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  02x07 - Lost Generation
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[Boy] We are hot, hot, hot, you are not, not, not

[Voice distorting] We are hot, hot, hot, you are not, not, not

[Thunder rumbling]

[Man on radio]

Traffic is way backed up all the way along the ten beyond Clearview.

You're probably best to stay away from there altogether.

Construction still holding things up along the 90, so expect a few delays there as well.

[Eerie, melancholic theme music plays]

[Coffee maker whirring]



Last night.


Was kind of...


Yeah. Definitely unexpected.

What's up, buttercups?

I am starving!

And craving dark, leafy greens.

For breakfast?

Doctor Spivak says we don't get enough riboflavin in our diet.

And I don't see any dark, leafy greens.

So, how are we all doing today?


Yeah, good.

Oh, my God. So, I had this incredibly f*cked-up dream last night.

Uh, there was... there was this house, and there was this little boy. And... a storm was coming in, and there were these... these windows, these beautiful stained glass windows...

And... you were there.

And you were there.

And there... was this guy in this creepy mask.

Oh, it scared the crap out of me.

I haven't had a nightmare like that since I was a little kid.

Guys, it's the 21st century, OK?

What happens between us... among us...

I think if it's more than two, it's "among."

My point is, let's not trip, OK?


Well, I should, uh...

I'm gonna go say good morning to Nadia.

Me, too.

This'll only be weird if you make it weird.

What the hell was that?

No clue.

She shows up at the front door, starts nursing the baby.

Now she's sharing our dreams?

She even saw the masks.

What the f*ck is up with the mask?

It could be shame.

I mean, who wouldn't be ashamed of doing that shit?

Maybe we should tell Miranda what's going on.

Are you out of your mind?

She could be seeing something we're not.

What, are we supposed to just casually mention, "By the way, we got a backstage dream pass to a serial killing spree?"

She's gonna figure out something's going on.


Maybe she could help us find that kid, stop anyone else from getting hurt.

She could get hurt.

We tell her about the dreams, where does it stop?

She's gonna wind up finding out what we are.

[Phone ringing]


Norman, I got a situation here. I can't really talk right now.


F*ckin' great. What?

[Peter] Here's what I dreamt about last night.

And this is what came up when I googled the image.

Stained glass windows made by a guy named Frank Bannister.

This is his studio.

Zebulon, Ohio. Just across the border.

You better get going, before it's too late.

You told me to come to you when I had another dream.

There was a break-in last night. One dead, two injured.

I'm sorry to hear that.

So I've got my hands full looking for the perpetrator, which moves dream chasing further down my to-do list.

There's a family somewhere out there that's about to find themselves in a serious f*cking shit storm.

You can do something about it, like keep it from happening, catch the murderers.


It isn't just me.

Roman dreamt it too.

Roman Godfrey?

The kid in Toronto who died, Roman dreamt it too.

And the time before that, at the trailer park?

That's when we realized we were both having them.

Don't ask me why. I have no answers for any of this.

I warned you about holding out on me.

Look, I'm here, aren't I?

I'm coming with.

You're staying out of this.

I'm in this, whether I like it or not.

Last thing I need is a citizen psychic with a rap sheet tagging along.

You gotta listen.

Do you want to get locked up for interfering with a police investigation?


Watch it. These guys aren't f*cking around.

[Elevator dings]

[Door opens]

What are you doing here, Olivia? You have no business in this building, and you need a security pass to come down here.

What are you doing?

Letting Pryce suck away your power because it terrifies you?

Norman called. Asked me to meet him.

[Elevator dings]

Goddamn it.

And I told him I wasn't interested in a family therapy session.

Thank God you're all right.

I... missed you.

Did you just...


Say something else.



Say it again.

Roman... you look tired.

Lost sleep over you.

But it's all gonna get better now.

Hello, Mother.

Hello, darling.

What happened?

Where have you been?

So much to tell you.

We want to hear it all.

[Chuckles] Wow. Where were you last night?

I'm late for work.

You slept with her again.

Is it simply not possible for you to stop thinking with your dick, or are you just looking for punishment?

You don't understand.

She's playing you off of Roman. She wants his money.

We're all very cool with each other.


I... didn't want anyone to get hurt.

I was just...

He couldn't stand up for himself.

You did what you had to do.

We have to help Jason.

We will.

You were very brave.

I'm proud of what you did for that little boy.

[Roman] Norman left the building. You can cut the mommy act.

I know I have not always been demonstrative.

A product of my European upbringing, no doubt.

But it doesn't mean I can't strive to be a better mother.

To both of you.

I want us to be a family.

She hasn't changed.

This is my daughter.

I won't watch you prey on her.

I'm comforting her.

You're leading her on!

You never once cared about her.

[Pryce] Both of you.


[Elevator dings]

She's gone.

Shelley needs a break.

I haven't seen my sister in seven months.

Consider the mental anguish she's been through.

On account of Olivia.

Both of you are toxic.

Shelley is malnourished, dehydrated.

She has old gunshot wounds that still haven't healed properly, causing an infection so egregious it's wiped out her immune system.

Which is why her phosphorescence has disappeared.

And then there's the laceration on her back.

What she needs, even more than medical attention, is a period of emotional healing, which means a peaceful environment away from the howling mobs on the street and your endless f*cking familial dysfunction.

I can't tell you how disturbing it is you're the one responsible for my sister's peace of mind.

I've been seeing to your needs adequately, haven't I?

I'm not fragile the way she is.

Nobody means more to me in this world than that girl in there.

Then we at least have one thing in common.

One more thing.

It's imperative you tell no one, no one, Shelley is here.

I'm not an idiot.

[Elevator dings]

[Doors open]

Hey, what are you doing out of bed?

I'm OK.

You need to rest, OK? Pryce says you need to rest.

Look, I'm sorry you have to come back to the same old shit with Olivia.

She's... different.

No, she isn't.

Listen to me. She stopped thinking about you the day you disappeared.

I'm not gonna let her worm her way back in, OK?

It's too much stress on you.

I'll do whatever it takes to get her out of our lives for good.

[Door open]

Sorry I'm late.

I don't even want to know what you were doing.

Well, then don't ask.

Double homicide, Buffalo, New York.

Christmas, 1965. Married couple had their throats ripped out while their six-year-old daughter hid in the closet.

Only thing she would say of the perpetrator was the woman had "hair of night."

Why are you showing me this?

Cops were able to lift a clean set of prints from the crime scene, but there was no match. Until today.

I ran Olivia's fingerprints through the database, and they came back to this murder.

You got Olivia's fingerprints?

I was trying to rule her out. Now I can't.

Wait, this happened in 1965, for Chrissakes.

I ran 'em five different times.

I've got a guy at Quantico who eyeballed them himself to preclude computer error.

I know it doesn't make any sense.

It doesn't make any sense.

She wasn't even born.

I don't know, 60 is the new 40.

She's rich. Is it possible she's doing some kind of experimental treatment?

You would know what goes on in that White Tower, better than anybody.

This, um, this witness, she still around?

Her address in Buffalo.

Let's talk to her.

Michael Chasseur. I'm the new...

I know who you are.

I understand you might be able to shed some light on some folks having bad accidents that aren't accidental.

You've spoken to Peter.

He told me about a dream you both had, apparently.

Little kids, parents, house with pretty windows, and some bad guys looking to do harm.

Hm. First I've ever heard of a dream police.

So you didn't have this dream?

I might have.

But when my head hits the pillow, I, uh, I'm dead to the world.

Wake up, don't remember a thing.

Some people have things that keep them awake at night.

Not me.

Know anything about a home invasion?

Old lady got a fatal gunshot in her chest.

Two others in critical condition.


Assailant's description is strangely similar to the one Sheriff Sworn issued for your sister a while back...

My sister's dead. So is Sheriff Sworn.

I lost a sister, too.

I know what it's like.

Not something you get over.


So, uh this dream Peter told you about give you any leads?


A house in Ohio matches the description.

Long drive.


You want to watch out for those speed traps.

The five-oh can be real f*ck-heads.

But you probably get professional courtesy.

Why don't you come along? Me being new around here.

Unfortunately, I have a pressing doctor's appointment I can't reschedule.

Hmm. Hope it's nothing serious.


We both have a lot at stake in this town.

I don't need to tell you what it's been through.

Anything I can do to help.

Well, let's make a point of getting together... figure where things went so terribly wrong.

Sounds like a plan.


We'll call you. We'll call your office.

I'll expect to hear from you.

Yeah. OK. Good.

Three, two, one...

Blastoff! Whoa!

Julian. Front and center. It's time for your allergy shot.

I can't move. I'm dead.

There's a Fruit Roll-Up in it for you.

Come on, buddy. Let's go.

[Thunder rumbling]

My breakthrough in extrauterine fetal incubation involved an artificial umbilical vein conducting atmospheric oxygen and a fluorocarbon mixture through the ductus venosus to the inferior vena cava to maintain lung inflation at amniotic pressures...

You want... to show me something?

Well, I was going to present this at the Ectogenesis Convention in Stockholm next week, but now I've found a cause even greater.

Shelley, this is the new you.

Her cerebral tissue is undifferentiated, so I can map your brain's neuro-network onto it, effectively uploading your consciousness.

Finally you'll enjoy a normal human form.

This... my body?


I... mmm... assumed this would be good news.

Quite the pad.

Must be a great place to play house.

Yep, that's my evil master plan, become a housewife and conquer the world one casserole at a time.

I thought you were all about a payday, but I guess you're just one of those girls who needs to be the center of attention, no matter how many guys are involved.

I don't see how any of that concerns you.

As we discussed, I'm not gonna stand by and watch you smash my cousin's heart into a million pieces just so you can get double dipped.

Get out. Go, leave, goodbye.


Give me your f*cking hands.

The palms of your hands, I need to see them now!

[Both panting]

Oh, my God. What the hell was that?

You need to get out of here, now.


You felt it, the dark energy. You're in danger.

The only dark energy here is you, showing up at the door, talking trash, grabbing me with your cold, clammy hands, and freaking me the f*ck out.

If you don't want to believe me, trust your own feelings.

This is a dangerous place, and you need to get away from here, Miranda. I mean it. Go.



[Olivia] You are nothing if not a drama queen, Roman.

An invoice from a moving company?

You sent them to my cottage to evict me?

Your cottage?

Technically, everything on these grounds belongs to me.

Technically, I can't be evicted from a hospital, which this place is, after all, unless a medical doctor releases me from treatment.

I'll get Pryce to sign off on your discharge.

[Sighing] Oh, God.

Can we just stop this ceaseless pissing contest, please?

Whether you believe me or not, I really have been taking stock of my life, and realize I need to make amends for so many of the things I've done, as well as all the things I didn't do, which could have made your life and Shelley's... happier.


I'm about to get wheeled in there and have needles shoved into my eyeballs.

You have no idea how much more appealing that is than listening to you prattle on with your filthy lies.

Don't do this to yourself.

Hard to imagine you could f*ck up Shelley more than you already have, but you're still at it.

You come to my house when I told you to stay away from my family.

You and your family won't make it without me.

You need me to show the way.

One more treatment after this, I'm human.

I'll be nothing like you.

And when my daughter is old enough, she'll get the treatments too.

No, no, no, you can't. You cannot do that.

Mutilate my granddaughter? Roman, that... that would be cruel.

It could even kill her.

Anything to get your blood out of her veins.

She'll be like me, like JR.

What, you mean weak, indecisive, suicidal?

He chose a bullet in the head over being married to you.

What does that say?

Because of you, I never knew my father.

JR's not your father.


Didn't have it in him.

I know you've always considered him the genius behind Godfrey Industries, because that's the company line, and I didn't want to spoil your fantasy.

But JR's only genius was recognizing it in others.

He met a brilliant medical student one summer in Greenwich Village in a bathhouse, and an even more brilliant woman on the stage in London.

Pryce and I made the company what it is.

None of it would be here without me.

JR couldn't have created any of this, let alone give me proper children.

That means... Letha...


How does it feel to be human?

[Thunder rumbling]

[Bees buzzing]

[Buzzing increases]

[Phone ringing]

What'd you find out?

[Michael] That I'm getting played.

What? You couldn't find Bannister's studio?

Oh, I found it, abandoned, windows busted out.

Well, then there's a mistake. It's gotta be a different house.

Or you had me chasing ghosts to get me out of town.

Why would... I wanted to go to Ohio with you...

I don't know what games you're playing, son, but you better come correct with me.

You don't, Jesus already knows he can't help you.


The reason your man in a hurry for be somewhere is because your man have a wife somewhere.

Talk to you later.

Can barely chew her food.

Hears good, though, on account she grunts when you ask her a question.

But me don't really know how much help she can be.

How long has she been like this?

Ever since we know her.

You have visitors, honey.

Been downhill ever since her last stroke.

We'll make it brief.

You're going want to. Someone needs a fresh diaper.

Me ever get like that, put a bullet right here, sir.

Hi, Donna.

My name's Dr. Godfrey, and this is Leticia.

These are for you.

We would like to ask you some questions about what you saw the night your parents were murdered.

I know it's something you'd rather not think about, but...

But we need help finding whoever's responsible, even after all these years.

Do you remember telling the police you saw who did it?


You were a little girl, I know, but you told them that you saw a woman.

Do you see the woman in the picture here?


[Donna whimpering]

Donna? Which one is it?


Donna, Donna, it's OK.

[Donna crying]

It's OK.

What the hell? I think you need to go.

Let's go. I'm sorry. Sorry.

[Donna calling out]

Lord Jesus!

[Donna sobbing]

[Leticia] We need to go to the sheriff with this.

A ghost story from 50 years ago, scrawled in shit by some mental patient?

You don't seriously believe that implicates Olivia, do you?

No, but it might exonerate you.

Uh, you lost me.

Suppose Marie turns up dead.

I'm sorry, but that's a possibility that we need to confront.

Foul play's involved, no other suspects. The first person they'll go after is you.

Oh, come on.

Ninety-eight percent of the time, it's the hubby, the ex or the BF who did the dirty deed.

There's not one shred of truth.

Truth has nothing to do with a jury trial.

As cockamamie as it may sound, a dark-haired, bloodthirsty, age-defying vixen creates a reasonable doubt that at least one idiot juror will buy into.


Norman, you're my client.

I'm trying to protect...

I said no. I won't allow it.

Well, as an investigator who's licensed by the state, I have an affirmative responsibility to provide any and all information regarding the commission of a crime, whether I have your OK or not.

I'd hate to get on your bad side.

I don't have a bad side. I'm just Dominican.

[Pryce] Shelley. What are you doing?

Hemlock Grove.

Peaceful... from a distance.

Come away from there. It's dangerous.

No... it's no good.

[Gate clattering]


I shouldn't have come back.

Everyone would be... better.

That's not true.

Do you know how much happiness you've brought?

You are alive, against all odds.

And you are with the people who love you.

I... put everyone in danger.

You all will get in trouble.

You don't have to worry about anyone. Everyone will be fine.

And you'll be safe... in your new body.

I have taken care of everything.

No one will know, not if you don't want them to.

New body...

Can't do it.

[Chuckling] Why not?

The girl is a person, has a soul.

What makes you think that?

We talked.

That's impossible.

Not words.

I know how to talk without words.

Everyone thinks I'm a killer.

This would make me one.

Before you make any final decisions may I show you something?

What do you call a fish with no eyes?

What do you call a fish with no eyes?

A "fsh."


[Computer beeping]

Oh, that's joy. Now, let's try something different.

How did you feel when you were being chased?

[Computer beeping]

That's fear.

Now, you met a friend, Jason. What did you think of his father?

[Computer beeping]

That's anger.

Well, I'm sure he's probably in protective custody.

Now let's try it again... with her.

[Keypad beeping]

I want you to feel the same emotions again.

This time, the replacement body will be emulating your behavior.

Now, think of something that gives you joy.

Now think of something that makes you frightened.

Think of something that makes you angry.

See? Nothing.

It's a neuro-muscular response, devoid of any feeling, emotion, or meaning.

Like a machine.

Shelley is endowed with a soul.

Not so this tissue structure, however well engineered.

We would be mapping you, Shelley, onto a blank slate.

Now, does this offer any clarification on what you'll be dealing with?

If you like, we could start uploading as early as tomorrow.

Why don't you get some rest while I begin to prep the transfer?

[Computer beeping]


Have you ever seen a dream book before?

When we have dreams, we're basically receiving messages from beyond.

And the images in those dreams correlate to certain numbers.


They just do.

So, let's say I dreamt about rabbits last night.

I would look up "rabbit" under "R."

And the corresponding number to "rabbit" is... thirty-nine. So 39 would be my lucky number if I wanted to play the lotto, for instance.

Because it came to you in a message from beyond?

Exactly. So, what did you dream about last night?


Yeah, you were telling us about the dream you had.

Uh, right.

I heard on the radio that there's gonna be this lottery drawing tonight.

It's like the biggest jackpot ever. It might be your lucky day, so...

You said something about a boy?

On a swing.

Swing. Great.

Great. Anything else?

No detail is too small.


He was saying something about being hot.

Um, but he only had on a T-shirt.

With a red devil on it. Um...

Pitchfork, horns...

And a storm was coming.

That's good. What else?

This is stupid.

There is nothing stupid about a million-dollar quick-pick.

Well, first Destiny comes in here and starts having visions...


...and now you're harassing me about lucky rabbits.

No, I'm just... [chuckling]

Something's up, and I wanna know what it is.

[Door opens]

What's going on?

You don't want to know.

You sent the f*cking sheriff after me?

He's gonna help us.

It's in the dreams. It's gotta be in the dreams.

The boy in Miranda's version... in a shirt with a devil on it, said something about being hot.

Maybe the kid worships Satan in hell.

Or plays baseball. "Our team is red hot. Your team is all shot.

We're hot, hot, hot. You're not, not, not."

That's the team cheer for the Hemlock Diablos, right?

Mascot's a horned devil with a pitchfork.

He's on the f*cking Little League team.

That family's in Hemlock Grove.

[Toilet flushing]

Does this mean that you are ready for one hand to wash the other?

I spent the afternoon strolling the grounds.

The birch trees are beautiful in winter.

White, naked.

My son is trying to banish me.

Always extreme measures with men.

He has no idea what he's doing.

What about little girl?

What girl?

Some months ago, I'm given unidentified umbilical cord for stem cell harvest after young mother dies.

Run tests.

Find mitochondrial DNA same as one of our patients: you.

Don't worry. We women have to stick together, yes?

These... these treatments, when he's done, he plans to subject my granddaughter.

He has only one treatment left.

Is there a way to corrupt it?

Prevent him from destroying his true nature?

Only two outcomes possible: his metabolism reverts to normal human, or, with manipulation of formula...

Procedure is extremely dangerous.

Complications would not surprise Dr. Pryce.

I'm not sure I understand what you're saying.

Life is fragile, Mrs. Godfrey.

You protect baby girl. Become guardian.

Everything, White Tower, white birches, again belong to you.

And your interest in this?

Give me lab. Pryce works for me.

I will not let your progeny destroy themselves.

[Roman] Nineteen-thirty. Oldest church in the area renovated. Stained glass.

Frank Bannister, foremost craftsman.




I've got a good feeling about this lottery.

Yeah, you sure you don't want us to pick you up a ticket?

[Nadia crying]

Do all boys lie? Hm?

I thought these two were different.

[Michael] That's quite a tale.

[Norman] A tall one at that.

And this relates to the Marie Godfrey case in what way?

It doesn't.

[Leticia] Uh, may I?

No one is making any specific allegations here.

We just wanted to furnish your office with information that Mr. Godfrey became aware of that may be relevant to your investigation.

Spoken by someone who's clearly logged more than a few hours working for criminal defense attorneys.

We're sorry for wasting your time.

My sister, as you may recall, worked for the Department of Fish and Game.

That was her day job.

Clementine's abiding interest and principal focus was tracking and exploring phenomena that defy explanation.

You're not seriously giving credence to the ramblings of some psychotic old woman who--

Please. Sit down.

Have you ever heard of upirs?

[Bees buzzing]

[Peter] There's the church.


Holy shit.

Just like the dream.

[Thunder rumbling]

What do we say?

[Bell rings]


Can I help you?

[Julian screaming]

Hey! What are you doing?


[Woman] Hey! Emilio!


[Julian screaming]

Oh, my God! He's allergic!

Help me! There are too much bees in my room!

Help him!

Get him out!

Was he stung?

Get him out!

He stung me! Please! Someone help me! Hurry!


[Julian crying out]

Come on!

Open the door, come on!

Give him to me!


[Roman] Peter!


[Growling continues]


Don't try to do this alone!


[Growling continues]

[Classical music playing]

[Door opens]

Darling, where have you been?

I've had a wretched day.

I kept calling, trying to reach you.

Is something wrong?

[Norman grunting]


[Pryce] You have grown up so quickly.

A partnership between my brilliant work and your spirit.

It's time for you to come out into the world.

Are you ready?

My pride, my joy, my dear creation.

You are going to make me the most important scientist since Darwin.

But there's someone to whom I owe a debt, whose life is more important, I suppose, than a watershed of adulation.

[Inhales, voice breaking]

And so I must say goodbye.


"When thou dost ask my blessing, I'll kneel down and ask of thee forgiveness.

And so we'll live, and pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh at gilded butterflies."


[Dramatic opera playing]

[Opera ends]

[Computer beeping]

[Snoring softly]

[Gregorian chant playing]

[Gregorian chant continuing]

[Engine starts]


[Gregorian chant ends]

[Hip-hop music playing]

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