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I got you guys something.

We'll be friends forever.

You lost a dear friend.

You guys need to find a way to say goodbye together.

Okay, so the town is gonna put in a new bench, and there's gonna be a pathway of art tiles.

She lives in this town.

I have to see her You think they're gonna work this out? I really don't know.

Are you moving out? I was looking for Mr.


He's not in.

I'm his sub, miss Shepard.

Do you know if Mr.

Fitz will be back tomorrow? I don't.

So you've got some genius plan of sleeping with the enemy.

You've lost your mind! You don't even know him.

We've all got secrets, Emily.

Toby and Jenna had a relationship.

Way beyond stepsiblings.

It's enough to want her dead.

And us.

So, is Toby dead? I couldn't bring myself to ask.

I've kept quiet about a lot, Emily.

The least you can do is get me that file.

There! It's done, okay? I was afraid she wouldn't get it done in time for the memorial.

And this was someone from your mom's gallery? Right.

Where is your mom? There's an apartment above the gallery, so she's staying there.

For now.

That's kind of weird, isn't it? Your mom moving out.

Yeah, like my dad should have left.

That's what you'd expect.


Hey, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean it like that.

The whole thing just sucks.

I know.

Did anyone call Shelly Leonard? Done.

And I told her if she plays anything depressing, I will kick in her cello.

Oh, what about the program? Almost done, but we should finish it Before Ali's brother gets here.

When is that? Tonight.

And he wants to see us in the morning.

You know what? I barely remember Jason.

We didn't know him.

He was just Ali's older brother down the hall.

Behind a closed door.

With his hardcore punk music vibrating the floorboards.

How did he get into an Ivy league school? I don't know.

It must have been affirmative action for goths and emos.


It's beautiful.

Pedestal's already out there, next to the bench.

This goes up Friday morning.

Do you think Jason will like it? Of course he'll like it.

And years from now, people are gonna see this memorial, and and that's all they'll ever know about Ali.

She'll be the girl that they dedicated the bench to.

And we'll all be gone, but Ali will still be remembered.

That's immortality, my darlings.

I wish we could just choose the age that we wanted to be and Just stay there.

The only way to do that is to die young, leave a beautiful corpse.

Don't joke.

It's not a joke.

Oh, come on.

Haven't you guys ever thought about how deliciously tragic it would be to die in some incredibly mysterious way? That would be superior.

Is that really how you want to go, Alison? Not just yet.

Don't talk like that.

It's gruesome.

It's not gruesome.

It's immortality, my darlings.

Where did she get that from? A movie? Ali was a movie.

I was so embarrassed! So they can just take my credit card? That's private property, isn't it? It's private property.

It belongs to the bank.

Well, what about my other cards? Don't be so quick on the draw, at least for a while.

I'm sorry.

I was trying to keep this off your radar.


We have to make some adjustments.

Temporary adjustments.

We need to be more careful about money.

For how long? Until we don't have to anymore.

And how long is that? I don't know.

Well, when will you know? This is a visual representation of what I'm talking about.

Skim milk, orange juice, and some yogurt.

No flavored waters, no cunning chardonnay.

Nothing from the artisan cheese shop.

What happened? What happened is a mortgage, and bills, and taxes, and the fact that this is a one-paycheck family, I thought I could compensate for your dad going, but it's been hard.

Harder than I expected.

How hard? It's not the first card to be declined.

You've done a great job.


Mom and dad and I are really grateful.

There she is! Jason! Hey.

Sorry I'm late.

No problem.

I was just saying you've done some lovely work on the memorial.

I might have done one or two things differently, but we can adjust that along the way.

Here's a copy of the program for the dedication.

I e-mailed you the program that we worked up.


I saw the draft.

This just fine-tunes it.

Uh, let's see If Shelly Leonard's gonna play something, I don't think we can give her more than three minutes.

I remember she's somewhat of a showboat with that cello.

Then, uh Oh.

Is this The picture for the program? Yes.

It's everybody's favorite.

It's the one I would have picked.

I thought I was gonna be able to get my whole family out here, but You know, at the last minute, my mom, um It's crazy talking about this, isn't it? When I think about her, I-I think about you the five of you, in her bedroom, laughing, keeping secrets.

Long time ago.

I want each of you to speak.

I'd rather hear from you than Mrs.

Slocomb from the PTA.

The PTA was a lot of help.

What about the rain? The rain? Forty percent chance before the weekend.

Oh, um, they said that we can use the school's multipurpose room if we have to move the ceremony inside.


People think this dedication is about closure.

There won't be closure until they find out who did this to Alison.

The cops in this town have been jerking my family around for more than a year.

No more of that.

I'm here to get some action, and this memorial is gonna help me get it.

Oh, and I'm adding One speaker to the program.

Jenna Marshall? You want Jenna to speak at the dedication? That's right.

Why? She asked me if she could.

Jenna asked to speak? Is there a problem? I-it just didn't occur to us that Alison and Jenna were that close.

Yeah, I didn't know either.

Jenna called and said my sister was a lot of help to her after her accident.

Well, concentrate on what you're gonna say.

Leave the rest of it to me.

Now, I'm Going to have a talk with Detective Wilden and find out why they haven't located Toby yet.

Did we just get fired? Shh! Keep it down! Why is he talking to Jenna? I don't know.

What does she have to say? This is turning into a nightmare.

What else did he say? Nothing.

He just kept smiling like he was running for office.

Spence, why does Jenna want to speak at the dedication? Why does Jason want her there? I mean, he clearly knows they weren't friends.

We can't let Jenna speak.

Well, how are we gonna stop her without looking like bitches? How are we going to stop her at all? In case you guys didn't notice, we just got patted on the head and sent off to play.

You know what? You need to stay on top of him.

Find out what's going on.

Why me? Because you're the big organizer.

You've got the laptop of all knowledge, and he's gonna need some of that.

Jenna could get up there, she could tell about the fire and Toby.

She could tell about everything.

Ezra, wait.

Just let me talk for a second.


I don't want to argue or try to convince you of anything.

I know it's over.

I know that.

But I just- I can't stand the idea of you walking around and hating me.

Hate you? The only person I hate right now is myself, for asking too much of you.

I could never hate you.

But this is band of horses.

Noel got tickets to band of horses? Yeah.

Strictly VIP.

And we get to go? Yep.

You and me with Noel.

Well, who's Noel bringing? That's the thing- he wants to ask Aria But she's got this, like, anti-boy zone around her.

So Noel's at this place where he wants to ask her, but not if she's gonna say no.

So all I have to do is get Aria to go, and we get to go.

You got it.


I can make it happen.

I have to go do a yearbook now, but I will grab her later.

Wait, yearbook? Are you working with meta-geek? If you mean Lucas, yes.

Well, watch out.

Cooties are contagious.

I cannot believe you just said "cooties.

" You're such a goober.

I dare you.

You're awful.

Yes, I am.

Come on.

What'd you think I was gonna give you? I don't know, one of those really sour candies.

Not a chance.

Um, I had a thought why don't we do something one night, instead of just hanging out? What kind of something? I don't know.

Maybe go for a real dinner someplace, then go somewhere, like a movie? Dinner and a movie.

Think there's a word for that.

What's it called when two people go out like that? I think they call it, um, a date.

Yeah, I've heard of that.

So you're, um asking me out on a date? Two friends having dinner, going to the movies no big.

Yeah, I'm asking you on a date.


I'll think about it.

Hey! Maya! Mom? Wait, so people just let you do this? I mean, you go up to them and say, "can I take a picture of you r locker," and they say yes? If you tell them you have to have their locker for the book, they think it's all about them, and they open right up.

Gotta love that human ego.

So, I was thinking four lockers to a page with the name underneath each picture.

No, you know, don't put the names.

They should guess whose locker is whose.

You can put numbers and a list in the back of the book.

Be more fun.

Yeah, it would.

I like that.

It's smart.

This is impressive.

Because you're used to taking pictures by pointing your phone at people.

I like a camera that actually feels like a camera.

These aren't cheap, are they? No, but I auctioned some stuff online and got a good deal for it.

Well, what kind of stuff did you sell? Stuff.

Action figures? They were really important to me when I was 12.

Who buys action figures from 12-year-old boys who are tired of them? And you can make money that way? Enough money to buy the toys you're interested in now.

So, are you Interested in selling some stuff online? Yeah, I wouldn't know how.

I would.

I'm saying, I could help you make a couple of bucks, if you want me to.


I mean, that'd be great, if you could.

Just tell me what you've got two of, and we'll sell one of 'em.

Just no kidneys, okay? Em? It's my dad.

God, is he okay? He's okay.

He's better than okay.

They're rotating his unit out of Afghanistan.

My dad's coming home.

Okay, go for the anaconda.

It's the situation.

There's the situation, right now.

God, Jenna the jerk is looking at us.

It's a very second-string crowd she's with.

Why doesn't she just take her "D"-list gang and go home instead of sitting here and creeping me out? Jenna's here.

Where's Toby? Out in the woods, sacrificing squirrels.


Don't you ever get tired of shooting at the low-hanging fruit? Don't ruin a perfect day, Spencer.

It is perfect.

Friends forever.


Even when we get really old.

You just want me to go so you can go with Sean.

It's not true! And Even if it is a little bit true, more reason for you to come.

I don't know.

Aria, what's not to know? It's not like I'm setting you up with my dud cousin Raymond who makes miniature furniture for a hobby.

This is Noel Kahn.

He was your biggest crush all through middle school, and now he's asking you out, so stop pining for the fjords and " carpe hottie.

" It's not about the fjords.

Then what's the problem? The problem is I just can't do this right now.

Well, now is all I've got.

Maybe in a few weeks.

Can't you at least get over the guy by tomorrow night? Hanna, look, my family just blew up.

Understand? Well, I thought this would take your mind off of it.

I'd love to get my mind off of it, but I can't.



Well, well, well.

Something new has been added.

Noel Kahn inspecting the troops.

You know, you really shouldn't go out so soon after a boob job.

Let them drop down to where they're supposed to be before you take 'em out.

Prudence Finn had a boob job? She had to do something to compensate for being named Prudence.

Thinking about it, Aria? Thinking about what? Doing something like that to get Noel's attention.


Aria likes them brainy.

Cute, rich, and brainy.

You get the whole package with Noel Kahn.

You know, personally, I like someone with a little more maturity.

Not that Noel doesn't have potential.

He just lacks a little seasoning.

Don't be too coy.

Hello, Hanna.

Principal's office said I could find you in here.

Well, I'm pretty sure there's nothing I can do for you, but do you need something? Actually, yeah.

I was wondering if Emily had heard anything from Toby Cavanaugh since he went missing.

Do I look like Emily? Ask her.

I thought you girls shared everything.

Well, you were wrong.

Alison's brother's in town.

You knew that, didn't you? Jason.

And, yes, I know.

He's here for the dedication of Ali's memorial.

Oh, he's here for more than that, Hanna.

He came into my office yesterday.

He came in to make noise about how he doesn't like the way things have been handled.

I'm pretty sure he's entitled to that.

It's a small town, Hanna.

Sometimes private and public lives can get a little muddled.


Tell me about it.

Look I understand you might have some issues with me, but I hope you also understand that whatever you tell Jason Dilaurentis might end up being very embarrassing for your mother.

You might end up hurting the wrong people.

You know, I'm a little hazy about this whole "right and wrong" thing.

Are you saying I should or I shouldn't tell Jason that the cop who's investigating his sister's murder used to hang around in my house wearing a towel? Hello? I-it's Spencer.

Hello, Spencer.

Can I talk to you? Of course you can.

It's about the dedication.

Ali's memorial? You're in charge of that, aren't you? I was.

Now that Jason's here, he's taken over.

Does Jason look the same? I got the impression he was different.

He sounds different.


Yeah, he is different.

He's, uh Polished.


You know, when I was talking to him, I got the strangest sensation, like Ali was in the room with us.

What are you going to say at the dedication? I was gonna speak from my heart.

Jenna, what do you want? What I want, you can't give me.

You and your friends are careless.

Like I told Emily, you're careless and you break things, and you think you're never gonna have to pay for them.

We are paying for it, Jenna.

We're paying for it every day.

How much? Who's counting? Look, you want some kind of satisfaction.

I understand that.

But what you can't do, what I won't let you do, is to turn this dedication into some kind of club to beat up on us.

Okay, we did love her, and what happened was terrible.

She deserves this memorial, and so do we, and you don't have the right to turn it into something else.

Alison was done with you.

Did you know that? We talked about it in the hospital.

She told me why.

She said she was afraid of you.

Is that why one of you did what you did? I don't know why I got this lam.

Thought I had shoes to match.

Which, I swear, was not this color when I bought it in the store.

What? You know the way your head gets when I talk about Count Dooku and Darth Sidious? Well That's how my head feels right now.

Do you think someone will buy these? It's the law of the universe.

If you put something online, somebody somewhere's willing to buy it.

I really appreciate this, Lucas.


So how come all of a sudden you need to make some money? Oh, um, my mom cut me off.

Happy I can help.

Creepazoid alert.

Hey, hermie, you got a camera on that thing? Making das booty or something? No.

My rudder got stuck.


I bet it did.

Go frighten the fish.

Hey! Hey what? Nothing.

Never look back, Hanna.

Something might be gaining on you.


Do you want some coffee? It's reasonably fresh.

Oh, no.

No thank you.

I just wanted to make sure that I didn't forget to give you this.

I hope you're okay with cash.

Cash? Yeah.

Um Hanna talked to Aria, and she said that I should give this to you.

Hanna talked to Aria about money? Yeah.

For the for the memorial.

Oh! That money.

Of course.

Thank you.

I would have written you a check, but I don't trust my checkbook skills right now.

Things are a little distracted at the moment.

Yeah, Hanna said you were on your own over there with the kids.

Yes, I am on my own there.

For now.

How are you doing? Uh well, I don't think I have enough information to give you a solid answer on that one.

I understand.

Well, I would pry, but then you would feel obligated to listen to my tales of divorce, which I wouldn't want to put you through.

We don't know if we're gonna be getting a divorce.

That's one of the things that we need to talk about, once we figure out how to talk at all.


Not where we thought we'd be, is it? No, not even close.

I mean, I feel like I'm living inside of this wind tunnel.

All of this stuff is just flying at me.

Well, the wind dies down to a nice, steady howl after a while.

Well, does it ever just stop altogether? I will let you know if it does.


You do the same for me, okay, neighbor? Deal.

Well, that was painless.

Not for principal hartman.

He means well, but he needs to know who's in charge.

I think we all know that.

Okay, is there a problem? There's no problem.

You're Alison's brother.

You should have the final say.

But you're not the only one dealing with this.

See, there's that closed door again the secrets of the girls cuddled up in Alison's bedroom.

Do you think that means you knew her better than I did? No.

It just means we knew her in a different way.

Right here.

What are they doing? That's Toby's locker.

Thank you.

Detective wilden.

You'll find this interesting.

We're having a look in Toby Cavanaugh's locker.

Why? Do you think he's hiding in there? He's a suspect.

Well, your investigation better turn up more than Toby Cavanaugh's old gym socks.

You made it quite clear the other day you weren't happy with the pace of the investigation.

You said you wanted action.

I'm trying to give that to you.

Yeah, you've got nothing.

I realized that yesterday.

Sometimes, Jason, we withhold information on the progress of an investigation to avoid any interruptions.

The only reason you're tearing this kid's locker apart is because he's not around to object.

Toby Cavanaugh called your sister's cell phone the night she disappeared.

I checked the phone records.

She took the call.

Toby called Alison the night she died? He did.

Or somebody else did using his phone.

There go Noel and Prudence off to the kissing rock.

People have been sneaking off to the kissing rock for hundreds of years.

You're making that up.

Just because I make it up doesn't mean it's not true.

You go there with somebody, and you can feel the ghosts of the other lovers spying on you, pushing you to do it.

You know, you should never disappoint a ghost.

It's just a dusty old rock.

Who do you want to take there? This concert should be great.

Most important thing about a band is the name.

I should know, 'cause I had one.

You had five guys in Greg Samson's garage.

What was the name? We had the best name ever- Tick Beaudine.

It was some guy I saw in a Western when I was a kid.

Guys, we should get going.

Thanks for the pizza, Noel.

Don't put it away.

It'll be perfect room temperature when we get back.

That's the guy back with the crazy bread.

No! No, it's too late for that.

I paid for crazy bread, I want my crazy bread.

Can you at least pretend to be having a good time, for me, please? I'm having a great time.

Aria, the lights in this house are dimming because of all the energy you're sucking out of the air.

Okay, well, I'm doing the best I can.

Look who's here.

It wasn't the crazy bread.


Hey, Lucas.

Uh, I just came by to tell you that the thing that we were talking about worked out.



You can look at it if you want.


I'll see you later.

What's he doing, coming to your house? Uh, nothing.

Yearbook stuff.

What's your dad's rank? Lieutenant colonel, Pennsylvania national guard.

And he's been right in the middle of it? Camp Phoenix, in Kabul.

Oh, my God.

When's he get back? Ten days.

I can't imagine how happy you are.

When I see him, I'll be happy.

When he's really home.

Then I'll be able to start breathing again.

Do I get to meet him? You were right about the weather.

Rain's starting at midnight, continuing throughout the day.

I wish this was gonna be outside, in the sun.

Are you satisfied? Yeah.

How 'bout you? I'll just be glad when this is over.

Are we talking about the dedication or Finding out what happened to Ali? Both, I guess.

The dedication will be fine, thanks to you.

And I lit a fire under the cops.

Did you know that Toby called Alison? No.

Wilden shouldn't have told me, but he was easy to shake up.

You were the only one who ever really challenged Alison.

I remember hearing the two of you getting in each other's grills a couple of times.

Kept waiting for the catfight, but never happened.

Who do you think killed Alison? The police like Toby Cavanaugh.

If they can't find him, they'll start liking someone else.

Just someone, or someone in particular? Does it really matter? I thought you said you wanted closure.

My mom still needs pills to get to sleep.

When they don't work, you can hear her walking around the house at three in the morning.

You think you're ever really gonna have closure? I mean, aren't you always going to be "the friend of that girl who was murdered"? Just like you'll always be her brother? That's how people will see us.

They solve it or they don't.

That's not going to change, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

You don't really want to bring justice into this, do you? Why not? Alison told me about the fire.

About how you said the five of you should all go over and teach Toby a lesson.

How you got the stink bomb and Convinced the rest of the girls to back you up.

How you even threatened Toby if he told the truth.

Alison told you that? Yes, she did.

Did you believe her? You are just like Alison, aren't you? In some ways, even worse.

You okay? Sure.

We all just wondered what happened to you.


Can I talk to you for a minute? Yeah, I guess.

I just want to be clear on something, okay? Remind me, did I run over your dog or something? Because I don't remember doing anything to get you this mad at me.

I'm not mad at you.

Could have fooled me.

I'm sorry, Noel.

I I should have said no to this.

It was a bad idea.

Bad idea going out, or a bad idea going out with me? No.

It's me.

You're great.

I mean You're Noel.


I'm a brand name.

I heard about your folks splitting up.

They're not split.

They're separated.

And Hanna told me about the boy back in Iceland.

She shouldn't have told you that.

So I guess this guy was serious.


He was special.

He is special, but Right now there's just all this distance between us.

Does he speak English? Beautifully.

Too bad.

I was hoping for a language barrier.

Yeah, I mean, I know what I want to happen with him But I also know that I have to be realistic, and there's only a couple of ways that all this can play out, and it ranges from messy to bad.

And even if it does work out, I still have my family to worry about.

A minute ago, back when I got you to smile, I thought I might try for a kiss.

Now I think I'll wait, but I'm gonna keep my options open If that's okay with you.

Wait, so she tried to pin it on you? That's what she told Jason.

But why you? Because Spencer could stand up to her, and Alison didn't like that.

God, this is officially insane! Is that what she told Jenna when she was at the hospital? I don't know.

I mean, I don't think so, but I don't know.

Okay, so so one minute, she's trying to cover it up and the next she's ratting us out to her brother? Like she wanted Jason to know the fake story in case anything happened to her.

Why? So they'd know who to blame.

God! This is still Alison's movie, and we are just filling up the screen.

You went to the grocery store.

Uh, yeah.

I sold some stuff online.

You sold some stuff online? Just a couple of bags I was bored with.

Don't ever do that again.

Don't sell your things! No, it's okay.

Really, it was fun, in a nerdy way.

You shouldn't have to do that.

I will take care of things.

I promise.

Mom, don't worry about it.


You should get going.

You don't want to be late.


Ian? Wait Melissa's Ian? Um I can't remember not knowing Alison Not having her as a friend.

She was the first person I knew long enough that I felt I could be angry with without worrying that I was gonna lose her.

It made me feel like something was gonna last, pr and you need that, especially when you're a kid.

Friends can be hard on you.

Maybe they expect more from you than strangers.

Strangers pretty much see you the way you want them to see you, but you can't fool friends.

That's what makes them friends.

That corner of the park is going to be a safe place where you can go and sit, read a book, and just think.

You should think about Alison while you're there.

She'd want to make sure you didn't forget about her.

You do something like this a memorial partly because you don't understand what's happened.

So, you you plant flowers and you paint tiles, and Somewhere in the middle of all that work, you stop crying.

I guess that's the point.

She would have liked that you were all here.

She would have liked the attention.

No, actually, she would have loved the attention.

It would have made her laugh.

And Alison laughing Et that was amazing.

We think we know who we are, but we don't.

Not until something bad happens to us, and then all the useless things fall away, and we're left with who we really are.

I learnt that from Alison Dilaurentis.

My whole life, I thought I knew who she was, but I found out the truth when she came and talked to me at the hospital.

I found out that she was the strongest person that I had ever met.

And it's her strength that touched so many people.

Shaped them.

That's her real legacy.

That's how her memory will endure, in the actions of those she inspired in so many different ways.

From all of us Thank you, Alison.

I need sugar.

Me too.

I'm buying.

That was my folks.

They say thanks.

So do I.

You're welcome.

And I want you girls to have something.

The police returned this to my family.

I think you should have it.

The police gave that to you? Alison was wearing it.

You mean when they found her? After listening today, I just thought you should have it.

I'll be in touch.

If that's Alison's bracelet, what about the one we found in the woods? I-I don't know.

Someone made a copy of Alison's bracelet.

Yeah, and made sure that we would find it.

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