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  01x03 - To Kill A Mocking Girl
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars..

Aria: It's too hard to sit in this room every day and call you Mr. Fitz. Okay, I can't pretend like I don't know you.

Hanna: I'm really sorry, mom.

Ashley: For what?

Hanna: The cop.

Spencer: We're meeting Melissa's fiancé.

Wren: Does she have to know everything?

Spencer: Stop, stop. We can't.

Wilden: This is no longer a missing person's investigation. It's a murder.

Hanna: Is this waiting thing something you really want, or is it because of your dad?

Sean: No, it's me. It's... It's my choice.

Maya: So, I'm corrupting you.

Ben: What are you so weirded out about?

Emily: I think there's something wrong with me.

Pam: You lost a dear friend. You need to find a way to say good-bye.

[In the woods]

Hanna: Whose idea was this, again?

Spencer: Emily's mom.

Emily: The shed was me. My mom just said we should do something for us.

Hanna: Well, couldn't we do something without mosquitoes?

Aria: They're not mosquitoes, they're gnats.

Hanna: Whatever! They're small and annoying, and they're flying up my nose.

Spencer: Well, they're attracted to your perfume. And your hair product. And your lip gloss.

Hanna: So, what are you saying, I attract flies?

Aria: Gnats.

Emily: Why do I feel like this is the wrong way?

Spencer: No, this is it. I remember that tree. It's the halfway point. There's 136 steps left to the shed.

Emily: Have you been out here since... Alison?

Spencer: Me? No. No way.

Aria: But you remember that tree.

Hanna: You guys, it's not that weird. I mean, we came out here in eighth grade like, every day... even after.

Spencer: I think this is totally the wrong place to do this. Whatever you call it.. shrine.

Emily: It's not a shrine. It's just a place to remember Alison. What's wrong with that?

Spencer: Doing it way out here makes it look like we have something to hide.

Emily: You're worried what other people think?

Spencer: Well, aren't you? Do you really want to give that creepy Detective more reasons to question us?

Emily: Hanna, why are you so quiet?

Hanna: I'm trying to keep the bugs in my nose and out of my mouth.

Emily: You're allowed to have an opinion on this.

Hanna: You want my opinion? I say we hold off and not remember her 'til we know for sure she's not still here.

Everybody: What?

Aria: What are you talking about?

Emily: You think she's still alive?

Spencer: Hanna, they found her body.

Aria: Stop. I'm officially scared. Can we just not...

Hanna: You know, you asked for my opinion. I don't believe she's really gone.

Spencer: We went to her funeral!

Ashley: Yeah, and when we left we all got a text from her.

Emily: It wasn't her. Someone is messing with us.

Hanna: How do you know? And what about all those nasty messages? I mean, how does this "A"person know stuff only Ali knew?

Aria: Okay, this conversation is giving me a hive.

Hanna: That's a bite. Mosquito.

Emily: Spencer, have you gotten any more messages?

Spencer: Haven't you?

Branches rustling

Emily: What was that? Did you hear that?

Aria: Yes, I heard that. I'm standing right next to you.

Hanna: Hello? Is anybody out there?

Spencer: It's probably a rabbit.

Hanna: Hello?

Spencer: It's a rabbit, Hanna. It's not gonna answer you.

Emily: Can we just get to the shed?

Other branches rustling

Hanna: Okay, that is definitely not a rabbit. Someone's out there.

Emily: Let's turn around.

The girls' cellphones ring

[Opening credits]

[In Hanna's kitchen]

Wilden: Morning.

Hanna: Where's my mother?

Wilden: I guess she ran upstairs for somethin'. I'm trying to figure out what makes this stuff spreadable. You want a waffle or somethin'?

Hanna: No. Thanks.

Wilden: There she is. It's canola oil!

Ashley: Darren, why don't you get dressed? I'll take care of breakfast.

Wilden: Yeah.

Hanna: So what, he lives here now?

Ashley: Take out the milk.

Hanna: Is this a permanent thing?

Ashley: Would you keep your voice down, please?

Hanna: God, it was one pair of sunglasses, and they were last season's.

Ashley: Hand me the waffles.

Hanna: Mom, you don't have to do this.

Ashley: Do what?

Hanna: Squeeze his grapefruit.

Ashley: We will talk after breakfast.

Hanna: I don't eat breakfast, and neither do you.

Ashley: Look. Until he gets the store to drop the charges for your shopping spree, we're not kicking anyone to the curb. The last thing we want is an enemy on the police force.

Hanna: I get it, okay? But I didn't count on having to buy him a father's day card, either.

Ashley: Hanna! The situation is delicate. By the way, if you're buying anyone a card, it should be me.

[At a restaurant]

Byron: Well, you're pretty far into it.

Aria: Yeah, I've got, like, 60-some pages left, and I don't want it to end.

Byron: You should read her biography next.

Ella: The father-worship thing becomes a lot clearer.

Aria: Well, I would worship both of you a lot more... if you got me another one of these.

Ella: Uh, the poppy seed? We'll split it. Make sure your father doesn't drink all my coffee, please.

Byron: Do you like your teacher?

Aria: What?

Byron: Your English teacher. Do you like him?

Aria: Oh! Yeah. Uh, he's okay.

Byron: What's his name again?

Aria: Mr. Fitz. Hey, maybe I'll... I'll check out that biography at school. What's it called?

Byron: I've got a copy of it in my office. I'll bring it home. It might inspire you.

Aria: To what, write a novel?

Byron: You've got it in you.

Meredith: Byron?

Byron: Hey! Hi. How you doing?

Meredith: Sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt.

Byron: No, no, no, that's okay.

[Flashback in the street where Aria sees his father kissing Meredith]

[Back at the table]

Byron: Uh... Um, Aria this is, uh, Meredith Sorenson. She also teaches in the department, uh, my department, and this is Aria, my daughter.

Meredith: Oh, Aria! Hi. Of course you are. Did you get my message?

Byron: Yes I did, and I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to call you back.

Meredith: That's okay, they just need he referral by Monday, and...

Byron: I'll get to it as soon as I get back to campus. Is there an e-mail, or...

Meredith: Here. So, how does it feel to be home? This town must seem a little dull after spending a whole year overseas.

Aria: Not really.

Byron: Okay, well, I'll, uh... I'll send that before lunch.

Meredith: Thanks. I'm so glad I ran into you. Nice to meet you. Welcome home.

Meredith leaves

Aria: Why can't she graduate?

Byron: She has. I told you. She's now a teaching assistant. Not mine, but her office is across the hall. I can't pretend like she doesn't exist, Aria. It's a small college.

Aria: Mm, not small enough.

[In the Hastings' kitchen]

Veronica: You can't avoid seeing people, sweetie. It is what it is.

Melissa: And what's that... Sad? Humiliating? Pathetic? All of the above? Just... take someone else. I don't want to have to explain a wedding that's never gonna happen to every last club member.

Spencer: Morning.

Veronica: Hey.

Melissa: Excuse me.

Melissa throws wedding magazines in the trash

Spencer: Where's Dad?

Veronica: He left for the office.

Spencer: Already? So he ran without me? Why didn't he just knock on my door?

Veronica: He was busy. He was helping Melissa dispose of some things that... Wren left behind.

Melisssa: Unfortunately, you weren't one of them.

Spencer: How many times am I going to have to say it?

Veronica: Oh, girls, please! I can't arbitrate on one cup of coffee.

Melissa: Who's calling the paper to pull the announcement? It was hard enough changing my status on Facebook!

Veronica: I'll take care of the newspaper.

Melissa: What about the engagement dinner? Do I have to make that call?

Veronica: No, honey, of course not. Just look up the number and I'll leave a message. To Spencer Where are you going?

Spencer: I'll eat in my bedroom.

Veronica: Oh, no, you won't. I just dry-cleaned your bedspread. Sit at the table.

Spencer: I don't think I'm welcome.

Melissa: That's never stopped you before.

Spencer: I did not invite your fiancé to kiss me Melissa. For the last time, he made the move on me!

Veronica: Spencer, please.

Melissa: Right, you just sat there like a throw pillow with your tongue down his throat!

Spencer: Look, I get it! You're upset and I feel for you, but don't dump it all on me. Maybe you should be asking yourself why Wren felt the need to... I'm sorry. Okay? I'm not perfect, but I don't want to be accused of something that I didn't do!

Veronica: Oh, stop please. Both of you! Go get dressed for school. You can take your muffin to go.

[In the street]

Mona: Ah! Totally love this color. We should've stocked up on a few more tubes.

Hanna: Well, I only have two hands. Keep it.

Mona: Why, is your mom asking to see receipts?

Sean: It's hilarious.

Hanna: Sean! What's so funny?

Sean: Nothin'. Noel's just out of control. Mm, you smell good.

Noel: Save something for tomorrow night.

Mona: What's tomorrow night?

Sean: Noel's parents are leaving town.

Noel: It means the party of the year is officially on. Think big, think wild, think parental units in a different time zone.

Sean: I gotta get to practice. Save that smell.

Noel and Sean leave

Mona: So, the pressure's on.

Hanna: What do you mean?

Mona: Not all of us have a Sean to wear to that party, and I'm not gonna spend the night guarding the bushes so you can jump each other's bones.

Hanna: Okay, we're not gonna be doing it in the bushes.

Mona: Whatever. Have you guys even done it yet?

Hanna: It's not a race, Mona.

Mona: Okay mom, seriously. No one's pushing you to be natty ho, but you guys have been going out for months. If you're not together in that way, how do you know you're together-together? How long can you wait before you lose him?

[Near Hanna and Mona were]

Maya: I was going to offer you a ride, but your bike's faster than my car.

Emily: I passed you? I didn't even see you.

Maya: I saw you. You took that corner on one wheel.

Ben: Got ya!

Emily: Ben, stop.

Ben: Fine. I can wait one more day. Well, you guys heard, right? Noel's doing his cabin party tomorrow night.

Maya: Is this one of Rosewood's pagan rituals?

Ben: Kinda. There was definitely some howling last year.

Emily: Why don't you come with us? Please, come. It'll be fun.

[In the corridors of the high school]

Ezra: Good morning.

Aria: Hi.

Ezra enters in his classroom

Aria: Russian history?

Spencer: Yeah.

Aria: How many AP classes does it take until your brain explodes?

Spencer: I'm already drowning in there.

Aria: Why, what's drowning for you, B+?

Spencer: First paper's due Monday, and I've written two words. My name.

Aria: Well, what's going on? Hey, you're not still freaked out about what happened in the woods yesterday, are you? Look, we do not have to do this thing for Ali until we figure...

Spencer: No, it's not just that. It's... It's everything. Is there any chance your family wants to adopt me?

Toby & Jenna walk in front of them

Emily has a flashback - Toby's carrying Jenna.

Maya: Who is that?

Emily: Toby Cavanaugh.

Maya: Who's he?

Emily: He's, uh, an older kid who used to go here and got sent away to a reform school or something.

Maya: Why?

Emily: He had a... He set fire to a garage, and his stepsister... she was in it.

Maya: Should I be scared?

Emily: What? No.

Maya: See you later.

Emily: Bye.

Aria: He's back, too? When did that happen?

Hanna: Maybe she needs help sending radioactive e-mails.

Spencer: Yeah, or he may be sending a few of his own.

Wilden: Hanna.

Aria: Cops on campus too.

Wilden: I just spoke with your principal, asked him if we could have a chat.

Hanna: No, I have to get to class.

Wilden: Don't worry. You've been excused. Let's go.

Hanna & Wilden leave

Aria: What is going on? Why just her?

Emily: Probably thinks she's the easiest to crack.

Spencer: She is.

Jenna: Whisper, whisper, whisper. Almost feels like Alison's still here.

Flashback in which we see the barn burning and the girls running

[In Wilden's office]

Wilden: I keep coming back to this ninth grade shaft, of you and Alison on the steps.

Hanna: What about it?

Wilden: Well, you made a lot of changes between ninth and tenth grade. Lost some weight, started styling your hair like Alison's.

Hanna: Is that a crime?

Wilden: No, just an observation.

Hanna: No, she helped me make those changes.

Wilden: Did she, really? Did she ever regret it? Start seeing you as her competition?

Hanna: Nobody competed with Alison. You'd be stupid to even try.

Wilden: Why?

[Flashback at the restaurant of the high school probably]

Ali: Ask him. You'll never know unless you ask. Now.

Hanna: Um, Sean? Did you hear about the party at Noel kahn's?

Sean: I heard.

Hanna: I don't know. I was thinking about going, so I'm just wondering if you want to go too, with me.

Ali: Everybody's going. She's going, I'm going. Why aren't you?

Sean: Oh, yeah, no, I guess I am.

[Back in the office]

Wilden: What about this guy ? Did she ever talk about him?

Hanna: What?

Wilden: Stay with me, Hanna. It's important.

Hanna: Why? What's the point?

Wilden: The point is I'm trying to flesh out the details of that summer.

Hanna: So you can ask me how much weight I lost? By making it look like hefty Hanna wanted Alison dead so I could replace her?

Wilden: I'm not questioning you as a suspect, Hanna. We're just having a chat. Besides, one can't underestimate how much the past informs the present.

Hanna: Really. So, you're still that same party boy you were in the class of '96? Did you call me down here to do keg stands?

Wilden: Wow, looks like somebody's been doing their own homework.

Hanna: I like to know who's joining us for breakfast. And, by the way, my tenth-grade picture isn't even in that yearbook. I had mono and missed the deadline. Now, my makeup picture is in my living room,

which you must've seen while you were wearing a towel. Is that how the police build their cases these days?

[In the corridors of the high school]

Spencer: What are you doing? Is that a new phone?

Aria: Yeah, I'm checking my Kin. I'll just write on Hanna's wall from here.

Emily: If she's not answering texts, what makes you think she's checking Facebook?

Aria: It's worth a try.

Hanna: What's going on?

Aria: We've been trying to get ahold of you. What happened in there?

Hanna: Nothing, just the same old stupid questions.

Spencer: You were in there for an hour, Hanna. What else did he ask?

Hanna: Nothing. He just took a couple calls, and I just sat there, waiting for him to shut up.

Aria: Well, is he gonna question all of us alone now?

Hanna: Who knows? Look, let's do this at lunch, okay? I have to hit the ladies' before my next class.

Spencer: Is she being weird?

Emily: She's being weird. I'll see you guys at lunch.

Spencer: Bye.

[In Ezra's classroom]

Aria: Hey.

Ezra: Hey. Are you here to ask about the homework assignment?

Aria: Do you have plans this weekend?

Ezra: I'm thinking we should talk about the homework assignment.

Aria: So you do have plans.

Ezra: I don't.

Aria: Okay, well, there's... This opening at the gallery where my mom works, and I promised I'd help out, so if you're free...

Ezra: Do you think that's wise, hanging with you and your folks, a parent-teacher conference over free wine?

Aria: Okay, fine. It's a bad idea. What... if we met up afterwards? I could tell them I'm going to Noel kahn's party.

Ezra: Maybe you should. Go to the party.

Aria: Why... would I want to do that?

Ezra: So your classmates don't suspect you've lost interest in your peers.

Aria: Too late. Ezra, I want... Oh.

A woman enters in

Mrs Welch: Ezra.. Oh, Sorry. Excuse me.

Ezra: No, it's fine. Come in, Mrs. Welch. Um. So, are we clear about the homework assignment?

Aria: Yes, totally. If I have any questions, I'll reach out to you.

Ezra: Great.

Aria: Thank you, Mr. Fitz.

[In front of Wren's "squat"]

Wren: Did your sister send you here?

Spencer: God, no. She has no idea I even called you. Things were never great between us, but... now it's like the hurt locker. It just gets worse every day.

Wren: I'm sorry to hear that.

Spencer: So, you're living here now?

Wren: Squatting. It's not exactly the Hastings manor, but I have a whole sofa to myself.

Spencer: Wren, I need your help.

Wren: We only have the one sofa. Can you sleep on a ping-pong table?

Spencer: Look, I need you to tell them what really happened.

Wren: I tried. They won't return my phone calls.

Spencer: I know I'm not completely innocent in all of this. I've done a lot of stuff that I'm not proud of, but... not that night. I never wanted you guys to break up.

Wren: I don't think it would matter what I said. Once your parents decide how they're gonna think of someone, it's royal decree. You're brilliant, you're rubbish. There's very little in between.

Spencer: Could you at least try my dad again?

Wren: Spencer, put your efforts elsewhere. My guess is that your jail sentence will be commuted the moment you score a winning point or ace a test.

Spencer: This might not be that simple.

Wren: Give it time. Look, I know I made a bloody mess of it, and I'm sorry for putting you in the middle of it. But perhaps my real mistake was falling for the wrong sister.

Spencer: Um, I should go. It's just the 4:00 train, and I have this huge paper to write that's due Monday.

Wren: You gotta get back to that wretched place called home, right.

[In the girls' locker room of the high school]

Emily: Hello? Hello? Anybody here? Hello?

Ben appears

Oh, God!

Ben: Damn! You're jumpy.

Emily: How did you get in here?

Ben: Walked.

Emily: Yeah, well, if somebody catches you...

Ben: I'll take my chances. Besides, we need some alone time.

Emily: I... need to get dressed.

Ben: Don't bother.

Emily: I can't do this now. My mom's expecting me.

Ben: What's up, Em? Last week you were all over me in my car. This week I'm some marching band geek with funyun breath. What's going on?

Emily: Nothing. I've just... got a lot on my mind, okay?

Ben: All right. Maybe you need to relax.

Emily: Ben, I can't do this right now.

Ben: What?

Emily: Seriously, stop it. Hey, you're acting strange. Ben, get off me! Get off! Stop it!

Toby comes in, and fights with Ben

That's enough! Okay? Stop.

Ben: Is this creep a friend of yours? Is he the reason you're acting like this?

Emily: Ben, get over yourself, okay?

Ben: Get over myself?

Emily: It's done. We're over.

[Ella's office]

Ella: The owner refuses to use a computer, which is only mildly irritating, because half of these contacts died during the Reagan administration. That was fast. This is my daughter, Aria. Also known as my savior, because when I got here, there were about three cups. Thank you, my dear. Uh, this is Meredith. She works with your dad.

Meredith: We've met, actually. Nice to see you.

Ella: Meredith just wandered in. She's looking for somebody who shows alternative art.

Meredith: And your mother's been very helpful. Thank you so much, Ella.

Ella: Oh, you're welcome. So, we'll see you tonight?

Meredith: Mm-hmm.

Ella: Okay.

Aria: Tonight?

Ella: Yeah, I invited her to the opening, which may be a success now that we don't have to eat Cobb salad with our fingers. Thank you. I'll see you later.

Meredith: For Sure. Bye-bye.

Aria: You can't come tonight.

Meredith: Why not?

Aria: You know why not, and so do I... But my mom doesn't.

Meredith: I don't know what you're talking about.

Aria: Look, I saw the way you were looking at my dad yesterday. I have eyes, so just find someone who's available. My dad isn't.

[The Marins' kitchen]

Ashley: How are you getting home? If there's any drinking, I will pick you up.

Wilden: Or I could take you, if you don't mind riding in the squad car. I wouldn't use the cuffs.

Hanna: I'll be fine, thanks.

Hanna leaves

Wilden: What? It was a joke.

Ashley: So, have you heard from the store? Are they prosecuting or... or not?

Wilden: No, I haven't heard, but I have a call into them, so...

Wilden takes a bracelet in Hanna's bag

Ashley: What are you doing?

Wilden: Where have I seen this before? It's nice. Is that from you?

Ashley: Alison gave it to her.

Wilden: That's right. She mentioned that at school today.

Ashley: Why were you at her school?

Wilden: I was interviewing Hanna again. That's my day job.

Ashley: Why was my kid being questioned a second time?

Wilden: Because she's close to the victim, and because kids keep secrets.

Ashley: Not mine. And if you're thinking she knows more than she's letting on, you're out of line. Sticky fingers is a long way off from what you're talking about.

Wilden: Okay, easy mama bear. It's just a routine investigation.

Ashley: Well, then you're gonna need a search warrant to go through her purse.

Wilden: So, can I help with dinner?

Ashley: Yeah.

She gives him the pizza

Have it someplace else. Breakfast, too.

[At Noel's]

Maya: Come on, lighten up.

Emily: I should've stayed home.

Maya: Why, 'cause you broke up with somebody? What are you supposed to do, spend the rest of the school year hiding under your bed?

Emily: There he is.

Maya: Did you do that to his face? Damn. It's a good color on him.

Hanna: Hey, Em.

Sean: Yo, what just happened?

Ben: So, you decided to come after all.

Emily: Yeah, I did. Just not with you.

[In the Hastings' kitchen]

Spencer transfers Melissa's homework on her laptop and puts her name where Melissa's one was written.

Veronica enters in, Melissa follows

Spencer: Hey. Hi, how was the club?

Veronica: Chilly. Nobody who works there can figure out a thermostat. Did you eat?

Spencer: Yeah, I made some pasta if you're hungry.

Melissa: I'm not eating pasta. I don't need to be depressed and fat.

Veronica: Good point. I'll make a salad. Let me get out of these clothes.

She leaves

Melissa: Wren called. He told me you went into the city yesterday to meet him. It was strange. At first I wasn't sure why he was telling me this,

but then I realized he's still trying to cover his tracks and yours. Like I'm supposed to believe you took a train down there just to clear your name? You two deserve each other. I thought I was pathetic.

[Noel's party]

Sean: Ooh! Damn. Did you see that?

Hanna: Awesome. Look, can this be your last game?

Mona: Whatever. Have you guys...? Seriously.

Hanna: I'll be right back.


Aria: He tackled Ben? What was Toby even doing in the girls' locker room?

Spencer: Why are you shocked? Toby's a perv. We caught him peeping through the windows, watching us undress.

Emily: Alison's the one who saw him do that. We never did.

Hanna: What's up?

Aria: Toby Cavanaugh got into a fight with Ben over Emily.

Emily: It wasn't over me. God. Look, he just... saved me.

Spencer: For what, himself?

Hanna: Ew.

Aria: If we hadn't asked you about Ben, would you have told us about this?

Spencer: Toby is not a good guy, Emily. He could be seriously dangerous.

Emily: If he's such a bad guy, why'd he take the fall for us?

Aria: Is this another secret? Do you know something that we don't?

Hanna: Guys, why don't we just, like chill, and talk about this somewhere else? When we're alone.

Aria: I... don't even know what "just us" means anymore.

Hanna: Yeah, uh... Let's talk about it tomorrow, okay? Are we still meeting up at the shed?

She leaves

Aria: Yeah. Yeah, sure. Why not?

Emily: Where are you going?

Aria: The gallery. I promised my mom.

She leaves and Maya comes to Emily & Spencer

Maya: Have you checked out the photobooth they've got in there?

Emily: No. Show me the booth.

[Flashback, in front of Toby's -probably-]

Ali: to Toby: I'll make sure everybody knows!

To Spencer: didn't I tell you to stay over there, and let me take care of this? What did you hear?

Spencer: Nothing. Nothing.

Emily: What's going on? What happened to Jenna?

Ali: It's done. We were never here. Let's go.

Hanna: But...

Ali: But what?

Hanna: What if we said it was an accident?

Ali: No, we're not telling anybody anything. Damn it, Hanna. Don't make me sorry I ever included you in the first place. I have gone out of my way to bring your big, wannabe butt into this group. You better keep your mouth shut, unless you want to go back to spending your weekends alone, dance dance revolution and a jumbo bag of chips.

Aria: Ali, stop it! Just leave her alone.

Ali: I'm sorry, Hanna. I didn't mean that. I'm just freaked out, guys. This is bad. Really bad. I never would've done it if I thought someone was in there. I just... I don't know what's gonna happen... to us. Can we just go? Come on.

[Back at the party]

Sean: What made you come up here?

Hanna: I had some time to kill while you were foosballing.

Sean: Hey, I was on a roll!

Hanna: I thought you liked contact sports.

[In the photobooth]

Emily: Ready?

Maya: Wait. I gotta prepare. If this comes out decent, I'm gonna cut mine out and replace the one on my driver's license.

Emily: Yeah, they're always scary.

Maya: No, I skipped scary. I went straight to snooki.

Emily: Can I see it? Come on, I'll show you mine. It's probably worse.

Maya: No way. What could be wrong with yours? You're crazy beautiful.

Emily: Uh, which button is it again? Um, this one.

She presses the button


Photos are taken, they kiss, another photo is taken, they leave the photobooth

Maya: Think there's any pizza left?

Emily: Where are the pictures?

Maya: Damn, I told you I break cameras.

Emily: No, seriously, where are they?

Maya: Probably just ran out of paper. Come on. Let's eat something.

[Somewhere near Noel's house]

Sean: What are you looking for?

Hanna: What do you think?

Sean: Hanna, please stop.

Hanna: You're kidding, right? I mean, you said you wanted it to be special. This is pretty special, if you're not afraid of spiders.

Sean: Oh, it's... I don't wanna do this right now.

Hanna: Well, then, where do you want to go? We can't exactly afford a weekend at a five-star hotel.

Sean: It's not about where.

Hanna: Then what is it about? Is this about me? Tell me. Tell me why this is not happening, and don't start quoting scripture.

Sean: Why are you acting like this?

Hanna: Like what?

Sean: Like you've got something to prove.

Hanna: Because maybe I do! Maybe you still think of me as that dumpy junior high girl who laughed at all your jokes and gave you cuts in line and followed you around like some groupie.

Sean: No, I... I liked that girl. But... but this one seems... desperate.

Hanna: Any guy at this party would be happy to be with me. Why aren't you?

Sean: We already talked about this, okay? Take this. It's cold up here.

Hanna: Leave me alone. I don't want your stupid jacket.

[At the gallery]

Byron: Well, you are.

Ella: He's just saying this because he has to.

Byron: No, I..

Meredith comes in

Aria: What are you doing here? Did you forget what we talked about?

Meredith: You talked. I listened.

Aria: What didn't you understand? You need to leave now.

Meredith: Listen, sweetie, I'm not in high school. You don't have any say in this.

[Outside Noel's]

Mona: Hanna! Hanna, what's up? Hanna! Wait, why are you taking Sean's car? Hanna!

[Ezra's apartment]

Ezra: Hey. I thought you were helping out at the gallery.

Aria: I was. Can I come in?

Ezra: I'm not sure if that's a good idea.

Aria: I'm s... I'm sorry. This was... a mistake. I shouldn't have come here. I just didn't know where else to go. I'll see you on Monday.

Ezra: No, wait. Are you... are you okay? Do you need me to drive you home?

Aria: That's the last place I want to be.

Ezra: Why? What happened?

Aria: Can... can we just... be here for a minute?

[In front of Emily's]

Emily: Good night Maya.

Maya: Godd night Emily. See you.

Emily walks to Toby's

Emily: Hi. I... I never got a chance to... I just wanted to thank you. I mean... I'm not sure why you... Well, it doesn't matter. Again, thanks.

She leaves

Jenna: Why is she thanking you? Why is she thanking you?

Toby: It's not what you think.

[In the woods]

Spencer: Alison wanted us across the streetso she could have it out with Toby. Ali had something on him.

Hanna: Besides being a total perv who peeped in our windows?

Spencer: Yeah, something way bigger, and she was threatening to tell everybody. That's why he took the fall for us.

Aria: Why are you waiting until now to tell us?

Spencer: I don't know. Ali made me promise, and... I guess I was scared. I thought if we never talked about that night again, it would just go away.

Hanna: Well, it's not going away. Not unless we toss our phones and join the Navy.

Emily: Look, there's four of usand one freak sending messages. If we just talk to each other like this, I feel like it makes it easier to deal with everything.

Aria: I think Emily's right. There's way too many secrets. We shouldn't do this in the middle of nowhere. We should do it where we can see it every day.

Hanna: You mean, like, somewhere in school?

Aria: No. In town. We should ask if we can put a bench somewhere. Wait, and you know what? Whoever did this to her, if they're still in rosewood, we should make them look at it every day, too.

Spencer: What, you hate the idea?

Hanna: No. No, I just... I had a rough night.

Branches rustle, the girls run

Hanna: Look.

Spencer: Is that yours?

Aria: Alison's.

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