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  05x04 - Thrown From the Ride
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NARRATOR: Previously on Pretty Little Liars - She's getting dressed.

How is she? She's going to her mom's funeral.

How do you think she is? Question is who buried Ali's mom in Spencer's backyard? I think you need to look at this.

Jason actually told you that you shouldn't trust your own father? He made it seem like Mrs.

D was writing to my dad, "I can't protect you anymore.

" - We're done fighting.

Which makes us what? Maybe we'll be friends.

The truth will bury you in a New York minute.

I sent that text.

I don't have to hide, you do.

And you're gonna wish you stayed dead.

You made me dye my hair, you made me wear her clothes, you made me walk like her, talk like her.

If I hadn't given you the Ali upgrade, where would you be? Not the same.

It's time for a change.

Exactly what is it you want us to do? I want us to stick together.

The bigger we are, the harder she falls.

You don't have to worry about Shana.

She's dead, because I'm responsible.

What do you mean "responsible"? I mean that I killed her.


You don't need to run anymore.

'A' is gone.

You hate it.

No, I don't hate it.

I actually really like it.

I'm just confused why the sudden impulse.

I wanted to be spontaneous.

Hanna, you're not spontaneous.

You make a Pinterest board before you change your nail polish.

What's wrong? Nothing.


This was Shana's.

What? Let's just put it back.

No, no, no.

Hold on a second.

Oh my God, look what she underlined.

"It is a curious subject whether hatred and love be not the same thing at bottom.

Each leaves the passionate lover, or the no less passionate hater, forlorn and desolate by the withdrawal of his subject.

" Aria, it's probably just a school assignment.

No, this is about Ali and Jenna and us.

This is about being 'A.

' No, this is about you trying to paw through Shana's things when you should be trying to forget about her.

Well, there might be something in here.

Just stop.

Who's throwing out The Scarlet Letter.

I loved this book.

Maybe you should get it for Ali.

Since she is planning on coming back to school, she probably needs it to catch up.

She'll get her own copy.

I'll take this one.

Shana won't be needing it.

She transferred back to Georgia, right? I don't know.

We barely remember the girl.

Who could blame you? People come and go so quickly around here.

Shana gone, Ali back.

One girl checks out and another one checks in.

Nice hair.

Got a secret Can you keep it? Swear this one you'll save Better lock it in your pocket Taking this one to the grave If I show you then I know You won't tell what I said 'Cause two can keep a secret If one of them is dead Hey.

There's waffles if you're hungry.

What you got there? Clothes for Goodwill.

Al, do you think it's a good idea to hold off for a bit? I wouldn't want you to give away something of your mom's that you might regret later on.

These aren't mom's.

They're mine.

I feel like I needed a clean slate.


But do you feel like you're rushing this a bit? It might be nice to have some familiar things.

I've grown out of this stuff already.

I'm not the same person I was 2 years ago.

Oh, I need some things before I go back to school.

Notepads, a new backpack.

School? I can't stay in my room forever.

It's not helping.

And I need to go back if I want to graduate before I'm 30.

I want you to have that fresh start that we're talking about.

But I really don't see how that's possible if we stay here.

You want to move? No.

No, I need my friends.

Well, you'll still see them.

The place I moved into isn't that far away.

Maybe the girls can come and spend the summer.




I can't have my friends taken away from me, too.

It's like living in the middle of a demolition site.

They destroyed everything.

Absolutely everything.

Mom, did you sleep down here last night? I wouldn't call it sleep.

Every time I closed my eyes I could hear the scraping of the shovels.

Do you remember when you told me that Dad and Melissa had been acting strange? Yes.

Okay, well the other day Melissa tried to tell me something, something important and Dad stopped her.

And I think that it has to do with Ali's mom.

Oh, Spencer No, you know something's wrong.


I can tell that you know.

They're hiding something.

I spoke to your sister.

The only thing that she's been hiding is getting back together with Wren.

That's why she avoided Toby.

She's keeping other secrets.

(footsteps approaching) Morning.

What's the matter? Or should I say what's the matter now? We were just talking about Jessica.

How upsetting it is.

Of course, you're upset.

We all are.

How much longer is our yard going to remain a crime scene? They said they'd be done by the end of the day.

Try to relax about it.

You too, Spence.

Do you think we could hire Toby this weekend to help us replant the yard? Toby's on a job at Guilford.

I don't think we can do this by ourselves.

Look, Mom, I will find somebody to help.

Can we please just talk about this? No.


I don't want to talk about it.

Our next door neighbor was found murdered in our backyard.

Surreal doesn't even begin to describe this experience.

Let's just focus on what we can control, okay? You're being naive.

We can't just call the thing off.

Sure we can.

Did somebody spit in your cornflakes this morning? Why are you suddenly bugging out? I'm not.

I'm just having second thoughts.

She was held in a basement, okay? Alison was kidnapped and blindfolded and I don't even want to think about what else.

Hasn't the universe punished her enough? What we're doing isn't punishment, it's a preventative measure.

That's semantics.

I never thought I'd say this, but I feel bad for her.

It's hard to still see Ali as the devil when she just escaped from the hell.

What if I told you that her abduction story is just that, a story? No one would lie about something like that.

She did.

And I can prove it.

That's all? It felt like I was flying.

Yeah, your technique is so much better though.

Let's just keep working on increasing your strength.

You want to meet up tomorrow? Yeah.

I have to check in with my family, but it should be cool.

Oh, right.

It's Saturday.

Do you need to No, I can still make it.

I'm pretty much doing everything I can to avoid spending time at home.

What's going on? Besides my mom giving me the third degree? Nothing.

Ever since my friend Ali came back all my mom does is ask me questions.

And when she's not asking me questions, she's staring at me, waiting for me to talk.

So I've started taking extra long showers just to get away from her.

When the hot water runs out, I'm screwed.

It's kind of natural though for her to have questions.

I would never ask mine, but it doesn't mean I don't have them.

What time tomorrow? (phone ringing) Let's meet up same time as today.



No problem.

It's better than sitting in the cafeteria.

Not really.

We're still a freak show.

Now we're just a freak show in natural light.

I feel like we're lobsters in the tank at a restaurant.

You know, the ones that you stare at to see which one you want to eat.

And then you see the lobster with like the chewed off claw and then the rubber band is Hanna, we're not lobsters.




Oh, my God.


She is seriously freaking me out.

She knows that we were in New York.

She threatened Ali.

What if she knows about Shana, too? Aria, look, you need to take a psychological selfie right now.

You're letting your paranoia get the better of you.

Really? How do you know that all this isn't all about Shana? Because it's not.

It's all about Ali.

I've been fielding questions about her all day.

Yeah, me, too.

Some people have been nice about it, I guess.

Some people have been rude about it.

This girl in P.


asked me if it was true if Ali was fed raw meat.

What did you say? - Nothing.

I just bonked her over the head with a dodge ball.

(phones beeps) Oh, my God.

It can't be.

It isn't.

It's Ali.

This is intense.

She's saying that because there were no obvious signs of struggle, they're gonna have to wait for the coroner's toxicology results to determine her mom's cause of death.

The cause of death? It was murder.


Maybe the cops think that she was poisoned.

How do they know that she wasn't buried alive? We don't have to pretend like she wasn't found in my backyard.

We know your family had nothing to do with what happened to Ali's mom, Spence.

Of course not.

I mean if they killed her, they wouldn't make a bonehead move like burying her in their own flowerbed.

Hanna, it's not helping.

Yes, it is.


You hungry? Not really.

I got another call from Detective Holbrook today.

They need you to come in for that medical exam.

What did you tell him? I was able to postpone it before because of your mom, but we can't put it off forever.

I know it's difficult.

But it's important.

And I'm gonna be right there on the other side of that door.

Dad, I don't want to go.

Dad, please don't make me.

Sweetheart, I'm sorry.

I haven't wanted to push you to talk.

But if you were hurt you need to tell someone.

Nothing like that happened, Dad.

You know, I actually do think I'm hungry.

I'd love a sandwich.

Coming right up.

I know you said you needed some new clothes.

I want you to buy whatever you like, okay? Are you holding up okay? I've been thinking about you.

Wondering how you're doing.

Definitely been better.


Well, I wanted to check in, make sure Oh, that I'm not popping pills like breath mints.

Well, I wasn't going to quite put it like that.


Well, nobody ever does.

But people are running out of euphemisms for a lot of things around here.


Well, let me know if you need anything.

Andrew, wait.

What are you doing tomorrow? I have a feeling you're about to tell me.

Deep in my heart there's a fire burning - I need you like a drug - Whoa-oh, you keep me wanting - Whoa-oh, I've come undone - - Nights with you like tunnel vision - Racing through the dark Whoa-oh, heart beating faster Whoa-oh, it tears me up - Ooh ooh - Baby, let's take it too far tonight - You're my favorite high - Thinking I'm crossing the line this time Taking me for a ride I am weak But Thou art strong Jesus, keep me From all wrong I'll be satisfied As long as I walk Let me walk close to Thee (phone beeps) LUCAS: Long time, no see.


So you're back at Rosewood? Homeschooling wasn't really for me.

It's kind of a game changer when your mom can ground you and flunk you.

I heard about Alison.

It's kind of hard to believe.

What did you hear? That she escaped from whoever it was that took her that she's back in Rosewood.

Is she coming back to school? I don't know.

(phone ringing) Sorry.

I have to take this.

It's Ali.

No problem.

I'll see you.

Hey, Ali.

ALI: (on phone) Where is everyone? You're the first person to pick up.

I'm going in for medical exam tomorrow and I don't want to go alone.

Can you please come with me? Yeah, sure.

When should I pick you up? - How's it going? - I'm just waiting for I was just gonna say you're doing a great job with Sydney.

She's gotten a lot better.

It's really generous of you to work with her on a weekend.

Yeah, it's nice just to hang out with someone who sees me more than just a friend of dead-girl-walking.

How is Ali? I don't know.

It's hard to know what to ask or what to say.

So sorry I'm late.

Hey, Paige.


See you around.

Do you want to join us? Yeah.

Come with us.

We were going to do sprints on the track.

Really? Okay.

Let me just get some water.

You can just set those down right there, yeah.

Just give me a sec to catch my breath and wipe off the manure.


Thank you so much for helping out today.

I know it's really hard work and my mom's been intense.

Intense? The guys who built the pyramids got more breaks.

Can we take one? A break, I mean.

I'd be good with either a bottle of water and a snack or you making out with me.

Still with the carpenter.

Worth a shot.

Let's just get the mulch out there, okay? Because every minute those plant roots are exposed my mom gets another gray hair.

Shouldn't your mom be less worried about what's going into the ground than what came out of it? She is worried.

She's really worried.

I think her freaking out about azaleas is just displaced fear.

And she calls a security company yesterday asking about a $10,000 alarm system.

And last night she slept downstairs in a chair.

Just can't figure out if she's more afraid of what's lurking outside of the house or what's inside.

What are you talking about? Nothing.

There's the mulch.

(gasps) What's up? I Spence, don't get too close.

Sometimes when they think they're in danger, they play dead.


Poor thing.


What? That's so weird.

We've never had a rat problem.

I don't even think we've ever had a rat.

Well, this was bought last week.

Maybe it's a new problem.

This is too hot.

I don't care if it burns the roof of my mouth, I'm starving.


Oh, I don't know how you can eat that.

Mine's actually not that hot.

No, it's gross.

Ranch and buffalo chicken? Well, you know what they say, don't knock it until you try it.

Oh, I have tried it.

Remember? You made me after Anna Nordberg's party last fall.

Oh, that did not turn out so good.

No, it didn't.

SYDNEY: I'll eat anything except spray cheese.

If it's day-glo orange and from a can, not going in my mouth.

Take a deep breath for me.

And another.


You have quite powerful lungs, young lady.

Now if you'll tilt your head, so I can take a look at the place where you were injured.

I want you to come back in again for an X-ray.

The scar tissue may have trapped particles from whatever caused the wound.

We were laughing and joking and then out of nowhere she totally shuts down.

Well, maybe Paige is scared of getting too close and getting rejected again.

I don't know if it's that.

What? Nothing.

No, say it.

It's just I can't help but notice that you've been kind of MIA about Ali.

So have you.

Yeah, that's why I've noticed.

We'll get to me in a second.

I haven't seen you making any frequent trips over there either, by the way.

Her mom was found buried in my backyard.

Okay, wait, can we back up a second? What are you saying? You think that I'm scared to get close to Ali again? Do you still have feelings for her? I don't know.

I really don't.

It's crazy, isn't it? We've wanted this for so long, a life without 'A' and Ali back.

I thought everything would feel like it did before.

But it doesn't.

Em after what happened with Nate, did you, like, find yourself wanting to know everything about him? I received the package from Nate's mom.

I was kind of obsessed with it.

I kept thinking what it must have felt like for her to write my name the person who had taken her son away from her.

And I studied the printing kept imagining all the places where I felt that her hands might have shaken.


Can you lie back for me please? You can sit back up.

If you scoot down to the edge of the table so that I can get a better look at this.

There's no mention of this injury on the police report.

I didn't mention it, 'cause I didn't think it was important.

It's a significant injury.

How was it sustained? How did you get hurt? I cut it on a rock when I jumped out of the car.

Are you saying this was from a month ago? Are you sure? Scarring is more consistent with a slice rather than a puncture.

Like from the blade of a knife or I cut it on a rock.

Maybe there was some metal on it or something.

I don't know.

I mean, it all happened so fast.

I didn't even feel it.

I didn't even know I was hurt until I looked down and I saw the blood.

How was I supposed to remember? I was blindfolded when it happened.

Didn't the police tell you that on the reports? Are we done here? I still need the nurse to do your blood work.

And we also have to set up a time for you to see a trauma counselor.




What were you just thinking about? Nothing.

Where's Andrew? He went back home to change.

He'll be back.

I'm gonna make him dinner as a thank you.


He did such a good job with the with the yard.

Mom? Why won't you just talk to me? Do you not trust me? No, it isn't about trust.

Well, then why won't you tell me what's going on? Please, Mom, I don't want to be alone in this.

I don't want to be either.

Ever since they found Jessica, I've just I've had this sick feeling in my stomach and it won't go away.

A couple of days after Ali went missing, Jessica came to the house and she was convinced that you had done something to Ali.

She said that? But she never went to the cops.

Oh, she did.

Your father said that he was gonna tell Ken all about their affair and destroy their marriage.

So she stayed quiet.

But now that Ken was divorcing her and Ali was alive, what was preventing her from going to the police and telling them what she saw? Exactly what you just said that Ali was alive.

But there's still a girl in that grave who isn't.

Someone killed her.

And Jessica was going to say that it was you.

I don't know I don't know if your father had anything to do with this.

I want to believe that he didn't.

Are you okay? Yeah.

I can drive to Longbrook tonight.

Get us food from that Chinese restaurant that you like.

What's that? Can you take this? Give each of the girls a copy.

They need to memorize it.

You recorded that? Hanna, people have been asking a lot of questions.

We need to keep our story straight.

Ali, I was here the whole time.

No, you weren't.

I was in this office like a half hour answering questions before the exam even started.

Well, even so, I mean, who's going to ask you questions about that? Somebody will, somebody always does.

And if it's not Holbrook it's gonna be someone else.

Look, if they think I'm lying about this, it's not gonna be long before we're all answering questions about New York.

Ali, where did that scar come from? The one on your thigh.

I know it's not from you being blindfolded and jumping out of a car.

So how did you get it? I wish I was blindfolded when I got that scar.

Did someone do that to you? Did you do it to yourself? Hanna, once you know something, you can't unknown it.

Believe me, I wish I could.

(phone beeps) Sorry.

I didn't mean to scare you.

Why are you here? We have nothing to talk about.

I disagree.

My answer is still no.

I heard Ali's dad wants to take her away from Rosewood.

He spoke to the school about it.

Ali doesn't want to go, but maybe we can change her mind.

I'd be lying if I say I didn't want to see that happen, Mona.

But I'm not going to make it happen.


I won't twist your arm.

But just so we are clear, you don't get to be some sort of social Switzerland here.

If you're not with me, you're against me.

I'm not with anyone.

Sure you are.

At least you want to be.

And Emily's with Ali.


I'm just curious.

Do you ever wonder when you became the very thing you're afraid of? Let it be, dear Lord Let it be I am weak but Thou art strong As I walk Granted Jesus Close to Thee I am weak but Thou art strong Hey, what's going on? What is this? Ali, no.

Don't, don't look at that.

Maybe I should leave.

It was stupid to think I could get a new life by just coming back from the dead.

Is that what your text was about? You're thinking about not staying here? No.

We got the tox screen back from the coroner.

You did? What did it say? Someone messed with her pills.

She had low blood pressure.

They found Losartan in her system, which is for the opposite problem.

It stopped her heart.

Spencer? What's wrong? What just happened? Did you think your dad did it? It's hard, isn't it, thinking that your parent could be capable of something like that.

I know.

I keep trying to find a good enough reason that my mom could just watch someone kill me and let them walk away.

It's just there have been monsters under my bed for so long.

And now when they're not there anymore, I feel like I have to create them.

There's still monsters out there, Spence.

They just they might not be under our beds.



Sorry, it was really stupid of me not to call.

No, it's okay.

Is everything all right? Sit down, sit down.

I can't stop thinking about Shana's family.

I mean, every time I close my eyes all I can see is her grandmother and just how destroyed and how empty she looked at her funeral.

How did you know what she looked like at the funeral? 'Cause I watched it online, many times.

Aria, you're just going to have to find a way to forgive yourself.

(door opens) Hey.

Do you want to come inside? I can't stay long.

What's wrong? I think if Alison comes back to school, you should keep your distance.

Maybe it wasn't a good idea for us to hang out today.

It has nothing to do with us, Em.

People are preparing for Ali's return and it's not with flowers and "welcome home" banners.

What are you saying? I'm saying your friend hurt a lot of people, me included.

And I'm not interested in continuing that, but I'm also not going to out the people who feel like they need to protect themselves.

Okay, Paige, wait.


All this noise that comes straight from your heart That I wish it didn't start It churns like voices in my head Oh, I'm just a friend.

I wasn't able to send flowers so I was wondering if I could donate to the cost of the service.

WOMAN: (on phone) Well, her grandmother's been a member of our congregation for a long time.

I'm certain she would want to thank you for your Oh, no, no, I'd really, really rather the donation be anonymous.

Is it possible to send cash? What are you doing? Oh, no.

We can't accept cash.

I suppose you could send it to Shana's grandmother directly.

Aria? That's not trying to find a way to forgive yourself.

That's hoping that they forgive you.

It was anonymous.

I'm talking about the intention behind it.

And even if they did forgive you, it's not like they would do it because of a donation.

You're right.

I know this isn't easy.

And I can say this to you, because it's what I have to tell myself every night.

Once you found out about the book the only thing that I could think of was how to make it up to you.

And I would have done anything to get you to forgive me.

But I realized that that might not ever happen and I had to be okay with that.

What are you doing? We're playing checkers.

We are? Mm-hmm.

And when we get sick of that, we'll play chess.

SALESGIRL: How's it going in there? Did you find anything that works? No.

No, nothing nothing worked.

(footsteps approaching) (phone ringing) Hey.

SPENCER: (on phone) Hey, I got your message about the recording.

Can I come over? I'm confused.

I was with Ali and she didn't even mention this.

She didn't? Maybe that's because she asked me to give out the copies.

What's this for? Is this Ali's idea or yours? Hey, it's not just about Ali.

It's about Aria, too.

Well, it's nuts.

Hanna, think it through.

You're asking us to add on to the lies that we've already told.

But just memorize it, Spencer, okay? I'm not gonna argue with you on the phone.

If you want to yell at someone, call Ali.

I'm sick of being the messenger.

(sighs) Now I know we're capable Dust myself off In nothing but a headwind Two steps up and one back again Rushed in and now we're stuffed again No, I got this.

Do you want to talk about it? There's nothing to talk about.

It's just my friend's being an idiot.

(gasps) Do you want me to I'm fine.

I should not be cleaning knives while I'm angry.



Why are you so freakishly good at this? I'm not.

I think you're just freakishly bad.


Did I mention I am recovering from a gunshot wound that might kind of effect my game, you know.

Your turn to shuffle.

You know, I may need to call it a night.

I'm kind of starting to fade.



Actually would you mind if I stayed here? On the couch.

My dad is up in Harrisburg for Mike's lacrosse game.

And I can't really face going home to an empty house.

Yeah, you can use the blanket on the couch.

This is the one you liked, right? Oh, Yeah.

Thank you.

You know what? I'm fine.

I'm just going to go home.

Thanks for the games.

Yeah, anytime.



My dad got it for me.

It's nice.

Yeah, he's finally coming around to the idea of us staying here.

Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that.

Maybe your dad was right.

Maybe it would be a good idea for you to start over somewhere else.

What? I just don't think it's safe.

Emily, where have you been? I walked into that police station because you convinced me to come home.

I know, okay.

And I want you here.

Are you sure? Because it doesn't feel like it.

I'm going back to school.

And if we just stick together, everything is gonna be fine.

Did Hanna give you that recording? Yeah.

And I'll memorize it.

But this is the last time, Ali.

Okay? I mean it.

It wasn't that big of a deal.

I know that it sounds bad when I say that I almost slept over at Ezra's, but nothing was going to happen.


What I just said makes me sound like one of those women who gets pregnant and claims that they have no idea how and that it must have come from a swimming pool.

Are you okay? When Ali disappeared, Mrs.


told my parents that she thought that I had something to do with it.

Yeah, but she knows who hit Ali over the head.

She knows that it wasn't you.

Yeah, exactly.

But she was trying to set me up, but I'm I'm really worried that my dad tried to stop her.

You think that your dad Yeah, and so does my mom.

I mean she practically admitted it.

(door opens) Oh, hi, Aria.

Hi, Mr.


Aria's gonna sleep over tonight.


Where's mom? Oh, she's not coming home tonight.

I dropped her off at a spa.

She's going to spend a couple of nights there to calm her nerves.

What? When did this happen? What spa? I'm gonna go get ready for bed.


Listen, I don't want you calling your mother and bothering her.

She really needs to relax.

Why did she suddenly decide to The police came by to finish up what they were doing and she snapped.

Luckily, I was there to keep them from pressing charges.

Don't worry.

This will all blow over and she'll be home soon.

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