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  2x02 - Episode 2
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'I'm Maxine Martin, MP.

Something has got to be done.

I agree.

' 'Made lots of new friends? Yeah, loads.

' Why do you think I came back from the dead? It's so me and Jem Walker can be together.

You're incredibly special.

That so? You rose in Roarton, for starters.

That's monumental.

Simon is one of the 12 disciples of the Undead Prophet.

You heard of the liberation movement, Kieren? The goddess Ishtar.

Why would she want the parish records? I think she might be more switched on than the last one that came up, sir.

We are the Undead.

We are the redeemed.

Got it? It's who you are, Kieren, and running away won't change that.

Jemima! Breakfast! It wasn't my idea.

It was mine.

What the fuck? Special farewell meal for your brother.

How are you feeling? Excited, nervous, all at the same time.


Bet you're going to miss all this.

Here we go.

Bon appetit.

Er Dad! Oh, yeah.

Eggy bread? French toast, traditional Gallic breakfast.

I dread to think how much cholesterol there is in these things.

Bit of butter never hurt anyone.

Tell that to Vicar Oddie, love.

What are they putting that on for? It's what he would have wanted, just in case second Rising happens and he pops up.

As if.

It's a very sensible measure.

Second Rising's coming.

Read your Bible.

The night you rose isn't anything to be ashamed of, Frankie.

Sorry, it's just my mum and dad don't like me talking about it.

It's OK.


Take your time.

I mean, I remember bits and pieces, just most of it's a bit hazy.

You don't remember actually rising? Well, I remember it being, um I remember hearing thunder you know? And cracks of lightning.

Thank you.

It was a wild night, wasn't it? Yeah, I mean, I know other, um redeemed get flashbacks, but, yeah, I don't get those much.


I'm sorry.

Hey, no worries.

You did great.

Thanks for trying.

Is she special? She rose in Roarton.

Special as me? Are you going somewhere? I'm going to try and stop a certain Roarton riser from leaving.

Oh, you tell him he doesn't have to leave.

We're going to change things around here.

He's important.

Course he's important.

He's my BDFF.


Best dead friend for ever.

Oh, yeah.

So, what does that make me? Makes you something else, Mr Disciple.

You got your passport? Yeah.

And the map to your accommodation? Yeah, I've got it all, Mum.

I've double-checked.

Right, I'll stop fussing.


Call the minute you land.

Yeah, I will, Dad.

Reviens bientot.

Check her out.

What's it mean? Come back soon.

Don't worry.

Your brother's got a habit of popping back, doesn't he? Freds? Hi, mate.

You all right? What you doing? Nothing, nothing.

I was just, er Here you go, Freddie.

Here's your cash.

For doing my windows.

You what? We're washing windows together.

I can't afford the both of you, but I can afford him.

Haley's pressuring me about bills, mate.

I've got no choice but to do a few extra solo jobs.

Dean! Mate! All agreed? Do we have any choice in the matter? Of course you do, Councillor Lancaster.

I'm all for local government.

The smaller the better, I say.

Parish councils should keep running the show.

But I think you'll find this is a national policy that will suit you down to the ground.

Sounds good to me, and I think this new measure is necessary in light of recent events.

Councillor Wilson? Your thoughts? Yes, I agree.


Meeting adjourned.

Miss Martin? I just wanted to thank you for promoting me to councillor.

Not at all.

Work hard and who knows? One day I could be calling you my Right Honourable Friend.

I was thinking last night about my new position and I jotted down some suggestions for future measures.


Philip, would you make sure everyone on this list is attending the kick-off seminar this morning? Thank you.

Great help.

Thank you, sir.

I mean yes, madam.

Not going on a day trip without me, are you? Not a day trip this time, partner.

You know there's a lot of French people where you're going? Yeah, I'm aware of that.

I hear they're terribly rude.

That's just a myth.

Don't believe everything you hear.

What's Roarton going to do without your handsome face to brighten up their day? I'm sure they'll manage.

Not so sure.

Now Vicar Oddie's croaked, that MP from Victus is in charge.

Boo, hiss.

Even more reason to get out of this place.

Please stay.

Why don't you come with me, Amy? How many layers of cover-up mousse did you put on this morning? Do you think if you go to a different country, you'll be able to take off one of those layers? How many miles will you have to travel to be able to take it all off, Kieren Walker? I've got to get my ticket.

Er single to the airport, please.

You Partially Deceased? Yeah.

I can't sell you a ticket.

You're going to have to wait here.

What? It's out of my hands.


Hey! Hey, no.


Hello? Philip? What's going on? I'm going to have to ask you to come with me.

Why? Well? All PDS sufferers are required to come to the village hall for the kick-off seminar this morning.

Kick-off seminar? No, I I've got to get my train.

Well, you're not going to be able to get a train today.

I'm sorry.

Everything'll be explained at the village hall.

Hey, Jem, saved you a seat.


OK Picking up where we left off last time.

These two gentlemen are Yeah? Victor Halperin and John Weston.


Who Invented Neurotriptyline.

Yeah, which was important because It was THE key turning point in the history of the Rising.

Sir? Yes, Henry? What about the formation of the Human Volunteer Force? Are you sure you want to talk about the Human Volunteer Force, Henry? It's an important part of history.

Why is it not in the book? Cos this book were written by a bunch of southern tarts.


All right, Henry, go for it.

I just remember bits and pieces.

Reckon you should ask someone else, like.

Like who? Like Jem Walker.

How would she know about it? Cos she was IN the Human Volunteer Force.

No, she wasn't.

Is that true? Calm down.

Would you like to stand up and share your experience with the class? What do you want to know? What's going on? Why won't you tell us why we're here? This is against our basic human rights.

Yeah! What am I doing here, Lippy? Seriously, man, this isn't right, putting me in here with this lot.

It's a disgrace.

I'm missing my bridge game.

I demand compensation from the council! This DVD should answer most of your burning questions.

Oh, yeah, right! Get on with it, then.

'Oh, my God!' Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers are now back with their families, enjoying a new beginning.

But what now? I'd like to see PDS sufferers helping the communities they once destroyed.

I'd like to see PDS sufferers help to rebuild British businesses they once tore apart.

Is this a joke, Lippy? I'm a PDS sufferer and I'd like to give something back to society.

'Giving something back to the society they once ravaged 'it's what everyone wants, 'living and PDS alike.

'That's why the Department of Partially Deceased Affairs 'is putting into action the PDS Give Back Scheme, 'an initiative that requires all PDS sufferers 'to go out into their local communities and volunteer 'in the private and public sector.

' Outrageous! 'As PDS sufferers give back, we'll give back to them too.

'On completion of the enterprise, 'PDS sufferers will have a chance to apply 'for re-citizenship to the United Kingdom.

'Working together, we can build a safer, civilised future.

' I'm sure you're all very excited and itching to get to it.

You've got to be kidding me.

No way.

Not doing that.

Not doing that, no.

Why do I have to do this scheme, Lippy? Because of who you are, Freddie.

I'm a small business owner, mate.

You're also a PDS sufferer.

My name's Connie Furness.

I don't know why I'm on this list.

I don't know why I'm here.

Er I can't do this scheme.

Are you a child or severely disabled? No.

If you're 18 and able-bodied, all PDS sufferers must complete the PDS Give Back Scheme.

I need to be at the airport.

I've got a plane to catch.

Can I see your passport? This is invalid.


No, it's not.

I I got it renewed a month ago.

Did you put down on your passport application that you're Partially Deceased? No, there wasn't a question like that on the form.

Then you were given an outdated form, I'm afraid.

Did you get it at Roarton Post Office? They're in the Dark Ages over there, aren't they? I can see that you're confused.

The new passport application form has a section for PDS sufferers and asks whether or not you have your certificate.

What's that? How do I get a certificate? By completing the PDS Give Back Scheme.

One question, Kieren.

I have your birth date and your death date, but I don't have your time of rising.

Sorry? My time of The time you rose from your grave.

II don't know.

Thank you, Kieren.

That's a great help.

I'm sure you're going to be a great help to your community.

Good luck.

That was my first mission.

What, so that's why no-one lives up at Lambert Farm any more? Yeah, it's scary there.

Any other questions for our war hero? How many rotters did you shoot? Cut it out.

Pkow! Excuse me.

How many Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers in their untreated state did you shoot? Show-and-tell tomorrow.

Bring in an object from the Rising.

Hilary? No weapons, please.



Hey, that was cool as shit.


This is Hilary and Charlotte, and I'm Karen.

Hi, I'm Jem.

Do you want to hang out with us at lunch? Yeah, sure.

Kieren's going to be all right, love.

It's good for him to go somewhere new.

He said he'd call when he got to the airport.

He said he'd call when he landed, love.

Kieren? Did you ever almost get bit, Jem? A few times.


Tell us.

Well, once when I were on this supply mission, I only had one bullet left, and this PDS sufferer You can use the R-word, you know.

Yeah, you don't have to be scared.

This rabid You mean rotter.

It comes out of nowhere, its teeth snapping at my neck, and I'm like, "Fucking shit! "I'm a goner.

" I've got one bullet left.

I can't miss.

So, I cock the hammer, close my eyes and fire .


and its fucking head explodes.

You are so badass.

Where were this? Roarton.

No, where in Roarton? The Save'n'Shop.

Um Jem? I was wondering if you had a partner for the show-and-tell tomorrow.

Cos if you didn't Jem was just telling us all the heroic stuff she did during the Rising.

What were you doing during the Rising, Henry? I don't have a show-and-tell partner yet, and I was thinking I'm Jem's partner.

Really? Yeah, isn't that right, Jem? Yeah, OK.



Bye, then! Do you know that walking corpse? He were in my year before the Rising.

Were you guys mates? Oh, my God! You were boning? No, we were 14.

We just Boned? We kissed at the school disco.

Then boned.

He's a sweet guy.

Need to bone Jem! To hell with the living, mate.

Undead and proud.

Yeah, suppose.

Soon, they'll be on their knees.

Oh, here we go.

Once the second Rising happens, it's the final countdown You've been watching too many Undead Prophet videos, Rob.

You need to be careful, mate.

They find out you've been on that website, they're carting you back to Norfolk.

They might be carting me back anyway.

No way.

Have you got 'em? What you going to do with that? Scare this place half to death.

You shouldn't have .


gone to all the trouble.

It's no bother, Miss Martin.


Housekeeping comes included.

I'll have to assign you a PDS Give Back participant to the B&B.

Lighten your load.

This to do with the scheme? I'll leave you be.

Any joy, Steve? It does look like you need one of these certificates.

Oh, God.

Does it say how long you need to be on it until you can get one? It doesn't say.

Oh, hang on.

The PDS Give Back Scheme is a nationwide initiative.

Er blah-di-blah-di-blah.

After a period of six months on the enterprise, a PDS Give Back participant will have his or her case evaluated by a panel of Six months.

Six months, looks like.

Six months? It's not that long in the grand scheme of things.

I mean, time is on your side, Son.

Yeah, your your dad's right about that, Kier.

And you get to hang out more with your mate Amy.

Yes, very good point, Jem.

Just have to put up with this loser for a little bit longer.

That's not why I wanted to go.

I It's this place.

You know? I Yeah, I know, love.

I know.

Not too late, Jem.

It's a school night.

Yeah, yeah.

You know, when I said come back soon, I didn't mean immediately, dickhead.


Folks aren't happy about this new scheme, Philip.

Oh, I don't know, Mum.

I think she's talking quite a bit of sense.

How can you say that? A son of mine siding with those flipping fanatics.

She's not a fanatic.

She's our elected MP.

And doesn't she have any other constituents in Roarton Valley? Well, I, for one, am happy she's decided to stick around.

There are other things in life than the greasy pole, Philip.

Like what, Mum? Oh, I don't know.

Go to college.

Meet new people.

Not this again.

I won't be around for ever, love.

You need to find a nice girl who'll take care of you.

Saying that Don't get grumpy, Philip.

What? Why? What have you done, Mum? Come and have a look.

Come on.



uk? Oh, what?! You've been getting quite a few hits, love.

Tracy from town seems very keen.

She's given you four puppy paws out of five! You're signing me up to a dating website without even telling me? I'm a councillor now! What are you playing at, Mum? Well, I'm just concerned.

You look so lonely sometimes.

II had to take steps.

Come on, sit down.

We can finish your personal statement together.

Oh, Philip! Password? The goddess Ishtar.

You wanting the full girlfriend experience again? If you have time.

I have all the time in the world.

Same get-up? What's up? Nothing.

I'll just I'll just wait for you while you get the booze.

Don't know which cider's the strongest.

Come on.

Oh, here we go.

I know Hell's Oak has got the highest percentage but it gives me rank hangovers.

Are you OK? Yeah, I'm fine.

Come on.

This'll get us battered.

Hiya, sweetheart.

How was your day? Hi, Amy.

Philly you've rented our special film.

I'm worried about him, Simon.

You should have seen his little face today.

Ah, it's for the best.

I'll talk to him tomorrow.

Mr Disciple? Yes? What's going to happen? When? When we've gathered everyone.

I'm not sure.

What did the Prophet say? He said He said, "Go to the place where the first rose, "and seek them out.

" Nothing else? Nothing else.



Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy.


It's OK, it's OK, it's OK.


Amy, Amy.

Hey, hey, hey.

It's OK.

It's OK.

You had me worried there.

My big, strong knight .


in shining armour.

What's wrong? Nothing, silly.

Such a worrywart.

Oh, I can't decide which one to take to class tomorrow.

Go with the medal.

You reckon? You're a war hero, after all.

Did you ever hesitate? When? On one of your missions.


I'm not a coward.

I didn't say you were.

They wouldn't give medals to cowards.

Don't you knock? I did knock.


Charlotte, this is my brother.


What? Oh, er my spare cover-up mousse.

You can have it back.

Why would I want your II don't use your stuff.

I know you do, Jem.

I don't, Kier.

I know you use it on your spots.

Better than any foundation, you said.

Get out.

Get out of my room, Kier.

Your brother's Partially Deceased? He's medicated.

Don't tell the others, will you? He got taken to the treatment centre in Norfolk? Just after the Rising.

Lucky you.

You got your brother back for ever.

Yeah, lucky me! You are lucky, Jem.

Yeah, I know I am.

Time for your breakfast, Mum.

Mum? Your breakfast.


Morning, Commandant.

I'm not Don't call me that, please.

That to keep us in check? It's in case of a rabid attack.

Good luck with that.

Can I help? If you want.

You know, in Ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs used to make the Israelites build their own slave quarters.

What does that make you? Modern-day Moses? Well, I have been known to part the waters.

Granted, it was a paddling pool at the time, but, you know, baby steps.


It's all right.

We all have our scars.

What did you take? The A-Z of the periodic table.

Why so much? Mm, at the time, I thought, "Why the hell not?" Ever been so depressed it felt as if every nerve-ending in your body was exposed, red and raw? If I took enough chemicals, it would dampen down those feelings a bit.

Why were you so depressed? The way I was wired, I guess.

Since the day I could think I'd had this idea in my head.

This piercing notion that life was completely meaningless.

Me and everyone else were just treading water until our bodies gave out and we sank back into the darkness.

When you feel like that 24/7, you might as well get fucked up beyond belief .


cos you don't believe in anything in the first place.

Do you still feel that way? No.

Not any more.

That MP lass told me to come up here.

Yeah, I've got a, um doctor's appointment.

I need to make sure they carry on working, I need to guard against rabids.

I can do that.

They all here? Yeah, except one.

Amy Dyer.

Where's she? Keeps doing that on its own.

What dose are you on, Amy? Um I'm not I'm not sure.

Let's see.

It says here your last prescription was written almost a year ago.

What have you been doing since then? I was away.

But obviously you were still taking Neurotriptyline while you were away? Sort of.

Sort of? I don't understand.

The place I went to, they made their own stuff.

They made their own Neurotriptyline? No wonder you've been getting side effects.

I'm going to write you a prescription for the real stuff, And I'm going to take a sample, send it to the lab, just to put your mind at rest.

Home-made Neurotriptyline? Now I've heard everything.


Um I'm just here for a regular checkup.

Nothing STD-related.


So, you're back? Yeah.

So? So welcome back.

Pee's leaking.

Oh, shit.


Up at the farmhouse.

Undead only.

Come as you are, in the clothes you were buried in.

What's all this? We're having a break.

I never said you could.

I said they could.

You've got five minutes then back to work.

And you, get a bib.

So, this is our lot from now on? Jesus Christ.

Not for ever.

We only have to do the scheme for six months.

What gave you that idea? Well, it says on the website.

All our cases will be reviewed in six months.

Yeah, and then they'll add another six months and then another six months and another six months after that.

Those certificates they promise? They don't exist.

No-one's ever going to be re-citizenised.

It's a scam.

How do you take Blue Obliv? You snort it.

Why don't you do it? They're not mine.

Henry? You were the one who wanted to shit up school.

What if I don't turn back? Well, they wear off, you fool.

I heard different.

I heard once you turn rabid, you stay rabid.

Who said that? Katherine Straw.

Katherine Straw? She believes there's vampires and werewolves roaming about Wales.

She's tapped, man.

Just sniff a quarter of it .


then you turn back sooner and the effects won't be as intense.

Do it, do it.

Do it, do it, do it, do it! Do it, do it! Do it.

I don't feel anything.

Maybe you should What did I say about weaponry, Hilary? It's an historical artefact, Mr Overton.

All right, everyone, let's begin.

Who's going to kick us off? Charlotte.

I've got something to say .


and I've been wanting to say it for a long time now.

This was my dad.

Rabid! In! In! In! Karen, get down from there! He's trying to get into 2B! What are we going to do? Jem can stop it.

No-one is going out of this room.

Jem's taken down 100 rabids before, right? I don't have a gun.

Do it.

You're the badass.

You've done it before.

He's broken the glass! Somebody help us! Please! Please! Please, let me in! Please, please, please, please! What happened? He's back! He's back! She's crying.

Somebody just let her in! Let her in now! There's your war hero.

It's going to take weeks for those PSD PDS what's their names to You can speak freely in here, Gary.

It's going to take weeks for them rotters to build that fence.

Till then we're completely exposed.

And what do you suggest? A patrol, paid.

Believe me, I'd like to.

But I'm bound by the constraints of the parish council.

What's it going to take for this place to wake up, eh? A second bloody Rising? God forbid.

Say we were to pay you overtime for guarding the Give Back participants in the woods.

Aye? And say you were to do it even if the Give Back participants weren't there.

So, I'd be patrolling? Supervising.

So, when I'm supervising these invisible rotters .


can I do it with proper firepower? I'll leave that to your better judgment.


Maxine Martin.

OK, I'll be there immediately.

There's been a rabid attack on Roarton Valley High School.

This was my dad.

His name was Richard.

He was a person who rose during the Rising .


and on February 5th you murdered him in Roarton supermarket.

They gave you a medal and called you a hero.

But you're not! You're a coward, and everyone saw that today! I'm not going to be sent to Norfolk, am I? Depends if you co-operate.

Plead the Fifth.

Plead the Fifth.

What's the Fifth? Well, I don't know.

It's what they say in t'movies when they don't want to say anything.

Are you the ringleader? What? No.

I mean I plead the Fifth.

Where did you get these? You can open your mouth and go free or you can stay silent.

I can call Norfolk and have the men in white coats come pick you up.

I got the pills from a website.

Which website? Undead Prophet.

Of course you did.

Write down the web address and any passwords I might need to access it.


I'm just glad no-one was hurt.

It easily could have been.

When it was happening, I had no-one to call for help.

No emergency services, no police force, nothing.

Since the HVF was disbanded, we're completely exposed.

We need protecting, Miss Martin, we really do.

Oh! Where did you get to? Out and about.

Yeah? It's been a long day.

Oh, yeah? Come here.



Ready to let your hair down, I see? Yeah.

Did you invite Kieren? I did.

Is he coming? I think he will.

Want to give me a hand? Yeah.

Ey up.

Got some new Blu-rays.

Thinking we could pop some popcorn on, do a binge.

I can't.

I'm going out.

Oh? Where are you off? Just out, Dad.

Why are you still wearing that? Halloween was in October, Britney Spears! Hey, come on, hop in.

I just I just froze.

Yeah, we've all been there.

I did, didn't I? No, you never.

I bloody well did.

You've forgotten.

Lambert Farm.

Our first mission.

Oh, pure petrified that day.

I went all funny in my head, like this I had all this tightness in my skull.

I thought, "I can't do this, "I just can't," and then then I looked back at you I looked back at you and you were so This 14-year-old lass, so calm and focused.

You know, you saved my arse countless times that day.

Best fighter I ever fought with.

So, you're back on patrol, then? Aye, in so many words.

That MP lass gave me the nod.

She's sound, actually.


And I get to carry one of these.

My Colt! I bought that off the lad you pawned it to.

That's a piece of history, that, Soldier.

Deserved to be in the right hands.

Come on.

Time to strap on the brass.

Kieren Walker! Hey, Henry.

I'm going to be your brother-in-law! Brother.

I made this bracelet for your sister, you know.

Jem, I'm going to marry her.

You know.

I know she peed her pants but I think it's sweet, you know.

She's not perfect.

Who is, you know? No-one.

No-one's perfect, you know? Soz.

He's off his head.

Come on.

You came! Yeah.

Ooh! You look bloody more-geous! You don't look too bad yourself! Mwah! I love you, Kieren Walker! Not like that, cos I know you're not like that, but a love that's greater than that! I love you too, Amy! You're my BDFF! I've no idea what that means! Are you OK? I'm great.

Why is everyone so, er up? We've all had a teensy-weensy bit of brains.

Brains? Don't look like that, handsome.

Sheep's brains.

Why are you eating brains? Cos they make you feel amazing! They're not human brains, anyway, just sheep's brains.

Want some? Er I'll pass.


Um where's Simon? By the campfire.

Do you like him? Say you like him! He's my future husband! You have to like him! I demand you like him! He's all right, yeah.

I need to talk to him.

Come on! You remember the night? Yeah.

As clear as a bell.

I remember waking up in my coffin, digging through the dirt and bursting through the earth.

Was there anyone else there when you rose? Simon! Kieren's here.

He was there when I rose.

Really? I remember the denim jacket.

You remember me from where? You came.


Well, I'm glad.

Er can I talk to you? Er in private? I'm going to go in search for more wood for this incredible fire.

Don't go too far, Amy.

I'll be fine.

You don't have to come with me if you don't feel up to it.

I'm up to it.

Jem! Jem! Henry! I'm going home.

I thought you guys could do stuff like that.

I've got the money.

It's got nothing to do with the money, Kieren.

Look, when I was a kid, I used to dream of escaping to the US.

I'd grown up with all the American movies and I thought if I got there I'd .


somehow be happier.

I eventually did.

When I was 21, I got to the States.

And after a week, the stardust rubbed off and I was miserable again.

You understand? Amy told me what happened to you.

What happened to Bill Macy.

What happened with Rick Macy.

You said to her once that you thought you could change things around here.

I'd like to.

There's just nothing for me here.

There's your family.

There's Amy.

There's me.

I heard it! It's through here! Jem! Jem, be careful! You and me belong together For fuck's sake, Jem, no.

Jem! Time's up, Freddie.

Sorry, mate.

Two months, we said, when you came back from the treatment centre.

Haley, do you want him gone or not? What are you doing with Amy? She thinks the two of you are involved.

I don't lead people on.

Why don't you break free? Why don't you show yourselves? Because when you do, you're not going to want to go back.

You're going to be the future.

I want to go and tell what I did.

Henry didn't grieve over his kills.

Why should you? You'd be amazed at what I could do to your sort, and what you can do sod all about.

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