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Previously on Pretty Little Liars The RV, it's gone! (Choking, whimpering) (Coughing) (All scream) Paige: Em, are you gonna be able to swim? - I'm Jake.

Do you teach privately? - When would you like to start? - Today.

I moved the RV.

"A" asked for it in exchange for the transcript from my mother's doctor at Radley written on the night she killed herself.

Hey, mom.

Hi, honey.

This is Zack.

My partner and I are investigating the murders of Officer Reynolds and Detective Wilden.

Hanna: Were you in New York the whole time you were gone? Did you come back to have it out with Wilden? If you're asking if I killed him, the answer is no.

Parrot: Miss me? - God, she sounds just like Ali.

(Parrot whistling tones) - Hey, what's this song? It's not a song it's a phone number.

Okay, my mom is not connected to a cockatoo.



Well, that bird is connected to Ali, Ali's connected to Wilden, and Wilden's connected to your mom and us and stuff we don't even know anything about.

My mom may have hit him a little with her car, but she did not kill Wilden.

Of course not.

Hey, how's your shoulder? I'm seeing the doctor again tomorrow.

Why would you take all this stuff? - I took the bird stuff and the rest of the junk to get past Mrs.

DiLaurentis with Ali's notebooks.

We learned so much from what Ali wrote down in Em's bio book.

Who knows what could be written in these? Oh "Eat, bake, love.

" Spencer: They look cozy.

Yeah, they do.

How's Jake? He's nice.


Seriously, he's nice.

We're seeing each other tonight.


Well, you don't have to say it like that.

I didn't say it like anything.

Is it weird to be jealous of your mom's love life? Vienna? Well, outside Vienna.

Um, in a castle on a lake.


Pastry must be serious business in Austria.

Oh, yeah.

How long would you be gone? Less than a year.

Well, that sounds like an incredible opportunity.


It is.

They only chose five Americans.

So would you like to come with me? Would I what? Would you like to come with me to Austria? You know, reading Shelley by a lake next to a castle I can't.




Well, that's better than "won't.

" Why can't you? Well, one reason is sitting over there with her friends.

Take motherhood off the table for a minute.

Well, for one thing, it would be very impractical.

That's the point of doing it.

Hey, em, could you ditch this stuff someplace? I don't want Mona to see it and start asking us questions.


I'll take it home.

Where is Mona? I don't know.

She wasn't at school.

Not knowing where she is makes me just as nervous as when she's all over us.

You guys, what's this? - That ain't no cuttle-bone.

This was in Ali's room? - It was either here or at her grandmother's.

It doesn't really seem her speed.


When did she get back? - Why did she come back? Yeah, I thought she was gone for good when they found Wilden.

Mona said that your sister was with Wilden on the train, and then she just leaves the night he's killed? Mona said she was on the train.

Just because Mona said it doesn't mean it's not true.

How was Washington? Very interesting.

They liked me, I liked them.

Well, what's not to like? I think they're gonna offer me an internship.

Might be San Francisco, could be London.

Wow! How exciting.

I hear things have been exciting around here.

Wilden's dead, somebody shot him and stuffed him in his own trunk and left him in the middle of town.

But, you know, it's the same old, same old.

It's terrible.

You don't know who would want to do that to him, do you? I have no clue, and I've been out of town.


Having an interview in Washington, and now you might go to San Francisco, maybe even London Chance of a lifetime.

It's like the perfect getaway.

It might be time for both of us to get out of this little town if we know what's good for us.

* got a secret, can you keep it * * swear this one you'll save * * better lock it in your pocket * * taking this one to the grave * * if I show you then I'll know you won't tell what I said * * 'cause two can keep a secret * * if one of them is dead * Hanna: So where was your dad? He was fishing.

He went out on this lake every morning, according to the guy at the campground.

I sat on the dock and waited for him.

I waited most of the day, actually.

It was getting dark when he came back in.

What'd you say to him? I told him I was sorry.

I told him that Pastor Ted found out it was someone at the foundry who switched the bell.

What did he say to that? He asked me if that's why I was there.

I told him no, I was there because I should have listened to him, backed him up.

I should have believed him.

I didn't say anything after that.

I just stood there.

I was gonna let him take a swing at me if he wanted to.

Did he? - No.

He, uh, tossed his string at me and asked if I knew how to clean a fish.

I do, so we, uh, fried up his catch and had dinner.

Well, it sounds like it might be okay.


Might be.


Your mom didn't do it.

Well, then "A's" gonna make her look guiltier and guiltier until the cops start paying attention.

Okay, look, shoes or no shoes, we know she was in new York the night Wilden died.

So all we have to do is prove she was in New York.

Well, I don't know if that's all, but it's a start.

Aria: Vienna? In Austria? That's the one.


Don't sound too surprised.

I'm not surprised, I'm impressed.

That's better.

Are are you gonna go? There was a split second where I thought about buying a ticket and going with him.

Only a second? You'd be surprised how long a second can last.

Well, do you want to go? It's not that simple.

I didn't ask if it was simple or hard, I just asked if you wanted to go.

Are you worried of what will happen if you're away from him for a year? Less than a year.

Still, it's it's a long time to be away from someone.


Yes, it is.

Spencer: Strike three.

Are you sure what you got from the bird was a real phone number? It wouldn't ring if it wasn't a real phone number.

It's just not in any reverse directory I can find.

Are you okay? I just keep reading Dr.

Palmer's notes.

I wanted to know what happened to my mom.

It's just not in there.

They're gonna find out what you did.

With the lair.

Emily and the others.

I know.

We should tell them before they find out from somebody else.

I don't think I could look them in the eye.

The thing about "A", when it was Mona whatever it is now she always knows when you're at your weakest.

"She"? It's always felt like a she, hasn't it? "Check the facts.

" That's what "A" told you, right? The facts are, my mom stole a key, unlocked a window at Radley, and jumped.

Those are the facts, but how are we supposed to check them? You'd go back there? If I thought it would help.

What is it? - What's what? You're looking at me like you thought I might steal your chicken satay.


No, I just I just think you were gypped.

How's that? Well, you went to New York, and all you got to see was the inside of a stupid hotel.

Come on.

That was a business seminar, not a pleasure trip.

So you didn't get to do anything.

You didn't go shopping or go to a restaurant? Do you want my itinerary, Hanna? It was conferences and meetings the whole time.

And then they marched us off to a musical on Friday night as a reward.

What show? "Anything Goes.

" Bring me the plates.

Aria: Okay.


Woman in movie: You better look at this.

Messenger brought it this morning.


That's right.

Takes a nice picture.

I don't trust her.

It's Film Noir.

You're not supposed to trust anybody.

A woman telephoned me shortly after this thing was delivered.

What else was there? Why are detective movies always in black and white? Black and white's a different world.

I love it.

Hmm, I don't know, I see it a black and white movie on TV, and I think something's broken.

You're kidding, right? You know where this picture was taken? I haven't the slightest idea.

(Both laugh) I had you goin' for a minute, didn't I? (TV off) Why's it make you so nervous, the idea that I might not like something as much as you do? I just want to make sure that we have stuff in common, ya know? Mm-hmm.

It's great to have things in common.

But if people match up too much, then there aren't any surprises.

Yeah, that'd be pretty dull.

And I don't think you like dull.

No, I don't.

She was in all evening.

Police already checked that when they called about Owen.

Go ahead and scratch.

You told the EMT you fell off your bike.

That's what happened.

You hit your shoulder pretty hard.

No other cuts or bruises.

Guess I'm lucky.

I guess so.

I sent the x-rays and MRI for a consult.

Looks like you're still having some discomfort.

Would you like me to write a prescription for something to help? Maybe hydrocodone? No, I've had a bad reaction to that.

I don't see that in your file.

Who prescribed it for you? I mean, I've heard you could have a bad reaction to it.

All right.

I'll call when I hear back on the consult.





I forgot that I had them.

That's why they're supposed to live in the dish by the front door.

You know, it would be a lot easier if I had my own set.

Yeah, it would.

Who are these from? The bank.

I think they bought them by the carload for everyone who was in New York.


You know what? I'll be right back.

(Telephone rings) Hanna.

Hanna! (Ringing) Hello.

Vienna's a long way to go for some strudel.

Depends who the baker is.

Would she go? Well, she says no, but I think she's actually thinking about it.

What do you think about it? - I'm not sure.

I mean, I miss her not being in the house, I can't even imagine what it'd be like if she was on a different continent.

Any luck with big bird's phone number? No.

I plugged it into every reverse directory and search engine I could.

But it's a real number; it's going to a real line.

But I can't even find a name or even a town.

Dead end? - No, not yet.

I'm not giving up on it.

I started going through Ali's notebooks.

There's a lot of 'em.

I could use some help.

I can come over tonight.

Um, I can't tonight.

I promised Toby that I would help him with something.


I'm sure the two of us can handle it.


Mom? I thought I'd give you a ride.



Now, Emily.

What's going on? - We'll talk about it in the car.


Is dad okay? Your father's fine.

This is about you.

What about me? Dr.

Vargas called.

He wanted to know if I'd ever given you any of the hydrocodone that I was prescribed last year.

Why would he ask you that? He said you were uncertain if you'd ever taken it.

I've never taken it.

Emily, I checked the bottle.

I counted the pills.

Now, I might be one or two off, but there are more than seven pills missing.

Did you take them? I didn't take them.

Then where did they go? Emily, please, I need some kind of an explanation.

What is - Emily.

Hey! Let's go.

Get in the car.

No! - Get in the car.

Let go of my arm! I'm sorry.

Just get in the car now.


What is going on? I have no idea.

(Cell phone rings) Look, most innocent people don't have alibis because they don't know they need them.

Yeah, but my mom lied about where she was.

It's not the same thing.

She was in Rosewood that night.

All you know is that she wasn't at that play.

I'm gonna end up with a mom or a dad.

Has your mom talked to your dad about this at all? No.

My parents communicate through attorneys ever since my dad and his stepford wife pulled Kate out of Rosewood High.

Maybe talking to an attorney isn't such a bad idea.

You think she did something? No.

I I'm just saying, the ground isn't that solid right now.

Woman in background: Rosewood P.


Can I help you? Oh.


(Clears throat) Um I was looking for Pam Fields, Emily's mom? I I brought her some flowers.

We should step outside.

Um, what what is all that? It's how you break down a murder case.

If you want to solve it.

And everything on that board has to do with who killed Wilden? Most of it.

Well, why is my name on that board? Lots of people on that board.

People who knew him, people who didn't even know they knew him.

One by one, you take people off the list.

Just part of the process.

Nothing to worry about.

Yeah, unless you're the last name left.

Well, then you might have a problem.

(No audible dialogue) Excuse me.

Miss Hastings.

(No audible dialogue) (Car alarms chirps) - Mr.



I didn't want to bother you in your office.

I just wanted to make sure you knew what was going on.

What exactly are we talking about? Detective Wilden.

What's that got to do with me? You know that he was bothering your wife and your daughter.

Hanna's mother is my ex-wife.

The point is, he was giving them a hard time, and it wasn't exactly a secret.

Now he's dead.

Yes, we've established that.

Hey, they're bringing in some state investigators.

Hanna's worried that they're gonna try to pin it on her mom.

If that happens, they are both gonna need help.

What kind of help? Hanna's mom's gonna need a lawyer, and Hanna Hanna needs to know that you're gonna be there for her.

Okay? She needs her father.

I'll keep all this in mind.

Thank you, Caleb.

You're welcome.

I think.

(Starts car) Hey, did you end up telling your mom that you took her pills? Had to.

But did you tell her why you took them? Which "why" should I tell? The one I told the EMTs, or the one I told Paige? I'm not doing well on the lie detector this week.

It wasn't that big of a lie.

Do you hear yourself? I took my mom's prescription meds.

It's not that big of a lie compared to everything else we've had to deal with.

I don't even want to think about the size of the story we're gonna have to come up with if somebody sees that video of us in Wilden's car.


What? Look at this.

Tell me what you see.

Oh, my God.

It's Ali.

This looks like the mask that Hanna saw on the train.

And it may be the one that all of us saw at the lodge.

Why did Ali have one? Because she was the original.

She must have modeled for it.

Why would she do something like that? "That's immortality, my darlings.

" - Why did Mona have a copy? - I don't know, but we can't ask Mona.

Wait, look.

There's a mark stamped on the back.

* in the person there's a crack * * I've seen your dark side, now * I do not appreciate you spying on me.

I was not spying.

I just happened to look in the waste basket.

You deliberately looked.

You lied to me.

I do not have to account for myself to you! Mom, I don't care about the stupid play, all right? But why would you lie about it? Do not ask me any more questions.


If anyone asks you I'll say you were at the show.

Don't lie.

Just don't say anything.

(Door closes) (Phone rings) Hello.


If we go through the children's wing and the service corridor, we can get upstairs without going through the wards.

What if they changed the codes? Mona didn't give me the codes.

She gave me the override numbers.

Mona must have been very impressed with you.

I'm a fast learner.

It's the same one.

Not the same mask Mona had on the train, but it's the same face, the same expression.

They're from the same mold.

Turn it over.

"Hector Lime.

Dimensional artist.

" That's his web address under his name.

His studio's on the far side of Torch Lake.

He makes masks and statues and props for horror films.

Ali went there, and he copied her face.

If he made one, he must have made others.

That's why we called you and Spencer.

Where is Spencer? I don't know.

The call went straight to voice-mail.

Ali was at the studio.

Both masks came from the same place.

Yeah, but we don't know how many there are or who has them and if they got them from Ali or from this guy's studio.

Let's go find out.

Shouldn't we wait for Spencer? No, we can handle this on our own.

What? We can't make a move without Nancy Drew? This mask connects us to Ali and the Halloween train, which connects us to Wilden.

The police have our names on a board with arrows and graphs, and not just ours my mom's up there.

So I'm not waiting for Spencer because "A's" not waiting for anyone.

Now come on.

I feel like I just got drafted.

Aria: Ali came out here alone? - Hanna: She must have.

There's someone on the porch.

Aria: Hello? Okay, should we talk about this plan? I like it better when people call first.

That's what it says in the ad.

Um did you, uh, did you make this? Well you better come in.

The file says it was the east side window.

That's gotta be it.

This is where she did it.

She had her session with Dr.

Palmer, all about how much she wanted to live then she stole a key from the nurses station and she came in here she unlocked the window I wanted the truth.

Well Here it is.

Oh, my God, Spence I gave the RV to "A" for nothing.

I hate it when people do this to my work.

So it is yours.

My stamp on the back.

Which I guess is how you got here? Why'd you make it? Didn't your friend tell you? No, she didn't.

She's dead.

So, um, how did you guys meet? Well, I put an ad on the Internet.

I was looking for a model.

I needed a Joan of Arc.

Someone young and beautiful and a warrior.

Your friend was perfect.

So you used her for Joan of Arc.

What about the mask? You would make a great Medusa.

Thank you.

I've got a client who would love you as Medusa.

I could do it where the snakes actually You were telling us about our friend.

How many of those masks did you make? Suppose we do a little barter.

I'll tell you what I know, and you give me something in return.

What do you want? Your face.

But are you sure that this is the right room? This is the room.

What are you getting at? Look at the roof.

See how it juts out, what, 10, 15 feet all the way around the building? How could somebody who jumped from here have cleared that roof and then fall clean to the ground? I don't know how your mom fell, but I don't think she jumped not from here.

I think "A" gave you something real.

I've gotta find Dr.


I've gotta talk to somebody who saw her that day.


We'll find him.

The whole thing will be over before you know it.

Well, you better ask your questions while you still can.

Is this what you did with Ali to copy her face? Yes, that's right.

So you used her for Joan of Arc, but what about the mask? Well, that was Alison's idea.

She asked me to make them.

She said she wanted masks for all her friends so they could look like her.

I made them.

Hard masks and soft ones.

They turned out very well.

Did you make them for anyone else? Look, we have to get started.

This stuff sets up fast.

So just relax, sit back.

(Gasps, exhales) You're doing fine.

You were telling us about Alison.


Alison ordered the masks, I made them and handed them over.

Did you keep any? - I broke the mold when I was finished.

Why? Because she told me to.

You and I need to talk.

Hector: Now, I want you to breathe in through your nose and breathe out gently through your mouth.

Oh, that's perfect.

It's perfect! The whole time I was thinking of Ali and how that's what it must feel like to be buried alive.

Did you find anything? Yeah, I found something.

If you're involved in this, if Ashley sent you to me, just say so.

Nobody sent me to you, Mr.

Marin, okay? You knew that she was in Rosewood that night.

Hanna's mom.

Did she tell you, or did you see her? I saw her.

She came to my house around nine o'clock.

Isabelle had some people over, so we talked in my office above the garage.

She say anything about Wilden? - Nope.

She called me, came over, said she needed money, more money than I had we're not very liquid right now.

And what happened when you told her no? Isabelle wanted me for something.

I came back, Ashley was gone.

Why didn't you tell me that this afternoon? You're just on the edge of this right now.

You could still walk away.

I love your daughter, Mr.


After we talked today, I went home, I went up to my office, and I did something I've been afraid to do since Wilden got shot.

I keep a gun locked in my desk.

I looked for it.

It's missing.

(Knocking on door) Come in.

I thought we had an understanding about you were staying in tonight.

Hanna needed my help.

What's this? Nothing.

It's just clay.

Did someone from Family Services call you? Family Services? No.

Well, they called me.

They want to interview me.

About what? - About you.

Apparently someone thought I was a little excessive with you outside the school.

So they called Family Services.

And some snippy little bureaucrat says that they detect some kind of a pattern.

What kind of a pattern? Your shoulder, how you wound up in the hospital with an ulcer, the trouble that you've had with the police the fact that your dad is away so much.

She even talked to Dr.


Who talked to Dr.

Vargas? - The social worker.

Whatever happened to privacy in this country, anyway? I don't know.

Look, don't worry about it.

We'll get this straightened out.

(Door closes) So, a decaf, non-fat iced mocha.

That's pretty much a glass of chocolate milk, right? Yeah, pretty much, but you feel more grown up when you order it.

Will you excuse me for a second? Sure.

You have to go to Vienna with Zack.

What? - Go with him.

I am ordering you to follow your bliss.

Are you trying to get rid of me? I'm trying to get you to go on an adventure.

Mom, Mike and I, we're gonna be just fine with dad.

Well, as long as he doesn't try to make that vegetarian lasagna again.

Aria, I think I know what you're trying to do.

But you have to understand, I've thought about this a lot, and it just won't be easy for anybody.

Passion isn't supposed to be easy.

It's supposed to be passionate.

I am not gonna sit here and discuss passion with my daughter.

Then don't discuss it, and do not talk yourself out of something that you want and is something that you deserve.

Mom, please do this.

Please? I need the inspiration.

It would certainly be something to tell the grandkids.


It's none of my business, but that looked kind of intense.

No, not really.

I was just giving my mother permission to go off and join the circus.

That was nice of you.

Will you miss her? I'm I'm sorry.

No, no.

It's gonna be okay.


I she needs to go.

(Laughter) Where were you? Why weren't you answering your phone? I was with Toby.

We just wanted some privacy, okay? Well, look in here and see what you missed.

Melissa? - Yeah.

That's what we said when we saw it.

This was from the studio that Ali went to? - Melissa must have been there.

He copied your sister's face just like he did Alison's.

So did Melissa follow Ali there, or did Ali follow Mellissa? Maybe they went together.

(Water running) Mom? Ashley: Yes, Hanna? I just wanted to let you know that I'm back.

All right.

Hanna? - Yeah? I'm sorry.

About before.

It's all right.

Are you okay? Yes, I'm fine.

Don't worry.

(Water continues running) (Knocking on door) Come in.

I saw Hanna at the police station today.

Did she mention that? - Yeah, she did.

I was wondering what she was doing there.

She was wondering the same thing about you.

The new investigator asked me to come in.

He wanted to talk about Darren Wilden.

I think they're talking to everybody who had anything to do with him.

Were you of any help? I don't think so.

I hardly knew him.

You guys went to high school together.

Seems like such a long time ago.

So much has happened since then.

Do you ever think about how much has changed? All the people that are gone? Yeah, I do.

What does it all mean? Uh I think that's an awful big question for this time of night.

Do you suppose other sisters have as much trouble getting along as we do? There might be a few.

Maybe we're just too much alike, and that's the problem.


I don't know.

You asked me a question once.


If it came down to protecting you or protecting somebody else, somebody I loved, who would I pick? Do you remember? Yeah, I do.

What would your answer be if I asked you the same question? If you had to choose what would you do? (Buzzing) (Footsteps approach, knock on door) Emily? I'm awake.

I thought you should know.

Your dad's coming home.

He is? I just got off the phone with him.

Family Services called him, too.

* your knee bone connected to your thigh bone * * your thigh bone connected to your hip bone * * your hip bone connected to your backbone * * your backbone connected to your shoulder bone * * your shoulder bone connected to your neck bone * * your neck bone connected to your head bone * * now hear the word of the lord * * dem bones, dem bones gonna walk around *

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