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  04x06 - Under the Gun
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars.

Woman: This is for you.

It's what you need to read before your meeting with Brenda McGowan.

Lee's going to help you with college.

Hey, what's this song? ( Music playing ) It's not a song that Tippy's singing, it's a phone number.

Where is this area code, anyways? York county.

Did Ali know anybody from there? There was a college there, I just saw it.


Yeah, look.

I gave the R.


to "A" for nothing.

I think "A" gave you something real.

We've got to find Dr.


Will you tell her to stay away from that girl? - What girl? - That blonde girl.

Are you Brendan? - Yeah.

If you want, I could go through some of these schools with you.

I didn't think that you were the type of person who would lead somebody on - just to get what you wanted.

You've never had to be charming 'cause mommy and daddy have a safety net of cash to catch your fall.

What did you say to mom to make her change her mind about Europe? The only reason you want her to go so bad is so you could start boffing your teacher again.

That was Mrs.

Grunwaltz, our former house mother.

Legend has it she was fired.

Apparently you couldn't get anything past that bitch.

Man: Detective Wilden, he's dead.

Hanna's worried that they're going to try to pin it on her mom.

They are both going to need help.

I keep a gun locked in my desk.

It's missing.

It's the gun.

At least I think it is.

Why do you have that? - They found it in my mom's closet.

I have to get rid of it.

Man: Hold it! Don't move.

You won't say why you had the gun.

Or where you got the gun.

Or why it appeared you were burying the gun on a college campus.

You want some? Hanna, you don't need a lawyer to tell me whether or not you'd like a cup coffee.

No, thank you.

How about I tell you what I know? You were carrying a concealed firearm without a license.

The gun is a .

38 caliber revolver.

Yours holds six bullets, but you had only four.

Straightaway you gotta wonder where the other bullets went, right? You could be looking at a third-degree felony charge for carrying a concealed weapon.

That's up to a seven-year sentence.

Hanna, I do not want to see that happen to you.

Neither do you.

Neither do your parents.

But I need you to think about who you're trying to protect and why.

How do you know I wasn't just protecting myself? A hunch.

( Knock on door ) That'll be your mom.

Hanna, we're going.

Her bail's been paid and her lawyer's on the way.

Come on.

I will walk you out.

They called you? They're keeping the gun.

For testing.

What kind of testing? Dad.

The kind that determines whether your dad's gun was used to kill a police officer.

I'll be in touch.

Got a secret, can you keep it ♪ swear this one you'll save ♪ better lock it, in your pocket ♪ taking this one to the grave ♪ If I show you then I'll know you ♪ won't tell what I said ♪ 'cause two can keep a secret ♪ if one of them is dead ♪ Well, I thought maybe you'd be at school today.

Are you okay? What's going on? There's no school until the D.



I could get seven years seven years? For what? Hanna: Carrying a concealed weapon, attempting to destroy evidence.


I don't know, whatever they find.

You're not a murderer.

Well, I'm ruining my mom's life, so that's gotta count for something.

Emily: Hanna, listen to me.

"A" planted your mom's cell phone in Wilden's casket.

"A" fished that car out of the lake.

And two days ago, "A" called the cops on you.

This is a set up.

God, was that just two days ago? Maybe this is it, Hanna.

I think you have to tell your parents about "A".


Em, none of that matters if my mom pulled the trigger.

Hanna: She's the one who lied about where she was the night.

Wilden died, and she's the one with a gun in her closet.

Hey, Emily.

Em? Are you there? I need to call you right back, okay.

What are you doing here? And why are you wearing that? I'm on the team.

As of today.

You go to Rosewood now? Yeah.

So, you just switched schools mid-semester? Why? Better swim team, better chance of a scholarship.

Plus, I didn't like private school.

I never really fit in.

I'm sorry about your shoulder.

Must suck to be off the team.

I know how much it meant to you.

You don't know anything about me.

Jenna's told me a few things.

Looks fun.

Too late to sign up? ( Knock on door, door opens ) I need to know exactly what you told the cops.

Word for word.

I didn't tell them anything.

I said nothing about your gun, I didn't say a word.

Yeah, well, you're gonna tell me.

Where you found it, and why the hell you took it to that college.

What were you thinking? I was trying to protect mom.

Protect mom? Hanna If you took that gun from my office I did not take the gun.

I found it in mom's luggage from New York.

( Phone buzzing ) Shut that thing off, and come downstairs.

When you called me back from that sorority party, I thought you were gonna tell me that you'd found the person Ali was talking to, not that Hanna got arrested.


Not that.

Where's Emily? It's not like her to be late.

I don't know, maybe she got a hold of Hanna.

Yeah, or she could be avoiding me.

All right, well you need to apologize or get over it or do whatever you have to do, okay? I don't care who said what to who, but we need all brains on board and we're already down one.

You got it? Aye aye, Captain.


Taste this.

It's disgusting.

No, you just spit in it.

( Footsteps approaching ) Hey, em.

You talk to Hanna? Is this mine? Yeah, but don't.

How is she? Freaked out.

She's waiting to hear back from the D.


About the charges.

Meanwhile, the cops are running tests on her dad's gun to see if it was used to kill Wilden.

They can actually do that? Yeah.

It's called ballistics.

When you fire a gun, the barrel leaves grooves on the bullet.

Like a pattern.

And if the pattern of that barrel matches the bullet that killed Wilden, then bam, that's the murder weapon.

And there's more.

Shana's back.


She enrolled at Rosewood high, and took my spot on the swim team.

What are you talking about? I'm talking about the girl who may have tried to set us on fire, run you over, sitting next to us in social studies.

But why? What does Shana have against us? Well, Mona said Shana was in love with Jenna.

And that they were both afraid of Melissa Who moved to London.

So, Melissa moves out; Shana moves in.

And Jenna gets a new seeing eye dog at Rosewood high.

( Plates breaking ) ( Sighing ) On top of everything, guess who's in charge of training the new guy and running the open mic night tomorrow? Hey, let me help.

Just sit down, settle in, okay? I'll deal with it, my brother knows him.


First day? That obvious? You're Connor, right? You play lacrosse with Mike.


( Laughs ) Well, at least you're better on the field.

I just wish that I could erase everything from that night.

I'm sorry, too.

I should have told you the real reason why I was there.

Well, how could you? I bulldozed over every opportunity that you had.

I bulldozed over you.

I bulldozed over Hanna when she tried to tell me about the gun.

I'm basically a human bulldozer.

And now I'm bulldozing over your apology.

I'm really sorry.

So, you excited for your game on Saturday? Guilford, right? Yeah.


Welch is making me redo this essay, I got to get at least a B or I'll be sitting the bench.


Maybe you could help.

Mike says you're, like, some writing genius.

Maybe you could just look it over? Make sure it's in English? Um Yeah, sure.

I could do that.



She found the gun in your bag, Ashley.

In your closet.

Hanna, how could you say that? Because it's true.

Let her talk.

I'm sorry, okay? I was looking for your shoes and then they were ruined.

I threw them out.

This isn't about what she was looking for.

It's about what she found.

You took my gun.

Tom, you have no idea what happened.

Well, please, tell me! I didn't kill anyone and I did not bring a gun into this house.

Then who did, Ashley? I don't know.

I am telling the truth.

I don't know! If it turns out that my gun was used to kill a police officer someone is setting me up! Who? Who would do that? I don't know.

I do you know crazy this sounds? ( Indistinct conversation ) ( Sighs ) Guys.


Mo' Mona, mo' problems.

Can I talk to you? Where the hell have you been? I'm sorry; That wasn't a question.

I need to talk to you.


You said we were in this together, and then you just disappeared.

Whatever you have to say to Spencer, you can say to all of us.

Have it your way.

I've been tracking down my missing R.


That's where I've been.

Toby took it.

He gave it to "A", but Spencer already knew that.

She's been covering for him.

You're lying.

I'm really not.

Then you'd better have proof.

Look, I'll take heels over a hoodie any day of the week, but just 'cause I'm not "A" anymore, doesn't mean I can't recon your asses when I need to.

So, yeah, I have proof.

Spencer, say something.

It's true.

Mona may not be "A," but she's definitely still a "B.

" Did you see that smirk on her face? I just can't believe that Spencer would keep that from us.

You know there was a reason Toby did this.

I mean, there has to be.

Reason or not, I can't help thinking Hanna wouldn't be in this mess if we still had that R.


What if Mona had something that could prove that Hanna's mom was innocent? Proof that somebody else wanted Wilden dead.

A video, a photo, anything.

( Phone ringing ) Aria: Hanna? My parents took my cell phone, so don't call it.


Her parents took her phone.

Look, Hanna, we have to tell you something.

Well, can it wait? They could pick up any minute.

Yeah, yeah, of course.

You have to tell her to talk to her parents.

Hanna: "A" is framing my mom, all right.

She didn't kill Wilden, she didn't put the gun in her overnight bag.

"A" did.

I walked right into the trap.

All right, what Emily thinks I know what Emily thinks, but I can't say anything to them.

Because "A" is threatening to take down my mom and my dad if I say one thing about my mom being framed.

One word, one freaking letter, my whole family's locked up.

( Sound of phone picking up, numbers dialing ) Ashley: Tom, don't Ashley: Don't call her.

Tom: She needs to know this.

Ashley: She already does.

She doesn't want us to do anything to help.

Are we gonna listen? Ashley: Damn it, Tom, he threatened me.

He threatened Hanna.

I couldn't come up with the kind of money he wanted to get him to leave town, so I took the gun for protection.

Ashley: You have no idea what we've been through.

No, you can't just show up here you came to me for money, and you left with my gun.

Don't act like I'm not involved.

I was scared, okay? I took the gun because I didn't know what was gonna happen.

He grabbed the gun out of my hands, and I ran.

I swear to God, I did not shoot him.

( Pounding on door ) Hey.

Hello, Caleb.

Oh, Caleb.

Are you okay? I've been trying to reach you.

Look, I know you're worried about Hanna, but you cannot be here right now.

No, you need to leave.


No, dad, stop Hanna, please.

She's in a lot of trouble.

The less people she speaks to the better.

I am not here to question her.

I'm here to help.

You can't right now.

Caleb, we will call you if anything happens.

Just please, go.

I knew that this would happen.

Now, instead of finding out from us, they found out from Mona.

If we just tell them the truth, I know that they'll understand.

If we tell them, it's over.

I'll never know what happened to my mom.

Why? Why would you say that? Toby.

I went back to Radley.

I talked to Eddie lamb.

I asked him all about what Dr.

Palmer said.

About the blonde girl.

All of it.

And what did he say? Did he mention Ali? No.

He knows something, but he's not gonna tell me.

Neither will my dad.

You spoke with your father about this? I tried to.

It didn't go well.

Look, I've run out of leads, Spence.

But "A" still knows something.

"A" is the only chance I have of finding out what really happened to my mom.

Spencer, what are you doing? Look, I'm not gonna force you to change your mind, but I have to fix this, with or without you.

Who are you calling? I've got to earn back some trust.

( Phone ringing ) Girl ( Over phone ): Gamma zeta chi.

Hi, my name is Spencer I can't believe you copied the cliff's notes.

Well, it was the only thing that made sense.

And I used proper citation.

Yes, I see that.

It's right next to the footnote for Wikipedia.

Connor? What are you doing here? I'm helping him with his English paper.

You going out? Yeah, what's it look like? Okay, well when are you going to be back? Later.

Did you talk to mom today? Yep.

Hey, have fun.

All right, so Page three.

Just because faulkner used run-on sentences, does not mean that you get to.

Is he cool with me being here? Yeah, it's not about you.

( Knock on door ) Hanna? I can't believe that they let you in.

My dad practically threw Caleb out the door.

I brought an excuse.


Thank you.

Wait, I'm not in physics.

I was counting on your parents not knowing that.

Must be weird having your dad here.

I haven't really found a word for it yet.

But yeah.

How are you? Really.

I'm in purgatory.

A condition of temporary punishment and suffering, from which I may never leave.

I looked it up.

Along with everything I could find on prosecuting minors and state minimums for third-degree federal offenses.

That was before they took away my Internet.

If your mom didn't Do it, then it may not be the gun, Hanna.

Okay, we don't know for sure.

"A" can't tamper with ballistics evidence.

We don't know what "A" can and cannot do.

The sooner we accept that the better.

Look, I'm not just here for fake homework.

I want the dash cam footage that Mona gave you.

The one from Wilden's car.


Hell no.

You don't even know what I want it for.

I don't care.

Emily, my mom is in that video hitting Wilden with a car, all right.

I should have just listened to Mona and burned it the second that she gave it to me.

But you didn't.

The first half of the video looks bad for your mom, but the second half proves that Jenna and Shana are connected to Wilden.

They carried him off the road in the middle of the night and no one reported anything.

The cops need to see that.

It could look like they were hurting him, and not helping him.

And at the very least, it adds in two more suspects to the mix.

Look, anything I do backfires.

If I say one word about "A", my dad goes down.

Do you get that? That's if you say something, Hanna, not me.

Please, Hanna.

This could be your only chance.

And the cops never have to know where it came from.

I really appreciate this.


Welch is a freak about references.

I'm happy to help.

This was fun.

I told you faulkner wasn't all that bad.

I meant you.

It's nice hanging out with you.


Yeah, next time we ought to do this over burgers instead of books.

Oh, no.

You don't need that much help.

You'll do fine.

( Chuckles ) Oh, but have a great game Saturday.

Go sports, and all that.

( Chuckles ) I'm sorry, I'm not interested like that.

( Chuckles nervously ) ( Food sizzling ) Ashley.

Ashley! You trying to burn the house down? It's fine.

I'm fine.

No, you're not fine.

What did Veronica say? They don't know anything yet.

What else? Ash.

The fact that we haven't heard anything, not about Hanna, not about the gun It's not a good sign.

Oh! Damn it! Just leave me alone, all right? Just leave me alone for two seconds.

Just, hold onto this.

Just tell me it was self-defense.

Tom: People could believe that.

I could believe that.

Believe what you want, Tom.

I already told you what happened.

Emily: Hanna wanted me to give you this.

She also wanted me to cop a feel on her behalf, but Her parents said they would call me if anything happened, but I haven't heard anything.

Well, maybe that's a good thing.

We have the truth on our side this time.

Thanks for this.


Spencer: Em! Hey, Emily.

I've been looking for you.

I know who Ali was calling.

At least I think I do.

I was talking to all of these sorority girls, and they didn't know anything about a hidden room, but a couple years ago, there was this housemother - the Grunwald.



And she would disappear for hours at a time, and then all of the sudden, poof, she would reappear as if she'd never left the house.

What if Mrs.

Grunwald was using that hidden room? What if that's who Ali was calling? I don't think the Grunwald wore board shorts.

Okay, so we got that part wrong.

But this is our chance to get it right.


Grunwald could know who was after Ali.

It could be "A".

It could be the same person who's framing Hanna's mom.

Look, you wanna help Hanna, right? So, let's go talk to Mrs.

Grunwald today, okay? You and me.

Spencer, stop.

Having Mona's R.


could've helped Hanna.

And I'm not going on another wild goose chase with you just so you can clear your guilty conscience.

Look, I want to explain everything, but I just can't.

Not yet.

I know you're trying to protect Toby, but I really wish you'd think about the people you were hurting.

( Sighs ) ( Classical music playing ) Hey.


What's up? How could you do that? Do what? Hook up with Connor last night! What? Where did you hear that? Where do you think? I was just in the locker room.

And you can't ( Laughing ) Excuse me.

Hi, I need to talk to you.

Boy: She can't get enough, can she? Mm-mmm.

All right, in case you or any of your friends are confused, you tried to kiss me, and I pushed you off, and then you left.

All right? That's what happened.

That's all that happened, okay? You can quit the innocent virgin act.

( Gasping ) What are you talking about? Everyone knows you and Mr.

Fitz weren't just scrabble buddies.

Excuse me? How many points for the word "slut"? ( Boys snickering ) Ms.

Montgomery, you shouldn't be in here.

You still okay on gas? Yeah.

( Slow song playing ) Is she expecting you? Mrs.

Grunwald? No.

My weakness your score ♪ remember me ♪ I'm sorry, Spencer.

I know.

Will we all fall will we all fall down ♪ we all fall down ♪ I've tried to tell the truth so many times ♪ and I've been alive it's not your fault ♪ and it's not mine ♪ Are you okay? What happened in there? Before I came in.

Aria, those guys are jerks.

You can't just let some stupid rumor get to you it's not "some stupid rumor" if there's some truth to it, Ezra.

Look, you cannot be the guy that helps me feel better anymore.

Don't you get that? Just stay away from me.


( Church bell ringing ) ( Birds squawking ) Do you see a street sign anywhere? No.


Little girl: Mommy, come on.

Spencer: Excuse me.

Sorry, I think we're lost.

Do you know if saw mill road is up ahead? Toby: Let's get out of here.

( Students talking indistinctly ) Mona.

We need to talk.

We're talking now? Tell me what "A" has on Toby.

'Kay? I need to know.

Don't we all? Mona, please.

I want in.

On what? On whatever it is you have going on.

You tracked down your R.


You found out about Spencer and Toby.

You've got the fast track on "A", while the rest have nothing.

I'm not the one pulling the strings anymore, Emily.

All I have is an empty R.


Everything bad that I've done, everything you've done, "A" has proof.

One wrong move and we all go up in flames.

Maybe this time, we don't get out of them.

Are you sure this is the right place? Yeah, this is the address.

Excuse me? Hi.

We were hoping to speak with Mrs.


Is she home? It's important.

There's no one here but me.

And I only deal with the master of the house.

Well, we must have the wrong address.

( Phone dialing ) ( Phone ringing ) I'm starving.

Let's grab something to eat.

I'm not hungry.

I mean, I have a large pit in my stomach, but I'm not hungry.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You definitely need to eat something.

I'm not driving back to Rosewood with low-blood-sugar Spencer.

That's worse than no-caffeine Spencer.

Wow, your girlfriend sounds awesome.


Grunwald? It was 3 summers ago.

It was all over the news.

Well, I must have missed it.

Well, my friends and I aren't really sure that she's gone.

Maybe you still know this person.

I didn't know her alive.

I certainly don't know her dead.

Maybe you only spoke with her on the phone.

She might've gone by the name Vivian.

She thought that somebody was after her, so maybe she was asking for help, or a place to stay.

I'm sorry, it doesn't ring a bell.

The girls said you disappeared everyday for hours at a time and then you would suddenly reappear as if you'd never left.

So, I know that it was you on that phone.

Spencer: And then one day you were gone.

Isn't that right? Were you running some kind of business? Mrs.

Grunwald: I'm very sorry about your friend, really.

But I can't help you.

I'm not who you think I am.

Excuse me.

( Phone ringing ) ( Knocking on door ) Go away.

Hey, can I talk to you? Mike, just leave me alone, please.

Aria look, I'm sorry your whole team thinks I'm a slut.

I'm sorry about mom going away.

I'm sorry, okay? ( Sighing ) I messed up.

I should've known that Connor was making that stuff up.

Look, I'm your brother.

I'm supposed to watch out for you.

Stand up for you.

I'm gonna make it up to you, okay? Okay? Where you been? I didn't do anything.

I just needed some air.

You know, I took the old footpath behind the Mendez house.

The one that leads to the pond.

( Chuckles ) You used to take me skating there when I was little.

Now it's all dried up.

That happens this time of year.

But it'll fill up again.

( Sighs ) This is all my fault.

It's my fault that mom ever got involved with Wilden.

It's my fault the police found the gun.

God, how could I be so stupid? I mean, I try to fix things.

And it just It just gets worse.

Hanna, I wish you'd come to me.


Well, the way Caleb described it Honestly, dad I didn't think you wanted me to.

She would rather fry the hair off her head than talk to me.

She could be telling the truth.

She's not.

I know you don't want to go back home empty-handed, but we have to face facts.

You're following a lead that came from a bird.

Maybe it was never a real clue.

Maybe Alison's grandmother called that number instead of Ali.

You have to learn when to let go, Spencer.

Me? I need to learn when to let things go? I might be trusting a bird, but you're trusting "A" I'm gonna go see what they have across the street.

You sure you don't want anything? ( Choir singing in distance ) ( Choir continues ) ( Church bells ringing ) Spencer, what is it? Shana's here.

I just saw her.

Toby: That's Jenna's car.

Come on.

Get in, get in! Go, go, go, go, go, go.

What was that? What the hell was that? ( Gasping ) Oh, my God.

( Birds squawking ) If you need my hands ♪ to pull you up above the earth ♪ Well I will lift you up ♪ to show you just how much you're worth ♪ Chocolate or raspberry? 'Kay, you can stop with the sympathy food.




Look, if I could've had anyone else working tonight, you know I would have.

No, it's fine.


And plus I don't have anything to be ashamed of.

Says my suddenly wise younger brother.

Well, if it makes you feel better, I did put him on garbage duty.

Huh, it does.

Thank you.

( Footsteps approaching ) Hey.

Any chance you're still talking to me? Yeah.

How was the Grunwald? She said that she didn't know Ali.

But I think that Shana got to her first.

You think or you know? I saw her there.


In creepy-ville.

What is lieutenant Tanner doing here? Maybe she's into slam poetry? Emily.

Lieutenant Tanner, hi.

Did my mom tell you about the event tonight? Uh-uh.

I saw a flyer up at the station.

But I'm not here for the music.

Can you get someone to cover you for you for a moment? Me? Uh-huh.

Um, yeah.



I need you at the station.


It won't take long.

Is this supposed to be you? I don't know.

Someone saw you here this morning putting up a flyer.

An hour later I find this on my desk.

I didn't write this.

There's a mother's day card on your mom's desk.

Handwriting's a match.

Emily: Did she see this? Not yet.

Let's say you didn't put this on my desk.

Who did? It's probably someone's idea of a prank.

Some prank.

Framing someone for murder.

( Phone ringing ) Holbrook? Okay.

I'm coming.

We're gonna have to continue this later.

First Hanna, now Emily.

Don't say it like that.

Like what? Like one of us is next.

Tell me about Shana.

There's not that much to tell, really.

I saw her in that town, and then she jumped in Jenna's car and she drove away.

We tried to follow, but we lost her.

( Classical music playing ) No, you didn't.

( Indistinct conversations ) Hey, stop! Stop, that's my car.

What are you doing? Tanner: Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

You have the right to an attorney, if you she didn't do it! One will be appointed to you you have to believe me.

You can't do this.

She didn't do it.

Mom! Come one, tell her that you didn't do it.

That gun was used to kill Detective Wilden, and your mother's fingerprints are on the bullets.

I need you to look after Hanna.

Whatever she needs.

Whatever happens to me, please ( Sighs ) Mom I love you.

( Engine starts )

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