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  01x07 - The Homecoming Hangover
 Posted: 07/22/10 09:24
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? "Pretty Little Liars" I was hoping maybe you'd go with me.

To homecoming? When she finds out the truth about you, she'll hate you.

Who's gonna tell her? I'm wearing a silver strapless dress.

Can't wait to see you in it.

What are you talking about? I'm talking about spencer.

You know, dating you to piss off our dad.

I know it's over.

I know that.

I just can't stand the idea of you Walking around and hating me.

I could never hate you.

This is typical hanna.

She makes a big deal about coming to this thing, And then she ditches me.

Spencer: Is that jenna's file? Hanna: No, I got toby's.

That's what ali had on him? It's enough to want her dead.

And us.

I figured out what toby's tattoo means.

901, free at last? It's September 1st.

That's the day ali disappeared.

I'm not hiding anything.

Then look me in the eye and tell me you have no feelings for me.

Toby: Did you come with the wrong person to homecoming? We've all got secrets, emily.

No! Aah! Aah! Hanna: Emily! Spencer: Emily! Aria: Em, are you up here? Hanna: Emily? [lights fritz] Um, why don't we split up? Um, why don't we not? Hanna, you can come with me.

Why do I have to be alone? Fine! We'll split up together.

Who are you calling? I'm trying her until she picks up.

[cell phone tone playing] [distant song ends; students cheer] Emily? Is that blood? Spencer: Don't go there.

Why not? She was up here with toby.

[siren wailing] [dispatch radio chatter] Ettye pices: L # got a secret # # can you keep it? # # swear this one you'll save # # better lock it in your pocket # # taking this one to the grave # # if I show you then I know you # # won't tell what I said # # 'cause two can keep a secret # # if one of them is dead # Aria: It was all in his shrink's file.

Toby and jenna had a relationship.

Way beyond step-siblings.

Yeah, they Were involved.

Romantically? I doubt I'd call it romantic.

I doubt she had much of a choice.

And that's what alison saw When she threw the stink bomb.

Yeah, and she threatened to expose toby, Which is probably why he wanted her dead.

And not just her-- us.


You don't believe us? I do, I I just don't get it.

If toby killed alison and wanted to do the same to me, Then why am I sitting in my bed and not in a body bag? Cop: Something about this doesn't make sense.

The guy just took her To the hospital and left her there.

The hospital security cameras confirmed it.

Her date handed her over to a nurse and ran off.

No, that doesn't sound like ben.

He would've called me.

Ben? Who's ben? Her boyfriend.

Her date.

According to the school's guest list, She went with toby cavanaugh.

You didn't know this.


Yes! Of course I knew that.

I just-- I forgot.

So where is toby now? Do you know? We don't know.

Looks like he came home, Traded in the family car for his motorcycle, and took off.

Has emily said anything more about how she was hurt? I told the police That when I went out for air, I tripped.

Why didn't you just tell them he attacked you? I didn't want to say anything Until I talked to you guys first.

Well, the truth is in the file.

Hey, is she allowed visitors? Yeah, go on up, but just for a little bit, 'cause she really needs her rest, okay? Mrs.

Fields, we only have a few questions for her.

Look, whatever emily told you is what happened.

Well, maybe she remembers more this morning.

She might be protecting this kid.

She might be afraid of him.

Officer, my daughter doesn't lie.

Ma'am, everybody lies.

Spencer: You can tell them everything now.

She can't tell them everything.

You have to leave out the file.


Leave out the file.

Who knew rosewood had this many cops? I went to put this back, and they were outside The doctor's office talking to toby's shrink.

They know this was stolen.

Can I see that? If anyone saw me go into that building Last night, I am so hosed.

[ringing] Is that from--? No, my mom.

"ask your father if he plans To take the car in this week.

" My parents have gone From not talking to not texting.

Ugh, this sucks.

I better go home.

Yeah, we should probably go, too.

Uh, no.

I just got here.

Hey, what do I do with that? Just shove it in your locker tomorrow.

We'll figure it out later.


Feel better, em.

Is that the car you won outside? Okay, w do you go to homecoming, Crack your head open, And then win a corolla in a raffle? I need to talk to you about your karma.

Why did you think I would take maya to the dance? What? You thought I wanted her as my date.

Why? "a" sent me a picture Of you and maya kissing.

So, can I just ask? I mean, you took toby to the dance, But then you took that picture with maya.

I think I know what I want, But if I say yes to maya, everything would change.

You know it would.

Yeah, it would.

You wouldn't have to pretend you're someone you're not.

But what if I'm wrong? What if I'm not That person? Emily, you're not signing a contract.

You were emily dating ben, And now you're emily dating maya.

We love emily.

No one cares who you're with.

Really? Have you met my parents Mr.

And mrs.

Military and their perfect daughter.

Um, hi.

I'm looking for alex? Spencer? What are you doing back here? Looking for you.

The guy in the pro shop said you were on kitchen duty.

General manager fired Why? Turns out our laundry service Was laundering more than napkins, So I get to be the sous chef today.

Um, can you take a break so we can talk? I need to finish this.

I really have to explain about last night.

Don't worry, your sister already did that.

No, my sister lied! You can't be back here.

This is staff only.

No members allowed.

Look, I'm sorry.

I'll be gone in just a minute.

Can we at least try it again? I owe you a complete do-over.

You're violating, like, A million health codes right now.

I've already had my shots, And I won't touch the tartar sauce, okay? You wanna get canned, too? It's okay.


Got stephanie mad at you.

Okay, I'll worry about that If I ever order the clam chowder.

Another chance? Tomorrow night, please.

All right.

Only if I get to plan the whole night out, Start to finish, and you go along with whatever I say.

Sounds kind of dangerous.

Only to someone who's used to running the show.

All right, you're on.

[phone ringing] This is ezra.

Sorry I'm not here.

You know what to do.

[beep] Aria: Hi, it's-- it's me.

I called and left a message on your cell, and Um Can you just call me when you get this? Thanks.

I'll talk you l.



Did dad get you flowers? No, uh, these came for you.

Who are they from? Hey.

Uh, dad's gonna drive over to practice And stay for the game.

Should I save you a seat? Uh, honey, I think I'm gonna have to miss this one.


You don't have to sit with dad.

Yeah, but that would look worse Than not going at all, wouldn't it? [barks] So, you're awake.

Am I? Yeah, I, uh, I told jenna That you already had a lot of visitors today, But she insisted.

She and her mother baked you some cookies.

Jenna: They taste even better with milk.

You have milk, don't you? Yeah.


Of course we have milk.

How are you feeling? Why are you here? I'm worried about toby, and I think you're The only person who knows where he is.

Sit, shadow.

Um, h-how would I know? Because you're one of the few people That he trusted.

Look, emily, toby is troubled.

[sighs] I'm really Afraid of what he might do.

What do you mean? Now the police are looking for that file, And people think that he's-- [sighs] If it falls into the wrong hands, I-- I don't understand.

I would've thought you would've Been relieved that he was gone.

So you've read it.

Your friends have shared it with you.

No one's gonna tell.

Well, you say that, But secrets have a way of getting out Like what alison shared When she visited me at the hospital.

I've kept quiet about a lot, emily.

The least you can do is get me that file.

You owe me that much.

Knock, knock.

You said 1:30, right? Am I early? You're perfect.

I mean, like, on time.

Well, the custodian didn't even want to let me in.

You told him we were doing a make-up picture, right? Who, carl? Yeah, twice.

He's out of it.

Thirty years of breathing floor wax Does wicked things to your brain.

Then there's the vodka.

[chuckles] Ugh.

I got three hours of sleep last night.

I look like something carl coughed up.

Well, I think you look even better Than you did last night, if that's, like, possible.

Um, we're sure sean's coming to this? Yeah, why wouldn't he be? He's not really happy with me Not being there when they called our names, And Is that the crown? Jeez, it's so tiny.

I can make it look bigger in the picture.

You know, if you tilt your head to the right-- No, it's not that, it's just It always seemed so huge.

You know, last year's picture of The homecoming queen outside the gym.

Yeah, I know, I took it.

But jessica wylie is kind of a pinhead.

Although her head did get a lot bigger after she won.

It happens.

[sean sniffs] Hey.


So, uh, we gonna do this or not? I got a basketball game happening.

Got it.

If you guys wouldn't mind standing [cell phone ringing] Near the backdrop.

Oh, go ahead, answer it.

I'm sure it's someone that pulls rank over me.

[shutter clicks] A, w Call me.

Jenna came-- So, whenever you get here, just Whenever you get this, just give me a call.


What was that all about? Who were you talking to? Um, hanna borrowed my lip gloss last night.

If I don't hound her, I'll never get it back.

Mom, you don't have to baby-sit me.

You know what? You're not gonna be needing that today.

Just you and me.



Uh, sean, could you scooch a little bit closer to hanna And put your hands on her hips? Yep, that's it.

That's it.

Okay, heads up, shoulders back.

Think camelot.

Just take the picture.

You know, I'm just not loving this light.

Look, I said I was sorry.

It wasn't about you.

I was dealing with emily.

You're crooked.

What? Hannah: Your crown.

Okay, much, much better.

Uh Ready, your majesties? Smile for the peasants.

Smile, sean.

Did you think I wouldn't let you go to homecoming If I knew you were going with toby cavanaugh? What? You heard me.


You know what? You're right.

I wouldn't have.

That guy is trouble.

People cross the street to the other side When they see him coming.

I don't.

I didn't-- I just thought he was misunderstood.



I think his stepsister Probably thought he was different, too, And now she needs a seeing-eye dog.

He didn't do that.

It was an accident.

How do you know that, emily? And what about last night? Was that an accident as well? Come on, how many guys drop their dates off At the hospital and then run away? What's he trying to hide? Mom Honey, did he try to pressure you Into something you weren't ready for? That's not what happened.

Well, then, what happened? What happened, emily? Why don't you start by telling me that.

Toby cavanaugh didn't get sent away for a year Because he rolled through a stop sign.

Do you have any ideas What our neighbors think of him, What they're gonna think of you? I need some sleep.

Honey, what you need Is to start being honest with me And with yourself.


This-- this may be a bad idea, But We should get one of the queen Sitting on your lap.


No, we're done here.

Sean, he's doing his job.

He's not trying to torture us.

Could've fooled me.

I could photoshop pants on you.

I said we're done.

Are you talking to him or me? Hanna, don't push it, okay? You weren't the one standing alone last night Looking like a jackass because your date bailed on you.

I'm sorry I deserted you.

My friend cracked her head open.

This was way before emily! What are you doing? We need candid shots, too.

You put that in your yearbook, bro, You'll be pulling that camera out of your-- sean, stop! Don't jump on him 'cause you're mad at me.

I'm not mad.

I'm out of here.

Did you get what you needed? [knocking] Byron: Can I interrupt? How was the game? Well, they lost, But your brother tore up the field.


Did mom make it? Uh, no.

No, she didn't, But We missed her, though.

Mm, do I have to tell her that, Or can you give her that message yourself? Listen, aria, nobody wanted it To come to this, okay? Your mom and I have been together since we were kids.

You weren't kids.

You were in college.

No, we were kids.

Neither one of us had ever been 50 miles away from home.

We'd never-- are you moving out? [sighs] Just tell me now, 'cause I don't wanna find out you're gone While I'm setting the table for dinner.

I would never do that to you Or your brother, But your mom thinks that it's best That we spend some time apart,he So I have agreed to-- what? You have agreed to move in with meredith? No.

No, god-- no.

Aria, meredith is not the issue here.

Meredith is just a woman that I work with.

That's it.


Do you still love mom? I do.

And I'm leaving because-- Because it's Easier to walk away Than to fight for what you really want.

You're young, sweetheart.

There are a lot of things going on here That are just outside of your reach.


Well This isn't one of them.

[sighs] Aria: Hanna.

Spencer: Hanna, slow down.

Will you stop? You're gonna-- Aria: Hanna, spencer's right.

Burning the folder out here is a bad idea.

Look, this is a terrible idea.

Just stay here.

Fine! Hanna, hanna! Hanna, wait! Why am I staying here? [cell phone ringing] Aria: Can we at least talk about this? Hanna: No! I don't want this in my house.

I don't want it in my locker.

I will mail it to the police.

No, it's not gonna happen.

I'm not having this traced back to me.

How are they gonna trace it back to you? I'm the one licking the envelope! Guys! I'm the one who works in that building.

I'm also the one who always gets caught.

Hanna, spencer's right.

Burning the folder out here is a bad idea If the police could use it to build a case against toby.

He had a motive to kill alison! And they can also prove That I broke into his shrink's office.

Look, I really can't afford to take Any more field trips to the precinct.

I'm pretty sure after three strikes, You're assigned to the prison laundry room.

Hanna, what strikes? You were just trying to save your friend.

Look, I have already gotten busted For stealing sunglasses and my boyfriend's car.

Wait, you stole sunglasses? From who? Not from a person, from a store.

God, I have some class.

Wait, are you talking about those The gucci ones with the gold-- focus! Okay, hanna, this is not about petty theft.

Toby could be the killer.

We can't keep making these same mistakes Over and over again.

We? Yes, we! Okay? We are all in this together.

We are all being stalked by "a," And if he's run off-- We don't know that he's "a.

" Please! Have you gotten one single text since last night? Okay, the devil has a name, and it's toby.

Why are you being so pig-headed?! Why? Because I don't have a big, fat safety net To catch me.

Not all of us have a daddy Who can write a check to make the boogeyman go away.

What are you talking about? Spencer, you get caught stealing an essay, And your parents let you take a picture for the newspaper.

I get caught stealing an accessory, And I have to lug around medical waste.


It's done, okay? We never saw it, and we don't even know it exists.

[sighs] can we leave now, please? [cell phone rings] Hey, are you taking something for the pain? Yeah, but nothing that dulls my mother.

She's got a zillion questions, And they're getting harder to dodge.

I can't believe jenna was in your house.

You didn't eat that cookie, did you? No.

[cell phone tones play] It's okay.

It's not from "a.

" I think we can finally stop flinching Every time our phones ring.

Hey, it's from alex.

[whispering] [slams] What's wrong? Alex just blew off our do-over date.

Says he has to work.

Well, that sounds legit.

It's not.

Club is closed on mondays.



I was looking for mr.


He's not in.

I'm his sub, miss shepard.

Oh, is he sick? I don't know.

Is there something I can help you with? Thanks, I can-- Do you know if mr.

Fitz will be back tomorrow? I don't.

[period bell rings] Emily.

I know you're there.

I'm kind of in a rush.

Do you have it? I-I don't, and no one else does, either.

Listen, you don't have to worry about it anymore, okay? It's gone For good.

No one will ever know.

What? What are you talking about? Just what I said.

It's gone.

I hope you're not lying to me.

[sighs] [indistinct chatter] Hey.

I got a message you wanted to see me.

From the universe? From a post-it.

Yeah, I-I just wantedto get youl On the homecoming page for the yearbook.

I think I like That one the best.

Really? Looks like sean ate a bad burrito.

Yeah But I could photoshop some magic, you know, Find a smile somewhere.

Use that one.

It is what it is.

At least it's real.

[sighs] Damn, I thought I'd look happier.

Spencer? You are here.

You thought I was lying? No! Maybe? Yes.

There's some big breakfast thing here tomorrow.

They told me I'd get time and a half.

Why are you looking at me like that? Like what? Like I'd rather be making fruit kebabs Than spending time with you.

I guess I'm just trying to figure this out.

So, are we Still on for our do-over date? You out of here, boss? Hell, yes.

Who's this? Uh, just a friend helping out.

Is that a problem? Only if she's making melon balls without a hairnet.

Suit her up.

If you need anything, don't call m I'll be laying in a puddle of my own waste.

You can stop now.

He's gone.

Well, is anyone else coming through? If they do, we'll hide you in the meat locker.

Why? Think I can't handle stabbing kiwi and cantaloupe? What are you doing? Cutting your workload in half.


If your parents could see Their little girl right now.

My parents stay on the other side of those doors, remember? Come on, move your melon balls.

You're slowing me down.

[period bell rings] Aria, wait up.

[sighs] I've been looking for you all day.

Did you--? Get the flowers? Yeah.

Don't ever do that again.

Oh, are you allergic? I'm one of hanna's best friends, sean The person you should be sending flowers to.

I was just saying thanks for-- No, you were saying "screw you, hanna.

" Okay, maybe I was, but can you blame me? She makes a big deal about going together, Then bails.

Stop! Hanna loves you, and you know it.

She hasn't talked about any other guy Since the seventh grade, and believe me, It's boring how much she loves you.

Why would you want to hurt her? Boy: What did you say to me? Mike: You heard me.

Y! Mike! Mike! Stop! Stop! What is going on with you? Leave me alone.

Hey, what are you doing, man? That's your sister.

Let him go, sean.

Mike! Just go to hell.

He's beating him? That's insane.

It's a cat.

Wait, wait, wait till you see his backhand.

Oh, oh! Who posts this crap? People who have more free time than I do Which is hard to imagine.

Do you want to see a turkey on a snowboard? Sorry.

For what? I didn't mean to, like, you know, Invade your personal Skin.

[chuckles] it's okay.

The leprosy cleared up.

Are you okay? Yeah.

It's just To be honest, I used to be so afraid of you.

Of me? Well, not you specifically, Just your whole Posse.

You know, alison's Coven.

We weren't witches.

Well, maybe you used your powers for good, But Alison was just straight up evil.

She called me hermie the hermaphrodite For three years Just because she didn't like my glasses.

Well, your shoes weren't that great, either.

Come on, lighten up.

Alison had names for everybody.

Say hello to hefty hanna.

She called you that? Why were you friends with this person? I mean, she had snakes coming out of her head.

Yeah, well, she had another side to her, too.

When she wanted to, She could make somne feel really special.


That's exactly not how she made me feel.

Is "snowboarding turkey" hyphenated? [typing] What shelf are they on? Alex: Check the bottom one under the sponges.

Did you find them? God, no, don't look at that.


W-what is this? It's-- it's-- it's nothing.

It's stupid.

It's a picture of me with horns.

Who did this? Not me.

It's the bitch board, Something the staff does to blow off steam.

When a club member's rude to one of us, we keep a running tab.

And I made the cut? Spencer, I've never seen your picture There before, I swear.

So this is how everyone who works here sees me.


Where are you going? Spencer.

Your sister took one look at me at homecoming And thought I was there to park her car.

People act like this.

It doesn't matter if you're queen bees or worker bees.


I know you don't want to talk to me, But could you at least listen to me for a sec? I wanted to give you a heads-up.

That picture of you and me kissing? It's probably gonna be seen by a lot of people.

I won't lose sleep.

That's you, not me.

I'm not gonna lose any more sleep, either.

I miss you And And? And I want to try to make this work.


When did this happen? The last time I saw you You were slow-dancing with toby at homecoming.

Maya Can we just talk about you and me? How do I know you won't flake on me again? Because I'm trying this new thing Called being honest with myself.

How am I doing so far? Decent.



Ella, slow down.

Ella, listen.

Do you want to go somewhere And figure out how we're gonna deal with this? Deal with what? Mike has never picked a fight before in his life.

Well, I guess there's a first time for everything.

Did you know that aria had been skipping her classes? Did I know? As in, am I not keeping close enough tabs on our children? No, I'm not-- or maybe I'm just too trusting.

No, I am not being critical, okay? I'm just saying that I think that we should be Putting the focus on them right now, not us.

We made a decision.

Yeah, and that was before our kids Started spinning out of control.

Okay, look, I'm not moving out now.

They need us.

You don't get to play mr.

Moral When you're the one who threw this family into chaos.

They'll get through this.

They're angry and confused Because we're angry and confused.

The sooner we sort this out, The sooner they will feel like they can rely on us again.

Well, they can rely on us.



But it's not gonna help them to pretend Like everything is fine between us, because it's not.

You're not my child, you're not my roommate, And you can't sleep on a couch in the den Like some drunk uncle.

Well, I don't want to leave.

Well, I don't want you to stay.

Aria: Ezra? Ezra? [phone ringing] Ezra? [ringing] This is ezra.

Sorry I'm not here.

You know what to do.

[beep] Hi, ezra, this is carol fineman from harrison country day.

I just wanted to confirm your interview for tomorrow, And please, don't forget to bring Your new york certification.

Again, we're really looking forward to meeting you.

[beep] Jessica: This is the start of something big.

Avo: New revlon growluscious mascara.

What arei copied down doing heyour reading assignment.

It's in my bag.

You brought me my homework? Yeah.

Heard you weren't in english today.


Just wasn't feeling it.

So, you're not mad at me? What, for ditching english? For ditching you at homecoming.


I'm over it.

We're not the first king and queen To have a fight, hanna banana.

What are you working on? Biology? No.

No, no, no, you have to watch this.

You'll love it.

No, keep watching the turkey.

There's a half-pipe coming up.

That is so not real.

It's just dumb.

Why don't you put some music on? Sure.

Could you put it a little lower? [lowers volume] Thanks.

You gonna eat all that yourself? [chuckles] I always make enough for two.

What are you doing? [door slams] Mike? Mike! What? No, not "what.

" talk to me.

Do you know what's going on? You say good-bye? Maybe they know what they're doing.

Maybe Maybe this is the best thing for everyone right now.

[scoffs] hey! The next time you wanna take a swing At one of us, use a pillow.

Don't go after kids twice your size.

I am not thinking about mom and dad.

Why should I care about them? They don't even care about us.

Mike Ella: So, on Thursday His practice is over at 6:00.

I'll pick him up.

And the, uh, school's art fair is-- Is this Saturday.

I signed us up for beverages.

Got it.

Okay, then.

We'll talk.

So, is toby dead? I couldn't bring myself to ask.

Jenna was so upset.

But his bike It looked like it was Like it was wrecked.

Well, I'm not gonna cry over this, And neither should you.

Spencer, if she liked him she can cry about it.

Well, I'm sorry for speaking.

Look, she's right.

I I can't tell you what to feel.

I'm sorry for what I said about your family yesterday.

I didn't mean it.

It's true.

You're not the first person to think it.

[cell phone beeping] - It's probably aria.

Something weird's going down at her house.

What is it? "thanks for getting toby out of my way.

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