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  Cast News, Updates and Discussion
 Posted: 08/28/13 07:21
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Adelaide Kane (“Teen Wolf”) as Mary
Toby Regbo (“One Day”) as Prince Francis
Torrance Coombs (“The Tudors”) as Bash
Megan Follows (“Anne of Green Gables”) as Queen Catherine
Alan Van Sprang (“The Tudors”) as King Henry
Celina Sinden (newcomer) as Greer
Caitlin Stasey (newcomer) as Kenna
Anna Popplewell (“The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”) as Lola
Jenessa Grant (“Cyberbully”) as Aylee.

  Re: Cast News, Updates and Discussion
 Posted: 09/09/13 18:35
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Oh my goodness! Catherine de'Medici is being played by Anne of Green Gables! I LOVED that series!

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