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 Posted: 02/07/14 11:55
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Screw you, you mind fuck! What's going on, bro? I think maybe she can't do it.

Be with someone.

Come with me.

Where? Anywhere.

Right now? Right now.

This is it, kid.

Stop it! Don't ever come back.

She died yesterday afternoon.

Don't you ever wonder what it all means? Wakey-wakey, sleepy head.

What? I said your dad's prepared a brainy breakfast.

He read that the optimum pre-exam eating time for your neutrons and what-have-yous is in five minutes.

Three, two, one, go I can't eat all this.

So graze, then.

GO! Wait, what are you doing? Where you going?! Thanks for a lovely breakfast.

All set for your first exam? Yeah, but they're only mocks, though, right? Hey, there are no dress rehearsals in life, my darling.

Then it's a good job I learnt my lines.

See you later.

Good luck.

Oi! I'm only picking.

'Hey, there, Franky-badass.

'Franky?' Miss Fitzgerald! Luke.

Fuck me.

You took your time.

Like you've been waiting.

Ah, but I have, Franks.

For too long.

So, um you ready to finish what we started? Um, I've got to go Franky? Oh, bollocks.

So, the exam how was it? Er, yeah, it was it was fine.

What? We got a call from the college to say you left early.

What, so you just let me lie to you? Oh, I'm terribly sorry about that! Cool it, both of you.

I think we just all need to talk.

You're not going to tell me I'm adopted, are you? Oh, very good! Humour in the face of That's very No, no, it's It's about the "G" word.


I've had a flick through.

It's quite helpful.

It might just make things a bit easier, cos they've been difficult for everyone, to be honest.

And if you'd like to talk to us, or a counsellor even No.

No counsellors, no way.

Franky, just hear your dad out on this There she goes Yeah, she fucking does, and what? Your dad just meant that we miss you, we miss talking to you.

We're supposed to be a family, for Christ's sake! What, and that's my fault, too, is it? Great! No, Franky God almighty! 'Hi, this is Mini.

Leave a message.

' 'Hello?' Mini, it's me.

I really need to talk, can I come over? 'Yes! Yes! Yes!' Fuck off.

Fancy fucking off somewhere? She died? Fuck.

Yeah, that's what I just said.

She was nice.

She was awesome.

I keep seeing the crash Over and over You got to let shit go, Franky.

Yeah, but it won't let me go.

And I'm fucking sick of it, and I just feel like Exploding.

So is this where you take your "bitches", or whatever boys like you do? What does that mean? What could you mean? Well, just so you know, I'm not gonna be one, OK? OK.

I brought you here cos you make my brain come, my heart jump and my prick hard.

What? Why pussy about? All right.

Now, on the bonnet or in the back? Fuck! Look, do something later, yeah? No, we fucking won't.

Whoa, whoa, wait! Where I'm going's a bit of a girl-free zone But you're not just any girl, are you? What's going on, Luke? Why's she here? Franky's on safari, mate.

What? Come on, the boys are waiting.

Hold tight, OK? Luke, wait Looking sharp, big man.

As always! Ready for this one, yeah? You're fucking dead, bitch.

'Franky? 'Franky, say something, please.

I'm sorry I haven't phoned, 'but things are so fucked here.

'I'm lonely and scared and I can't trust anyone 'and can't come back and I really fucking miss you.

'Franky! 'Fucking say something!' You ran, you left us, you left me and you left her and now she's dead.

'It wasn't my fault!' Well, whose was it then? 'If you hadn't started flirting with that fucking psycho' Prick.


Breakfast? You look good in my garms.

Mine got ripped Who were those guys at the pub? Just some small-time pricks that think they can come and run things.

You showed 'em, though.


Fighter! Fuck me, flyweight, you are pretty.

Shut up.

You gonna make me? Maybe I have to go.

No, you don't.

Yes, I do.

I've got to go revise before college.

Fuck college.

I want to, but I've fucked up one exam already.


I'll see you soon, flyweight.

Oh, here she comes.

Who does she think she is? Way to go.

Again! What do you mean, "again"? Your outstanding taste in men.

As if it hadn't caused enough devastation already.

What the fuck did you just say? You think the crash was my fault, don't you? You blame me.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Jesus, Franky - Luke? How did you find him? Our eyes met over an eight ball.

Yeah, well, I just spoke to Matty and you're torturing him.


Fuck does that mean? Look, you're his girlfriend I'm no-one's fucking girlfriend, all right, and he left me, remember? Yeah, I know.

But he's only got us now.

No, Nick, he's only got you.

Phones to the front, if you will! Give me it.

I will talk to your principal later, but please be seated.

Or what? Or you don't want to know what Mr Sweetcheeks can do, little lady, now please be seated! Suck my cock, Sweetcheeks.

Get out, you insolent little shit! Get out of my examination room, NOW! Feels good.

Fucking right.

How do you do it? I don't follow.

Not feel bad about things.

What things? Just things that you do.

You saw me.

I saw you.

Hit'n'run couldn't handle it, crashed and ran.

A girl died.

Shit happens.

Don't tear yourself up about it.

None of that shit matters anymore, Franky.

It's done.

I'm gonna meet the boys in a bit, right? I'll drop you off at home.


Guess what? I had another chat with your principal.

Congratulations on your suspension.

Aggressive behaviour at college? Where's my girl, eh? Have you tried looking under the patio? Now, watch it, madam.

Or what? Don't you harangue me into making an ultimatum What's that, Latin for piss off? No.

For your father demanding a modicum of respect in his own home.

A home that you should be bloody grateful for Oh, grateful? Yes! Oh, I should be grateful? You should be grateful! Go on, then! Go on, then.

You're not my real father, are you? So, come on then Pack it in.

Pack it Kick me out.

Kick me Give it to me.

Give it to me.

Give it to me! Fuck off me! What's going on? Shit! I'm OK, it's OK What have you done? Franky! Franky, get back here.

Franky get back here now! Franky! Franky! Hey there, Franky Badass.

Leave me alone.

Right, running on the spot, knees to your chest, move it, come on! One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, move, move, move! Oh, look who's here.


Can you stop doing that? You're going to make me puke.

Feel free to.

I already did.

Why are you over here when you've got a nice house over there? Can you just fuck off and leave me alone, please? Come on, Franks, why aren't you at home? Because I don't belong there anymore.

Because everything I touch turns to shit.

Not like you to throw the towel in.

Do me a favour, go flash your ball-sack at someone else.

Erm Why are you even talking to me anyway? Today, please? Er Yeah, why am I? Cos I think I love you.


You really hurt him, you know.

I didn't mean to crack his head.

Just his heart then, was it, Franky? Fine.

See you later.

Don't walk out again.

C'mon, we need to talk.

It can't go on.

For anyone.

I know things are shit right now, and I know you're angry but But if you don't get to the cause of this then you're going to end up exploding I could I could talk to that counsellor you keep banging on about.

If you like.

Yeah, I would.

I really would.

This morning? And er, play nice.

Course not.

Now, which one of you lovely ladies is Francesca? What? How was that funny? How's what funny? Exactly.

Sorry, I don't follow.

I said "what", and you smiled like it was fucking hilarious or something.

I smiled because it was a start after 45-ish minutes.

Great! Well, my hour's nearly done, so you can go buy yourself some new shoes with the L50 it cost to listen to a clock tick.


May I try something? Who could this be? Erm.

Robby or, er, Pengey, Pingey.

Or, or maybe Punky, or Apart from Pingu's compadres, who do you need it to be? Gra Stop it What do you need to say? Stop it.


Let it out, just let it out.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.



I'M SORRY! I'm fucking sorry! That's my girl Go on, fucking hell.

Fuck me! Left, right, left, right.

Right, right, right That's it.

That's it, girl bring it.

Bring it harder.

What are you, Franks? Where you from, killer? Where you from? That's it.

Fuck everything.

Fuck everyone, yeah? Except me.

After you.

Put your money on the table then, Roy.

What you saying? L20, mate.

You ready to get fucked up? Come on, boys.

Come on, you fucking cunts! Get off me! Fucking hell Get off me! Get off me! Put me down! Get off me! Get off me! Put me down! I'll fucking kill you.

What the fuck are you doing? Saving your arse! I don't need fucking saving! Fuck you then.

Nick, wait What's happened to you, Franky? What are you even doing here, Nick? What No no no shit, really?! Yeah, carry on, keep on taking the piss, Franks Why would you even bother about me? Well, if it isn't Hit'n'run's brother, eh? His name's Matty, you prick.

You leave her alone.

Ah, but will she leave me? Don't think so somehow! Aaahhhh.

Stop! What the fuck are you doing? He's just a random, right? Let's go.

Fuck him.

Stay here.

It's very simple, Franky.

You all right? Yeah.

You? 'Franky, it's Matty, don't hang up, please, 'just listen to me for one second, OK?' I can't really talk now.

Who is it? It's no-one.

Please, just stay away.

'Franky, who are you talking to? Who are you with? Tell me.

' Well, it's blatantly someone or am I just or am I just tripping or something? 'That sounds like Luke.

Are you with Luke? Tell me now! 'Please!' You're tripping, cos we're sat on your sofa.

'Who is it, Franky? Who the fuck are you with?' Watch yourself.

'Franky, listen to me, come away with me, 'we can go anywhere and be together, please, Franky.

' No.

And I won't be with you either.

'We're we're meant for each other, Franky.

'You know that I can't carry on without you.

' Well, you're going to have to.

Fucking hell, man.

Two brothers in one night, eh? It's not like that.

No? You want some? Just like you still want some of Hit'n'run, eh, Franks? Or his brother.

Fuck off.

What, you gonna make me? You, you gonna make me, Franky? Maybe Yeah, maybe, yeah? You think you're big, Franky? Hmmm? Big girl now, eh? Yeah, yeah, come here.

Come here, come here.

Come here, come here, come here.

Look at me, Luke.

We're out of milk.

How's my girl today? Leave it.



Fuck is up with you, man? Nothing.


Stay that way.

Better get spruced up.

Oi, Frank! Get your fucking clothes off and get in here! Oi, Franky.

Do you hear me? Franky! I don't know what to do.


Grace! I want to go back.

I want to go back to when you were still here.

But I can't.

Oh, Gracey.

Hello, you.

You came right out of left-field, you know? Cos when we got the green light to adopt, we planned on taking on a much younger child.

And then Geoff saw your photo, you peaking out from underneath that god-awful ski-hat you used to wear, remember? And then the first time we saw you, sat drawing away like you did, head-down we knew then that you were for us.

Before we even met? Oh, yeah.


Your dad, he said that it looked like the world had already forgotten about you, and he wasn't gonna let that happen.

And we might not be biology, Franky Jesus, you try telling that to my heart.

You are hope.

Do you see? That's what you are.

So don't you ever be any less because of anyone or anything in this world.

OK? Can I have a word, please? Don't worry.

I'll be OK, Dad.

We're going, yeah? What would you like me to say? I love you.

You get me.

My yin to your yang.


Franky, come on.

Let's go.

You should count yourself lucky you got someone like me, cos no-one else will have you, mate.

You should be grateful, shouldn't you? Goodbye, Luke.

You heard the girl.

Well, come on, then.

Come on then, big man.

Come on, you big fucking cunt.

What? Go home.

Yeah? Go home.

Don't walk away from me, Franky.

Don't you dare fucking walk away from me! FROM ME! Fucking FUCK! Crap.



You OK? Yeah.

You? Ah, no, hey, hey, hey, it's all right.

I am so sorry, Nick.

He just went crazy.

Nah, it's cool.

It's OK.

Ah, shit! Ow! I was only gonna I thought you were Mates, then? Cos I could really do with one.

One like you.

See you around, OK? What are you doing to me, Franky?

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