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  Mondays New Season Episode
 Posted: 09/23/14 10:39
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I'm not too sure what to think of Penny's new get up in hair due and clothing fashion since I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus, Leonard looked like he got in shape, Sheldon ok well Sheldon is Sheldon he really hasn't made any changes like the rest of them which brings me to the question of ........... why did only Leonard and Penny make changes to their wardrobe and the hair or am I just over exaggerating? lol

All in all, last nights 2 new episodes were awesome, welcome back Sheldon we all missed our little geek. lol


  Re: Mondays New Season Episode
 Posted: 09/23/14 13:41
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And to top it off two brand new episodes together I was loving it. Not sure about the hair change yet with penny but it will grow on me. Sheldon fix was well worth waiting for. Only he would never leave train stations. And Howard's mother sounds like she is enjoying having a house guest :lmao

Poor Howard he will never be as smart or as funny as Sheldon

  Re: Mondays New Season Episode
 Posted: 09/25/14 15:55
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LOL Leonard that part is so funny them 2 are always competing against one another. =0)

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