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STEPHEN: My name is Stephen Jameson.

I'm one of the Tomorrow People.

They call our powers the three T's.

- Telepathy...

CARA: Stephen?

STEPHEN: Telekinesis... And teleportation.

There is a shadow war going on between us and Ultra...


... the secret organization that hunts us.

The only way to keep my species from going extinctis to find my father.

And the only way to do that is by working for the enemy.

Previously on The Tomorrow People...

I don't know what to tell you.

How about the truth?

That I'm a killer?

I don't care what your secret was.

It's that you kept it from me.

You're the best person I've ever met.

I think about you, Cara.

I think about you too.

I'll get them to the subway, then I'll walk you to your car.

My car's a block over.

You don't want to be out alone with this lunatic still loose.







I don't want to hurt you. Please don't run. If you run, I get upset.

Don't come any closer!

There now, you see what you did?

Now I'm upset.


(THINKING) Morning.




Can I come in?


Why didn't you answer me? I was getting all telepathically romantic.

I was in the shower. Running water can be a psychic barrier.

Didn't know that.

So, how 'bout we order some room service and watch a bad movie?

There's a couple from Arizona about to check in.

You should get dressed.


So last night was pretty...awesome, right?

But, you know, just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, we should probably do it another dozen times.

I don't know if it's that simple.

For me anyway.

Okay, yeah. So what now?

I'm not sure.


Quick. They're here...

(STAMMERING) Hi, I was just checking out.

JOHN: Hey. I missed you. Got you this.

Oregon state animal.

I know the last few weeks have been tough, so I wanted to start over.

This little guy is a peace offering.

He's a beaver.

It's cute. Thanks.

So it turns out our resident klepto is actually a mad musical genius.

Like a violin prodigy or something?

Oh, 'cause I'm Asian I must play the violin.


Real good at math too.

So, where have you been?


You got in pretty late last night. I saw your bed was empty.

Yeah, I, um, I spent the night at a hotel. I needed some me time.

There's something in here you ought to see.

Wait. Slow down. Back up.

You're saying you've been tracking a breakout on your own?

I had to. There was no one else here.

I didn't get any signals.

That's probably because he broke out years ago, so his psychic footprint's not spiking.

Truth is, this guy has reason not to be found.

So who's the target, Tim?

TIM: The suspect in question strikes between ten at night and two in the morning.

- All around this eight block radius.

What do you mean, "strikes?"

TIM: Here's the police composite sketch.

Along with the sexual assault reports.

We're looking for a rapist?

No, that doesn't make any sense.

Are you sure he's one of us?

The way he vanishes into thin air, he's gotta be.

So much for homo-superior.

Our powers don't make us good.

They just make us powerful.

How we use them is up to us.

This guy is twisted. With or without 'em.

What doesn't make sense is how Ultra still hasn't tracked him down.

So we catch him, and then what? I mean, it's not like we have a prison.

Personally, I'd like to castrate him, but that might not be that practical.

It's disgusting.

Not the castration part, I think that's entirely justified.

I just mean that one of our kind, a supposedly more evolved species would use their powers for... that.

I couldn't agree more.

So why not let Ultra do what they do best?

We're better than them.

We're faster, and it could mean one less woman gets attacked.

In that case we should get a hold of Ultra's intel.

See what else they have on this sick bastard.

As in contact Stephen.


Yeah. You are all in his head.

I'd rather focus on trying to get a read on this guy.

I'll contact him.

Thanks, Irene. I got it.

MAN: I thought you'd be used to this by now.

Getting agents killed.

What'd you just say?

Can't wait for the day when it's your crap being boxed up.

You son of a bitch. She was my partner.

And look how well that worked out for her.

You're too young. You're too green.

And your partners end up too dead.

You're way out of your depth, man.

I don't care who you're related to.

Yeah? Why don't you do something about it?

All right, gentlemen. Enough.

I think we can find a better outlet for our grief than this, yes?

Look, I know we all miss Agent Nichols, but the best way to honor her memory is to continue doing what we're doing.

Which is what, exactly?

It just so happens we have a very dangerous criminal breakout on the streets right now.

He's wanted in a string of assaults clustered here.

He seems to be following a geographic pattern.

Now, all the victims say the assailant moved like lightning.

One second they're in the street, the next second they're in a dark concrete room where he violates them, and then like magic,they wake up in theirbedrooms with their hair wet.

So, needless to say, if the local PD gets this lunatic before we do,

it could compromise our entire organization.

That's the priority?

Not stopping more women from being raped?

Should you be watching your tone, son?

Maybe I should get some air.

Hey. I didn't say "meeting dismissed."

Perkins is right, okay? I'm toxic. First Vaughn, then Darcy.

Look what happens to the people around me.

Those guys don't want me here, okay? I'm a liability.

Well, perhaps a few days away from headquarters would do you some good.

But, remember, Stephen, you've seen what we do to rogue agents here.

You'd be no different.

So get it together fast. You're wearing on morale.

Didn't mean to scare you.

You didn't.

We need your help.

Ultra's tracking a breakout who actually deserves to get caught.

We just gotta make sure they bring him in.

Sorry. Taking a little time off.

Says who?

My boss slash uncle.

He thinks the stress of the job is getting to me.

What do you think?

I think that Jedikiah only knows about half my life, the Ultra half, which is bad enough, but then there's the whole "survival our species depends on you" thing with you guys.

Stephen. I get it. It's a lot of pressure.

And our world can be a little intense.

But it's up to you. You can't choose your destiny.

You can only fulfill it or fail it.

You hearing me, Stephen?

Yeah, I hear you.

All right. I am starving.

Wow. Haven't seen you look this glum since your volcano didn't erupt in sixth grade Earth Science.

I know you can hear me.

So, what happened?

Well, I used corn starch instead of baking soda, so the volcano...

I'm serious.

I have these powers, okay, which, theoretically, should make my life awesome, but some reason, everything I touch I seem to destroy.

Well, maybe you're not using them to full effect.

If I could make stuff fly, I would have some fun with it.

I can read minds, okay?

Now, that should be cool.

But who wants to know that Jamie Wright cheated on his Bio quiz and thinks he might have crabs?


Yeah, I can see how that could get burdensome.


Just to be clear, my mind is totally off limits. Right?

Yes, okay? I would never.

It'd be like seeing you naked.

It'd just be wrong.

Oh, what's wrong with me naked?

COACH: Jameson!

I so hate to interrupt your little tea time.

But how'd you like to come down here and head up the B-team?

Sure, coming right down, coach.

I'll be here.

Well, here's your chance.

With great power, comes great responsibility.

To have yourself some fun.

Can't wait. Picking you first.


Move it, dumpling.




I forgot my inhaler...

Let's go, Rory. That's five on five.

All right. Let's do battle.

Okay, bring it in, bring it in.

Now, have any of you guys seen the Bad News Bears?

Yeah. They lose in the end.

Thank you, Rory. But you know what else they did?

They showed the other team what they were made of, okay? Their grit.

Now, let's get out there and kick some ass! Come on, Ror!

COACH: Center court, let's go kids.

Rousing speech, dickhead.


You got it, Rory! Put it up!

Suck it, Juergens!

Told you this could be awesome.

Yeah, maybe I've just been using these powers the wrong way.

And now you're showing off.

Did you just slap my ass?


Got a little carried away.

Let's never speak of it.

Jameson! That was nice.

Here's the deal, Jimmy Brandt sprained his ankle, and Risdall's got the flu, so Varsity squad is a body short.

You come work out with us, we'll suit you up for the game this weekend, okay?

No, thanks. I appreciate it...

Hey, we can't mount a squad, we forfeit the game.


Let's play ball! (WHISTLE BLOWING)

JOHN: Now what? We're totally screwed.

All these trees, there's zero visibility, Tim got nothing on surveillance.

This pervert knows what he's doing.

Meanwhile, we're out in the open waiting to get caught up in an Ultra sweep.

You wanna leave, John? Leave.

Well, wherever this guy's taking his victims it must be close.

We should split up.

So I don't have to listen to you two bicker anymore.

What? We're not splitting up?

You tell me, Cara.

Is that a joke?

You haven't forgiven me.

For not telling you the truth about being able to kill.

While I was away with Russell, I thought about you.

Us. A lot.

I realized how much I let us down.

I know I have to earn your trust back, but there's nothing we can't get through, right?

I know I'm not the "I love you" kind of guy, But, yeah, I do.

Now you tell me?

Come on, no one's perfect.


This is so trippy.

Is your whole body tingling?

Yes, all of it.

Look at your hair.

Is it good?

It's good now.

Well, you did just atomize me to the top of the Empire State Building and back.

I told you this could be fun.

So, where we going next?

We can go wherever you...

Um, sorry. I didn't...



I'm Astrid.


I've heard a lot about you.


Um, Astrid, do you mind giving us a minute?

Of course. I should be getting home anyway, so...

It was nice to meet you, Cara.

I wasn't expecting you.

(CLEARING THROAT) Stephen, we need you back inside Ultra.

Unless we know where they are with tracking this guy there's no telling when he'll attack next.

So, you're just here on official Tomorrow People business?

What happened between us, should never have happened.

It was a mistake. It was my fault, and I take full responsibility.

So, I'm a mistake now?


The other night. Us. That was a mistake. It was my mistake.

How did we get to "mistake" from "I'm not sure"?

It's not like we just hooked up.

Okay? There has been something between us from the very beginning.

Before I even saw your face when you were just a voice inside my head.



Look me in the eye and tell me you don't feel it.

Let me inside your mind so I know you're not covering up the truth.

And if you can do that, in all honesty, then I'll never bring it up again.

I'm sorry, Stephen.

I don't get it Jameson.

When did you stop sucking?

It's a recent development.

Oh, hell, no.

My dad's moved their book club to my house tonight.

Gonna have to cancel the pep party. What's our back-up plan?

What's a pep party?

Just a little get together for the team.

Get us focused on the big game. Kind of a tradition.

You were so invited.

Well, my mom's working the night shift. Maybe we could do it at my place?


Whoa. Trippy.

Oh, hey.


Yeah, thanks for the invite.

Sorry, it was just supposed to be a few guys.

Not according to Twitter.


I am so screwed. Will you just make sure no one pukes on the couch please?

Yo, don't forget the host.

Oh, no thanks, I'm not drinking with the big game in the morning.

Neither are we. Just keepin' up appearances. Man, it's apple juice.


I mean tequila. (COUGHING)


Oh, man, my bad. Here, wash it down with more tequila!

Can't even taste the third one. I promise.

Did you know that someone's turning our bathtub into a gravity bong?

What? How do you know what a... It doesn't matter.

If you breathe a word of this to mom...

Oh, please. You're finally a baller.

Why would I ruin it?

Hey mini-dude, you beer pong?

No. Off-limits.

I'm Luca.

Hi, Luca.

I'm Juergens. This is Van.

This is David-with-two-dads.

I know who you guys are.

Hi, Stephen.

Uh, Jenny, hi.

There's an emergency situation upstairs that you might wanna check out.

Like, stat.

Yeah. Thank you.

Excuse me. Sorry.

So, what's the emergency?

That I might never get up the nerve to do this again.

This spot is the central intersection of the four attacks.

Focus your energy there.

If he strikes again, you should be able to get a fast read on him.

Aw, I can't wait to get my hands on this creep. Bam! Pow!

Karate chop castration, right to the cojones.

It's a patented technique.

Irene's tapped into the police scanners.

Why don't you go help her?

Third wheel, preparing for take-off.

I told you we'll find him and we will.


You know how we said we would tell each other everything?

That we could get past anything as long as we were honest with each other?


While you were gone, I made a mistake.

Cara, there's nothing you could of done.

I slept with Stephen.

I'm so sorry.

If I could take it back, I would.

And it doesn't change how I feel about you.

The thought of losing you terrifies me.

Say something.

Are we even now?

I lied to you, you lied to me, is that how it is?

No. No, that's not...

It took me years to tell you the truth about the Annex Project.

It took you two days to come clean about this.

So, in that respect, you win.

Now what?

I guess that's up to you.


Uh, the cops are just about to bust your party.

I, uh, I thought you should know.

Damn it. Excuse me, Jenny.

Call me.



Okay, go ahead. Judge.

Like you need me.

Jenny Riordin? Seriously?

How wasted was she?

Okay, she kissed me.

Oh, right.

Now was this before or after she forced you to do tequila shots?

No, that was Juergens.

You're not gonna take responsibility for any of this?

You're the one who told me to have more fun with my powers.

To have more fun. Not to be a jerk.

You know, you're turning into the people we roll our eyes at.

You kind of suck at being a superhero.

Yeah. I know. That's what I've been trying to tell everyone.

Who's everyone?

You mean your new friend, Cara?

Okay, what is your issue?

(ASTRID THINKING) I'm in love with you.

Stephen, did you just...

No. No. Astrid, I...

You're an ass.

It was an accident, okay? I swear.


Let's not make this any more awkward than it already is.


I just felt...

Someone teleported.


If you're calm, I won't kill you.

(SCREAMING) Shh. It's okay.

Let her go.


You should go.

I'm sorry. Maybe you didn't hear me, you rapist piece of...

Why didn't you tell me you were like me?

One of the blessed ones.

Oh, a little crime-fighting crew?

You get a read on him? Where'd he go?

I don't know.

RUSSELL: He couldn't have gone far.

Must have left some kind of signature.

Is she okay?


Can you hear me? You're safe now.




Looks like somebody's been a very bad boy.

Using your powers to win basketball games and throw parties.

Just because you're on leave, doesn't mean we're not keeping tabs on you, kid.

Hold out your wrist.

Why? So you can slap it?

Get off me!


What the hell is this?

That is a suppression cuff.

Another one of your dad's nifty inventions.

You're so sick of your powers, well, now you're gonna feel what it's like not to have them.

Okay, I know I screwed up. But I need my powers.

Cuff must be working.

If you could read my mind, you would have moved.


Sweet bracelet.

(GROANING) Yeah, it's one of those, uh, balance band things.

Great. By the way, mom left you a little present.

I thought she was sleeping at the hospital between shifts?

Yeah, no, she came home for breakfast.

You know when she does that quiet angry thing

and you wish she'd just yell?


Yeah, she did that.



Get out.



Yeah, the cuff doesn't come off till your uncle wants it to come off.

The material is a titanium blend, essentially unbreakable, impervious to powers.

If we knew the alloy, we could circumvent it. We don't.

You wanted a simpler life. You got it.

And you guys know everything, huh?

When you're a man down, chasing a psychotic serial rapist, you gotta do your homework.

Look, I get it. Hey, I needed a break. I'm good now.

I'm ready to help.

Without your powers, you're useless.

What? We're all thinking it.

I wasn't thinking it.

What are the badges for?

JOHN: The guy we're chasing had one on his shirtsleeve.

I couldn't get a read on it.

He's extremely fast, and we are extremely busy.

Don't you have a game to get to?

Sorry we can't help you with the cuff.

Make peace with Jedikiah and it'll go away.

Until then, lay low.

Lay low?

On a basketball court in front of my whole school?


I'll take you topside.

Thanks for doing this.

No problem.

I got your back for the big game. Just like you got mine.




Time, Ref! Come on. Let's go. Hurry up!

COACH: Guys. All right, questions.

Why are we dragging ass on D, huh?

And Jameson? Donde esta the magic?

Yeah, just warming up, okay?

It's killing us, Jameson.

COACH: We've worked on this.

Heads in the game. Let's go.

On three, Wildcats. One, two, three!

ALL: Wildcats!

Let's go boys. Let's go.

Go Wildcats.

Sweet, bro. Next stop NBA.

What the hell was that about?

Oh, just having a little fun.

Like you did. While I was away.

Look, It just happened. Okay?

It's not like I planned it.

Whatever the hell happened between you two, it didn't mean a thing.

You had sex. That's all. Congratulations. (CLAPPING)

I hope it made you feel like a big man.

I'd be careful, Stephen.

You saw what happened without your powers. You're nothing.

Yeah? And who are you?

A rebel leader who doesn't fight?

With the trail of bodies you've left in your wake, above ground and below, pardon me for not taking leadership advice from you.


If either one of you says, "He started it." I will tear you both to shreds.

This is my fault.

What happened between us was a one-time mistake.

I am with John.

Fighting each other is a path to extinction, which is why this ends now. Do you hear me?

JEDIKIAH: They wake up in their bedrooms with their hair wet.

I was in the shower. Running water can be a psychic barrier.

He takes them to the sewers.





We have a guest.




An unfriendly guest.

I don't think you know who you're dealing with, friend.

You think your powers make you special?

Don't they?

He got you pretty good. Are you okay?

You're sick.

And you're weak.


That's gonna make it easier than I thought.

Bad dog.


He found the breakout. He needs our help.

Stephen has a suppression cuff on.

How's he communicating?

I don't know. But he is.

You can't kill me. I know you can't.

Someone's gonna find you sooner or later. You have to give up.

I can do whatever I want. Whenever I want.

Now, I may not be able to kill you.

But let's see if this current can.

It's too easy.

CARA: Stephen!

I got him.


I'm gonna make you beg.


Not a hell hot enough, is there?

MAN: Stay back.

I don't want you here, Stephen.

You need to go back.



Dad, I need your help. Please.

Save yourself.

Save all of them.


Dad, tell me what to do. Please.


Dad, I don't know what that means.

Dad, come on, give me something. Please!



Lucky guy.

Good job.

Who figured out where he was hiding?

I did.

That's a story I'd like to hear.

So you did this all on your own?

You tracked down and apprehended a violent breakout all without the benefit of your powers?

What can I say? Powers are overrated.

But I'd still like mine back.

So, I can assume your little walk through the wilderness is over?

Yes. I'm ready to come back as an agent as soon as possible, sir.

Good, good. I'm curious, though.

Why the change of heart?

I thought you didn't have the stomach for this kind of work.

My destiny isn't something I choose.

I can only choose to fulfill or fail it.

You should know I would have removed your powers permanently if I had to.

Well, good thing you don't have to. Do you mind?


One more thing, Stephen.

The man you brought in was ranting about being attacked by someone with paranormal powers.

Obviously not me.


A woman. Dark hair, piercing blue eyes.

Does that ring a bell?

Like I said, I brought him in alone.


I wonder where he came up with that story.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he's insane?


What happens to him now?

Oh, something you definitely don't have the stomach for.

CARA: John!

So, are we good?

Well, technically, now we've both made out with Stephen.

So, I'm willing to call it even.

He's in love with you.

You know that, right?


Don't you think that's kind of a problem?

We all have to work together.

Without Stephen, there is no endgame.


He's not imagining it.

Whatever it is between Stephen and me, there is something.

I'll lie to him.

I will tell him it doesn't exist if that's what it takes to keep the harmony down here.

To survive.

I can't lie to you.

Do you love me, Cara?


That's all I need to know.

Thank you.

Peace offering?

I'm not in the mood.

Little known fact. Pork buns were served at the Geneva Convention.

These little guys are the unsung heroes of all great peace treaties.

You mind if I sit?

If I said no, would it stop you?

Definitely not.


I'm fine. Look, I let my powers go to my head a little.

You think?

Okay, a lot.

Becoming a jerk wasn't part of my plan.

I'm sorry.

Thank you for reminding me who I was before I had them.

Yeah, it was like the plot of an ' s movie.

You went from geek to chic then back to geek.

You got the popular girl and here you are, begging for your best friend back.

Except you ruined the ending, 'cause you already know how she really feels about you.

I love you too, Astrid.

Oh, barf, here comes the "like a friend" qualifier.

No, it's not just that, okay? There's someone else.

Yeah, the girl in your room. Cara.


If it makes you feel any better, she doesn't love me back.

Is that what she told you?

You don't have to be a mind-reader to know she's lying.


Do me a favor.

The next time you want to go after a psychotic breakout on your own without your powers, don't.

Sure thing.

But I wasn't on my own.

You're lucky I even knew you were in trouble.

That cuff should have blocked me from hearing your voice.

That's what I've been saying all along.

We're connected.

Look, you can fight it, deny it all you want, Cara. But you and I, we're inevitable.

That's the last time I'll bring it up, okay?


Bad timing, I'm guessing.

No. I actually came here to talk to both of you.

It's about my dad. He's alive. I saw him.

And we're gonna figure out how to find him.

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