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  04x05 - Gamma Zeta Die!
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Previously on "Pretty Little Liars" I know I screwed up the scholarships if I can't swim.

You still haven't told us the whole truth about how it happened.

It doesn't matter how.

It matters to us and to family services.

Those people think that what happened to you happened in this house! I'm not going to upenn.

Spencer this isn't funny.

I got my rejection letter.

Vienna? - Would you like to come with me? You have to go to Vienna with Zack.

Mike and I, we're going to be just fine with dad.

Hey what's this song? It's not a song, it's a phone number.

Where is this area code anyways? York county.

Did Ali know anybody from there? I'm guessing that she called her beach hotty Board shorts.

Let it go, Spencer.

Why do you still think Ali's alive? Let it go or it will come apart in ways that you cannot even imagine.

Did you kill detective wilden? I've been protecting you since it started.

The police have our names on a board with arrows and graphs.

And not just ours, my mom's up there.

I know you were here the night that Wilden was killed.

She called me, came over, said she need money.

And what happened when you told her no? I keep a gun locked in my desk.

It's missing.

Hanna, what's wrong? I think my mom killed Wilden and "A" knows it.

Mom! Mom? Mom? Hmm? What's wrong? I had a nightmare.

Mom! Hanna? Is everything okay? Yeah.

Yeah, I'm fine.

You want to talk about it? What? No.

No, not yet.


Good morning.


I just spoke to Melissa.

She started her internship today.

Yeah? What did she say? London is beautiful, but very cold.

Sounds like a perfect match.

This is for you.

What is that? It's what you need to read before your meeting with Brendan Mcgowan.

Who's that? He's a private admissions counselor.

He's going to help you with college.

How? The Carlyles hired him after Nora got that DUI.

With Brendan she was still able to go to her second choice.

But I don't have a DUI.


But you have Radley.

Brendan will know which schools to target and how to make you most attractive to them.

Oh, he's like an ivy league pimp.

Sweetie, you've worked hard and you deserve to go to a good school.

We just need to re-position you.

Mom, I am not a sofa, okay? And nobody is more upset than I am that I didn't get into UPenn, but that doesn't mean that I can't get into other good schools.

I agree, and so does Brendan.

I was gonna make us some breakfast.

You got time? Yeah.

I think so.

What about mom? She is at the gym.

That's the third time this week she's left before it's light out.

I know, she's really working hard to-- Avoid the neighbors? Yeah.

Listen, it will all blow over, Emmy.

I promise.

Not without humiliating you both first.

I've been in scarier combat zones than this town.

It's gonna take more than a couple of dirty looks at the hardware store to take me out.

It's a beautiful campus.

Yeah, it's okay.

I'm sorry that we can't make that work for you.

Dad, it's okay.

Even if we could afford it, I doubt I'd even get in.

Why would you say something like that? Because without swimming, I'm average.

There is nothing average about you.

I know I can't do much but I want you to know I'm gonna do everything I can to help you.

I'm gonna go make that breakfast.

Those eggs aren't going to burn themselves.

You're representing your family, your school, and your community during these college visits.

Translation? Do not use this weekend to discover beer pong.

You are to use this time to audit classes, tour the campus, and decide if this is where you want to go.

Hey, you guys, why would I dream that? I mean, "A" is about to drop the hammer on my mom.

The only thing your dream is telling you is that you should be drinking warm milk before bed.

My dad's gun is missing, Spencer.

Yeah, and that look really bad, but we've gone over this.

"A" has tried to frame us before-- No, it's not framing if you actually did it! Hanna, this is your mother.

Okay, looked you in the eye and told you she didn't.

Don't you guys have a class to get to? Yeah, we're going.

You'd get there faster if your feet were actually moving.

Whoa, what's with your mom? Kinda harsh.

I don't know.

She's been really weird the past few days.

Makes me wonder if "A's" moved on from Hanna's mom to mine.

Well, "A" can multi-task.

Can you guys come over after school? I can't.

I have a strategy session at the brew.

My mom's hired a spin-doctor to make me shiny and new again.

Sorry? It's an admissions coach.

She wants him to wave his magic loafer and get me into college.

All right, I'll see you later, guys.


How much do you think a spin-doctor like that cost? It's the Hastings, so I'm guessing it costs than your car.

Guys, this isn't about money, okay? I mean, the last thing on my mind right now is trying to sell myself.

With everything that went down with Melissa, and Tippi being birdnapped.

Don't even bring up that singing canary.



We don't have the bird or the beast.

Now that Melissa's gone, we have very little to go on.

Well, if Melissa was telling the truth about anything, then we should be following the Ali trail.

And that trail ends with "Board shorts.

" And our only way of finding him was through Tippi's phone number.

I've already spent days researching that stupid number.

I can't find a single thread that links Wilden, Ian, or Garrett to York County.

Hold up.

Wait, there's a college there, I just saw it.


Cicero College.

Is there a contact number? Yeah.

That's interesting.


-What? Yeah, look.

The area code and the prefix are the same.

Looks like we just got a little closer.

I came to grab you for lunch, but Hackett said you were leaving early.

Should I be worried? - No.

I'm was just going to stop by the brew to see Zack.

Oh, okay.


So, how's the trip planning going? You bet on how much schnitzel you can eat before you're craving a patty melt? Not exactly I'm actually gonna go to tell him that the trip is off.

What? Why? Did you guys get in a fight? No, no.

Nothing like that.

It's just, um I just changed my mind.

Hold it.

Like two days ago you were modeling thermals and moon boots.

What happened? I I came to my senses.

We can we talk about it later, okay? I gotta go.


Mom, wait.

Did somebody say or do something that would make you change your mind? Actually, yes.

I had a long talk with your brother and he's just not comfortable with me leaving.

What? Oh, please.

Mom, Mike can take care of himself.

Your brother's still not recovered from me moving out.

And putting an ocean in between us is not exactly ideal.

What? What? What are you looking at? Is that a fly or a bee? It's a bee.

Open your window.

See? This is why I can't move 5,000 miles away.

Look, we're not losing you forever.

It's just a couple of months.

Mike can deal with it.

Aria, I can't discuss this right now.

But we will talk about it tomorrow at family night, okay? Okay.

Mom! Mom! She's going to be okay, right? Yeah, she's fine.

They put her on some anti-inflammatories.

I'm the one who needs a shot of something.

I'm freaking out.

Can you try and talk to your mom? Can you explain-- Explain what, Em? That "A" gave her four-wheel hive? I just I have to get her out of town before "A" decides to unleash the rest of their evil ark.

Hey, it's my mom's doctor on the other line.

I gotta go, okay? Okay.

Give her my best, okay? Yeah.

Are you Brendan? Yeah Spencer? No.

I'm Emily.

She's running a little late.

How'd you guess? Was it the large, scary looking binder? Yep.

Yeah and, uh company name is on it.

Can I get you anything else? Uh, no thanks.

I'm good.

At the risk of sounding rude, what is it that you actually do? Well, I help applicants put their best foot forward and try to get them face-time with people who can champion them.


But honestly, most of my work is emotional.

People get crazed through this process, they need someone to help them over the hot coals.

Yeah, I get that.

I was ready to swim my way into Stanford before my shoulder got busted.

So, now I don't know what to do.

Well, if I were your advisor, I'd figure out a way to re-brand you.

How did you get into all this? I mean, you look like you just graduated yourself.

It's a family business, so I trained early.

But thanks for noticing that I'm not collecting social security yet.

Every time I walk through a high school door with a blazer and tie, I feel like I might as well be Grandpa Munster.

Look, if you want I could go through some of these schools with you.

At least until Spencer shows up.


Yeah, that'd be great.

Thanks for agreeing to do this.

I didn't want anyone seeing me come to your office.

Ashley, what did you come here to talk to me about? Wilden.

Darren Wilden.

I want to tell you my side of the story.

Unless you think you already know.

I've -- I've heard some rumors, but Look, I have to ask this as a formality, are you talking to me as your friend or as your lawyer? Hopefully both.

I-I think the police are building a case against me.

Well, let me look into it.

I've got a contact at Rosewood PD.

Aren't you going to ask me? What? If I'm guilty? I'll call my contact.

You sit tight until then, okay? Veronica, I I have some skeletons in my closet.

And I just didn't want you to be surprised.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

You need to cover your bases.

I would start with these three.

Plus Davoren has a Polynesian Studies major.

Are you Hawaiian? Uh, Filipino, Korean, Irish, Scottish.

Yeah, but I'm not really interested in Polynesian Studies, I want to major in biology.

Well, there's no harm in faking it for a little while though, right? - Brendan? - Yeah.

I'm Spencer.

So sorry I'm late.

No problem.

Your friend is great company.

No, stay.

So, I've got this weekend's campus visit to Brown set.

Yeah, I was looking over that list of stuff you gave me, And I think I actually want to check out Cicero.

I'm a little confused.

Cicero wasn't even on your list.

I understood from your mom that we were focusing on the ivies.

Yeah, but it never hurts to have a safety school, right? Sure.

We'll postpone Brown.

Why don't we meet at Cicero tomorrow morning? I can introduce you to the head of-- Actually, I was thinking that I should probably go by myself.

You know, to get a real feel for the place.

I think our time would be better spent meeting with some department heads.

The director of admissions happens to be a family friend.

Uh, do you think Cicero would be a good fit for me? Yeah.


You should totally come.

I'll drive both of us.

When did you get home? I don't know.

Like a minute ago.

Where's dad? He's out.

How's mom? Puffy.

Can we talk? Later, okay? I'm crushing this level.

What the hell?! What did you say to mom to make her change her mind about Europe? - Give that back to me.


Don't you even care that she's in bed right now covered in like five layers of calamine lotion! Of course I do.

What does that have to do with Europe? Nothing, I Look, Mike, my point is you're being selfish.

Okay, you're sitting here playing video games while she's trying to fight her swelling down-- She said she needed to rest! And you won't let her leave for a trip.

How is that being selfish? Because you only want her around to hold your hand while you're writing a paper.

Excuse me? I like having mom here.

Why are you trying to ship her off? Cause I care about her happiness, that's why.

Try your own.

The only reason you want her to go so bad is so you can start boffing your teacher again.

It's hard to get frisky with Fitz when someone's looking over your shoulder, huh? Hanna? Can you help me with these, please? So, I heard some kids from school are going on campus visits this weekend.

You didn't want to go? Well, I don't really like when the tour guides walk backwards.

It makes me nauseous.

Especially if they're wearing pleated jeans.

Fine, Hanna.

I don't need to look at colleges.

I already know where I wanna go.

Well, until you get into the fashion institute, You might want to have some other choices.

Hello? Hi.

No, I can talk.

I just didn't expect to hear from you so soon.

Can you hang on a second? I got you the rice salad you like.

Start without me, I'll be right back.

I don't understand.

How bad is it? You should come to my office first thing in the morning.


In spite of the divorce and everyting but do you think your dady're would cover for your mom if she was in serious trouble? Hi.

Good morning.

I never went to bed.

Do you think your dad would still put himself on the line for your mom if she really needed it? I don't know, Han.

Yeah, I mean, I think he would.

Why? Did you call your dad? No, I don't know if I should.

I mean, what if Caleb's right? I don't want to push my dad to help and then him just go the other way.

Yeah, well, why aren't you waking up caleb? You don't think I've tried? He's camping with his dad.

The closest thing he has to a phone is an empty can of beans.

What exactly brought all of this on? Her muddy shoes, they're gone.

They're not under the sink.

Do you think that "A" took them? No, they're probably just in her closet.

Did you look there? It's locked.

God, this is so weird, she never locks her closet.

Well, she picked a good time to start.

I gotta go.

Okay, just check in with me later, okay? Bye.

Hey, you need me to drop you off at Spencer's? Oh, I'm good.

She's coming to pick me up.


What's this? Gas money.

And a little extra.

Dad, that's a lot extra.

Well, I want you to enjoy yourself this weekend.

Take Spencer out for a pizza, my treat.

I'm good.

I got paid yesterday.

Then take it, and buy yourself something you ordinarily wouldn't.

You know? Handbag I don't know.


How's she doing? She's fine.

She's just tired from the medication.

Are you going to go see her? Yes, I was planning to later.

Well, could you sooner than later? She needs you.

Uh, no she doesn't.

She needs you to tell her to go to Europe.

I do, too.

Aria, are you asking me to convince your mother to run off with her new boyfriend? Well, that's not going to happen.

Why would you want me to do that? Because she doesn't understand what she's giving up if she doesn't go.

Wouldn't you miss her? Yes, so much.

Look she's only staying here because she thinks that she has to.

And you're the only person who can release her from that.

Aria Your mother is a grown woman who can make her own decisions.

Look, I know that this is a really strange request.

But she values your opinion.

And she still cares a lot about what you think of her.

Our first stop today is a Regents' Tea.

Head of the Humanities Department's gonna be there, So if you can casually slip in a reference to Kierkegaard, - You'll make his heart go pitter-pat.


You know those sorority scholarships you mentioned earlier? - Yeah.

How do I get one of those? Do they require pom-poms? No, but there are certain steps you could take to help yourself get noticed.

I'd be happy to talk more about it.

Maybe over a meal? Yeah, sure.

I'll get our badges.


Okay, I think you can dial it back.

He doesn't need to believe that we actually want to go to this podunk school.

I just need you to help me distract him long enough, So that we can track down the number that Ali kept calling.

Hey, Spencer, I -- He's gonna come back any second.

So, here's the plan.

I'm gonna up Jar Jar Binks and I need you to occupy Brendan at more with bores or whatever.

First chance you get, brush him off, meet me back here.

Got it? Yeah, okay.

Ready to go? Yeah, actually I need to freshen up.

So, I'm just gonna head back over to the hotel, and I will catch up with you guys later, okay? - Okay.




Hi, it's Aria.

Leave a message, I'll call you back.

Hello? Oh, thank god.

Hanna, now's not the time, okay? I need answers from a guy who spends his weekends pretending to be a Hufflepuff.

I've got to focus here.

No, Spencer.

I'm bugging out and I need your help.

I went snooping through my mom's closet, Looking for the shoes.

Hanna, will you please leave your poor mother alone.

You already gave her a Britney shears in your dream, What else are you going to do to that woman? Look, I've gotta go.

The number that Ali kept calling is in this area code.

If we can find board shorts, we can find out what happened to Ali.

Wish me luck.

No! Spencer, wait! I-- Hi.

I love your shirt.

What can I do for you? I was just wondering if you could tell me whose number this is.

There's an automated directory right over there.

Okay, but even though it's a campus number, It's actually unlisted.

I know, right? If it's unlisted, I don't have it either.

I can't help you.

You can't? Or you won't? Look man, I totally get it, okay? "You shall not pass.

" The thing is, it's really important.

So please? For all I know that number doesn't even exist anymore.

It totally exists.

I just need to know where.

Why? - It's personal.

You trying to track down an old boyfriend or something? What? No, why would you even think that? I know girls like you.

You got the crazy eyes.

They're not that crazy.

Crazy enough.

Fine, let me see that thing.

Thank you.

All right, the first three numbers means it's on campus, And the next three numbers means it's on greek row.

Really? Do you know where? No, at least it gives the poor bastard a fighting chance.

"A Lannister always pays his debts.

" You would like the Lannisters.

I could give you the entire Targaryen speech from the end of season one, but I will not waste my breath.

So, how is it? It's pretty gnarly.

But I decided to take a gamble and rejoin the human race.

Well, you don't look bad.

Compared to what? Bleu cheese? Um, I spoke with Mike this afternoon.

Oh, um, Byron, it's a non-issue.

And he understands that you need this time away.

Since when? Since I spoke with him.

This is silly.

I'm the parent of two teenagers.

It's my job.

And I can cover your shift.

Clock some overtime, steal some paperclips.

Why? Because you have spent your entire adult life taking care of other people.

Me being one of them.

And it is time for you to do something for yourself.

And you don't think it makes me, like, the worst mother of the year? Ella You and I talked about moving to Europe when we were still in college.

And then Aria happened.

Then Mike.

Then a mortgage.

And iceland doesn't count.

You were busy taking care of two teenagers and one nutty professor.

You've been given a second chance.

Take it.

Look, I'm sorry, okay? I lost track of time.


It's fine.

Forget it.

The important thing is we figured out that the number on Ali's loop is here somewhere.

And that "board shorts" was probably some frat boy she was having overnights with.

Maybe I should have worn something more ladylike.

Does this dress look slutty to you? Not really.

But the sluttier the better.

We have to zero in on the senior brothers.

See if any of them remember Ali or who she was hooking up with that summer.

Look, are you sure that this sorority party is the way to go? Maybe we should just knock on the frat house doors.

There aren't that many of them.

I want to go to the party, okay? Yeah, you're right.

All the guys will probably be there anyways.

Ugh, like moths to the flame.

Here What's this? Emily, it is a photo to jog memories of Ali.

I think this was where she was going with the money from Hector.

You know, when we get there we should probably divvy up the workload.

Do you want to talk to the deltas or the kappas? Neither! Look, I know that this is important, but can we please put a pin in this? I don't want to do this tonight.

Why? This is the reason we came here.

No, it isn't! I came here to talk to sorority sisters about a scholarship.

Yeah, that's right, I actually want to get into this "podunk" school.

So you're not here to help me find a number? No.

I'm here for me.

Okay, well, now it all makes sense.

What makes sense? Oh, you batting those camel lashes at Brendan, smiling, laughing at everything he says -- It's called being nice.

It's called flirting.

I don't think Brendan confused interest with flirtation.

Well, I'll tell you what I'm not confused about.

The fact that this entire weekend you've conveniently failed to mention that you're gay! No, you didn't.

I just didn't think that you were the type of person who would lead somebody on just to get what you wanted.

Nice coming from the girl who whipped off her bra to get back on the decathlon team.

Okay, I wasn't leading him on.

I was being charming! Could have fooled me.

You wouldn't know the difference.

You've never had to be charming.

You get to act like a total snot-rag, 'cause mommy and daddy have a safety net of cash to catch your fall! ♪Sisters of Zeta Chi♪ ♪The apple of god's eye♪ ♪Your light burns bright♪ ♪When all the brothers see♪ ♪They'll be on bended knee♪ ♪Sisters of Gamma Zee♪ ♪Our hearts unite♪ Hanna? Where are you going? I didn't know that you were home.

Um, I'm going to meet Emily and Spencer.

I was just going to call you from the car.

What are you doing that requires luggage? A campus visit.

Cicero College.

I thought you said you weren't interested in liberal arts colleges.

Yeah, well, like you said I should probably start thinking of other options.

I'm just gonna call you when I get there, okay? Okay.

Honey? Be safe.

So the first year you have a communal, but after that you can petition to get a single.


So, how do I apply? Well, first you'll have to meet with all the sisters.

Oh, that.

That was the Grunwald's.

What's a "Grunwald"? Mrs.


Our former house mother.

She was before my time.

But legend has it she was fired.

Did it have something to do with that? Maybe.

Apparently you couldn't get anything past that bitch.

One girl said it was like she knew you were gonna sneak out before you even got the idea yourself.

Anyways Let me show you our den.

We just got a new flat screen.

Excuse me, you wouldn't happen to know this girl would you? Uh-uh.

No? Thanks.

Sorry, hey, do you happen to know this girl? Oh, thank you.


Oh, hey.

I I think I just saw Spencer in one of the rooms.

I wasn't looking for Spencer.

I'm off-duty for the night.

Can I get you a drink? Sure.

'sup? It's not about you.

Could you look at this photo and let me know if you know this girl? Yeah, I've seen this girl.

Really? Yeah, in my dreams.

Thank you.


It's the same prefix.

Spencer! Hanna? What are you doing here? Looking for you! Where's Emily? I have no idea.

Well, didn't you come together? Yeah, thought so.

Well, I need both of you now.

Why? Hanna, what's going on? What? Is that real? Why would you bring a gun to a sorority party? Because it's the gun.

That killed Wilden.

At least I think it is.

Why do you have that?! - Because I found it.

In my mom's closet.

I have to get rid of it.

Get rid of it? Hanna, no, you have to give it back to your father.

And let my dad turn my mom in to the cops? No way.

I don't think he'd to that.

I'm not giving him the choice.

It's better to dump it here, miles away from Rosewood.

That way when the police question him, he's not gonna know the answers.

And he won't have to lie.


Look, Hanna, just wait here, please? Let me go find Emily.

No, I don't want to hold this.

No, Hanna.

Just stay here.

Okay? Please don't move.

Don't do anything, until I get her.

And we'll go together to your father's.

Okay? We'll figure this out, the three of us.


Please just hurry.


Hey, excuse me.

Sorry, have you seen Emily? - What? - My friend Emily, have you seen her? Um, she went that way, with some guy.

Emily? Em? Em? Em?! Hey, have you guys-- Hello? Hello? So, me and dad against you and mom? Fine.


Game on.

Let's go.

Who is this? It ain't Tippi the bird.



Slow down.

It's like some kind of panic room or bunker, or something Why would the phone number lead there? I don't know, maybe Maybe Ali spent some time hiding out here.

But someone was picking up that line.

Ali was not calling herself.

Okay, but why would board shorts need to go to a sorority house to answer his calls? Look, I have to go, Okay? I have to go find Hanna and Emily.

Hanna? What the hell is Hanna doing there? Look, I've got to go.


Dude, I scored a touchdown, man! It was awesome! I'm sorry.

In the past year or so I've actually become a pretty good cook.

Oh, you look out.

Can I get you another? Sure.

Emily? Emily? - What's wrong? - What? Oh, sorry, I think I just saw one of my friends.

You look upset.

No, no, it's just really strange that she'd here.

So, I need to find her and see what's going on.

Don't stress.

I'll come with you.

I'm sorry, Brendan.

You seem like a really great guy, But I think I may have given you the wrong impression.


I'm not available.

I'm with someone.

Maybe he's not making you happy anymore.

He's a she.

And she's amazing.


I'll still help you find your friend, if you want.

It's pretty dark out here, people have been drinking.

These parties can get a little out of control.

I'll be fine.

Hanna? Hanna, is that you? Hanna! Hello? Who is that? Tell me who you are! Welcome to college, pre-frosh! Emily! - Where's hanna? - I don't know.

What is she doing here? We need to find her, before she does something really stupid.

Hold it! Don't move! Get down on the ground, put your hands in front of you! Suspect's last name is Marin, first name Hanna.

Copy that.

Wait! Hanna!

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