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  02x03 - Ice Pick
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2x03 Ice Pick

Derek VO: Ever wonder what happens if a hunter gets bitten, Allison? Ever wonder what happens if you get bitten? What do you think your father would do? What do you think he'd have to do? When all it would take to change everything is - one bite. One bite -

Chris: Everything changes.

Allison: Is this how we're gonna do father/daughter talks from now on?

Chris: No, this is how we're gonna train you. Do you know why we use arrows?

Allison: They can't heal until it's taken out.

Chris: Look familiar?

Allison: You were going to kill him.

Chris: That's right. And if we find Isaac on another full moon, we will kill him. That's the hard choice we make. But it wasn't my choice.

Allison: Gerard?

Chris: No. See, our family has a surprisingly progressive tradition. Knowing wars and violence are typically started by men, we place the final decisions, the hard ones - With the women. Our sons are trained to be soldiers. Our daughters, to be leaders. Training starts now. Time her.

Bennett: Congrats.

Allison: For what, it took me two and half hours.

Bennett: Took me three when I did it.

Scott: It had a tail. I don't have a tail.

Allison: Maybe you just haven't grown it yet.

Scott: I'm not growing a tail. Ever. Are you slowing down for me?

Allison: I was waiting for you.

Scott: What? Waiting for me to catch up?

Allison: You looked like you were struggling.

Scott: Maybe I was admiring the view.

Allison: Try admiring from afar.

Coach: McCall, I don't know why, but your pain gives me a special kind of joy. Right? All right, next two. Stilinski, Erica, let's go. The wall.

Erica: Oh, please -

Coach: Erica. Dizzy? Is it vertigo?

Lydia: Vertigo's a dysfunction of the vestibular system of the inner ear. She's just freaking out.

Coach: Erica.

Erica: I'm fine.

Allison: Coach, maybe it's not safe. You know she's epileptic.

Coach: Why doesn't anybody tell me this stuff? I have to get - Erica, y - you're fine. Just - Just kick off from the wall. Th - There's a mat to catch you. Come on. See, you're fine. You're on the ground. You're all right. Let's go. Shake it off. You're fine.

Coach: Listen up. Anybody sees Isaac Lahey, you immediately tell the principal. Get a teacher, or you call me. Except for you, Greenberg. Don't call me for anything. I'm not kidding. Don't call me. You shouldn't even have my number.

Scott: Isaac?

Stiles: It's Derek's problem now.

Stiles: What do you mean tonight's not a good idea?

Scott: I don't know. That thing that we saw last night, Isaac missing, Allison's grandfather. All this stuff happening with Derek, I just - doesn't feel right.

Stiles: No, you're not backing out. Do you wanna know why? Because you and Allison are obviously having quite a good time together. And you know who else wants to have a good time? Stiles! Stiles wants to have a good time - Many, many times. Several times in a row. In several different positions. Are you even listening to me? What - what is that?

Allison: Put her on her side. Put her on her side. How'd you know?

Scott: I just felt it.

Melissa: It's been a while since we saw you, Erica. You were being so good about taking your medication.

Erica: Are you gonna tell my mom?

Melissa: Well, I swear I don't want to, but there's this team of lawyers in the back who would break my legs, and I don't know if you've seen my legs, but for a girl my age, they're still pretty hot. So - doctor's gonna be in in a minute, okay?

Erica: Okay.

Derek: Lie still.

Derek: Side effects may include anxiety, waking, acne, ulcerative colitis. Yeesh.

Erica: Who are you?

Derek: Let's just say we have a - mutual friend. You get a - warning right before you have a seizure.

Erica: It's called an aura. It's - it's like a metallic taste in my mouth.

Derek: You don't have to lie, Erica. What's it really taste like?

Erica: It tastes like blood.

Derek: What if I told you - that all of this could go away? The side effects - the symptoms - All of it. And what if all those things not only went away - but everything else - got even better?

Erica: How?

Derek: Let me show you.

Video: A small exposure on otherwise deadly virus can actually prevent the effects of the infection from spreading. This is called vaccination.

Matt: What the hell did you do to my camera?

Jackson: Huh?

Matt: The lens is cracked.

Video: So by creating an immunity -

Matt: Did you drop it?

Video: Your body is primed to fight off the infection.

Matt: Do you know how expensive this thing is?

Video: From meningitis to rabies from an animal bite.

Matt: Jackson.

Jackson: Just send me a bill.

Video: Meaning the subject is now immune.

Jackson: What the hell is wrong with you?

Lydia: What?

Jackson: Show it to me. Show it to me. Come on.

Lydia: Are you out of your mind?

Jackson: Nothing happened to you. It's like - it's like you're immune.

Lydia: I don't have a clue to what you're talking about.

Jackson: It's - It's you. Whatever it is - Blood, saliva - Whatever soul - killing substance is running through your veins, you did this to me. You ruined it for me. You ruined everything!

Lydia: Hello? This is the girls room.

Stiles: Boyd. You got the keys?

Boyd: This isn't a favor. It's a transaction.

Stiles: Right, yeah. Absolutely.

Boyd: I said 50.

Stiles: Really, I - I remember 20. I don't know. I have a really good verbal memory. And I remember 20. I remember that distinct "twa" sound, "twa - enty."

Boyd: I said fifty. With the "fa" sound. Hear the difference?

Stiles: Uh -

Boyd: If you can't, I can demonstrate some other words with the "fa" sound.

Stiles: Uh, no, n - no. I think I'm recalling it. Now. Maybe I just got it confused with - For - ty. Come on, man, have you seen the piece of crap jeep that I drive?

Boyd: You seen the piece of crap bus that I take?

Stiles: Fifty. Mmm. Okay. Thank you. Got 'em. Pick you up right after work tonight and we'll meet at the rink, cool?

Lydia: What - The holy hell - Is that?

Scott: It's Erica.

Deaton: Why do I get the feeling you've got a lot on your mind?

Scott: Sorry, it just, kind of slipped through my fingers. Everything has been slipping through my fingers.

Deaton: Now that sounds like far too world - weary a thing for a teenager to say.

Scott: Sorry.

Deaton: You might wanna try a different perspective. This is just entropy at work. This is more the natural way of the universe. But it doesn't necessarily mean it's falling apart. It's just - Changing shape.

Scott: For better or worse?

Deaton: Exactly.

Scott: Hey, doc. When are we gonna talk about - The thing that we never got a chance to talk about?

Deaton: Oh, yes. We never did get a chance to talk about that, did we? Now is definitely a good time.

Scott: Thank God.

Deaton: What do you think? Two dollars?

Scott: Two dollars?

Deaton: You're right. $2.50 more an hour. It seem like a pretty good raise.

Scott: It's not exactly what I was - $2.50 more an hour?

Deaton: Done. Don't forget to clean up the cat cages.

Chris: Headed out?

Allison: Studying. Just studying, dad.

Chris: I get it. But we need you to remember what happened.

Allison: You want me to stop being friends with her?

Chris: Actually, we want the opposite. I know how this might sound, but we need you to keep an eye on her.

Allison: You want me to spy on her?

Chris: We want you to look out for your friend to make sure everything's okay with her.

Allison: Seems okay to me.

Lydia: Could it be any colder in here?

Stiles: Here.

Lydia: I'm wearing blue. Orange and blue, not a good combination.

Stiles: But it's the colors of the Mets. Okay, um, maybe orange and blue is not the best. Right, you know, um, sometimes there's other things you wouldn't think would be a good combination end up turning out to be, like, a perfect combination, you know, like two people together - Who nobody ever thought would be together ever.

Lydia: No, I can see that.

Stiles: You can?

Lydia: Yeah. They're cute together.

Stiles: Oh, yeah, them.

Lydia: Cute.

Stiles: Cute. Adorable.

Allison: Since you never skated before, maybe I should give you a few pointers?

Scott: Allison. Not that this is news to you or anything, but you remember the werewolf thing? Super speed, strength and reflexes.

Allison: So a little ice skating should be no problem.

Scott: Yeah. See? It's no problem - ugh! Maybe.

Lydia: Well? Come on.

Allison: Okay, you got it. You got it. You got -

Scott: I think I'm getting the hang of it!

Allison: You look like you hit your head that time.

Scott: What's that, coach?

Allison: You definitely hit your head.

Scott: Oh, my eyes. The - the flash triggers them.

Allison: This one's normal. Oh, that's not what I meant.

Scott: It's okay. Come here.

Allison: Thanks

Scott: Two's not enough for Derek. I know he needs at least three. So who's next?

Erica: Why does there have to be a next when we've already got you?

Scott: Who's next?

Erica: You know, I never knew what I looked like during a seizure until someone took a video of me once and put it online?

Scott: I don't care.

Erica: It happened during class. I started seizing in my desk and everyone was saying how they should put something in my mouth until some genius reads the card on my key ring which tells him not to 'cause it could break my teeth.

Scott: Erica.

Erica: Do you know what happens next? I piss myself. And they start laughing. You know, the only good thing about seizures was that I never remembered them. Until some brilliant jerkoff - had to go and put cameras in everybody's phone. Look at me now, Scott. That's right. You only have eyes for her.

Victoria: This is so embarrassing.

Melissa: Not at all. I have seen far worse come through these doors. We keep a pair of bolt cutters in the back. Trust me, you don't wanna know what they're for.

Victoria: Let me guess. Something about men and their egos.

Melissa: Mmm. Boys will be boys.

Victoria: Trust me, I know. I was a teacher for years at an all boys private school. Oh, I don't need the anesthetic.

Melissa: Are you serious? Okay.

Victoria: Speaking of boys, how's Scott?

Melissa: Scott? He's, uh, like every other teenager.

Victoria: I'm sure he was pretty devastated after the whole breakup.

Melissa: He has been a little odd lately, well, you know, he's kind of always odd, but, uh, he doesn't seem all that -

Victoria: Heartbroken?

Melissa: Yeah. Maybe he just hides it well.

Victoria: Teenagers are quite good at hiding things, aren't they?

Scott: I know how it looked, but she came up to me.

Allison: I'm not jealous.

Scott: You're not?

Allison: She's with Derek now, isn't she? Like Isaac. You can't get caught in the middle of this. Don't you feel what's happening? My grandfather coming here, Derek turning Erica and Isaac, it's - It's like battle lines are being drawn.

Scott: I know.

Allison: There's always crossfire.

Scott: What am I supposed to do? I can't just stand by. I can't pretend to be normal.

Allison: I don't want you to be normal. I want you to be alive.

Stiles: Scott. Do you see that?

Scott: What, it's an empty table.

Stiles: Yeah, but whose empty table?

Scott: Boyd.

Scott: I'm going to go to the ice - rink, see if he's there. And if he's not at home, you call me, got it? What?

Stiles: Maybe we should let him. Boyd, you know, man? You said Derek's giving them a choice, right?

Scott: We can't.

Stiles: You gotta admit, Erica looks pretty good. You know, the word "sensational" comes to mind.

Scott: Yeah. How good do you think she's gonna look with a wolfsbane bullet in her head?

Stiles: All right, all I'm saying is maybe this one isn't totally your responsibility.

Scott: They all are. And you know this thing's gonna get out of control. That makes me responsible.

Stiles: All right, I'm with you. And I also gotta say this new - found heroism is making me very attracted to you.

Scott: Shut up.

Stiles: No, seriously. Do you wanna just try making out for a sec? Just to see how it feels.

Jackson: Derek. I know you can hear me. You owe me an explanation. I wanna know why it - why it didn't work. Screw it. Holy -

Chris: Wait.

Jackson: What happened to him?

Chris: That's a good question. I got one for you. What are you doing here, Jackson?

Jackson: Um - nothing, I was - I was - I was just - nothing, I -

Chris: Jackson, I hope you're not still pursuing something that you shouldn't be. Because I don't want to be forced to pursue you. Stay out of this. You've got so much good in your life. You're smart, good - looking, you're captain of the lacrosse team.

Jackson: Co - captain.

Stiles: Hey, Boyd? Hey, Boyd? It's Stiles. Oh - wow.

Erica: What are you doing here, Stiles?

Stiles: Uh, nothing, I was just looking for, um -

Erica: Boyd?

Stiles: Yeah. Yes. Boyd.

Erica: You know what you're doing right now that's kind of funny? You're only looking in my eyes.

Stiles: That's funny?

Erica: Well, yeah. Because it's that kind of look where you're trying not to look anywhere other than my eyes, but you want to, don't you? You want a nice, long, hard - Look.

Stiles: Not really. No.

Erica: Oh. So it's just my eyes?

Stiles: Yes. You have beautiful eyes.

Erica: I have beautiful everything.

Stiles: And a new - found self - confidence. Congratulations, Erica. I should get going.

Erica: You're not going anywhere.

Stiles: Why not?

Erica: You're having car trouble.

Chris: I was wondering if you could give me your medical opinion on what killed this man.

Deaton: I don't know if you saw the sign out there, but this is just an animal clinic.

Chris: I'm aware of that. I'm also aware you're not just a vet.

Scott: Boyd. I just wanna talk. Hey, come on, Boyd, please. Did Derek tell you everything? And I don't just mean going out of control on the full moons. I mean everything.

Boyd: He told me about the hunters.

Scott: And that's not enough for you to say no? Whatever you want there's other ways to get it.

Boyd: I just wanna not eat lunch alone every day.

Scott: If you're looking for friends, you can do a lot better than Derek.

Derek: That really hurts, Scott. I mean, if you're going to review me, at least take a consensus. Erica, how's life been for you since we met?

Erica: Hm. In a word - Transformative.

Derek: Isaac?

Isaac: Well, I'm a little bummed about being a fugitive, but other than that, I'm great.

Scott: Okay, hold on. This isn't exactly a fair fight.

Derek: Then go home, Scott.

Scott: I meant fair for them.

Scott: Don't you get it? He's not doing this for you. He's just adding to his own power, okay? It's all about him. He makes you feel like he's giving you some kind of gift when all he's done is turn you into a bunch of guard dogs!

Derek: It's true. It is about power.

Scott: Don't. You don't wanna be like them.

Boyd: You're right. I wanna be like you.

Stiles: Bitch.

Scott: Why aren't you healing?

Deaton: Because it's from an Alpha. I think maybe we better have that talk now.

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