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  04x02 - Turn of the Shoe
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars.

What are you doing? - Saving your mom.

All this for a muddy cop car and a dead pig? - Who's that for? - Jessica DiLaurentis.

She's moving back.

Back to their old house? - Are you sure the RV is safe in here? - It'll be fine for a few days.

There's stuff in there that can bring us all down.

"Closed caskets keep secrets.

His is open and exposes yours.

" There's something in that coffin that's incriminating to us.

Why are you calling me on my mom's phone? Who is that? I'm Officer Holbrooke.

My partner and I are investigating the murders of Officer Reynolds and Detective Wilden.

Just here to find out the truth.

"The truth won't set you free, bitches.

" When was the last time your mom called you from New York? I don't know, the day before yesterday.

I haven't really been keeping track.

Have you checked your phone? - She called me from the hotel room, Emily.

She has no cell.

Who was that freaky woman at the funeral? - Which freaky woman? There was a couple, Han.

The one in black with the veil, and she was just diving into that town car.

Speaking of freaks, where's Melissa? - Spencer? - What? Where's your sister been? D.


she's interviewing for an internship.

With who, Satan? - Wait a second.

You think that Melissa was the woman in black? - Do you? - I didn't really get a good look at her.

I was trying not to wet myself when that new cop made a beeline over for us.

Well, he can beeline all he wants.

We didn't do anything to Wilden.

Except for throw his car in a lake and leave fingerprints all over it when "A" pulled it out.

Spencer, what are you doing with my French fries? I'm re-created the geography around the lodge to see if it's even possible that the person who jumped out of the plane could rescue you three from a burning building.


Put down the mozzarella stick.

It's mine.

No, it's not.

It's a plane.

Spencer, you can stack all the food that you want, - it wasn't Alison.

Why are you so sure? Because I went to her funeral twice.

We never saw a body.

We've been through this.

Okay? You were oxygen-deprived.

She wasn't, and you saw her, right? Oh.

So now I'm the crazy one.

Gimme my mozzarella back.

Okay, it looked a lot like Alison, and I'm not ruling it out.

So you're saying that you think her mom is laying out all of her old pillows and toys because she's expecting her return? It was just one toy.

A clown.

God, Emily, please.

Not you, too.

Hey, guys.

Sorry I'm late.

So I've been thinking a lot about the Alison question.

Really? I've been thinking a lot about how you put my mom's phone in Wilden's casket.


What else do I have to do to prove to you that we're in this together? I gave you that chip from his dash cam, you were all there when my computer was hacked I have cashed in all of my "get out of hell free" cards, so if you don't believe me and you still think I'm keeping secrets, go out there and search that RV for yourselves.

What? Lead the way.

We'll follow.

Why are we doing this now? - Because if we wait until later she can get back here before us and purge.

What was that? It was a bird.

A beaver.

Do you need to wait in the car? I'm just saying I don't even know what we're supposed to be looking for.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, it's gone.

What do you mean it's gone? This is where I left it.

I mean, you saw me, Hanna.

I haven't been back here since.

I swear.

Somebody stole it.

Somebody? Let's get out of here.

That somebody wasn't me! Wait.

What's going on? Aah! Aaah Oh, my gosh! Mona! Mona! Are you okay? Get up.

Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Got a secret, can you keep it ♪ swear this one you'll save ♪ better lock it in your pocket ♪ takin' this one to the grave ♪ if I show you then I know you won't tell what I said ♪ 'cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead ♪ - Hey.

Hey, stranger.

Didn't even hear you come in last night.

Yeah, well, the door was closed - so I just figured that you were sleeping.

I was.

It was a rough drive.

Probably should have taken the train.

So, how was New York? I didn't see much of it.

The bank booked a conference room with no windows.

How are you holding up? What's that supposed to mean? It means I haven't seen you in a week, and I'm curious.

I'm okay.

I went to the funeral.


And how was that? - Weird.

I mean, I I wanted him gone, and I'll probably go to hell for saying that, but I hope not.

Then you'll have to see him again.

Mom, you don't think I had anything to do with this, do you? I mean, I know I wanted him dead, but you don't think that Hanna, that thought never even crossed my mind.

What do you think happened to him? I think that Detective Wilden had more enemies than friends and I think one of those people decided to do us all a favor.

Use a plate, please.


You lost your phone.

Where did you find that? It was in the mailbox.

I guess someone decided to return it.

I must have left it at the hotel desk when I was checking out.

Maybe they messengered it back.

Don't look so shocked, Hanna.

There are still some honest people in the world.

I can't understand how the edges are rough ♪ and they cut you like the tiniest slivers of glass ♪ ♪ and you feel so much ♪ ♪ and you don't know how long you're gonna last ♪ She's a mess.

She can barely move.

Has this wicked bruise on her shoulder.

She landed on a huge rock.

Why didn't she land on Mona? Hanna, the car tried to flatten me and Mona.

Emily hadn't jumped in we would have been road kill.

Seriously, if "A's" new plan is to try to pick off the tiny ones in the herd okay, we are not a herd.

It's an expression.

Yeah, for cows.

Well, I've been crated.

What does that make me? My mom didn't even blink when I pulled her phone out.

It was like she knew it was stolen and she was just waiting for me to spill.

It's not gonna help you or your mom to tell her that "A" is back.

Yeah, and framing her for a murder.

So what am I supposed to do now, nothing? I mean, if Mona didn't put that phone in the casket, then who did? And who sent that tape of us outside of Wilden's car? And who stole Mona's hate-mobile? Melissa? Jenna? Shana? You could always go ask her yourself.

Han, I wasn't serious.



You savin' that seat for your gal-pal Jenna? Excuse me? Don't act like you haven't heard that name before.


Why'd you skip Wilden's funeral? - Hanna.

Jenna was there.

Why weren't you? You three were all buds, right? - Where were you yesterday? - I was at swim practice, but I don't recall signing a contract - that said I had to report that to you.

Hanna, let's go.

So swimming laps was more important than saying good-bye to an old friend? What old friend? The groggy scumbag you and Jenna scraped off the road the night he was hit by a car.

Hanna, come on.


Got your text.

What'd you want to show me? Your future dorm room.

Or should I say "ours.

" - What do you think? - I like.

Seriously? I was going for cozy, but then it looked like cozy was one puffy drape away from "grey gardens.

" Paige, slow down.

I haven't even heard from the Stanford coach.

They're gonna want you.

Maybe not as much as I do, but that's a good thing.

Okay, truth.

What would you change? Well, I, um I'd push the beds a little closer together.

What's wrong? Um, nothing.

I slept weird.

Might not be able to swim tomorrow.

What?! Em! You have to swim tomorrow.

It'll be fine.

It's just a little bit more stiff than anything.

Um, show me those puffy drapes.



Why didn't you want to come up? What? Oh, I had to return a message.


You ready? Um Actually, you know what? I was thinking of bagging school today.

Do you want to go get some breakfast? I can't.

I have to get to a job today.

I thought it started on Monday.

I have to be on-site today.

Toby, what's going on? Why don't you want to answer a phone call? Hey, what happened to never keeping secrets from each other again? I am not keeping secrets.

Let's go, Spencer.

Mona was attacked last night.

We followed her out to where she parked the rv, it's gone.

And when Mona got back into her car, "A" or somebody tried to kill her.

Why does this not seem like breaking news to you? Because I have to go.

Okay? We can talk about this later.

Will we? *** We'll go over the historical context on Monday, and for those of you who are ahead, and can't enough of doomed romance, um, pick up "East of Eden" for extra credit.

Spence, you comin'? Uh, yeah.

I'll catch up to you guys at lunch.

Okay, we'll meet you in the courtyard.

You okay, Spencer? Yeah.

I, um I heard from UPenn this morning And I didn't get in.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, uh Are there any other schools not for my family, no.

I'll be the first one not to go.


I, um, I haven't told my parents, and I haven't even told my friends.

I don't really know why I told you, so I'd just really appreciate it if you No, no, no.

I won't say a word.

I've actually been asked to help out with college essays, so when you're ready to think of other schools, I'm here for you.

It's really important to have a second choice, even if you had your heart set on something else.

If I were you, I would actually apply to other schools right away.

And you can email me the essay and maybe we can work on it over the weekend.


Hey, Spencer.

It's their loss.

What's keeping you from saying something? She spent a whole summer dating her.

Leave Paige out of it.

She's already in it, Em.

She knows Shana better than any of us.

What was that? - I'm trying to find a heating pad.

Is your shoulder worse? I nearly fainted after Paige's hug.

You didn't tell her? No.

I'm not gonna put her on "A's" hit list again.

Well, I mean, are you gonna be okay tomorrow? Don't you have a big swim meet? Okay, can we not use "big" and "meet" in the same sentence? Maybe you can wear a swimsuit with sleeves.

I mean, I spent two summers at fat camp swimming in a parka.

Em? Are you gonna be able to swim? I don't have a choice.


No, it's not.

I have to break records.

Stanford wants - No.

Not that.

My My mom tried cleaning her manolos with a toothbrush.

If it's not your toothbrush, why do you care? They're silk.

Why wouldn't she just take them to the cleaners? Maybe she's trying to save money.

Look, I have to go.

Paige is coming soon.

No, she said she was holed up all week.

How muddy does a hotel lobby get? We'll talk later.

Can I help you? Hi.

Yeah, does Holden Strauss teach here? He's not here on Fridays.

He used the word "teach"? Well, I know that he just likes to come here to fight and stuff.

He does.

But last time I checked, I was still the teacher.


I don't mean to be rude.

You're not.

Holden is.

I'm Jake.


Do you teach privately? When would you like to start? Today.

Or tomorrow.

Just soon.

Sounds urgent.

You thinking about jumping into a gang? No.

I just have a bunch of school stuff coming up next month.

I can see you tomorrow at eleven.


I'll be here.

Can you give me a name, or do you just go by "Holden's friend"? Oh, sorry.

It was so quiet I thought you were sleeping.

I have to finish this by Monday.

How's it going? How do you think it's going? Last book I finished was "the very hungry caterpillar.

" Well, I won't disturb you.

Mom, did you leave your manolos in a bag under the sink? What about them? Nothing.

How'd they get so trashed? Did you go on a hike through central park? Why are you worrying about my clothes when you can't find the strength to hang up your own? I'm just curious.

I know that you love those shoes They're just shoes, Hanna.

Finish your book.

And get some sleep.

Hey, Spence, it's me again.

Why haven't you called me back? And where are you on a Saturday morning at ten o'clock? I need to talk to you.

Hanna? I thought that was you.

Hi, Mrs.


How are you doing? Good.

You've been doing a lot of work.

Well, everything I did yesterday was undone by an angry raccoon, or whatever's living under that porch.

Can I ask you something? If I fill that area in with iceberg roses, will it make the gray shingles look stodgy? Um, I don't Really have an opinion.

Really? God knows Alison would.

I'll clump the whites over here What was that? That? That was a gift from my late mother-in-law.


Meet Tippi.

I can't keep coming back.

It's uncanny, isn't it? Careful what you say around her.

It may come back to haunt you.

Want a sweet potato? - No, Tippi, we don't.

I'm guessing Mother D asked her that fifty times a day.

Miss me? God, she sounds just like Ali.

When she went to Georgia, she spent more time with that bird than she did her grandmother.

They shared a room.

Don't worry, sweetie, I don't think she taught her "Hefty Hanna.

" It was kind of a weird question for a college essay.

"Discuss one situation in which you were right and wish you hadn't been.

" I could name ten.

Well, your high school experience hasn't been exactly typical.

You hated it.



I thought it was very well written, I thought it was very moving, I just question whether this is something you'd want to share with an admissions committee.

Why? I think colleges now more than ever are concerned with emotional stability, and choosing what to reveal and what to keep under wraps what should I keep under wraps? A friend of mine was murdered.

I was bullied.

I did have a mental breakdown.

Right, but nobody's asking for full disclosure.

I think submitting this as-is would be a huge mistake.

Look, Spencer, if you throw this all out there, your many attractive qualities might be overshadowed.

Honesty may not be the best policy.

So you want me to pretend to be somebody that I'm not.


But you are more than this.

Yeah, but I wouldn't be if it weren't for that.

I mean, why can't I just take a risk and be real and, I don't know, have a little faith that maybe somebody who reads this will actually be impressed that I left Radley, that I'm not still there making crafts out of uncooked macaroni.

Spencer, I when has being dishonest ever helped me? Or you? Or anyone? Ooh! I think we're movin' too fast.

And I'm guessin' that hurt.

Yeah, it did a little.

But it actually felt pretty good.

Let's take a breath.

Review our positions, go over basic blocks.


We'll get back to the kicking, right? I really like the kicking.

Aria Tang Soo Do is about defense, not offense.

No, I understand, but what if somebody attacks me from behind? Hold up.

Is this a real concern? - Is someone threatening you? - No, not right now.

Look, I'm small, okay? People look at me as an easy target.

It's a law of the universe, right? Okay, are my feet far enough apart? They're perfect.

Aria This relationship doesn't work unless there's a level of trust between us.

Do you trust me? Uh, don't really know you.


But the best way you can find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.


Look, I'm not some scary ball of paranoia, okay? I've just got a lot of stuff going on.

I just recently broke up with my boyfriend Is that who you're afraid of? No.

No, I'm not afraid, I just I don't know, I just feel angry.

Feeling powerless.

Aren't you? We can't defend ourselves until we feel safe in our own skin.

Do you Feel safe in your own skin? No.

But you will.


DiLaurentis, when the police found Ali's the police didn't find her.

It was workers tearing down the gazebo.


But once the police were called, did you see see what? What was left of her? The yellow blouse was enough, Hanna.

Do you know what you would like? I'll have whatever you're having.

Except for the bloody Mary.

I'm not ordering a cocktail.

Go for it.

I won't tell dad.

Maybe a small glass of chablis.

Ali, you've got to take my word on this.

That top was way too revealing.

I'm happy with the yellow one.

Would it be okay if I stayed down the shore till Tuesday? By yourself? No.

I won't be alone.

When you and daddy leave, Aria and Spencer will take the train down.

And Hanna wants to come too.

So you've already invited them.

Sort of.

Look, we need a major sleepover.

And why can't that happen here? Because it would suck.

Aria and Emily would find some excuse to leave, then Spencer will sneak out in the middle of the night.

And Hanna's creeped out by Jason.

He stares at her chest.

I'm sorry.

I'm just not big on leaving five teenagers in a Cape May beach rental.

Please, mom.

We need this.

Our group's falling apart, and summer's almost over Alison, take no for an answer.


I think we should share the Greek salad.

It's big enough for two.

What are you doing? Alison, don't.

It's been quite a morning already.

Do you hear me? Don't do this here.

I will leave you at this table.

I mean it.

I'll let you land face-first on the sidewalk.

Alison, breathe.

I said, breathe.

Breathe! Okay, fine.

One night.

She perfected that stunt when she was five years old just to torture me.

Ali never invited us to Cape May that summer.

I'm not surprised.

All the empty beer bottles that I found later made me wonder if she was running with an older crowd.

Probably a boy.

You know anybody who wants a bird? I have enough voices in my head.

Now push up.

Slowly turn to face me and step through.

Step through.


That's it.


Let's try it again.

What's that? Our time's up, but let's keep going.

Once more.


There you go.

You've got it.

That's that's perfect.

How do you feel? In control? - I am so sorry.

No, uh I have no idea why I just did that.

It's fine.

I I don't think that's what you came here for No, I didn't.

I didn't.

I'll see you Tuesday.

Uhhh! Stupid.

I just Mona! Hurry, we're late.

Let's go, Mona.

Get in.

Thank you.

He was a decoy Aria.

I was *** cops behind him.

You can't be chatting up any cops in broad daylight, Mona.

If I can see you, so can "A.

" We're gonna have to pay for this stop talking to me like I'm a bucket of rocks.

I'm scoping this out for all of us.

What you should be asking is what I overheard before you screeched up like chicken frickin' little.

Those dudes behind him were special investigators.

They've taped off the South shore of torch lake as a crime scene.

They found Wilden's footprints.

They think he was there the night he was whacked.

And he wasn't alone.

The other shoeprints they found were a woman's.


High ones.

The kind Alison liked to wear.

Why are you doing that? Because according to people in the know, it's too honest.

What that person doesn't realize is that if I don't offer that up, "A's" gonna serve it up on a silver platter.

Why are you here, Toby? I don't want to play any more of your games.

I moved the RV.

"A" asked for it in exchange for something that I wanted.

Wh-what did you want? Did you think that making more deals with the devil was gonna protect us? How did you even know where Mona parked it? I didn't.

That was already on "A's" radar.

All I did was No, all you did was give up the one thing - that actually could have helped us figure out - I know.

What is that? - A transcript.

From my mother's doctor at Radley.

It was written on the night What night? The night she killed herself.

I brought the wrong cap.

What are you doing back here? You wouldn't have a spare, would you? I won't tell anybody you gave it to the rival team.

Sorry, I don't.

That looks painful.

Why does your friend Hanna think I was buddies with that dead cop? I don't like to talk before the race.

I hear you.

I tried to say hey to Paige, but she's already in a zone.

You'd think she'd chill now that she's got that scholarship.

How do you know about that? - Please.

Nobody keeps that a secret.

I also heard from our coach that there's still one spot open on Stanford's team.

I'm guessing you have your eye on that prize? I do too.

May the best girl win.

"She's put her focus on the future.

"Much of our session was devoted to feelings of hope "wanting to spend the holidays with her family, "making up for lost time with her son, thanking him for being so patient.

" Are you sure that you want me to "when asked what prompted the turnaround, Ms.

Cavanaugh was quite clear: "She'd already missed out on too much "and was no longer concerned with being judged.

"It was time to return some of the love that had sustained her, especially from her son.

" Does that sound like someone who stole a key later that day and jumped out a window? Toby does it? Does that sound like someone who didn't even care enough to say good-bye? - Does it? - Toby, it doesn't.

It doesn't.

But your mom might have said this to her doctor - so that he wouldn't know her plan - No.

Toby, some people, they find an inner peace once they decide - We never saw this.

Her doctor never shared that.

This place is covering something up, and I need to know more.

You're gonna trust information that "A" supplies? Come on, what does "A" ultimately want from you? Please, you can't tell her about this.

Or anyone else.

Toby, I Promise me.




Come in.

Whoo! Come on, em! Go, girl! Come on, Emily! Whoo! Come on, Emily! Come on! Emily! Emily! You need stitches.

My shoulder doesn't hurt.

You hit your head.

Emily, stay with us.

How did you hurt your shoulder? Everybody back to the pool area.

Please get back.

Can I just - Not now, Paige.


How did you hurt your shoulder? Fell off my bike.

Can I please finish the race? Please? How are we supposed to trust anything that she ever says? I mean, who knows what she told those cops? This is Mona.

She started lying when she was a fetus.

Hey, why was Toby so upset when he left? - Were you guys fighting? - No.


Go back to the fetus.

Did I tell you I'm done with martial arts? Yeah.

I can't even walk down that street.

I kissed him.

Who? - My instructor.

Why? - I don't know.

I guess 'cause I miss Ezra and I almost got killed last Thursday and he smells like cinnamon.

Who does? - Jake.

Who's Jake? - My instructor.

Pay attention.

Thanks for returning my calls.

Where did you get that? Mrs.

DiLaurentis's porch.

You stole her bird? - She gave it to me.

And it's not just a bird, okay? It talks.

Alison and Tippi were roommates in Georgia.

This bird probably knows more about what happened to Ali than any of us.

It talks a lot.

You think it's gonna tell us if Ali's still alive? Wow.

I thought that I was losing it.

If you guys would shut up for a minute, maybe it would say something.

Does it take requests? Ohh! You know what? Ali was hooking up with someone in Cape May that summer, and she was telling her mom that it was us.


We know.


No, we don't know.

If Wilden had his own boat, why would he be staying at Ali's parents' beach house? That's a really great question, but we can't ask him because he's dead.

And that lake is now a crime scene.

The shoreline - that we threw the car - Aria, you have to stop, okay? That was weeks ago, and you guys weren't wearing pumps.

The footprints that the police are looking for are high heels.


Whose high heels? - Well, the cops don't know, but Mona's trying to tell us that they're Alison's.

Was it Muddy that night? Hey, board shorts.

Miss me? Did you just hear that? Yeah.

I'm standing right next to you.


Look, I came here for a reason.

What's wrong? Hey, what's this song? What's she singing? If "A" tries to pin this whole Wilden thing on my mom Hanna, you don't have to worry.

Your mom wasn't even in Rosewood the night that Wilden was killed.


You hungry? Do you want to order in or go out? Mom Were you in New York the whole time you were gone? Of course.

Where else would I be? Here.

Did you come back to have it out with Wilden? Hanna, if you're asking if I killed him, the answer's no.

I did not kill Detective Wilden.



Hello! Hi! Hey, it's Hanna.

Leave a message.

Come get this bird, Hanna.

It's driving me crazy.

Pretty bird.

Pretty bird.

You can't ignore me! Hello! Hello.

What? What do you want? Hanna, it's not a song that Tippi's singing.

It's a phone number.



Sorry I showed up at your door.

I I kinda felt like it's something I should do in person.

Anyway, can I come in? Yeah, sure.

Look, I had a hunch you might not be coming back.

Why do you say that? Took me by surprise.

The the kiss.

I don't want you to think I'm not interested, because I am.

But if you'd like to grab a coffee or a meal sometime Maybe you're not comfortable with the whole teacher-student thing.

Could be complicated.


Looks like somebody really needs to reach you.

We can do this another time.


Can we do this over that coffee? Is your head pounding? Maybe there's something you can take.

No, I can't.

Okay? That's why I lost count during the race, because I couldn't judge the distance.

You've never done that.

I never swam on painkillers.

How come you didn't tell me how much pain you were in? Because if I told you then I'd have to tell you why.

I messed up my shoulder saving Aria and Mona.

Saving them from what? Not what.


"A"? Emily, why would you keep this from me? Because I don't want to live in that space anymore.

And I don't want you to live there either.

I want to live in that room on your computer, and I want to be with you only you away from this town.

Em just you and me together, safe, and starting a real life.


Maybe we already have.

It could be a business, but Saturday night they're closed.

Just let it ring, okay? - Where is this area code, anyways? - York county.

Did Ali know anybody from there? I don't know.

I'm guessing that she called her beach hottie "board shorts.

" Obsessively from Georgia, and that's how Tippi learned this number.

Maybe you just dialed the number wrong.

I didn't! How do you know? You dialed it, not Tippi.

Okay, let's just go record the bird.

You guys, she's been singing this phone number on a loop.

I've heard it like twenty times.

So have I, but I want someone to answer.

So Aria, let's just go get your phone - and we'll record it together.


What's going on? - Tippi's gone.

Yeah, but how? Who opened that cage? Probably the same person who opened the window.

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