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  01x04 - Can You Hear Me Now?
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[In front of the house of Hanna]

Hanna's mother talks to a policeman then returned

Ashley: I never want to see another police car outside the house. I thought we had finished with it!

Hanna: His car is not completely destroyed it can repair it.

Ashley: This time I regret I can not do anything for you, you understood me?

[In a park]

Emily: Your mother was really angry that you're destroying the car of Sean.

Hanna: I have not destroyed and damaged I finally everyone reacted very well to the situation.

Emily: Oh

Hanna: There is no Oh, it is adults that's all.

Aria: So there it is the city just put the new bench and flowers will be planted and also there will be a gathering of remembrance.

Spencer: From memory?

Emily: Bah yeah messages, photos in memory of Alison

Hanna: Yeah nice tombstone.

Aria: Hanna!

Hanna: What!

Emily: we should each do something.

Hanna: You know I have the bracelet Alison since the day he was found in the woods and I do not want this responsibility.

Aria: I do not want.

Hanna: One of you should take it I'm serious.

Spencer took the bracelet.

Spencer: Look at you, a bunch of babies! Anyway there is nothing that A can do or say to embarrass us without endangering this too.

Hanna: You sure it's "it"?

Spencer: She or he, it makes no difference.

Spencer leaves his computer.

Aria: What are you doing?

Spencer: I will block all messages from people I do not know. Chat, SMS, email the total. Fuck you see A. Voila, who's next?

Emily takes the computer.

Mr. Fitz goes by bike

Spencer: And here is a lovely rider whose name begins with F.

Hanna: Hello Mr. Fitz.

Ezra made a hand signal.

Spencer: What form Mr. Fitz!

Aria takes the computer.

Aria: Well I'll do it.

Spencer: There's some depth we preferred not to see on a bike and there are no other we love to see on a bike.

Hanna: I do not want to see Mr. Glory on a bike.

Emily: I refuse to see Mr. Glory in motion, that says it all.

Hanna: Mr. Fitz

Aria: Hanna! It's your turn.

Hanna takes the computer.

Spencer: You've talked to Ben?

Emily: I have nothing to say.

Aria: So it's really finished?

Emily: It's nothing, I'm fine.

Aria: Okay u say sit.

Hanna: It deserves a drum roll is the filles.Ca this time it's finished. Now A can no longer reach us.

Spencer: You hear all these nice messages floating in areas all around us.

Aria: Yes, and none comes from A.

Emily: And that's it's a very good thing.

Hanna: Yes this is great, out of sight of the heart.

A leaf flies through the wind and sometimes the feet of girls, Aria picks it up.

This is a photo of Alison with red writing on it: "Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead." The girls look all around them. Aria crumples the paper and they go.


[At school]

Emily: Hi

Maya: Hi. I have a gift for you. I saw AC and I thought it was the prettiest color of the planet. I was right it's beautiful.

Emily: It's ... it's very pretty. Thank you.

Maya: See you just now.


Hanna: Why did your parents you have not taken to New York with your sister? You deserve a little break to you too right?

Spencer: Not as much as Melissa. Oh nice your scarf.

Emily: Thank you.

Hanna: It's a new one?

Emily: No!

Hanna's laptop sounds

Aria: Bah answers will go ahead! At least now there is that it can be.

Emily Hanna!

Hanna: It's my father!

Hanna picks.

Hanna: gosh hello!

Hanna goes.

Emily: But I thought they did it was not spoken since he left the house?!

Aria: I know nothing.

Spencer: relationship with her father that this is the kind of thing we avoid too much talk.

Aria: We had just stopped to look.

Aria's laptop sounds.

Aria: The Buzzed my brother just appear on my laptop.

Spencer: What did you put in your favorites?

Aria: Yes a moment of weakness.

Toby and Emily face

Toby: Sorry.

Emily: It's my fault.

Aria: It may be A you just shake.

Spencer: It s'ne damn, we are not finished with A?!

Aria: Yes ... But me, I continue to avoid Toby.

Spencer: Yes, and Jenna.

Emily: Yes I think that's what is wisest.

[Hanna on the phone with his father]

Father of Hanna: I could not go back to Pennsylvania without seeing you! But if you have other things to do ...

Hanna: Oh nan dad I expected nothing tonight.

Father of Hanna: Then I go to take around 7am, it suits you?

Hanna: It's great I told Mom. Um ... Dad?

Father of Hanna: Yes?

Hanna: Does mom ...

Father of Hanna: Does mom what? dear

Hanna: Nan drops. See you tonight.

Father of Hanna: Yes to earlier.

Hanna: Goodbye.

[Classroom of M.Fitz]

Aria: Hi.

Ezra: Hi.

Aria: Uh ... I saw you walking around town the other day by bike.

Ezra: Yeah. I also saw you, I made you a sign you remember? I wanted to stop but you were not alone.

Aria: Yes indeed my friends you found it sexy.

Ezra: You, you said what?

Aria: I, I was a little embarrassed that my friends find you as sexy. It was a bit odd given the circumstances.

Ezra: What is Aria circumstances today? If you know me said me there because I'm clueless.

Aria: Me too. It's not all that reasonable.

Ezra: Nan so I can tell you ensure that it not have it.

Aria starts from

Ezra: But we need to talk. It has things that we must speak not only between classes, I'd be home tonight I might suggest one or two dishes that I know almost cooked. I wanna talk to you and not when you're at your desk or when you're hidden behind the crest of Dan Farren.

Aria: What time do I have?

Ezra: 7 hours.

Aria: 7 hours is good.

[Passage High School]

Hanna: He must spend two weeks in New England but he made a detour to see me.

Aria: It's ... it's great Hanna!

Hanna: What?

Emily: Do you think it would come just because of Sean's car?

Hanna: No of course not, we talked about it and it is not at all because of that. And even if it did all that matters is that he comes to see me.

A professor: Spencer!

Spencer: Mr. Cheldré?!

A teacher: I wanted to tell you but you being here is, it's remarkable that you did on the history essay.

Spencer: Oh thank you.

A teacher: A very clear presentation.

Spencer: This is not new as an idea.

A teacher: I introduced him to the orchid gold.

Spencer: You what?!

A teacher: It is only prestige but the real interest of winning this competition is the impact on university applications.

Spencer: But no ...

A teacher: We will see the details after class.

Hanna: What is the orchid gold?

Spencer: A national competition of essays on history.

Emily: It'll allow you a little more lather.

The bell rings.

Aria: Go to any hour.

[Hall of Chemistry]

Toby: Hi.

Emily: Hi. You're there for the chemistry course?

Toby: I'm starting today.

Emily: Cool.

Toby: You wore a scarf this morning!

Emily: Yes it's true I took it off.

Toby: You were pretty with.

Emily: Thank you.

Professor of Chemistry: Go there you sit. (He tells Toby place next to Emily.)

Emily: Not here please. Pity pity pity pity.

Toby: Well bah it is a partner of chemistry, it does not bother you?

Emily: No.

Emily opened her chemistry book and find the photos taken with Maya including one where they kiss at the Christmas party Kahn.

[At Aria]

Aria: I'm here.

Ella: Oh!

Aria: A special chicken in the middle of the week!

Ella: Yes, your father loves it. I wanted to please him. Vegetable nuggets that you're going?

Aria: infact I wanted to dine at Spencer.

Ella: Oh agreed and Mike sees some friends, so I think your father is I will be home for us all alone.

Aria: Well that's great.


Alison: This is not your father's car?

Aria and Alyson Meredith sees Byron kiss in his car.

Alison: We need you to tell your mother!

Aria: Say what?

Alison: Aria! You saw your father kissing your father kissing another woman that your mother finally you must tell him!

Aria: And how do you want me to tell him that?

Alison: I know. But it is imperative that you tell him.

Aria's laptop sounds.

Aria: He is my father.

Alison: Unhook not!

Aria: But I must answer him.

Alison: He will try to convince you to say anything, it is imperative that she knows the truth! You must tell him Aria before she learns by someone else. Otherwise you lose them both.

[End of flashback]

Aria: Mom!

Ella: Yes?

Aria: I ... I sting you a carrot.

Ella: Yes.

[In Spencer]

Hanna: I would love to have a sister for him intelligent sting his duties.

Spencer: I have a duty to my sister for not getting tired, I have not looked further. If I tell Cheldré to withdraw my application it will guess that I cheated.

Hanna Spencer what makes you think you're going to win this competition? Oh yes I forgot you have it in my blood.

Spencer: Well, try it with.

Hanna: I have found the perfect outfit, my father has not seen me since I lost weight.

Spencer: This jacket is not you.

Hanna: So it's perfect. Spencer.

Spencer: What?

Hanna: Are not you curious?

Spencer: It blocked the unknown numbers that's it. We faced up all together.

Hanna: Nan finally yes I know, I was wondering if you had cheated.

Spencer: Nah.

Hanna: Okay, me neither.

[Bar where Maya works]

Emily: Maya can I talk for a second? Look!

Emily shows him the photos taken during the evening of Noel Kahn.

Maya: Oh, great hast found. But where were they?

Emily: In my book of chemistry. It is you who have put in? Tell me if you did I would not be angry.

Maya: There's no material to be angry. I think we're very pretty.

Emily: Thou hast put into my book?

Maya: No, no. Emily did not put yourself in this state, I guess someone has to pick the party.

Emily: And the person that looked at what we are kissing it's embarrassing.

Maya is going to

Emily: Maya.

Maya: I have to work back.

[At Hanna]

The door rings.

Tom (Hanna's dad): Hanna!

Hanna: Dad!

Tom: Oh what are you're thin is almost nothing left to tighten.

Hanna: I missed you.

Tom: You too.

Hanna: I'll get my bag.

Ashley: Hi Tom.

Tom: What's up Ashley? How are you?

Ashley: It's OK.

Tom: You're in the air. So are you ready?

Hanna: Yes.

Ashley takes its business.

Tom: Hmm Ashley it was probably misunderstood about this evening, infact I wanted to take the opportunity to be alone with Hannah.

Ashley: Oh, then I can not understand indeed.

Tom: No no it's my fault. It'll be eh darling just you and me?

Hanna: Well ... yes.

Ashley: Good evening. Tom returned too late.

Tom: Yes of course.

Hanna: Hi Mom.

Ashley: bye have fun.

[In the street]

Tom: This is a new car so it not bother you if I led? Hanna?

Hanna: It's about the car of Sean! Mom you're all about?

Tom: It's a bit more complicated than that.

Hanna: So let me try to s'simplifier things. If you came to me engeuler case was to go home and finish. Nan also engeule me here so the neighbors can enjoy watching!

Tom: I'm not back to you engeuler, I'm here to help you went through a difficult period. You're a good Hanna, you have always been but occasionally you're a scared too enthusiastic. Remember when you climb the trees when you were little you always had me to help you back down. We'll get by, I promise. So if you want you can go to dinner dined, if you want to go in the middle of shooting Jollyrogers you can go. It is you who selected agree?

Hanna: Yeah agree.

Tom: Princess.

[Apartment Ezra]

Aria: Do you use it?

Ezra: Like clipboard. But it helps me remember that there was literature before the laptops. What do you think?

Aria: It's pretty. I love thank you for asking me.

Ezra: It's normal. How are things with you?

Aria: Oh okay, my mother and my father dined alone together tonight.

Ezra: Maybe they will fix things.

Aria: I think all head to heads of the world will not help, she will be devastated when she learns the truth.

Ezra: Aria, It has happened to you to think that your mother knew perhaps more than what you thought?

Aria: No she knows nothing and that's the worst finally it's almost the worst.

Ezra: But maybe your parents have come to some sort of agreement that you are not aware of?

Aria: No that is not possible. What is an agreement for you?

Ezra: Ok uh when I was 12 my parents separated my brother and I were not understood, I learned later that they had had affairs, they were pardoned their infidelities but it is another thing that killed their marriage.

Aria: But then it comes to your family, not mine. What are you trying to tell me?

Ezra: I just wanna say that this is not because your father was involved in these stories that it is up to you to solve their problems.

Aria: But that's not what I'm trying to do, I just try to live with that.

Ezra: But it is for them to live it. You do not realize that your parents have to sort it out between themselves adults.

Aria: Among adults?

Ezra: Yes

Aria: So I'm not mature enough to handle the situation?

Ezra: No, I did not say that.

Aria: I think that's exactly what you said. You say I'm a girl and that I should mind my own business.

Ezra: No, I assure you I did not say that.

Aria: If you think I am a child so why you invited me here?

Ezra: I had invited you here because I do not consider you as a child, this is also why we must understand what is happening between us.

Aria: Okay so let my parents out of it.

Ezra: It's you who came to tell me about your father you remember?

Aria: infact I think I made a mistake in coming here.

Ezra: I think not.

Aria: But I am sure. In any case it is certainly not an adult would have done it.


Hanna: It was, it was great. Incredible I swear.

Emily: And it took you where?

Hanna: In Jollyrogers.

Aria: That sucks this amusement park.

Hanna: Nah it is not zero at this point and anyway it does not go on the Ferris wheel. We walked, we talked. I told him what was happening. Not worry I'm not all about him, he just listened. You go to account-he wants to make a real dinner is tonight, he has things to tell me, I do not know I think he wants to spend more time with me. It may take me on vacation in Maryland.

Emily: Are you serious?

Aria: You want to go?

Hanna: I do not emménagerai there at least not for every day. I want to leave Mom alone but I'd like to see my father more.

Spencer: Wouha

Aria: I'm happy for you.

The bell rings.

Ezra: I was wondering if at the end of the novel some of you do feel troubled by the hypocrisy of Adicus. I mean there Mr. procedure when it comes to Tom Robinson and then when he is stabbed Youwell Bob is ready to accept the decision of the sheriff.

Spencer: It tries to protect Bouradlé.

Ezra: The protection of what? The legal system? Adicus is an officer of the court and conspiring to cover a horrible crime and he is more willing to accept that his son paid for the act committed by Bouradlé.

Aria: It is a market.

Ezra: What market?

Aria: Mr. Youwell would have killed her children and Brou saved them. Adicus always felt guilty vis-à-vis Tom Robinson when he offered to save James Brou. It's like a sacrifice

Ezra: Very noble. Too bad James was unconscious. You think he would have a different opinion?

Aria: No he would agree.

Ezra: You are on this?

Aria: He was well educated.

Ezra: I will take Mr. Sperlling, you want to add something? With all your cool.

M.Sperlling (pupil of the class): Well, James's father was a lawyer, he might have succeeded to get his son away. Being well educated has nothing to see in all this.

Ezra: Yeah? The book teaches us what we do as an adult in time did you pay any attention?

M.Sperlling: Nah I just want to say ...

Ezra: Nan nan nan what you're saying is that Aria has tried to understand this book and not you.

M.Sperlling: Nah I did not say it M.Fitz.

Ezra: So what did you mean?

M.Sperlling: Well I'm sure qu'Adicus have managed to get his son away more easily than Brou that's all.

[Passage High School]

Emily packs his things in his locker and see school children laughing on one side and the other Toby opened his locker where does a lot of foam.


Tom: Thank you. This is a great honor to go out with you two nights in a row. You think Sean will be jealous?

Hanna: I have not spoken to him since the memorable evening.

Tom: Last night I hoped you would like to mention what happened between you two.

Hanna: I was enjoying myself too much for that.

Tom: I feel that all this has nothing to do with him and I think something else is happening.

Hanna: it is something else going on?

Tom: How do you feel about what happened to Alison?

Hanna: I know but it's true that sometimes I really want to get away, to go away from here.

Tom: In a place where you would empty your head, in a place where you would see things differently.

Hanna: Yes that is exactly what I mean.

Tom Hanna, there are two other things that should be discussed.

Hanna: Oh yeah and what is it?

Tom: Oh, here they are.

Isabelle: Good evening.

Tom: Good evening.

Kate: Hi Tom.

Tom Hanna Isabella I present my bride.

Hanna: Your betrothed?!

Isabelle: I'm so happy you met Hanna.

Tom: And here's the daughter of Isabella Kate, let me introduce Kate Hanna.

Kate: Hanna.

Tom: I thought it was time to make introductions.

[In Spencer]

Sound of a door.

Spencer: There's someone?

Wren: Uh oh.

Spencer: Who's there?

Wren: I can not believe it, where are you? Oh, I took it for you in the garden.

Spencer Wren, tell me what are you doing here?

Wren: I came to fix the situation.

Spencer: You're drunk!

Wren: I could not come without a little lift, especially at the castle of Hastings.

Spencer Wren I thought you were a murderer, you're sick!

Wren: I tried but you had called my number blocked.

Spencer: No, no I did not have your number blocked. I ... Do you came through the back door.

Wren: I had some trouble locating the main entrance.

Spencer Wren! Get out! Immediately!

Wren: I have thought only of you since you came to see me, I was a coward but it is finished tonight I intend to endorse any my responsibility. Call your father.

Spencer: I call someone my parents are in New York with Melissa.

Wren: I'll leave.

Flower pot falls to the ground

Spencer: Great.

Wren: Hi.

Spencer: Yeah great.

Wren: Your face, your lovely face.

Spencer: Do you want a good cup of coffee?

Wren: I drank a lot of tape I had better not mix.

Spencer: Come here.

Wren: I am pleased to be here.

Spencer: You're crazy! You made me this one is scary!

Wren: I'm sorry.

[Apartment Ezra]

Aria hits

Aria: That sucks I've never been so uncomfortable in my life. First you filled my immature side and then you have this kind of reaction in class, you make them believe I'm your little protected, I bet everyone felt that something was odd. But no no but what's that? You played what? You wanted to teach me a lesson or something, because it's stupid and I have no need. And you know nothing at all about my parents then avoids assuming they have some sort of arrangement or agreement or I do not know anything because you do not know them and you do not know me either . Is that clear?

Ezra: It's true you're right.

Aria: Oh you think?

Ezra: Yes I know nothing about you.

[In Spencer]

Wren: I'm sorry for all this mess

Spencer: I nettoierais later.

Wren: No I do not speak of geranium.

Spencer: Why have you said you had to drink to talk to my dad?

Wren: For a lot of complex psychological reason but because he has that terrorized me to death.

Spencer: It is not so bad once we know

Wren: Things will return to normal at last account.

Spencer: Yes what passes for normal here anyway.

Wren: I thought you wanted nothing changes?

Spencer: I think so. I really know I've never known anything else. I did not want to hurt Melissa.

Wren: Yeah.

Spencer: It's like South Korea and North Korea between us but that's my sister, that's what counts.

Wren: Well I think I'm fairly imposed.

Spencer: You're not driving in this state.

Wren: I will not go to Philadelphia. I have a room to Edwougd Motorcorte.

Spencer: You will go nowhere, you're giving me a key. Go on.

[The restaurant]

Kate: I turned around and Jeff was behind me, at that time he was so focused on the fact of beating me he forgot to raise the rudder when we approached the beach, he was stuck on the I have high foreheads and has slipped down to the beach and make my bow.

Isabelle: Hanna of sailing you do?

Hanna: No.

Isabella: Oh you should. Kate would give you lessons, this is an excellent teacher.

Kate: Especially with beginners.

Isabelle: It might be fun for both of you, go out by boat.

Hanna: To see which one will return alive

Kate: This is a joke?

Hanna: Of course it's a joke. And that's a fork.

Tom: Oh, I wanted to tell Hanna, I had a conversation with the father of Sean and everything should work out.

Hanna: You've spoken with his father?

Tom: Hmm hmm. He gave me an estimate of the damage you caused to his car and we agreed to fix the problem without the insurance companies. So I will make him a check and you're working for the amount of compensation, assisting the mother of Sean.

Hanna: His mother is a dentist.

Tom: But you do not soigneras teeth, you will do some cleaning and some secretariat, you will answer the phone. After school and on weekends.

Kate: it can be interesting.

Hanna: Yeah I'm fascinated by dentistry, do not you? I love the plates of tartar, cavities, veneers, pills ...

Hanna's laptop sounds

Hanna: Sorry.

[In the street]

Toby: How are you?

Emily: It's going to thank you. Finally we both can go when you leave the garbage.

Toby: You know I am well aware that you're not overjoyed to have me as a partner in the lab.

Emily: No, that's it bother me

Toby: Really? You would not trade if you had the choice? Yeah I understand, it is necessary that you make people pay attention to you regularly. I know many people think I'm crazy, anyway I can do anything about it.

Emily: Yeah you have to have sacrament tired of idiots who come fill you your locker with shaving cream, which come laugh at you, tell tall tales about what you are.

Toby: Yes it's tough stuff like that piss me off and I do not disagree but I can not help it. As you said this is stupid.

Emily: Sorry

Toby: You've noticed is how we do not stop to say you're sorry every second.

Emily: Sorry.

Toby: What I was saying.

Emily: The other day in chemistry, there was something in my book, there were the pictures you have seen? Before I close my book, you've had time to see them?

Toby: I got the impression that you want anyone to see them, I can understand that.

Emily: Really?

Toby: You swim forever?

Emily: Yes, always.

Toby: And you swim because the public is watching you or because this is what you love?

Emily: Well ... I swim because I love what I feel when I did.

Toby: So just forget all these idiots, they will never see what they want even if you wanted any change in you, all those that you are not their suffirai. They do not care that you change it you spineless disparaisses. I tried I hated.

Emily: And now you're back

Toby: Yeah that's it.

Emily: See you tomorrow.

Toby: See you tomorrow.

[In Ezra]

Ezra: You're lucky! My kitchen is always better reheated. I make very good rest. Nah not laugh, laugh nan nan after you will not expel pasta through the nose and must be pliers to pull them out. I'm sorry for what is being spent. I wanted you to be gone from my house, I was stupid, I should not have. Sperlling to pick on like that ... I'm not proud of my reaction.

Aria: But you were right about me. I like fixing things and in my family it is I who organizes and negotiates, I do everything to make connections and that is welded.

Ezra: What are you afraid at the bottom?

Aria: To see things change. But that does not help what I do, I think that that fixed the situation.

Ezra: It is human nature to cling to what we already possess.

Aria: I feel like my Aunt Ruth. She has stuffed his dead cat and when you come home there Mugsi on the piano and he is there and she speaks, there is no huge difference between u and Mugsis living Mugsi stuffed after all it is a cat. Aunt Ruth is very happy like that and leave us all goose bumps. I could fix anything and if ever ca can arrange it to my parents to manage. All I can do is tell the truth. I must go. You want me to help you store?

Ezra: Well ... you could stay?

Aria: No. I must speak to my mother.

Ezra: You are about to want to do this?

Aria: Yes I am.

[In front of the motel]

Wren: How are you going back?

Spencer: Do not worry about me.

Wren: I meant I would have liked to meet you before. They kiss.

Back with me.

Spencer: I've done very stupid things lately and my quota is exceeded.

Wren: Goodnight Spencer.

Spencer: Goodbye Wren.

[Hanna Car]

A dedication to a song on the radio Hanna. "I do not need you anymore"

Spencer: So no matter what you believe, it's not what you think. Hanna?

Hanna: It was a matter stronger than us.

[In the street]

Emily: Good evening.

Maya: I do not know what I must do, or kiss you Serer hand. There's certainly plenty of video surveillance camera. Sorry.

Emily: Do not be. It's true you have all right to be angry against me

Maya: I'm not sorry.

Emily: I was wrong of me to take you to the photos

Maya: Do you want me for photos or for the kiss?

Emily: I loved that kiss, I know not what it means.

Maya: You spend a little too long to ask you what things mean: a snapshot, a kiss, a scarf.

Emily: There is so much jostling in my head. I just wanna know how to react.

Maya: What you need now?

Emily: Now, a little space not only with you but with my mother, with all the world.

Maya: I'll leave all the space you want. Okay?

Emily: Thank you.

Maya: Good night.

Maya: I treasure you, then I would wait. Nan said nothing that is not worth it I just wanted you to know

[At Aria]

Aria: Mom! I must speak to you this is important, there is something you should know. Mom?

Ella handed him a sheet, written on behalf of A revealing the binding of Byron.

[In Spencer]

Hanna: Well what do we do for A, it's true he or she never knows he or she stopped and called radio stations to make signings, what do we do then?

Spencer: I have no idea.

Hanna: But you're the one who wanted to block our messages.

Spencer: And everyone followed you remember?

Hanna: Yeah, we stay together great. Spencer!

Spencer: Someone came here! The bracelet Alison.

Emily and Aria receive a S.O.S Spencer.

[Spencer House]

You can see the mirror Spencer, writing "It will not be that easy bitches-A. "In lipstick.

Hanna: It's red jungle

Emily: The color of Alison.


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