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STEPHEN: My name is Stephen Jameson.

I'm one of the Tomorrow People.

They call our powers the three T's.

Telepathy - CARA: Stephen? STEPHEN: Telekinesis And teleportation.

There is a shadow war going on between us and Ultra - No! - the secret organization that hunts us.

The only way to keep my species from going extinct is to find my father.

And the only way to do that is by working for the enemy.

Previously on The Tomorrow People You know, you never talk about your time at Ultra.

Jedikiah took me in from less than nothing.

Then it went from being SuperKids Summer Camp to people dying.

You remember Peter.


Hey, pal.

(PULSATING) - (HIGH-PITCHED SCREECHING)- STEPHEN: I was trying to read his mind and he did this thing where he pushed me out of his head.

So, he's like you.

You three did make the cut.

So congratulations on that.

But the winnowing process continues.

We haven't finished separating the wheat from the chaff.

(WOMAN HUMMING) WOMAN: Astrid Finch? Astrid Finch? - Yes.

We're ready for you.


There's no piano.

(CHUCKLES) Nobody said anything about singing acapella.

Am I in the right room for the School of Music audition? Your name is Astrid Finch.


You're in the right place.

Would you mind taking a few steps back, Astrid? Uh, why? Don't want to make a mess, do we? (ASTRID SCREAMING) (SCREAMING) Why'd you stop it? You didn't tap out.

Well, normally when someone screams in pain, it means stop, Hillary.

Don't you dare mark that as a loss, this fight's not over yet.

(GRUNTS) Relax, we're just supposed to be sparring, remember? - That's easy for you to say.

What's that supposed to mean? This whole competition is rigged so that you can win it.

Really? This again? I thought we were supposed to be working together.

We're not a team.

Your uncle made it pretty clear that it's survival of the fittest, and that's me, so get your ass back in the ring.

All right.

All right.

Winner? Jameson.

All right, that's enough practice for today guys.


Price? Could I ask you a quick question about a procedural matter? Certainly.

Well, I was wondering what the policy is for trainees who share their powers with people out in the regular world.

You know, humans.

Zero tolerance policy.

You should know this.

Any paranormal caught betraying his or her powers will be punished.

No exceptions.

Got it.

But, what about the humans who find out about us? I mean, I'm sure they're liabilities too.

Indeed, which is why we terminate them with extreme prejudice.

Any other procedural questions you might have that I could clear up for you while I'm here? Good.

Hey, what the hell was that about? I'm sure you've kept a lid on things, even with your closest friends.

But in case you haven't, I'm leveling the playing field.


No one means, "no one.

" And you're supposed to be helping me with my audition.

I know, but you're sure you didn't accidentally tell someone about my powers? Yeah, I'm positive.

One, you told me not to tell anyone.

And two, I don't want to sound like a crazy person.

Did anybody suspicious approach you? Uh, guys in suits? Stephen, do you want to tell me what's going on? Nothing, I'm I'm just Being paranoid.

You can trust me.

And I do.

Just, there is this new girl at Ultra who will do anything she can to get me kicked out.

And if she ever found out about you Luca, what the hell are you doing in the crawlspace? You eavesdropping? Dude, you're being paranoid.

LUCA: I was just looking for sleeping bags.

Why? For the camping trip.

Luca, did you find that box of your dad's old camping equipment? Yeah, yeah I did.

It smelled like a family of rats was living in there.


Don't worry, got plenty of extra gear.

What's going on? Uh you didn't tell him.

Peter's taking us camping.

For the weekend.


I'm all for it, you know.

Man versus nature.

Testing our mettle against the elements.

Uh, give me a hand with this? - Yeah, you got it P-Dawg.

Here you go.


LUCA: Yeah, you know it.

(PETER LAUGHING) When were you planning on telling me? Now.

Honey, I'm sorry.

Look, I honestly didn't think you'd really want to come.

I mean, last time we went camping was with your Dad and Do you think I'm going to let Luca and you go into the woods - with some stranger? - Come on, he's hardly a stranger.

I'm coming with you.


Really? - Sure.

It'll be fun.

Look, I want to keep an eye on Astrid because of Hillary and her veiled threats.

But I can't send my family out into the woods with some potential paranormal psychopath and I can't be two places at once.

Okay, just for the sake of argument, say your Mom's boyfriend did push you out of his head.

Just because he has powers, doesn't make him an Ultra agent.

Does seem a little coincidental.

Tim, what did you get on this Peter guy? TIM: Peter Henry MacKenzie of 510 Cornelius Street in the Village.

No criminal record.

No outstanding taxes.

Nothing too untoward in his browsing history.

You can check our browsing histories? It sounds like your mom's new boyfriend is a stand up guy.

Not that I've looked at anything on the Internet that I am ashamed of.

Stephen, what is the worst case scenario here? That Peter is some kind of secret operative who's leading us out in the woods so he can murder us.

Except that if he is like us, he can't kill people.

And if he tries to pull anything suspicious, all you gotta do is contact Cara and we teleport in.

All right, you guys got my back.

Thank you.

But who's going to take care of Astrid when I'm gone? The windows, they just pop open Okay, stop it, both of you, you're being paranoid.

No one cares about whatever smut you're looking at on the Internet.

And no one is gonna hurt Astrid while you're gone.

JOHN: Stephen.

Listen, I'll check on Astrid for you.

You don't think I'm being paranoid? Probably.

But if you're not I've seen what Ultra does to humans who know too much.

Better safe than sorry.

Flash number 159.

The conclusion of the Dark Flash saga.

You're the first to hold it.

You know, it's uncanny.

It's like you can smell the new issues.

It's easy.

I just read your mind to know when the new shipments arrive.

Come on, get out of here.

Why didn't you tell me what Get out of here, kid.


Are you crazy? Go.

Put the gun down.

Look, please don't hurt the kid.

TONY: He's just a kid with a wild imagination.

I'm not going anywhere.

(YELLING) What? You okay? - Yeah.

Hey - I don't have time to explain.

Look, Tony, whatever happens You can never say a word about what you just saw.

Do you understand? Yeah.


Taken the night of one of our recent engagements with the Tomorrow People.

Who's the girl? It's your nephew's best friend.

A civilian who has been compromised.

The footage was redacted and buried along with Stephen's late partner.

Before you implicate two agents in a cover-up, I think you should think long and hard about the severity of your claim.

This is not just some random coincidence.

I saw them teleport.


I realize that this is a risk, me coming to you, given that he What I mean to say is I know that nepotism would never play into your ability to assess a situation.

Well, I appreciate the vote of confidence, Ms.


I'll take this from here.


Don't scream.

It's me, John.

Stephen's friend.

We met at his house.

What the hell are you doing? You scared the crap out of me.

Well, he asked me to keep an eye on you.

I don't need a bodyguard.

Well, your best friend seems to think you could be in danger.

Well, he likes to think a lot of crazy things sometimes.

I don't disagree with you.

But I made him a promise and I'm a man of my word.

Tell me, what would anyone want with me? I'm not a part of your world.

And quite frankly, I don't want to be.

No offense.

Sometimes you don't get a choice.

What's all this? Singer at Heart.

Landing the Audition.

If you must know, I have an audition tomorrow.

I would actually appreciate it if you left me alone to concentrate and prepare.

They already bumped my time, so I'm kind of under the gun.

I don't know why I'm telling you this.

If you notice anything weird Like being stalked on the Uptown 3 train? Skype this.

That is a library book.

You're defacing public property.

This isn't a joke, Astrid.

Ultra doesn't mess around.

Trust me.

Well, it's come to my attention that, uh, one of you has used his or her powers in violation of Ultra policy.

Which is to say, in front of humans.

Now, I could have you all psychically scanned, but, uh God knows what secrets that'll turn up.

Alternately, the guilty party could step forward and save everybody the pain and humiliation.

You're dismissed.

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have used my powers.

But this guy had a gun.


John, you're our youngest recruit.

And that comes with a lot of pressure.

I know it was very hard for you to step forward, but it's for the best.

What are you gonna do to him? Tony's my only friend.


Aren't I your friend? PETER: Ah.

I've got the perfect place.

(MARLA CHUCKLES) This is so beautiful.


(THINKING) Look, Cara, I know our kind can't kill, but what if he just chops off our hands and leaves us out here to starve or freeze to death? Wow, we went straight to the dark place, huh? Have you seen any horror movies? How are things at the Batcave? CARA: Well, Russ is still laid up, but he hasn't lost his acquired sense of humor.

Now I have to listen to his semi-coherent jokes and pretend they're funny.

I can hear you.

I know.

Fingers crossed, there are no new breakouts.

I've got my hands full.

Have fun with your s'mores.

(SCARY VOICE) I want s'mores! (THINKING) I know you think I'm being overly suspicious, but did Tim find anything else out about Peter? He did, actually.

Peter MacKenzie changed his name.

(THINKING) I knew it.

CARA: Until 2006, his last name was Foster.

But before you freak out, there are plenty (GARBLED) of potential explanations.

(THINKING) What was that? Cara, can you hear me? MARLA: Uh wow! Amazing! Isn't it? MARLA: Yeah, really nice.

STEPHEN: Cara, he brought me here because he knew the water would interfere with my telepathy.

Cara? Cara? Stephen, I can't hear you.

Damn it.

Uh, something bit me.


Well, we're, uh we're almost there.

Setting up camp by the river, huh? Yeah.

Planned it this way.

Best sunrise in the whole forest.

You brought a gun? Figured you boys might want to go after some ducks with me.

Your mom said it was okay.

LUCA: Sweet.

Sounds awesome.

All right, then.

(GUN COCKING) Locked and loaded.

Excuse me, Dr.

Price, sir? I just wanted to follow up with you regarding your nephew's human confidante, Ms.


Yes, I have the situation under control.

And Stephen will be reprimanded, the same as everyone else, right? I don't answer to you, Ms.


And, uh you know, a strong work ethic is to be commended, but internal sabotage based on ruthless ambition and personal vendetta won't be tolerated.

Yes, but, the girl, you're going to kill her? If I say "yes," and you smile, you're next, you got it? Yes.

But I want you to understand something.

You and everyone like you have the privilege of working at this agency for the exclusive benefit of human beings.

And when one of them has to be sacrificed for the greater good, it's not a cause for celebration or personal achievement, you got it? Yes, sir.

Nice talk.

PETER: All right.

We're almost there.

(THINKING) Cara, if you can hear me, no pressure, but I've got a gun wielding paranormal leading me on a wild goose chase.

You say something? What? No.

Why? Why are you being so damn jumpy? I'm not.

I'm just not comfortable around guns.

Well you're right not to be, Stephen, they're dangerous tools that need to be handled with respect.





Where'd you learn to shoot like that? Uh, I grew up in the country.

You were born in Detroit.

Yeah, that's right.

How did you Tell me you didn't web stalk him.

No, that's that's okay.

He's just doing his homework.

We moved upstate when my mom remarried.

My stepdad taught me how to shoot.

He was a physics teacher like me, but he was happiest when he was away from the world.

I guess I inherited that from him.

Even though we weren't actually related.


Just love being out in nature.

So peaceful, so perfect.

So dead.

(WOMAN HUMMING) WOMAN: Astrid Finch? Yes? We're ready for you.


Oh, my God, this this perspective is amazing.

PETER: Take only memories.

Leave only footprints, you know what I'm saying? Careful! Oh! LUCA: Woah.

That was lucky.


Real lucky.

MARLA: Hey! Hey! I see you brought us, dinner.

Well done.

You're in the right place.

Would you mind taking a few steps back, Astrid? Uh, why? Don't want to make a mess, do we? (SCREAMING) Oh, my God.

Who are those people? They're still after us, right? We gotta get out of here.

Oh, my God.

John, you're shot.

I'm just a little winged, is all.

No, no, no.

Okay, let me get you to a hospital.

Can you teleport us out? First things first.

I need you to stop the bleeding.

Until you do, neither of us is going anywhere.

(CRYING OUT) - I have to call an ambulance.

(GROANING) No, we can't involve the authorities.

Ultra is everywhere.

They'll know if we try to escape.

MAN: (ON RADIO) We're going room by room.

We got two teams on the third and fourth floor moving east to west.

Can you teleport us to an ER? No, I'm too weak, that's why I could only get us here.

What about your friends? Cara? Russell? They can't teleport in.

Ultra will know if we use our powers.

They can use a trace to locate our exact position.

They'll be on top of us in seconds.

Right, so we just wait for them to find us.

Find something to wrap around this.

If I can gather enough strength, I can get us out of here.

We'll have one chance to teleport out, that's all.

Otherwise, they'll kill us.

Understand? I save you.

You save me.

And if I fail, we both die.

(GASPING) - I get it.


I'll be fine.

Just hold it right there.

PETER: Hey look, maybe, uh, maybe we got off on the wrong foot.

I'm not sure what I did to upset you, but I want to make it right.

Who are you? Really? I'm just a guy who likes your mom.

Why'd you change your last name? Excuse me? From Foster to MacKenzie, 2006.

Boy, you really have done your homework.


I changed it when my stepdad died.

I know it seems silly, a grown man changing his name, but he was the man who raised me when my father left.

So, when I lost him, taking his last name was my way of honoring him.

Meant a lot to my Mom.

Sometimes we do things for our mothers, we put their happiness before our own.

I know what you are.

A high school physics teacher? - I just don't know who sent you.

Who sent me? Who you're working for.

I work for the public schools, Stephen.

Are you supposed to kill me? Are those your orders? Come on, it's just you and me now, Pete.

We don't have to play any more games.

I know you pushed me out of your mind.

I know you TK'd your camera.

TK'd? (YELLING) But what do you want with me? Nothing.

Look, Stephen, your mom told me about your psychiatric issues.

Have you considered inpatient treatment? - My second cousin went to a place in Oregon.


Enough! I know you have powers.

Whoa, whoa (YELLING) So use them to save yourself.


Use them.

(STRAINING) You're crazy! Stephen shouldn't have told you about us.

It's because of him you're in this whole mess.


I didn't mean to badmouth your bestie.

You know, bad as it was being shot at, the times when Stephen blocked me out of his life were worse.

I really thought I was losing him.

But then when there was a reason for the way he was acting, it was kind of like I started to get him back.

The way you talk about him, it's like It's okay.

Just keep talking.

I'll be fine.

This is not how I thought today would go at all.

Sorry about your audition.

What were you gonna sing? It doesn't matter.

Come on, I wanna hear it.

No, it's embarrassing.

It'll take my mind off the pain.

What if they kill us both? I haven't accomplished anything.

What do you got, like, a bucket list or something? Maybe.

What's on it? - I'm not gonna tell you.

Come on.

You'll make fun of me.


I promise.

I wanna sing at Carnegie Hall.

Be fluent in Japanese and spend a year in Tokyo.

Learn how to surf.

I want three kids.

Two girls and a boy.

How about you? I don't know, actually.

I've always been fighting to survive.

Never thought about how I'd wanna live if I had the option.

Never had dreams like that.

John? John, please! Look at me.


John! (BREATHING HEAVILY) (SINGING) I I will be queen You You will be king Though nothing will drive them away We can be heroes Just for one day I, I can remember Standing, standing by the wall Shh, shh, shh.

Hi, guys.

By the wall Hey, look.

If this is about the other day, I did what the kid told me.

I didn't breathe a word! Forever and ever And we can be heroes Just for one day - You killed him.

I - You killed him! - John.

Not me, those above me.

They wanted that for you.

I stopped them.

Now, I know this is a hard lesson, kid, but you're gonna be okay.

Come here.

You're gonna be okay.



John, please.

Open your eyes.

John, can you hear me? (COMPUTER PINGING) Cara.

Astrid? What's going on? I need your help.

It's John.

He's been shot.

What were you thinking? - I know.

I screwed up.

That is an understatement! He could have died out there.

I'm sorry! - Did you come on this trip just to sabotage it? No, no.

It was an accident.

He's a good guy.

You never even gave him a chance.

I thought that he was trying - To what? Replace your father? This is the last time I wanna say this.

Your father is never coming back, okay? - He can't.

How do you know that? I know he left a hole in our lives when he went away, but you have got to give me some credit here.

I have kept you and Luca safe for 10 years.

I have shielded you from things you cannot even imagine and now we have the chance to be happy.

All of us.

I need this! Luca needs this.

It's just not fair.

They're gonna find us.

We're in the supply room on the ninth floor.

Once they're done searching the rooms, they're gonna find us.

CARA: Astrid, I need you to breathe.

Tell me where the bullet went in.

I can't even see.

There's so much blood.

Um It looks like it went below his rib.

Yeah, it's just above the hip.

Have you done this before? Do you have any medical experience? No, but I have some help.

TIM: I've pulled up all that I could on human anatomy, surgery, and triage.

You're doing great, Astrid.

Astrid's estimation of the bullet's trajectory suggests that no major organs were struck.

However, if I could inquire about the exit wound Astrid, I need you to tell me where the bullet came out.

Can you roll him over? There's nothing.

No hole.

So if the bullet didn't come out I'm afraid Astrid must remove it.

Can you see if there's a sewing kit somewhere? Yes.


CARA: You're going to have to remove the bullet by hand.

Can you get your hands on any alcohol? It's just like when you dissected a frog in biology class.

I was a vegetarian.

I did it online.

No one can teleport in or out of the building without showing up on our feed.

We found footage of the target's escape.

She seems to be guarded by a paranormal, and that they're holed up somewhere in the hotel.

Well, looks like it's over, John.

Time to come home.

MAN: We're all clear on this floor.

Going up to the next.

What's your status? - There's so much blood.

CARA: You can do this, Astrid.

You're gonna go into the hole with your thumb and index finger.

On the count of three.

Are you ready? One, two, three.

(GRUNTING) Can you feel the bullet? They're getting closer.

The bullet, can you feel it? I think so.


Pull it out.

Hang tight, I'm coming to get you.

You can't teleport in, they'll spot you.

I'm not.

I'm teleporting out.

No, there's no one in or out, ma'am.

The hotel's on lockdown.

I'm sorry.

Me too.


Cara, what are you doing? It's okay.

You're gonna be okay.

Take my arm! Damn it! Okay, I can only take you one at a time.

Take her.

Look, Cara, there's no coming back.

John, you know I don't like being told what I can and can't do.

What are we doing? - Just follow me.

Why didn't we just teleport? I'll explain everything later.

Right now I need you to trust me.

MAN: Hey! Nice! What am I supposed to do with that? You'll figure it out.

JEDIKIAH: There, someone just teleported out.

Sir, our guys on the ground tell us she got away.

I thought you said John was wounded in the initial exchange.

He wasn't the one who helped the target teleport out.

Well, that means he's still in the building.

Keep searching.

Come on.

Where are we? - Where's John? - I'm going back for him.

No, no, no, you can't! It's too late.

I teleported from the other side of the building.

Hopefully that bought a couple seconds.

I can get back in, I can get him.

Cara! They'll kill you.

I'm not gonna waste time arguing with you! Welcome to our world.

Damn it, you're stubborn.

Well, I'm in charge now, remember? MARLA: No, I understand.

(CHUCKLES) Space is good.

It's okay.

All right.

Bye, Peter.

Hey, I put all the gear away.

I'm sorry, Mom.

(STAMMERING) And I know that I blew it with Peter.

I didn't mean to scare him away.

I should've given him a real chance.

I could go talk to him and apologize No.

No more secrets, okay? No more lies.

I need to know what's going on with you.

You promise? I promise.

Be back soon.

Where you going? I just, um, Astrid needs my help with something.

I won't be long, okay? Hey.

We need to talk.

Seriously, about what happened this weekend.

All right, when I get back.

Just hang out with Mom.

Don't let her be alone tonight, all right? Astrid.

I'm sorry.

I got here as fast as I could.

Can you take me home now? I can't.

My parents, they're gonna be worried about me.

I will take care of your parents, okay? The important thing is that you are safe here.

No, I have to talk to my dad.

He's gonna be freaking out.

I have to talk to him.


Okay, come on.

Uh yeah, the audition went really well.

I was out celebrating so I only just realized how late it was.

Uh, yeah, I'm excited.

No, I'm not crying, I'm just shaking, 'cause I can't believe how lucky I am.

Yeah, it's everything I ever dreamed of.

Thanks for believing in me, Dad.

Will you hug Mom for me, and tell her I love her? I love you both.


I've never lied to him before.

The more he knows, the more dangerous it is for him.

I thought these would be more comfortable.

How long do I have to stay here for? - Stephen? - Um Until it's safe.

And when will that be, exactly? What, like, tomorrow? Monday? Longer? However long it takes.

So, what, you're gonna keep me hostage? No, of course not.

But you have to let us protect you.

You're the reason I need protection in the first place.


Please, don't get up.

Laughing hurts.

(CHUCKLES) Thank you, John.

If it wasn't for you, Astrid would be dead.

How was the camping trip? It was a different kind of bloodbath.

Look, I never should've left.

I mean, you took a bullet for her.

I told you I'd protect her and I did.

Yeah, I know, but you took it to another level.

Sit down.

ROGER: Sometimes, when we try to protect someone, we wind up putting them in even more danger.

You couldn't have known.

You did the right thing.

We can't always control how things turn out.

Who are you? I work here.

And you look like you could use someone to talk to.

The people I talk to end up dead.

You should stay away from me if you know what's best for you.

It's okay to have secrets, you know.

You just have to be careful who you share them with.

You can tell me anything you want.

I think you and I are destined to be great friends, John.

What makes you say that? I just have a feeling.

Why are you being so nice to me? I have a little boy.

A little bit younger than you are.

And, uh, well someday, he might need you to be nice to him.

And I may not be around.

I'm Roger, by the way.

Remember, it's always darkest Just before you turn on the lights.

Yeah, he used to say that to me too.

So, what happened with your mom's boyfriend? There were times that I was sure he was using his powers.

Objects that had to have been TK'd.

But when I forced his hand - Wait, what do you mean, forced his hand? Um I might have accidentally shoved him off a cliff.

What? STEPHEN: Yeah.

If he has powers, he's willing to die to keep them a secret.

Well, maybe it wasn't him using powers.

Well, it wasn't me.

Who else was there? No one.

It was just me, my mom, and my my brother.

Youngest son of the most powerful Tomorrow Person.

It makes sense.

That's why he was trying to talk to me.

Very high genetic probability.

I'm so stupid.

How did I miss it? It's Luca.

He's breaking out.

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