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  05x02 - Whirly Girl
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars We'll find out where they're taking him and we'll get you there.

The plan was to get Ali out of town tonight but now that we know that "A's" after Ezra I get that "A" wants to shut Ezra up, but Ali's still a target.

Exactly what is it you want us to do? I want us to stick together.

The bigger we are, the harder she falls.

Oh, my God.

Look at her! - Are you okay? - What happened? I saw Mrs.

DiLaurentis in the woods, and I tried to follow her.

She was giving a suitcase to somebody, and I thought maybe it was Ali.

Jason, what's going on? I kind of need to keep a little space - between me and Spencer.

Why? My mom needs me right now, and I'm here to help her.

This isn't a game.

So what is it? - Justice.

SPENCER: For who? Jenna.

(door opens) - Spencer! - Surprise! - Hey, Shana! - (gunshot) - (screaming) - You did what you had to do.

Let's go home.

(brakes squeak) Thanks.

Ali, are you okay? Stop.

You don't need to run anymore.

"A" is gone.

Come on.

Ali, look we talked about this.

You know it's the right decision.

Maybe I should go home first speak to my mom.

Ali, your mother buried you.

Look, I think it's more important that the police know you're alive before your mom does.

Hey, yeah.

You need to walk in there and tell them everything.

I mean, about Mona being "A," Shana taking over where Mona left off all of it.

Start with the night that you ran away.


Before that you have to start with the Jenna thing.

Wait, what? Why? - She has to.

Shana was after us for payback for what happened to Jenna.

I can't do this.

I can't.

You can.

Okay, you're not in this alone.

"A" tortured all of us, and what happened to Shana Happened because of me.

And I can handle that part.

I think.

But, Ali, look, you're gonna have to cover the rest.


Are we in agreement? - (indistinct conversations) - (phone beeping) I think you've been looking for me.

I'm - I know who you are.

I'm glad you're with your friends.

Welcome home.

I'm guessing you have a lot to tell me.

Maybe we can begin with the night that you disappeared.

(zipper closes) I didn't disappear.

I was kidnapped.

I was kidnapped and held hostage for two years, and if it weren't for my friends, I wouldn't be standing here.

They saved my life.

Got a secret Can you keep it? Swear this one you'll save Better lock it, in your pocket Taking this one to the grave If I show you, then I know you Won't tell what I said 'Cause two can keep a secret If one of them is dead We don't know who took this photo, but it is dated, so I'm assuming this wasn't your first visit home.

You have any memory of this night? It was the night that I got away from him.

From your captor? How? - I jumped out of the car.

While you were blindfolded? Yeah, I tore it off, and I ran straight into the woods so that he couldn't catch me.

But on the night of this photo, you managed to make it back to Rosewood and you found your friends.

I asked them to hide me.

You thought that they would be more helpful than the police? Your parents? I was scared.

Okay, I was scared that if I came back home and I was out in the open that he'd find me again.

So how did you protect her? They hid me in the woods.

In a shed that we all used to hang out in.

After school, the weekends.

But you just said that they came to your rescue in Philadelphia.

(door opens) (sighs) Dad! - Oh, my God! - Dad.

Was I sleeping on that bus? When did we discuss kidnapping? - We didn't.

Why is it just her dad? - Where is her mother? - I don't know.

Emily, call your mother.

Her flight from Dallas was canceled because of the storms.

You're welcome to stay here as long as you need to.

Thank you.

I'll, uh, I'll call her from outside.

Hold it.

Where are you going? I am so tired.

I just wanted to go upstairs and take a shower And go to bed? Really? Without telling me where you've been for the past few days? You might have a hard time falling asleep if I'm poking you every five seconds with a new question.

You knew Alison was alive for over a month - and you never said a word? - I didn't mean to Why would you keep this kind of secret? Because we made a promise.

Well, you obviously didn't think it through.

Did you? Because there's still a dead girl in Alison's grave that the police I don't know who that is.

And I had nothing to do with it, and whether you believe me or not, Mom, that is the truth.

(sobbing) Wait.

I'm not accusing you of anything right now but poor judgment.

While you were gone, your father and I were dragged down to that precinct.

What? Where's Dad? In Philly.

They found your car and impounded it.

He went down there with Melissa to get it out.

Wait! Melissa's here? Is she back from London? Oh, yes! And don't expect any souvenirs, because all she brought back was attitude.

And secrets.

Go on get ready for bed.

ASHLEY: Did you ever plan on telling me the truth? Of course I did.

But we had to wait until it felt safe.

You feel that way now? - Yeah.

Kind of.

How? The person who did this to Alison is still out there.

Is this cheese old? It's Havarti.

Does it melt? - All cheese melts, Hanna.

Hey! Look at me.

How did you feel when you found out Alison was still alive? What do you mean? Sweetie.

You have kept a lot of secrets from me, but this one is right up there with The Manhattan Project.

The what? I don't understand how you got up in the morning, went to school, knowing that Alison was still in danger.

That poor girl must just be Mom, she wants to move on.

Okay? And the more people talk about it and ask a billion questions, the harder it's gonna be for her! Yes, it was a nightmare, but it's over and she needs it to end.


Just sit down, okay? I'll make this for you.


It's Fitz.


He got admitted on Saturday - and he had surgery.

(door knocks) Yeah, come in.

Oh! I thought you were Dad.


He's downstairs.

Hey Is it true? Is Alison alive and back in her house? Wow.

That's insane.

I heard Dad telling Mom that some freak had her blind-folded, and It's not a video game, Mike.

I'm not making a joke.

She's tough.

I'm kind of surprised she didn't kill the creep with her bare hands.

Just stop.

Please! Stop.

Why is Mr.

Fitz in the hospital? What? The door is made of wood, not plutonium.

He's in New York for the weekend, and he got hurt.

What happened? Is he gonna be okay? Yeah.

He's gonna be fine.

I saw him yesterday.

He is gonna be just fine.


You said he was in New York.

How did you see him if you guys were in Philly? I didn't see him.

I spoke to him.

Look, Mike, I'm exhausted, so I'm gonna go to sleep.

(sighs) She never saw this person, Mom.

She only heard his voice.

I I guess he had her locked in a room or I don't know.

Look, can we talk about this later? Please.



I love you, too.


(phone beeps) What's wrong? What's not? We made a pact, Emily.

"A" is finally dead, and we were all ready to get back to our lives, and now all of a sudden we're back on Planet Alison.

Okay, Spencer It's like it's 9th grade all over again, and we are here on "The Whirly Girlie Ride.

" And Ali goes rogue, and we're just expected to backup her story.

You're even adding to the lie.

Why is she still controlling us? Maybe she flipped last minute because she wanted to protect her mom.

Maybe she wanted to hear why her mom did what she did before it gets forced out of her by the police.

Are you really gonna stay here and defend Ali right now? - I am not - (door opens) (leaves rustling) Okay.

Is it just me or it's really a weird time to detail your car.

Does Jason not know that she is home? Of course he knows.

(car door slams) The only question is why would you be squee-gee-ing your backseat if your sister just got back from the dead? (crickets chirping) (window creaking) - What is that? - Her phone? Who sent you this? MR.

DiLAURENTIS: Hey, you there I was thinking maybe you wanna sleep downstairs tonight, you won't have to be in here by yourself.

It's okay, Dad.

I've been dreaming about this moment for a long time sleeping in my own bed.

I understand I just I don't think I can ever let you out of my sight again.

Have you heard from mom? Ah, your brother and I had been trying to reach her, I can't say I'm not worried, because I am.

I'm sure she's fine.

Alison, I know this is maybe asking for too much, but um I want you to feel safe.

I've asked the police to put up a barrier at the end of the street.

Lot of people are gonna wanna hear your story, but you don't have to leave this house or talk to anybody until you're ready.

I I can't give you those years back.

Alison, I can't, but I promise I will do everything I can to help you forget them.

Uhh do you remember this? I've had it my wallet since the night we lost you.

(breathing heavily) This is the little girl I refuse to let go off.

(sobbing) Honey I need to know that (clears throat) your mom and I we aren't living together anymore.

Uh we decided a few months ago to get a divorce.

I'm sorry, Dad.

So am I.

(gunshot) She's dead! (violin playing) (playing continues) (phone beeping) ARIA: Hanna what's going on? I have no idea I mean, who do you think sent it? Sent what? Hold on Emily and Spencer seriously didn't tell you? Not tell me what? HANNA: We thought you were freaked out about everything still.

Uh Ha Hanna, talk to me.

Ali got a message on her phone, she saw it when she opened up her purse at the police station, that's why she lied to Holbrook.

A message from "A?" "A" is dead already.

Remember? WOMAN: Hanna, honey you still up? I got to go.

(phone drop tone) (hinge creaking) (hinge creaking) (doorbell rings) Good morning.

May I come in? Of course.


DiLAURENTIS: I'm sorry to bother you.


You are not bothering me.

I've been thinking about your family.

Ashley, I need your help.


Can I offer you some coffee? I can't imagine what this must be like for you and Jessica.

Have you heard from her? No.

I didn't go to office today.

Our daughter is alive and home.

And her own mother isn't there to greet her.

Where is she? I have to believe.

Jessica doesn't know that Alison's home.

You know the things have not been good between me and her.

If you could go through her email.

Oh! I I don't know if I could do that.

Is there a chance Jason might know where she is? Oh! Forget about Jason.

Maybe he is in a state of shock or maybe his brain is so deadened from drugs that he can't act like a human being anymore.

He hasn't shed a tear since he saw his sister.

I'm guessing that's shock.

Please Help me.

(birds chirping) What are you doing? Ali, you can't be out here.

There is about 10 cars at the end of our street.

Alright? Press, police.

I'm not twerking through town.

Okay? I just wanna sit on my porch.

You haven't asked me any questions.

How come? Figured you might need your space.

What was mom's reaction? When she found out I was still alive? She was stunned.

What do you expect? Get inside.

(door opens) Can I help you? I've an appointment with Mrs.


Who are you? Kathy Paras.

County shelter.

We arranged to bring Puppy over this morning.


DiLaurentis wants to adopt him.


(dog barking) Good, boy.

My mother didn't order this.

It's a dog, cowboy, not a pizza.

And she did.

He is so smart.


Why was he at the shelter? Oh! He's got issues mostly with men.

Put him back in the van.

Now! What happens to him if we don't take him? Basically, Mrs.


was the last stop on his train.

It's not pretty.

(music playing) Do you need any help? Oh, hey.



I got it.

(music continues) Hey, you heard about Alison, right? She's alive.

Pretty twisted what happened to her.

Quite a story.

That psycho is probably circling this town looking for his next victim.

Which is why we need to fight back.

What's in the box? Whistles.

I ordered one for every girl in the school.

And I'm asking the principal to get us all special apps for our phones.

It's either this or we all hire full-time bodyguards.


I would apply for that job if you could stand being around me that much.

I gotta go.

Principal Hackett is waiting for me.

Mona I miss you.

(door opens) Em? Wait up.

My mom said us to stay close to home.

I am not going to school.

I'm just giving Ali's phone back to her.

Hanna told the Aria about the text.

Why would she do that? - Because she's Hanna.

And now Aria is freaked out.

She thinks A is back and she's one text away from being turned into the police.

A is dead.

Yeah, I know that.

But but part of me thinks that that text was Jenna's way of welcoming Alison home.

We can handle Jenna and others, five of us and one of her.

Yeah, but we killed that hers her.

What are you doing? We never looked last night to see what Jason threw out, and we probably should have look at this, when was Jason in New York? That's why no rush.

Sorry, you channeling your Filipino grandmother right now? To see Alison.

We we knew that his whole visit to rehab was a big fat lie.

What if he is been following her for weeks? What if Mrs.

D's had him tracking her for months, years.

Do you think Jason sent that text? Spencer, if Ali told the whole truth, her mother would go down.

If Mrs.

D thought that someone just killed her child, who else would she cover for besides her other one? (song playing) (song fades) (violin playing) (another violin playing) (another violin playing) Ali, it can't be a coincidence.

Jason came back from New York the same night as us.

He was in my room last night, watching me sleep.

EMILY: Jason? Oh my, God! You can't stay here tonight, you need to tell your dad you wanna sleep at Spencer's.

It's never gonna to happen.

I mean, he won't even let me walk to the freaking mailbox.

Where are you in this, Spencer? You haven't even said a word.

Should I be afraid of our big brother? I know you told him.

Don't sweat it.

I'm even starting to think that my dad knows too.

So you think Jason is the one that slammed that rock in my head? I mean, is that why my mom has just magically disappeared as soon as I decide to come home? I don't know.


And you were needling both of our families with that secret, they probably both wanted you to shut up.

So you think that's why he went after me? I can't say for sure, but if your mom did choose him over you she had every reason to make the rest of us look bad, and we've been framed as pathological liars ever since then.

So if we ever did find out who hit you, nobody would even believe us.


You really have given it some thought.

Look, my mom comes back tomorrow.

You can stay with us.

Emily, I just got back, my dad's not going to let me out for sleepovers.

Well, what're you going to do? I have a few ideas.

Well, can you let us in on them? So that we're not caught paddling around like idiots trying to play catch-up? I told you Spencer I made up that lie to protect Aria.

She kind of killed someone, remember? You could have consulted us first.

Okay, guys, please stop.

What's done is done.

We need to focus our energy on who's trying to sink us now.

Hey, you just got up? Yeah, what you're doing? I'm, um doing some work for Alison's father.

He wants me to get a lead on where Jessica might be.

I'm I was about to open up some of her emails, and I I just can't do this.

Why? Hanna, the last thing I wanna do is get in the middle of two people who are going through divorce, and it's not just an invasion of privacy it feels like a betrayal.

Well, I'm betting Mrs.

D would rather have you looking through her emails than the police.

And besides, Ali needs her mom right now.

(phone ringing) (ringing continues) WOMAN: Take milk or sugar? MAN: Milk is great.


When did you get back? - Mm late last night.

This morning I don't know I think I had dinner on two continents.

Why didn't you call me? No, I I thought I'd come by and see you.

Why? What's going on? Melissa told your father and me that she saw Toby in London, that's why she rushed back, but apparently that never happened.

What? I went to her place, Wren answered the door, he said he was staying there, and she wasn't in London anymore.

It doesn't make sense.

Oh, if you want, you can call him.

Wren? Oh, please! I'd rather stick a knife in the toaster.

I have a client to meet in town, you on the other hand are staying close to home.

Is that clear? - Yes.

Okay, bye.



(door closes) Why did you go to London? I wanted answers for you.

I figured if I could get your sister look me in the eye - and tell me something.

Something truthful? Right.

on Yeah.

I've heard some pretty weird stuff but I'd rather hear it from you.



I didn't mean to scare you.

Just got your text I was with Ali.

What are you doing? If we've been out here hiding her for a month it sure as hell needs start looking like it.

Seriously, you can't do this right now.

Yeah, you're right.

We should have been out here last night filling this place with crap after Alison got that text.

Oh, and thank you for keeping me in the dark about that.

What am I? Your child? We only did that because you were such a mess when your dad - came to the police station.

Yeah and what? What you thought if I got a good night's sleep, I'd just wake up in candy land? Okay, Aria calm down.

That text wasn't from "A".

How do you know that? Because I was there when Shana-slash-A was killed.

Look Spencer was right.

It's one thing not to contradict Ali's story and it's another to add to it.

We can't go down that rabbit hole again.

Yeah, well, I can't do nothing, all right? Because if "A" knows that I took down Shana, - Aria - I'm going to be the Shana had been using us as target practice for months, what you did was purely - self-defense.

I doesn't matter.

Someone is dead.

All right, and she will never be able to recover or apologize or even graduate from high school because I killed her.

I killed her, Emily, and I don't know how I'm gonna be able to live with that.

(breathes heavily) Aria in that moment, it was you or her.

I went through this after Nate.

You think that no one can understand what this feels like, but I've been there.

(empty can clinking) Remember, we used to sneak out here? Our biggest problem was how to eat peanut butter with braces.

(car honking) Is there enough paper in that printer? Uh, yeah there should be a couple of pages in there, do you want me to get you some more? No, that's all right.

I'll get it.

I'll be your light, your match your burning sun I'll be the bright, in black that's making you run And we'll feel alright, and we'll feel alright Cause we'll work it out, yes we'll work it out I'll be doin' this, if you had a doubt Till the love runs out, 'til the love runs out I'll be your ghost, your game, your stadium The next time you go to London Yeah.

You're taking me with you.

And we're never coming back.

I'll be doin' this, if you ever doubt MR.

DiLAURENTIS: What's so pressing that you have to leave? What's in Philly? Or should I ask, who? I need to drop something off to a friend.

Right now? - I said after dinner.

Your sister has been gone for nearly a Then I will wait till she goes asleep, okay? What makes you think she can sleep? Her mother is still not here, and I am thinking you're the only one who knows where she is.

Think what you want.

I don't.

Jason, every time someone in this family walks out of this house it's a news story and the last thing I want is you speaking to a damn reporter.

Ow, don't worry, Dad I won't embarrass you anymore than I already have.

Emily I didn't know you were here.

Ali asked me to take Pepe for a walk.

Whose dog is that? You brought home a dog? It was dropped off this morning.

Mom rescued him from the shelter.

Really? Well, maybe when you go to Philly you can tell her there is more than a dog waiting for her back home.

I can't do anymore.

Are you gonna to go for it? - No, go ahead.

You wanted it.

(door slams) - Hello, Aria.

Hey, where have you been? Dad told me to order dinner.

There is a veggie - I'm not hungry.

Were you walking around in the dark all by yourself? - Excuse me? - Given what happened to Alison I can't believe you would walk to the curb without a police escort.

Hey, I borrowed this again.

What do you mean you borrowed it? As in, I didn't take it and keep it.

Why would you borrow it at all? 'Cause I needed to put some music together for a social studies project.

It was that that violin music.

Was that coming from your room - last night? - I guess Sorry.

I will grab my jacket and take you home.

You can drop me at the library.

I still have some research to do.

Mona? - Yeah? You doing your research in the library or in this house? Your brother invited me to dinner.

But I am actually really glad to see you because I can give you this in person.

Go on take it.

I've got hundreds more.

If anything else, we can use what happened to Alison as a wakeup call, nobody is safe.

What are you trying to prove, Mona? - Is this a threat? - No, it's a whistle.

You put it between your lips and blow.

We all know where you were the night that Alison disappeared.

She told us about the time you spent together at the Lost Woods motel room.

You have a few stories of your own to keep quiet, don't you? Tell me how is Mr.

Fitz doing? Will he make a full recovery? MIKE: Can I have the car keys? Aria.

There is a meditation center that Mrs.

D once went to, you can try calling there Thank you, Hanna, and thank your mother for me.

We were just about to have dinner.

If you girls want to join us? - Sure.

We we can't tonight.

Uhh right.

Maybe tomorrow.


What's going on? Why can't I eat dinner? Just get in the car.

I've to show you something.

It's an update on Mrs.


Ali's dad thinks he's hiding her in Philly.

Wait, who's hiding her? Jason.

Jason told his dad he had to drop something off to a friend in Philly.

Could that be code for New York? What is this? Mrs.

D wrote that email the night that she escaped town, but she never sent it.

It says, "I can't protect you anymore".

Who would she have written that to? (both gasp) (breathing heavily) What's up, Jason? I just saw what you delivered.

Your dad asked my mother Yeah, well, my mother didn't.

So, maybe it is time people stay the hell out of places they don't belong.

That includes you.

Follow him.

No, you follow him.

I have to change my underwear.

Hanna, hurry up.

Okay? He might be going to see his mother.

Hurry up! There is no way his mom's in there.


D wouldn't even walk down this street.

Why not? If she's hiding out she's not going to be doing it at the Four Seasons.

We need to ring the buzzer he pressed.

Maybe Mrs.

D will answer.

Come on Was it this one? Or was it, was it that one? Who are you looking for? Well, can I help you? Umm I I I heard that there might be a vacancy available for a sub-let.

Sub-let? Who who who told you that, huh? But, who are you? A real estate agent? Get out of here.

Now! Both of youse.

Go! - (phone beeping) - (music playing) You don't want to get that? No.

(music continues) - (beeping continues) (phone beeping again) Someone really wants to reach you.

Well, they can wait.

Spence, what's going on? Nothing.

Does it have to do with Alison? (sighs) No.

Is this about Melissa? No.

(sound of footsteps) Did you follow me? I'm not supposed to be out of my house, but I had to come here to say goodbye.

The girl they made that for, she really is gone.

I can't be that person anymore, Mona.

I know you hated me and wanted me to go straight to hell.

Going there is easy it's the coming back that's hard But you and me we, we understand each other.

I need you, Mona.

As a friend.

The truth will bury you in a New York minute.

In case you're wondering, that was me, I sent that text.

I guess I should have signed my name because I don't have to pretend to be anyone else anymore.

I don't have to hide.

You do.

And you're gonna wish you stayed dead.

I'm going to the cops tonight, I have to.

You guys I I can't hold on to this.

Aria breathe.

Can you please wait and discuss this with all of us here? Where is Spencer? She went next door to distract Mr.

DiLaurentis so we could sneak Ali over here.

She better haul us because I'm guessing Jason is not making too many more stops tonight.

Guys, please, enough with Jason for a minute.

Mona knows that we were in New York.

Don't you understand? Okay, it's only a matter of time before she runs out of whistles and start tearing our balloons and say Aria killed Shana.

Okay, whistles? - Aria, stop.


Mona does not know about Shana.

Then who does? Who? Who is screwing with me? And you keep me telling me that "A" is dead.

"A" is dead, Aria.

Then why am I hearing a violin in my backyard? Who's the fiddler on my freaking roof? Hey, Aria, listen to us.

Jason was the one in New York.

Once we can prove that he is a threat that made Ali tell that kidnapping lie then But how're we doing that? I don't know, that's why we're having a meeting.

Once the police are on to Mrs.

D and Jason, then everything we've done can be explained and Alison can finally tell the truth.

(sound of footsteps) (door rumbles) Ali.

Hey you up there? Hello? JASON: It's late.

She may be asleep.

Or did you come by to take out the trash? Jason Were you in New York the night that Ali came back to Rosewood? Why? Why is that important? I think you know why.

If you're trying to make a squirm and run for cover because of something that you did What is it you think I did? You think I'm the one who kidnapped her? Where did that theory come from, huh? My father? - No.

Really? 'Cause he's probably down at that precinct right now sharing that theory with the cops.

Without my mother, who's going to stop him? Jason, why were you in New York? (dog barking) (dog groaning) Pepe.

Pepe, what's wrong? - (barking loudly) - How did she know it's name? Whose dog is that? Alison's.

When did she had the time to get a dog? (screaming) Oh, my God! Grrrrr (barking loudly) (indistinct scream) Jason.

Don't no Jason.

(barking loudly) (breathing heavily) But if I never get to heaven Will you fly away to me And if I never get to heaven Say you'll come and rescue me Rescue me Please catch my tears (indistinct conversation on police radio) Yeah will you carry me Or do I deserve to walk alone Only farther than I've ever known Don't leave me here on my own And if I never get to heaven Do you think I'll still be free And if I never get to heaven Say you'll come and be with me Be with me

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