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  1x19 - The Only Light in the Darkness
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Coulson: Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.






" You really felt nothing for them.

I spent time with Coulson.

He's a good man.

Skye: Is that your badge? - Coulson: They look like coordinates.

Man: Welcome, Agent Coulson.

We've been expecting you.

What is this place? - Koenig: One of Fury's secret bases.

Eric Koenig, agent of S.






, level 6.

What about Ward? He and Agent Hand should have dropped Garrett off at the Fridge by now.

Ward: S.






's most secure facility is vulnerable right now.

Yeah, well we're gonna raid it.

This is a hard drive with all of Simmons' research.

Raina: She programmed it to erase all data if anyone other than her attempts to access it.

You know what that means, Romeo.

You got your story straight? Ward: I just need some time alone with her to get the information.

1x19 - The Only Light in the Darkness [harbour bell dinging] [electricity crackling] [electricity humming] Man: Another example of this administration's lack of transparency.

Woman: You can't seriously be blaming the president for this.

Those who let S.






operate without oversight should be held accountable.

If your party held the White house, would you be taking this position? If my party held the White house, we wouldn't be in this position.

I need a ride.


What? - I need a ride to Portland.

Sorry, dude.

I'm not going 200 miles out of my way just to give you a ride.


Somehow, it's someone else's fault? - At the very least [electricity hums] [engine turns off] Hal: What the All right, I give up.

How did you do that? Like this.

[engine turns over] we cannot allow Hydra and their allies to rise again.

[radio tuning] [classical music plays] [electricity crackling] I'm afraid this might scar.

Skye: Upside you'll look badass, dangerous.

He's gonna be fine, though, right? He will if you back up and give me some room.

So, what then? By the time we got to the Fridge, it was too late.

It was overrun Hydra everywhere.

We couldn't stop them.

What were they after? - Everything.

They took weapons, alien artifacts anything they could grab.

I assume that means the prisoners are no longer prisoners? - So Ian Quinn - I'm sorry.

He's out.

They all are.

[indistinct shouting] And Garrett? Did he get away? Couldn't stop them from taking the Fridge, but I wasn't gonna let Garrett walk not after what he did.

Is he the one that did this to you? He was a tough son of a bitch.

We need to make it believable.

[grunting] "Was"? Past tense? As soon as I had the upper hand, I put two in the back of his head.


One from me one from you.

I would have emptied the mag.

Simmons: You're all set well, I mean, as set as you can be with two cracked ribs and a zygomatic fracture.

Uh, for those of you that don't know what that is, that's a Both: Hairline fracture to the cheekbone.

Your body needs time to heal.

Please take some time.




One small victory.

Hydra didn't get their hands on this.

A hard drive? - It's all the research our team's ever done, downloaded off the plane and encrypted for safekeeping.

We should probably back it up now that we're in a secure facility.

First, Skye, I need you on threat assessment.

Pull up a list of all the inmates at the Fridge.

I want to know just how bad this is.

Skye: This is really, really bad.

Quinn is the least scary of the bunch, and he shot me twice.

Quinn's more a sociopath.

A lot of those inmates are full-blown psychopaths - Violent, impulsive.

And some with superpowers.


Is Marcus Daniels on the list? That's him.

Cross-check the list of inmates with crime databases, recent activity.

Got a feeling we'll be seeing a slight uptick.

Okay, but that'll take time, and more computing power than my laptop.

Agent Koenig probably has some sort of I'm sure he'll lend a hand.

The plane you flew in on is it operational? Yeah.

You need me to pilot? [grunts] You heard Simmons.

You stay and get better.

I'm gonna take a splinter team out and start going after inmates on that list, starting with Mr.


I think I know where he's going.

Uh, you sure it's wise to split up the team, leave this base? What if it's part of Hydra's plan a distraction? Skye: She's got a point.

I mean, Fury brought you to this base for a reason.

We're safe here.

Yeah, we're safe here.

But what about everyone else people who don't happen to have access to a top-secret underground shelter? What about them? I don't know if it's wise, but it's right.

I'm taking a team, and that's the end of it.

No, you're not.

Absolutely not.

You can't leave.

There are protocols.

Since the entire agency's pretty much collapsed, maybe now's not the time to stand on protocol.

Okay, fine.

Then forget protocols.

What part of "secret base" don't you get? Fury said to let you in, and you show up with a bunch of people? - Agents! - Whatever.

The point is, they know where this place is now, and I don't know them.

Hydra just released the entire population of the Fridge into the wild.

There's gonna be violence.

People will die.

And I still consider it my duty to be the shield that protects them.

[sighs] Moving speech, truly.

But nobody leaves until they go through orientation.

Orientation? [whirring] Koenig: All right.

Just gonna need you guys to answer a few questions, a few psychoanalytic, non sequitur questions.

A lie detector.

The lie detector, Agent Coulson.

This baby measures galvanic skin response, oxygen consumption, micro-expressions, biofeedback brain waves, pupil dilation, voice biometrics Fury designed this himself.

He wanted a lie detector Romanoff couldn't beat.

Did she? - [scoffs] Like Fury would tell! Okay.

Sooner we get this done, sooner we can get to work.

So who wants to go first? We're gonna start with some easy questions and establish a baseline.

Can I have your full name? Melinda Qiaolian May.

[beeping, whirring] - Eye color? - Brown.

You ever been married? - Once.

Have you ever been married? - No.

Please list your immediate family.

Just me and my mum.

So you're not gonna mention your grandfather? It's not something I advertise.

Didn't want to be treated any different because I'm a legacy.

If I was the grandson of a Howling Commando, I'd have that tattooed on my chest.

What is your first name? - Skye.

And what is your last name? Only name.

No family.

No family name to inherit.

And you gave yourself the name Skye? Well, the name they gave me at the orphanage - was Mary Sue Poots, so - When we were kids, my brother and I used to give each other nicknames.

He called me "lightning foot.

" [chuckles] What's the difference between an egg and a rock? Edible.


Well, that's absurd.

The differences are innumerable.

If you want, I can start listing them, but then we'll be here all day.

Have you ever heard of project Insight? - No.



Ever had any contact with Alexander Pierce? I've met him.

We shook hands.

Garrett would get a call from him once in a while, said they had mutual friends.

You wash up on a deserted island alone.

Sitting on the sand is a box.

What is in that box? - Machete.

A sat phone so I can call someone to get me off that island.

How big is the box? Just say the first answer that comes into your mind.

What's in that box? - Simmons.

That's a hard one.

Let me think.

The tardis.

I want to say my laptop, fully charged.

But I don't want to seem subversive - with the Rising Tide and all - You're over-thinking it.

The laptop would be stupid, anyway.

There's no wi-fi.







no longer exists.

The agency has been labeled a terrorist organization.

So why are you here? - Honestly I'm not entirely sure.

[beeping, whirring] We have to stick together, keep the people we trust close-by.

No one else, really.

My grandfather fought Hydra back in the day.

The good guys won then.

We'll do it again.


It's the only home I've ever known.

[beeping, whirring] Congratulations, Agent Skye.

Let's go get you a lanyard.

[door opens and closes] - Got my backstage pass.

[chuckles] Piece of cake? If you don't mind talking about yourself.

So you'll hate it.

[sighs] Have fun.

[footsteps depart] [sighs] - What is your full name? - My name is Grant Douglas Ward.

Please list your immediate family.

Two parents, a sister, two brothers.

Don't have contact with any of them.

Boy, your baseline's getting a lot of spikes.

Are you in pain? Yeah, only when I breathe.

Two broken ribs.

Okay, well, try not to move.

It may affect the results.

I'll try my best.

Marcus Daniels was an assistant at a physics lab where they were trying to harness the electrical power of something called Darkforce.

And nothing bad ever happens when you work with something called "Darkforce.

" It's a form of cosmic radiation, pure negative energy.

Unstable but powerful.

You knew that already, didn't you? Daniels was exposed, ended up being able to absorb energy all types.

Well, the human brain, the heart, run on electrical impulses.


He can kill with one touch.

And I'm guessing he likes to.

[magazine clicks] Do we need to put a bullet in him? Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

He can absorb the energy of most conventional weapons.

He sounds unstoppable.

Like Fitz said, his power's unstable.

Last time, we managed to capture him by overloading his system with pure light.

Exposing him to more energy than he could absorb at once.

I'm sure we could engineer some sort of delivery mechanism en route.

That's what I was hoping you were gonna say.

You mind flying, being the specialist on mission? Sir, I'll be whatever you want me to be.

That's what I was hoping you were gonna say.

[chuckles] [sighs] What is the difference between an egg and a rock? Egg's a food.

Rock's a weapon.

Have you ever heard of project Insight? - No.

Ever made contact with Alexander Pierce? - No.

You wash up on a deserted island alone.

Sitting on the sand is a box.

What's in that box? It would depend on the island Where it is, how big, what's the terrain? Is there fresh water? Just say the first thing that comes into your head.

A pistol.







no longer exists.

the agency has been labeled a terrorist organization.

So why are you here? I'm an agent.

It's my duty.

[beeping, whirring] I need you to give that to me again.

It's my duty.

[beeping, whirring] I'm gonna ask you a follow-up.

Agent Ward, are you associated with Hydra? Yes.

We all are.

They've infiltrated the highest levels of our orgazation.

Like you mean it.

Are you Hydra? I'm loyal to S.





D to Agent Coulson and to my team.

Do you have another agenda here? I'll give you 24 hours to get the password and get out.

After that, well cross off the team and bring the girl to me.

Agent Ward, why are you really here? Skye.

[beeping, whirring] Came back for her.

I want to spend time with her.

[beeping, whirring] Skye? Cool.

[groaning] Hey.


[grunts] - Hey.

Got my lanyard.


So, are you guys taking off? Yeah, I wish you were coming instead of trip.

He's insufferable, isn't he? - Trip? - Yeah.

Think the guy's okay.

I know.

He's terrible.

He's a horrible person.

You sure this is about him? Not about Simmons? What the hell does that mean? Everything is falling apart around us.

We don't know how it'll end.

If there's something you want to tell her, don't wait.

Maybe Simmons should check you again for a head injury [scoffs] 'cause that's not the Ward that I know.

You know what? Do what you want.

I don't care.

Good to have you back.

I should be flying this mission.

I made another call.

Stay here.

Get the fuel line repaired on the bus.

I remember when you brought Daniels in.

I know how personal this is for you, but We don't do personal not anymore.

Phil, the polygraph cleared me.

I'm not hiding anything.

You mean you're not hiding anything else, unless you do know who was behind the Tahiti project.

I didn't ask.

I was ordered not to.

And you would have done the same thing.

Our job is to follow orders.

It's also our job to determine right from wrong.

Watching someone in agony, searching for the truth, not saying anything that's wrong.

Look, I was just trying - And don't tell me it's because you care so damn much.

Fury's no longer around telling you what to do, so why are you here? You want some orders to follow? Follow mine, or find somewhere else to be.

[doors clang] Simmons: How can you be sure he's going to Portland? Daniels was obsessed with a woman there.

He called her his only light in the darkness.

That's almost romantic! Almost.

The man's been locked up in the Fridge for years.

He must be over her by now.

Some people are hard to get over.

Besides, Daniels is pathologically insane, single-minded, obsessive.

His powers not only robbed him of a normal life, they also pretty much fried his brain.

What about the woman? - Audrey Nathan.

She's how we tracked him the first time.

We find Ms.

Nathan, we find Daniels.

[sighs] [electricity crackling] [classical music plays] [high-pitched humming, music stops] [electricity crackling] [tires screech] Audrey Nathan! W-what?! There there there's a man after me! No, we know.

We're with the CIA.

Get in! [electricity crackling] [tires squeal] [tires screech] Mr.

Daniels, we don't want to hurt you.

We need to take you in, for your safety and the safety of others.

It was you! You took me there! [beep, whirring] [beeping] - They did things to me there! - They were trying to contain you.

No! They were trying to make me stronger.

And they did.

[grunts] Here's where we'd normally call for reinforcements.

Where'd he go? Skye: Here's something Police report out of Morocco, attempted murder.

The victim says the guy appeared out of nowhere, disappeared into thin air.

Yeah, you just described every mugging ever.

[sighs] [beeping] [alarm beeping] - Aren't you clever? - Aren't you sneaky? [scoffs] Using these to keep watch on all of us.

What? We have been killing ourselves trying to guess where these guys went.

But what if we could see it, get visuals on where the prisoners went after leaving the Fridge? [chuckling] That's a good idea, but, uh, right now S.






sat surveillance is dark.

Ours aren't the only ones up there.

Well, the only other satellites in the vicinity that could have The NSA.

You want to hack the NSA? [chuckling] That's a bad idea, Skye.

That's a terrible idea.

The NSA's already got S.






on its watch list.

Why poke the bear the big, scary, waterboarding bear? Ohh! I thought you were a comms agent, not agent of playing video games while hiding in a bunker.

You can't goad me into [sighs] Can you help me convince Steve Rogers here to suit up, grab his shield, head into battle? Okay? Who's he supposed to battle? If we hack NSA satellites, we can get footage from the Fridge breakout, see who was there, where they went.

Well, she's right.

It's worth trying.

[sighs] You know, I can't hack the NSA, but maybe I can upload the hard drive you gave me, get the specs on the weapons they might be carrying.


We should.

But we can't.

The encryption is location-based.

We'll have to take a field trip at some point to decrypt it.

Okay! All right.

Color me impressed.

Now impress me more.

Get me that footage.

These are the keys to the comm/sat room.

The mainframe is in there.

Start the hack but then send the feed to these monitors.

Let's live dangerously.

Yeah! - How long before you get visuals? [sighing] Uh NSA satellites should be tough.

Give me an hour.


This is exciting.

Let's see if being sneaky pays off.

Simmons: We should be safe here.

I thought he was locked up.

He escaped from prison.

You don't have to worry.

That's why we're here.

We're gonna keep you safe.

"We"? Meaning the CIA? Of course.

That's what I said, isn't it? We're the CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency - people.

You're not.

You're S.






, aren't you? - We're just trying to help.

We're not the bad guys.

I know.

I don't believe what they're saying about S.






The agency saved my life once before.

A few years ago, I saw Daniels at one of my concerts, front row.

Then I started seeing him at all of them.

At first, I was flattered.

Cellists don't get many groupies.

But then one night, I saw him outside of my house.

I was terrified.

I begged him to leave me alone.

He just stood there, saying I was his light.

I didn't understand what he meant until he started blacking out my entire block.

I ran and called the police.

They didn't believe me.

But then a S.






agent came to my door.

I don't know why, but I trusted him right away.

Something about his face the handsome part, maybe.

He just swooped in.

It was like out of a movie.

You two were close? - Very.

He promised me he would stop Daniels.

And that's exactly what he did.

That's why I know I can trust S.






Phil never lied to me.

Phil? Agent Phillip Coulson? Triplett: I've heard the name.

Is that Audrey was you two were - Yeah.


Simmons: What happened to him? He died in the line of duty.

I don't know the details.

We were planning a trip up the coast, and then I got the call.

You must miss him.

For so long after he died, everything reminded me of him.

I still dream about him sometimes, just us together, laughing.

[inhales deeply] I wake up feeling like he's watching over me.

It's nice.

Maybe you should go in there.

No, she's healing.

She's getting on with her life.

We should help her do that.

I think I know a way, how to stop Daniels for good.

But we would have to use her to draw him either.


Do you understand? That's not acceptable.

Well, it's not ideal, but there's no other choice.

I won't put her in danger again.

That's not fair to her.

But, sir, I'm sorry, but she's already in danger.

And you said it yourself Daniels is single-minded.

He's dangerous.

He won't stop until he gets what he wants.

How's it coming? - Is the bus operational? - Still banged up, but she's ready to fly.

The fuel line's been repaired, and the tank's full.

What's the range on this thing? Just under 10,000 miles.

Are you leaving? - Yeah.

I was here for Coulson.

But he can't see past me lying to him.

I get why you did it.

When you get orders, you don't question 'em.

You follow 'em no matter the price.

Yeah, well, this price was too high.

[sighs] I lost him.

Coulson doesn't want me here.

He doesn't need me.

So, what should I tell him? Whatever you want.

He won't hear it.

[doors whir] [doors clang] How's it going? Oh! Hey.

Believe it or not, Skye got us in! We have access to the NSA's complete sat-feed history! That girl's good.

I can see why you like her.

Uh, the images are a little patchy, but they're gonna clear up any second.

Uh, I guess living on the edge really pays off sometimes.



Audrey: What if he doesn't show? Triplett: Before they put him away, he never missed a rehearsal, right? - No.

Then he won't this time, either.

Don't worry.

We'll be close.

All you need to do is keep playing until Daniels gets close to the stage.

We'll do the rest.

Last time, there were two whole teams of S.







See up there? Our best agents are watching.

I promise.

They won't let anything happen to you.

I pulled these from the jet's power reserves.

Simmons made me wear gloves.

[chuckles] She's so uptight, that one.



Can they stop him? - Okay, well, this will modify the frequency and wavelength of the stage lights, although technically they wouldn't be lights at that point.

More like gamma rays.

Tell me this will work.

I gave Daniels to S.






to rehabilitate him.

Turns out, they just gave him an upgrade.

Well, I mean, there's a slight chance he would absorb the energy and gain more power, but it's unlikely.

Who did you say created this technology, again? Bruce Banner.

Then I'm sure it'll go off without a hitch.


Eric? You did it.

[exhales sharply] Koenig said you managed to hack the NSA.

Yeah, it looks that way.

Where did he go? He's sending everything over to NATO, CIA, Interpol.

Guess he hopes they'll take it as a sign of good faith from S.






That's smart.

Though, looks like all I got was lots of views of an empty rooftop.

May's gone.

What do you mean "gone"? - Gone where? - She left.

I'm sure if I asked where, she wouldn't have told me.

[exhales sharply] Wow.

So, no goodbye? No nothing? She never felt anything for us, did she? She just played us so she could keep an eye on Coulson.

That was her mission.

Did you feel anything for her? - Um no.

The only comfort we took in each other was knowing we didn't have to.

You can't choose to feel.

Usually, I can.

It's different with us.

"Us" is a strong word.

I mean, I know I kissed you, but to be fair, I thought there was a 97% chance we were gonna die.

[chuckles] - But we didn't die.

Which is good.

Yes, that is very good.

But there's still no rush on us being an "us.

" It's not like it's a good time to start anything.

There's never a good time.

[inhales deeply] We've got to start somewhere.

You better get going.

Daniels will be here soon.

Simmons: Okay, you'll be fine.

Why don't you tell her the truth that you're still alive? Sir, it's just the way she talks about you sounds like you two had something nice.

We did.

So it's not because you're afraid to talk to her.

I don't want to hurt her again.

Besides, it's not like I can stay.

We have a job to do.


Skye: If that's how you felt, you had a funny way to show it.

Specialists don't spend time with a lot of people.

The ones we do, we're all cut from the same cloth.

Black kevlar? Trained to get the job done, keep emotions in check.

But you you're different.

"Different" bad? - Bad for me.

I didn't want to think about you.

I wanted to stay focused.

And then I saw you after you were shot fighting to stay alive? But you're right.

I'm kevlar.

You're not.

You don't have to be.

You don't have to shut people out.

Yeah, I do.

There are things about me that you wouldn't like if you knew.

You think I don't have skeletons? It's different.

You're - good.

So are you.

Not always.

[glass thuds] I lied to you.

[inhales deeply] My older brother he didn't beat up my younger brother.

He was crueler than that.

He made me do it.

And I let him.

I was afraid of him.

What about your parents? - They were worse.

I am not a good man, Skye.


Yes, you are.

[inhales sharply] Mmm.


Yeah, one of my one of my cuts must have just opened up.

Let me help.

Let me help.

No, no, no, no.


I just need to clean up.

[cello playing] [sighs] [beeping] There you are, Eric.

[playing continues] [electricity crackles] [electricity crackles] [playing stops] No.

Keep playing.

I'm sorry I scare you.

I know that I'm a monster.

But you're the one that can save me.

Come on.

[playing resumes] Eric? [clink] That's weird.

[playing continues] [humming] Eric? [beeping] Eric.

[gasps] [gasping] Ward.

[cello playing] [electricity crackling] Aah! [clatter] [gasping] Jemma.


Please! [breathing shakily] [electricity crackling] [screaming] No, no.

[breathing shakily] No.

[crying] No.

Oh, no.

Ward: Skye?! [gasps] Skye! [breathes shakily] He's Hydra.

[gasping, crying] [exhales sharply] Okay.

Okay, okay.



Ward: Skye.

[breathing heavily] Oh.

[panting] You're safe.

I'm still here.

I promise.

I'm still here with you.

[sighs] [exhales deeply] - Phil - Are you okay? I I thought he was here.

Seemed so real this time.

See what we want to see, I guess.

I guess so.

[sighs] [sighs] Skye: Hey.

Think I'd be hiding in a closet? I was wondering where you went.

I went back to the room.

You weren't there.

Why did you leave? - Truth? - I'd appreciate it.

You scared me.

Opening up, and that kiss which was a very nice kiss, I admit.

I didn't mean to scare you.

I don't exactly over-analyze.

I just act impulsively, and then I freak out after the fact.

Are you still? No.

I'm good.

[chuckles] I want this.

And you? What do you want? What I want is to stay here with you and imagine the world outside doesn't exist.

But the world outside does exist.

I just got word from Fitz.

They need our help.

The bus is fueled up, ready to go.

We should tell Koenig.

I just did.

He's headed outside to open the hangar doors.

We're in a hurry.

I just got to grab a couple things.


We need to go right now.

Of course we do.

[chuckles] Lead the way.


Is everything okay? She said I never lied to her.

Today, I did.

But she's alive and safe.

We did that, at least.

Why didn't you tell her the truth? I will.

Someday, I guess, when there's a chance she'll understand.

When we get back, I need to make things right with May.

How can I expect Audrey to forgive me if I'm not willing to do the same? [footsteps approach] I'm gonna check with Trip and see how much longer we have.

We need to talk.

We do? Agent Triplett thinks he's done something to upset you.

Fitz, if you're questioning his loyalty in any way, - I can assure you - It's not him.

Well, what is it, then? Uh you know how I can be.

I hate change.

Where's our bus? - And our team? I don't know.

[switches click] It's so beautiful.

So, are we off to Portland? Actually, Fitz thinks the 0-8-4 plasma ray we found in Peru might help.

Didn't we jettison that to the sun? - Yeah, but Fitz has the specs on it.

On the hard drive.


You need me to decrypt the hard drive.

The team does.

And since it's coupled to specific coordinates, Agent Skye you're in charge.

Where to next? Coulson: We'll return in a moment.

[door closes] [seat belt clicks] [engine shuts off] What are you doing? We have to go.

500 miles.

What? even get a "thank you.

" [sighs] I was just about to - It's too late.

thank you.

I said too late.

[sighs] You can call anybody you like.

Why me? I needed someone I can trust.

That bad, huh? [sighs] Did you get it? I may be retired, but I still have contacts.

And my agency hasn't fallen apart.

You're not the only one looking, you know.

She won't be hard to find.

I know.

[engine turns over] You're not gonna take her out, are you? No, Mom.

I just want to talk.


I've always liked Maria.

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