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  04x10 - The Mirror Has Three Faces
 Posted: 08/15/13 11:40
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars Mom! Wilden was obsessed with trying to pin Alison's murder on my friends.

Mona made a full confession.

Did you girls put her up to this Thinking it would somehow help Ashley? What makes you so sure that she didn't do it? Things she said in her confession contradict some of the evidence.

You weren't listed as his father on his birth certificate.

I don't have any rights? Not until you establish paternity.

We have to face facts.

We're not gonna be together next year.


Palmer said to watch out for the blonde girl.

Any chance that he meant Cece? You can't leave the house unless it's for a court date - or a medical appointment? - That tracks where I am.

Oh, my God! Jenna? Did somebody push her in? Think somebody hit her first.

Feel safe when I'm with you.

I still think we should dip into those candy-striper outfits one more time.

What difference would that have made? Well, we could've talked to Jenna instead of getting turned away at the visitor's desk.

Guys! Can you keep it down, please? Whole point was to sneak back.

I think Mr.

Facinelli noticed that our entire row was missing.

Well I'd still like to graduate.

Oh, news flash honey, none of us are graduating.

Okay, I still think that Spencer to get back to Shana and see if she'll say more.

What? Why? - Because! If Cece drowned Jenna, then she must know the reason.

And why exactly do we trust Shana? All right, well I don't trust anybody, and you guys are about as quiet as a monster truck rally.

Now shut up.


I'm going to the source.

"The source"? Cece's been A.




Since Wilden was alive.

You're not just gonna find her folding peasant skirts at the diva dish right now.

Well, then I'll I'll search every hipster boutique until I do find her.

No friggin' way.

What? What's wrong? Is it an "A" text? Worse.

It's my mother.


DiLaurentis has offered to let us stay with her.

In Ali's house? You're gonna sleep in Ali's old bed? No! Hell no.

I'm not moving in there.

Yes, you are.

Em, you have to.

It might be our best chance to find Cece.

Got a secret, can you keep it? ♪ Swear this one you'll save ♪ better lo I it in your pocket ♪ taking this one to the grave ♪ if I show you then I'll know you won't tell what I said ♪ 'cause two can keep a secret ♪ if one of them is dead ♪ You could've been a little more sensitive.

She's homeless right now, and you just convinced her to stay in our dead friends' room.

Yeah, well our friend is close with Cece.

Maybe there's something there that can help us track her down.

That room is freaky.

Ali's mom turned it into a shrine.

'Kay, you wanna talk about "freaky"? Look at the guy who hangs out at the ice machine at Emily's motel.

He crushes ice with his armpit.

She should just ask her mom if she can come stay with us.

I don't think my mom's taking any guests at the moment.

She's having a hard enough time getting dressed in the morning.

Would a guest be a good distraction? As much as she loves Emily, I don't think she wants to cry in front of her.


Let's talk later, okay? Okay.


Do you want me to give that a try? Actually picked a few locks in my time.


No, thanks.

I-I'll just go back down to the janitor's office.

Was hoping to avoid that.

Second time I've done this today.


Fitz? Yeah? Here.

Thank you.


So does that forwarding address belong to Cece? I'm I'm not sure yet.

How are you not sure? It's a box at the post office, Hanna.

She's not gonna jump out like a girl in a birthday cake and yell, "boo.

" So what did you find? I tracked down an unpaid cable bill that was sent to that P.



How'd you do that? Do you really wanna know? I mean, it's gonna involve me talking about firewalls and code.

Okay, no.

I don't.

That cable bill is attached to a physical address in Philly.

Where Cece may or may not be watching SportsCenter right now? It's a long shot, but it's worth a try.

These action shots are sick.

You made me look like I know what I'm doing.

This one's my favorite.


Thank you.

I wish I could use one of these for the match tonight.

The picture I gave 'em was so old, I look Like an altar boy.

What what match tonight? It's no big deal.

Um, it's a fight that requires a headshot.

It sounds like a pretty big deal to me.

It's regional championships.

Well It makes it sound like it's impressive, which it's no it's a bunch of fold-out chairs and a gym that smells like feet.

No, I love it.

Can I come? It's taking a train to Philly to watch guys make zoolander faces at each other.

You You really wanna go? Well, are you gonna be there? Yeah.

Then yes, I wanna go.

Mona, would you please tell me your emotional response to this picture? It's a family on a farm.

The sun is shining and they're smiling.

It's a happy picture.

So, how does that make you feel? Happy.

What's your response? Tell your artist to take a class, because this looks like Norman Rockwell sketched it with his teeth.

That's not a feeling.

That's an opinion.

I'd like to know how you feel.

About farm animals? About what you say you've done.

Look, those girls Used to make me feel bad.

But recently, I realized that We're on the same side.

I wanted to make up for all the things I'd done.

Wilden was bothering them, so I got rid of him.

And I'd do it again.

I don't think you got rid of anybody.

That's my response.

Let's take a break.

Like you to think about whether you're gonna be honest with me.

Why would I ever be honest with you? Used to be.

Well that was before I realized where your loyalties were.

I'm not sure what that means.

But I thought we'd done a good job of establishing a sense of trust while you've been a patient here.

That was before I realized that you were keeping secrets from me.


By the way, you forgot the "g" in "diagnosis.

" Mona You're the one who's been keeping a secret.

And you're smart enough to know I was gonna figure it out.

Figure what out? You stopped taking your medication.

I I-I can't stay here.

Look at this.

It's like a a museum.

Ah I know I promised Hanna, but I can't do this.

Okay, Emily, just try to relax for a second.

Look, when you think about it, putting back her room is really not that strange of a reaction.

I'm I'm serious.

In the 19th century, when children died, their parents would sometimes pose them for lifelike photos as mementos.

Not helping.

Not helping at all.

Okay, well just try to remember that this is an opportunity.

You know, you could find some stuff in here that could be really useful to us.

Just not thrilled being here by myself.

Wait, your mom's not gonna be here with you? No.

She has a hearing with the police department disciplinary committee.

She doesn't come back from Harrisburg until tomorrow.

What about Paige? Can she come over? We're not exactly in the best place right now.

Found everything you need? Um Yeah.

I'm sorry it's so chilly.

Furnace is acting up.

I've called someone to come over and have a look at it.

Can I get you girls anything? I have those vanilla wafers that you all used to like.

Um No, thanks.

I should unpack.

I'll get you some hangars.

You know, I I don't really wear things that need to be hung up.

There are fresh towels in the linen closet, and I made extra keys.

I really want you to make yourself at home here, Emily.

I know that you and your mom have been through a lot.

Thanks, Mrs.


It's so nice to see you girls back in this room.

It's like you never left.



Oh, I thought you and carbs weren't friends anymore.

We're not.

It's for my mom.

She hasn't really eaten anything today.

Where is she? Shut up in her room.

If it wasn't for the phone calls from Mrs.

Hastings, she probably wouldn't even get out of bed.

Well, then, do you wanna go check out this address in Philly? I mean, there's a train that leaves in, like, 40 actually, uh, Aria's gonna do that.

She's already gonna be out there.

So Um, I was wondering if Maybe you'd help me get into Radley.

Why would you wanna do that? This wouldn't happen to have anything to do with the fact that Mona has been moved there, would it? She's the only person who Cece's reached out to.

They're doing a psych evaluation for a reason, Hanna.

Mona is helping my mom.

She's no, first, "A" used a sedan as a wrecking ball on Emily's house.

And then Jenna shows up in a lake looking like soggy bread, and now you wanna go to Radley and ring the bell jar? So you're not coming with me? Hanna, listen to yourself, okay? You are so desperate that you're willing to go to the enemy for help.

Mona is not the enemy anymore.

You don't know that for sure.

Hanna, I think it's time that you went to your parents and the cops, and you told them that "A" is back.



There's no way I'm doing that! Telling them will only make it worse.

It can't get any worse.

God, just Give me some time to think this over.

I'm gonna take this to my mom.

Hey! Hi.

How have you been? Sorry.

Stupid question.

I'm a little fuzzy.

I've been working 72 hours straight, and this is my first break.


The nurse told me.

Oh, so this isn't us running into each other - so much as - I hunted you down.

Well, then.

How can I help you? If you could just please let me in to see Mona Hanna I don't even have to see her.

I just wanna talk to her.

Hanna, you know I can't.

In fact, given your mother's situation, I probably shouldn't be talking to you.

But it's not about Mona.

I'm just wondering about Cece.

Cece? Has she contacted you? - Or - why would Cece contact me? Spencer said that you let her in once before to see Mona, and I was wondering if she thought that you would do it again.

What's wrong? No, nothing.

It's just the nurse said someone tried to see Mona last night, and when she described a young blonde, I thought it was probably you.

It wasn't.

Did she get in to see her? No, she was turned away.

Well then why are you so worried? Between you and me, ever since our budget was cut, the hospital's been a little short-staffed.

What are you saying? - I'm saying things have been missed.

That's all.

Okay, well you have security cameras, right? I mean uh Can't you see if it was her, right? - Hanna, I don't want to get involved.


Please do this for me.

It's important.

I'll see what I can do.

Thank you.


We have a problem.

I'll take care of my end.

You take care of yours.

"Leave the lamb alone and go for the lion.

" So, "A" is telling you to ditch Eddie Lamb and go for Dr.


But what's the deal with the sheet music? I recognized it as soon as I saw it.

You did? My mom used to play this song all the time.

I remember her playing it.

Maybe There's some there's something about my mom's connection to the music that's important.


Something that she shared in her sessions with Dr.


Will you come with me to see him? Why? I mean, you don't you don't need me.

You've already met him once before.

Because you're the only person that I can talk to about this.

Okay, well what do you want me to tell Emily? "Cause I promised her that I'd go back to that house" you can't you can't tell her anything.

If you do, the faucet turns off, and "A" isn't going to give me anything else.

And when does this end? What do you mean? I mean how much longer do you need me to keep this a secret? Until I find out what happened what really happened to her.

Looking for something, dear? Um Yeah, I I was just gonna go and get something to eat.

Well let me make you something.

Have a seat.

Just pass that stuff out of the way.

My husband has decided to divorce me.

I'm fine, really.

I'm just Dealing with the initial shock of it.

Open it.

What is it? Open it.

Don't be afraid.

You already know the truth.

I'm the one that's Late to the party.

What are you talking about? I saw a lawyer to start the process of getting my name - put on Malcolm's birth certificate.

Ezra, how could you do that? - I didn't want you to take my son away from me.

I can't believe that you would go behind my back.

Oh, what do you care? This doesn't amount to much more than shadow boxing.

Does it? You knew I wasn't his father.

Caleb? - Hey.


Um, I thought you were helping your mom the rest of the day.

I am.

I just went to go drop some papers off at Spencer's mom's office.

Caleb, what were you doing going into Veronica's office building? I don't know how to protect you anymore.

So you were gonna tell her?! - You were actually gonna tell her?! - Yes, I was.

Okay, I would rather you hate me and be safe than the other way around.

And you think telling her about "A" is gonna keep me safe? At the end of the day, she can do a lot more for you than I can.

You know, if some punk comes up to you in the street, I'm gonna do whatever I can to lay him out.

But this enemy this enemy is everywhere and and nowhere at the same time.

I keep I keep taking swings in the dark, and I'm missing.

I'm just I'm not enough to keep you safe anymore.

Yes, you are.

Just tell him to push back the meeting a half-hour.

I had to pick up files from home.

Thanks, Anya.


Now what can I do for you? Look, I know my history with the Hastings has been a bit Rocky.

I'm not going to debate that.

But regardless of whether you like me like you? You broke my daughter's heart and took every piece of goodwill this family extended to you and flushed it down the toilet.

Why are you here, Wren? I'm here to warn you About Mona.

I don't know why she's confessed to this murder, but you should be careful.

Let me explain something to you.

I'm a defense attorney.

I don't care why Mona's confessed.

Whether she did it or not, she's helped my case by giving me an alternate explanation for the crime.

So - and she may have done.

But she's going to turn the tables on you.

She's a dangerous person.

And she hasn't forgiven your daughter or her friends, despite what she says.

She wants to see them hurt, as well as the people closest to them Like Ashley Marin.

You know you could lose your medical license for telling me this? She's still your patient, isn't she? She is.

But if I hadn't made such a mess of things You were once going to be my family.

We'd been fighting a lot Over dumb stuff.

And you were gonna be leaving for school at the end of summer so what? It's my fault? No.

I was mad at you.

I went to a party with some friends, had too much to drink I made a mistake.

So what are you trying to say? That you Didn't know? You may have been confused then, but you haven't been confused for seven years, Maggie.

I knew it was a question.

But I decided to answer it myself, and I gave myself the answer that I wanted.

No, I-I can't feel bad for you right now.

I won't.

I'm not asking you to.

You let me believe he was my child.

I've taken him to the movies, to baseball games.

I've helped him with his homework.

We we have inside jokes.

I know that he he hates too much milk in his cereal.

Um And I know the names of every single one of his stuffed animals.

And I know exactly which one he needs when he wakes up in the middle of the night.

You made me believe he's my he's my child.

I'm sorry.

You let me fall in love with him.

I'm sorry.

I-I really am.

Okay, well, if I don't get back soon, he's gonna think that it's weird.

I mean, gone with the wind took less time than this fro-yo run.

Trust me, Jake will still be kicking - when you get back.


Oh, but can you please check in on Emily and see how she's doing? Spencer said she was pretty creeped-out when she left.




I'll talk to you later.

Oh! Excuse me.


You from the management company? I'm here to because I told the lady on the phone I'll move out, but as far as no, no I'm here looking for someone named Cece Drake.

Well if you find her, let me know.

We grieved differently.

Ken boxed up all of Ali's things and put the house on the market, and I.

Felt her presence everywhere.

I even started seeing her.

What do you mean? I was jogging in the park and I saw this young woman ahead of me.

It was Ali.

I could've sworn.

The hair, the walk it was her.

I started running after her.

I practically tackled that poor girl.

So it wasn't Ali? I lose a piece of her every day.

That's why I did the room.

If it were up to Ken, he'd just lock that bedroom door and throw away the key.

You think you know somebody so well, but then Something that you both counted on changes, and You find out who they really are.

Just wish it hadn't taken me I don't expect you to understand.

No, I do.

I'm going through it, myself.

Someone I'm dating.

We're becoming different people, but Keep trying to ignore that.

Well what does he think? Um Actually, I I-I wasn't sure if you knew, but I guess not.

I'm with a girl.

I realized that's who I want to be with, and that's who I am.

I'm very proud of you, Emily.


DiLaurentis, I want you to know that you're not the only one who's seen Ali.

I have, too.

Of course you have.

You loved her as much as I did.

I wish that Ali could've returned those feelings.

I couldn't have asked for a better person to love her than you.

When Cece dropped out of UPenn and left for L.


, she was still paying rent.

At least, I thought she was.

She dropped out, or She was kicked out? How'd you know about that? I thought you said you weren't really "girls" with Cece.

Uh, I wasn't, but my friend Alison was.

So you're one of Alison's friends? You want the spot?! Move a box! Well, then you know.

I'm sorry know what? Alison got her kicked out.

At least, that's what Cece claimed.

Uh, she could've been lying.

True, but having met Alison, I could see that chick shoving someone down the stairs.

What? You were at that frat party.

W-which one are you? In Alison's crew? Cece always said there were four other she-devils.

"She-devils"? Well I-I hardly even knew Cece, and that Party was like three years ago.

I barely even remember anything.

Well, it stayed pretty fresh in Cece's mind.

She assumed you were all in on it.

And she hated you for it.

Hello? Mrs.

DiLaurentis? Hello? Em? Mrs.

DiLaurentis? Emily? Dr.

Palmer? Why, yes.


Um, this is Spencer.


It's a pleasure and I don't know if you remember me I'm Marion Cavanaugh's son.

That's right.

Mmm I-I came to visit you not that long ago, and we talked about my mother.

I was, uh, hoping that we could talk about her some more.

I'd be happy to talk with you about her.

Um can you take a look at this? Ah, that's a good one.

Oh, unfortunately, um I don't play.

Hello, Mrs.


How did you get in here? - Isn't there someone at the front desk? - Yes, there is.


Oh, I guess you must've made friends with the nurses when your daughter was here.

I wanted to have a little chat with you, off the record.

May I? Hey, Aria.

I'm, uh Up in five.

Awesome! I'll I'll be right there.

I just I need to take this.

Why are you throwing yourself on the sword? I get the feeling that you make a lot of people nervous.

Am I right? Well you know what? So do I.

I can be pretty scary, myself.

And if I find out that you're going to use this stunt against my daughter and her friends, you'll find out just how scary.

The only person who messed with your daughter and her friends was Wilden.

And he's dead now.


Have it your way, Mona.

But if you continue to screw with my family or this case, I have ways to see to it that you rot in a cell until your hair turns gray.

You understand me? Do you remember my mother talking about music? I would be happy to talk with you about music.

You know, I adore opera in particular.

Uh, sir, I'm not talking about Oh, Marion.

That's lovely.

Is Toby coming today? No.

No, Dr.

Palmer, he's not.

Well I-I-I think it would mean a lot to him to hear you play.

He's he's heard me before.

Yes, but not since you've been here.

I think it would give him a great deal of comfort to know that you're enjoying your music once again.

Don't you think he need to see that? Um, Dr.

Palmer, could you tell me again about the blonde girl? The one that I should steer clear of? What blonde? Y-you talked to me about her.

You said that she was dangerous.


That's right.

Oh, looks like our time is up.

I will see you next session.

W-was it Cece Drake? Dr.

Palmer, was her name Cece Drake? Can you please show Mrs.

DiLaurentis to my office? He said, "DiLaurentis.

" I'm positive.

How can you be positive? You said it was Toby that was there, not you.

No it was.

'Kay what was Toby doing in an old folks' home? I-I don't know, okay.

It had something to do with Nigel's phone.

You guys are focusing on the wrong details, okay? She was there.

Ali's mom was at Radley at some point.

He has dementia.

The name "DiLaurentis" has been everywhere.

Maybe he just got it stuck in his head.

Well, I think it's worth it to find out.

So what? You're just gonna ask her? Yeah, why not? Um, because she's going through a divorce, and she's a little fragile.

I can't talk about this anymore.

I'm late for work.

Emily, is that you? Uh, actually, Emily left for work.

Oh, and I was hoping you girls would stay for dinner.

You could even sleep over if you like.

I still have the trundle bed upstairs.

I should Probably get home.

You know, it's chilly in here right now, but the furnace guy is on his way.

No, it's um, another time.


Um Mrs.

DiLaurentis, do you happen to know a Dr.

Palmer? The name rings a bell.

What kind of doctor is he? A psychiatrist from Radley.

This is your doctor? Uh, no, no.

Uh, he's retired.

I was just wondering I was wondering if he was yours.

Why would you wonder that, dear? Because he mentioned you.


Well, if it's the guy I'm thinking of, I only met him the one time.

But he wasn't my psychiatrist.

Was he Ali's? No, he wasn't.

Where are you? I'm in here.


Aren't you impressed? I guess all your nagging finally paid off.

Oh, my God! You almost took off my frickin' fingers! You think that's funny? The stunt you pulled? That some sort of sick joke to you? You seriously almost took off my limbs.

Is that what the two of you do when you're not braiding each other's hair? Figure out ways to scare the hell out of me? Why are you having a full-on hemorrhage? Don't you speak to me that way.

I don't even know what you're talking about! I get a phone call this afternoon "we have your daughter here," they tell me.

"We think she may be a danger to herself.

" She wants to stay here.

" So I run about three stop signs.

I'm trying to get your father on the phone.

I'm I'm terrified that you've hurt yourself.

Then I get there she's dressed head-to-toe in your clothing, but it's not my daughter sitting in Radley.

It's Cece Drake.

I can't believe that crazy bitch actually did it.

Go to your room.

Go to your room, because I can't be held accountable for what happens.

I didn't even know that she was actually gonna do it.

Well, you enjoy it, because it's the last game that the two of you are going to play together.

Even the doctor I spoke to agreed that this friendship is toxic.

So are a lot of things.

That girl is no longer welcome in this house.

Had they ever done anything like that before? No.

But even from the beginning, something about their relationship was wrong, obsessive.

What? Like Wearing each other's makeup? Clothes? More like wearing each other's personalities.

That's pretty messed-up.

Yeah, but it makes sense.

Remember, that guy Hector said that Ali wanted masks of her face made so that her friends would look more like her? I thought that was a dig at us.

So did I, but apparently she was talking about Cece.



I wasn't sure if you'd be home for dinner.

Oh, no, I thought we could just order a pizza.

Okay, sure.

Honey, have you spoken to your mom lately? Uh, not since earlier.

Why? I you should probably head home.


Hastings, what's going on? Someone made an anonymous complaint to the court.

They're accusing me of obstruction of justice.

What?! They're alleging that I bullied Mona into Giving her confession.

That's crazy.

I know.

And the charges won't hold water for long, but unfortunately, the damage is done.

What damage? In order not to hurt your mother's case, I have to recuse myself.

What does that mean? It means Right now, your mother doesn't have a lawyer.

I didn't know it was gonna go so Late.

It's okay.

And just so you know, my plan wasn't to brown-bag it on a stoop.

My plan was to take you somewhere nice.

Hey, it's fine.


Like steak or or something.

It IDon't eat meat.

At all.


Well, I'm glad I didn't do that.

What, that sauce a little too spicy for you, sport? Uh Excuse me? I love spicy food.


No, it's just, uh, this scratch doesn't.

Gimme that.

Give it to me.


Lemme see.

Sorry, it's just So tiny I can't really see it in this light.

All right, all right.

No kidding, though that guy got me right in the jaw.

My mouth hurts just movin' it.

H-how is a total badass like you, who won his match tonight, acting like such a baby? So Think I'm a badass? No, not at all.

I think you're a faker.

You're grinning from ear to ear right now.

Doesn't seem to be hurting at all.

I can't help it.

You're here with me on a stoop Eating a vegetarian burrito.

I can't help but smile right now.

Does this hurt? 'Cause I am afraid of the light ♪ Try again.

How about this? And I can't sleep alone at night ♪ yeah you know what I mean ♪ Mmm.

'Cause I can't sleep alone at night ♪ yeah you know what I mean ♪ Hi, Mrs.



How was work? Fine.


What are you knitting? What was going to be a scarf for my husband, but now I guess it'll be a tight sweater for me.

By the way, you can call me Jessica.

The circuit breaker was blown.

Ah, so, I replaced it, and it should start to warm up in here in about 20 minutes.


Thank you so much.

Yeah, um, I don't exactly know how to say this, but Looks like you have a bigger problem.

You said so yourself this isn't true.

Won't this all just blow over? The prosecution still might try to use it in the trial.

And we just can't risk that.

Oh, I need to take this.

I have to go home.

I have to go see my mom.

Okay, I'll join you.

Hanna, just calm down.

Everything's gonna be all right.

'Kay no it's not! Okay, an anonymous tip? Who do you think called that in?! Hey, take a breath.

No, I have to go home.

I know.

It's very upsetting.

Well a real lapse in judgment.

Well I was beginning to suspect the confession was coerced, but yeah I was shocked when I learned it was my former mother-in-law.

Almost mother-in-law.

Guess I dodged a bullet there.

Well, just goes to show you can't trust anyone.

In every dream home, a heartache ♪ and every step I take ♪ takes me further from heaven ♪ is there a heaven? ♪ I'd like to think so ♪ Standards of living ♪ Over there.

They're rising daily ♪ but home ♪ He's right.

It definitely looks like somebody used this as their temporary home.

Oh, should we Maybe call the police? I'm sure they're long gone.

My guess is they moved out before Jason moved back in.

Unfortunately, they left us quite a mess.

Maybe I can get the gardener to clear that out.

Hey, I'm gonna heat up some lasagna.

You must be starving.

I blew up your body ♪ But you blew my mind ♪ Oh those heartaches ♪

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