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  01x02 - The Jenna Thing
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars..

Aria: Ali?

Spencer: She's gone. I think I heard her scream.

Hanna: Did you see the paper today?

Spencer: Yeah. She's gone,but she's everywhere.

Ezra: I'd like to know more about you.

Aria: I'd like to know more about you too.

Emily: So, I hear the new teacher is really hot.

Ezra: Holy crap.

Emily: Somebody left a note in my locker.

Aria: From "A"? Do you really think it's her?

Agent: We received a call from Rosewood mall security. They have your daughter on tape shoplifting a pair of sunglasses.

Maya: First time? Emily: Yes. Maya: So I'm corrupting you.

Spencer: We're meeting Melissa's fiancé.

Wren: I'm Wren.

Spencer: That feels awesome.

Maya: We found your friend.

Emily: I knew she was back.Is she inside?

Maya: Emily. They found Alison's body.

Spencer: It's Jenna.

Their phones ring

Aria: Oh, my god.

Hanna: It's from...

Emily: I got one too.

Spencer: "I'm still here, bitches...

All: ...And I know everything. -A ."

[At "Apple Rosegrille"]

Aria: Why was Jenna there?

Spencer: I guess she's back.

Hanna: That cop acted like we were suspects or something.

Emily: Do you think we looked guilty?

Aria: Why would we? We haven't done anything wrong.

Hanna: Except lie about the Jenna thing.

Spencer: We promised we'd never bring up the Jenna thing again, remember? It never happened.

Aria: Have you found a way to forget? I still wake up sometimes in the middle of the night.

Spencer: Aria, it was an accident.

Hanna puts a drink in her glass, a man stares at her

Hanna: It's medicinal. Cramps!

Emily: I don't get it. How does "A" know something about me that only Alison knew?

Aria: Ali knew all of our secrets, but...We never knew any of hers.

Spencer: I knew some.

Aria: Go on.

Hanna: Talk.

Spencer: I can't.

Aria: Spence! No, you are not gonna drop a bomb like that and just clam up!

Spencer: She'd so kill me if I told you.

Hanna: She's dead.

Spencer: Ali was seeing someone that summer.

Emily: I knew she was keeping something from me! From us.

Aria: Well, why didn't she want us to know?

Spencer: He was an older boy,and he had a girlfriend.

Emily: Who was it?

Spencer: She never told me his name.

Hanna: That's only half the secret.

Spencer: It's more than you ever got from her.

Aria: How is that Ali told us nothing,and we told her everything?

Emily: Because she made us feel like we were part of something special.

Hanna: We were.

Aria: I miss that.

Spencer: Me too.

Emily: I miss Ali.

Hanna: I can't believe you still wear that.

Emily: Ali still wears hers. Wore.

Spencer: When Ali didn't come home that night, I knew something terrible must have happened, but there was always some part of me that imagined someday she'd just show up.

Aria: Yeah. I used to think that maybe she'd just...Run off with some guy.

Emily: She was laying on a beach somewhere.

Hanna: Or getting a tan out by the pool with that hot lifeguard.

Aria: Ohh. Yeah...What was his name?

Hanna: Who cares? "Save me!"

All laughing softly - cane tapping Jenna enters in and the girls stare at her, then leave discretely

[Opening Credits]

[Hanna's kitchen]

Ashley: That's the last of the milk.

Hanna: It's on the list.

The guy on the tv: ...Over the area right now with a lot of warm air, but we've got a cold front moving in from the west right here behind me. In other news, Rosewood detective Darren Wilden held a press conference this morning.

Wilden: The coroner did release his findings this morning, and although Alison Di Laurentis' body did show signs of a blunt-force head trauma, the cause of her death was suffocation.

Ashley turns off the television

Ashley: Are you okaygoing to school today?

Hanna: Yeah.I'll be fine.

Ashley: I don't want to think about what the police are saying, and you shouldn't either. Try to remember Alison as the beautiful girl you knew.

Hanna: I'm really sorry, mom.

Ashley: For what?

Hanna: The cop.

Ashley: It's over. Okay? We won't be seeing him again.

Hanna puts on some lipstick

Ashley: Is that amber rose? It's a good color for you.

[At the Montgomery's]

Ella: I had to look twice to make sure that was Hanna.

Aria: Right?

Ella: That was somefuneral dress. Her mother didn't get that from curvy girl.

Byron: Who shops at curvy girl?

Ella: No one, anymore. Do you not have time for breakfast?

Byron: No. I'm probably gonna be late tonight too.

Ella: Late nights already? We just got here.

Aria: Yeah. What's that about?

Byron: What's it about? Being gone for a year. Playing catch-up. Faculty meetings.Changing my curriculum. Demanding students.

Aria: Maybe your family's demands should come first. I'm gonna be late.Love you, Ella.

Ella: What was that about? You guys were getting along so well when we were away. I don't get it.

Byron: Well, you know, she's... She's a teenage girl, Ella. Aren't they all moody and unpredictable?

Both chuckle

[In front of Emily's]

Emily's sitting on a couch outside her house, Maya joins her

Maya: So... Are you okay? That... Was a dumb question. Of course you're not okay. I, um, I thought about going to the funeral, But I... I didn't know her, and it didn't... Feel right.

Emily: No, I... I understand.

Maya: Can I have a sip?

Emily: Sure. Do you want your own?

Maya: I'd rather share yours.

Emily: You look tired.

Maya: I haven't gotten much sleep. My mom found another one of Alison's boxes in the basement. There were pictures of her in my room. Her room. She's everywhere. And that poster.

Emily: Someone should take those posters down. It hurts way too much to look at them.

Maya: Emily... I'm so sorry.

Hug each other - Pam arrives

Pam: Is everything all right?

Emily: Mom, this is Maya St Germain.

Pam: Oh, Maya. Hi.

Maya - Coming to her quickly to hug her -: Hi!

Pam: Well, I would say welcome to the neighborhood, but...

Emily: It's kind of hard when your backyard's a crime scene.

Pam: Still?

Maya: It's where people come to be close to her. They light candles and leave teddy bears. I get it, but it still feels like her house.

Pam: Sure.

Emily: I can understand how you're not sleeping.

Pam: You know, Maya, why don't you just spend a few days with us? You could sleep in Emily's room.

Maya: Thank you.

Pam: Mm-hmm.

[On the grass]

Spencer playing golf - Emily and Maya come to see her

Emily: Nice!


so I hear you're gunning for varsity Captain.

Spencer: Well, I have a shot, so...

Emily: If a Hastings has a shot ,she takes the shot.

Maya: Is that a drinking game?

Spencer: Yeah, it should be.

Emily: Spencer, this is Maya.

Spencer: Oh.

Maya: Yeah. New girl who moved into dead girl's house. Can't believe I just said that.

Spencer: Yeah, I can't believe you just said that either.

Maya: I think Brad Pitt and I are missing the same sensitivity chip.

Spencer: It's fine. We're all trying to finda way to deal with it.

Emily: Maya and I are going for some caffeine. Do you want to join?

Spencer: Oh, I'd kill for a latte,but, um... This is my only time to practice, so...

Emily: We'll catch you later.

Emily and Maya leave

Maya: She's intense.

Emily: If you knew her parents,you'd understand.

Maya: Mm.

[In Rosewood High School]

Aria: Can I talk to you?

Ezra: Yeah, of course.

Aria: I'd like to transfer out of your class.

Ezra: Can you come inside for a minute, please?

Aria: Yeah.

They enter in Ezra's classroom.

Ezra: I understand where you're coming from. I just... Wish that you could stay in the class.

Aria: This isn't an easy decision. But I feel like it's the right thing to do.

Ezra: I can keep my feelings in check.

Aria: I can't. And even if I could, I don't want to. It's too hard to sit in this room every day and call you Mr. Fitz. Okay? I can't pretend like I don't know you. So... Will you sign it?

Ezra: Are you sure?

Aria: Yeah, I'm... I'm sure.

Ezra signs the paper Aria just gave it to him

Aria: Thank you.

Ezra: Mm-hm.

Aria leaves the classroom, Ezra stays in

Now in the corridor, Hanna & Mona are next to their locker

Mona: Okay, I am all for boob jobs, but when I see those, I want to "moo."

Both chuckle

I spy a Sean.

Hanna: I'll see you at lunch.

She leaves and joins Sean, they kiss, and leave

We now see Emily near her locker. Ben kisses her when she closes it

Ben: What's wrong?

Emily: You surprised me.

Ben: We still on for the movie?

Emily: My mom invited Maya to stay with us tonight.

Ben: Ohh... What kind of jammies do you think new girl wears?

Emily: How would I know?

Ben: I'll see you at practice.

Voice: Will the following students please come to the office : Emily Fields, Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin.

They gather together, Aria's phone rings

Aria: Wait. It's from "A."

Hanna, reading the text message: "dead girls walking."

[In the office of Rosewood HS]

Cop: So let's see... You thought you heard her scream.

Spencer: I-I said that, yeah.

Cop: And when you three woke up in the barn, Alison was gone, and so was Spencer.

Spencer: Yes, I woke up before them, And I realized that Ali was missing, so...

Cop: So you went looking for her.

Spencer: That's what happened.

Cop: I got that. So, what's up? Was this a slumber party, or...?

Spencer: Is this an interrogation?

Cop: No, just a routine follow-up. Why did you guys all fall asleep?

Aria: I guess we were tired.

Cop: Tired? Really. Is that how you remember it, Hanna?

Hanna: Yeah.

Cop: Yeah, you guys were tired.

Spencer: Look, we've told you everything we know, just like we did the night she went missing.

Cop: I know, and you see, the thing is, it's almost exactly what you said last year-- Almost like it was rehearsed.

Aria: Like Spencer said, we've told you everything we know.

[At the canteen]

Aria: He knows we're lying.

Hanna: Lying is not a crime.

Spencer: It is when you're giving false statements to the police. It's called obstruction of justice.

Hanna: Oh, please! We lied about drinking. But the truth that matters is we don't know anything about what happened to Ali that night.

Spencer: We also know about someone who might have wanted to hurt her.

Emily: We should have told the police the truth about Jenna's accident the night it happened.

Hanna: I wanted to, remember?

Aria: We had a chance to do more than just tell the truth. We had a chance to stop Ali.

Spencer: But we didn't. And telling the police now about what happened to Jenna Isn't going to make her see again. It'll just ruin our lives.

Cane tapping

Hanna: Oh, my god, she's back in school too?

Aria stands up and walks to Jenna

Aria: Jenna? Hey, it's-- it's Aria. Do you... Want to come sit with us?

Jenna: Sure.

Aria: Okay.

Jenna: Thank you.

Aria: So you're gonna be between Hanna and Emily, And Spencer's right across from you.

Jenna: Thank you.

Aria: Yeah. And here's a chair.

Jenna: So... This would be Alison's chair, right?

Jenna sits down

Emily: No. We're not even sitting at that table.

Jenna: You know, she came to visit me in the hospital after the accident.

Spencer: Alison did?

Jenna: Mm-hm. Everyone misunderstood Alison, but I knew exactly who she was.

Spencer: When did you get back, Jenna? We heard that you were in Philadelphia, a school for the...Visually impaired.

Jenna: You can say "blind," Spencer. It's okay. It's not a dirty word.

Big silence

Wow. It's so quiet. You guys used to be the fun table. What happened to you girls?


[Flashback in Alison's bedroom, clothes everywhere]

All giggle

Ali: I see you! Oh, my god, I can't believe it!

Emily: Who was it, Ali? What did you see?

Ali: He was in that tree, spying on us! I am so creeped out!

Spencer: Who was it?

Ali: It was that perv, Toby Cavanaugh.

Aria: Are you sure?

Ali: Yes, I'm sure! He was right there! I bet he saw us all naked.

Aria: Should we tell someone?

Ali: I mean, we could. But I have a better idea.

[Outside, by night]

Fireworks shrieking

Aria: Are we sure he's not in there?

Ali: He's not, okay? You've got the lighter, right, Spencer?

Emily: Let's wait a second.

Ali: What, Emily?

Emily: I don't want to do this.

Ali: Fine. Go back. You're on your own.

Aria: Okay, maybe Emily's right. We should just call the cops. They'll take care of it.

Ali: Where's the fun in that? Girls, Toby Cavanaugh is a freak, and we need to teach him a lesson. If he thinks he can come and spy on us while we're in your bedroom, Emily, he needs to know that his little domain Is no longer a safe little hideout.

Who knows what he does in there all day, that little freak.

Spencer: Are you sure that it was Toby?

Ali: Yes! And it's a stink bomb, for God's sakes! We're not nuking the place. Now, let's do it. Give me the lighter.

Ali throws something in Toby's place so that it explodes


Spencer: Ali, what did you do ?!

Ali: Come on, let's get out of here.

All: Let's go!

[End of the flashback - Back in the canteen]

All the girls' cellphones chime

Jenna: Aren't you gonna get that?

They all read the text message

[Ezra's classroom]

Ezra: Okay, people, let's take our seats.

Mona: Am I late?

Ezra: It's-- it's Mona, right?

Mona: That's right, Mr. Fritz.

All chuckle


Ezra: Take your seat, Mona, please.

Mona sits next to Hanna

Hanna: It's "Fitz," not "Fritz."

Mona: Oops.

Ezra: If the mockingbird represents the idea of innocence, what characters are innocent? Take a second. Jot down your ideas. We'll discuss.

Aria enters in the class, put a paper on Ezra's desk on which "declined" is written - They stare at each other for a while

[At Hanna's]

Sean: Thanks.

Hanna starts to kiss him.


Hanna: What?

Sean: It's too hard to stop if we go there.

Hanna: Oh, come on, Sean. It's just us two. It's okay.

They kiss a little

Sean: Come on, Hanna, I...

She gives up

Hanna: You do like me like that, right?

Sean: Yes.

Hanna: I mean, maybe you... Still think of me as just a friend, the girl I used to be.

He kisses her

Sean: Do you kiss your friends like that?

Hanna: No.

Sean: Look... I like the girl you used to be, just like I like the girl you are now.

Hanna: Is this waiting thing something you really want, or is it because of your dad?

Sean: No, it's me. It's... It's my choice.

Ashley comes in the house, she's at the phone

Sean: Hi, Mrs. Marin.

He clears his throat

Ashley: We'll submit the loan docs in the morning. Okay. Great. Thanks.

She hangs up

Hi. How's the studying going?

Hanna: Fine.

Ashley: Sean... Please tell your dad we really have been trying to make it to church, but I've been working on the weekends...

Sean: Oh, yeah, no. I'll let him know, Mrs. Marin. But it's okay. I mean, he understands. He works on the weekends too.

Doorbell chimes

Hanna: Cute preacher humor.

Ashley: Look who stopped by for dinner.

Cop: I brought Thai takeout.

Ashley: It's time for Sean to leave. Let's eat in the dining room.

[In a café]

Spencer: I've decided on the class.. I want to take at Hollis. But it's not for credit, Dad, it's for fun.


Peter: What's the point of that? Your mom's coming back a day early. She'll be home tomorrow.

Aria enters in, Spencer leaves the table to meet her

Spencer: Hey. I was gonna e-mail you when I got home. How weird was that lunch?

Aria: I'd say on a scale from one to ten... Eleven.

Spencer: Yeah.

Melissa and Wren enter in the café too

Aria: Is that the new fiancé? Is he as uptight as Melissa?

Spencer: No one's as uptight as Melissa.

Both chuckle

I'd better get back.

Aria: All right. See ya.

Spencer goes back to her table

-to the waitress- Yeah. Thank you.

[Back to Spencer and her family's table]

Waiter: Can I get anyone a drink?

Spencer: I'll have a vodka soda.

Melissa: She's kidding.

Peter: I'm gonna have a glass of the house cab. Melissa?

Melissa: The same as my father.

Wren: I actually will have a vodka soda.

[At Emily's]

Maya: So I get your connection to Spencer. You both like to win.

Emily: Winning's great, but if I've done my best, I usually feel good about the outcome, no matter what it is.

Maya: And Spencer?

Emily: Spencer needs to win.

Maya looks at a picture on which we can see the 5 girls

Maya: Alison was always in the middle-- The center of attention.

Emily: Have you ever known anyone like that ?

Maya: I usually run from those girls. They scare me.

Emily: "Those girls"?

Maya: The queen bees.

Emily: You seem like a person who wouldn't run from anyone.

Maya: Do you have a side?

Emily: Sorry?

Maya: Of the bed?

Emily: I kind of sleep in the middle.

Maya: I, um, kind of sleep in the middle too.

[At the café]

Melissa: Hi/low, anyone?

Wren: Hi/low?

Spencer: It's a game. You guys don't play it in bed?

Peter: Wren, you can play too.

Wren: I'm a bit lost.

Peter: You'll catch on.

Melissa: I'll go first. We just started our first week of class, And I've already been nominated to serve on the business school's leadership commitee.

Peter: Melissa likes to play the game when she's fairly certain she'll win.


Melissa: Guess who I learned that from?

Peter: Don't go tasting victory just yet. 'Cause the judge ruled on my brief today, and the class action suit against winslow has been dismissed.

Melissa: Oh.

Wren: If I don't play, do I still get another drink?

Mouths silently

Peter: Spencer... You're up.

Spencer: Um...

Big silence

Wren: I'll go. I got a brilliant parking spot today, right in front of the chem lab.

Both laugh

Melissa: He's just kidding.

[In Emily's bedroom]

Emily and Maya are in Emily's bed, Maya gets closer to her, she puts her hand on hers

Emily's cellphone beeps. She gets up to read the text message she's just received

[Hanna's kitchen]

Hanna: You're cooking?

Cop: 'morning. Over easy okay?

Ashley: Of course.

[In Ben's car]

Ben: So, Maya, now that you two have slept together, you've gotten further with Emily than I have. What should I know?

Maya: Good girls don't kiss and tell.

Ben: You don't strike me as a good girl.

Emily: Shut up, Ben.

Ben: So, did you guys get much sleep? 'Cause I wouldn't have.

Maya: I don't know about Emily, but I slept like a baby. Coming, Em?

Emily: Um, yeah, I'll catch up to you.

Maya: Bye, Ben.

Ben: Bye.

Maya gets out of the car

We were just messing around. What are you so weirded-out about?

Em kisses him

Ben's friend: Get a room, Ben! And rock it!

Emily gets out of the car too.

Lookin' good, Emily.

Hanna arrives

You're looking good too.

Hanna: I'm sorry, are you talking to me?

Hanna & Em leave

You okay?

Emily: Not really.

Hanna: You know, I never thought of you as someone who'd be so comfortable with pda.

Emily: Maybe I'm not the person everyone thinks I am.

Hanna: Who is?

[In front of a cinema]

Erza: Aria.

Aria: Mr. Fitz! Hi! This is my Mom, Ella.

Ella: Oh, Mr. Fitz. The new English teacher.

Ezra: Yes. It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Montgomery.

Ella: Oh, please, call me Ella. We're a very informal family. Are you going to see the movie?

Ezra: Yes, I am. It's one of my favorites.

Ella: Oh, Aria's too. She's told us a lot about you. Although you forgot to mention the "you're very young" part.

Aria: We should get going. The movie's starting.

Ella: We'll see you inside.

Aria and Ella enter in the movies

Ella: And you forgot to mention the "really cute" part.

[In front of the movie, starting]

Film music playing

Ella: Mr. Fitz. Why don't you come sit with us?

Ezra: Uh... Yeah. Yeah, okay. Excuse me.

He sits next to Aria

Ella asks him if he wants some popcorn

I'm fine. Thank you.

[Emily's room]

Pam: You all right?


It's all gonna be okay. I promise you. Everything's gonna get back to normal.

Emily: I don't know what normal feels like anymore.

Pam: You've been missing her for a whole year. You know, that's a lot to take on.

Emily: It's not just that. I think there's something wrong with me.

Pam: Honey, there's nothing wrong with you. You lost a dear friend. You need to find a way to say goodbye. What about reaching out to the other girls? Have you talked to them? Have you told 'em how you feel?

Emily: In some ways, finding out Ali is really gone has brought us back together... But it's still not what it used to be.

Pam: Why?

Emily: We were friends because of Ali.

Pam: Then use her to get close again. You guys need to find a way to say goodbye together.

[Spencer's room]

Wren: Still having trouble with that bursa sac?

Spencer: I can't take you seriously when you say "bursa sac".

Wren: Shall I give you another rub?

Spencer: No, that's... That's okay.

Wren: Yeah, it's late.

Spencer: Well, it's early for me. I have a history test monday and a paper due in Latin.

Wren: Ascendo tuun.

Spencer: Do you know what you just said to me?

Wren: Think so. Uh... "Up yours"?

Spencer: Yeah. Okay.

Wren: That's the only Latin I remember. Can I help with anything?

Spencer: What, with your extensive knowledge of the language?

Wren: Yeah. You know, I didn't grow up in a family like yours, so I don't know that kind of pressure, but I can imagine it could be unbearable at times.

Spencer: Well, you're not exactly a slouch, Mr. Oxford. I mean, that drive had to come from somewhere.

Wren: Yeah. It came from me. My life has been my choice.

Spencer: Well, you're lucky.

Wren: I'm sorry. I'm being intrusive.

Spencer: No, no. You're being nice.

Wren: Gehry said that the "hat trick" chair was inspired by an apple crate.

Spencer: I didn't realize that you were into design.

Wren: Yeah. And I appreciate beauty.

They stare at each other and then kiss. Melissa spies on them

Spencer: Stop. Stop. We can't-- You can't do this. It's not right.

Wren leaves

[Spencer's house, the day after]

She sees Wren taking his stuff back

[In a parking]

Mona: This sounds totally gay, but if I saw you struttin' it in that dress and kickin' up those heels, I would think about doing you.

Hanna: And we love the necklace?

Mona: We adore it.

They see the cop staring at them

Relax. You actually paid for that. Let's go.

Hanna: Um, yeah. I'll be right back.

She comes to the cop

Are you spying on me?

Cop: Just doing my job.

Hanna: Look, I'll pay for the sunglasses. I'll pick up trash on the highway. I'll do whatever it takes, but I want you to leave my mother alone.

Cop: You see, the thing is, Hanna, I don't care if you were drinking the night Alison went missing. What I care about is you and your pretty little friends knowing who killed her.

Hanna: What?

Cop: Your mom may be hot, Hanna, but she's not hot enough to make that go away.

[In the street, under the rain]

Ezra sees Aria, he's in his car, goes away, stops, she gets in the car, they leave

[View in Ezra's car]

He stops, they kiss

[In a café]


All laughing

Ali: I got you guys something.

Ali gives them little packages

Spencer: What's the occasion?

Ali: You'll see. Open 'em.

They open it

We'll be friends forever. Can you put mine on for me, Em?

End of the flashback

Emily looks at her bracelet

[In the Montgomerys' dining room]

Byron: We need to talk. You can't keep doing this. You're not very good at hiding your feelings. And your mother knows that something is up. Look, Aria, I don't like to lie, but sometimes telling the truth does more harm than good. Now, when we were in Iceland, you found a way to let go of what happened.

Aria: Are you seeing her again?

Byron: She teaches at Hollis, so I do see her, but not like that.


Aria: Were you in love with her?

Byron: I had very strong feelings for Meredith. And my attraction to her took me completely by surprise. I had no intention of being unfaithful to your mother. And you're too young to understand this, but... The truth is, I... Gave in to my emotions.

Ella & Mike come in

Ella: Mr. Chung was very happy to see us.

Byron: From the looks of all of this food, I'm sure that he was.

Ella: We got you kung pao.

Byron: You're... You're not going out tonight?

Aria: No. No, I think I'll stay home.

Ella: I like the sound of that.

Byron: Is this good? Mm, yeah. You want some?

Mike: Yeah, thanks.

Aria: I'm gonna go get out of these wet clothes, okay?

She leaves the table

Byron: Is it good? Try this?

Ella: No, thanks. I'm good.

Byron: You're good?

Ella: I'm good.

Byron: You're sure?

Ella: I am good. I think I got too much food.

Byron: That's fine.

Ella: I told you, Mr. Chung was very happy.

[In the street]

Jenna: Send text now.

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