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  04x12 - Now You See Me, Now You Don't
 Posted: 08/28/13 19:54
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars Mrs.

Grunwald? It was three summers ago.

She thought that somebody was after her, so maybe she was asking for help or a place to stay.

I can't help you.

I thought we'd done a good job of establishing a sense of trust.

That was before I realized where your loyalties were.

Who else knows about my mother? Keeping this a secret has meant that I've had to choose between you and them.

And you chose them.


What can I do for you? You gotta let her move on.

Have you spoken to Ezra? I can't, Emily.

I told you.

This isn't about Jake.

He's losing Malcolm.

Really rather not drag you into it.

You're not leaving, Ezra.

I know you're mom's innocent.


You were at the lake that night? You heard the gunshots after Mrs.

Marin drove off? She wasn't there when he was killed.

That's Jenna's car.

Who is Jenna so afraid of? Cece Drake.

An eye witness has stepped forward and unconfirmed inside sources say this witness Has detailed information about the crime and the parties involved.

So far, the district attorneys I don't get it.

Why would the cops want my mom to come in for a line up if Travis told the truth? Do you think that "A" found a way to shut him up again? Hanna, don't go there.

Travis made you a promise, and he seems like a stand-up guy.

Plus he's really cute.

And he's quite the dancer.

It's addressed to all of us.

"If she goes free," "you'll hear from me.

" "Kisses" "A" so if my mom gets off Cece is coming for us.

I say, bring it.

Maybe then, she'll leave our parents alone.

Or did she just declare word war "A"? Got a secret can you keep it? Swear this one you'll save better lock it in your pocket taking this one to the grave if I show you then I know you won't tell what I said 'cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead Okay, Travis.

We need a positive ID of the woman you saw leaving the scene before the shots were fired.


Take your time.

Number one, step forward.

Step back.

Number two, step forward.

Step back.

I'm not sure I can do this.

Now, I'm sure you all remember the witches from MacBeth and the fairies and forests of a midsummer night's dream, but beyond having a sorcerer as a protagonist, the tempest considers the magical quality of love at first sight.

The love between Miranda and ferdinand is a force of nature.

A love that reunites torn countries and sets captive spirits free.

Make sure to read the first act for next week.

Miss Montgomery, can I have a minute of your time? Thanks for coming over last night.

I really needed you, I just didn't know how to ask.

Yeah, of course.

I'm glad that I could be there for you.

As a friend.


Are we still on for tonight? Cool.

There's this poetry reading at the brew.

They're calling him a contemporary poe.




No, no, no.

It's, um It's cool.

We can do dinner and a movie or something.


All right, bye.

Thank you.


Don't thank me yet.

They probably made it yesterday.

Not for the coffee.

For the way you've taken care of Hanna.

I don't worry about her as much when she's with you.


Marin, you didn't deserve any of this.

But I've watched the way that you've handled it.

Hanna never settles.

When she goes after something, she's fearless.

Now I know where she gets that.

Well, I've had my moments, I promise you.

Yeah, but you didn't break.

Caleb, after all that we've been through, you can call me Ashley.

I don't know what the hell is taking so long.

I can't wait any longer.

Here they come.


Marin, I'm Sidney Barnes, the district attorney.

I just wanted to tell you this myself.

We're dropping the charges against you.

You're free to go.

I'm thrilled for Hanna and her mom, but I'm worried for you.

If "A" makes good on her threat "A" is a terrorist.

That's what she wants.

To make us worry.

And we can't give into her.

I'd feel better if we knew where Cece was.

'Cause right now, it feels like she's everywhere.

Well, we know who to look out for now.

We're so close to putting and end to this game, Paige.

I can feel it.

How about until we do, you spend the nights at my house.

I'll know you're safe and we'll get to be together.

I need to know that you're okay.

So, please just call Emily or Caleb.

Just check in.



Marin, you look incredible.

Pastor Ted's jaw is gonna hit the floor when he sees you in that dress.

It's not too much? - No! - Mom, you look perfect.

And Ted may have the patience of a Saint, but he's still a man.

He's been waiting a while.

So go out and have fun.

I love you, honey.

Love you, too, mom.

Bye, girls.

Bye! Where do we start? Let's start at the ends, and I will meet you in the middle for dessert.

She forgot her keys.

It's for all of us.

What happens if we just don't open it? We can't win the game if we don't know what it is.

It's a kid's coffin, right? It's Mona.

"Hanna wins, so Mona loses.

"Find her before the cops, or or they'll think you killed her.


" Breaking news in the murder investigation of Detective Darren Wilden.


She's on the phone with Radley.

released a sketch of a possible suspect in the case.

If you have any That's Cece.

Oh, my God.

She really did do it.

They haven't ID'd her yet, but somebody's gonna recognize her.

Well then, we better find Mona fast.



Mona is no longer a patient at Bradley.

What? Released or sent to another hospital? It's privileged information.

I'll go make a house call to Dr.


He's privileged.

Emily, can you circle back to school? It's French club Friday, so maybe somebody's heard from her? Yeah, I was supposed to meet up with Paige, but I'll just take her with me.

I was supposed to cook dinner for Jake, but I'll just cancel.

No! You know what Cece's capable of.

Keep jet li as close as you can.

Where are you going? To find Mona.

Hanna, slow down.

This could be your ex-bff messing with us.

She's probably eating popcorn, watching us play desperately seeking Mona.

If Cece does have her, the cops know she killed Wilden.

She has nothing to lose.

Come on, Wren.

Be home.

You're Jackie, right? You haven't heard from Mona, have you? Seriously? Downloaded a French app when I was in Haiti.

Wow, look at you.

Go ahead.

Parlez vous.

Croissant? No, thanks.

"Vous faites avoir des nouvelles de Mona?" Elle a appelé ce matin.

Elle apportait le cassoulet.

I think that means Mona was bringing a casserole.

Okay, cut the crap, Jackie.

This is important.

Have you heard from her or not? She called me this morning.

She was on her way home from her court-appointed timeout.

She told me she was coming tonight.

And she just didn't show up? No, and I'm really surprised because this was supposed to be her welcome back party.

Watched tonight for an hour carry on and settle low time flew and I never knew where it all could go once in a while the smallest thing brings you back Once in a while the smallest thing brings you back to me yes, it do yes, it do yes, it do Hey, Spence, it's me.

We have to talk.

I wanted to believe that my sister pulled herself out of this mess when she left town.

What is Shana's connection to Wren? I don't know, but it looks like your ex-boyfriend is moving in with his ex-fiancée.

Why would they keep that a secret? Because he's your ex-boyfriend.

Tonight, there will be showers I wanna talk to you about what happened last night.

But if I do, are you just gonna take off again? I had some thinking to do.

That's not good enough.

Okay, you could've called.

You could've just sent ma a text.

"Give me space.

" I know.

Three words and I would've been fine.

I know, okay? And I'm sorry.

You You can't just disappear like that.

Not anymore.

Not after what happened last time.

When I worry about "A" getting a hold of you or or hurting you, or worse, you know, I have a very real picture of what that looks like in my mind.

I was in town, Spencer, okay? I was right here.

Well, not for me, you weren't.

When I used to feel like the walls were closing in, I'd take off.

But this time, I stayed.

For you.

You were right.

Last night Trying to break in to Dr.

Palmer's car That's as close as I wanna get to "a.

" I don't want you to stop looking.

You deserve to know what happened to your mom.

I don't want "A's" version of the truth.

It's not worth it.

I'd like a more detailed description of this girl Lucy.

You needn't bother.

Take this.

I'm hogging the kettle corn.

No, seriously, I I need an intervention.

Long day and a good meal.

It gets me every time.

Well, I could make us some coffee.


Honestly, I could use the rest.

We'll watch the rest later? Yeah, sure.


I'll call you.




Hanna, I swear I saw someone in that upstairs window.

So you think Mona's just sitting in her house, in the dark? As twisted as she is, I wouldn't put it past her.

Look, she stuck her neck out for my mom.

I know after everything she's done, it may seem like another one of her tricks, but Mona would've never confessed to killing Wilden if I didn't put that idea in her head in the first place.

Hanna, if Mona is really in trouble, it is not your fault.

You're safe here, em.

It's not me I'm worried about.

It's Mona.

Door! - Sorry.

Don't be.

Your parents would have the same rule if I were a guy.

If you were a guy, you wouldn't be here.

Maybe we should watch a movie to take your mind off things.

I don't know if I could sit still for that long.

I have to be honest.

I get worrying about Cece, but not Mona.

She tried to kill you.

I know, but we created the beast.

No, Ali did that.

Yeah, and we let her.

How was the reading? Intense.

One of his poems reminded me of the story you wrote about the cat, "found but lost.

" I can't believe that you remember that.

I always thought it was about Ali.

Well, it was, I just didn't know that when I was writing it.

Probably why it was so honest.


Um, can I get a cappuccino? Could I actually get a refill, too? That's always been what's tough for me, writing a good story before I can think my way out of it.

I get it.

It's like you wanna know the ending, but you still wanna be surprised.


I remember when I was little, I'd always read the last page before What was a spell now feels like a curse wonder if you could lead first curious schools we become fools this isn't control this isn't control this isn't control this isn't control this isn't control this isn't control this isn't control this isn't control left behind the perfect crime like a swell hence subside Subside Can't stop thinking about Mona.

We know "A" likes to play with us But this time, I don't know what the game is.

It's, "I'm going down and I'm dragging you with me.

" They know who they're looking for now.

They're gonna find Cece.

"A" can't even give us one day.

I mean, I'm supposed to be at home with my mom celebrating, and all I can think about is poor Mona.

I never, ever thought that we'd be saying "poor Mona.

" Guys, another one.

There's nothing in here.

It's just an empty box.

Or maybe not.

For once, I'm right and you're wrong, Spencer.

How did you just do that? Took home first prize for my magic act at performing arts camp.

Of course you did.

"Watch me make a girl disappear.

Kisses, a" it's magic.

What? "Watch me make a girl disappear.

" "A" is not playing a game, she's putting on a magic show.

Why would Cece do that? People wanna go to magic shows to be deceived.

They wanna believe in something they know can't be true.

Wait, so if "A" is putting on a magic show and we're the audience No, we're not the audience.

I think we're a part of her act.

And she's gonna make Mona disappear forever.

Was it all quiet here last night? Yeah, a little too quiet.

Hanna's convinced this is "A," but it smells like Mona to me.

If she was missing, don't you think that her parents would call the police? Or maybe they don't know.

It looks like they're out of town.

I swear, if I find out that this is her jerking us around, I'm gonna kill her myself.

Did you get any sleep? Dozed off for a few minutes after Hanna left.

Well, go home.

I'll call you if she shows up.



I get the magic eight ball connection, but I don't understand the saw.

Well, it's debatable, but most people give credit to Torrini for being the first illusionist to saw a woman in two.

And when I saw Chriss Angel do it, the top half of the woman crawled away.

It was totally twisted, but it turned out that he just used this woman with sacral agenesis, which is this congenital okay, can you just stop talking, please? Yeah.



Try again.

I don't know.

I mean, is there a magic shop in town that we don't know about? Nothing.

No, no, no, click here.

"The great charlemagne.

" He's putting on a show in Ravenswood this afternoon.

Ravenswood? That can't be a coincidence.

Spence, you're driving.

We're still heading east.

I'll stay on her tail.

Just be careful, okay? I love you.

Toby says that Shana's driving Jenna's car.

Is Mona with her? No, nobody's with her.

So where's she going? He thought that they were coming here, but they just passed the exit.

Guys It's this way.

Over here.

Well, if "A" wanted us to watch him make a girl disappear, we're right on time.

I think we're being watched.

Let's all stick together.

Wh me? No way.

You have to.

You can't resist.


Really, I just don't do boxes.

Here, take her.

She loves magic.

What? I don't think he's going away.

I know this trick.

You'll be okay.

Good job! Whoo! - Bye.


Wait, where'd she go? Just wait a second.

That was great! Where's Emily? "Lager Dee main"? Lager Dee main.

"Slight of hand.

" While we were watching you, "A" took Emily.

Emily, are you there? Aria? Are you all right? I don't know where I am! Look around you.

What do you see? Nothing! It's dark! We're gonna find you, I promise.

You just have to help us out.

I think I'm locked in a coffin! It's a saw! I hear a saw! Like a chainsaw? No! It's big and loud! It's cutting wood! Like a saw mill? It's getting louder! Closer! Grunwald lived on saw mill road.

Oh, my God.

It's right here.

We're practically on top of it.

Hold on, em, we're coming! Emily? Emily! I'm here! I'm here! Oh, my God! Guys, I'm in here! Emily! It's locked! It's locked! Go! Go get something! Hurry! Oh, my God! Hold on! Get me out! Hurry! Hurry! Hold on, em! Guys, get me out! Come on, hurry! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Hurry up! There we go! There are two of them? No! Just let me out! Emily, it's okay.

You're safe.

I'm getting you out.

Oh, God! Give it up, Cece! Help me! Help me! Hold on! Hold on, Cece! Hold on! Aria! Hold on! Aria, help! Is she? She fell.

You tried to save her.

Look, Aria, this is not your fault.

Are you sure you're okay, Aria? Did she hurt you? We should just call the police.

She's gone.

God, that bitch has nine lives.

We need to get out of here.


I have to show you something.

Come on.

Come on! I think that the red coat that I was chasing might have been Ali.

She waited for me at the door, at the corner.

She wanted me to follow her.

And this is what Ali wanted us to see.

What is this place? I think it's "A's" lair.

There's a timeline for each of us.

All our secrets, private moments he's documenting everything.

What is that? That's how "A" has been watching us.

"A" is monitoring the police, watching the streets, our alarm systems.

That's how "A" is everywhere.

You sure she's okay with this? She doesn't have a choice.

Have a seat.

Caleb, it's not working.

Did you hit shift-command when you entered the numbers? I did exactly what you told me to do.

I don't like the idea of you guys being there alone.

And I can't get into that computer from here.

Well, I'm not gonna say don't come.

I'm not waiting for Toby.

He's still at the hotel.

Mona might be safe, but that doesn't mean she's not in on this.

So when will I see you? I'll get on the next bus.

I think I just found "A's" bank account.

All right, well, just call me when you're on the road, okay? Okay.


It looks like "A" formed a corporation.

Didn't Cece study business at UPenn? Yeah, but I don't think this is hers.

It looks like she's just on the payroll.

There are two payments made to Cece Drake last week.

Maybe "A" paid her to dress up as red coat.

Yeah, to lead us away from Ali.

I think "A" is a guy.

Have you guys seen these? Wait, I was with Ali when she bought that shirt.

She said she needed it for a date that night with an older guy.

Maybe Ian? Or Wren.

He's been hanging out with Shana, and he's back with Melissa.

No, I don't think that Wren's "a.

" 'Cause "A" has been watching him.


Well, I still think that all roads lead back to board shorts.

I mean, the name of the company is Higbee, and that was Ali's favorite beach in Cape May.

Do you think that board shorts is the one who's taking these pictures? Is that who Cece's working for? Look, this is a letter from Ali.

She met this boy in Rosewood.

And she lied about her age.

He thought that she was 18.

That trip to the shore Mrs.


told Hanna about Ali never planned on inviting us.

She was taking him there.

Guys "A" hasn't just been watching us.

I think that he's been following Ali, too.

He has her at the lodge the night of the fire.

It looks like he's been following her trail to Ravenswood.

If Ali's been alive this whole time, then whose funeral did we go to? Okay, that's creepy.

They're having a celebration tonight.

Yeah, and board shorts thinks that Ali is gonna be there.

Which means we have to find her first.

It's a beautiful night for a party, but it's for invited guests only.

How did you know that we were going to I'm Mrs.


We have somewhere we need to be.

I know.

But it's dangerous for you to go chasing after her.

Are you talking about Alison? The girl you said you never met.

I'm sorry I lied to you.

But I did it to protect her.

From who? She was calling me that summer to find out.

In the sorority house.

It was you.

She was afraid.

And she was right to be.

What kind of help could you give her? I have a gift of insight.

I was using it to help Alison see who was threatening her.

The night she went missing I felt something terrible.

I drove to Rosewood.

And I walked into her backyard.

And she was reaching for life.

Her head was bloody.

She was very confused.

She was in shock.

I put her in the car and I drove her to the hospital.

I ran in to get help.

When I returned, she was gone.

So you're saying that Ali's still alive? Haven't you all felt it? She was never really gone.

Have you seen her again? Seen her? Not since that night.

Until she finds who she can trust she can trust us.

She knows that.

I wouldn't be so sure.

Why didn't you just go to the police? She doesn't want to be found.

Why are you telling us this now? Because you need to leave Ravenswood.

Why? You're being watched.

He's hoping you'll lead him to Alison.

He's here.

Maybe she's right.

Maybe we should just leave.

So we're supposed to pack it in just because a soothsayer tells us to? I mean, for all we know, she could be on "A's" payroll.

She can't prove that any of that story was true.

Ali was calling Grunwald because she believed that she could help her.

Yeah, I believe her, too.

She was telling us what we're thinking, right? That Ali's still alive.

No, that's what a good charlatan does.

She tells you what you wanna believe.

Maybe Grunwald doesn't want us to come tonight because she knows that Ali will be there.

And "A" is gonna be looking for her.

We're crashing a party.

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