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Previously on

AMC's The Walking Dead...

Don't hurt my little girl!


Everything okay with her?

She might be one of us.

What makes you think this man wants to negotiate?

We have to work this out.

There's nothing to work out.

We're gonna kill him.

We have a lot to talk about.

You attacked us.

Makes things pretty clear.

I was trying to make things clear.

I could have killed you all. I didn't.

And here we are.

I'm gonna remove my weapon.

Show that I mean to negotiate in good faith.

I'd like you to do the same.

May I?


No trouble.

Now you.

Well... suit yourself.

He's already in there.

Sat down with Rick.

I don't see any cars.

It don't feel right.

Keep it running.

Heads up.

What the hell? Why's your boy already in there?

He's here?


What's going on?

- Nothing.

Your friend isn't much for small talk.

You want to talk, talk.

I wanted you to talk.

Too many people have died for no reason.

Let's end this.

Save the bullets for the real threat.

We can solve this.

That's why I asked you to come here.

I know what you've done.

I heard about the raids, the heads, Maggie.

Merle did that.

No. You know what

I'm talking about.

You know all about me and I know all about you.

I don't care about any of that.

We're here to move forward.

Maybe I should go inside.

The Governor thought it best if he and Rick spoke privately.

Who the hell are you?

Milton Mamet.

Great. He brought his butler.

I'm his advisor.

What kind of advice?

Planning. Biters.

Uh, you know, I'm sorry.

I don't feel like I need to explain myself to the henchmen.

You better watch your mouth, sunshine.

Look, if you and I are gonna be out here pointing guns at each other all day, do me a favor, shut your mouth.

We don't need this. If all goes south in there, we'll be at each other's throats soon enough.

Carl, come here.

You stash these at the loading dock. All right?

Beth, put more up on the catwalk.

If anyone gets pinned down, we need to make sure that they have plenty of ammo.

I'll go work on the cage outside.

What we should be doing is loading some of this firepower in a truck and paying a visit to the Governor.

We know where he is right now.

Are you suggesting that we just go in and kill him?

Yeah, I am.

We told Rick and Daryl that we'd stay put.

I've changed my mind, sweetheart.

Being on the sideline with my brother out there ain't sitting right with me.

The three of them are right

in the middle of it.

No idea we're coming. They could get taken hostage or killed.

A thousand things could go wrong.

And they will.

My dad can take care of himself.

Sorry, son, but your dad's head could be on a pike real soon.

Don't say that to him.

It's not the right move.

Not now.

Can't take the risk of putting them in the crossfire.

That's my decision. It's final.

I've known you both at different times, but only after the world went to shit.

And you both stepped up for the good of others at great personal risk.

There's no reason--

Get to it.

Woodbury takes west of the river.

The prison takes east.

No one crosses, no one trades.

He's right.

We should hammer out boundaries, then leave each other--

I'm sorry, what is this?

It's a solution.

Absolutely not.

What the hell am I doing here? You told me--

Told him what?

You told me he was willing to talk.

I am, but the truth is, Rick, she's in no position to make such an offer anyway.

I'm here for one thing only--

your surrender.

Oh, you want surrender? Come get it.

You think we hit

Woodbury heavy last time?

Just take it easy, all right? We're here to settle this.

You're right. Would you step outside?


- Rick and I, we got a lot to talk about.

I'm not leaving.

I came to talk to him.

So you're the Governor.

That's-- that's their term, not mine.


But still, you're beholden to your people.

Well, of course.

You have responsibility to them.


Wasn't Merle your lieutenant?

He was helpful, yeah.

But you knew he was erratic.

You blame him for scooping up Glenn and Maggie in the first place?

Exactly. I was trying to sort it out when you attacked.

So it was his fault?

He's a wild card, but he's effective.

He gets the dirty jobs done.

I thought you'd take responsibility.

I thought you were a cop, not a lawyer.

Either way, I don't pretend to be a governor.

I told you, I'm their leader.

You're the town drunk who knocked over my fence and ripped up my yard, nothing more.

Didn't you ever misjudge someone?


Andrea told me about your baby.

That it might be your partner's.

But you're caring for her and I admire that.

Restitution for your own lack of insight.

For failing to see the devil beside you.

Oh, I see him all right.

I brought whiskey.

There's no reason not to use this time we have together to explore the issues ourselves.

Boss said to sit tight and shut up.

Don't you mean the Governor?

It's a good thing they're sitting down, especially after what happened.

They're gonna work it out. Nobody wants another battle.

I wouldn't exactly call it a battle.

I would call it a battle and I did.

I recorded it.

For what?

Somebody's got to keep a record of what we've gone through.

It'll be a part of our history.

That makes sense.

I've got dozens of interviews--

After you.

No way. You first.


Look what he's got.

Nah, I prefer menthols.


You army or something?

Nah, I just--

just hate these things.


After what they did to my wife, kids.



This is a joke, right?

They ain't gonna work anything out.

Sure, they'll do their little dance and tomorrow, next day... they'll give the word.

I know.


May I ask how you lost your leg?

I was bit.

So you cut off your leg to keep the infection from spreading?


How long after the initial bite?


You didn't bleed out?

We have good people.

They took care of me.



We learned by trial and error.

Me, too.

May I see it?

Your stump. I'd like to, um... ahem, see where the amputation was.

How high above the bite.

I'm not showing you my leg.

It's important data.

I just met you.

At least buy me a drink first.

I care about my people and I don't take their deaths lightly, and I know you don't either.

In a way, this fight, it's a failure of leadership.

Then leave us alone.

Well, now, that would be an even bigger failure.

You've moved into our backyard.

You shot up Main Street.

If I let that threat persist, I look weak and, well, the whole thing crumbles.

Well, that's your problem. Your choice.

Now, isn't that why we're here?


If we choose to destroy everything we've fought for over the past year... we're gonna kill everyone we know.

At your prison.

Back in Woodbury.

People we love, Rick.

I was at work one day taking shit from a boss half my age and an IQ even lower.

And the phone rang.

My wife had been in an accident.

"Sorry, Mr. Blake, we did everything we could."

I sat there holding that phone, knowing that I would never see her again.


It was just an accident. No one's fault.

She left a voicemail asking me to call her, but I hadn't had a chance yet.

I sat there clutching that phone thinking, "What did she want?"

Just to check in?

Ask me to pick something up for dinner?

What did she want?

Hey, you're not going.

I don't need permission.

I can't let you.

You can't stop me.

If you're gonna live here with us, it's gonna be on our terms.

If Michonne can do it, why can't you?

'Cause it's my brother out there, that's why.

What's the matter with y'all?

I'm not gonna let you put them in danger.

Nut up already, boy.

This guy cops a feel of your woman and you pussy out like this?

Get out of my way.


Get out of my way!

Let me go! Let me go!

If you'll excuse me.

How's it going in there?

They kicked me out.

I don't know what I'm doing here.

You're trying to help.

What happened with Maggie?

He's a sick man.

What am I gonna do now?

I can't go back there.

We're family. You belong with us.

But if you join us,

it's settled.

I know.

You know, the truth is

I didn't want any of this.

They chose me because there was nobody else around.

And they still think that I'm the man that can keep them safe.

They still think

I know what I'm doing.

I know you got guns.

Mmm. That was quite a stash you brought back the other day.

Now, my people, they're not combat-tested like yours are, but I've got more of them.

So this fight, it will go down to the last man.

So let's end it.


Let's not do this.

We can walk away.

You have something that I want.

One thing that makes this all all right.

I'm not giving up the prison.


No, I--

I don't want your prison. That doesn't sound safe at all.

I mean, you lost your wife, another man.

We're not moving on.

What good would that do me?

Best you stay where I can keep my one good eye on you.

I want Michonne.

Turn her over and this all goes away.

Is she worth it?

One woman... worth all those lives at your prison?

Is she?

You know I'm right.

The folks here, they're strong, good fighters.

But they ain't killers.

Rick is.

Maggie is.

Carl put down his own mother.

Mercy killing.

That don't make him an assassin.

Mmm, but you are.

When I have to be.

Then how do you explain letting me get away?

I must have been seduced by your sterling personality.

You coming with me or not?

Me and my brother, we have a few calls we use when we hunt.

I'll give him a heads up.

He'll warn the others.

You shogun the Governor's ass, I'll take care of the rest.

We'll be home before you know it.

And what about Andrea?

Bullets fly, she's gonna have to make her choice real quick.

You're on your own.

You get people killed, it's on you.


I thought it was my watch.

I got it.

Keep you company?

That was a hell of a choke hold.

I should have put him to sleep.

When we got back from Woodbury...

I made it all about me.

And you needed your space and I didn't give you that.

Oh, I didn't need

my space from you.

I just... wanted you to see me.

I'm with you.

I'm always with you, you know?

I'm sorry.

I know.

I'm sorry.

I know.

Oh, God, I love you.

I love you.



I can't do this.

Come here. Come here. Come here.


I'm okay.

Yeah, I don't get it.

You've obviously got big plans.

Like you're the guy who's gonna lick this thing.

Bring us back from the brink.

So why waste your time on a two-bit vendetta?

Why risk it all?

You could have a statue of yourself in the town square, Governor.

Killing Michonne is sort of beneath you, don't you think?

You could save your son.

Save your daughter.

Everyone you know.

It's your choice.

If I give you Michonne, how do I know you'll keep your word that you'll stop?

You can have everything you want.

I told you, I don't care about you.

You think about it.

Two days.

I'll be here at noon.

♪ What you got

going on? ♪

♪ High notes, eyes closed ♪

♪ Holding on ♪

♪ And I don't want another ♪

♪ Day to break ♪

♪ Mmm ♪

♪ Take our ♪

♪ Steal our night away... ♪

Let's get inside.

Position gunmen all around that feed store.

The minute you see

Michonne, you open fire.

Kill the others, but you keep her alive.

What about the deal?

Well, they'll bring Rick, Merle's brother, maybe Glenn, Merle himself.

We can take care of the whole crew.

It's the best way to avoid a slaughter.

That is a slaughter.

Not at our end.

We're gonna have to eliminate

Rick sooner or later.

No way we can all live side by side.

Thanks for setting that up.

You really put

yourself out there.

Glad I could help.

Rick and I set terms.

He's gonna consider them and then we'll meet again in two days.

What sort of terms?

Hope it works out.

So, I met this Governor.

Sat with him for quite a while.

Just the two of you?


Should have gone when we had the chance, bro.

He wants the prison.

He wants us gone.


He wants us dead for what we did to Woodbury.

We're going to war.

♪ Warm shadow ♪

♪ What you got

in store for me? ♪

♪ Warm shadow ♪

♪ Eyes closed next to me ♪

♪ Warm shadow ♪

♪ What you got in store for me? ♪

The group's taking it as well as can be expected.

Merle and Michonne are convinced we should hit first.

Carol and I think we should take our chances on the road.

We're in this together.

So if we stay and fight, so be it.

He gave me a choice.

A way out.

What does he want?


He'll kill her.

And then kill us anyway.

What if he doesn't?

What if this is the answer?

Why didn't you tell them?

They need to be scared.

They are.


'Cause that's the only way they'll accept it.

She saved my life.

And Carl's.

Glenn, Maggie--

if she hadn't come here, we never would have known they were taken.

She's earned her place.


Yeah, she has.

Are you willing to sacrifice your daughters' lives for her?

Why are you telling me?


I'm hoping you can talk me out of it.

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