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  01x09 - What Peter Can Live Without
 Posted: 08/08/14 16:10
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Peter's Hierarchy of S... He Can Live Without

(monitor beeping)

(monitor beeping)

Flowers are for funerals.

From your friend.

I have little use for their kind in years.

In face of difficulty, large grievances become... so minor.

(singing in foreign language)

(Olivia singing in foreign language)

(heavy breathing)

(crickets chirping)


(heavy breathing)

Oh, wait!

I wanna try something.


(train horn in the distance)

Doctors say the longer you stay in a coma, the less likely you are to wake up.

Pfff! Doctors.

You really have a way with words.

Can you tell me a story about being a gypsy?

You guys realize I'm half Italian, right?

We do. It's just no one cares.

All right.

(Letha laughing)

One time Nicolai caught a fairy.

What do you mean a fairy?

I mean a fairy. What am I supposed to mean?

OK, go on.

I was at his house one night.

It was the summer, so it was just scorching hot.

Must have been eight or nine.

And he says, "You wanna see something?"

So he turns off all the lights, and he gave me this jar with a little light inside, And I go, "Nic, that's just... that's a lightning bug", and he goes, "No, Peter... look closer".


And I held it up... and I shit you not, there's this little person inside the jar, a little girl, no bigger than a thumbnail.

And her wings are so beautiful like a dragonfly.

And this little light...

What was she wearing?


So I go to Nic like, "Holy! Where did you find her?"

And all he says is, "She was just... flying around the porch light with the moths".

She must have gotten lost.

Yeah. You know, at first he tried to catch 'em with his hands, but I guess she stung him.

Fairies sting?

Oh! You have no idea.

Fairies are meaner than f*cking hornets!

Who knew?


So what did you do with her?

We just kept her for a while.

What did she eat?



Ha! Ha! Ha! Gross!

Pretty fairies do not eat flies.

Just grabbed them out of the air and tore 'em apart.

Mm! Stop it.

Better than watching tarantulas go after crickets.

So what happened to her?

She died.

One day it was just a tiny old lady in the bottom of the jar.

At first, I thought she was just napping so I shook it.

Definitely dead.

No one can f*cking live like that.

(theme music)

(distant scream)

(girl whimpering)

(thumping upstairs)

(woman moaning upstairs)

Clear your head.

Must do what he said.

Clear your head. Clear your head. Clear your head.

(cell phone ringing)

F*cking psychic spooky weird twin shit!


...damn hands up, bitch!

I can't have my baby here.

(man)We always have had time for each other.

God does not want us to be happy. He wants us to be strong.

(Chasseur yells.)

(man)Welcome to the Order of the Dragon, Dr. Chasseur.

...Quam Misericors est Deus, Pius et Justus.


Your hands.

O Quam Misericors est Deus, Pius et Justus.

When the moon is full, do you walk in the skin of a wolf?

We and the barons and magnates of our kingdom shall bear and have... and do choose and agree to bear and wear the sign or effigy of the dragon incurved into this form of a circle... its tail winding around its neck... divided through the middle of its back with blood forming a red cross.

But it remains untouched by that blood, just as all of those who fight under the banner of the glorious martyr St. George remain untouched by the beast.

The beast is the devil appearing on Earth as a radiant heavenly being, claiming to be God.

But you shall root him out.

Let Him serve as your guide and from this day forward let it be the only one you bear.

May you strike down

God's enemies and smite them from the Earth in his name.

It's gotta be him.

So why don't I believe it?

Who are you?

What are you?

You're going to lose your soul.



Cool view!

OK, who did you blow to get this room?

Are you OK?


Yeah, I'm fine.

I just woke up.

OK, um, we brought some DVDs for you to watch.

Or we could do whatever you want.


Don't you like Scrabble or something? I mean, I can download the app on my phone if you want.

Do, do you see something?

No, I don't see anything.

Um... whatever you guys want to do, I'll do.


(Alyssa weeping)

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

You're my best friend.

I'll be OK.

I'll be OK.


Hey. How's she doing?

I hate it here, Dad. Chrissy hates it here too.

She said she was feeling better and... really, really wants to stay with us.

Did she actually say that?

Uh... she, she didn't have to.

Yeah, friends always know what other friends are thinking.



Our girl's been through a lot lately, and I know that hospitals are no fun, but Dr. Godfrey thinks she needs to stay here a little bit longer, and I need to trust his judgment on this.



She knows that you two love her so very much, like a sister, and that's what she needs right now.



OK. Come on.

(Olivia breathing heavily)



You're still so beautiful as beautiful as the day I first saw you.

You, uh, probably have to get home.


You don't?


Have to go home?


Of course I do.

Let me help you, darling.



I think you got it.

Letha is f*cking Peter Rumancek.

(barking outside)


She told you this?

Of course not. She doesn't tell me anything.


Well, then how do you know?

Her phone, text messages.

Marie, you had no right.

I mean, that's an invasion of her privacy.

Our daughter claims she has been impregnated by an angel.

An angel, Norman! Now, she's sleeping with a boy that half the people in Hemlock Grove think is a serial killer.

Uh, well they don't just think he's a serial killer, Marie, they think he's a werewolf, and that is insane.

Do you know that one of my patients originated that rumor?

It's character assassination by a traumatized 14-year-old girl.

I need you to be her father, not her friend.

(Norman chuckling softly)


I'll talk to her.

(door opening)

(Letha): Hey, guys, I'm home.

(door closing)

(tap water running)



Um... your mom... your mom got ahold of your cell phone.

We know about Peter.


She had no right.

Was it, um... was it your first time... in a manner of speaking?


It's not a bad thing.

I mean, don't ever let anyone put in your head that sex is, is a bad thing.

Is this as awkward for you as it is for me?




But lying, lying to me, to us, hiding things, that's a problem.

We're a family. We don't keep secrets from each other.

I'm in love with him.

People see someone like Peter as a blank piece of paper they can just put everything they're afraid of on.

You know how people are.

I mean... what do you think people say about Shelley?

Do you trust me?


I hope this isn't a bad time.

(electronic voice): He's upstairs.

Oh. Uh... No, I'm not here to see him.

I mean, I pray for him, but... I came here because I thought maybe you needed a friend.

I figured this hasn't been easy on you.

Wow! That sounds so stupid.

Of course this hasn't been easy on you. Uh... what I mean is that...

It's not stupid.

Can I give you a hug?



Uh, I just wanted you to know how sorry I am.

I'm kind of sick about the whole thing.

I was trying to think of the last time I talked to Roman before this and...

I think I was a bitch to him.

I'm sure that's not true.

Uh, anyway I made him this.

If you wouldn't mind bringing it to him...

Yeah, of course.

Thanks. I really...

I hope he's OK.

What was that about?

Evidently, Ashley Valentine does have a soul.

(Peter chuckling softly)

So, I wanted to ask you something.

I want you to come to dinner at my house.

(Destiny)So, you said you found me through my website?

Yes. Not many people who do... what you do in the tri-state area.

Fair enough.

No offense, but you don't really seem like the type to come to a person like me.

Excuse me?

Well, there... tend to be certain life events that bring clients to my doorstep... a death in the family, mother, father, sometimes a favorite uncle.

Infidelity is another big one too, cliché as that may be.

And then there are those tragic folk who wake up one morning and remember they've been molested... sometimes by their favorite uncle.

But you... your problem doesn't fall into any of those categories, do you?

Your problem seems to me to be much more... internal.

How do you figure?

Well, for one, I could smell it on your breath the second you walked in the door.

Don't worry. There's no judgments here.

You can talk to me... about anything.

I want to talk to you about family.

I sense you don't have much of one.

Your family, actually. A cousin, if I'm not mistaken.

I know what you think you're looking for, but you'd be wrong.

Then why am I here?

To find what you've been looking for.

Like I said, there are no judgments here.

You can talk to me about anything.

I'm not sure I can trust myself anymore.

I'm afraid I've lost my path to God.

When you say God, you mean--

I mean God.

Right. I'm sorry.

I don't get many big Gs in here.

And the ones I do are usually enjoying my other services.

Interesting, though that as a woman of faith you have such a problem with control.

Let me see your hands.


Because it's important that I see.

Look, you came here for a reason and I let you in for a reason, so let's just put all our shit aside and trust each other for two seconds.

(deep inhale)

It's in every part of you.

You're not lying.

You have been searching.



Will you tell me what you saw?

What you felt?


Please, I need to know.

(whispering): Let me restore you.

Would you like to hear God's voice again?



(Chasseur shivering)

Ah, Mrs. Godfrey.

Sorry. Did we, uh, call you?

No. As a matter of fact, you did not, and you should have by now.

Why isn't my son's car ready yet?

Uh, we had to change the starter and some electrical...

Parts for a car this old aren't... easy to find.

I want it in driving condition, and I want it now.



Car trouble?

Well, you know, he thinks it's nothing, but every time I drive it, I hear this rattling.

Prevention is the best cure.

How is Roman?

No... change yet.

Letha's been stopping by quite a bit to see him.

Truly lovely girl.

Thank you. Norman also?

Yes, a... a great support as always.

Yes, he is.

It's a pleasure running into you. It's been so long.

It has.


He's in our thoughts.

Good luck with the rattle.

(crickets chirping)

(soft jazz music)

Thanks, Nic.

What's that?

We were worried you might be a vegetarian.

No. The steak's good.

It's great, Mom. Thanks.

She uses a special marinade.

What's in it again?

Just a little bit of love.

Did you guys see that picture in the paper of the guy walking down Liberty Avenue with a leopard on his back?




Oh! Well, there was this guy walking naked down Liberty Avenue with a leopard on his back.

Was the leopard alive?

I'm not sure.


So, Peter... senior year. Pretty stressful time, right?

Not really.

Well, I assume you're thinking about colleges.

Thinking about it, sure.


Letha's already written her personal essay.

I think I might have to defer that for a year though.

(Norman clearing his throat)

So, uh, Mrs. Godfrey, how did you meet Mr. Godfrey?

Uh, we met at the mill.

My father--

Her father was a steel worker.

Worked for my family.


He was a good man. Always made me call him

Mr. Newport. Very prideful.

He was a hard worker.

And Mr. Newport did not want me anywhere near his daughter. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


Oh, yeah.

Mom, you never told me that.

How did he win you over?

Godfreys, uh, get what they want.

What's that, honey?

Godfreys get what they want.


Excuse me.

I'm just suddenly feeling a little bit tired.


(Norman clearing his throat)

How about it, partner?

It's not a trick question.

Yeah. Please.

So... what should we drink to?

To Roman.

To Roman.


(dog barking)

He's not who you're looking for, you know?

I don't know that.

Well, then maybe you didn't learn a thing.

How is it so easy for you?

It's not about knowing.

It's all right here.

(door slamming)


Is the lady of the house at home?

May I say who's calling?

It's OK. I wouldn't want her killing the messenger.

How the other half lives.

I'm sorry, I cannot let you in unannounced.

Is she upstairs?

No, no, please! She'll be very upset!

(monitor beeping)

I'm sorry about your boy.

Thank you. Let me, uh...

No, no. Come on. I know you're good for it.

When Peter was born, his shoulders were too broad.

He got stuck in the birth canal, suffocating.

The doctor did everything he could to get him out until finally, he just, he had to reach his hands in and... snap my baby's collarbone.

I could feel the crack all the way through my body.

(Lynda sighing)

And then there he was blue as the sky.

Doctor said it was up to him.

He was either gonna take a breath or not.

And then he took a breath.

Hmm... and then he took a breath.

It isn't easy raising them on your own, especially when you didn't have any choice in the matter.

But then, you know, you really have to wonder...

I mean, what would a man provide anyway?

Sometimes it's just... nice having them around.

Nice but... incredibly... Ha! Ha! Ha!


Ha! Ha! Ha!

Utterly useless! Ha! Ha! Ha!

There's something very different about having a son.

There's something very different about raising a little man. You spend your whole life thinking you're all they've got and then one day you realize... they're all you've got.

And what do you do with that?


(whispering): It's not up to him.

What was that?

It's not.

It's not up to...

Roman when he dies. It's not... it's not his decision, it's mine.

It's too soon.

It's too soon.

Full moon tomorrow.

You got spunk in your ears, Rumancek? I'm talking to you, you dirty gypsy piece of shit.

Aw, he's probably just down 'cause his girlfriend's in a coma.

Need to run home and suck Sleeping Beauty's dick?

You deaf, faggot?

So, where's the, uh... where's the wolf half come from anyway, right?

Yeah, your mom toss a steak between her legs and say, "Come and get it, boys?"



(girl): Oh, my god!

Holy shit!

Wait! Let him go!


Leave him alone!

What the f*ck?

I'm sorry.



♪ ...kill the blame ♪


♪ The answer's written on your stars ♪
♪ Feel free, feel free to dream ♪

It's not one of my nice ones.

♪ The biggest dream you ever had ♪
♪ Feel free to wish upon the stars ♪

Darling, I should really take you home.

♪ This is love ♪
♪ This is love ♪

Well, at least give your mother a call.

She's wound rather tightly these days.

♪ This is love ♪
♪ This is love ♪

Ah, come on.

Come on, come on, come on!

Who could do such a thing to a face so beautiful?

It's fine. It was no one.

Dracu' sa le ia.

(train blowing horn)

Sit, sit.

Come in.


It's swelling up.

How much pain are you in?

It's fine.


(loud bang)



OK... drink this in one go as fast as you can.


This is for the swelling.

When it thaws there's more.

OK, sure.

I think you know what to do with this.

You can go. Take care of him in the back.



Sorry. "Will you tell me a story about being a gypsy?"

You are such a jerk!

Oh! Hey, I'm sorry.

At least it wasn't stitches.

I hate f*cking stitches.

Perhaps, uh...

Peter should stay at our house for a time.

A full moon does bring it out in people.

I don't know. This is his home.

We wouldn't want another broken collarbone.

(slow alternative rock song)

All right, this one's for Shelley. "Which book begins, 'Last night I dreamt

I went to Manderley again?'"

It's not a book.

Yeah, it is.

(electronic voice) Rebecca.

How did you know that?


I read.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

That's my cousin.

(Peter coughing)

It hurts?

It's not so bad.

Really, I'm fine.

Who else is hungry?


Hmm, I was thinking something more microwaveable.

All right. I'm on it.

Thank you.

And no cheating. I know a schemer when I see one.

Ha! Ha!

(Peter crumples some packaging.)

Did you find what you were looking for?

Not really.

Try some Vaseline and cayenne pepper.


For your face... help with the swelling.


Can I ask why you'd want to help me?

Roman needs all the friends he can get right now.

Besides, someone had to step in before things got too... hairy.


Well, thanks.

(Chasseur)When the moon is full, do you walk in the skin of a wolf?

(amused exclamation)

I'll be careful.


What are you doing here?

I need to talk to you.

I spoke to Destiny.

(Chasseur clearing her throat)

(Chasseur clearing her throat)

What happened to your face?

I lost a beauty pageant.

I know why you're here.


You're here to make sure that no more girls get killed.

You came all the way down here to share this epiphany with me? Why?

Because I need your help.

Full moon's tonight.

And I got a bad feeling about it.

That right?

I've had this feeling before.

You want to talk about it?

Not especially.

So what do you want me to do?

What you came here for!

There's this, uh... girl. Her name is Letha Godfrey.

Just, um... make sure that nothing bad happens to her.

Because I can't.


Can you do that? Please?

No more girls are gonna die.

I promise.

Oh! Yes.

He, um, he wants you to know that you two are... "cool".

Ha! Ha!

Tyler, the boy.

I'm rarely in the position of playing cupid, but he rather insistently communicated the message to my daughter.

He knows you didn't mean it.

It's really pretty here, for a mental institution.

Not that I'm the expert.

(thunder growling)

Would you rather go inside?

You know, when I was a little kid, I used to hide under the blanket every time I heard it thunder.

Now, I could just sit and watch the clouds all day.

Nothing beats that feeling of being safe and snug while things just... fall to pieces outside, you know?

Do you feel safe here?

It feels like nothing can get its hands on you here.

I knew him, actually.

Excuse me?

You were thinking about him, about that... the bum who died in here.

Sorry. I shouldn't call him a bum.

He was your patient too, wasn't he?

Yes. He, um... he was.

My grandparents lived by Kilderry Park, so I used to... see him around a lot.

I guess I shouldn't really say that I knew him.

I mean, he had an entire life with parents and everything, and I don't really know anything about it, except for... the obvious.

The obvious?

He watched him do it.

He watched Peter Rumancek eat that girl.

I see.

Why do you think that?

Did Francis Pullman tell you this?


I mean, that was your idea of a joke, right?

Dropping the little bastard on my doorstep?

It's not a sign, it's a goddamn billboard!

But the rules are the rules, right?

You don't take 'em down till they turn, and when they do... you show no mercy. 'Cause this isn't about whether Peter Rumancek gutted those girls which, if it matters, I'm fairly certain he did not do.

No, this is about what he is... and of that I have no doubt.

So I'm gonna do this one last thing for you.

And then you and me we're through.


(monitor beeping)

Where were you?

Doesn't matter.

If you were gonna run away... would you tell me?

I'm not fast enough to outrun this.

I need you to promise me something.

I need you to promise me that you'll be home before sundown.

I need you to promise me that you'll be home before dark, and that someone is with you the whole night, until the sun comes up.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna kill it.

You know you're just a person, right?

That's what we all are.

We're all just people.

An hour before sundown, under no circumstances do you leave the house!

Under no circumstances do you let anyone in!

Then what?

The next time I see you, you're in jail?

At your funeral?

Do I even see you again after that?

I don't know.

I think you're both f*cking full of shit.

You think I'm the one that needs protecting?

Look at you.

Look at him.

What do you need to happen to make you realize this isn't some kind of game?

This is life, Peter.

(whispering): I want to come with you.

(lamp breaking) Either do as I say or I'll never see you again, you stupid little bitch!

(vehicle honking)

That must be my dad.

Then you should probably go.


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