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  05x03 - Surfing the Aftershocks
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NARRATOR: Previously on Pretty Little Liars You need to walk in there and tell them everything, about Mona being 'A', Shana taking over where Mona left off, all of it.

Are we in agreement? We can begin with the night that you disappeared.

I didn't disappear.

I was kidnapped and held hostage for 2 years.

Ali goes rogue and we're just expected to back up her story? I killed her, Emily, and I don't know how I'm gonna be able to live with that.

Shana had been using us as target practice for months.

I sent that text.

And you're gonna wish you stayed dead.

Your mother can never know what you told me.


D wrote that email the night that she skipped town, but she never sent it.

Jason, why were you in New York? You think I'm the one who kidnapped her? Aaaah! Oh! Don't! No, Jason! ARIA: Are you okay? HANNA: Can we get you something? SPENCER: Something to eat? Some water? JASON: Just leave her alone.

KENNETH: I think you girls should go.

ARIA: But, Mr.

DiLaurentis KENNETH: She's been through a lot.

SPENCER: But - JASON: He's right.

We should all get out of here.

Do you want me to help you get dressed? No.

Do you think there are gonna be a lot of people at the funeral? I don't know.

You can go downstairs.

I'll be there in a minute.


KENNETH: I don't want to see any police not at the funeral, not at the cemetery.

No police, no press.

I took care of it.

Did you? Yes, I did.

Hey, how is she? She's getting dressed.

Yeah, but how is she? She's going to her mom's funeral.

How do you think she is? She's going to bury the woman who tried to bury her.

Question is, who buried Ali's mom in Spencer's backyard? It wasn't Jason.

What makes you so sure? Because I saw his face when the dog found the body.

A dog who knows where the body was buried? That sounds exactly like 'A.

' Dogs dig.

Okay? That's just what they do.

They just smell something and they dig.

You didn't have to mention the smelly part.

Aria, 'A' is gone.

You know that.

Yeah, 'A' might be gone, but we still have to deal with Mona.

She knows that Ali wasn't kidnapped.

Got in Ali's face about it.

She's not the only one we have to worry about.

Noel Kahn? He's going to do whatever is best for Noel Kahn.

That's not who I was thinking of.

HANNA: That's not the dress we picked out.

That's not hers, but I've seen it somewhere.

Why are you wearing that dress? I wanted to wear something of Mom's to feel close to her.

I got it out of her closet.

Change it.


Why? - Go upstairs and put on something else.

We're late now.

I just wanted to wear something of hers.

Why is he so angry? Ali, your mother wore that dress.

I know.

She wore it to your funeral.

We should go.

Come on.

Coincidences happen.

Yeah, all the time.

They grow on trees, like coconuts.

Just waiting for you to walk under them.

Got a secret Can you keep it? Swear this one you'll save Better lock it in your pocket Taking this one to the grave If I show you then I know You won't tell what I said 'Cause two can keep a secret If one of them is dead The four of you have had a very stressful week.

I want you to know how legitimately relieved we all are that you're safe and what it means to have you back in the halls of Rosewood High School.

We're happy to be back.

But I would be disingenuous to say that things will be as they were before, at least in the short term.

I think we understand that.

As I told your parents, the school will protect you from the press and the curious.

We appreciate that, Mr.


But there are limits to what we can do under these unusual circumstances.

I need to know that you will do your part to keep the disruptions to a minimum.

You won't even know that we're here.

God, Hackett wishes we transferred to a high school in Borneo.

Maybe coming back wasn't such a good idea.

We have to at least act like things are normal.

This is your idea of normal? When we were in New York, Ali's mom was killed and now we're in one of Ali's biggest lies ever.

We can't pretend forever.

Somebody's gonna connect all this to Shana.

Yeah, probably Jenna.

I'm more worried about the people who already know that Ali was lying about New York.

Noel and Mona? And Ezra.

You know, somebody has to go talk to him and make sure he's gonna keep quiet about what really happened.

Not me.


He's alive, he's safe, but we are over.

You guys can ask me to do anything else, but you can't ask me to do that.


DiLaurentis kept the cops away before the funeral, but that's over.

I mean, it's not gonna take them long before they start punching holes in Ali's kidnap story.

And when that happens, I mean, we have to have something real to give to the police to explain why Alison lied and why we backed her up.

Real such as? Real as in who hit Alison that night and who killed Mrs.


We're all thinking the same person.

Really, did you start reading minds? Spencer, it has to be Jason.

I told you, guys, I saw his face.

Hanna found the email where Mrs.

DiLaurentis was telling him she couldn't protect him anymore.

Protect him from what? He was the one who hit Alison that night.

We don't know that.

It makes sense.


D saw who hit Alison.

And what did she do? She covered up the crime.

Who else would you have done that for? (bell ringing) We should probably go inside.

She doesn't think that Jason would do this.

Jason's her half-brother.

She's going to take some more convincing.

Do you want to do a trip to Philadelphia tonight? What's in Philadelphia? I want to know what's in that house Jason went to.

I can't tonight.

Why? Are you hanging out with Travis? No.

I have to be with Ali.

I have to take her somewhere.

Where? The funeral home.

Welcome back to these hallowed halls.


Oh, I wanted to make sure I found you before all the good spaces were taken.


Fitz's get-well card.

You know what happened to him in New York.

Yeah, he was mugged.

He was shot, but he's back now.

So Wait a second.

What do you mean that he's back? Not here, not in school.

In Rosewood.


You didn't know that part? No.

Don't you want to sign the card? I think that you should, for the sake of appearances.

We all have to be careful how others see us.

I heard you were floating around with this.

Are you going to give it to him? Maybe with candy? Well, they said that he was shot in the stomach, so I thought flowers.

Ah, good choice.


What's it going to be like when Ali comes back to Rosewood High? Oh, come on.

If she's still Ali, she wants to come back, pick up where she left off.

And look at that story she's got to tell.

All that drama and danger and suspense.

Couldn't be more exciting if she made up the whole thing.

Hey, Mona, have you seen Noel Kahn? Oh, I'm sure he's around somewhere getting into mischief.

She said that Ezra's back in Rosewood.


I wasn't following you.

I just saw you dropped that.

Thank you.

I'm really sorry about what happened to Alison.

Are you sorry about anything else? I've had all the being-stared-at I can handle for one day.

I'll take care of it.

I know her.

She's on the team, she just transferred in.

It's not important.

Forget it.

Nice having Emily back, isn't it? You haven't signed the card for Mr.


Can I help you with something? Sorry? People have been staring at me and my friends all day.

So why don't you take a really good look, and we can all move on with our lives, okay? And, yes, I know the dead girl who isn't dead anymore.

Okay? I was just looking at your trophies.

My what? The trophies in the case.

You're Emily Fields, your name is on all the trophies.

I figured out who you were when I saw you talking to Paige.

I'm on the team with her.

I'm Sydney Driscoll.

Sorry for shouting.

I thought you'd be taller.

What? I mean, you're tall, but I thought you'd be taller.

All the trophies.

I figured you had an advantage.

Being tall helps, but not as much as everybody thinks.

They said you hurt your shoulder.

That's why you're not on the team anymore.

You must miss it.

I do.

Listen, I transferred 3 weeks ago, I'm bottom of the roster and I can use all the help I can get.

What does that have to do with me? Watch me in the pool.

Fifteen minutes, and then tell me what you think.

Please? (bell ringing) Don't let them catch you looking.

What do you think? Somebody's gonna throw a rock? It's a possibility.

They hate us enough.

We're not exactly the Hatfields and the McCoys.

Nothing so rustic.

More like the Borgias and the Medicis.

That ended pretty nasty as well, too.

A lot of matricide.

You think that Jason killed his mother.

People are capable of all sorts of things under the right pressures.

Well, there's plenty of pressure right here in this house.

Why did you send Toby after me? I didn't.

He went on his own.

Why did you lie about seeing him in London when you hadn't? On a practical level, there's no difference between me seeing him and knowing he was there.

Then on a practical level, why lie about it? I was trying to keep Wren out of it.

Mom and Dad are worried enough without me dragging him back into things.

And who do you think they're more worried about, me or you? Worry less about me, Spencer, and more about yourself.

You brought Alison back home, safe and sound.

Good for you.

Frankly, I wish you would have left her where you found her, but you didn't.

She's back in the bosom of what's left of her family.

Now stay away from her and the rest of them.

I'm related to parts of that family.

And so are you.

And blood is thicker than water? That's what they say.

It can also be very slippery.

He could have just dropped the damn visitation book at my house.

He said he wanted to meet you.

Everybody wants to meet me.

God, I hate these places.

Nobody likes them.

Well, I hate them.

My mom always wanted me to understand the fragile nature of life so she dragged me to all of my relatives' funerals starting from the time I was seven.

All these people I didn't know standing around crying, me choking on the smell of flowers.


I'll be right back.

Do you want me to come with you? No.

I'm sorry you had to wait.

Oh, it's fine.

It was only a minute.

Thank you.

I only got back to town yesterday.

I spoke with your father on the phone.

You did? I like to meet as many family members as I can.

That's why I wanted to give you that in person.

If I could have returned for your mother's services, I would have.

My mother? I I'm sorry, that's Alison DiLaurentis.

Are you Mr.

Donahue? Yes.

I apologize.


Thorpe told me that Alison DiLaurentis was here and from the description I had I just assumed that Oh, um, this is my friend Hanna.

It used to be a little easier to tell us apart, wasn't it? MONA: Sad, sad, sad.

How are you, Hanna? I'm okay.

Two months.

That's not good.

They say the longer someone's missing the less likely they'll ever come back.

Where are your glasses? I don't wear them anymore.

You look different.

Look how pretty she is.

Ever wonder what you'd look like on one of those flyers? Probably just put a blank space instead of a picture.

If Alison's really gone, someone has to take her place.

What do you mean, "If she's really gone"? Do you want to know the secret? What secret? The secret to becoming unforgettable.

Hanna? Let's go.

How long are they going to keep us out of the backyard? The police still consider it an active crime scene.

What's gonna happen when the tape comes down? How would you feel about selling the house? I don't know.

Think about it.

You know, when you sell a house, don't you have to inform the buyer of things like mold and termites and dead bodies? Well, we might have to knock a few thousand off the asking price.


Life is full of sacrifices.

Stay or go, we're finished with that family.

You know, Dad, we can sell the house, we can move away, but we will always be connected to that family.

And you know why.

Sometimes complicated problems have simple solutions, Spencer.

Melissa thinks that Jason killed his mother.

That's for the police to determine.

Well, it's not her job to point them in his direction.

What do you want me to do? - Stop her.

Spencer, anything that gets the police to look anywhere other than this house is a good thing.

For all of us.

You know, Dad, forget about selling the house.

We can just put a koi pond out back.

Somebody already dug a hole.

So I have my own healthcare professional, Mrs.

Esther Walling.

She comes over every day.

It's very nice.

She says that I'm her favorite gunshot victim.

Look, I know I promised that I wouldn't come back here.

But I don't really have anywhere else to go.

How do you feel? How do I feel? I feel like a turkey that's been carved up and then sewn back together.

Nothing really feels like it's in the right place.

My counselor says that's post-surgical mind-body dysphoria.

It's supposed to go away, though.

Do you know everything that's happened with Alison? Only what I've seen on the TV.

She told the police that she was kidnapped and that you found her in Philadelphia.

Is that the story you all agreed upon? Well, it's the story that she told, so And we have to live with it? That's the deal? Yeah.

At least for now.

Do you know about Mrs.

DiLaurentis? I know she was murdered.

And I thought Shana did it, but the timing doesn't really work out.

I had everything backwards.

But once I knew that Shana was following you and then I saw her in New York dressed like that, well, I knew she was 'A' then.

Have you heard from her at all since you've been back? No.

You have to be careful then, because she's clearly still out there.

Yeah, well, there's cops at Rosewood High and all over town, in case Ali's kidnapper comes back.

You need to be careful.

All of you.

I better go.

Oh, that's a new lock.

Let me get that for you.

Um thanks for coming and for letting me see you.

Yeah, I wanted to see you.

I watched your videos.

I'm trying to match your stroke rate.

My stroke rate won't work for you.

Because you're taller than me? No, it's not the height, it's your ratio.

Of what to what? Well, what's your Ape Index? My what? Stand up against the locker, touch the floor with your middle finger.

Okay, now reach up with your other hand and stretch out as far as you can.

Now stand up with your back against the locker.

It's about 3 inches.

Your Ape Index is negative three.

Should I be taking something for that? No, no, it just means that your reach is 3 inches less than your height.

So? So if you don't have long arms, don't copy swimmers who do.

Emily has great arms.

For swimming.

Just adjust your stroke rate.

Did you two spend a lot of time together? Training? Not really.

Not one-on-one.

But we were together.

In the pool.

And out.

In and out.

Of the pool.


Well, I'm gonna change now.



Now we have to do something about this, because you need a new wardrobe to go with your new silhouette.

Hanna? That was Ali's.

She left it here after a sleepover one night.

Try it on.

It's not gonna fit.

Try it.

It fits.

Like it was made for you.

See? Everything's better with a friend.

So what did he say? He heard about the story of you being kidnapped.

And? And he said he's not gonna say anything different if anyone asks.


That's one less problem.

Does he know about Shana? No.

It's better that he doesn't.

Look, Mona thinks that you're coming back to Rosewood High.

Does she? Yeah.

She could really create some trouble if you did.

Mona and Ezra know that you weren't kidnapped, Ali.

But Ezra doesn't look at the world the way Mona does.

Ezra's not a bad guy, Aria.

He's just too romantic for his own good.

That's probably why you fell for him.

Okay, I really don't need you analyzing my personality right now.


This is what you asked for.

Keep it.

Burn it.

I don't care.

Do you need anything else? Shana tried to kill Ezra, and she would have killed all of us if you didn't stop her.

Do you need anything else? No.

Hey, you girls looking for a sub-let still? We weren't really honest with you the last time we were here.

No kidding.

You make a good watchdog, Arnie.

I was talking to your friend who owns the pizza shop down the street.

He says that you're a regular customer and a good tipper.

Three pies, two, three times a week.

You feeding an army in there? What kind of army orders all that pizza and no beer to go with it? What do you want? We're looking for a friend.

His name is Jason.

I need to make amends for something.

Are you an old drinking buddy of his? Is that what this is? This is where Jason came to get sober when he said he was at Clarke.

When was he here? My dad's not here.

You're the one that I wanted to see.

Are you leaving? Funeral's over.

Mother's gone, Dad doesn't need me.

If anybody wants me, they'll find me.

Look, what happened to your mother My mother had a lot of secrets.

Too many.

That's what really killed her.

And Alison? Alison.

I come into this room and see her sitting at the piano or catch a glimpse of her going around a corner upstairs, and I think to myself this is what it's like to live in a haunted house.

I decided I didn't like it.

I think you need to look at this.

Your mother wrote this the night that she died.

And it doesn't matter how I got it.

Oh, I got a pretty good idea how you got it.

If Mrs.

DiLaurentis didn't send that email to Jason, then who was it for? All we know for sure is it wasn't Jason.

He was at that dry-out place with no less than half a dozen people the night his mom died, and we were in New York.

So he's in the clear.

You sound disappointed.


A little.

I just thought that we had something.

Babes, with four inch heels, airbrushed nails At the club, a killer babe Babes Back and forth, on the stage Couldn't keep my eyes off that killer babe Girls, girls, girls Women, women are babes, killer babes Girls, girls, girls Women, women are babes, killer babes What was it like to come out? Where is this coming from? I just never really asked you.

I mean, what was it like to stop being one thing and then just become something else? I wasn't becoming something else.

I was becoming who I really am.

You always knew? I couldn't admit it.

But you knew? Yeah.

Not me.

I never knew who the hell I was.

That time stamp means that your mother wrote that 2 hours after the last time anybody saw her at that police station.

And she never finished writing it.

She didn't even enter an address to whom she meant to send.

Maybe she changed her mind.

What would make her do that? What would make you change your mind? A message like that is something that I would want to deliver personally.

So she got up from her computer, she walked out the front door and she went to go tell somebody that Ali was alive and that things were falling apart faster than anybody could fix them.

Too bad she never got to give the message.

What if she did? Maybe that person, the person she was writing to, the one that she couldn't protect anymore, maybe that's who killed her.

Any idea who that could be? Yeah, tons of ideas.

All of them pretty nasty.

There's a creaky saying you hear a lot at the meetings: Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? I don't have that choice.

I never did.

Cut your losses, Spencer.

Get out while you still can.

Then remember, you can't trust him.

I can't trust who? Our father.

I'm glad you were on that roof.

You saved us.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

We were scared that you were gonna die, Ezra.

So was I.

I'm glad you didn't.

Why are you here, Alison, with that? Aria let me read it.

I was looking for something.

Did you find it? Not all of it.

Not what I need to know if I'm gonna stay alive.

There's more, isn't there? All the watching, all the listening that you did.

You didn't destroy all of it.

You couldn't have.

If there was anything left, the only thing preventing me from burning it is the possibility that it would help Aria, if she would let me help.

Well, then you better keep it in a safe place.

Did Aria know you were coming here? No.

Tell her.

Absolute honesty? That's all I got left.

I hope it's enough.

Do you want anything to eat? No, just coffee.

You're gonna have a coffee this late? Seven-tenths of my body is made up of caffeine.

I have to maintain a consistent level.

Order for me? Hi there, girly-girl.

I need to ask you a question.


Metaphorically speaking.

When you and I were going through glamour boot camp together, you knew Ali was alive.

Is that what she told you? Well, it's the truth, isn't it? The point is she was gone.

That could either create a hole or an opportunity for you and me to help each other up the pyramid.

You didn't help me, you changed me.

You made me dye my hair, you made me wear her clothes, you made me walk like her, talk like her.

And exactly how much pushback did I get from you on that? Ali was gone, but you wanted her back.

Why? Reality check? You didn't like being Hefty Hanna anymore than I liked being Loser Mona.

How about a little gratitude? Gratitude for what? If I hadn't given you the Ali upgrade, where would you be? I'd still be me.

And who remembers her? Not even you.

And then Emily texts from the car that Jason has an alibi for what happened in New York and Rosewood.


Jason actually told you that you shouldn't trust your own father? More than that.

He made it seem like Mrs.

D was writing to my dad, "I can't protect you anymore.

" That's crazy.

Well, crazy, as you know, around here works on a sliding scale.

I mean, look, I know that I didn't kill that girl in Ali's grave, I know that.

But I can't prove it and I really think that my parents don't believe me.

They wouldn't do anything about that, would they? That's a very interesting question, and I will have to get back to you on it.

I'm so sorry you had to go talk to Ezra.

Yeah, well, we had to know what he was going to say about New York.

But somebody else could have gone and done that.

No, not really.

Are you okay? Do you need anything? Yeah, I need to know that it didn't happen.

Shana in the theater.

But it did.

Alison? Hey, I thought that was you.

Wasn't sure.

Hello, Mr.


How are you doing? You holding up? I'm fine.


That's good.

I'm a little surprised to see you out here all by yourself.

I can't hide in my room forever.

Even if I'm still scared I have to get out or else I never will.

Yeah, but you have police at the house, right? I do.

But I know my way around this town better than any cop.

I can get out if I want to.

Yeah, maybe, but under the circumstances, I think it'd be a good idea if I gave you a ride home.

Does my mom know you're out here? She said I could wait inside.

I told her I was okay here.

Your mom knows we're fighting.

We're not fighting.

We're done fighting.

Which makes us what? We go to the same school, we used to be teammates, maybe we'll be friends.

I practiced what I'm gonna say to you.

Did you know that? I talked to myself the whole way over here.

I'm pretty convincing.

Then I get to this porch and I forget everything.

All I can say is, "I love you.

" Like if I say it just right, it'll fix things.

Somehow you'll hear it differently this time and everything will be all right.

I'm sorry.

That doesn't sound very good.

I better go.

Paige You deserve the best of everything.

That's what I had.

Where have you been at this hour, young man? Okay, hear me out.

Pretzels that I will share with you if you don't tell your mother.


You know the world's in a sorry state when I have to make a secret out of eating salt.


DiLaurentis wrote this the night that she died after she got back from the police station.

She never sent it.

I think she wanted to deliver it in person and that's why she's dead.

Is this a magic trick? Are you going to make it disappear? This doesn't mean anything.

Every thing means something, Dad.

Who was she trying to protect and why did she suddenly feel like she had to stop? Was it because Alison was alive? Who was she writing this to? Leave him alone.

We're having a conversation.

I know what your idea of a conversation is.

Don't worry about that.

Oh, that's a grand gesture, but it doesn't amount to anything in a digital age.

This woman was crazy.

She was crazy and afraid.

Enough! Both of you.

People are dead, you two are acting like cranky little 5-year-olds on the way back from the beach.

No more friendly fire.

Have I made myself clear? Dad, maybe we should tell her.



Spencer, go upstairs.

What? Go upstairs.

You've got to be kidding me.

Do I look like I'm kidding? Maybe that's a good idea, Spencer.

What is going on? It's complicated.

No, actually, it's simple.

You can't lie about something you don't know anything about.

I meant to warn you that Alison might stop by.

I just didn't think that she'd move so fast.

I just heard a knock on the door and I thought it might be you.

I don't know why.

I honestly thought I would never see you again.

Yeah, I was kind of thinking the same thing.

But here I am once again, back at the scene of the crime.

There's no crime here.

Not the way I see it.

Look, Ezra, I didn't just come over here to warn you about Alison.

I came here to tell you something that I should have told you before.

Aria, you don't need to tell me anything.

No, listen.

You don't have to worry about Shana anymore.

She's dead.

And I know that she's dead, because I'm responsible.

Wh-What do you mean "responsible"? I mean that I killed her in New York after I left the hospital.

I just meant to stop her.

I never meant to kill her.

Anyway, that's what I've been telling myself.

But it was just in that moment, I don't know.

How can I help? Same shade of blonde this time? No, not the same.

It's time for a change.

Everything that you promise now It's all a lie All the pleasure that you purchase now It's all a lie Every story that I'm hearin' now It's all a lie A lie And everything about her style It's all a lie Lie, lie, lie (song continues indistinct)

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