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  05x01 - EscApe From New York
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars.

They found Ali's body.

(mobile phone ringing) - I'm still here, bitches.

ALL: And I know everything.


She is alive and I can prove it.

Alison is alive? (door opens) Surprise.

The cash, passport and plane ticket, you need to leave for the airport in an hour.

Until I know who "A" is, I can't come home.

Let "A" think you're dead.

Mona played me like a fool.

She got exactly what she wanted.

Ezra's still looking for me, Aria.

He thinks that if he saves me, he'll win you back.

If you're looking to make a deal I know who killed that girl, the one you thought was Alison DiLaurentis.

Ali, run! Hey, hey, I know who you are.

(gunshot) No.

I'm sorry.


(siren wailing) His pulse is getting weaker.

Hey, let me go, please.

I heard a gunshot and I ran up to the roof.

But when I got there, he was lying on the ground.

Aria, we cannot do anything to help him right now.

If they think you know anything about this, you're gonna spend the entire night answering questions at the police station.

You're never gonna get to the hospital.

Spencer's right.

We'll find out where they're taking him and we'll get you there.

Folks, could you step back please? (siren wailing) Got a secret Can you keep it? Swear this one you'll save Better lock it in your pocket Taking this one to the grave If I show you then I know you Won't tell what I said Cause two can keep a secret If one of them is dead PARAMEDIC: Priority one.

Mid-20s, male.

Single GSW to the abdomen.

Last pulse was 142.

Systolic 80.

(indistinct chatter) (indistinct chatter) He's herniating.

Get him to the OR.

SPENCER: You know what to say, right? Don't stay on the line a second longer than you have to.

It's the strongest one they had.

Are you sure you want to do this? Ezra just saved my life.

And he probably saved yours, too.

Hanna's right.

There's no way my mom made that jump.

She's not "A.

" But Ezra knows who is.

Look, Em, the plan was to get Ali out of town tonight, but now that we know that "A's" after Ezra I get that "A" wants to shut Ezra up, okay, but Ali's still a target.

Can't we think of another way to do this? If Ezra when Ezra pulls through, he's going to tell us who "A" is, and this thing is finally gonna be over.

HANNA: Hi, the guy who just got shot at Bank and Hudson is Ezra Fitz.

Yeah, I think that you should send a cop to the hospital because I saw what happened, and I don't think this was a random thing.

Well, yeah, but he might not be safe so you better go fast.

Are they sending somebody? Yeah, I heard her typing.

Look, they're probably on their way.

Are we sure that we want to split up? A wise commander takes measures to always let his opponent react to the wrong set of circumstances.

And in 400 BC Okay, Spencer, we get it.

We're decoys.

There's no art to this war, Spencer.

You've read Sun Tzu? ARIA: Okay, let's go.

HANNA: Wait.

Just in case.

We'll give you 10 minutes, okay, and then we're making the call.

Em, come on.

Look, if you want to get to the hospital before them, we have to go now.

We know that "A" is always one step ahead of us.


Maybe he, she, it, bitch is.

But you have to remember that.

Ali's been hiding in plain sight for two years.

She can handle herself.

And if "A" sees us there first, then this could work.

Thank you for checking in, Ashley.

Nobody's getting any sleep here tonight, so don't hesitate to call if you hear from Hanna.

Of course.

We'll do the same.


All this time Spencer knew Alison was alive? I don't want to believe that, because if that's true, I have no idea who your sister is.

The photograph that Detective Holbrook showed me of the girls with Alison was taken a month ago.

I want to think that that was the first time they saw her, because it makes sense, that's when it all started again.

The pills? The pills and the lying.

It was just like last time Spencer was out of control.

It's so like Ali to do this to her.

Honey, we don't know anything about where Alison's been or what she's gone through.

I'm trying to reserve judgment.

Mom, Alison was at the center of every mess that Spencer got into.

She's a walking time bomb, but it's never Ali who blows up.

It's everything and everyone else around her.

I understand running away.

But to let your friends and family think you're dead? It was Alison in that grave.

We all did.

But I saw that picture and she's very much alive.

I'm not crying for Alison.

There is another family missing their daughter.

And she really is dead.

The police will find out who that girl is.

It's just a matter of time.

Mom there's something you need to know.

(car door slams) (doorbell rings) I don't understand how Ezra found us.

Maybe he didn't find us.

I think he was following "A.

" And "A" was following us.

This is what you were always so afraid of.

That we'd lead "A" to you.

Aria, you know why Ezra's still looking for me.

It's 'cause he wants to win you back.

Does he have a chance? Ali, I can't think about that right now.

I don't even know if he's alive.

I wanted to tell you in person that CeCe Drake escaped police custody tonight.

We found Officer Maple unconscious on a road outside of town.

So far we have not been able to locate CeCe or his patrol car.

I don't understand why you came here to tell us this.

CeCe knows that Alison is alive and I think she knows where the girls are.

If she's mixed up in this, your daughter could be in more danger than ever.

So if there's anything that you haven't told me We've told you everything that we know.

REPORTER: (on TV) Police have also widened their search for the four missing Rosewood teens who they believe are in Philadelphia with Alison DiLaurentis.

The youth went missing two years ago and is thought to have been brutally murdered This changes everything.

There's a ton of debris in here.

I need hands.

He's losing too much blood.

Clamp that artery.



(rapid beeping) I'm doing my part, Mr.


You got to do yours.

Don't die on me.

This way.

Let's go.

Okay, now what do we do? We wait.

Hi, we are looking for a patient that was just admitted, Ezra Fitz? I hate this.

Let's just hope it works.

WOMAN: (on P.


) Alison DiLaurentis, please report to the Emergency Room.

Alison DiLaurentis report to the Emergency Room.

Okay, you better get out of here.

Stairs! (siren wailing) WOMAN: Taxi! (tires screeching) (honking) MAN: Hey! (saxophone music playing) (metal clanking) (whispering) Want to play? It's over.


It's not.

Did you really think we'd let Ali leave that hospital alone? We paged Alison so you'd know she was there.

I guess you don't read Sun Tzu, bitch.

Hey! (gasping) Are you sure that's "A"? Maybe I'm "A"! Or maybe it's one of them.

Maybe I'm "A".

(laughter) (siren wailing) All right, folks, we need you to disperse now.

"A" was one step ahead of us.

At least we got "A" away from Ezra.

Let's get out of here.



We've successfully removed the bullet but arterial damage is extensive.

Yes, that's right.


You need to stay on top of this.

We're mobilizing.

They're not in Philadelphia they're in New York.

You said there'd be more people here.

They're coming.

You scared me.

I can't keep this a secret anymore.

I want to tell Holbrook the truth.

When Spencer finds out, she'll have a reason to come home.

Your mother can never know what you told me.

(phone ringing) This is Holbrook.

WOMAN: A detective from the NYPD is on the line.

Put him through.

We've got a lot going on here tonight.

What can I help you with? Why would a shooting in New York involve us? Okay, I'll look into him and get back to you.

Thank you.

I'm sorry you lost that bitch, but you did get "A" out of here.

Is Ezra out of surgery? I heard them tell Ezra's mom that the bullet traveled up and hit She's getting on a plane, but she's in Sydney.

And there's nobody here for him but me.

HANNA: Do you want us to come there? No.

No, so far I'm blending in, but I think with the five of us, it might be waving a red flag.

Once he's out of surgery, it's still gonna take him a few hours to wake up.

We need to find somewhere to go.

Call us as soon as you hear anything.

I will.

Guys, promise me you'll be safe.

Don't worry about us, Aria.

We'll be okay.

We promise.


If "A" can't get to Ezra, you're the available target tonight.

Yeah, Em's right.

Mean, we can't just stand out here in the street like sitting ducks.

I know a place we can go.

Come on.

Well If you wanted to impress someone with a "wow" moment, this would definitely be how you'd do it.

He didn't bring me here to impress me.

This was kind of his special place.

So you know somebody who works here? Uh, yeah, a friend of the family.

Well, when you said that you were gonna take me to the theater, I thought you meant to see a play.

Are you disappointed? Wow.

I get it.

Get what? It's hard to explain.

Try me.

God, imagine being up here, with all those people out there who love you.

I think that's called adoration, not love.

I could be an actress.

Could be? Well, I hate to break it to you but you already are.

The way you tell your stories such conviction.

I think you've convinced yourself that half of them are true.

Well, if you can't convince yourself, why should anyone else believe you? You really are my Holly Golightly.

Who? - (Door closes) Are you sure we're allowed to be here? Who's there? Oh, I'm sorry, Mr.


My apologies.

I was just locking up on my way out.

No, don't worry about it, Bill.

Have a good night.

Okay, good night.


Fitzgerald? That's when I realized Ezra was a rich boy pretending to be a poor boy.

I actually liked him more for that.

Not because he didn't want the money, but because he totally had me fooled.

I actually thought that was an asset back then.


This is a real gun.

Hanna! So you think we'll be okay here until morning? I've stayed over a few times.

They don't open up the place until noon.

(stomach rumbling) What was that? TOGETHER: Spencer's stomach.

Sorry, I haven't had anything to eat since a petit four at the bridal show.

Come on, let's raid the concession stand.

You think that it's still gonna be stocked? Spence, we need to get you some food.

I'm literally at the point where I cannot think.

Well, I guess Nutty Chews can count as a protein and Gummy Bears as a fruit.

I don't care, I was so hungry I was about to eat the foam out of those seat cushions.

I saw that episode.

Me, too.

That lady went through three couches in a year.

What show is this? Freaky Foodies.

Have you seen it? Spencer's obsessed.

What and you're not? We watch that entire marathon together.

Oh, my God, remember that guy who ate the dryer sheets? Ew, that was so gross.

I need to find a better place to make a call.

Who do you need to talk to? I have a few friends that are gonna be worried now that the police know I'm alive.

They've risked a lot to help me, I just need to let them know that I'm okay.

I'll be right back.


ALI: Yeah, it's me.

(Ali talking very quietly) Shana? Ali sent me to make sure you're okay.

Look, I get that you're her loyal companion, but I don't need a watchdog.

You don't have to like me, Aria.

But I made a promise, so I'm staying.

Can I get you something? No.


You look exhausted.

Don't worry.

If you fall asleep, I'll wake you up if there's any news.

I'm fine.

SPENCER: Is it just me or does it already feel like she's shutting us out again? Shh.

What? She can hear you.

She's sleeping.

She's Ali.

She's sleeping.

Thanks, Han.

It makes sense that Ali had people helping her.

You know, if it were us, we'd want her to call.

We'd want to know that she was okay.

That's the thing, Em.

It is us.

We're the ones who are risking everything to help her.

It's not some random do-gooders that she's met along the way.

We just have to wait it out a few more hours.

Once Ezra tells us who "A" is, this will finally be over.

From your lips to God's ears.

When did you become religious? My mom's dating a preacher, remember? Can you imagine what life would be like without "A"? When was the last time you guys had a hobby? Never.

I wouldn't mind taking up a sport though.

Which one? I don't know.

I've always liked Spencer's field hockey skirt.

You can totally have it.

What about you, Spence? I wouldn't want to go back to the person that I was before.

All I cared about was winning.

And now I just really want to be happy.

(gasps) How did you find me? Well, we don't just look alike.

We think alike, too.

You took a big risk coming here.

I didn't have a choice.

Alison, you asked for my help in Ravenswood.

Now I need yours.

So Fitz is a Fitzgerald.

Are you sure this is gonna work? It has to.

I don't have another choice.

We should be okay if we do this today.

The cops are still looking in Philadelphia.

You having second thoughts? No.

I just realized this might be the last time I see you.

Don't be so dramatic, Ali.

You know us.

We always find a way back to each other.

Is this the part where you guys kiss? Had to ask.

You better get going.

Thank you.

You'd do the same for me.

Is Ezra Fitz out of surgery? NURSE: He's in recovery.

(sighs) What are you doing? You said that you'd wake me up.

He's still unconscious, but he's stable.

Ezra? (monitor beeping) Help! Help! Help! We need some help in here! Hurry! (indistinct) MAN (over PA): Code Blue, we need 123.

EMILY: Where have you been? Em, please don't wake up the others.

We're all in this together, Ali.

At least that's what we thought.

There are some things you don't need to know about, Em.

Okay? It's better that way.

That's not a good enough answer.

Come on.

Some of you may know each other, some of you may not.

But I picked you because we all have one thing in common, and that's Alison DiLaurentis.

When Alison was here, I wasn't Mona.

I was Loser Mona.

Who were you, Lucas? Hermie.


How about you, Paige? I can say it if you don't want to.

She called you Pigskin.

MAN 1: I was Pus Face.

MAN 2: I was Newt.

WOMAN 1: Lez.

WOMAN 2: Whore.

But you weren't those people.

That's just what she called you.

Not who you are.

Sticks and stones, Mona.

I'm not afraid of her anymore.

Well, maybe you should be.

She's not even back yet, and she found a way to break up you and Emily.

There's no way.

Ali's gonna let you guys be a couple.

Exactly what is it you want us to do? I want us to stick together.

There's strength in numbers.

The bigger we are, the harder she falls.

I don't think I want to be a part of this.

I can't protect you if you're not with us.

We don't have much time.

Ezra was paying CeCe for information.

That's why she was in Ravenswood.

So she wasn't ever really Red Coat? No, I asked her to wear that hoping that she would distract "A" so I could turn off the saw.

"A" put you in that box.

Not CeCe.

She helped me save your life.

Why does this have to be a secret? Why can't you tell the other girls? CeCe killed a cop, Em, and part of why she did that was for me.

Look, if she gets busted boarding that plane, my face is on the passport.

That makes me an accessory.

And now you know about it.

That makes you one, too.

You guys have done so much for me.

You do not need to go out on a limb for CeCe.

I will take the fall for it alone if it comes to it.

(footsteps approaching) Hey, Aria's on the phone, but we can't hear her.

Tell her to call the house line.

(dialing) Ezra made it through surgery, but I haven't been able to Damn it.

(telephone ringing) Hello, can you hear me? HOLBROOK: Hello? Alison? What is it? The NYPD needs to send somebody to the Fitzgerald Theater on West 44th Street.

I think we have a 10-20 on Alison DiLaurentis.

Oh, pick up.

Come on, guys.

Pick up.

(telephone ringing) Hey you're gonna be okay.

(whispering) What is it? Did you recognize the voice? No.


We can't wait for Ezra to tell us who "A" is.

We have to get you to the airport.

You can still use that passport and that ticket that Noel gave you, right? I don't have it anymore.

What? (whispering) I gave away my get out of town free card to someone who needed it more than I did.

Ali, who needs more help than you do right now? It doesn't matter.

It does to us.

Look, Ali, either you trust us or you don't.

No more secrets, Ali.

You were wrong before.

They didn't keep us together.

We can argue about this in the cab.

Okay? Let's grab our stuff and go.

SPENCER: Come on.

EMILY: But we have to hurry.

Who's out there? Couldn't have picked a better place to end your story.

Shana? Shana? I thought I locked you all together at the lodge.

But I guess you were late to the party, Alison.

So much for fighting fire with fire.

Put the gun down, Shana.

Get back, Spencer.

Get back.

I trusted you, Shana.

You once told me the only way to trust someone was to not ask too many questions.

And then you sent me to Rosewood to ask questions.



Why Why would you turn on me like this? I got so many answers from all the people you hurt.

Your own mother was afraid of you.

Get back! Ali's made mistakes, okay, Shana, but what makes you better? You're sick, Shana.

Like Mona was, but we can get you help.

I'm not Mona.

This isn't a game.

So what is it? Justice.

SPENCER: For who? Jenna.

You fell in love with her.

You have no idea who she is.

We never meant Get back or I'll blow your head off! What did you call it once, Ali? A happy accident? Jenna doesn't love you, Shana.

She's playing you.

That's what she does.

No, that's what you do.

So what? She's the mastermind and you're her henchman? Jenna doesn't even know I'm here.

And she'll never know.

And once I'm done with you, she can finally get back to her life.

Hey, Shana! (gunshot) (screaming) She's dead.

You did what you had to do, okay? EMILY: Spencer's right.

She would have killed all of us.

It really is over.

It's over.


Let's go home.

We can't just leave her here.

There's been an accident.

Enjoy your flight, sir.

Welcome aboard, Miss Darkbloom.


(speaking French)

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