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 Posted: 08/28/13 10:28
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What are you favorites on the show?

1. Favorite character(s) and why?
2. Favorite couple(s) and why?
3. Favorite season or episodes?
4. Favorite quote?
5. All time favorite moment on the show?

  Re: Favorites?
 Posted: 07/11/14 19:01
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1. The Dowager because she is staunch, stuffy, and proper. I love her lines and how she can cut you with her tongue. She isn't quite as old fashioned as she appears. Who doesn't just adore Maggie Smith?

2. Matthew and Lady Mary. Although I don't like her character by herself, I like the growth she makes when she finally realizes that being with Crawley makes her a better version of herself.

3. Everything has made me happy with the story so far even if my heart has been crushed a few times. Favorite episode is probably the Christmas episode not sure which year where Mary and Matthew kiss as the snow falls around them.

4. I am bad with remembering quotes, but here is a funny one I found. "One can't go to pieces at the death of every foreigner. We'd all be in a constant state of collapse whenever we opened a newspaper."

5. Definitely when Mary and Matthew both decide to be together and kiss in the Christmas episode.

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