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Since Mary, Queen of Scotland, was a child, the English have wanted her country and her crown.

She is sent to France to wed its next king, to save herself and her people, a bond that should protect her.

But there are forces that conspire forces of darkness, forces of the heart.

Long may she reign.

Previously on Reign That's Diane de Poitiers, the king's mistress.

Then that must be Sebastian, the king's bastard.

It's Olivia D'Amencourt.

She left a few months before you arrived.

Brokenhearted? Yes, he was.

When it is right for France, I will be by your side.

Until then, you can spend your time with others but not my brother.

He'd known her first.

She was there in his heart all along.

We're not safe here.

There are people who matter more and people who matter less.

I'll make sure you're remembered.

I don't see Bash.

Isn't it the custom for every able-bodied man to ride to war with the king? Oh, it's not war.

Just a minor display of temper by some peasants.

Our Sebastian's probably out riding at the front with the king.

Men must find something to kill from time to time.

It's a pity they can't live harmoniously like women.

Harmoniously? Like you and me? Oh, I was thinking more of you and Olivia.

What a sweet, generous girl you are.

She and Francis can't keep away from each other, and you just take it in stride.

Francis and I have an understanding.

Well, that's exactly what I mean.

Knowing that another girl has his heart, you just soldier on, serving the alliance.

You have no idea what is in Francie's heart.

I know Francis is not the sort to bed a girl that he didn't love.

I'm so pleased that you've made room for her in your life, as I made room for Diane.


Your Majesty.

A few comments if you don't mind.

First, well done on getting my son into bed.

But now you need to keep him there.

If you want to be the Queen of France You want me to be Queen of France.

I just wanted him back.

Unfortunately, he loves Mary.

You can't know that.

How much detail would you like? Uh when our passion reached its limit, he called out a name.

It was not mine.


Accept that I've lost.

I have.

On guard.

It's not a toy, Charles.

It's an instrument of diplomacy.

Let's go, Charles.

My mother's fault.

She's forcing everyone to learn how to use these things.


A Neapolitan count is coming.

She doesn't want us to look like barbarians before a fellow Italian.

Is that why your father has asked you to stay? He must be greeted by a king or a dauphin or else it's an insult.

Well, at least you'll have more time to spend with Olivia.

In bed.


We agreed our engagement was strictly business.

Mm, until it's not? I hate this plan of yours, Francis.

Do you have any idea how it feels to watch you parade your lover around court? I did no such thing.

I can't help it if the servants gossip.

While I'm am in a nunnery of one, listening to your mother crow over me.

Is this what you really want? Are we any happier than we were before? No.

But we don't know what the future holds.

We could be married off to other people tomorrow if it were necessary.

I didn't mean to hurt I just needed to forget you for a while.

To forget that I can't have you.

Mary, to stay sane, we must stay apart.

You know it's true.

So is your father telling you to get married? He would never put it like that.

The letter asks if I've met any agreeable men.

Of fortune.

Your father seems to expect a lot of you.

My family's wealth comes from mining.

And the mines are playing out.

I have to do my part.

And all I've been raised to do is dress nicely and smile at men.

I happen to like that smile.

I can't even do that.

I've never eaten an egg in my whole life that someone else didn't cook for me.

Well, come here.

Take the pan.

No, I can't.

Come on.

Now, you see how fast it's cooking? In a minute, you're going to flip it over.

It's easy, you'll see.

It's like this.

Only you have to have the courage of your convictions.

You have to mean it.

I mean it.

The flip never works without confidence.

I'm telling you, I mean it.


Well if you'd seen the things we've put back together for you people upstairs.

Well, you know what? Forget all this.

Come on, let's go somewhere.

Today, while we can.

Did you know there's hot springs in the hills? Your troubles, they can't follow you into water that warm.

But I can.

Be on your best behavior.

He's from a minor family, but they have influence.

The Honorable Count Vincent, of Naples! There's no one to misbehave in front of as French court is nearly vacant.


Remember, it was less than a year ago that Henry was at war with half of Italy.

Your Majesty.

What a blessing to be in your luminous presence.


I should explain my lack of punctuality to King Henry, but I see the son and not the father.

Unfortunately the king is away at the moment.

But what better host than a fellow Italian? Your Majesty? I must ask the count's men for their weapons before I show them to their rooms.

King Henry would expect it.

Of course.

It's just a formality, Count.

You don't mind? I insist.

I thought you'd be going off to fight with your father.

I changed my mind.

I've had enough of killing for a while.

Sebastian, have you thought about what will happen to us when your father dies? Why should anything happen to us? Francis will be king, that's all.

And you have such faith in his love for you? Catherine will throw me out of this castle before Henry's body is cold.

And your brother's mercy is all that will stand between you and death.

What's the point of talking about this? There's nothing either of us can do to change things.

What if you were no longer a bastard? What if you were legitimized? Given legal status as Henry's son? Does Father want this? Why shouldn't he want it? You've always been his favorite.

And you've always said we're his favorites because we never ask him for anything.

It's not such an unreasonable request.

This is happening all over Europe.

Kings claiming their children.

It's even been said the bastard Elizabeth may take the throne in England.

Well, that's certainly not happening here.

If Henry's marriage to Catherine were to be annulled That is treason.

You're talking about changing the line of succession.

And that's the sort of talk that gets bastards and mistresses beheaded.

Your Grace.

You must guard her close, Dauphin.

Or someone might steal her away.

How delightful.

All of Italy has heard of the gold goblets given you by Pope Clement on your marriage.

No doubt you keep them for more important guests.

So, Count, is this your first visit to France? No, I was on French soil less than a year ago to negotiate for my son.

He was taken prisoner along with some other officers near the Italian border.

Nothing to be ashamed of.

War is costly.

One's money must be recouped somehow.

Holding hostages for ransom is an old tradition.

And did you secure your son's release? Of course.

Roberto was held for eight months.

I bargained like any Italian would shrewdly.

I worked my way up through two colonels and a general.

And negotiated with the king.

And one day he was returned to me.

For 1,500 ducats.

It is hard to appraise the value of a human life.

But now I know my son's.

I have France to thank for that clarity.

To peace.

And long friendship.

To clarity.

I knew it, I knew I'd be ridiculous.

No, no, you're you're you're fine.

Very very peasant-looking.

Who are you two? We're from the kitchen.

Soft hands for a kitchen maid.

All right, back to the kitchen, both of you.

No one's leaving today.

What's happening? - I think we've lost the castle.

Tell me, Your Highness, when do you expect King Henry to return with his men? Quite soon.

Knowing my father, he could return at any moment.

Really? I understand they traveled to Lorraine to put down some village unrest.

And yet you seem surprised he wasn't here to greet you.

Mary? Go upstairs.


I can present this to Henry as a fait accompli.

A "fait accompli.

" You've spoken with the Pope, have you? No.

But I've spoken to a cardinal or two.

And you'd be surprised how quick they are to respond when given a substantial bribe.

Enough! It's never happening.

Displacing my brother? Taking the throne of France from him.

He took it from you.

You are the eldest son.



I'm happy as I am.

Count, perhaps it's time to tell us why you're here.

It's not a diplomatic visit.

You're right, Dauphin.

I've come for restitution.

Restitution? - The conditions of my son's confinement were not ideal.

Roberto was returned to me, yes, but he died of dysentery on his journey home.

Count, I'm so sorry.

To outlive a child.

The pain is unimaginable.

My wife is dead, I have no other children.

I'm the last of my name.

Am I not due satisfaction? Perhaps this discussion should be postponed until the king's return.

If I wanted to wait for the king's return, I wouldn't have camped in the woods for the last three weeks, waiting for Henry and his men to leave.

You may leave with your life.

That is all we can offer.

No one is leaving, Dauphin.

With your soldiers gone, my men control the entrance.

They've taken your few aged guards prisoner.

We have their weapons.

The castle is secured, my lord.

This castle is now under my protection until I receive satisfaction.

You mean money.

You're holding us for ransom.

Queen Mary, I apologize.

You are an innocent in all this.

Now we will negotiate, one Italian to another.

Where are you going, pretty one? Excuse me.

And why such a hurry? - And who are you? You'll find I'm very good company.

Not like these dogs.

Get your hands off me! You have no idea whom you're dealing with! Oh? Who are we dealing with? Hmm? Hmm? I'm a special friend of the king's.

The king's away, isn't he? Let her go.

I am the Queen of Scotland and that is my lady.

Kenna, go upstairs.

She's fine here.

Is something wrong, Your Grace? We're just having a bit of fun with this one, my lord.

She's the king's whore.

Soldiers must have their indulgences.

Of course, Count, you know best.

It's just Lady Kenna would be so much more useful to me upstairs.

Indeed, now that you are master of this castle, I humbly ask that my Scottish ladies and I retire to our chambers while you're negotiating with the French.

Oh, by your mercy.

I suppose queens must also have their indulgences.

I trust that, in return, you and your ladies will join us for the feast this evening.

My men and I will enjoy the best at King Henry's table before we go.

Do not let the rough manners of my men disturb you.

My word as a gentleman you will not be harmed.

Thank you, Count.

Of course we will be there.

I am so grateful for your protection.


What happened to Greer? Do you think the Italians took her? Your Grace.

Greer, are you all right? - I can't stay long.

I've been in the kitchen.

Why are you - dressed like a servant? - Servants are invisible.

I thought I'd be safer as one of them, so I borrowed some clothes.

So you're actually working - in the kitchen? - Trying to work, and making rather a mess of it.

What's going on up here? Are you all right? For the moment.

All we can do is wait to find out if the queen and Francis will strike a bargain with the count.

But I have never been good at waiting.

Clarissa? Are you there? There are men in the castle, bad men, and they want to hurt us.

We can't get out.

There must be another way out of the castle, through these tunnels.

I need you to mark me a path, a safe path so I can get people out of here.


That is ten times what you paid for your son.

Think of all the things you could buy with that gold.

It is a generous offer.

But it does not grant me satisfaction.

Of course.

Gold will not resurrect your son, or your family line.

What you need, Count, is a bride.

Mother The Queen of Scotland is unmarried and still a virgin.

She could give you sons.

Royal sons.

Take her back with you.

Demand ransom, or force a marriage.

Once she's ruined, she'd have to accept.

That is a generous offer.

Does the dauphin agree? No.

No, the dauphin thinks his mother is underbidding.

Francis You don't want a wife.

You want revenge.

So take it.

Take me.

Fra My son is not well.

Francis, you are not Take me for ransom.

We can leave for Italy tonight.

And you will have the heir to France as your hostage.

At last.

A serious offer.

And one I will accept.

What do they call you? "Bastard," mostly.

What's this for? I'm a nice man.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

I don't suppose you could talk to someone about getting me out of here? Grazie.

How did the bargaining go? They're taking Francis.

For ransom? He gave himself up.

To save you and the rest of us.

He would.

Yes, his integrity can be annoying.

But we can't let it happen.

I agree.

That's why I've come here.

We must get him, and all of our people, out of this place.


The secret passageways underneath the castle For a moment, I thought you had a plan.

The passageways are a maze.

They're full of pitfalls, unstable ground.

They're a death trap to anyone who doesn't know a safe way through, and no one does.

I do.

I used to play down there when I was a child.

I know that there is a passage that runs from a hidden door in the main hall, through the tunnels, and comes out by the stables.

I've marked it with chalk.

So we should just all troop down to the main hall and out through your secret door? How secret will it be with a dozen Italians patrolling the halls? It's our only chance.

But stay here and die if you wish.

Or you could allow me to improve on your plan.

We need a distraction.

Something to remove these animals from our halls and collect them in one place.

The count's feast should do nicely.

The count expects us to attend his feast.

How can we do that and escape at the same time? That's just the point.

If we're all there, he'll suspect nothing.

Francis is under guard in his room, they won't expect him at the feast.

We need to buy him time, a head start to get free and get our people out, all of them.

The women, the children, the servants.

You know he won't leave without them.

We'll keep the count and his men busy, and when our people are safely out, we'll follow suit.

How? Once we are seated at the feast, there is no way out of that room.

We'll find an excuse to get you and the girls away.

Don't you think the count will find it suspicious if all of his guests start leaving? That's why I'll remain behind.

The Queen of France, in their power.

Why would they expect a trap? You? Yes.

A martyr? How can I trust you? You've been trying to get rid of me since I arrived.

Whatever has been between us, believe me now.

Believe that I love my son.

I would go into Hell for him.

How far will you go? I swear on my immortal soul that I will be the last person out of that room.

Our options are extremely limited right now.

There's no one left to trust but each other.

Or perhaps you'd prefer to trust the count? You've looked into his eyes, as have I.

If Francis leaves with him, do you truly think he'll ever come back? No.

The count will kill him.

It seems that we will go into Hell together, then.

Francis, no.

Not your brothers, too.

The count was in here earlier.

He actually played with Charles for a few minutes.

You'd think that someone who played with a child would enjoy it, but his eyes were dead.

Gold is useless.

He's lost his line.

He wants to take Father's in return.

This is why you must agree to our plan.

The plan is madness.

I've seen the way the count looks at you.

And you're asking me to leave you with him? With my mother? You know you can't trust her.

No, if I get out of this room, the first thing I'll do is come for you.

If you come for me, they will kill you, and your brothers will be lost.

I won't leave you.

This is not negotiable.

Mary I I know.

I'm sorry.

About Olivia.

About all the foolish ways that I've tried to manage things.

None of that matters now.

Your brothers, the others who are trapped here, they are our people now.

If we are to rule as king and queen, we must trust each other to do what is necessary.

I believe that you can lead them to safety.

Believe that I can get myself out of that room.

My God, Mary Promise me you won't come back.

Is that clear? Once the door is shut, it cannot be opened again from the outside.

My dear, you look lovely.

You will wait until you hear two sharp taps.

You will open it first for Francis, and later for me.

Why must I be the one to wait in the dark? Is this your idea of revenge? Because the count won't miss you, silly girl.

Only Mary's ladies were invited to the feast.


And if you fail in your duties in any way, I promise you will meet with my extreme displeasure.

You must close the door completely, or the guards will find you.

Count says anyone who flouts his authority gets a death sentence.

Why aren't you killing me? Your mother's paying me to look after you.

Yes, apparently she's good at bribes.

Mary, I can't do it.

Think of how angry they'll be when they discover they've been tricked.

We'll be gone before they do.

What if it doesn't work? What if he doesn't believe you? I know what you're thinking.

It's what any woman would think.

But I've come to tell you not to be afraid.

I'll be there when you enter the room and I'll be there when you leave.

Get through this night, and these men will be gone from your lives.

And suddenly you care about us? Lola, she wants to help, to shield us from these evil men.

Please, when has the French court not been full of evil men? And women? Since we got here, we've been lied to by people who smile and say pretty things as they stab us in the back.

At least these men don't pretend to be our friends.

I agree with Lola.

You come in here mouthing platitudes, but you have no idea what this is like, to have a target on your back.

I know exactly what this is like.

When I was eight years old, rebels stormed the Florentine palace.

Both my parents were already dead, but my name and my family's fortunes made me a target.

At eight years old? War doesn't spare children.

I was held hostage for years, until finally they had to decide what to do with this Medici girl.

Many of the soldiers, just like these, they demanded that I be turned over to them so that they would so that I would be shared.

And I can still hear their laughter outside the convent.

That sickening laughter.

What happened? The nuns and I prayed.

We prayed for God to send the Pope and his armies to retake the city and rescue me in time.

And then one day the laughter stopped.

It grew quiet.

And I stepped out into the sunlight, over their bodies, and Pope Clement welcomed me into his arms.

I emerged intact and so will you if you have faith.

Gentlemen, please, my gift to you.

Shh After you, Your Grace.

Don't look.


I need you to keep quiet and keep behind me.

Come on.

Everyone! Look, it's happening now.

You have to go meet the prince in the South Hall.


Come on.

I'll keep serving.

If you're the only servant left, the Italians will suspect something.

Come on, quickly.

Down the stairs.

Wait for me at the bottom.

God save you.

Thank you, Your Highness.

Please, take me with you.

I hear the guards walking by.

I know they'll find me.

Olivia, you need to wait here.

You need to wait for Mary and her ladies, or they'll be trapped.

So I must stay for the woman you really love.

I'm nothing to you or your mother but a game piece to move back and forth at your will! She crushed my reputation like you crush an insect, - and you're just as bad! - My mother? Whatever you're upset about we can discuss later.

Right now we need you here, urgently.

Lives are at risk.

Count I'm I'm afraid I'm feeling a little bit straitlaced? I beg your pardon? It's difficult to breathe.

Are you ill, Your Grace? No, my lord it's my corset.

Perhaps you should retire until the crisis is averted.

Thank you, Count.

It's so difficult without servants.

My ladies will attend me.

This way.

This way.

Come on.

Mary, where are you? Francis, are you leaving us? Go.


Go, go.

Perhaps it's the wrong panel.

Olivia? Hurry, it only opens from the inside.

Olivia?! Olivia! What's this? Where's the girl with the soft hands? Where's everybody? I meant it.

Is he dead? Did I kill him? One of us killed him.

No way to tell which one.

Count Vincent sent me to find you.

Oh, we were just on our way back.

What are you? Count Vincent isn't this enough? You know the king will go to war for his heirs.

What of it? Can Henry give me the life I had a year ago? Then let the heavens fall.


Thank you for this generous feast.

Now we will be on our way.


Please do not take my children.

What else can I give you? Do you want women? Take them.

Take their virtue.

Catherine, no! - You liar! They won't dare say a word about it.

They'd be ruined! You can have them, you can have anything Give me your heart then.

Carve it out and hand it to me so that we might understand one another.

That is diplomacy; to understand my loss.

To carry the weight of your dead heart with you every night and day until you find your grave! Roberto.

Give me Roberto and I will let your children live.

Forgive me, Mary for I am not a gentle man.

Give yourself airs, do you? - Kenna! Will you not stop this? Have you no honor?! Count Vincent.

Count Vincent! Do you know why your son is dead? Because of you.

Because, unlike me, you aren't willing to pay the necessary price.

So I'll make you a new offer.

Take your hands off of Mary and I'll let you leave this castle with your life.

My lord? My lord! No we we ate the same food.

We drank my wine.

Poison is an art.

And the essence of art is surprise.

The gold.

I never touched your gold, Medici bitch.

Your son awaits you.

It's all right, Kenna.

Catherine saved us.

All right.

It's all right.

Why didn't you tell us? I learned long ago that only a secret known by one person remains a secret.

And of course, I I wasn't sure it would work.

Kenna, I'm so sorry.

I'll be all right.

I'll get her to the infirmary.


Come with me.

Take my arm.

It's all right.

That could have been me.

Or worse.

Why did you stop the Count? Why didn't you just let him finish me off ruined my chances of marrying Francis? You risked your life for my son.

Perhaps I owed you a moment of respect.

You called them animals.

Soldiers, laughing.

That sound you couldn't forget.

That story you told us, they didn't make in time, did they? In Florence? The first lesson I ever learned was never to wait for a man's rescue.

History is written by the survivors.

And I am surely that.

Thank heavens it's over.

Mother, when you said there was circumstances under which the Vatican would agree to my taking the throne.

Things change politically all the time.

Politics, yes.

I thought you might mean that if Francis and his brothers were taken, or dead, everyone would turn to me.

I'm of age to wed Mary, and Henry would have a son of his own blood.

I have the sense you're suggesting something.

I noticed Count Vincent's men were remarkably gentle with me, when you think about it.

Even before you'd had the chance to pay them for their kindness.

What else did you do? Did you tell the count when Father would be gone? You were meant to be away with your father, and then you would have missed it all.

He is my brother.

They took me in as family.

You are blood, not brothers.

Blood that Catherine wishes she could spill.

Stop this.

This is poison.

You are not family.

You are a complication of Henry's lust that they endure.

These are the people that you want to protect.

I couldn't sleep.

Mary Why? Why did you come back? - You didn't know the gold was poisoned! - Mary, stop.

It was one man against ten.

They would have killed you! Why would you do something so stupid? Because I love you.

What? And because it's pretty obvious now that for us to stay sane, we need to be together.

But what about not having control of our lives ? And and France and and Scotland ? There has been entirely too much thinking going on.

Tell me when you want me to stop.


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