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  04x09 - Into the Deep
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Previously, on Pretty Little Liars The MRI confirmed a partial tear of the rotator cuff.

What about swimming? - There's a possibility of surgery.

The outcome is unpredictable.

So? Unpredictable can be good.

It's the gun at least I think it is.

That gun was used to kill Detective Wilden, and your mother's fingerprints are on the bullets.

We entered a plea of not guilty, but the judge refused to grant bail.

I'm gonna confess to killing Detective Wilden.

You're gonna help me.

Suppose I'm the one who actually set up your mother.

Who are you? - Beckett Frye.

What are you doing here? - Discovery in the Mrin case.

Do you know what's in there? That is about Wilden and Radley and Toby's mom.

What did the doctor say about your eyes? I'll have good days and bad days.

On your darkest days you know I'll be here for you.

I'm not a Saint.

Just because a man has been ordained If you're scared and you need help, I'm here for you, without any complications, okay? I'd like to speak to a detective.

Mona Vanderwaal is at the police station.

She just walked in and confessed to killing Wilden.

Why did you kill Detective Wilden? I already told you.

It was self-defense.

Then tell me about it again.

He grabbed me.

He was gonna kill me.

I fought back.

And you pulled out a gun and shot him three times.


For the fifth time, I shot him twice.

What did you hear Wilden say at the Halloween party? He was worried that Garrett was gonna tell the truth about what happened the night Alison died.

Garrett was killed on the train, so why didn't you go to the police? I was afraid I was gonna get into trouble.

I had snuck out of Radley that night.

You snuck out of a mental institution.

Many times.

Look Wilden was obsessed with trying to pin Alison's murder on my friends.

So you tried to blackmail him.


But it didn't work.

Once he realized I knew he killed Garrett, he became enraged.

And he wouldn't let go.

He left me with no choice.

I had to kill him.

You could have gotten away with this.

Why confess now? I can't let my best friend's mom go down for a murder she didn't commit.

I'll be right back.


Where were you? I went back to the station to see what I could find out.

And? Apparently after we left last night, Mona made a full confession.

Did you girls put her up to this thinking it would somehow help Ashley? Of course not.

Mom, we would never do anything that stupid.

I knew Mona was devious, but this is beyond anything I ever thought she was capable of.

What makes you so sure that she didn't do it? Things she said in her confession contradict some of the evidence.

Do you have any idea why Mona would do this? No.

No, honest.

I hope not, because if you girls are involved in any way, it will really hurt your mother's case.

Please tell me you had nothing to do with this.

Got a secret, can you keep it ♪ swear this one you'll save ♪ Better lock it in your pocket ♪ taking this one to the grave ♪ If I show you then I'll know you won't tell what I said ♪ 'cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead ♪ Into the Deep Hanna was planning on doing what? Why didn't she tell us all this last night? I don't Huh? No.

No, I'm I'm still here.

I'm on my way, Spence, I just I had to say bye to Jake.

Well, after everything that happened last night, I didn't want to stay alone.

My dad's still in Syracuse.

What? No.

He slept on my couch.

See you soon.



Was that about Mona? Oh.

No, there's still no update.

Um, that was Spencer.

I have to go meet her.

Now? I thought we could grab some breakfast at The Grille.


You know, I'd really love to, but she's helping me cram for this history test, so Okay.

Well, can't do anything without a little caffeine, right? We could stop by the brew on your way over.

My treat.

Okay, you slept on my couch.

It's my treat.

I don't know what to think.

Well, I totally believe Mona could have done it.

Hello? She ran Hanna over with a car.

I just can't help but feel that Mona's gonna somehow drag us into this.

Can we take a Mona break for like two seconds and talk about your birthday? It's not until tomorrow.

Who knows, by then I could be wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Well, then we need to make tonight extra-special.

I got the key to my aunt's lake house.

How about a quite night, just the two of us? - What's this? - An early birthday gift.

Dominic trains a lot of division one swimmers.

Yeah, and a few gold medalists, too.

I made an appointment for you to meet with him in Philly this afternoon.

Today? Why? Because I want you to know what your options are.

Paige, I have an injury.

I can't swim.

Right now.

But no one said you could never swim again.

Or that you have to go to college next year.

My mom and I are looking at three colleges next weekend.

State schools that you don't really want to go to.

Or you could take a year off.

And train.

And spend the next four years doing what you love with the person that you love.

You'll meet with him, right? Yeah.


So, uh, is your dad coming home tonight? I just I just want to make sure you're not home alone again.

Uh, yeah, he gets back in this afternoon.

We're gonna have a family movie night tonight.


I wanted you to be the first to know I got into grad school.

I'm finally gonna get my masters in education.


Yeah, it's not Columbia teachers college, but it's still a really great program and they offered me a stipend if I teach one class.


All right, well, I should probably go.

But thank you much again for last night.


Uh, bye.

I mean, university of Washington is in the top ten.

I'm I'm sorry, did you sa University of Washington? Yeah.

As in Seattle, Washington? Yeah.

I know it's not ideal.

Well, ideal would be in this area code.

It's the only school that offered me money.

You're still gonna see Malcolm, Ezra, just not every day.

You mean not most days.

You'll have the summers off, and he'll have breaks too.

I need to do this.

It's important for my future.

And Malcolm's.

Nobody confesses to a murder they didn't commit.

I think Mona was just trying to help.

You send care packages with fresh soap and new underwear if you want to help; you don't volunteer to spend your life in prison.

Whatever Mona was trying to do, she certainly got judge Reilly's attention.

What do you mean? - I just received an email.

Not only are you not being transferred, but Mona's confession created enough doubt that she's finally agreed to set bail for you.

They they dropped the charges? No, not unless they find something to corroborate her confession.

So the trial is still moving forward.

As of now, yes.

But at least you can wait for it from your own home.


There is one more thing.

Since Wilden was a police officer, the bail is set higher than usual.

How high? A million dollars.

So that's the full tour.

The pool is amazing.

I mean, your facilities are really outstanding.

Five minutes.

Then I want you changed and hitting the weights.

There's no slackin' here.

I can see that.

Everyone's in great shape.


So your friend mentioned you were thinking of holding off college for a year to train.

Uh, I'm considering it.

Please, have a seat.

Let me tell you a little about how I run things.

We work out six days a week.

Four hours in the pool, one hour of weight training.

I also monitor what you eat, drink, and how much you sleep.

Have I scared you yet? No.

No, I've worked really hard the last four years, both with the team and on my own.

That's great, but there's a big difference between being a top high school swimmer and a championship swimmer.

I know the difference.

Let's have a look at your recruiting video.

Dad, I know it's a lot of money, but you only have to put up ten percent of the million dollars.

You've seen where she is! We can't leave her in there! Well, try harder.

Hanna? You all right? Yeah, I'm fine.

I left you a few messages.

Yeah, I know.

It's just with everything going on Of course.

I understand.

I think about your mom all the time.

I mean, I wish there was something I could do to help her.

She acts like she can handle being in there.

But I know she's trying to put up a front to protect me.

She's a strong woman, Hanna.

She'll get through this.

Well, I don't know if I will.

They can leave her in there forever, and it doesn't look like my dad's gonna come up with a hundred grand anytime soon.

What do you need that kind of money for? It's what she needs to post bail.

Caleb's trying to sell his car, but it's not gonna be nearly enough.

You need to have faith things will work out.

Okay? I don't need faith.

I need money.

How long are you gonna be gone for? Shouldn't take me more than four or five days to find an apartment.

I already have a few leads.

Maybe Malcolm could stay here with me.

That way he doesn't miss any school.

I'm looking at tickets for a Saturday, so it'll only be a day or two.

I'd really prefer if he didn't miss any.

I'll drop him off here on my way to the airport.

Thank you.

Have you talked to him about moving yet? Not yet.

It's not gonna be easy for him, leaving Rosewood.

He's really comfortable here.

He's a really tough kid.

He'll adapt.

You're gonna be so busy with school, and he's not gonna know anybody out there.

He's good at making new friends.

He could always stay here with me.

I mean, I have more free time than you.

I'm not gonna leave my son behind, Ezra.

He needs to be with his mother.

And it's equally important for him to spend time with his father.

Yes, but I'm the one who's been there for him for the past seven years.

And whose fault is that? You know, I think it's best Malcolm comes with me next weekend.

I'll talk to his teachers, make sure he doesn't miss any assignments.

Hanna's convinced Mona did all this as a way to right all the wrongs.

When has Mona ever done anything out of the goodness of her heart? What heart? She told the police that we bullied her once.

She could do it again.

What, like we forced her to confess? - Yeah.

And she still has that picture that "A" sent of the four of us standing outside of Wilden's car that night.

Yeah, but Mona was there, too.

Not according to the picture.

Check it out.

You took this? Yeah, I took it at a meet last year.

She's gonna love it.

Okay, we should go.

I told Paige we'd be at her aunt's house in like 20 minutes.

With everything that's going on, I still don't understand why she's throwing this party.

Emily's been living like a refugee for days now.

I think Paige just thought she at least deserved a piece of cake.

Shana, they know I'm hiding something.

If the cops really thought that, you'd still be there answering questions.

I should have told them about Alison.

It's too dangerous.

It's too dangerous not to say anything at this point! Just give me a little more time to figure out where she is.

I don't have much time left.

I'm not leaving your side until I take you back to Philly in the morning.

Okay? This'll all be over soon.


Your mother has a guardian angel.

My bail was posted anonymously.

I guess that's how your dad got around Isabelle.

Well, at least he did it.

Okay, so what do you want to do first? You wanna take a bath? Do you wanna eat? - I got all your favorites.


What's that? That tracks where I am.

Every second of the day.

It'll beep like that once in a while when it links to the satellite, but you'll get used to it.


I assure you it's not something I'm gonna get used to.

Just remember, you can't leave the house unless it's for a court date or a medical appointment.

You think this thing will detect a sip of chardonnay? That thing will detect a whiff of chardonnay.

Look, I know that these rules are upsetting, but it's better than the alternative, right? This is true.

Veronica, thank you for everything.

You're welcome.

Try to relax, get some sleep.

I'll call you tomorrow, okay? - Okay.

Should we call dad and thank him? After we eat.

I haven't had a decent meal in days.

You didn't get a tattoo while you were in there, did you? You're pulling too much water.

And that flip toe is too far from the wall.

I won this race.

It was actually my best time all season.

You've got some bad habits and your technique could use some improvement.

But you got a lot of potential.

If you're willing to commit, I can help you.

Really? - Yes.

But we need to start right away.

We're already behind.

Yeah, just as soon as my shoulder heals.

Heals? - Paige didn't tell you? I tore my rotator cuff a few weeks ago.

I might need surgery.

Emily, with an injury like that, I wouldn't put you in the pool for at least six months.

That's even if you don't have surgery.

But you can still help me, right? After losing that much time, I can't promise that you'll be ready for next year's scholarships.


What do you think the odds are? Slim.

At best.

Emily, I'm sorry.

Had your friend told me how serious the injury was, I could have saved you the trip down here.


Am I crazy, or did it sound like Jenna was saying she knows Alison's alive? That or she knows who killed her.

Either way, this could lead to "A" and who's setting up Hanna's mom.

Yeah, but Jenna's not just gonna tell us.

Well, she might if we could pry her away from Shana.

Jenna's really vulnerable right now, and not just because she's losing her sight again.

How does that even happen, anyway? One minute you have it, the next minute, poof, it's gone? Well, Toby said that that operation has a really low success rate, so apparently she's one of the unfortunate ones.

Hey, has Toby had any luck in New York? He traced that number back to an empty apartment, and the landlord said that it was rented out to a girl.

He wouldn't give the name, but he did give a forwarding address.

To where? - A P.


box in Philly.

He's on his way back from New York right now.


Guys, Em's gonna be here at 6:30.

We gotta hurry up.

Oh, did you invite the whole swim team? Yeah.

But don't worry, Shana won't show up.

I made it clear she was unwelcome.

Could you call her and make it unclear? We kind of need her to come.

Why? Because until tomorrow morning, wherever Shana goes, Jenna goes.

So sorry to bother you at home with this.

Don't be.

I understand how upsetting this is.

Now, I know a lot of family lawyers, but Greg is the best.

Do you think I have a chance? It's not my area of expertise, but I know it won't be easy.

Why is that? - For one, you haven't been involved in your son's life until recently.

That's because I didn't know he existed until recently.

And two, you aren't listed as the father on his birth certificate.

So what are you saying, that I don't have any rights? Not until you establish paternity.

But Greg can help you with that.

Can he help me prevent Maggie from moving to Seattle? It's possible but it'll be a battle.

One that will take time and money and be an emotional strain on you and Maggie.

Are you sure you want to pursue this? I'm sure.

No, no, they're not here yet, but I'll text you when they show up, okay? And give your mom a "welcome home" hug for me.




Where's Spencer? Um, I don't know.

Last time I saw her she was trying to stop Tommy Hayes from power-dipping the guacamole.


Help me get everybody hidden? Emily just texted she'll be here in a minute.

Yeah, of course.

Okay, you guys, let's go hide.

She's almost here.


Okay, guys.

She's here.

Everybody get ready.

Somebody get the lights.

Hey, birthday girl.

Everything okay? Why did you lie to Dominic? Surprise! Hi! Happy Birthday! Hey, Paige, I thought you might want to know that Bridget Woo is in your kitchen.

She's trying to make a bong out of your aunt's teapot.

So, did you know Paige was gonna plan all this? No.

She's been full of surprises lately.

Yeah, well I've got another one for you.

Jenna's back, and she's knocking into walls.




How did you know I was home? Word travels fast in Rosewood.


I just wanted to stop by, welcome you back.

You brought pie.

Thank you.

I tried visiting you, but they wouldn't let me in.

They were honoring my request.

I didn't want to see anyone.

I was ashamed.

You shouldn't be.

You didn't deserve to go through this.

The thought of you being in there is look, I know you have a lot of catching up to do with Hanna, but when you settle in, I'd love to take you to dinner.

It'll have to be in my kitchen.

How do you like my new accessory? Anything looks good on you.

Do you want to stay for some pie? Sure.

Paige said that Coach Fulton was gonna be here.

I have to show my face.

I need to stay on her good side.

It was hard enough coming back to this town in the first place, and now I have to be around them? And me.

I'll be with you the whole time.

We'll be in and out.


Are you okay? Yeah.


Jake's here.

I lied to him about what I was doing tonight.


Well, where is he? He's over there with that blond with giraffe legs.

I don't even recognize her.

Who is that? She's on the swim team.


They certainly look cozy.

Yeah, she's trying real hard.

Clearly he's enjoying it.

Look at him.

Why don't you go over there and talk to him? What? And interrupt the flirt fest? No.

Um, are you forgetting that he spent last night on your couch? Yeah, but he came to the party with her.

I thought you weren't that into him.

I'm not.

They're here.

Why didn't you tell Dominic I was injured? I wanted to make sure he'd see you.

You know for a minute there I actually thought maybe this could happen for me.

Maybe things could go back to the way they were.

If he won't train you, we can find someone who will.

He'll train me.

He just doesn't think I'll be ready in time to get a scholarship.

We can get another opinion.

Why are you pushing this so much? I know how badly you want to swim.

Or you mean how badly you want me to swim? What do you think's gonna happen if I don't go to Stanford with you? Three thousand miles is a long way.

Four years is a long time.

A lot can happen.

We have to face facts.

We're not gonna be together next year.

Is your coach here? - Not yet.

Wow, look who's back in town.

It's nice to see you, Jenna.



Are you having problems with your eyes again? I see everything that I need to.

Is there something you guys want? Yeah, we're getting the team together for a photo for Emily.

So can you come outside? When everyone else is there, we'll come out.



You keep an eye on them and I'll get everybody outside.


Well, if you must know Hey, dad.

I don't know if you got my earlier text, but I just want to thank you again for helping mom, so call me back when you get this.

I love you.



I've been calling you all day.

Are you okay? - I will be.

I can't believe they let you go.

They need proof, Hanna, before they can arrest me.

People make false confessions all the time.

Mona, why did you do this? Sorry, I can't chat.

I'm not supposed to be on the phone.

I just wanted to make sure your mom got out on bail.


Yeah, she's home, but You're welcome.




Family movie night, huh? - Look, ya know, with everything that's going on, I totally spaced about Emily's party.

Yeah, all right.

You don't have to lie.

No, I didn't lie.

It's not like you had to invite me.

We're not dating.

It completely slipped my mind.


So who's Barbarella over there? - Name's Kim.

She's pretty.

If you're into the tall, statuesque model type.

You okay? Yeah.

I'm perfect.

Looks like the two of you have been having a great time together.


So you don't want me to go the party with you, but you don't want me to go with anyone else? - I didn't say that.

You're not jealous? Why would I be? We're not dating.

Yeah, right.

We're just friends.

I need to go find Spencer.

Yeah, I should get back to Kim.

There's a lot of people who came to see you here tonight.

Think you can go back inside and at least pretend to have a good time? Yeah.

I can do that.

We've been here for over half an hour.

Can we please leave? I haven't seen coach yet.

Your teammates can tell her that you stopped by.

Please? - Please.



Let's go.


I need to talk to you before you leave.


About what? - Alison.

Jenna, let's go.

I heard you talking about her at school today.

You were spying on us? We're out of here.

Jenna, wait.

Look, I know exactly how you feel about me, but Ali was my best friend, so if you know anything about her, you have to tell me.

I don't have to tell you anything.

Time for cake! Jenna, wait! That was delicious.

Did you make that yourself? With some divine intervention.

Belmont Bakery.

You wash, I'll dry? You know, I'm actually looking forward to doing both.


I should get going.

Let you get some rest.

Well, before you do, I think I owe you an explanation.

You don't owe me anything.

I want to explain.

Wilden and I had a history.

I did some things I'm not proud of.

Things he knew about, and he he tried to use them to hurt me and Hanna.

He was a corrupt cop, Ashley.

I saw him the night he was murdered.

We had an argument.

I know you didn't kill him.

No, I didn't.

But I could have.

Everyone has their limits.


Can I drop off dinner for you and Hanna tomorrow night? Only if you stay and eat with us.

It's a date.



Um, just do me a favor.

Don't run.

I've got a lot riding on you.

Hey, have you seen Spencer? Yeah, she went outside to look for Jenna.

I'll come with you.


Spencer? - Hi.


Are you headin' out already? Yeah.

Gotta get up early tomorrow.


Where's Kim? Inside.

Saying goodbye to a couple of people.

She'll be out in a minute.


Oh, my God! What is it? Spencer! Oh, my God! Jenna.

Jenna! Oh, my God! I thought she was inside! What happened? Get a phone! She's not breathing! Somebody call 911! She can barely see.

There's no way she'd walk all the way over to the lake on her own.

Did somebody push her in? I think somebody hit her first.

There was blood on the back of her head.

What? Is she gonna be okay? What hospital did they take her to? I gotta go.

I'll call you in the morning.


Who you talkin' to so late? Oh.

I was just wishing Emily Happy Birthday.

Listen, I just got off the phone with your father.

I thought you should know: he didn't put up the bail money.

It was Ted.



He must really like you to put up that kind of money.

I guess so.

So what's gonna happen next? We can think about that tomorrow.

I still can't believe you were the one who saved Jenna Marshall.

Who would do this to her? We don't anyone did for sure.

She had a gash on the back of her head, Paige.

She could have fallen in, hit her head on a rock.

I think someone wanted to make sure we didn't find out what she knows about Alison.

Thanks for coming over.


I keep thinking if Emily had pulled that girl out just a couple of seconds later, she probably wouldn't be here.

I knew your life was complicated, but I didn't know it was anything like this.

I've had a long history with Mona and Jenna.

If I explained everything, we'd be here till I graduated.

I'm starting to see why you're so on edge all the time.

I feel safe when I'm with you, though.

And I'm sorry if I ruined your night or anything.

Kim's just a friend, Aria.

Look, I was really glad when you stayed over, and Yeah, I was pretty jealous tonight.

I I just I don't see how I can involve anyone else in my life right now, it's like I'm either spinning in circles or I'm in a constant state of free-fall.

Maybe you can let someone else help you navigate for a while.

See what happens.

Okay, yeah.

Maybe I could.

Ya know, and see what happens.

So on a scale from one to ten, how jealous were you tonight? Emily.

Em, are you asleep? Hey.

Have you seen Toby? He's with his parents, talking to the doctor.

I'm waiting to see her.

She's still not conscious.


Who did this to her? All I know is nothing good every comes from being around you four.


Shana you could be next.

Or me.

Was it Ali? Alison? She's dead.

Well, then who is Jenna so afraid of? Shana! Cece Drake.

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