gonna actually use 'em.


I mean, it's not like you go to college and you just start speaking a completely different language.

It's about getting into college.

Meretricious, um, phony, flashy? Mm-hmm.

Oh, Hanna, why are you still eating that? 'Cause it's here.

Put it in the garbage.

Then I'd have to stand over the garbage and eat it.


Infatuated, enamored, in love with.

Hey, what did Noel Kahn say to you after the memorial? Taking the S.


Ts in less than 12 hours.

Can we focus? - Okay, Spencer, you do not need to know any more big words.

You're already scary enough to anyone under 50.

I'm not scary! Am I scary? A little.

Hey, I saw Noel Kahn hug you, and he did not wanna let go.

Talk about not wanting to let something go.

Why can't you give him a chance? He's smart, he's cute, his dad owns, like, half of Rhode Island, and he's got great lips.

His father? No.


Seriously, Aria, you and Noel would look amazing together.

Can we just drop it, please? I'm not looking for anything more than a friend.

Why? Don't you have enough on Facebook? Besides, don't you want someone real, someone you can, I don't know, scratch and sniff? Wow.

Maybe you should just eat that over the garbage.

Look, I am trying to help out a friend here.

We don't all have smoking hot ball boys from the country club.

What is going on with you and Alex? Is he back from that tournament? Yeah.

He's back.

And? And it's good.

It's so good.

I want it to last, but I'm afraid I'm gonna blow it.

So, when can we officially call him the boyfriend? Hi, mom.

Hey, Mrs.


Hi, girls.

Oh, what smells so good? Garlic bread.

Want some? I can't.

God, I miss food.

Eat some butter for me, will you? Why do I have so many messages? Hey, maybe you should ask Alex to Stop.

Not now.

Your mom still doesn't know? Like I said, I want it to last.

Where's Emily? She's probably on her way over.

You don't have to come inside, mom.

If it were canceled, nobody would be here.

Oh, excuse me.


Are they actually going to give this test today? Decision hasn't been made yet.

Can you tell me who makes that decision? They're predicting a major storm.

You didn't say Alex was taking the test here, too.

Why do you think I wanted my mom to drop us off and leave? - Hey, you.


Spence Nobody here can make a decision to save their life.

It's absurd.

Um, mom? This is Alex Santiago.

Alex, this is my mother.

Alex, that I went to homecoming with? Of course.


From the club.


It just took me a moment to put it together.

So, you're Alex.

Listen, uh, I need to check in.

Um, nice seeing you.

Meeting you.

Test is on today.

Rosewood students should register in the library.

But, like, half the school isn't even here yet.

And may never make it.

We saw this huge tree down on Sawmill Road, and they've already closed off York Street.

That wasn't because of a tree.

York Street's been closed since last night.

Why? Somebody decided to pay a visit to Alison Di Laurentis's memorial and destroy it.

Shattered the tiles, broke the bench.

W when did this happen? We had to cordon off the area, given it's an ongoing murder investigation.

Maybe you can spare them the details.

They're about to take their S.




Good luck on the test, ladies.

We should probably get to the library.

Give me a sec, would you? Still haven't heard from Toby, huh? No.

Well, let me know when you do.

Alison's memorial was vandalized last night.

And Toby was spotted at a gas station just off the interstate a few days ago, so clearly he's still with us.

But why would he run away if he didn't have anything to hide? Any idea where he might be staying? I don't know anything about it.

Maybe, you should check your basement.

Can't believe it was trashed Just when you thought that "A" would give it a rest.

It's like Toby had to kill Alison all over again.

Toby? What do you mean, Toby? His motorcycle was totaled.

Isn't he dead? I hear more from Alison now then when she was alive.

You guys, I thought we decided "A" wasn't Toby.

"A" was happy to have Toby out of the picture.

How do we know that Toby didn't just send that text? And why are we suddenly trusting "A"? "A" made a fake bracelet to mess with us.

Emily, hey, where've you been? Yeah, why weren't you at Spencer's last night? I know.

I'm sorry.

I didn't get out of practice till really late, so just went straight home and crashed.

So, what have I missed? Well, we studied.

They studied and I annoyed them.

And Alison's memorial got trashed.


I heard.

What is my mom doing here? Mom, what are you doing here? Oh, I tried calling you, but your phone must be turned off for the test.

Why are you here? - Well, they called and said they needed proctors.

I'm on the sub list.

You are? Since when? Well, since they cut my hours at the gallery and I'm paying rent to live above it.

I filled out an application last Monday.

What, to teach? Why didn't you tell me? Well, sweetie, I was going to when you came over for dinner, but then you canceled on Monday and Tuesday, and then on Wednesday.

Yeah, this week's been intense.

I understand.

I just, you know, I would like to see you in the flesh.

But you don't really plan on ever coming over, do you? I can't.

Look, if I did, it'd be like saying I'm okay with you and dad living apart.

But we are.

I know! Just 'cause you were ready for this doesn't mean that I am.

I gotta get back to the library.

Hello? Ashley, it's Byron Montgomery.



How are you? I'm kinda screwed.

I've got this fax to send, and we've just lost power.

Is it out on your side of the street, too? No.

It's fine.

You're welcome to come over here if you need to use the fax.

Really? Well, listen, I don't want to disturb you.

No, it's okay.

I was just, um ordering something from a catalogue, - but you can come over.


Listen, um do you mind if I use your toaster, too? I'll bring my own bread.

Uh, you may also want to bring your own jelly.

I'll see you soon.

The test will now begin at 10:00.

If this interferes with any plans you've made for the afternoon, I suggest you make some calls.

If you didn't bring a phone, I am sure this tap-happy gentleman over here would be glad to lend you his.

What? Was she talking to me? You didn't miss anything.

Do you want to borrow my phone? Your brain.

Can you do the math section for me? Hey, I'm already your marketing manager.

You just got three hits on your leather jacket.

Hey, there, lady "H.

" I know you also answer to that, Hermie, - but I was talking to her.

Nice bag.

Listen to you, in touch with your feminine side! So, would that be your right or your left? What's so funny? Nothing.

You need to sign in.

They know I'm here.

You can go now.

This beauty doesn't need a beast.

Who would I speak to about getting into the boys' locker room? I'd have to find a custodian.

Do you want to follow me? No, that's all right.

I'm gonna wait here.

He's freaking me out! Whose locker is he poking into now? He's desperate.

Ali's brother's breathing down his neck.

Ours too.

What if Jason told the police.

Alison's version of what happened after the fire? If Jason was gonna tell them, he would've told them a year ago.

He knows that story's bogus.

Well, then, why do they bring it up? To try to drive a wedge between us.

Well, he's not gonna do that.

Sorry about the memorial.

I know how hard you girls worked on it.

Shocking though, right, something like that could happen out in the open and nobody saw anything? Well, everybody here was probably studying for the exam that we're about to take, so you might wanna look for eyewitnesses somewhere else.

So you were all studying together last night, then? Yes, we were all at Spencer's.

All of you? Yes.

All of us.


Emily, what is going on? Where were you last night? I told you.

I went home.

Then why didn't you tell him that? What happened to all of us sticking together? Where are you going? To the restroom, but if you don't believe me we can all try and squeeze into one stall.

Should one of us go talk to her? No.

She'll talk when she's ready.

Alex, hey.

Oh, hey.


Are you taking the test in here, too? If we ever take it.

Only eight kids showed up from my school.

Um listen.

I don't know what happened between you and my mom at the club.

I know she can be kind of a handful.

I've seen her send back a napkin because it had, like, a loose thread.

I think I should look at my math stuff.

I can't talk about this.


Okay, what gives? Why is he/she into me? He's not into you.

He helped me sell that bag.

You bought it online, right? Well, it's mine.

Excuse me? That's not the original handle.

I broke it on a roller coaster at jolly Roger's.

You bought my bag.

Yeah, I knew that! I bought it as a goof.

Really? - Yes.

But forget about me.

What's going on with you? You've befriended somebody from a different species, and you've turned your closet into a swap meet.

What are you, poor now? No, I just didn't want that bag anymore.

I'll give you back your money.

Don't bother.

Take my Andrew Jacksons and introduce them to your Benjamin Franklin.

Put it towards my birthday present.

I registered at Saks.

You need something? Uh, no.

If this test isn't happening, are we allowed to leave the room? They just posted a tornado watch in Delaware county.

No one's going anywhere.

Have a seat.

Tell me you're a basketball fan.

Why? Got floor seats to the Sixers game Friday night.

They're playing the celtics.


That's really sweet It's not a date.

I mean, it's a date, but it's not a date-date.

I think I already have plans.


Another time, another season.

Do you like hockey? Never mind, no girl likes hockey.

I'll work on this.

Wait, where are you going? They said we couldn't leave the building.

There are other rooms around here that are more fun than this.

Wanna come? So, how do you like your toast barely warm, or burnt to a crisp? Uh, whatever's easier.

Barely warm it is! Uh, wait, no.

Listen, let's just wait a second.

The lights will come back on.

I better look for some candles.

No, no.

No, no, don't do that.

The power is gonna come back on.

It has to.

This was due yesterday.

What is it? Uh, jeez.

It's a it's a permission slip.

My son is on a lacrosse trip, and I forgot to send in his permission slip.

Ella always handled this stuff, and I I just forgot.

I can't keep up.

Can you call the coach? Oh, I don't know.

You know, I'm not doing very well at this This whole, uh, single-parent thing.

Everything is just falling through the cracks.

You've only been on your own for a couple weeks, Byron.

You should cut yourself some slack.

Do you play? Shh, it's a secret.

Why? My parents have this recurring nightmare I'll bail on college and beg for quarters in the subway.

I know that.

My parents listened to it.

They they used to.


So intense.

I could play louder.

* Across the evening sky * all the birds are leaving What's so funny? Their names.




Uncle Pumblechook.

They all sound like stuffed animals.

I can't believe you already finished it.

Want me to tell you what happens? I can make you a cheat sheet.

You know, you should really let me braid your hair sometime.

I had a dream last night about Jenna.

Emily, don't.

Okay, stop thinking about that.

There's all sorts of operations and stuff they can do.

I dreamt that she came back and she was fine.

She could see perfectly, and she forgave us.

That's why I love you.

You're big on happy endings.

So is Dickens, by the way.

Pip gets estella in the end.

Can I read you something? "I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.

" Did you get to that part yet? * I do not count the time * for who knows * where the time goes * who knows * where the time goes They want everybody in the library.

Safety reasons.

Aria, are you coming? Um, yeah, yeah.

I'll be right down.

I just have to ask Mr.

Fitz a few homework questions.

So, you're back.

I never left.

You were out.

Were you sick? I only ask because you never answered my calls or my e-mails.

I went to New York.

Why? To deal with family issues.

Family issues! My issues.

I needed to clear my head.

Okay, are you clear? Do you know what you want? I interviewed at another school, and So what you want is to not be here at all.

Will you please let me finish? I'm sorry, I've just gotten used to filling in the blanks myself.

You tell me at homecoming that you got a haircut for me, and then you just fall off the face of the earth? I spent days thinking about you! I thought about you every second I was gone.

But I also thought about the consequences, the questions from the principal, the school board, your parents.

My parents? We just can't go back to the way it was.

Things need to change.

No, they already have.


I think I just lost service.

Hanna just sent me a text.

Girls are fine.

Oh, good.

Do you want an ice cube for that? We should use 'em before they melt.

Do you know why Ella left? Does everyone on the street know? Well, at least one person's still willing to let me use her fax.

I don't take sides.

I know that things are never black and white.

It's so bizarre, isn't it? I mean, you spend this huge chunk of your life as a couple, and then suddenly you're not a couple.

You may as well just disappear.

It's almost like you don't exist.

I had the same conversation a while back To myself in the mirror.

Took me months before I went to see a movie alone.

Transformers 2.

I thought I wouldn't run into anyone over 12 but I forgot they have parents, and I spent the first half of the movie dodging a coworker and his wife, and the second half crying into my popcorn.

Why? 'Cause it seemed like I was the only one there who didn't have anyone to share popcorn with.


Yeah, I hear ya.

See, I've got this faculty dinner to go to next Saturday night, and honestly, I don't think I can do it.

It's at this Moroccan restaurant out by campus.

I'm not very adventurous with foods I can't pronounce.

Ella was my taste-tester.

You should call me.

I'll walk you through the menu.

Why don't you come with me and make sure I don't eat goat? I've been there.

They do a very nice goat.

Move! All the way in, people! You don't need to touch every locker.

Come on! This sucks.

First time I get to photograph a real tornado, and they shove us in a room without windows.

You don't want to see a real tornado.

Of course he does.

He wants to get to Oz so he can ask the wizard for a penis.

Mona, can I talk to you for a sec? Why can't you leave him alone? What has he ever done to you besides remind you that two short years ago, we were him.

He bugs me.

Yeah, well, I think you're the one who needs a trip to Oz.

See if the wizard can find you a heart.

Hey, I don't think this test is gonna happen today.

You can take a break.

Not all of us sailed through trig.

Alex, are we ever gonna get past this? Past what? Whatever happened between you and my mom.

You don't have to talk about it It's not up to me to tell you.

It's up to your mother.

I need to find a French family that's dying to host a nice girl from Pennsylvania.

Paris would be so awesome.

Roll out of bed, eat a croissant, shop for two hours, take a nap in the Louvre, eat another croissant, shop for two hours.

Oh, have you seen this? I got it in the French catalogue.

They have them in, like, every color.

Do me a favor? Hook it for me, would you? What are you doing? Nothing.

I just You just what? Just because we kissed in the library, Emily, doesn't mean I'm into you like that.

A kiss is a kiss.

I like boys and trust me, if I'm kissing you, it's because it's practice for the real thing.

Where are you going? You're my ride, remember? Hello? Someone here? Hello? Mr.

Fitz? Hi.

Uh, they need first aid supplies, too.

Is somebody hurt? No, no, no, no.

It's just a preventative measure.

I'm Ella Montgomery, Aria's mom? - We met - At the theater.

I I remember.

Well, of course you would.

Why wouldn't you? We practically met in the dark.

Why are these lights working? Uh, emergency fixtures? I guess the generator just kicked in.

Do you think they have anything to eat in here? We've got some jangled nerves out there, and I think food would really help.

Well, why don't we take a look under here? Uh, how are you doing with the storm? Oh, me? I love this weather, as long as I don't have to fly through it.

Which, if we were on a plane right now, I'd probably be in your lap.

Uh, how many waters do we need? Uh, I would bring them all.

Can you shine that over here? You would think they'd have protein bars or something.

Did they at least open the school cafeteria this morning? Uh, I don't know.

I got here late.

Drove back from New York.

You did? Wow.

In this weather, that's dedication.

No wonder Aria talks so highly about you.

Well, I am grateful to have her in my class.

She's, uh, she's very engaged.


Can I ask you a question? S s sure.

Have you noticed any changes in Aria in the past few weeks? Um I only ask because, um, my husband and I, we separated, and I was wondering if and how that's affecting Aria at school.

It's not really a question you can directly ask your kid.

Of course not.

I'm sorry about you and your husband.

As far as Aria goes, I haven't noticed anything, um alarming.


She's very strong.



But she puts up a good front, and, um, when she's hurt and she wants to shut you out, you could die of frostbite.

Oh, protein bars.

Excuse me.


You know, I'm really glad that she has you in her life right now, an adult that she admires.

Looks like we'll have to make We're gonna have to make a couple of trips.

Hey, everything okay with Mr.

Fitz? Yeah, uh, just had a few questions.

He was out last week.

You have an incredible voice.

We should do that again.

Emily, you've been in there this whole time? I didn't hear the announcement.

I was looking for my purse.

It's probably still in the library.

Look, Em, if you were hooking up with Maya last night, you can tell Aria and Spencer.

What are you talking about? I'm just saying it doesn't have to be this huge secret.

It's not like I fell apart.

Okay, can we not talk about this in here? Look, I'm just saying you can trust them.

Emily, I think we found something that belongs to you.

Could you come with me, please? Emily! Let's go.

Is that your bag on the table? Where'd you find it? I shouldn't have to tell you that leaving a bag unattended in a public place, not a very smart move.

What is going on? Oh, perfect! We can all be together for an update.

No, we're supposed to be in the girls' locker room.

Well, I'm guessing you girls are used to being in places you're not supposed to be.

Did you tell your friends where you were last night, when you weren't studying for the test? See, 'cause I got these really interesting photos.

Go ahead and pass it around.

There's plenty more where that came from at the precinct.

And I see you didn't get a chance to clean your shoes either, huh? That's not why I went there.

Really? So you didn't go back to the memorial to finish up Toby's handiwork? Or were you just there covering up his tracks? I found it like that.

It was already destroyed.

Really? Then let me ask you a question.

What were these doing in your bag? Souvenirs? Something Toby asked you to save so he can keep it for his trophy collection? This has nothing to do with Toby! Em, why do you have those? You put those in there, you creep.

Emily would never do that.

The memorial was her idea.

Yeah, so I heard.

Nice cover, huh? You want me to share this with them, or would you like to? Go ahead and tell them about the angry letter that you wrote to Alison which is dated, by the way, three days before she disappeared.

You had no right to read that.

Emily, what is in that letter? Tell her.

Tell her how you wanted to punish Alison for rejecting you.

Tell her how you felt relieved at the funeral.

Yeah, she wasn't gonna be around to humiliate you anymore, was she? I went back to that memorial to say I was sorry.

There were horrible things in that letter, and I didn't mean them.

Suddenly she was gone, and I loved her as more than a friend.

I just never had the chance to tell her in the right way.

Give her the letter back.

Give it back to her now, or I swear to God, I will rip your head off! Sorry, I can't.

And we're not leaving this room until you tell me what you were doing carting around pieces of Alison's memorial.

I took them because they were the only things that weren't broken.

What's going on in here? Why aren't they in the locker room with the other kids? Who are you? Her mother.

I mean, if this is the school's idea of keeping my child safe, I'm glad I came back.

Honey, why is she crying? He accused her of killing Alison.

What? - He went through her purse - and now he's accusing - Hold it.

Hold it.

You're questioning minors without an adult present? What police department do you work for? What century are you in? - Ma'am, I would advise you - Oh, no, I would advise you to back off, because anything that they've said to you is inadmissible in a courtroom, period.

Let's go.

Emily, honey, grab your things.

What were you thinking? I have a homicide to solve, okay? Not anymore you don't.

You're done.

You're done with this investigation, so, what's gonna happen to him? Can they get him off the force? If he's smart, he'll leave before that happens.

Oh, where did he get that protein bar? Oh.

I'll get you one.


I wish I'd known.

Hey, Alison loved you, and I don't know if it was in the way that you wanted her to, but I know that she did.

Can I have your attention, please? The storm warning has just been lifted, but the S.



will have to be rescheduled.

You looking for somebody? Alex, but he might've already left.

Didn't you bring an umbrella? Yeah.

Mom, thank you for stopping in.

It was pro bono.

Let's go.

Wait, I I really can't sit in the car the whole ride home without asking what happened between you and Alex.

What did he say? Nothing.

He won't talk about it.

Oh, my God.

This requires closing a door.

Maybe I should just walk home.

Remember that weekend when your father took you and Melissa to D.


? I stayed behind.

Yeah I said I had to work all weekend, but that wasn't the truth.

I spent most of Friday drunk.

Sunday I was hung over.

Saturday I don't remember at all.

Okay, I think I actually changed my mind.

I really don't need to know.

I started at the club Friday morning.

It was empty.

There wasn't a soul to talk to, so I ordered a sidecar, then another and another.

By the time lunch rolled around, I'd walked through a trellis and couldn't find my shoes.

It was Alex's first week there.

He kindly listened to me spill my guts, and later poured me into a cab.

With my shoes.

Why were you spilling your guts to Alex? I had a doctor's appointment before I went there.

They removed a lump from my breast.

I was feeling a little overwhelmed and powerless.

After that, I avoided the club for months.

The next time I saw Alex, I made him promise that he would never, ever bring it up.

Mom, are you sick? No.

Well, why didn't you and dad tell us? What makes you think your dad knows? Spencer our family doesn't handle imperfection very well.

Mom, being sick is not an imperfection.

Just so you know, I gave up sidecars for spritzers.

And by the way Alex is a lovely kid.

He's a keeper.

I'm impressed.

You could do brain surgery with those hands.

No, honestly, I can do a pedicure.



Okay, let's hey, let's try this again.



I think it already went.

"Transmission received.

" There you go.


Well, I owe you big time.

All right, you're off the hook for carpool this week.

I will drive Hanna to school every day, and I'll see you for dinner on Saturday night.

Right! Saturday.

You know what, I don't know what I was thinking, actually.

I can't have dinner at that Moroccan restaurant this Saturday.

Mike has a scrimmage game late in the afternoon, and I promised I would take his team out afterwards.

Yeah, actually, Saturday isn't good for me, either.

But w we'll figure out something.


Thank you.

You're welcome.

For this.



All right, I'll see you later, man.


I just wanted to say I think we should have that date-date.

Seriously? When? How about Friday? I think I'm having dinner at my mom's on Friday, but how about Saturday? Yeah, works for me.


What was that for? I can't tell you.

It's a secret.

So, 96 bucks for your leather jacket.

Going going Gone.

Cool! That was easy.

Listen, um I don't know what you said to Mona, but thank you.

She actually made it through two hours in the locker room without spitting on me.

Yeah, you don't need to thank me.

Yeah, I do.

No, you don't.

I'm your friend geek.

Hanna I know you wanna kiss me.

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