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  #SterekFest June 26-28th 2015
 Posted: 05/23/15 09:01
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Event brought to you by @FDdotorg
Event sponsored by our friends at @SterekCampaign

It's that time again!!! #SterekFest is coming again this June 26-28th for a full 3 days - June 26th-28th!

What is SterekFest?
It's a 3 day event of sharing our love of all things Sterek, Hobrien, Dylan & Tyler! Where anyone can sign up to host an hour and tweet about their topic. It's a chance to see all the amazing artists & their artwork, videos/gifs and creations... read the incredible stories by the fandom authors, see live role-playing and so much more! Basically, it's a 3 day dose of all things Sterek! Triple Yay! If you've never done it before, it's fun and super easy to do, just sign up to host an hour- everyone is invited!!!

The @FDdotorg account will *try* to cover the entire event by announcing each host every hour and RTing their tweets. We will do our best to support all of our hosts! <3

All times are in eastern standard time


Friday June 26th:

9am- Opening
10am- Sterek FanFic Rec Hour Hosted by @MasterTLA
11am- Sterek FanFic Rec Hour Hosted by @MasterTLA
12pm- The History of Sterek Hosted by @PrimordialFrost
2pm- Hobrien Hour hosted by @DAMMlTSTILINSKI
3pm- #50ShadesOfSterek hosted by @MasterTLA
4pm- Sterek Spam Hour hosted by @DAMMlTSTILINSKI
5pm- Sterek Gif Sets hosted by artist @shadspecs
6pm- More Sterek Fun hosted by @shadspecs
8pm- Fanfic Live Tweet hosted by @MysticParadox
9pm- Fanfic Live Tweet part 2 continued by @MysticParadox

Saturday June 27th:

9am- Sterek Role-Play Hour hosted by @oniwrites & @CordialDimple
10am- Sterek Role-Play Hour continued by @oniwrites & @CordialDimple
11am- Sterek FanFic Rec Hour hosted by @MasterTLA
12pm- Hobrien Hour hosted by ‏@Braaten26
1pm- 'Could be Sterek' Hour hosted by @sourwulfve
2pm- Sterek Prompts Hour hosted by @MasterTLA
5pm- Sterek FanArt Hour hosted by featured original artist @xKxDx
6pm- And it'll be like cute little AU's and pictures. Sort of like "what if" and fluff stuff hosted by @Castiels_coat
7pm- Imagine It Hour hosted by @sterstiel
8pm- Sterek FanVideo, FanFic & FanArt Hour Hosted by original featured artist @PatricoStar82
9pm- Sterek Hour Hosted by @TSTAshleeNicole
10pm- Hobrien Hour hosted by @HobrienxSterek
11pm- Favorite Sterek Authors Hosted by @KatSolus
12am- Stiles Stilinski Hour Hosted by @trichelle79

Sunday June 28th:

9am- Sterek Fanart Hour hosted by @foxierthanthou
10am- New Fanfic: "How to get out of friendzone before Valentine's" hosted by @airehaleinski
1pm- Sterek Hour Hosted by @hellokitty491
2pm- Sterek Quote Hour hosted by @hellokitty491
3pm- Sterek FanArt Hour hosted by featured original artist @MGNemesi
4pm- Hobrien Hour hosted by @FeelsforSterek
5pm- Honoring Dylan & Tyler's Works Hour Hosted by @PatricoStar82
8pm- Imagine It Sterek Hour hosted by @kgkrsus
9pm- Sterek After Dark/ Porn Hour Hosted by @sterekismylife
10pm- Sterek Comedy Hour Hosted by @discopunkk
11pm- Sterek Song Lyric Hour hosted by @discopunkk
12am- Closing Time #sterekfest Sterek **Special** Finale hosted by @FDdotorg - featured fics, fanart & videos/etc (sent into me by artists that couldn't host an hour themselves)-
New Sterek Summer Fanfic submitted by @BlaiddDrwg1982
Sterek Fanart by @ElisaEggrolls

Topics can include but are not limited to:
Fanart Hour
Fanfic Hour
Fanvideo Hour
Fangif Hour
Dylan Hour
Tyler Hour
Sterek Hour
Hobrien Hour
Derek Hour
Stiles Hour
The Maze Runner Hour
Lyrics Hour
Individual Artists can sign up for an hour to promote their works
Imagine It Hour
Quote Hour
RolePlay Hour
Fanfic Read & Live Tweet Hour
Sterek After Dark aka Porn Hour
Prompts/Reccs Hour
Comedy Hour
Remembering the best of Sterek Hour
Honoring Tyler's Works Hour
Honoring Dylan's Works Hour
Void Stiles Hour
Werewolf Derek Hour

if you don't want to host an hour but want your artwork, fics, videos, gifs, etc showcased- send them to me via twitter/DM with links/credit and we'll tweet it in the last 30 min/finale for you!

If you are interested in hosting an hour of this just send me a DM on the Twitter account @FDdotorg to reserve your topic and time slot!

**disclaimer: as a fandom community please try to be respectful when posting sterek or hobrien fanart by giving credit to the original artist**

Running the @FDdotorg account for the event are as follows:

9am-4pm: Jen
4pm-9pm: @trichelle79
9pm-1am: @mkaitlinharris

9am-4pm: Jen
4pm-11pm: @trichelle79
11pm-1am: Jen

9am-5pm: Jen
5pm-9pm: @trichelle79
9pm-1am: Jen

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