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Previously on Pretty Little Liars It belongs to Alison.

There's contact information there, maybe for other people who are helping her, or places to stay.

This is Dean Stavros.

He's going to be staying with us for a while.

I'm a drug and alcohol abuse counselor.

When police were questioning you about that night, why wouldn't you just tell them? Last night my sister was alive.

And it would have made me a suspect.

What is this? I was hoping you could tell me.

I didn't write it.

Somebody else knows Alison's alive and they told the cops.


DiLaurentis? I'm Detective Holbrook.

We'd like to have a couple of words.

Something wrong? This is a copy of my manuscript.

I found some stuff out that could really help you.

Ezra thinks that "A" is Ali's mom.

And Mrs.

DiLaurentis saw me pick up the shovel and go after Ali.

She thinks I tried to kill Ali.

So wait.

You think that Paige gave that note to the police? We don't think, we know.

I mean it was her handwriting and her stationery.

Em, have you spoken to her yet? She's in Maine visiting family.

You guys, if the police know that Ali is alive-- Then we're all gonna get dragged in that precinct.

Honestly, I'm a lot more worried about Alison than I'm about us.

So what are we gonna say when the cops ask whose bones are in Ali's grave? That we don't know.

You guys, if the cops are gonna question anybody, it's gonna be me.

I'm the one who Ali's mom saw with that shovel.

But Ali's alive, Spencer.

Yeah, and somebody else isn't.

And I'm the one who might have bashed in the skull of a stranger.

Okay, you really need to eat something.

Hanna, give her your cookie.

You give her your cookie.

I'm hungry.

Aria, face it.

That's why Ali's mom has been stalking us ever since Mona put on a straitjacket.

Okay, let's back up for a second.

I get that Mrs.

DiLaurentis is really scary, but I'm not buying that she's the devil.

I agree.

"A" Knows Ali's alive.

If she knew that why would she waste her energy torturing us instead of bringing her daughter back home? Maybe because she thinks Ali won't be safe until I'm behind bars.

Okay, you do need this more than I do.

Look, I'm not saying she hasn't had help, okay.

I stayed at that house, Spencer.

Yeah, and you were almost kebob-ed with a knitting needle.

Um, that was me.

I was there when she got the divorce papers, okay.

She's been through hell.

Yeah, and that may also be the birthplace on her passport.

I always knew she was a witch.

Fitz is just confirming it.

Yeah, and we all know how much we can trust him.

Where are you going? - Home.

And you're my ride.

Can we please go? Is that Jason? Jason.


What was that about? Who knows? When did he get back? I don't know.

But he totally saw us.

Come on, hurry.


I don't want to lose him.

Why would he just take off like that? What's going on? It's stuck.

What's that? What? It's not about money.

It's about getting wasted in a motel room.

I wasn't wasted, Mom.

The friend I was with was the one that was drinking.

Which friend? This was one friend? Because your father made it sound like you were hosting the "Rolling Stones".

Yes, Mom, it was one friend.

Does this have anything to do with Mr.

Fitz resigning from Rosewood? How did you know about that? Aria, what's going on? Nothing.

I'm fine, honestly.

I just can't really talk about this first thing in the morning.

Well, would it be any easier if I was at the foot of your bed? But Jason's not answering, Emily.

He's unloading boxes from his car.

I'm just gonna walk over there and try to talk to him.

Talk to you later.

You're up early.

Yeah, I have to go talk to somebody before school.

Okay, I'll grab my jacket.

No, Dean, you don't have to come.

Yeah, I do.

Your folks hired me to be with you at all times.

Okay, I get it, but this-- my friend, you're gonna make him very uncomfortable.

Why the pause? What? You paused before you said friend.

How come? Because he's my next door neighbor, okay, and he's also my-- it's complicated, okay.

You're making it sound more and more inviting.

Dean, seriously, please.

He just got out of rehab himself.

And if my sobriety-sitter tags along as a chaperone-- It's my job.

It's annoying, okay.

I'm not going to meet him behind a dumpster to cook meth.

I'm just walking next door.

Can you just watch us from the window? Okay, fine.

Where's the cup? Spencer, I need a urine sample.

That's the deal.

Well, I'm tapped out.

Replenish and we'll wait.

Don't touch that.

Don't touch that either.

Where am I supposed to eat? Right there.

Shouldn't Mrs.

DiLaurentis be doing all the work? I mean isn't she the one hosting the stupid bridal show? It's not stupid, it's for charity.

And Jessica's just a little distracted right now.

Something's going on.

Have you ever wondered why she offered you a job? I mean you guys weren't even friends.

It's not like I had many after I checked out of cell block H.

I'm sorry, I just-- I don't trust her.

And you shouldn't either.

She helped this family through a very difficult time.

And the least we can do is be there for her.

Was the door slammed in your face? No.

He was just inside by the time that I got there.

What happened? Dean and his obsession with my bladder.

Well, I thought you were allowed more privileges.

You can't escape the cup, Emily.

When did you get back? Late last night.

I was going to call you this morning.

But you didn't.

I'll see you later.

So does your phone stop working when you leave the state? It was wall-to-wall family stuff.

My grandparents are needy and old.

All grandparents are old.

Emily-- You told the police.

You promised me you wouldn't and then you went ahead and told them.

I did it to protect you.

And who's going to protect Alison? I don't think she needs any.

I see.

So you totally played me and you got exactly what you wanted.

Revenge on Alison.

This isn't about revenge.

Really? She's been hiding for 2 years from somebody who tried to kill her.

And by you ratting her out to the cops, you just sent out a search party.

Then let the cops protect her.

And what if they don't get there first? Well, she knows something's up with Ezra.

Wait, you're not gonna tell your mom what really went down with him, are you? Look, Hanna, don't worry.

I am not gonna overshare.

Talk later, okay? Hey, how's it going? Uh, it's going.

Wow, I thought I had a lot of homework.

It's a job.

The library, they hire a couple of students every year.

I'm gonna be late.

Excuse me.

Hey, Travis, wait.

Look, I'm really sorry about the other night.

It's not that I didn't have a good time.

I just-- I've had a lot going on.

It kind of seems like you've always got a lot going on.

Well, can we have a do-over? You, me, tomorrow night? We don't even have to call it a date.

We can just eat at the same time across from each other.

I can't.

I'm busy.

Oh, okay.

I guess I'll see you later.

What are you talking about? People have to eat.

I thought we agreed to do finger foods before the speeches, Michael.

Ashley, check in there.

A seafood parfait is not a finger food.

No one wants to ruin a manicure digging shrimp out of a skinny cup.

Figure it out, please.

Ashley, would you mind going upstairs to get the place cards? They're in a bag in the guest room.


Thank you.

Good morning.

May I come in? Now is not a good time.

What is this about? I wanted to give you an update on the investigation.

Can we please just let my daughter rest in peace? Mrs.

DiLaurentis, we're not certain that your daughter is in that grave.

Well, I am.

When you reported Alison missing, you gave the Rosewood P.


a file of family photos.

One of them shows Alison as a young girl with a break in her right arm.

But the coroner didn't report any fracture in that bone.

Then the coroner made a mistake.

Well, the only way to know for certain is if we exhume the body.

That's not going to happen.

I already have a judge's order.

I'm not here to ask your permission.

Just to keep you informed.

She bought these yesterday.

Does this look like a guest room to you? I Bon giorno.

You've reached Mamma Gabusi's.

We are currently closed for renovations.


What's going on? I just needed to get a paycheck reissued.

No, I'm talking about last night when you saw me and Spencer.

I had to get home.

Get home? Jason, I haven't heard from you since I left almost half my body in an elevator shaft.

Yeah, I know.

I felt pretty bad about that.

You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Wilden was after me.


You think Wilden was behind that? Who else? Look, I know it hasn't been easy for you.

And so does Spencer.

I mean we heard you kind of had a relapse.

But last night when we tried-- Emily, my mom's got a lot of stuff going on right now, all right.

I kind of need to keep a little space between me and Spencer.

Why? Because I need to keep a little space between her and my mom.

Our family's already being harassed by the police, we don't need it from the girl next door, too.

I'm not excusing Spencer, but we both know your mom can be-- If you're expecting me to dump on her, it's not gonna happen.

Going back to rehab a second time was humbling.

My mom was there for me.

Well, maybe for you, but lately with Spencer-- Emily, this is not the first time my mom thought Spencer was messing with our family.

Alison, don't walk away.

I don't want to talk about it.

I want to know more about it.

I don't.

I want to know who did you.

Mom, drop it.

Well, you can't just let someone walk all over you.

Defend yourself.

How? Okay, I don't even know who they are.

Well, you said there were notes.

They're anonymous.

Are they on your phone? Don't touch that.

Is it Spencer? No.

Why not? You know, she's always been jealous of you.

And she has plenty of reasons to want to hurt this family.

What does that mean? It means that I won't allow you to be bullied.

You fight fire with fire.

Smoke her out.

Spoken like a true debutante.

How long have you been sitting there? So your mother really believed Spencer was after Ali.

Look, I don't want to get into this.

My mom needs me right now and I'm here to help her.

So this bridal-thing sounds like it's for a good cause.

Do you want to be my date? To Mrs.

DiLaurentis' party? No.


Does a bridal-show bring up other issues, like Ezra and Maggie and their son? That's not why we broke up.

Who keeps calling? Is that Zack? Yes.

He won't sleep until we speak, and it is 3:00 A.


in Vienna.

Okay, take the call.

You sure? Yeah.


Yes, I'm sitting with Aria and she thinks you're a very persistent man.

How are you? Do you miss me yet? Hello? Who's there? It's just me.

Getting some iced tea.

You sleeping down here tonight? Well, is that against your rules? Don't bust my chops, Spencer.

I think I've been pretty generous with you.

Generous? How do you figure that? Well, I let you hang out with your friends last night and I'm not even questioning why your knee is buzzing right now.

Go ahead.

Answer your knee.

But you should be talking to me.

Why? Well, that's why I'm here.

You're not sleeping and clearly you don't feel safe in your own house.

Is that because your parents aren't here? No.

My parents are the ones keeping me up.

What are you reading? A book.

Why are your parents keeping you up? Because I have huge holes in my brain about the summer that my friend was killed and my parents refuse to fill in the blanks.

Can we please talk about something else? Love at First Fight.

What? It's a Jack Dempsey Story.

He was a boxer.

Came from a family like mine, where fighting was a second language.

Sounds like that would put me to sleep.

I'll give it a try.

May I? Are you making more tea? No, I'm gonna go to bed.

What? I thought we were gonna talk.

Yeah, well, that moment passed.

Aria, what just happened? Nothing.

You went to Vienna and you found your bliss, I stayed here and I got kicked in the teeth.


Don't do that.

Don't push me away.

You're not even in this room, Mom.

You've got someone in your life who's clearly more important than us.

Don't be ridiculous.

Nobody comes before you or Mike.

Really? Where have you been? Honey, you were the one that convinced me to go with Zack.

You practically packed my suitcase.

Okay, well, maybe I was wrong, okay.

And maybe you should have packed a little less.

Your kids live in this country.

So are you mad at me or Ezra or yourself? No, don't make this a teaching moment, okay.

Oh, but you will be very pleased to know that you were right.

And it was a huge frickin' mistake getting involved with him.

So send me an I-told-you-so card when you get back to Austria.


Dean? Um, hello? Job description? Get up.

I'm sorry.

I must have fallen asleep.

Yes, you must have on top of my daughter which strikes me as just a little inappropriate.

Mom, what is going on? That was my question.

But I don't need an answer.

You can start packing.

I think this arrangement has lost its appeal.

What? Mom, nothing happened.

You can spend tonight in the barn, but tomorrow will be your last day.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

I'm sorry I didn't listen to my husband and hire the 60-year-old Scottish woman with the diaper breath.


Mom, he was just reading to me.

You read perfectly well for yourself.

Good night, Dean.

Have you spoken with her since? No.

She's spending the day with Mike.

How about yours? Disinfecting the house of all things Dean.


Look, have told her about Jason's memory? Spencer, how are we supposed to trust anything that Jason remembers from that summer? His brain was soaked in corn liquor.

Jason thinks that he saw CeCe that night wearing the exact same outfit as Ali, and we all know that CeCe's not the blonde that's in that grave.

So who ended up in that grave with the same clothes Ali had on? Yeah, and if Mrs.

D is "A," why would she be going after her own daughter? She's not going after her.

Ali still doesn't know who tried to kill her that night.

That's the whole point.

Don't you guys get it? The person who went after Ali could still be out there.

Okay, if you guys have plans tonight, break them.

We're gonna put on wedding dresses for charity.

Are you out of your mind? My mom found a whole new bag of clothes in Ali's bedroom.

Slow down.


D knows Ali's alive, Emily.

I mean if she's getting her new clothes, then she must know where to send them.

Okay, but why does that mean that we have to go get married in her backyard? Because I'm betting that the address is somewhere in that house.

And we need a reason to be in there so I volunteered all four of us.

Morning, Hanna.


I'm guessing you told your friends about the anonymous tip.

Look, I don't want to give you guys any false hope.

Alison's probably not alive, but if she is, after all this time there's going to be a lot of questions, starting with who's the dead girl in her grave.

If you guys have any thoughts, you know where to find me.

So what time does your mom want us to be there? Mom? What are you doing? Where have you been? The Brew.

Why are you going through my drawers? When I gave Dean his final check, he said that you've been sleeping downstairs because you don't feel safe up here.

Is that true? Oh, God, mom.

Why don't you feel safe? Is this about not trusting yourself? Is there some hidden stash of pills? No, mom, I'm not the one who's hiding things.

That would be you and Dad.

Excuse me? Every time I ask you guys about that summer, you two put up a firewall.

How do you expect me to trust myself when my own parents clearly don't? None of us want to re-visit that time.

It was harrowing, okay? It was as if there were two of you living in this house, the Spencer we recognize and your evil twin.

And we never knew which one was coming down to breakfast.

That's why I made your sister promise that she would never bring up that incident that happened before she left for school.

What incident? Mom, what incident? Alison? Sorry, Mrs.


I was just cutting through to use our back door.

It's, you know, past my curfew.

What happened? Nothing.

I'm-- I'm just-- I'm cleaning up.

Did Melissa and Spencer have one of their fights? I know a crazy scissors when I see one.

Alison, please, not tonight.

Look, I can stay and help you clean up.

I don't want your help.

Just I want to understand this, and I can't.

What is happening to her? Why is she acting like this? I wish I knew.

But if I ask her, she might turn on me.

Go home.

It's late.

Your parents are probably worried.

You don't remember any of this? Right.

Well, your father and I didn't know what to think when Alison disappeared a few nights later.

We've done everything we could to protect you, Spencer.

We know you're not a monster.

Those pills were poison.

But you need to leave that summer alone.


Welcome to "Engaged to Change," A night to benefit-- Save it.

I'm working this.

Where do I park? Well, I'm not exactly sure-- I'll park it for you.

Wait, you're working this? You wouldn't catch me in a penguin suit if I wasn't.

I like you as a penguin.

Is Jason even here? If he came to help his mother, why wouldn't he be? Probably because "Chiffon versus taffeta" isn't where he's most helpful.

We're never getting upstairs.

Why? The house is event headquarters.

We're not going to be able to squeeze past Alison's mother without her noticing.

I'm lucky if I can squeeze out of this tent.

Ladies, when you're finished with your touch-ups, please remember to check the list by the stage.

Spencer, what happened to your veil? Oh.

I think I must have left it inside.

Go get it, please.



I just forgot my headgear.

Look, Jason, I want to be very clear about something, okay? I'm here to help Hanna's mom.

I didn't come here to get up in your mother's grill.

And I have been very shaky recently, because, I don't know if Emily told you, but, this time last week I was playing solitaire at Ferndell.

It's a rehab clinic.

I know what it is.

Why were you there? Long story.

But isn't it funny that you and I always have more in common than we think? I got to get this out to the tent.

Wait, Jason, can I just ask you one thing? You once told Emily that you had a memory of seeing my sister talk with CeCe in your backyard the night that Ali disappeared.

And you said that you thought CeCe was Ali because they were wearing the same clothes.

What's your question? Are you sure it was CeCe? Could it have been another blonde? Sorry for interrupting.

I Dean, this is Jason.

Jason, can we please talk later? I just came by to say good-bye and give you this.

You know you can call me, Y'hear? Thank you.

That Jason, now that was the same guy that you ran out to see yesterday morning? Yeah.

He's been gone for a few months.

He was at Clark Center.

He told you that? Yeah.

Why? Clark Center's been closed for, like, 2 years.

Be careful.

You asked your daughter and her friends to model the dresses? Well, we were short on time and they offered.

They offered or you asked? I'm sorry, Jessica.

I really am sorry.

You guys, Jason wasn't in rehab.

What? He lied.

Where has he been all this time? I don't know.

Maybe in Rosewood, helping Mommy.

We have to get into that bedroom.

Aria, that's your cue.

Emily, you're on deck.

Where's Hanna? Uh, I think she went to the bathroom.

In that outfit? That's a lot of dress.

All right, girls, follow me.


Spencer? Don't wander.

You'll be up soon.

Spencer? Coming.

Hey, have you seen Mrs.

DiLaurentis? I'll tell her you're looking for her.

I'm not.

I'm just-- I'm trying to avoid her.


You trying to pull off some kind of runaway bride thing, or? No, look, me and my friends are trying to get into her bedroom without her knowing.

So if you see her could you just, like, stall her? Okay.

Well, I'm not sure if she and I have a whole lot to chit-chat about.


Look, we just have to get one thing and then we'll be out of there.

We've been trying to get upstairs - a couple of times , but -- - Hanna, is this the sort of thing that's eventually going to involve a police line-up? Hey, can you help me back up? Yeah.

Just give me a second.


Look, the thing is there's stuff I haven't mentioned.

You don't have to tell me.

You had me at "Could you.

" Are you ready? Just bring it back.

Keep it coming.

Keep coming.

Keep coming.

Keep coming.



Dude, what the hell? I am so sorry, man.

That's my bad.

Guess Mrs.

DiLaurentis and I may have something to talk about now.

You're crazy.

You know, it's a little intimidating.

You in this thing.

Well, get over it.

Is the mother-of-the-bride allowed back here? When I saw you on the runway, it took my breath away.

I was kind of glad your father wasn't here, 'cause when he starts crying, I start bawling and I would have embarrassed you even more.

You don't embarrass me.


I know I may never get to hear what happened with Ezra, but I do know that he broke your heart.

And if I was to tell you that sometimes what seems like an ending - turns out to be-- - Mom? I'm not-- I'm not ready to hear this.

When I met your father we were teenagers and I never expected to be with anyone else.


But then one day, things change, and it's over.

And I'd be lying if I said it doesn't still hurt.

It does.

But it's like a broken bone that's healed and still throbs every time it rains.

It doesn't feel like this is ever gonna go away though.

Sweetie, it will.

It will.

I promise.

Look at me.

I didn't even think I would ever find someone who would make me smile again, but I did.

And the reason Zack kept calling last night was because of you.

He wanted to know your reaction.

My reaction to what? He proposed? Oh, yeah, in two languages.

Why didn't you tell me yesterday? Because I wanted to discuss something more important first.



Oh, my God.

Where did your mom find the shopping bag? In here.

But obviously it's gone now.

Hey, Em.

What's the name of that restaurant you called? Mamma Gabusi's.

Why? Get your tablet.

Look at this.

Do you think that Ali's been hiding out here? No, but it might mean something to her.

I have an idea.

This is the email address from the envelope.

I'm trying to get into the account.

It worked.

Mamma Gabusi's was the password.

What now? I'm sending a message.

So now what? We wait.

Alison, you out here? Where have you been? I was with my mom.

Where is Spencer? We thought she was with you.

It's blocked.

Answer it.

Hello? How did you find me? Okay, Ali, the police know that it's not you.

What? Buried.

They know that's not you in there.

Alison, does your mother know? No, don't speak to my mother, okay? She can't know anything.

Look, we want to help you, but you need to tell us what happened that night.

Then you need to come here.

And you need to hurry.

You guys, her phone's in here.

That's why she's not answering us.

Wait, do you think Mrs.

D freaked her out and she left? No, she wouldn't do that.

Not without her stuff.

Oh, my God, are you okay? - What happened? I saw Mrs.

DiLaurentis in the woods and I tried to follow her.

What? She was giving a suitcase to somebody.

And I thought maybe it was Ali.

No, Ali's in Philadelphia.

We just spoke to her.


She told us where to go meet her.

What? Spencer, come on, let's take this off.

Let's go.

Will you please help me? Oh my God.

Are those finger bones? "What will you do when the rest of me comes out of the grave?" I'm outside.

Did you get a jacket for Spencer? She's still shaking.


Where are you? Gassing up the car.

We'll be there in a minute.


Paige, I can't talk now.

Aria's picking me up.

Please hear me out.

I can't hear anymore excuses.

I don't have any.

I came to tell you, you were right.

You were right.

I didn't just do it because I care about what happens to you.

I did it 'cause I don't care about what happens to Alison.

You're still so angry at her you'd let somebody kill her? I love you.

Please forgive me.

I do forgive you.

But I don't think I could ever trust you again.

What are you saying? This does not look good.


What was this place? Are you sure this is the address Alison gave you? Yeah.

This is where she's been crashing? Em, you okay? Look, it's probably a good thing you dealt with Paige before you see Ali.

It wasn't planned.

It never is.

Ali? Alison, are you in there? What are you doing here? I'll have the bellboy get your bags.

Rosewood Police Department.

How may I direct your call?

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