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Forever Howl

And then they posted all these Facebook pictures of Ellie Caruso where she's like in the background and doesn't know that there's a camera there and she's about to shove this big sandwich in her face, and it got all these comments and likes and stuff, and then she ended up in hospital for like starving herself and ripping out a bunch of her hair.


And here I am talking about them behind their backs, and I'm their best friend.

I just... it's like, high school is coming up so suddenly and everything has to be a million times more weird and complicated and sad. I don't get it.


Look, Hemingway, girls get to a certain age and it's sort of like a... like a freight train without a conductor.

Every f*cked-up thing that you're feeling right now pretty much every chick in the universe has come through it all right--mostly.

(blues music playing)

I just feel like the more I try to understand the world, the more of a stranger it makes me feel.

I hate it.

I hate not feeling like other people.

So what? You'd rather be normal? You're abnormal as f*cking balls!

(Christina laughing)


I think it's funny when you say that.

What, balls?


Come on.

Take it from an old man. OK, this town, these people, and all this f*cked-up shit that seems like the end of the known world, it's all just a blip.

The world outside this place and the life that you're gonna live is so much bigger than this.

You were born for so much more than you can see here.

And it's just sitting there waiting for you.

I'd be f*cking jealous of you... if I weren't me.


Let me out!

Let me out!


Come on, you little bitch! Come on!

Roman, it's f*cking locked!


Come on!

(Letha): Roman!


(Peter yelps.)




(Christina's neck snapping)

(Roman): Shelley.



(rifle loaded)





Shelley, don't run! No!


Please don't hurt her.


Shelley! Shelley!

(door opening)

(door closing)

(door opening)

(quiet moan)

(door closing)



(Letha crying)

I'm here.

I'm with you.

(Peter whining)

(Letha crying)



It's OK.

(vehicle coming to a stop)

Tell me.

She's gone.

What do you mean? Where?

(Roman sniffles.)

The girl... uh, Christina... she was the killer.

And what happened to Christina?

Uh, she's dead.

Shelley uh, Shelley saved us.

The sheriff thought she did it.

He shot her and she ran off.

I couldn't find her.

Babies, my babies.

(Roman crying)

Sleep tight.

(Linda sighs.)

And you, what about your parents?

Oh, I'm fine.

My dad's on his way.


I just...

I just, uh...

Come here.

What is it?

I saw him change into something else.

And then I saw him die, and then... I woke up and... he was back... in my arms.

I don't understand how any of that can happen.

I don't either.

It was you. There's no magic in the world stronger than life itself, and life is love.

Nothing's stronger. Nothing ever has been.



(radio)While details remain vague, it appears that the perpetrator of last night's Hemlock Grove killing and those that preceded it was the disfigured and mentally ill biotech heiress Shelley Godfrey.

She was wounded, perhaps fatally, by Sheriff Thomas Sworn, but a body has yet to be recovered.

It is unclear whether there were other witnesses to the in--


He's OK. He's OK.

Your aunt and I have spoken.

The town is gonna need an explanation, one that answers more questions than it raises, one that protects the ones who are still here.

Your names won't be part of it. It's been arranged with Tom. You were never there.

I guess it's gonna have to be her, then.

This will be the hardest thing you ever have to do, but for the town to heal and the family to move forward, they can never know the truth.

Peter won't be safe if they know the truth.

They need a villain.

I will make all necessary arrangements.

None of you were ever there.

The sheriff acted alone and he saw what he saw.

It's what she would have wanted.

She would have wanted to save what pain she could.

We're Godfreys... and what we say happened, happened.

You sure you can go along with this?

Is there any other way?

What she wants, not what she would have wanted.

It's what she wants.

That's why she shouldn't let me find her.


Yes, it's what she wants.

When she returns, we will protect her with all our power.

It's what we do.

We protect our own.

This is why we must do this now.

What about Chasseur?

Oh, don't worry, darling.

I've taken care of that as well.

She won't be bothering you or your friend any longer.

(bell tolling)

All we can do is pray that where she is she knows the world is better from the love she put into it, and the monster that did this, wherever it is, will pay for its sins.

Now let's pray and, as we pray, let's think about Christina-- her ever present smile and that...

You didn't have to come here.


I'd do anything to give it back.


Your childhood.

To everything there is a season.


The Byrds.

Well, I think appearances have been made.

Why don't you go and see how your cousin's doing?

Thanks. the presence of my enemies. Thou anointest my head with oil;



Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

I'm so sorry, Tom.

All that you've lost.

It's all so... f*cking pointless.

I did my part.

One bullet for every one of mine.

Not another man here can say the same.

These people call me a hero. That abomination was under my nose the whole time.

Well, the town's safer now.

If I really was a hero, I'd burn that tower to the ground with Pryce inside.

It's over, Tom.

You think so?

You think that we're living in a town without evil?

I don't. And I'm done.

Turned in my badge this morning.

It's ridiculous to think that a piece of tin would make you one of the good guys.

And what's a good guy when you can't even protect the things you love the most?

I don't know.

I'm always around if you want to talk about it.

Yeah, Doctor.

Let's f*cking talk about it.

...with thy steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.


That was easy.

Are you a man of faith, Mr. Godfrey?

Brother, neither you or I have time for me to start answering that question.

Well, then... a blessed day to you at any rate.

Yeah, a blessed day to you too.

He's all yours.


(Man chuckles.)

Strange bedfellows.

So to speak.

Well, here's to peace in the kingdom.


I'm sure you won't mind sharing the crown with Roman Godfrey.

(classical music playing)

Twenty years and that albatross is hanging around someone else's neck. Ha!

My son's, soon enough.

Well, if he takes after his father at all...

He's a good kid.

They all are.

Oh, Jesus, the things they've seen.

They have each other.

We all have each other.

It's all trivial in the face of this family.

All that matters is family.

Does it make me a bad person to expect any charitable donation makes me less guilty for what I'm about to do to the mother of my child?

It simply makes you a person, my love.

(classical music playing)

I can't wait to marry your ass.

You'll have to engage it first.

(both laughing)

Hey. How's he doing?

He's out of options, except for this.

Do you think it's gonna do any good?

It's no set of lost car keys, but... stranger things have happened.

What are you gonna tell baby girl about... everything?

(indecisive exclamation)

Is that how it feels to talk to me?


(She laughs.) Oh, don't lose that backyard baby weight, baby.

You're a beast.

You bring it out in me.

I hope so.

All right, get out of here.


See ya.

♪♪ Lured by our love of heat ♪
♪ We young men came to your door ♪
♪ And kicked our boots in fuss ♪
♪ Till we could kick no more ♪
♪ I bleed, boys ♪
♪ You smiled soft ♪
♪ And we all swaggered off ♪

I'm sorry. Still nothing.

She isn't answering.

I know she's there.

♪ In place of any loss ♪

She's somewhere.

She is!

Then continue giving her your faith.

I'm sure it will comfort her on her journey.

I'm gonna find her.

She needs me.

You're certain she's the one who needs you?

(gust of wind)

Well, I'll be.

(cell phone ringing)


Hey. Jesus, that was quick.

[Uh, guess what I'm doing?]

Having a baby?

I'm having a baby!



Baby... my heart has no words.

Your smile makes the flowers grow, and your tits make 'em bloom.

I love your ass to pieces and anything that pops out of you.

[This is the best news I've heard all year.]

[I'll see you there, OK?]

Yeah. I'll catch you on the flipside.


(Roman sniffling)

What's up?



Oh, shee-it!


(Peter and Roman laughing)

Give her my best.

Oh, babies are awesome!

We should go! - Yes!



To be the still point in the turning world is a warrior's greatest feat.

Anything else?


Come on.

(door opening)

(door closing)

Nice touch.

Can we... can we smoke in here?

I'm gonna own the place. Who's gonna stop us?

(PA)Dr. Day, Dr. Day, please come to the OR.

Uncle Roman.

(both laughing)

God help us.

Anything from D?

Dead end.

You completely sure she's still even out there?

I know she is.

It's like in the fall, you know, the dreams we were having?

I see her sometimes in dreams.

Not... not in dreams.

I've been trying it on myself.


I look into the mirror and I tell myself to see her and things cloud over, but there's... light.

And the light's an angel, and the angel's her.

It's her.

And she's trying to tell me something, but... but I can only just hear her. What she's saying is...

You must make your heart steel.

(Roman)Where are you? Shelley.

What do you think it means?

I saw a conversion of his fate line and heart line.

Your friend is gonna face the hardest choice of his life, and whoever's in his shadow is gonna share in the consequences.

Can you make yourself cluck like a chicken?

I don't know.

In the chapel, you know, when you did what you did... how were you not afraid?


I've never been more afraid of anything in my life.

I could have never done it if I hadn't had you there with me.

(Roman laughs.)


F*cking angels.

(both laughing)

(Letha moaning in pain)

It's OK, sweetie. It's OK.

It's OK.

You're doing great.

(Letha moaning in pain)


(Letha): Please, I don't... I don't want it. Please!

(Letha screaming)

Please, please!

(Letha shouting in pain)

Stay still!

Please! Ah! Ah!

(Letha shouting)

(doctor): Come on!

(monitors beeping)


Hey, what's going on?

(alarm tone sounding)

(PA): Code omega.

Code omega. Maternity one.

All available staff report.

Sir, uh, there's a disruption in the OR.

(Pryce sighs.)

It doesn't matter.


Just... tell him where to find me.

(PA): Maternity one. Cancel omega.

Patient is deceased. Security, clear the area.

I thought she'd be safe, safe with you.

It was... unavoidable.

Do it.

Bring her back.

Norman... perhaps you should sit down.

No, no. You need to bring her back.

I'm ordering you to bring her back!

She suffered a massive post-partum embolism.

I'm sorry, but...

She's getting cold.

Look, just bring her back.

You think I'm being irrational.

Oh, but I'm not.

Look, I'm in full possession of my faculties.

Just... bring her back.

I'll make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Norman, give her to me.

You'll do it?

Go on, give her to me.

You'll do it now?

Take her back.


She's too old.

I may have more luck with the baby.

(crying): F*ck the baby.

SHE'S my baby.

I'm sorry, Norman.

I'm not God.

(Norman crying)

(Lynda)Are you ready?

(Peter breathing loudly)



You know when I was pregnant with you, Nic had a vision that he was holding a baby and the baby was peeing on him and the pee was coming out as one red silk ribbon after the other.

And that's how he knew you were gonna have a long and full life.

And it filled him up with so much sadness, because in a life that's long and well lived, there's gonna be pain and darkness that can't be understood by those who live day to day like it's any other.

You loved her, she loved you, and you're never gonna be the same again.

And these are all good things.

(door closing)

(scissors snipping)



Darling, tell me what you need.


(train horn in the distance)

(Olivia)You know this story.

Many years ago in a land beyond the forest... there lived a young girl, the plainer of two sisters and daughter of one of the proudest names in the land.

She was much loved and protected by her father and elder sister for her meek and gentle spirit.

But in her 13th year she was to have a taste of the suffering from which she had long been shielded.

His name was Dimitri and he was a slave purchased for the unthinkable sum of two oxen for her sister's dowry.

So she did the unthinkable.

She defied the law of her land and her blood and she stole him.

They rode a day and a night until they dared sleep without a search party catching up.

But when she awoke, Dimitri, both horses, and the rings on her fingers were gone.

(flesh tearing)



A search party came across her the next day.

Nine months passed.

(baby crying)

Not to worry, my darling Olivia.

We'll say she is your sister's, and it will be a dishonor to no one.

The blood of a slave makes a slave.

Give it to the swineherd.

And so the child, Magdalena, was not heard from again.

And Olivia informed her father she'd be going to the academy in the city to learn the dramatic arts.

A gypsy is a gypsy is a gypsy.

They will steal the rings from your fingers and the love from your heart.

But as he discovered history's truest and cruelest nature...
(Roman shouting) repeat, I was there waiting for him.

I was right there.

(classical music playing)


Shall I order another bottle?



(Olivia ringing a small bell)

It's time for you to go to bed.


♪♪ I told her, "Thank you" ♪
♪ She said, "That's it" ♪
♪ I got real nervous ♪
♪ She kissed my lips ♪
♪ And in that moment ♪
♪ I swore she was... ♪

Happy birthday, darling.

♪ We got to talking and she became... ♪

I was wondering if I might ask you to join me in the attic.

♪ ...think that perhaps she could help me ♪
♪ But I was caught ♪ Why?

♪ In the pain behind her eyes ♪

There's something I'd like to show you.

♪ She said, make me a bird ♪
♪ I'll fly away ♪
♪ Beyond the confines of the sick, sick game ♪
♪ I said, make me a bird ♪
♪ And I'll fly too ♪
♪ Don't care where, just me and you ♪
♪ Listen, don't want to play the game, just watch your turn ♪
♪ And if I occupy the contents of your mind ♪
♪ Then make me a bird, I'll fly with you ♪

What is this?

♪ Don't care where, just want to see and spit the truth ♪


All those secrets, whispers of a dream.

My ordeal, so many disappointments over the years.

(baby crying)

Juliet and many others came.

(neck snapping)

None with the mark.

And many went.

Until finally he came, my miracle.

He was born with the caul. He will always be mine.

What are you?

That luminous red caul

I peeled from his wrinkled skin myself and consumed with the humblest gratitude.

And, finally, the truth of your birthright.

Who? Who? Who?!

It was an angel.

You always knew how to find the right spot.

So what am I thinking?

(Roman)That you wish the summer would never end.

I'm thinking that it's time to go home.

I was never here. Dream about something nice.

F*cking angels.

It was you.

(Letha crying out)

She's waiting to meet her father.

What are you?


What are we?

(baby crying)

You know what you have to do.

No. No! No! No!

(crying): No! No! No!

No! No! No! No!


You can't control the hunger.

Let it take you.


You must make your heart steel. You must make your heart steel.

You must make your heart steel.

You must make your heart steel.

You must make your heart steel.

Clever boy.

(baby crying)

(baby crying)

You are a warrior.

You don't win.

Oh, my poor boy.

I love you so much.

(Olivia singing softly)

♪ Pai saraca inima mea ♪
♪ Saraca inima mea ♪
♪ Fost-am la doftor cu ea ♪
♪ Fost-am la doftor cu ea ♪

(Olivia continuing to sing in foreign language)


Welcome back, my treasure.


(baby crying)

To rise, a victim of your own hand.

It is the way of our kind.

Oh, darling, I always win.

You're not a warrior.

You are a dragon.

Do it.

(baby crying)

(Roman roaring)


(Olivia screaming)

(weakly): So... proud of you.

(Olivia shrieking)


You talk too much.

(Destiny): You must make your heart still.

(Olivia)But the crown, like everything, has its price.

I only hope you're ready for it.

(church bell tolling)

Your Grace?

I think you're gonna like it.

Sudoku keeps the mind spry.

You'll find that's no small thing when you reach my age.

But then I suppose it's impossible for a man of your age to believe it will ever come to pass.

Speak in straight lines, papist. Why am I here?

Why am I here?

Are we debating ontology?

Don't contact me again.

Michael Chasseur.

I have a job for you.

Keep it.

I don't need the silver from you.

Who said anything about money?

It's not that kind of job.

Hemlock Grove.

It was him, Roman Godfrey who murdered your sister.

Mmm. Yummy.

(police radio chatter)


I suppose we can find room.

You hungry?

Not right now.

Maybe later.

You doing all right?

Yeah. You're my little honeybun.

♪♪ Drive on, drive on ♪
♪ My special one ♪
♪ Don't you stop till you know you're gone ♪
♪ Your sister and me will keep your place clean ♪
♪ So it shines when you finally come home ♪
♪ Drive on, drive on ♪
♪ My special one ♪
♪ Don't you stop till you know you're gone ♪


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