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FD Board Shows Premiere Dates

Post by bunniefuu » 09/25/13 18:05

For the shows listed on our board and their premiere dates:

Sleepy Hollow- Sept. 16th 9pm
SOA- Sept. 10
New Girl- Sept. 17th
Agents- Sept. 24th 8pm
Greys- Sept. 26th 9pm
TBBT- Sept. 26th

Originals- Oct. 3 9pm
AHS- Oct. 9th
Tomorrow People- Oct. 9th
The Vampire Diaries- Oct. 10th

The Walking Dead - Oct. 13th
Supernatural - Oct. 15th 9pm
Reign - Oct. 17th 9pm
Dracula - Oct. 25th 10pm

Star-Crossed - Feb.
Downton Abbey
Teen Wolf- Jan. 6th
Doctor W
GoT- spring
True Blood- summer

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