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  OTH Spoilers from Watch with Kristin
 Posted: 04/14/04 04:16
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Hey everyone..Check this out...Some spoilers from E!Online

From miriboom: Eep! One Tree Hill news, please! I hear Haley gets a tattoo...
Yep, Nathan's number on her back. Lucas is none too pleased.

From grizgirl08: I love One Tree Hill. I hear someone is pregnant.
Yep. Guesses?

From cmm4eva: I hear there is some stripping in the next episode...
Yes, one of the girlies ends up buying a date with Mouth. She takes him in a limo to a strip club and buys the kid a lap dance, then even kisses him at the end of the date. He's elated. We find out at the end of the episode that she's carrying a certain lone ranger's wee babeh...or, at least, that's what she thinks. (I suspect otherwise--pay attention when she's in the dance club.)

From finallypj: It's Brooke, isn't it?
Well, I wouldn't so much say no...Lucas is in for quite a surprise.

From dianaxpooh: Brooke pregnant? So, I'm guessing Lucas then feels a connection to his daddy?
Perhaps. We'll also learn in that episode that Brooke isn't a very monogamous girl.

From tdwilson28: Just saw on an MTV special that Brooke and Lucas are dating in real life. Too precious!

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