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  05x06 - Run, Ali, Run
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ANNOUNCER: Previously on Pretty Little Liars...

Are you okay?

Hey, cowboy, where have you been?

I think you've had enough.

Actually, you don't know what I think.

People are preparing for Ali's return and it's not with flowers and "welcome home" banners.

What are you saying?

I'm saying your friend hurt a lot of people, me included.

And I'm not interested in continuing that, but I'm also not going to out the people who feel like they need to protect themselves.

Maybe she's not coming.

Oh, she's coming.

Ali, do you know what your first class is?

Mom, what's going on?

I'm leaving your father.

Caleb, when did you get back?

I don't ever want to hear you say you're sorry again.

Alison attacked me last night.

You're scared because you know it's not gonna take me long to win over your army of losers and you know I can do it again.

Why wouldn't you just tell us the truth?

It's not gonna fix this.

I've called this press conference because we received confirmation tonight

that the name of the victim

that was buried alive under DiLaurentis' property was Bethany Young.

She was a 17-year-old patient at the Radley Institution.


It's your house.

Is anyone in there?


(cell phones beeping)

It's from "A."

CALEB: What does it say?

"Did you miss me, bitches?"

It can't be.

Shana's dead.

Where's Toby?

I don't know.


♪ Got a secret, can you keep it? ♪
♪ Swear this one you'll save ♪
♪ Better lock it in your pocket ♪
♪ Taking this one to the grave ♪
♪ If I show you then I know ♪
♪ You won't tell what I said ♪
♪ 'Cause two can keep a secret ♪
♪ If one of them is dead ♪


Will you please call me later?

Okay. Bye.


Well, what did Toby say?

Nobody was inside the house.

Thank God.

Yeah, but his dad did break his leg trying to avoid a tree coming down.

It could've been worse.

Yeah. Caleb's with them at the hospital.

Guys, what does this mean?

That we were wrong about Shana?

That "A's" alive and knows that I killed her.

That's impossible.

We all heard what Shana said in that theater.

No, she never said that she was "A."

She never used those words.

She had everything but the letter painted on her.

Em, come on.

We got a text seconds after the house blew up.

Either Shana can cause explosions from the grave or "A" is back.

SPENCER: Or never left.

Well, what are you saying?

I think "A" took a nap and woke up tonight.


been here the whole time just watching us, waiting for the right moment to resurface.

But why now?

That's what we have to figure out.



You look like you got as much sleep as I did.

I was with Toby until an hour ago.

How is he?

Still pretty shaken.

I still don't get why "A" would blow up his house when we were all just three doors down.

"A" doesn't shoot and miss.

There has to be a reason.

Did you see this?

Wait, that's it?

They're not gonna look into what caused the leak?

The cops in this town should be riding around in clown cars.

I think you guys need to tell them who's behind this.

Tell them what?

We don't have a face or a name.

Hanna, this isn't a game.

"A" blew up a house.

We can't.

It would unravel too much.


Things happened while you were gone.

It's not the same as when you left.

I've noticed.

Caleb, I had no idea when you'd come back or if you'd ever come back.

I won't be staying long.

I'm thinking of going to Montecito for a while.

I just assumed if you weren't in Ravenswood that you'd be here.

I don't want to commit to anything.

Well, um, it's late.

I should probably get to school.

Shana wasn't "A."

I killed an innocent person.

Shana wasn't innocent, Aria.

Yeah, but the cops aren't gonna believe that when they find out how long I've been covering this up.

And it's only a matter of time before "A"

exposes what I did.

We don't know if this person has any idea about what happened in New York.

What are you doing?

Looking for a connection.

A connection to what?

Between Mrs. DiLaurentis and Bethany Young.


I'm starting to think I wasn't too far off about my Mrs. D theory.

Mrs. D was on the board at Radley Sanitarium.

Bethany was a patient there.

Bethany was buried in her yard in the same spot where Ali was buried.

You think that "A" killed Bethany and Mrs. D?

That would be a connection.

When I was writing my book, I interviewed some of the staff at Radley and I think the name Bethany Young came up.

I just don't know which file it's in.

Okay, I can help you look after school.

Hey, hey.

We're gonna get through this.


I'll see you later.


I didn't see your car outside.

It's in the garage.

Why aren't you at work?

A little hard to concentrate when your wife and daughter are living at a hotel.

I have class in 10 minutes.


What the hell is going on?

You have to discuss that with mom.

I would love to, but she won't return any of my calls.

We know that you lied about where you and Melissa were the night that Mrs. DiLaurentis died.

How do you know that?

What are you gonna do when the cops find out that the pills that killed her are in your medicine cabinet?

You think I did it?

I know that you were just trying to protect me.

Damn right, I've been trying to protect you.

But I would never take a life to cover up something you did.

I didn't do anything.

Neither did I.

Then where were you and Melissa?

Wait, they drove to the lake to talk?

Yeah, that's what he said.

But he wouldn't say what they talked about or why he lied.

Have you talked to Melissa?

Yeah, I've left her like five messages.


Your mom did the right thing by leaving.


(cell phone ringing)

It's Ezra.


I'm with Spencer.


Yeah. Well, thanks for checking in.

I'll see you later.

He's trying to find a link between Bethany and Mrs. D.

Has he found one yet?


He's left messages for all his contacts at Radley, but so far nothing.

And you're going over to Ezra's place later?


I'm gonna help him sort through his files.

Is that the only reason?

Is there something going on between you two?


Then why did you bring him to Emily's last night?

Okay, we had a slip.

A slip?

Well, technically, it was two slips.

Oh, my God! Aria!

I thought you said that you were never gonna go there again.

I meant it when I said it.

Are you forgetting about what he did to you?

What he did to us?

No, of course not.

You couldn't eat or sleep for weeks after you found out about that book.

Okay, well he took a bullet for us, Spence.

Yeah, but that doesn't change the fact that he deceived you for years.


You okay?

Somebody dropped their lunch tray and she practically jumped out of her skin.

So much for the new normal.

Yeah, I knew it was too good to be true.

Too good to be true?

These last two weeks have been nothing but crap.

Is Toby still at the hospital?

Uh, yeah.

(cell phone ringing)

He's there with Jenna and her mom.

What's up with Caleb?

How long is he in town for?

Who knows?

Oh, my God.

What is it?

Oh, my God. Ali.

"I buried your mom the same way"

I watched her bury you.


"A" killed my mother.

Who could it be? Mona?

Someone working with Shana?

Yeah, or someone we haven't even thought of yet.

Spence, are you okay?

My dad didn't do it.

I accused him of murder, but he didn't do it.

Well, it made sense why you thought he did.

Unless your dad's "A."

I'm sorry, I'm just putting it out there.

No, he can't be.

And he thought that I killed Alison, now Bethany.

That still doesn't rule out your sister.

Some things never change and now we're back to square one.

No, Ezra thinks that Bethany can ultimately lead us to "A."

Okay, then we have to try to help Ezra find out as much as we can about her.

Aren't we stretching a little here?

You have a better plan?

I can't wait around for answers.

I need to leave town now.

But you just got back here.

The only reason I came back is because I thought that "A" was dead.

If "A" wanted to kill you, why not just do it?

Why play games and blow up a house?

I have no idea.

But I'm not sticking around to find out.

But if you leave Rosewood, then we can't protect you.

Yeah, and besides, it's not like before, Ali.

The cops are watching your every move.

The whole world knows you're alive.

Even if you could run, where would you hide?

This is absolutely ridiculous.

I am so disappointed in your lack of cooperation, but when you change your mind, there's my number.

Think. Give me a call.

Okay? We're out of here. Let's go.



Eddie. Hi.

Thank you for coming out.

I hope that I wasn't interrupting anything.

I have a few minutes.


You look good. How are you doing?

Well... well enough to stay out of this place.

Did you hear about the Cavanaugh settlement?

I'm glad the family got some money.

They would've preferred the truth.

Heard about Mrs. DiLaurentis, too.


I don't really think that it was a coincidence that Bethany Young was found buried in her backyard.

Do you?

Probably not.

Did you know Bethany well?

If I did, I can't talk about it.

Right. Okay.

Do you maybe want to go get coffee later?

I can't talk about Bethany or any other patient not to the cops or reporters or you.

Look, I know that you have a set of rules that you have to stick to and I understand that, but somebody very close to me might be framed for her murder.

So if you could just tell me anything at all, like if anybody from Rosewood ever visited her or anything, it would be such a great help.

I wish I could.

MAN: Eddie, you got a phone call.

Good seeing you, Spencer.


I should never have come back here.

Look, I get that you're scared, Ali.

We all do.

That's why you're staying with me.

You can't just babysit me forever, Hanna.

(doorbell ringing)

Wait. Don't just open it.

It's just Travis.

I'll be in the kitchen.

Hey you.

This is a nice surprise.

Is it?

Because we had plans to go to the Grille at 7:00.

I know you weren't drunk when we made them.

Look, I'm sorry.

With everything going on I totally spaced.

Travis, I would go, but Ali is in there and I really don't want to leave her alone right now.

She's going through a tough time.

I saw Mona's video.

Looked like Ali was the one making it tough.

Don't believe everything that you see.

And about Lucas' party, I hope that I didn't do anything too embarrassing.

Just on your phone all night trying to call someone.

I was?

I don't remember that.

But I don't really remember anything after the room started spinning.

Figured there was somewhere else you wanted to be.

Yeah, in bed with an ice-pack.

So we're okay?

Yeah. Great.

I'll call you when Ali leaves.




I don't know.

Just get there, okay?

Yeah, okay.

Yeah. See you then.

Who are you on the phone with?

Doesn't matter.

Well, it sounded like you are making plans to go somewhere.

Were you?


I can't live in a world where I jump every time the doorbell rings.

So what? You're just gonna run away?

Please don't tell the girls or try to stop me.

What are you gonna do?

Say that you were kidnapped again?

Do you think I want to live like this?

Because I don't.

I'd love to stay, Hanna, but I can't.

Not while that psychopath is still out there.

And don't worry, after I'm gone, you can go back to focusing on your little love triangle.

Ali, wait.

I've made my decision, Hanna.

So have I.

I'm gonna help you.

Nothing in this pile either.


That was a fun day.

Look, Ezra, what happened the other night...

Felt right, didn't it?

It doesn't mean that things can go back to the way that they were.

So what does it mean?

Oh, I'm not gonna pretend like I don't miss it, us, because I do.

I do, too.

Yeah, but then I remember everything that happened and how we met, all the lies that you told.

Believe me, I wish I could go back and change things.

But you can't.

And the other night was a mistake.

(knocking on door)

Evening, Mr. Fitz.

I'm Lieutenant Tanner, State Police.

Mind if I ask you a few questions?

Sure, yeah.

Oh, this was outside your door.

Great. Thank you so much.

Mind if I come in?

Sure. Of course.

Come in.

(clears throat)

Moving out?

Oh, no.

Just getting rid of some old school files.

So what can I help you with, Lieutenant?

Just some questions about Shana Fring.

Oh, I thought the New York detectives were handling that case.

They are.

But Shana was a former resident of Rosewood, so we're just helping them gather further information.

Yeah, I see, I see.

Did you know Shana well?

Uh, no.

She was never actually a student of mine.

Hmm. Did you ever mention to her that your mother owned a theater in New York?

No, I never mentioned that to any of my students.

Oh, so it's just a coincidence that her body was found there?

It came as quite a shock to me and my family.

You were shot the night before Shana was killed.

That's right.

When we found Shana, she had some gun residue on her sweatshirt.


Sorry, what was the question?

Oh, um, do you remember anything about your mugger, something that would help the investigation?

Nothing that I haven't already said.

Well, that's all for now.

Thank you for your time.

Yes, of course.

Well, let me know if I can be of any further help, Lieutenant.

I certainly will.

You need to give me those names, Paige.

The ones conspiring with Mona.

I can't tell you, especially after the way Alison treated her.

Mona altered that video, Paige.

Even if she did, Mona didn't make her say those things.

Alison isn't sorry about the way she treated anybody.

She's still the same manipulative person she always was.

Whoever blew up the Cavanaugh house is now threatening her.

I thought it was a gas leak.

Someone caused that leak.

And you think it's Mona?

It's possible.

With a little help from her friends.

Why would Mona want to blow up the Cavanaugh house?

That's what we're trying to figure out.

Look, I know how you feel about Alison.

But could you live with yourself if something happened to her, knowing that you could've done something to stop it?

All your father did was substitute one ridiculous lie for another.

Well, maybe you'd change your mind if you just talk to him.

I don't even want to look at him right now.

Well, you're going to have to.

He at least deserves to know that you're gonna leave him.

Unless you expect me to deliver that news as well.

(door opens)

Oh, great.

Your father's here.

I asked him to come.

Yeah, I got it.



Um, Noel's gonna pick me up from Princeton Station at 10:00.

You're taking the train?

Not from here.

I need you to take me to Newtown Station at 8:00.

No. No.

I'll drive you to Princeton.

Look, I want to make sure that you get there safely.

And my mom's out with Ted, so we can use her car.

Hanna, you don't have to give me so much.

Ali, you can't just walk out of your house with a bag of clothes.

You're right.

But I want to see my dad... before I leave.

And I need to get a few things from my house.

Well, I'll drop you off now and then I'll go get cash for you and just call me whenever you're ready to leave.

Thank you.

You're really saving me, Hanna.

Come on.

Okay, we need to get these boxes out of here right now.

Okay, let's just slow down a second here.

Tanner's probably on her way back here with a search warrant.

She's not on her way back here.

How can you say that?

I mean she basically said she knows that Shana was the one that shot you.

Well, then why would she want to search my place?

'Cause she knows that you're hiding something, that's why.

Well, she's gonna need a whole lot more than suspicion to get a search warrant.

If she does come back, she's gonna find proof that you were lying about how well you knew Shana and that Ali wasn't kidnapped.

I guess I could move this stuff into my storage unit.

Wait, no.

No, because if it's registered in your name they're just gonna search that, too.

Hmm, okay, let's just put everything in my attic until we find a better place.

My dad's in Syracuse until Sunday.

Okay. That's a good idea.

Oh, what is this?

Oh, my God, I think that's supposed to be Mrs. DiLaurentis.

How can you tell?

I mean that's her house.

She was obsessed with her roses.

And she definitely wore scarves like that.


How many Bethanys do you know?

Just one.

And she was buried in Mrs. DiLaurentis' backyard.

Ezra, who would want you to have this?


My money's on "A".

I still have my security cameras up in the hallway.

Hey, didn't you hear me knocking?

No. Sorry.

Paige named names.

Lucas and Melissa are working with Mona.

And they're all after Alison.


Oh, my God. Have you told Spencer?

No, not yet.

Where is Ali?

Um, she went home to have dinner with her dad.

I'll go tell her.


Why don't you wait till the morning to do that?

This is too important to wait.

8 o'clock train?


I was thinking of visiting my grandma.

Wrong direction, Hanna.

New Jersey isn't on the way to Oklahoma.

Ali's leaving.

No. She's not.

She was going to but I stopped her.

I don't believe you.

Emily, wait.

Okay, fine. You're right.

How could you let her go without telling us?

It's not safe for her here.

Like she'll be safer out there all alone.

It's what she wants.

Are you sure that's the only reason why you're helping her?

What is that supposed to mean?

Your hair. Your clothes.

You know, a lot's changed with you since she's been back.

Oh, yeah. And nothing's changed with you?

I saw you holding her hand last night.

She was frightened.

She reached for me.

What was I supposed to do, slap her hand?

Don't you dare follow me.

WOMAN: Let's go, ladies.

Practice starts in one minute.


Hey, where are you?

No, I didn't get your message.

That's okay.

Yeah, don't worry.

Um, I'll just sleep over at Hanna's tonight.

I love you, too.

Bye, dad.



Oh, my God.


It's okay.

(Ali coughs)

We're calling the police.

No. You can't do that.

And you can't call my dad either.

Ali, someone broke into your house and attacked you.


Okay, if anyone knows that this happened, I'm never gonna be able to leave here.

Look, if you don't want anyone to know then fine.

Okay, but you're not going anywhere.

At least, not tonight.

(knocking on door)

Mind if I come in?


Toby told me that I'd find you here.

What's up?

I don't know.

Just wanted to see you.

Something happen?

Ali was gonna leave town tonight for good and I was helping her.

Look, whoever killed Ali's mom is still out there.

I understand her wanting to go.

I realized I wasn't helping her to keep her safe.

Part of me wanted her gone.

It makes sense.

You never liked who you were when you were around her.

I still do... want her gone.

Hanna, whatever she stirred up inside of you is not gonna go away even, if she leaves.

I should know.

I left Ravenswood and what happened there is still with me.

What did happen?

And I know it's not just about you not knowing where Miranda is.

Well, I hope you decide to stay.

You see anything yet?

Just you, arriving at my door.

I can't believe you still have a camera in your hallway.

Makes sense with all the research material here.

So whoever dropped off that picture had to have done it after I arrived but before Tanner came.


Okay, now we wait.

You know, I've been thinking... maybe you should tell Tanner the truth about Shana.

You know, that she was the one that shot you.

Where's this coming from?

Ezra, you lied to the police.

You could get into serious trouble.

But if I tell the truth now, they're gonna know I've been covering something up.

Oh, God, I hate that I dragged you into this mess.

Hey, hey.

You didn't.

I dragged myself into it when I decided to write a book.

Oh. Did you see that?

No. Go back.

Do you know who that is?

Yeah, it's Eddie Lamb.

He works at Radley and he's one of the people I interviewed for the book.

Eddie Lamb?

That's who Spencer talked to today.

She said he wouldn't tell her a thing, that it was against Radley policy.

I guess he's had a change of heart.

Okay, but why leave it for you and not Spencer?

It wasn't "A".

Whoever it was could've killed me and chose not to.

Who would want to scare you like that?


Your sister.


She's part of Mona's gang.

Look, we don't know who it is. Okay?

It was too dark to see anything.

Oh, my God.

How could this happen?

It happened because she was alone.

Hanna wasn't with her.

Where is Hanna?

I didn't call her.

She was gonna help Ali leave town tonight.



Don't be pissed at her.

What happened is just more proof that I should go.

We're no closer to figuring out who "A" is.

That might not be true.

Eddie Lamb gave this to Ezra.

Eddie? Wait, from Radley?


What's it supposed to be?

It's a drawing of my mother.

We think that Bethany drew that while she was in there.

So they did know each other.

Doesn't look like Bethany liked your mom too much.

Really? What gave it away?

Was it the demon or the spear?

What did Eddie say?

He didn't.

He left it anonymously.

Ezra still has a camera in his hallway and we saw it on the video.

I don't get it.

Why would Eddie leave that for Ezra?

Eddie wants Ezra to know that there's something to look into at Radley.

One of us has to get in there.

I vote Spencer.


You know the place the best.

I can't go back in there.

I was committed.

And her dad helped Toby's family win a settlement against Radley.

I think I have a way in.

"See how easy it is for me to kill you?

If you leave Rosewood, I will. A."

I don't get it.

For 2 years, "A's" been hunting you down like a warrior cat and now...

"A" wants you alive and in town.

But why?

What's worse than death?

I never thanked you for what you did tonight.

I didn't do anything.

You risked your life for me, Em.

Most people see danger and they run in the opposite direction as fast as they can.

It's getting late.

Do you want me to take you home?

I don't want to be alone tonight.

Can I stay here?

We'll just sleep.

I promise.

Yeah. Yeah, of course.


Hey, I got you banana nut.

Thank you.

Is Toby coming?


He wanted me to stop along over at the house to see if anything survived the fire.

Ah, that poor family.

If there's something I can do for them, please let me know.


(cell phone ringing)


I'm with Spencer at the Brew.

I'll be there around noon.

I still have to get our stuff and check out of the hotel first.

Okay. Bye.

Is that dad?

It was.

Are we moving back home?


But your father's moving out.

We decided it was the best thing for everyone.

You both decided this?

I don't understand though.

I thought you said that everything went well, that you believed him that he was telling the truth.

I do.


Honey, leaving your dad isn't about one lie.

It's about years of them.

I thought you guys were happy.

We were.

Some of the time.

Mom, can't you please, please just give him one more chance?

No, honey.

I already have.

Too many.

(indistinct chatter)



What are you doing for lunch later?

Do you want to eat with me?

My treat.

I can't. I got things to do.

Look, I'm sorry for not calling you back last night.

There was just... there's been a lot...

Going on.



I mean, with Ali back...


When I saw him this morning at the Grille I figured that's why you've been so distracted.

That's not the only reason.

Well, I'll give you one less thing to worry about.

Travis, wait.

I can't keep doing this if you're only in it halfway.

I like you too much for that.

You have a great school record and we are looking for volunteers.

But you need to know that our patients can be challenging, even aggressive at times.

Are you sure you'd be comfortable working in this environment?

I'm comfortable.

Thank you for stopping here.

What's she doing here?

I don't know.


Good morning, girls.

Is your dad home?

You just missed him.

He left for work a minute ago.


Is there anything I can help you with?

Well, actually there is.

I would like it if you would come down to the station later with your dad and answer some questions.

About what?

Your childhood friend, Shana Fring.

I still can't believe she's gone.

Yeah. It's so sad.

So much tragedy for such a small town.

If there's anything I can help you with.

Well, we were hoping that you could tell us where you were the night she died.

I already did.

I was in Philly with the girls.

Specifically where in Philly... you know, that kind of thing.

Well, you tell your dad to give me a call.

(cell phone ringing)

"Time for the caged bird to sing. A."

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