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  Sterek Contest #2
 Posted: 04/21/14 11:18
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Wait. Whaaaat? Another Sterek Contest? Oh God YES!

This one we figured would be nice for those who can't go to the Eyecon this summer. FD will be attending and figured we'd go shopping while we were there. Can't say exactly what the prize will be- but we promise it will be something sterek related. Could be a poster, photos, jewelry, postcards, t-shirt- something of that nature. We'll do the best we can and find something with Derek & Stiles for you! (and yes if you win- we will ship it overseas to you too!)

Now then... who remembers our STEREK Nights on Twitter? Well, if you do then you might be lucky!


#1 You must be one of our followers on twitter (@FDdotorg) OR a registered member of these forums (

During our sterek nights we pushed out (believe it or not) a grand total of 106 song lyrics. Remember that?

#2 Well the first person to send us the correct song title AND artist in the correct order will win a gift from the eyecon convention! (Keep in mind- several song lyrics have more than one artist-- which one did we use? haha) Take a guess. Closest person that can guess them all correctly in the closest order wins! So, go back and relive our sterek nights once more! Have fun!

#3 Email your 106 answers to: FD Webmaster

Put FD Sterek Contest in the subject line. And include either your twitter username or your forum username in the email (so that we may contact you if you happen to be our winner).

Deadline is June 7th 2014.

The correct answers/list and winner will be posted here after the convention.

(hint hint) And for those on top of their game will remember we even tweeted to go back and catch up here if you missed a Monday night (the whole 12 weeks in correct order): viewtopic.php?f=141&t=9796 (remember google is your best friend! :lol)

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