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  03x09 - The Girl Who Knew Too Much
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Previously on Teen Wolf...

Deaton: If a druid went down the wrong path, there's a Gaelic word for that as well: Darach.

Scott: If these aren't random killings, then what are they?

Stiles: Sacrifices. Virgins, healers, warriors.

Gerard: How do you know your dark druid isn't your wise veterinarian himself?

Allison: He's been tracking and marking everything... all the dead bodies.

Lydia: I'm not a psychic.

Stiles: You're something!

Deputy Tara: What are you guys doing here so late?

Danny: Practice for a recital tomorrow. Why? Something wrong? There is something wrong, isn't there?

Deputy Tara: Someone made a 911 call. All of you need to leave now. If you see anyone else, tell them the same thing. Dispatch, this is unit ten. Do you copy? Dispatch, do you copy? This is Deputy Graeme with the sheriff's department. Step out with your hands in the air. This is the sheriff's department. Come out now.

Stiles: Where is she?

Allison: Over here.

Stiles: Lydia?

Lydia: It's the same thing. Same thing as the pool. I got into the car heading somewhere totally different, and ended up here. And you told me to call you if there's a dead body.

Stiles: You found a dead body?

Lydia: Not yet.

Stiles: "Not yet"? What do you mean "not yet"? Lydia, you're supposed to call us after you find the dead body.

Lydia: Oh, no, I'm not doing that again. You find the dead body from now on.

Stiles: How are we supposed to find the dead body? You're always the one finding the dead body.

Scott: Guys. I found the dead body.

Sheriff: Excuse me. Hey! Hey, hey, hey. Back it up. I know what you're thinking. I know you've got all these ideas about patterns and people dying in threes...

Stiles: Dad, murdered, okay? Sacrificed, actually.

Sheriff: I've got half the state, including the FBI, coming in on this. They're not getting away with killing one of our own.

Stiles: Dad, they killed Tara. You know, how many times did she help me with my math homework when I had to wait at the station for you?

Sheriff: Just, uh, get to class, okay?

Chris: I heard about the recital tonight, the, uh, thing to honor the losses at school.

Allison: They were murders, dad, not losses.

Chris: But your friends will be there, right?

Allison: Yeah, I guess.

Chris: Want me to take you?

Allison: I don't think I'm feeling up for it.

Chris: Okay. I get it. Take as many days as you need. School can wait.

Allison: What do you think you're doing?

Isaac: You weren't at school.

Allison: Did Scott send you? Is he checking up on me?

Isaac: Uh, uh, maybe he's worried about you.

Allison: I can take care of myself.

Isaac: Yeah, I've noticed. More than once.

Jennifer: Idioms, analogies, metaphors, and similes, all tools the writer uses to tell their story. Lydia, I wasn't aware you had so many hidden talents.

Lydia: You and every guy I've ever dated.

Jennifer: Oh, um, well, that was an idiom, by the way. Idioms are something of a secret to the people who know the language or the culture. They're phrases that only make sense if you know key words. Saying "jump the gun" is meaningful only if you know about the starting gun in a race, or a phrase like "seeing the whole board."

Stiles: Like chess.

Jennifer: That's right, Stiles. Do you play?

Stiles: Uh, no. My father does.

Jennifer: Now, when does an idiom become a cliche?

Scott: I think I can get to Ethan. I'm pretty sure I can make him talk.

Stiles: What do you want to do that for?

Scott: The druids are emissaries, right? So what if the Darach was an emissary to the alphas?

Stiles: Okay, first of all, I cannot believe that we've gotten to the point where a sentence like "what if the Darach was an emissary to the alphas?" Actually makes sense to me. Second of all, we're gonna have a huge problem getting to Ethan.

Scott: What's that?

Stiles: Going through Aiden.

Aiden: This whole thing with Danny, it needs to stop.

Ethan: He's harmless. And Lydia's the one we're supposed to worry about.

Aiden: Then why are you still talking to Danny?

Ethan: What difference does it make?

Aiden: What do you think we're doing here? You know we're not actual high school students, right? We're here to eliminate a threat, not hold hands and pass notes in class.

Ethan: And now, we know he's harmless. Threat eliminated.

Aiden: You're starting to like him.

Ethan: So what?

Aiden: So if Deucalion asks you, would you kill him?

Ethan: If Deucalion asks you, would you kill me?

Aiden: Stop talking to Danny... Or I'm gonna rip the flesh off his face... and eat it.

Stiles: Ever since he's been back at school, they're always together. How are we gonna separate them again?

Lydia: What now? What's that look for?

Aiden: Nothing. I'm just kind of surprised. You've barely talked to me since...

Lydia: since what? Since you killed Boyd?

Aiden: I told you that was Kali. I didn't have a choice.

Lydia: I thought you were all alphas.

Aiden: Yeah, well, it's not as Democratic as it sounds. And if you're thinking I should be all filled with remorse, try and remember Derek killed Ennis.

Lydia: So it's his turn to kill someone now.Is that it?

Aiden: Maybe. Maybe like the time he and Boyd tried to kill you.

Lydia: How'd you know about that? What the hell is that?

Aiden: Derek.

Ethan: Why are you even talking to me? I helped kill your friend. How do you know I'm not gonna kill another one?

Stiles: Is he looking at me? Are you threatening me? You know what I'm gonna do? I'm going to break off an extra large branch of Mountain ash, wrap it in wolfsbane, roll it in mistletoe, and shove it up your freaking...

Scott: whoa, Stiles, okay. We get it. We're talking to you because I know that you didn't want to kill Boyd. And I think that if something like that happened now, you wouldn't do it again.

Ethan: You don't know what we owe them, especially Deucalion. We weren't like Kali and Ennis when we met him. We weren't alphas.

Scott: What were you?

Ethan: Omegas.

Aiden: Derek?

Lydia: Aiden, stop, please.

Aiden: I'm right here, Derek.

Lydia: I'll scream.

Aiden: You want a fight, Derek? Come and get me.

Ethan: In actual wolf packs, omegas are the scapegoat, the last to eat, the one who has to take the abuse from the rest of the pack.

Stiles: So you and your brother were, like, the bitches of the pack?

Ethan: Something like that.

Scott: What happened?

Ethan: They were killers. I mean, people talk about us as monsters. Well, they were the ones who gave us the reputation. And our Alpha was the worst of them.

Stiles: Why didn't you guys just fight back? Form voltron wolf, you know? Kick everyone's asses?

Ethan: We couldn't, we didn't know how to control it back then.

Scott: Deucalion taught you.

Ethan: And then, we fought. We took down the whole pack, one-by-one. And by the time we got to our Alpha, he was begging for his life. And we tore him apart. Literally.

Scott: What about your emissary? They're all dead? Kali and Ennis' too?

Ethan: All of them except for Deucalion's.

Stiles: You mean Morrell?

Ethan: Ah!

Scott: What? What's wrong? Are you hurt?

Ethan: Not me. My brother.

Cora: Ah! Ah! Ah!

Lydia: Aiden, stop! Stop! Stop!

Ethan: You can't do this!

Aiden: She came at me!

Ethan: It doesn't matter! Kali gave Derek until the next full moon. You can't touch him or her.

Stiles: Hey, guys, I think she's pretty hurt.

Isaac: Okay, okay, hold on a second. Your dad's the killer?

Allison: No. I mean, I don't think he is at least. I hope he isn't.

Isaac: You hope he isn't the serial-killing dark druid who's been slashing people's throats?

Allison: Yeah.

Isaac: Right.

Allison: Do you wanna help me or not?

Isaac: Yeah, I'm just... I'm just trying to get all the cards on the table here.

Allison: See the marks? There are five more bodies to be found but it doesn't say who the bodies are. What are you doing?

Isaac: Something I learned from my father. Take a step back. Look at the whole picture. Sometimes, you see things you wouldn't notice if you were up close when all you're looking at are the details.

Allison: Look at that. You see that?

Isaac: Whoa. What is that?

Allison: A five fold knot. It's a Celtic symbol.

Isaac: Virgins.

Allison: Warriors.

Isaac: Healers.

Allison: Philosophers.

Isaac: Guardians.

Stiles: You okay?

Lydia: She doesn't look okay.

Cora: I'll heal.

Stiles: Uh... Oh.

Cora: I said I'm fine.

Stiles: Do you realize how suicidally crazy that was? What were you thinking going after them? I did it for Boyd. None of you were doing anything.

Scott: We're trying.

Cora: And you're failing. You're just a bunch of stupid teenagers running around, thinking that you can stop people from getting killed. But all you do is show up late. All you really do is find the bodies.

Stiles: She's definitely a Hale. Mm. I'll make sure she gets home.

Jennifer: Where the hell have you been? And don't say that you needed to be alone for a while because that is the single worst excuse ever. Oh. God, I'm sorry. You really did need to be alone, didn't you?

Derek: I'm here now. And you were safe. Trust me.

Jennifer: I haven't felt safe, partially because the evil twins are walking around school like nothing happened.

Derek: They're not gonna hurt you.

Jennifer: Some days, I just wanna take a sledgehammer to that bell.

Derek: Why don't you just come back with me?

Jennifer: I can't. I've got three more classes and I put this recital together tonight. I organized it to honor the losses at the school and... and now, it just sounds really stupid, doesn't it?

Derek: No. It sounds perfect.

Ms Morrell: Sorry, but I don't remember having any more appointments.

Scott: You sure? 'Cause I could use a little guidance right now.

Stiles: Philosophers?

Allison: And guardians, which after last night has to mean something like law enforcement, right? Stiles, you have to tell your dad. Tell him whatever you need but you have to get him to believe. Tell your dad. Warn him.

Stiles: Okay, okay, okay, I know.

Cora: What are you gonna do? I'm gonna tell him the truth. And I'm gonna need your help.

Ms Morrell: Why are you bothering with me, Scott, when you know the clock is ticking? When you know someone else is about to be taken?

Scott: By you.

Ms Morrell: Come on, Scott. Shouldn't you leave the interrogations to someone like Stilinski?

Scott: Are you the one killing people?

Ms Morrell: Are you listening to my heartbeat? No. I'm not the one killing people. Truth is, I'm all that stands between Deucalion and the lives of your friends. I've been the one pulling the leash taut when they're salivating for a bite.

Scott: What do you mean?

Ms Morrell: He wants a true Alpha in his pack. He thinks it's you. And a little distraction like a few human sacrifices isn't gonna dissuade him from the prize.

Scott: I'm not an Alpha.

Ms Morrell: But you're well on your way, aren't you?

Scott: Then what is he waiting for? What does he want me to do?

Ms Morrell: He wants to make a killer out of you. That's what he does.

Scott: But if I kill someone, I can't be a true Alpha, right?

Ms Morrell: Exactly. You want the psychologist's perspective? He's an obsessive who both desires you and is threatened by you. If the obsessive can't have the object of his desire he'll choose to destroy it instead. You'll either willingly become part of his pack or he'll make a killer out of you, destroying your potential to be a true Alpha.

Scott: Neither of those is ever going to happen.

Ms Morrell: Don't be so sure. You're playing his game. And while you're trying to figure out what to do next, he's thinking ten moves ahead, with checkmate already in sight.

Lydia: I don't get why no one's calling the police.

Jennifer: They're gonna make an announcement over the P.A.

Lydia: That's not gonna do anything! I told you, he's gone. Like the others, taken.

Jennifer: Okay. Look, we're just trying to understand, okay? All we know is that Mr. Westover didn't show up for class.

Lydia: And the last time that happened was Mr. Harris. Anyone heard from him lately? He's gone. And he's going to be the second murder.

Jennifer: But, Lydia, you wrote that number.

Lydia: Okay, fine. I'm psychic.

Jennifer: You're psychic?

Lydia: I'm something!

Ethan: A deputy and a teacher? What's the pattern?

Scott: I don't know.

Stiles: Okay, okay, okay, okay. Yes, okay. No, oh...

Sheriff: Stiles?

Stiles: Dad, I'm sorry, okay? I'm just... I'm trying to... I'm just trying to figure out how to start here.

Sheriff: Hey, I don't have this kind of time.

Stiles: Um, for the last year, you've had all these cases that you couldn't figure out, right? I mean, all the murders involving Kate Argent, and then Matt killing all the people who had drowned him, and all these murders right now. It's like... it's like you've been playing a losing game.

Sheriff: Stiles, the last thing I need right now is a job performance review from my own son.

Stiles: I know. Okay, see, but that's... that's just it, dad. The... the reason that you're losing the game is 'cause you've never been able to see the whole board. I need to show you the whole board.

Allison: I have to stop him.

Isaac: Is that really a good idea? I mean, if your dad is actually doing all this stuff...

Allison: "if"? Look at this. He knows everything. He's... he's planned everything.

Isaac: What are you doing?

Allison: If Mr. Westover was taken from the school, there's gotta be another point on the telluric current.

Isaac: You mean where he'll be sacrificed. There. That mark's new.

Allison: Then that's where he is.

Sheriff: Scott and Derek are werewolves?

Stiles: Yes.

Sheriff: And Kate Argent was a werewolf?

Stiles: Hunter. That's... purple's hunter.

Cora: Along with Allison and her father.

Sheriff: Yeah, and... and my friend Deaton, the veterinarian, is a Kanima?

Stiles: Well, no, no, no, no, no. He's a druid, okay? Well, we think.

Sheriff: So who's the Kanima?

Stiles: Jackson.

Sheriff: No, Jackson's a werewolf.

Stiles: Jackson was the Kanima first, and then Peter and Derek killed him and he came back to life as a werewolf. Now, he's in London.

Sheriff: Who's the Darack?

Stiles: It's da-rock.

Cora: We don't know yet.

Stiles: We don't know yet.

Sheriff: But he was killed by werewolves?

Stiles: Slashed up and left for dead.

Cora: We think.

Stiles: We think.

Sheriff: Yeah. Why was Jackson the Kanima?

Stiles: 'Cause sometimes, the shape that you take reflects the person that you are.

Sheriff: And what shape would an increasingly confused and angrier-by-the-second father take?

Stiles: Uh, that would be more of an expression like the one you're currently wearing.

Sheriff: Yeah.

Stiles: Dad... Dad, would you... I can prove it, okay? Look, she's one of them. A werewolf.

Sheriff: Stiles, Stiles! That's enough.

Stiles: Dad, can you please just hold on? You ready? All right, dad, just watch this, okay?

Sheriff: Call an ambulance.

Isaac: You really don't think we should call Scott?

Allison: Stay behind me and stay quiet.

Isaac: Oh, this is so not gonna end well. FYI, if your dad tries to kill me, I'm gonna defend myself.

Allison: If my dad tries to kill you, you'll be dead.

Isaac: Thanks for the vote of confidence. Whoa. I smell blood.

Allison: Where? What direction?

Isaac: I don't know. I'm not that good at this yet. But I think it's... Allison. Allison, wait. Allison, don't!

Chris: Get down! Help him!

Allison: That's Mr. Westover.

Isaac: It's our history teacher.

Allison: We were wrong. It's not guardians as in law enforcement.

Scott: It's philosophers as in teachers. Allison and her father just found Mr. Westover.

Stiles: That makes sense. Tara, she wasn't always a cop. She used to teach middle school.

Scott: Then the last one's gonna be another teacher.

Stiles: Yeah, but there's dozens of them, Scott, and they're all headed home.

Scott: No. No, they're not. They're all going to the recital.

Allison: You've been tracking the killer on your own this whole time?

Chris: Yeah, and I was this close. Could've caught him if the two of you...

Allison: So it's my fault? That you've been lying to me for the past two months?

Chris: You wanna tally up the lies, Allison? I don't think you're gonna come out ahead on that one.

Isaac: Hey, just a thought? Maybe right now isn't the best time for a little family meeting. There's still one more teacher.

Chris: The recital.

Allison: Guess we're going after all.

Stiles: What did you see the night at the bank when Scott was trying to save Deaton?

Sheriff: Nothing.

Stiles: Dad, you saw him healing himself after he tried crossing the Mountain ash.

Sheriff: I don't know what I saw.

Stiles: You saw something that you can't explain.

Sheriff: Stiles, I have seen a lot of things I can't explain in this town. That doesn't make 'em supernatural and it doesn't make 'em real. They just found another body. That's real. And that's the lead I'm following.

Stiles: Yeah, and another teacher's going to die if you don't start listening to me.

Sheriff: I am listening! I have been listening!

Stiles: You just don't believe. Mom would've believed me.

Danny: I know how to tie my own tie.

Ethan: Well, you know how to do it badly. Now, it's perfect. Still nervous?

Danny: All good.

Ethan: Okay. Listen. If anything happens, find me, okay? Find me first.

Scott: I thought you were going home.

Lydia: I can't. I don't know why I am the one that keeps finding the bodies, but maybe if I just stopped trying to fight it, I'd find them before it happens, maybe with enough time for someone like you to do something about it.

Stiles: You get me the time, and I'll do something about it. I swear to God, I will.

Cora: Derek?

Derek: Hey. Hey, I'm here.

Cora: What's happening to me?

Derek: I don't know. But I'm not leaving, okay? Not again.

Doctor Travis, you have a visitor in the main lobby.

Sheriff: The records would be over ten years old. I just need to look over a couple files.

Melissa: If this is about the murders, you would need a court order for that. Or someone like me that's willing to bend the rules for a handsome face. Give me the details. I'll see what I can do.

Sheriff: Thank you.

Lydia: It better be.

Melissa: There was a patient just like you described. Slash marks all over the body. Doctors thought it had to be an animal. Oh. But there's something else. Something happened at the same time that was even stranger.

Ethan: What's up?

Aiden: Nothing. I just think I lost my phone.

Sheriff: Birds?

Melissa: Hundreds of them. While the patient was in the O.R. struggling to hold on, hundreds of birds were flying into the walls, windows, like they were committing some kind of mass suicide.

Sheriff: Or like they were sacrificing themselves.

Melissa: For what?

Sheriff: Not what. Who.

Jennifer: You recognize it, don't you?

Stiles: Lydia?

Scott: Lydia!

Stiles: Anything? She's not answering texts. What do we do? Scott?

Lydia: What are you doing?

Jennifer: What's necessary. I'm still surprised none of you seem to get that. You call them sacrifices, but you're not understanding the word. It's derived from the Latin sacrificium, an offering to a deity, a sacred rite. A necessary evil.

Lydia: Stop.

Jennifer: Oh, I wish I could. But you don't know the alphas like I do.

Lydia: Please, stop.

Jennifer: But you, Lydia, you're not a sacrifice. You're just a girl who knows too much. Actually, a girl who knew too much. Lydia, don't!

Stiles: Scott?

Jennifer: Unbelievable. You have no idea what you are, do you? The wailing woman. A banshee, right before my eyes. You're just like me, Lydia. Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it. It's too bad, though... And too late.

Lydia: No, please...

Jennifer: One last philosopher.

Chris: Allison!

Allison: Mistletoe.

Sheriff: Drop it! There was a girl. Years ago, we found her in the woods, her face and body slashed apart. That was you, wasn't it?

Jennifer: Maybe I should've started with philosophers, with knowledge and strategy. Healers... Warriors... Guardians... Virgins.

Stiles: Dad?

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