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  1x20 - A Sort of Homecoming
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STEPHEN: My name is Stephen Jameson.

And I am one of the Tomorrow People.

They call our powers the three T's.

Telepathy - CARA: Stephen? STEPHEN: Telekinesis And teleportation.

There is a shadow war going on between us and Ultra - No! - the secret organization that hunts us.

The only way to keep my species from going extinct is to find my father.

And the only way to do that is by working for the enemy.

CARA: Previously on The Tomorrow People - A tracer.

It's a tracking device, actually.

Each dot represents a paranormal tagged and released.

You will lead them all to The Refuge.

JEDIKIAH: You gotta call Stephen and your friends, now! STEPHEN: What do you need? I think you may have to guide him back.

STEPHEN: I need to get into the machine at Ultra.

Dad, come on.

It's a heartbeat.

HILLARY: His father's alive.

And you're sure Stephen has no idea he's been led exactly where we want him? None.

(EKG BEEPING) ROGER: I can't believe my brother put you, of all people, up to this.

You don't have to do this, John.

Why'd you have to turn against Ultra? I was protecting our kind.

Now put the gun down.

Ugh! Hey.

There you are.

Why don't you get some sleep? I'm fine.

I'm used to 36-hour shifts.


Besides, Luca's gonna be up soon.

Okay, why don't you go see Luca.

I'll keep an eye on things here.

There's a little pool going around about who's gonna crash first.

You or me.

And it will not be me.

I feel like if I close my eyes now, I might not wake up.

He's gonna pull through, Mom.

Honey, we may have gotten your father's heart to beat, - but the rest of him - (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) You two better get in here.


(WINCING) Didn't mean to scare you.

You're back.

Ah, sure feels that way.

Unless I'm dead and this is Heaven.

Which would explain a lot.

Oh, my God, you're beautiful.

Oh, my (SIGHING) (SNIFFLING) Is this okay? Yeah, that's perfect.

I don't believe it.

Thanks for bringing me back from the dead.

Ah, well, uh it was a team effort.


Roger, I, uh - I'm sorry.


You only did what you were supposed to do.

The burden my brother and I placed on you is I'm sorry.

Where's Jedikiah? - Oh, dude skipped out a while ago.

Picked a hell of a time to leave.

So tell me how you did it.

I brought you back.

Mom patched up your body, and I used the Machine at Ultra to bring back the rest of you.

The Machine? The Founder's still alive? He doesn't know that you are.

(SIGHING) I need you to walk me through everything you know about his plans.

MARLA: Hold on.

Can we have a minute, please? After everything we've been through, you're just gonna pick up where you left off? I mean, you think that's why we brought you back? - Marla, I'm sorry - I need to go home and check in on Luca.

I think you should come home and see your son.

Look, Dad, I should, um - You should go.

HILLARY: Hey, stranger, where you been? (CHUCKLING) You're not gonna believe what just happened.

Oh, yeah? Try me.

My dad woke up.

That's great, right? Yeah, it's pretty great.

Well, I don't want to keep you from your family, but, um, if there's anything you need Mind covering for me at Ultra for a little longer? And, obviously, nobody can know about my dad.

Like I said, anything you need.

Thank you, you're the best.

I know.

How thrilled Stephen must be to have his father back.

But for us, it's hardly a cause for celebration.

(SIGHING) The man has been frozen.

You really think he's still a threat? Not even your partner, a synergist, has been able to match his father's powers.

And besides, it took me six years.

Six years to rebuild what he destroyed.

What do you want me to do? Get close to Roger and bring him in.

How? Oh, Agent Cole, you've got the boy eating out of your hand.

You'll figure it out.

So, what now? Is he gonna throw on a cape and take us straight to the Refuge? Natalie, the dude just thawed out.

One miracle at a time.

Oh! I'm I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were in here.

I was just trying to imagine how people dressed topside these days.

Does this work? Timeless.

But who said anything about going topside? I've been trapped between the here and the hereafter for way too long.

I have to go home.

Roger, our people believe that you're their savior.

You can't just walk out on them.

I already gave up one life, Cara.

It's my family's turn.

I'll be back.

Ultra is still out there.

If you get caught, you could be I appreciate the concern.

But I'm pretty sure I broke out before you were born.

(CHUCKLING) I can handle it.

I know that you missed out on a lot with your family.

But I'm responsible for the safety of everyone down here now.

I'm sorry, I can't let you leave.

(BREATHING DEEPLY) Well, I guess we're at an impasse.

You remember how we settle impasses.

I don't want to fight you, Cara.

JOHN: Maybe you'd prefer to jaunt me.

(SIGHING) This is the only way? You made the rules, didn't you? I'll clear the room.

We don't have to do this, John.

If there was something you wanted to discuss, you should've said so.

This isn't about me.

This is about them.

RUSSELL: Hey, what's going on? Why is everyone getting kicked out of Holy Ali-Frazier, is this for real? Go ahead, John.

It's all yours.

(ROGER GRUNTING) Not pulling any punches, are you? (GRUNTING) What is John doing? It's like he's He wants to get hurt.

(JOHN GROANING) (BOTH BREATHING HEAVILY) I'm going to see my family.

(YELLING) Who the hell are we? I spent six years thinking I killed the man who could've saved us.

Now he's abandoning you all over again.

All of us.

Only this time I can't create another hero myth.

This time, we need the real thing.

I didn't hear you come in.

Not much has changed.

Everything has changed.



I know I can't make up for the lost time, and You have a whole life that I'm not a part of.

Whatever I can do to make it easier, I will.

Just Be here.

(DOOR OPENING) - Hey, honey.

Hello, Luca.

I know this is a lot to take in Luca, you're staying.

No can do, bro, I have a plans tonight.

So cancel them.

Well, what am I supposed to say? "Hey guys.

Sorry, uh, raincheck.

"My dead dad is suddenly back from the netherworld.

" Well, I wouldn't get that specific.

How is he even here? Doesn't matter.

He is, okay? He's our dad.

And he's making dinner.

Guy doesn't know a thing about me.

Great, you'll have lots to talk about.

Let's go.

This is gonna be the most awkward-ass night of my life.

We need a buffer.

(DOORBELL RINGING) Hey, thank you for coming.

Of course.

You wanna meet my dad? (STAMMERING) Again? - Yeah.

Come on.

Dad? You remember Astrid? - Astrid.


What happened to that chubby-cheeked little girl? Little girl got all growed up.

Astrid, you look lovely.


Dinner's ready, let's eat.


I wonder who that is? Dead grandpa? - Hey.

Hey, um what are you doing here? Interrupting, apparently.


Not at all.

I'm Stephen's dad, Roger.


Nice to meet you.

Do you like chicken parmesan? Of course you do, what's not to like? Come, eat.

Well, I don't want to interrupt family time.

STEPHEN: Come on, come in.

Okay, maybe just a bite.

This is nice.

Having everyone together for dinner.


Dad, your chicken parm's even better than I remember.



What? Am I supposed to just sit here and pretend like this is normal? That we're normal? That Dad hasn't been gone for ten years? That my mom and brother aren't mutants? - Okay, this is not the time to do this.

Why not? Astrid knows everything.

I'm sure Stephen's, uh, paranormal girlfriend does, too.

Luca? Enough.

ROGER: It's all right.

I know this is weird.

And my apologies to those of you who aren't family, uh (ROGER CHUCKLING) I'm as disoriented as any of you.

But I'm also very, very happy.

No, happy (CHUCKLING) doesn't even begin to describe it, I am overwhelmed with love, and gratitude for the three of you.

You're my world.

You're my reason for being.

And, I am humbled to be back in this home.

Let's all raise our glasses.

Here's to family.

ALL: To family.

Not to complain, per se, but some of us are kind of wondering where the hell Roger is.

He's been away from his family for years, he needs time with them.

He'll be back soon.

When? What's the plan? I mean, we wait for him all these years and then he just bails on us? What kind of savior is that? (CHUCKLING) Hey, let's not get all Lord of the Flies here, people.

(SOFTLY) It's all good.

If you say so.


It is so not all good.


(ALL LAUGHING) Mmm, well, I hope you all saved some room for dessert.

Oh, let me give you a hand.


Wow, first time he's done that in ten years.

(CHUCKLING) What do you say we get a little fresh air? Yeah.

Pardon us.

Nice night.

Listen, Hillary, this better be for real.

Stephen is my best friend and he's a very special guy - I'm aware.

I'm still talking.

He's got a lot going on right now, and he needs someone he can trust and rely on, and if that happens to be you Then great.

But if it's not - I'm in love with him.

Does that answer your question? Excuse me.

ROGER: So, Hillary.

She seems like a nice girl.

STEPHEN: Yeah, she is.

When were you gonna tell me you were leaving again? It's only a matter of time before the Founder finds out I'm back.

So, what, you're gonna run? Strategic retreat.

If he forces me into that machine, those people inside are all in danger.

So now what? Smile.

Enjoy the time we have.

And be the man who I'm so damn proud to call my son.

I know this is not what you had planned.

But everything I'm doing, everything I've done, has been to keep this family safe.

MAN: (ON RADIO) Eyes on the target.

Do we have a green light for extraction, Agent Cole? ROGER: Let's go back inside, before your mom sends out a search party MAN: Are you reading me, Agent Cole? Are we a go for extraction team? HILLARY: (THINKING) Negative, we missed our window.

We'll get him later.

(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Hey, what's up, Charlie? People are losing it in the Lair.

Talking about leaving, going out on their own.

Why are they so unhappy? I love it down here.

I know you do, Charlie.

Well, the man they thought was gonna lead them just left.

I guess they feel a little lost.

But you and Cara are leaders now.

Roger was the one they thought was gonna come back and save them from this life.

And now that he's left them all over again They only believed in Roger because you did.

You're my hero, John.

I think you've had enough.

That was for you.

Oh, awfully nice of you.

Know what would've been nicer? If you'd been there when I came back from the dead.


Six years though, Roger, I just couldn't look you in the eye.

It's not your fault.

I really wanted to bring you back sooner.

But you didn't have the means.

I'm letting you off the hook here, Jed.

Ah, don't do that.

The truth of the matter was, while you were gone, I was the powerful brother for once, and I liked it.

I know that's a horrible thing to admit.

I knew what I was getting into.

I knew I was looking at a one-way trip.

Thanks for looking after my family.

Thanks for bringing me back to 'em.

As short as it was.

You're going underground.

As long as I'm around, the Founder has a terrible weapon.

No, you can't run away now.

The Founder is grooming Stephen to take your place.

No, he's just a boy.

Do I have to give you a refresher course in genetics? Our friend has beta-tested your son in the Machine.

Did it work? - I don't know.

Is it armed? - I don't know.

(STAMMERING) I I've been in exile from Ultra.

There's one way to find out.

(ELEVATOR DINGING) Still going for a minimalist vibe? No girlfriend, no pets.

Please tell me you picked up a hobby.

I've been a tad busy, Rog.

Come on, Alice.

ALICE: Hello, Jed.

What a nice surprise.

Oh, you're dating a computer.

I should've guessed.

Yeah, you got me.

Hi, Alice, can you initiate Protocol 1-3-5-9, please? ALICE: Why does it feel like we're being naughty? Well, it's because we are.

Wouldn't want the Founder secretly spying on us, now would we? Now, I want all the field data pertaining to this project.

ALICE: Your partner's so-called Machine? We're not partners anymore, love.

ALICE: Downloading it to your drive now.

That does feel naughty.

Thank you, love.

ALICE: I suppose I shouldn't share this either, but agents have been dispatched.

We gotta go.

No, we're not done yet.

ROGER: Jed, we gotta go.

We're not done yet.

We need your help.

Actually, we need Tim's help.

I know you're upset with me, John, but please, do it for Stephen.

What is it? If we're lucky, it's nothing.

You better get Stephen.

It's the first time I used the Machine.

When I realized it could take me to you.

Who are they? JEDIKIAH: Test subjects.

What you're looking at now is footage from an Ultra facility reserved for "sensitive experiments.

" Those two rooms are connected remotely.

The one in white, he's not moving.

What's wrong with him? - He's human.

The other one's like you.

Only far more cruel.

Wait, um I did that? No, paranormals can't kill.

It's not murder if the human isn't alive.

That's the consequence of you stopping time.

What you just saw was a fraction of what the machine'll do at full power with me in it.

Or you.

I'm sorry, Stephen.

Looks like you take after me after all.

See, first, you failed to apprehend Roger when he was in your sights And now it appears there's been a break-in, at Jedikiah's former home, where someone has accessed our intranet.

Not sure I heard the question.

Well, I wonder whether your emotions haven't compromised you, Agent Cole.

My emotions.


I was on my way to deliver new intel, but if you feel as though I should be taken off the mission What exactly did you find? Roger knows that you rebuilt the Machine and that you want him in it.

He was speaking to Stephen as though he was saying goodbye, possibly skipping town.

Well, if he knows all that then we're not dealing with a man who's running away.

He'll be coming right at us.

STEPHEN: Uh, what is that? - ROGER: Supplies.

Mind giving us a heads-up on what the plan is? I'm going into Ultra, and sabotaging the Founder's secret project.

'Cause that worked so well last time.

Well, I did destroy the Machine.

And yourself, your family.

And us.

I know what I did to you.

I'm sorry.

But there's no other way.

There's too much at stake.

Dad, the Founder wants you in the Machine, you can't go anywhere near it.

It is bound to me.

This is a piece of it.

It's tied to my DNA, it's inside of it.

Which means no one else can get near it without triggering the alarm.

I'm coming with you.

You can help get me in, and that's it.

If I teleport, they'll detect me.

I'm pretty sure they'll detect an explosion, then they'll fire up every D-chip in Ultra.

Meaning you'll have to hoof your way out.

NATALIE: So, wait Roger came back, and now we're blowing up our ticket to the Refuge? I'm sorry, isn't that what we've been waiting for all this time? JOHN: The plan has changed.

Something awful happens to humans when the Machine is turned on.

Who cares? We've been offered a truce.

Russell went inside Ultra and lived to tell the tale, so why can't we? Natalie, we need to stay unified.

In this gutter? While our leader is off starting yet another fight with the Founder? I don't know about you guys, but I would rather be unified in the Refuge.

There is no Refuge.

No promised land.

This is the only world there is.

But the Founder wants to use the Machine to kill every man, woman and child on the planet.

Every human man, woman and child.

I'm sorry.

I can't let that happen.

Well, you can't keep me here, either.

NATALIE: I'm going topside.

I'm gonna make my own peace with Ultra before his father, our absentee messiah, blows everything to hell.

Who's coming with me? If they turn themselves in to Ultra I know, they could give us up, and my dad's plan.

JOHN: Well, it looks like that plan just got moved up.

Fine, I will keep an eye on them.

Make sure they don't do anything dumb er.



I hope it wasn't too awkward, me crashing your family reunion.

Uh, no, it was really awkward.


But not because of you.

That part was kind of nice.

STEPHEN: Uh, what's going on? Um I don't know.

(WHISPERING) Hey! What is it? Look, it's supposed to be classified.

And you don't trust me? The Machine is being relocated.

Why? Because the Founder's afraid.

Of what? Jedikiah.

He thinks he wants to destroy it.

Hillary, you didn't tell him about my father, did you? No, of course not.

Do you know where he's taking it? STEPHEN: (THINKING) Dad, it's a black site near the port.

The plan is to move the Machine on a barge somewhere.

We have to intercept it.

I'll meet you there.

I'm gonna need you to shut down the perimeter, and then get out.

(SIGHING) Got it.

You just got home.

All I want is to lie in bed with you.

And shoot hoops with my boys.

But this won't wait.

(SIGHING) I know.

I'm not so naive to think things would be normal with you coming back.

We were never normal.

Maybe if I'd embraced that fact from the beginning No.

You did everything right.

Everything good about this family is you.

That reckless kid out there trying to save the world.

He takes after me.

After us.

I should talk to Luca.

It's okay.

I'll explain.

And you'll be back.


I got you, Dad.

D-chips are down.

Coast looks clear.

What are you doing, John? I'm sorry, Roger.

You have no idea what I've been through.

Six years of lying to our people.

Keeping them alive on the hope that one day you'd return to save them.

I never meant to hurt you, John.

I'm not gonna let you do this.

You can't access the Machine without me.

I already have you.

Go home, Roger.

Be the leader I promised you'd be.


Please don't do this.

(DART WHIZZING) (GASPING) Dad, where are you? I lost you.

John? JOHN: Get him out of here now.

What did you do? He's fine, but in 30 seconds when I blow up this Machine, all hell's gonna break loose.

(GRUNTING) Stop! You can't go down there.

What are you doing here? - I am saving you from making a mistake and getting taken down with your dad.

What? He is a terrorist, it's too late for him, but it's not too late for you.

The Founder will still forgive you.


(THINKING) John, it's a trap.

Stephen, they can't hear you.

The D-chips are back up.

How could you? I care about you, I am doing this to protect you.

You have no idea what you've done.

AGENT: He wants him alive.



Not the man I was expecting to open that door.

Where is Roger? I don't know.

Under the circumstances, I'd advise you not to lie to me.

If you want to kill innocent people, you better find someone else to put in your Machine.

Now, there are no innocent people.

People would turn you inside out, given half the chance.

Dissecting your body to reveal its secrets.

Jealous of your god-given gifts.

People like Jedikiah.

The man who turned you into a freak! See, I'm trying to forge a world in which you can rise out of your sewer a free man! With the woman you love.

And the life you deserve.

(LAUGHING) I'd rather die than give up Roger.

(LAUGHING) You see, you're the only one who can kill, John.

You're the only one.

But since you're so keen on mankind Perhaps you'd like to join them.

This is your last chance.

Where is he? (YELLING) You leave me no choice.

Hit him.


(YELLING) Again! (YELLING CONTINUES) (GASPING) FOUNDER: They all go eventually.

Sign me up, this place is amazing! Yeah, it's like Steve Jobs redid the Death Star.

Look, how do we know that they won't give us the serum that takes our powers? Ultra's not exactly known for honesty.

Right, 'cause Roger kept his promise.

WOMAN: Thank you for your patience.

Welcome to Ultra.

It's nice to see you again, Russell.

Oh, hey.

I assume you're all here for the tracer.

I know it seems scary But honestly? The process is no more painful than a flu shot.

Who would like to go first? You? You must have read my mind.

Uh, maybe we should talk about this? It's her first time at Ultra.

This place is lined with D-chips.

If something goes down, we can't even call for help.

So what exactly does that shot do? It allows us to keep track of our kind, in the event of an emergency.

Besides, you don't want to get lost when we finally make our way to the Refuge, now do you? - I'm in.


I'll go first.

(WHISPERING) If this goes gnarly, I want you to take the others and get the hell out of here, you got that? Hold still.

See? That wasn't so bad.

Who's next? HILLARY: Can I sit? Suit yourself.

What is it? I really messed up, Astrid.

And I know that you never trusted me.

And you were right not to.

But, it wasn't about Stephen.

I really do love him.

Why are you telling me? Because (VOICE BREAKING) I need you to do me a favor.

I just want to make things right with him.

I need you to call me at this number in one hour.

Can you do that? Why? It's the only way to help them.

Help all of them.

Just please say that you'll do it.


I'll call.

(SNIFFLING) One hour.

On the dot.

(JOHN GROANING) If you're gonna have me killed just do it already.

Oh, no, John, why would I want to do that? No, I've got a job for you.

You're going to deliver a message for me.

MARLA: So, how long do we have to stay here? STEPHEN: (SIGHING) Just until you and Luca are safe.

Sorry, Mom.

LUCA: Dad! Hey, buddy.

You're okay? I need a minute with your brother.

Luca, let me show you around.

Dad, we're back at war, the Founder knows everything.

And he's gonna come after us.

And unless we take him out, he's going after every human being on the planet.

JEDIKIAH: Then you are clearly going to need me.

With the Machine still operational, the Founder more dangerous than ever? Then it's a good thing we're together.


CARA: (THINKING) John, do you hear me? John? HILLARY: I am so sorry, Stephen.

You will never know how sorry I am.

(THINKING) Hillary, you used me, you betrayed me, you (THINKING) I loved you.

Goodbye, Stephen.


(THINKING) Hillary? Sir? Do you have a moment? For you, Agent Cole? We're quite well positioned, thanks to you.

Not exactly as I'd anticipated, but well positioned nonetheless.

We sold out our entire species.

And I sold out Stephen.

Really? Well, I'd never imagined your girlish interior life.

It's charming.

But Agent Cole, we've sold out no one.

We are merely protecting Stephen and his fellow rebels from themselves.

I assure you, the end we are fast approaching is to the benefit of all our kind.

And the humans? Whatever fate they meet, they brought upon themselves.

(CHUCKLING) My whole life I wanted to be a hero.

I have finally found a way.

Meaning? It's time for you to die.

(LAUGHING) Well, if only our kind could kill.

It's our most refined quality.

Could someone please come in here and escort Agent Cole to I'm not gonna kill you.

(CELL PHONE RINGING) It's for you.


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