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[wolf growling]

[Peter screaming]


I can't help wondering how you found us.

Hard not to follow a trail of bodies.

The trailer park.

The kid you tried to run over and then drown.

You must be very proud.

The boy on the tricycle. That was you.

How many more have you butchered?

Too many.

That kid you thought you saved, his life was all that was required.

If you hadn't interfered, Mom would still be alive.

That's on you.

But you did find us, by the grace of God.

It means we're close to completing our mission.

Slaughtering families and murdering children, that's your mission?

We mourn every life taken.

But it's God's will, to save the souls of so many...

I don't know what f*cking God you believe in, but you're a bunch of sick f*cks.

They always say that about those who bring disruption.

Noah, for instance. Then it started raining.

Who sent you?

Why don't you ask your God? It sounds like he has all the answers.

Where is the beast? The child you're protecting?

I'm not telling you dick.

Suffering brings enlightenment.

[breath trembling]

[eerie, melancholic theme music plays]

Peter, where are you? I got your half-assed message.

You better not try to do this without me.

Miranda's home alone with Nadia. I'm worried. Call me back.

How are you feeling?

Peachy keen.

It's a big day for you.

I just reviewed the latest results from your last session, and I'm pleased to report that your sed rate indicates a robust monoclonal erythrocytic rebound.

After your last treatment today, your upir retroviral load will be so low, we won't even be able to detect its presence.

You will, in effect, be symptom free, the hunger will be gone.

What's wrong?

Something's come up... with the baby.

Wh... Is she sick?

We need to postpone.

No, no, you can't.

I can do what I want.

You are at a critical juncture.

If you don't go through with this final treatment, the most virulent and resistant retroviral fragments will rush into the microbial void, multiplying unchecked, rebonding to your DNA, causing them to mutate with unpredictable and potentially catastrophic results.

It will be virtually impossible to eradicate.

All of our gains, all of your suffering will be for naught.

Fine. Let's get this f*cking thing over with.

We just need to get you prepped.

What do you wanna do today, little miss?

[Nadia babbling]

[Miranda] Oooh...

No, no, no, those aren't for eating, silly.

No, no.




[babbling continues]


Did you do that?


Call me as soon as Mr. Godfrey is out of prep.

What the hell did you do now?

I've done many things.

Could you be more specific?

Maybe you could tell me why that Barbie doll you whipped up downstairs is pretending to be my daughter!

I replicated Shelley's consciousness and transferred it to a perfect host.

I'm giving her a chance at a life she's never had, a life free from ridicule and persecution.

You have no right to perform your experiments on my children!

Cut the shit, Olivia!

You have the maternal instincts of an arachnid.

Don't pretend you care about Shelley.

How dare you question my feelings for my daughter.

When she was a baby, you couldn't stand to hold her.

When she disappeared, you were relieved.

You couldn't even hide your look of revulsion when she came back.

That's a vicious lie.

Roman was right.

The only thing you've ever been a mother to are your own selfish desires.

So... tell me why you're really here.

[sighs] I'm dying.

As we discussed...

You've created life in a laboratory.

Why can't you use the same process to save mine?

Olivia, it's apples and oranges.

Upir DNA isn't compatible with the genetic sequencing.

But I've fed on your failed experiments and they've sustained me.

Wouldn't it stand to reason that your perfected achievement would not only sustain, but rejuvenate me?

You're grasping at straws, Olivia. Why would you even think this?

What am I supposed to do, give up and die?

Have you been talking to Dr. Zheleznova-Burdukovskaya?

She's leading you on. You have no idea who that woman really is.

And God save us all from her agenda, whatever it turns out to be.

In any case, you have the finest oncologist.

In fact, I was just talking about a new treatment that shows promise: the extraction of an enzyme found only in the seeds of the Zingiberiflorae family.

It replaces nutrients required by the cancer cells with empty calories.

Junk food, in essence, allowing your body to reabsorb the cancer and process it through your digestive tract.

Just stay the course, and rest in the knowledge that every day brings new miracles.

Thank you for the encouragement.

I'm here to help.

Of course you are.

[soft beeping]

[elevator slows, stops]

[bell dings]

Mother, behold your son.

After today, the filth that you infected me with will be gone.

Time for second-guessing is passed.

This is our last opportunity. You must be strong.

He's my blood.

He's your enemy, the cause of your suffering.

Mercy is for the weak.

Maybe there's another way. "Death is the solution to all problems. No man, no problem."

Comrade Stalin said that.

What do you know about Zingiberiflorae...

Seeds? Is crackpot cancer treatment fad, totally discredited.


No reason.

[knocking on door]

Hey. Come in. Thanks for coming.

Not a problem. What's going on?

Uh... This, um...

This is for you.

You know, I appreciate, really appreciate everything you've done...

I... I can't accept this. This is quadruple my...

Combat pay. Take the money, and the advice that you gave me.

Get out of this town.

There's nothing good here for anyone.

Thank you.

So, what are you gonna do?

Uh... Well, I always wanted to spend a winter in Paris, or... any other place far, far away from here.

Before I lose my f*cking mind.

Ah, you're doing the right thing.

Sooner or later, Olivia's gonna make a mistake.

She's gonna have to answer for what she's done.

I was trained to believe that monsters were codified in myth to deal with the fears of the subconscious.

Now, I find that I've been sleeping with one for... twenty years.


Take care of yourself, Norman.

Yeah. You too.

[door closing]

That's all I have.

I'll make the necessary preparations.

He'll need to come with me for a period of time.

How long?

As long as it takes.

What are you gonna do to him?

It's best you do not know.

[Leticia] You better think this through long and hard, Norman.

Blinding me with dollar signs so you can sneak away and whack your girlfriend?

What are you talking about?

Don't you think I know when someone's trying to get over on me?

So, what, are you following me now?

From your office to the gun store to here.

You decide to go with the hollow points?


You know what she is... what she's done.

Even if you manage to kill her, the cops are gonna grab you up.

And don't think for a second that I won't testify against you.

She destroyed my family.

[sighs] It's a pretty day.

Last looks, Norman.

Lying in wait will get you special circumstances and the needle.

You need to go now.

Or what?

You gonna kill me too?

Give me the gun.

[door opening]

Where is she?!

You tell that backstabbing Cossack to come find me!

[man] No time for sleep.


We still got miles to go.


One of the few things that'll kill a demon like you.

I believe your people refer to it as mercur.

Do you know how many thermometers I had to break to fill this?

It's got its own word in Gypsy for the kind of pain.


[screaming continues]

I must have been thinking of a different word.

[agonized groaning]

[softly] Enough.

Why are you willing to suffer like this to protect a child who will destroy us all?

Are you so far gone you can't see what you're doing, unleashing hell on earth?

We both want the same thing: stop the killing.

But you hold the key.

Tell me where I'll find the demon. "A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun, while all about it, the darkness drops again

But I know that twenty centuries of stony sleep were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last...

Were vexed to nightmare...

Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?"

Let's give him time to sit with his thoughts.

[knocking on door]

Hey, boss. You have a visitor.

The smoking-hot PI.

Send her in.

What can I do for you, Miss Padilla?

I just stopped Norman Godfrey from murdering his girlfriend.

That's quite an accusation.

We both know he has motive.


And me showing up at the front door just put a kibosh on his opportunity.

He's not thinking straight. He's gonna try it again.

Well, he's got a carry permit, hasn't broken any laws.

I can't put him in preventative detention without a court order.

Lean on him.

Tell him he's under surveillance. Do whatever the f*ck you have to.

Just keep him away from her.

I appreciate the heads-up.

I'll look into it.

Thank you.

I was writing my report about our conversation the other day.

Olivia Godfrey... Um...

You said you... you lifted her prints from her residence?


Was she home at the time?

[picks up phone]


[line ringing]

[phone ringing nearby]

Deputy, moment of your time.

Where are you going with this?

Take Miss Padilla into custody.

Trespassing and suspicion of B and E.

What? What are you doing?

My job.

[Leticia] What? What... Get your f*cking hands off me!

What the hell... Get... [grunts]

Get off of me!

[taking deep breaths]

[bones cracking]


[wolf growling]

Your PI friend came by my office today.

Am I under arrest?

I want Olivia Godfrey dead just as much as you do.

She killed my sister.

I'm sorry.

I came to this town to find the person responsible.

And now I want to put her in the ground.

Why haven't you?

She suspects I'm onto her.

She'd see me coming a mile away.

But she trusts you.

You'll be able to get in close.

Why is that important?


You f*cker! You're f*cking dead!


[engine starting]

[line ringing]

Goddamn it.


[line ringing]

Answer, motherf*cker!


[phone ringing]

Destiny, listen to me.

Oh! Thank God you finally picked up.

I've been trying you for hours. Where are you?

Meet me at Roman's house right now!

What happened?

I'll explain when I see you.

Just get over there right now.


[line ringing]

[cell phone vibrating]

[phone chiming]


How's my girl?

What are you reading?

A book about twins.

How they can feel each other's emotions.

Just like Prycilla and I.

I have some good news.


Your consciousness transfer to Prycilla is a complete success.

I know. I could feel it happen.

That means there's a new you.

One that doesn't have to be afraid anymore.

Thank you.

This means that we're now ready to move into phase three.

It's OK, Uncle Johann. I understand.

It's time for this body to go away now.

I'm ready.

Does anyone else know?

No one.

The only people who will be notified are Norman and Roman.

Once the... procedure is complete.

So, what do you think you're going to do with your new life?

Put on a bikini and learn how to surf.


This is what I want.

The opportunity to start again.

Then we should move quickly.

I want to see my mother first.

Are you going to tell her about the transfer?


Let her think I'm dead.


I'm still not used to hearing you speak.

I'm not used to moving my lips and having words come out.

Dr. Pryce said it was physiologically impossible.

We all make mistakes, Mother.

I should have done more to help you.

I want to apologize.

For what?

Having me for a daughter must have been so hard.

To look at me every day and see something you felt so much guilt and responsibility for.

I understand why you wanted to keep me hidden.

To protect me. I wanted to hide too.

You loved me the best way you could.

Love is... not something I know how to do.

When Roman played the Tin Man in the fourth grade, I remember you staying up late for days making his costume.

You cried when he came onstage.

I was so nervous for him.

He had such stage fright. He kept... [sniffling]

He forgot to say "oil can," and just stood there the whole time.

I've seen the way Uncle Norman looks at you.

I'd give anything for someone to look at me like that.

Just once.

I've been so selfish.

You found love.

And in this world, that's a good thing.

I haven't been a good mother.

I made it harder.

Can we start it again?

It'll be better this time, I promise.

Yes, of course.


Dr. Pryce asked me to give you something to help with pain during procedure.


I will be back.

[phone continues vibrating]

[phone chimes]

[table whirring]

[rapid beeping]

[multiple machines beeping]

May all my enemies turn to ash.

Open the f*cking door.



And if you tell anyone I'm down here, I'll put your head on a goddamn spike.

[door opening]

[rapid beeping continues]




[elevator dings]

Where's my son?

He's gone.

He didn't go through with the treatment. Your legacy is still secure.

He will remain upir.

[Roman groaning]

Something happened. Something amazing.

Shelley can speak. The Tin Man found a heart.

I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about.

I don't have to be this person, me.

Olivia, we really do need to talk about your fondness for Merlot.

It's not Merlot, Johann. I've been guzzling from the cup of life.

Keep your silly experiment.

[alarm beeping]

I choose Norman and happiness for my son and daughter.

I'd rather die from a malignant tumor than continue to live like one.

[alarm continues beeping]

Oh, my.

[groans softly]

We need to get him to a hospital.


[doorbell rings]

He's in there.

Can you just tell me that he's gonna be all right?

What I can tell you is... when I return him, the vargulf will be cast out.

What I cannot tell you is whether he'll be alive or dead.

But it is certain that if it is not done, more death will follow.

Who's this?

I think you should listen to him.

Because you sure as hell aren't listening to me.

How many times have you turned against the cycle?

What have you told him about me?


A gift from my father.

He turned on wrong moons.

The look in your eyes is the same as his was.

Your body is deteriorating.

Get the hell out of here.

We're trying to help you.

What the f*ck, Destiny?! How could you be so goddamn stupid?

Those butchers are out hunting Nadia, and you think this is the best possible moment to stage some sort of bullshit vargulf intervention?

Now is the only chance that you have.

Please, you have to go with him because it's beyond my powers to help you anymore.

I'm not going anywhere.

Yeah, but you're gonna be no good to anyone if you're dead. No...

Just get the f*ck off me!

What are you doing?!

I'm sorry.

The gift you were given... has been perverted.

If you call on the wolf again, you will belong to him.

Unable to return.

We don't have much time.

Let me help you.

[Conway] You people have no business here!

This is a home, not a frat house!

So you people...

[glass breaks]

[Conway gasping]

[glass breaks]

[arrow whistles past]

[Miranda] What the f*ck is happening?

Go to the baby's room.

Lock yourselves in right now.

Yeah, but what about...

Just do it! Do it!

[arrows whistling]

[electrical charge whines]




[man] Take his head.


[man groaning]

[man groans]

Where are Miranda and the baby?


Get them, and get the hell out of here!

[whispers] It's OK, sweetheart. [sniffling]

I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.

What are you doing?

I gotta see if he's OK.

Please don't, they'll kill you!

Please, don't leave me!

[man shouts]

Grab the child!

[Destiny gasps]


[man screams]

Leave her alone, you son of a bitch.

[bones cracking]

[Peter groans]

[groaning, growling]

Come into my house to kill my child?!

[man yells]

[man screams]




Please, please! No, no! [gasps]



[pounding on door continues]

Praise God.

[high-pitched tone whining]


[Roman panting]

[Nadia babbling]

[Roman] Are you OK?

He just started bleeding.

I love you so much.

She loves you too.

You're her father.

[wolf snarling]

Why isn't he changing back?

[Destiny] He can't.

Stay back.

Peter, it's me.

Don't do this.


[feral snarling]

Please, Peter.

[wolf whimpers]

You're killing him.

[Roman grunting]

[wolf whimpers]

[trembling breaths]

[Chasseur] Wasn't sure if you were gonna to show.

Let's just do this.

You can walk away and your hands are still clean.

But once we go through this door, there's no turning back.

There must be something we can do, someone we can take him to.

Well, the only other person I know of is dead in the other room.

[wolf snarls]


[Destiny] Hey! Hey, it's OK. It's OK.

It's OK, it's OK.


It's over.

Yeah. Yeah.

[Chasseur] My sister said upirs are hard to kill.

Decapitation and cremation are the only ways to kill them.

The latter gets rid of the evidence.

So dinner and a movie, tie her to a f*cking stake, and set her on fire?

I want you to stab Olivia in the heart.

But I thought you said that I...

It won't kill her.

But a direct strike to the heart will put her down long enough for us to move the body someplace where we can torch it.

Jesus Christ.

We need to make sure the blade is coated with an anticoagulant.

Something like, uh, heparin. It's not a problem, right?

[sighs] No.

What the f*ck is this? I mean...


You only get one shot.

Aim under the sternum, and twist upwards and towards the spine.

I'm a doctor, I know where the heart is.

Then show me.

Oh! Shit.

[knife clatters]

Good thing you're a psychiatrist, not a surgeon.

Aim lower, thrust up.




[machines beep softly]

Please forgive me.

[sighs softly]

[sings in foreign language]

♪ Close your eyes, my child ♪
♪ And sleep ♪
♪ May no harm ♪
♪ Or darkness find you ♪
♪ And your dream be one of joy ♪
♪ La-la-la, la-la-la-la-la ♪
♪ Your mother's always with you ♪
♪ La-la-la, la-la-la-la-la ♪
♪ In my heart I'll carry you ♪
♪ And keep you safe ♪
♪ Our bond, no one will ever be able to break ♪
♪ And may your dream be one of joy ♪
♪ La-la-la, la-la-la-la-la ♪
♪ Your mother's always with you ♪
♪ La-la-la, la-la-la-la-la ♪

[stabbing continues]

[reggae music playing]

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