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  1x13 - T.R.A.C.K.S.
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Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.






" - And an 0-8-4 is ? - An object of unknown origin.

Sky is the 0-8-4? And who do you work for, Raina? The Clairvoyant? The Clairvoyant gives us guidance.

He has you building super soldiers.

Mike he's a good guy.

Mike! No.

Ian Quinn.

You got to be kidding.

This is Quinn's M.


He finds young talent and he takes advantage.

We're on to you.

Well, thank you, Agent Coulson.

And I have a message for you.

The Clairvoyant told me to say hello.

1x13 - T.






Ian Quinn.

You found him? No, but we think we know how we can.

Skye tracked down an invoice from one of his shell companies.

He made a big purchase recently.

$10 million big.

Any idea what it is? No clue, but it was designed and built by Cybertek, Inc.

, a small firm that deals in advanced technology and research.

Which is where this gets interesting.

They've hired a private-security outfit to transport the purchase former military, ex-mercs.

Lot of muscle to move one package.

And they know S.






's got eyes on Quinn.

Which is why they're transporting it old-school.

On a train, through the Italian countryside, from Verona to Zagreb very rural, very isolated.

And you think Quinn's on that train.

No, but I believe they're delivering the item to Quinn himself.

We got our intel from Italian authorities who have been monitoring the situation.

And they don't mind us taking over the op? I asked very nicely.

You're not asking me at all, Agent Coulson.

You're telling me and my team to step aside to hand over our investigation to S.






Try to think of it less as a hand-over and more as a hand-off.

You've done your part.

Now we'll do ours.

If everything goes as planned, Cybertek's security team won't even know we were on the train.

So we're going in undercover.

I hate undercover.

May and Ward, you're front and center.

Once we locate the package, you'll tag it with a tracker.

Skye and Fitz, you'll be running communications.

After the package is tagged, we'll follow it to Quinn.

Once we capture Quinn, we'll be one step closer to the Clairvoyant.

And what about the two of us, sir? - Here.

Let me get that.


Thanks, Dad.

Who looks far too young to have a daughter my age.

First class? Through here, Sir.

Would you like me to show you to your room? It would be my pleasure.

We'll find our own way, thank you.

This ine's a lot of work, no? Keeps it interesting.


That looks cozy.

Once I've located the package, I'll let you know where to place the tracker.

Seem like things are getting personal? I'm talking about our operations.

Look, I know Coulson was put through hell, but he hasn't been the same since.

I don't know what he said to Skye, but she's different.

How so? - Driven, focused.

And she was holed up for days trying to track down Quinn.

It feels like Coulson's got her on a warpath.

Seems personal.

It is personal.

The Clairvoyant had him tortured.

Quinn's the only person we know who's connected to all this.

We both know personal urges can adversely affect tactical decisions.


That's why I don't have any.

You should do the same.

Really? Coulson will take that excuse if he finds out about us? Took it okay when I told him.


You told him? - Yep.

Are you nervous? - Just ready for this all to be over.

I'm ready to get Quinn.

Me, too.

So, are we British or American? - Does that matter? - Well, we're traveling together.

We should at least be from the same country.

How's your Scottish accent? I don't know.

You tell me how great it is, laddie.

American, then.

That's a better idea.


That was really good.

I used to watch a lot of American TV growing up.

Some of it's quite good.

Lots of nice teeth.


Here we go.

Follow my lead.

Excuse me! - Do you speak English? - Of course.

How may I be of service? Can you recommend a restaurant in downtown Zagreb? Someplace affordable, with big portions.

You are looking for something romantic? Yes.


We are celebrating our six-month anniversary with a whirlwind trip all over Europe.


Well, technically, we met six months ago, but he didn't ask me out till last month, so our official one-month anniversary - isn't until next Saturday.

Sunday Saturday.


I think he found me intimidating.

Young love.

So confusing.

Is it? You, uh, got a little flustered back there.

What? When you kissed me on the cheek like my grandmother? Good going.

Really selling our relationship there.

I have a device that could have done those things broken the lock and all that.

What? Why wouldn't you tell me that? I'm always the gadget guy.

Maybe sometimes I want to do things with my bare hands.

You make the gadgets with your bare hands.

Just allow me these rare moments of self-pity, okay? You're the least supportive pretend girlfriend I've ever had.

Comms are live.

Coulson, Simmons, you in position? Yes.

Just waiting on May's signal.

So remember, our target is Carlo Mancini, the head of security.

I know.

I memorized his face.

I memorized everything.

What are you doing? - Oh.

I'm getting into character.

My undercover persona harbors residual resentment to her absent American father Blames him for not being there when her mom died.

So I apologize in advance if I come off a little cold.

You think all that back story's necessary? Past events, like that unfortunate incident at the Hub, have shown me that I'm not good at improvisation.

However, I excel at preparation.

He's headed your way.

You're on.

All mom ever wanted was your love, to be with you, at our two-story Victorian home in the Cotswolds! But could you even give her a moment, what with your banking job requiring you to travel to the states from Tuesday to Saturday every other week?! No! I'm terribly sorry about your loss, dear.

As for you, now is your chance to do better.

Why don't you see that you take it? - Thank you, sir.

Let's go.

He's right.

You never had any time for her, but you made time for your work! And your prostitutes! - Oh! - Oh! - Oh, god! Oh! - Oh, no! Mom! Terribly sorry.

Prostitutes? Plural? May, coming your way.

Copy that.

Following the target to the package.


We see what you see.

All right, May, Cybertek cases are usually lined with tungsten polymer to prevent scanning.

It should appear black on your infrared.

Bingo! Uh, eyes on the package, fourth seat from the back.

As we round the bend, the passengers on the North side of the train can take in the views of the famous Tre cime di Lavaredo.

Isn't it a wonder? Look at that.

I haven't seen anything so beautiful since our family's scuba-diving trip to the island of Koh Tao in Southeastern Thailand.

Okay, Simmons, I appreciate all your preparation, but And you want to know which marine life we encountered? Ward, are you in position? My comms are down.

Are yours working? - Fitz? Skye? - Something's wrong.

Sit tight.

I'm gonna go make sure we don't lose that package.

Ward! - We've been made! Grenade! Coulson, we got to jump! As we round the bend, the passengers on the North side of the train can take in the views of the famous Tre cime di Lavaredo.

Isn't it a wonder? May, got the tracker.

Headed to the dining car now to tag the package.

May? May? Excuse me, Mr.


Could you be so kind as to help me with my bag? I'm sorry, Miss.

I'm very busy.

I'll send someone else to help you.

One quick moment.

It's very heavy.

Certainly Miss.

Cybertek knew we were here.

Anyone copy? Damn it.

We've been made.

Comms are down.

Where's Coulson? He went to the dining car to find the package.

You've been hurt.

Let me take a look.

Not now.

Go to the luggage car.

Lock yourself in with Fitz and Skye.

Don't come out until I get you.

I'm gonna get Coulson.

Ward! - We've been made! Grenade! Coulson, we got to jump! - The train it just - Yep.


Which, I might add not easy.

I told Simmons I'd come back for them.

May's there.

They'll be okay.

No, she's not.

Is your phone working? - No.

Cybertek must have taken out our electronics.

Not a grenade, exactly.

Might be some kind of cloaking mechanism.

Maybe it created some kind of portal, jumped the train there? Oh, let's hope not.

I can't deal with Asgard today.

Cybertek knew we were coming.

How? - Could have been the Clairvoyant.

We got to get back to the plane.

Come on.

Keys might be in it.

It's the country.

People are very trusting in the country.

It's running.

Yeah, it's been hot-wired.

This is - Suspicious? I was gonna say "fortuitous.

" Let's get out of here.

Signore Russo, what happened? Agent Coulson.

Thank god.

I've been trying to reach you.

Cybertek knew.

They knew we were at the station.

They knew we were on the train, too.

Most of my team is unaccounted for.

Most of my men are dead! - Where are you now? - On our plane.

We'll send you the coordinates.

And, Russo, do you have any idea what happened to the train? What do you mean? It vanished, with our team still on it.


We'll look into that.

I'm on my way to you now.

And maybe together, we can find some answers, yes? - What now? - I'll call H.


You take this.

We need to figure out what the hell happened to that train.

Holotable on.

Holotable activate.

Okay Ah.

Really? Ah.







pulled satellite images.

And? - Train's gone.

They're checking alternate routes.

If it's somewhere on Earth, we'll find it.

It's pretty tricky, right? I couldn't even find the "on" button.

Can you zoom in? I I think Fitz-Simmons do something more like Damn.

Let's just upload the specs to H.


Good idea.



Uh, sir? This probably isn't the best time, but what May told you I would have preferred it to stay between me and her.

Well, "it" is happening on my bus, amongst members of my team.

No, we've never done It's never happened on the bus, sir.

You want to do this now? Okay.

What you're doing is against protocol, so if you endanger an operation or if anyone gets hurt, I'll reassign you to Barrow, Alaska, and you'll spend the rest of your years pulling the night shift guarding Blonsky's cryo-cell.

Am I clear? I'll take that as a yes.

And if it's really just sex, Ward you should get more comfortable using the word.

Agent Coulson, it's gonna be all right.

We found your people.

The train, it's Wheels up in five.

As we round the bend, the passengers on the North side of the train can take in the views of the famous Tre cime di Lavaredo.

Isn't it a wonder? Ward, you're up.

Ward? Something's wrong.

Cybertek's leaving the dining car.

Ward, Coul Fitz? Skye? Can anyone read me? I've got to get you guys somewhere safe.

We've been looking for you, Agent May.

Get your bearings, sweetheart.

Get your bearings.

There you go.

There you go.

I realize you're confused.

But I'm here to help.

You see, I make sure Cybertek products move across Italy without incident.

They make sure I'm well taken care of.

And they'll take care of you, too.

All you have to do is tell me where Agent Coulson and Ward are.

That's it.

Why are you smiling? You called me "sweetheart.

" Fine.

Have it your way.

Just remember, your boss asked to be part of this op.

I warned him against it.

So if you're looking for someone to blame, look to him.

That's just what I needed.

Russo! If it's really just sex, Ward you should get more comfortable using the word.

Agent Coulson, it's going to be all right.

We found your people.

The train, it's - Wheels up in five.

You okay? You were on the train when it disappeared.

May, Russo was Explain yourself, please.

The train didn't disappear.

Russo sold us out.

Get the plane ready.

I need a shower.

You're hurt.

Let me stitch you up.

I said get the plane ready! Let me help.

You know we have this stuff for a reason.







found the train.

Turns out it switched tracks shortly after we got off.

That grenade must have released some kind of toxin.

Made us believe no time had passed.

I saw you guys frozen on the field.

You looked ridiculous.

It wasn't supposed to be a combat op.

They'll be fine.

They can handle themselves.

I got it.



Thank you.

Did he get you anywhere else? We need to reroute the plane.

We just got word from S.






that the train stopped suddenly in the Italian countryside.

What? Why? - We'll find out soon.

I'll set the coordinates.

Touchdown in 10.

I'll come help.

I got it.

All right, grazie.

Parked here 15 minutes ago.

Agents on the ground have no idea why.

Any sign of Fitz-Simmons and Skye? - No.

Everyone get down! Simmons, stop! Wha? Where are Fitz and Skye? As we round the bend, the passengers on the North side of the train I wish we had more time to take in the scenery.

can take in the views of the famous Tre cime di Lavaredo.

Three peaks of Lavaredo supposed to be stunning.

Any chance what's in there could be an 0-8-4? This? Now, we may not know what it is, but we do know that it came from Cybertek.


Unknown origin.

And the one we found in Peru was a machine, but they don't always have to be, right? No.

No, I've read about all kinds weapons, spacecraft, energy sources.

I suppose the only thing they really do have in common - is that they're dangerous.


Hey, whatever this package turns out to be, we'll deal with it, like we always do.

We've faced worse and made it through.

Fitz, have you ever heard of an 0-8-4 being a person? No.

Although I I suppose it's possible.

Hate to meet the guy.


May's goggles are offline.

When did that happen? May, do you copy? All comms and phones are dead.

Someone's using some sort of electronic scrambler.

Cybertek knows we're here.

We have to warn our team.

Fitz, get down! We've been made! Oh, bloody hell.

Jemma! Oh, my god.

She's okay.


Hold her up.

There we go.

I think this is some form of dendrotoxin.

The same stuff that's in the night-night gun? Yeah.

It's clearly evolved.

I think they made it airborne.

Is that why their eyes are open? I suppose if they were in some sort of black sleep, - that would make sense.

We got to get out of here, find the others and figure out what to do next.

Yeah, but help me move Simmons first.

Can't just leave her like this.

Look at her little face.

She'd be so embarrassed.

We should leave her with something to protect herself, just in case.


Have a spare.

What about him? That's for Simmons.

Train's stopped.

I know.

And I looked everywhere.

May, Ward, and Coulson are gone.

What about Cybertek? They have the package, Fitz.

What do we do? We're the only ones left.

Do you have an extra tracker? - Of course.

Then we follow them.



Coulson was right.

Cybertek led us to Quinn.

Activate the tracker.

Let them know we're here.

You want to go in? - We can't let Quinn get away again.

If Coulson were here, he wouldn't let that happen.

He wouldn't want us to let that happen.

You're right.

Let's do it.

Can you disable their cars? With my bare hands.

Take this.

You'll need it out here.

Just take it.

Be careful, okay? You, too.


Find Mr.


Tell him his purchase is downstairs.





The Clairvoyant told me to expect you.

Signor Quinn, this is the same gun as the specs you gave us.

Yeah, you guys have been looking at us while we've been looking at you.

And we found a handful of particularly interesting things.


Oh, god.

You're alive.

That's right.

You two know each other.


Do you know who I am? And you have your orders.

Good, because I purchased something that's gonna help you complete them.

Orders? Mike.

What is happening here? Mike.

Stand, please.

Mancini, thank you.

You will be receiving your payment shortly.

That is the best money can buy, my friend.

Every piece of technology in you is top-of-the-line.

I just wonder if I'm getting my money's worth.

I know you get your orders from the Clairvoyant, so that means you're not allowed to hurt me, right? No.

What if I tried to hurt you? Would you stop me? No.

I would not.

Mike, listen.

I do not know what they're doing to you, but we have to get out of here.


And if I wanted you to to hurt her you know, kill will you? I mean, what would hurt Agent Coulson more than to lose his pet project? Those aren't my orders.

She's not who I'm supposed to kill.



Wait! What the hell did you do to him? Shh, shh.

I'm sorry.

I have my orders, too.

Help - Where's Quinn? - Where is the money? There is no money.

You failed.

It looks like it's working to me.

Apparently, there's been a misunderstanding.

We delivered the package as promised.

If we can just speak to Mr.

Quinn The Clairvoyant isn't happy.

You led S.






right to us.

Let her go.


Where's Skye? S-s-she didn't want to let Quinn get away.

Help, help He Driver's not answering.


Coulson's team finally got here.

Where's Skye? You know, Agent Coulson, it's dangerous to keep sending her in like that, all alone when she means so much to you.

Search the house.

Find her! Now! Ohh.


Oh, no.

Oh, god.

Simmons! Get down here! Oh Oh, god.

Hang on.

Just hang on, okay? Oh, god.

She's been shot.

Keep her upright.

I got no pulse.

Uh she's lost too much blood.

I don't - Put her in there.

Do you even know what this thing is? It's a hyperbaric chamber, and I said put her in there now! - Now! - Okay.

Come on! Let's go! - Yeah.

All right.

All right, gentle.

I need to get her temperature down.


Temperature's dropping.

Pressure stabilizing.

Is it working? Is it working?! For now.

Her core temperature's hovering around 44 degrees Fahrenheit.

If we don't bring her back up to temp in the next few hours, she could sustain permanent brain damage.

We need to get her to a medical facility and fast.

Until then, I'll do everything I can to keep her alive.

Excuse me.

It's not your fault.

She never should have gone in there alone.

Blaming yourself won't help her.

I'm not blaming myself.

Can I please see my son? NOT YET.

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