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The Godfrey Institute is a state-of-the-art medical facility dedicated to saving lives. Our doctors, biologists and staff are among the world's finest medical minds.

Their brilliance and passion is the driving force behind the institute's aggressive research program - artificial organs, genetic study, lifesaving cellular therapies.

The institute leads the world in developing these groundbreaking techniques.

The Godfrey Institute for a better life.

(loud thunderclaps)

(tires screeching)

This is crazy, JR!

I know what you're thinking, but Shelley deserves a chance.

What condition's the body in?

Her name is Shelley. Shelley!


There's a rumor going around that you're a werewolf.

Well, are you?

What do you think?

Take two. What are you doing with my cousin Roman?

What needs to be done.

You do know we're in high school and not a Clint Eastwood movie.

You ever seen High Plains Drifter?

I'm just glad the two of you are getting along.

Roman doesn't have many friends.

Excuse me.

You that sure I'm not contagious? Ooh.


Just promise me you'll keep him from doing something stupid.

Since when did I become the designated driver?


All right, shit, fine.

I promise.

Now that we're talking turkey though, what can you tell me about Roman's mom?

Aunt Olivia?



In case she asks for a loan.

Yeah, I'll bet. Hmm.

Well, as the story goes, Roman's dad was touring biomedical facilities in England when he first met Olivia.

Further reports indicate that he was bedazzled right from the start.

Whoa. Bedazzled? People actually use that world?

Some people do.

What else? On the day that they buried her husband, the local paper described my aunt as the most beautiful and despised woman in Hemlock Grove.

Hmm. And they say journalism is dead.


That's creepy.

It actually means good luck.

Come on. Don't be such a f*cking girl!

Dr. Chasseur.

Dr. Pryce.

Thank you for seeing me. I know you must be very busy.

I saw the preparations downstairs. You're celebrating the institute's 20th anniversary?

Yes, tomorrow's festivities.

An ode to our late founder, orchestrated by Mrs. Godfrey and her son.


Artificial, isn't it?

One of your creations?

Mmm, and a puzzle.

Every test indicates the scent is genetically identical to the real flower.

Still, the bees have yet to be convinced.

Ever consider planting a garden?

It's not, as they say, in my job description.

You're not planning on recording our conversation, are you, Doctor?

Hadn't planned on it, no.

I am. (beeping)

Just so you know.

And, please, call me Johann.

So what is it exactly that you do here, Johann?

Sly devil, pretending you don't know.

I admit I did some reading.

Your area of specialization is quite contentious.

I was hoping I could convince you to amplify on the premise of your first published paper.

The one colloquially referred to as "better reincarnation through chemistry?"


It's all theoretical.

If one took an existing but inanimate carbon-based structure--

A corpse.

That was still in a relatively labile situation.

A baby's corpse.

One might weave into the existing structure the element of phosphorous, forming chain molecules that could support life all of which raises one overriding question: How is this of any importance to the US Fish and Wildlife Service?

Johann, is there any chance any of your test animals could have gotten out, any of your human subjects?


None whatsoever.

And there I thought I'd cracked the case.

You wouldn't happen to have any thoughts on our demon dog, would you?

There is one thing, Doctor.

Considering the parallels between the two killings, I'm convinced this was the premeditated act of a pathological sexual predator.

Didn't you say you believed an animal was responsible?

Yes, I did.

Because no person could do what was done to those bodies, not barehanded.

Owing to an abnormality with my adrenal glands, I suffer from what is clinically described as hysterical strength.

The type of physical feats induced by fight-or-flight mode are... simply my mode.

You do know that technically this makes you a suspect.

Dr. Chasseur.


Clementine, then.

You should know the Godfreys are very protective of the institute's fortunes.


Tread lightly and with certainty.

It's been my experience that the bees don't land on them either.

(cell phone ringing)



Nothing more to say to your old friend?

What an unexpected surprise.

[As surprises should be.]

I'm calling because, all assurances to the contrary, I'm hearing that you're still drinking.

And if I said it wasn't true?

Then I'd believe you... until I had reason to think otherwise.

Well, then you have your answer.

Anything else?

Just that you've always been my favorite, Clementine.

Get your damn hands off me! Son of a bitch!

Get the goddamn door!

F*ck you, man!

F*ck you!

Piece of shit!

I'll bite it off at the knuckle.

Look at us, a couple wily desperados thrown together by fate.

F*cking mentira.

INS men picked me up two days ago for no reason.


I have a green card, I'm legal, I swear, but no one will listen.

I can't have my baby here.

Go ahead, honey. Cry if it makes you happy.

God does not want us to be happy.

He wants us to be strong.

Sacred heart of Jesus, please pray for me.

St. Jude, helper of the hopeless, please pray for me.

St. Jude, worker of miracles, please pray for me.

Please pray for me. Please pray for me.

Pray for me.

I heard about what happened to you in the woods.

I'm sorry.

Why would you be sorry?

Because I am.

Are you done?

I guess so.

You won't get away with it, you know?



We have a guest.

Uh, Shelley darling, would you go up to your room?

What's the problem?

Franklin Hernandez.

Go on, officer.

It appears some deviants - and by some I mean two, given the footprints we found - got down and dirty at the cemetery last night.

Some kind of prank?

If you consider digging up

Lisa Willoughby's corpse and gutting her like a fish a prank, yes, I guess it was a prank.

So who's Hernandez? Is he a suspect or...?

He is our gardener.

Who's been in the hospital for the last three weeks.

We retrieved this from the hole.

Any idea how a shovel from your property wound up near an open grave?


Maybe somebody stole it.

Stole your gardener's shovel?

This shovel?


Well, in case you're interested, there is a $10,000 reward.

Which I've just offered to double.

Yeah. Like I said, you know...


Thank you for your help, Mrs. Godfrey.

My pleasure.

I'll be seeing you, kid.

You did this.

You and that gypsy scum, choosing a moment you knew would hurt me most.


Tomorrow's gala for your father. Don't pretend you've forgotten.


Do you hate me so much that you would risk this family's public humiliation?

What if I told you that what I'm doing is important?

That it is quite possibly the most important--

Be quiet.

I can't bear the sound of you.

Another visit from the police and I will collect the reward myself.

Nod if you understand.

Tomorrow, guests arrive at eight.

You will be prompt, properly dressed and attentive to our guests. Nod!

Now stay out of my sight.

So, did you and my cousin have a pleasant lunch?


Nutrition! They don't call it lunch anymore.

Roman! Hey!

She pities me.

Yeah, she's all heart.

You never told me why you're here.

Why don't you talk to me?

So you're in the military.

It means you have people, someone who cares about you.

There's a brother, Michael, a Marine like me, another 10 out of 10 on the "f*cked up" scale.


Why are you doing that?

I'm not here on some bullshit drunk and disorderly.

Rednecks are gonna bury my black ass just as surely as they're gonna let you rot.

It's a weapon.

Not yet.

Take me with you when you go.

Please. I'll do anything you ask.

I just can't have my baby here.

Ride my coattails?

Work the edge. Not the point.

Not the point.

Thank you, Chasseur.


Thank you, Clementine.


Peter! Hi. Muah.

Come in. I'll just be a second.

Now, I want you to find time every day to be mindful of the love and nourishment flowing from your Manipura, OK?

And lay off the refined sugars.

It messes with your metabolism.

All right, thank you.

Another happy customer?

Crushed a couple blue pills in his tea.

The sugar thing was just common sense.

Like when your doctor tells you to stop smoking.

One size fits all.


(kissing sounds)

This is my cousin, Destiny Rumancek.

I'm Roman.

See anything interesting?


You gentlemen have something for me?

Ooh! Orangies.

What a sweetie.

Just tell me why this is better than running.

F*cked if I can, D.

Oh, Peter.



Hello, handsome.

Sorry, buddy. Bon appétit.

How long is this gonna take?

Better let it sit overnight for good measure.

We'll need some tequila.

Is that part of it?


Um, something in a pretty bottle. Silver's good.

You got it.

(rap music)

(He turns the volume down.)

Why didn't she tell me what she saw in my palm? 'Cause it doesn't work like that.

Oh, I didn't realize I had to grease your whore cousin like the rest of the rubes.

Whore as in, like, literal description. I'm a f*cking feminist.

What you want isn't for sale. Destiny doesn't trade real magic for money.

She trades everything else.

It's not the same.

(He turns the volume up.)

Women do what they do.

That's the hell of it.

(He turns down the volume.)


Women do what they do.

That's the hell of it.


I think my Manipura needs nourishment.


That's ridiculous.


Ah, Francis. Good morning.

Good morning my ass.

You got me all f*cked up.

It's just a sedative. I'm told you had a bad night.

I don't want anyone else helping me sleep.


Can you tell me anything more about Ouroboros, anything that may help us?

That's why they killed us.


Do you mean there were others?


You don't want to do this.

You don't want to see.

Francis, I need you to focus.

You know, Ouroboros, this talk of the dragon.

I can't help you unless I know what you mean.

Why don't you ask that beady-eyed little f*cker Pryce?

So, where's your extremely tall upir friend?

He's going to a party but he, uh, he expects a full report.

So Inspector Rumancek is still on the case?

Shut up.

Peter, this goes wrong, Roman goes home to his mom. You could end up in a cage.


This can be messy.





OK, whatever you need, ask it quick because this goes fast.


Hey, I don't suppose you're ticklish, huh?

Try it and it'll be the last thing you ever do.




Can you talk?


What can you tell me?

I hated butterscotch, was good at shit, liked to sew, was planning on giving Scott Buford a blowjob for his birthday but would have chickened out.

Sorry. What can you tell me about your death?

I came to Hemlock Grove because of the invitation.

It was dark. There was no one else there. I thought that was a part of it and--

Wait. What invitation?

Fun, fun, fun.

I parked, got out, but left my keys in the car. Ding, ding, ding.

I was alone, I thought, but then he was there, all big and all black - ding, ding, ding, ding.


I've always had a way with dogs.

I reached out to pet his cheek and then I saw his eyes, a horrible yellow.

Oh, God. It was how he looked at me.

Looked how?

The helpless way a dog looks at you when he can't tell you what it needs.


I need to brush my teeth.

This continues the personal journal of Dr. Johann Pryce.

Full stop.

I met a Dr. Chasseur. Full stop.

She affects an enigmatic manner - semicolon.

The forest ranger coat, comma, her guileless manner, comma, all carefully designed to put her subjects at ease. Full stop.

So close, comma, and yet sadly oblivious to what awaits her should her inquiries lead to the Godfreys' door.

Full stop.


Hello, Norman.

A bit early for this evening's soiree.

Shut up.

Tell me about Ouroboros, Johann.

I see.

Can I get you something? Brandy?

Red Bull?


Yes, Ouroboros.

Of course. One of our spaghetti projects.

The hell's that supposed to mean?

Oh, it's a term one of the wags in the laboratory devised to define our more conceptual efforts, as in we throw something against the wall and see if it sticks. In the case of Ouroboros, pit vipers.

They possess heat-sensitive organs called thermoreceptors.

We were studying them to see if there might be a human application.

For instance, to aid the blind.

Why would the homeless man under my care be raving about pit vipers?

Oh, this wouldn't be our Francis Pullman.

Well, yes, he was a volunteer for one of our drug trials.

Unfortunately, this particular sedative discovered could cause mild hallucinogenic effects.

In spaghetti terms, it did not stick.

None of that explains why both Pullman and my niece reference something they call the dragon.

Well, if you like, I could show you.

We're just past clinical microbiology.

The sleep lab is that way. Sometimes I take Shelley there to monitor her REM activity and this.

Sometimes the most obvious explanation is the most obvious explanation.

A clever thief learns to cover his tracks.

You seem to be under a great deal of stress.

If you worked for me, I'd insist you take a vacation.

But you work for me, Pryce.

Which reminds me. You should be receiving an offer soon from a firm called Lod LLC.


I'm getting an offer?

To buy you out.

You've made it abundantly clear you'd just as soon disavow the whole institute.

Consider it your chance to relieve yourself of your burden.

My burden, Johann, or yours?

You'd have rather she had died?

Shelley did die.

Your brother understood the ramifications.

He was a father mourning the death of his child, and you exploited that.

Would you care to tell our girl that you see her conception as the result of emotional incompetence?

It's the only damn thing about her that's normal.

Now you understand something. I have a teenage daughter

I'm taking to the OB/GYN tomorrow and I'm telling you - don't interrupt!

And I'm telling you now, if I find evidence that you had any involvement in her condition, I'll have you killed.


Hmm. Now, be a good fellow and tell your friends at Lod to righteously and rigorously go f*ck themselves.

Of course, comma, if he had learned anything during his years within the gulag of academia, it was that rational decisions based upon the premise that other human beings were rational agents were, comma, in fact, comma, a f*cking lie.

Next time maybe lay off on the tequila.

You better be careful around this Roman and his mother.

The little prince has no teeth and the queen's an actress.

She's just bored.

I saw a conversion of his fate line and heart line.

Your friend is gonna face the hardest choice of his life, and whoever's in his shadow is gonna share in the consequences.

And bored is just one mask. Who knows how many more that crazy bitch is wearing underneath?

Spic and span.

I better get going - school night and all.

Peter, you remember why Nicolae was so afraid of the upir?

Never forget what he is, Peter, especially if he has.

What can you tell me about angels?

Angels are messengers that help us better understand God.

Why are you asking me about angels?

There's this girl at my school.

What is it with you and crazy girls?

A moment for an old friend?


I understand that you have a certain confidence with your Uncle Norman.

I'm not cross with you. I'm not Olivia.

But there is something I have to do, something very important and, by necessity, secret.

Now, I know that sounds unseemly, but I ask, have you ever shown your mother your poetry? Exactly.

There's no shame in hiding some things.

You've done nothing wrong, glowworm, but I have to ask you to repeat nothing

I tell you.

Ouroboros is that important and that vulnerable.

I am, as always, in my best girl's debt, and even more deeply if you would favor me with a smile.

Thank you, glowworm.

We should hurry. You promised we'd be out by tonight.

What are you gonna name it?

Diego, if it's a boy.

If it's a girl, Leticia, after my mother.

Thank you.

God wants you to be strong, OK?

It's time.

Please, someone help!

Chasseur, she's not breathing! Someone help!

(cracking sound)


(ripping sound, screaming)

(screaming in pain)

(low growling)

(Growling intensifies.)


It's better this way.

For both of you.

You were wise to kill it before it fully transformed.


Exemplary work, Dr. Chasseur. The bishop will be pleased.

Three f*cking weeks you left me in there with it, knowing she'd turn.

You needed to smell it.

She was pregnant.

Welcome to the Order of the Dragon, Dr. Chasseur.

Geez, it stinks in here.


Oh, Letha.

Such a beautiful boy.

Look at that cocky little prick.

Jesus, Dale, what now?

I'm here and JR's not, leaving that freak and his whore mother as the once and future king of the Godfrey Institute.

Lord help us all.

Two waters, please.

Uh, one with peppermint, please.

My stomach.


Are you all right?

You always knew how to find the right spot.

I don't know if you've given it any thought, but you should have your baby here, at the institute.

Cola product, please.

I didn't think they handled that sort of thing here.

I hear they're opening an obstetrics unit.

They have the best doctors in the world. Even better, you'd be close to home. Yeah?

Whatever's best.

Oh, God.

Get your hands off her. Are you OK?

What happened?

Give me your jacket.

What's wrong?

Give me your jacket. Come on. I'm taking you home.

What about Roman?

Listen to me, little girl. If you want to have this baby, you need to start acting like a pregnant woman, not some starry-eyed party favor.

Stay. I'll drive her.

As soon as this fiasco's over, then I'll be home.

Bourbon, please, straight.

Another one.

Twelve goddamn years.


Since that bitch drove your brother to it.

You're f*cking drunk, Dale.

At least the rug rat's finally off the teat, though I doubt he'd have the fortitude to pull his own pecker, let alone run a business.

Go home. Sleep it off.

Thank you, sir.

Well, piss on her!

Piss on her, and piss on her useless brat!



Ladies and gentlemen.

It's been 20 years since last we gathered.

Then, it was to celebrate the inauguration of the Godfrey Institute, the long-held dream of my late husband, JR Godfrey.

Now we're getting somewhere.

Now all these years later, we gather once more to celebrate this good man, JR, businessman, friend, husband and father.

JR's greatest passion was his family.

His death was a terrible tragedy felt deeply

by all who knew him.

Oh, honey.

But none more than our son, Roman.

Right on f*cking cue.

Oh, for Christ's sakes.

Come on, take a bow, Liv. That's a hell of a performance.

That's enough.

Open your eyes, Godfrey.

If anyone killed your brother, it was her.

I got this.

Oh, get off of me.

I'm leaving. I'm leaving.

Let's go.

Where's my f*cking wife?!

My husband's death affected us all in different ways. After the shock passed, I chose to focus my attentions on the institute, comforted knowing that my husband's healing legacy would continue, first through me, and then our son.

What is that?

Oh, my god. Roman?


Please tell Theo that the institute will be in good hands.


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