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  1x03 - Episode 3
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The worst side effects, for me, are the flashbacks.

It's so vivid, what I did to her.

And the guilt, it's crippling.

Now the government is putting these dangerous fiends back into our community.

If there's any round 'ere, we'll deal with 'em.

I know you.

What is every living person afraid of? Us.


The Big Sleep.

Great news.

Rick is coming home.

Rick's back like Kieren's back.

Like Kieren Dead man walking.

Jemima! When you died, everything turned to shit.

Life didn't mean anything any more.

I'm infected! Tell Vicky I've always loved her.

My Vicky? That's enough! Think we should hand them over to the civvies? No.

You do the honours.

You're a better shot than me.

What are you doing? Do it! You don't have to do everything he tells you, you know.

Not any more.

Time to call Shirl.

He'll be out with Rick.

Or in a ditch somewhere.

No, we have to call Shirley about this.

You call her, she'll call the Treatment Centre and they'll take him away.

Do you want that? We can't lose him again, Sue.

We won't.

Do you want me to get the netting in? Get off.

I'm sorry.

You're sorry? You embarrassed me, Rick.

Siding with that rotter! Dad, I Insubordination.

It'll spread.

Like piss downhill.

Oh, he's lovin' this.

You saw him swanning into the Legion with his rotter girlfriend.

Dad The Walker lad were smiling ear to rotten ear.

He's got to go, and you've got to do it.

Got some aspirin if you want? I, uh, best get back.

Morning council meeting.

This, what happened last night If word got out, I'd lose my job.

Oh, Jesus, there'd be hell to pay.

You think I want it known I shagged someone like you? What's that supposed to mean? Good.

Keep your mouth shut.

People round here found out I slept with a rotter, I'd be strung up.

What are you doing here? Amy's nan.

I knew her.

At the hospice.

Came to give her some left over belongings.



You? I'm doing outreach.

Oh, right.

Partially Deceased face to face relations.

We're having pork tonight, Philip.

You like pork, don't you, love? Yep.

What are we doing at the cage? We need to get some of that paint.

Oh, right.

Bloody leg's killing me.

Worth it, though.

Go on, mate.

You see any rotters caged up? Get your arse in there, you soft get.

You know, first thing I'm going to do with this money, I'm going to buy myself vitamin C in bulk.

I feel rough as dogs.

I must be getting that cold that's going What are you doin'? You're being quarantined.

What?! You got bit.

You could turn any time.

That's an urban myth, Gaz! Walker lad said so himself! Likely story.

You dead 'uns stick together, eh? This is about Vicky, innit? 'Bout what I said last night? Bastard.

Lisa! Lisa! You were there.

I have flashbacks.

From that time.

My medication.

Rebuilds connections in my memory.

You were there when Lisa was killed.

When you killed her.

You killed her.

She wasn't killed.

You killed her.

When I killed Lisa.

So you come to talk yer way out of it? Make excuses? No.

You remember me.

From then? Did you see what I did? And how does it feel? It feels awful.

I'm not one of those people who thinks that what we did was all right because it was necessary for our survival, or that we were somehow an advanced species, so killing the living doesn't count.

It does count.

I did kill her.

And all I can say is that I would have done anything to have stopped it.

So you think I'm a coward? No.

You saw me.

I could have stopped it.


Talk about guilt.

Try looking the parents of your mate in the eye and having them think you're a hero, when really you're a fake and a liar.

I told Lisa's parents I'd run I told everyone that I'd run out of bullets.

And I hadn't run out of bullets.

I just couldn't pull the trigger on my own brother.

Rabid rotter or not.

I couldn't do it.

I'm glad you didn't, Jem.

Are you? I am.

I really am.

I'm going to Lisa's parents.

I'm going to, erm I'm going to try and bring them some peace.


Wait for me.

It has to look like he turned on you.

I mean, there's some in Roarton that think these things are people.

Can you believe that? When you've finished him, say something like, "When I met up with the Walker lad, he started foaming at the mouth.

" Summat like that.

He's not a person, Rick.

He's an animal.

Worse than an animal.

They might walk and talk, but rotters are evil.

This has to be done.

Yeah, I know.

"Yeah, I know.

" Do you want to be in the good books or the bad books? The good books.

When do you want me to go? Today.

Where's me fags? Janet! Here, I'll get you some.

I don't mind.

I'll be straight back.

Here y'are.

Hurry up.


Yeah, the Walker lad, eh.

Mum, have you got some change? Pure poison.

You let that go.

Respect, lack of respect.

It's like teeth rotting.

You let one go, they all start going.

No, he's got to go.

It's like teeth, important, he's got to go.

Won't be a sec.

Where are you two going? Out.

Absolutely not.

YOU had us worried sick.

No one's going anywhere.

We have to go out.

It's still very dangerous out there.

Come on! Relax, Mother, I'm packing.

Is someone going to get that? Steve! The handset's not on the charger.


Where's that phone? How would I know? You had it last night.

Think Dad had it last.

I always put it back, Sue.

You say that, Steve, but the number of times I come down and find it stuffed down the side of the sofa.

That's got nothing to do with me.


Once I left it down the sofa, we had words and ever since then I've made a point of always Ah, great, now we're never going to find it.

Hi, Ren.

It's me.

You're in danger.

Did you get to speak to Rick? I did, but So please, please, if you see me or my dad coming just just run.

Please, Ren, stay away.


About last night, I'm really Oh, f I'm bringing Rick to the service today, Vicar.

'What do we owe the pleasure?' I need you to do one of your barnstormers.

The lad's got a big mission to do today.

He's going to need inspiring.

I see.

What do you have in mind? Just something about always doin' your duty, no matter what.

Just one minute, Vicar.

What? Philip's outside.

He's painting something on the garage door.

What are you doin'? Proposal was voted in this morning.

All houses with PDS sufferers living inside must be identified.

Sarge? Know how you feel.

What's going on? Get inside and change into your suit.

We're going to church.

Oh, hiya, sweetheart, you off to service? Need a lift? No, thanks, Patty.

Erm, I think you and Duncan should skip church today.

That one.

And then that's the new one.

There you go, Kieren.

Duncan gets 'em done at the print place in town.

I design 'em on my computer.

Looks very professional.

Hopefully, we won't have to put 'em up for much longer.


Well I don't know how, how to Lisa isn't missing.

And I know this for sure because I was there.

In the supermarket.

I was the one.

I attacked her.

I attacked your daughter.


Well, that's something, isn't it? I think what Kieren's trying to say is that I know.

He bit her, in his untreated state, we get that, love.

So you were the one who moved her body? I So who was the one who moved her body? I don't know.

But you're sure you bit her? Yeah.

Yeah, I'm sure I did that.

It's just that we were hoping for a bit more from you.

Like maybe you'd spotted her.

Iuh In the woods.

When you were in the woods last night.

We heard what you did for those other two and we'd just like to thank you.

Thank me? Standing up like you did.

If the patrols find Lisa now, she won't be harmed.

We think that she woke up after you'd finished with her.

And now she's just roaming about.

I leave the patio door open all the time.

Just in case.

Er Lisa's not coming back.

Well, course she is.

She was bitten.

She will, she'll be coming back like you and Rick Macy.

We all came back because we died the year before The Rising.

After the Rising Well, people have died, haven't they, but When you're bitten, you come back.

I'm sorry.

It doesn't work like that.

That's how it is in the films and everything, isn't it? Yeah, we've seen it.

You get bitten, you come straight back.

In all the films.


I know.

But this isn't a film.

Vicar Oddie said that this is a "very serious concern.

" Yeah, but Vicar Oddie is saying that because Because it could be true.

Couldn't it, Kier? Couldn't it? They haven't found her body, anything is possible.

You've got to have faith, haven't you? Lad! Here y'are, mate! Do us a favour, pop to the shops and get us a sarnie.

Thought you lot didn't eat? I'm not a bloody rotter, I am diabetic! You got bit.

That's all bollocks about getting turned from a bite.

My dad says different.

Yer dad! Yer dad don't know his arse from his elbow.

Infected bastard.

'Scuse me.

Hiya, love.

You look well, have you lost some weight? Listen, sweetness.

You couldn't do me a favour, could you? I've been quarantined against me will.

You mangy cow! Call yourself a Christian! Once the dead have been judged, only then can the good Lord pave the way to salvation.

And salvation is all that we crave.


Do not be fooled.

Those things are not what they appear to be.

They are not your neighbours, not your friends.

They are imposters! Changelings of the highest order.

The undead are the pale horsemen personified, intent on destruction and evil, and they must be judged! The Good Lord demands it! Revelations 11:18.

"The time has come for judging the dead, "and for rewarding your servants and those who reverence your name.

" Amen! Amen.

I have to go to this coffee morning Shirl set up.

Yeah, yeah, all right.

Appreciate that, Vicar.

Bill, this is far from over.

"For the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible.

" There will be a second Rising coming, Bill.

When the first risen have been judged, a second resurrection will be upon us.

But this time the Lord will bring back the proper, the righteous, the true souls we miss so dearly.

It's the same old Rick.

I promise you that.

Come on, son, we've the Lord's work to do.

'We hold the keys of salvation in our hands'.

What do you want? I'm here to mark your place.


'Fear not.

I am the first and the last, I am he that liveth, 'and was dead, and behold I am alive for evermore 'and hold the keys of life and death'.

Join me here.

For when we are united we are strong, and safe What are you watchin'? Nothing.

Done your door.

Good for you, Da Vinci.

You're not like other girls, are you? If you've finished defacing my property, I'd like you to leave.

It just won't do.

What won't? You.

Going around like you are.

Was about to get dressed before you turned up.

No, I mean, like that.

Walking around bare.

It's a slap in the face to this community.

To war heroes like me.

This is my house, arsehole.

I can do what I bloody well In this village, you cover up your rotten face! Got it? That's better.

Want some? No, I can't have fluids.

Oh, yeah.

Thank you.

What for? For not taking away their hope.

You could have done.

But you didn't.

Yeah, well, I've taken enough away from that family.

You were brave in there.

I didn't feel brave.

You were.

Even just going in.

It took a lot of guts.

You've always had a lot of guts, a lot more than I've ever had anyway.

No, no, that's not true.

It is.

People think I'm this rough, tough, gun-toting badass.

But I'm not.

I never was.

I don't think of you as a badass.


No, I mean that you'll always be my little sister.

Well, I'm your big sister now.

I mean, technically, you're still 18.

I'm 19 in three weeks.

I'm going to go.

Better get off.

Mum and Dad'll worry.

I'll come with you.

No, stay.

Talk to her.

She's your mate.

Sure? Yeah.

Just don't be back too late, little bro.

Don't want to miss your bedtime story.



I know you.

I thought you were going au naturale? Yeah, that didn't work out.


You're not going on a day trip without me, are you? Isn't a day trip this time, partner.

You're leaving you're leaving Roarton? Why? Lots of reasons.

This place.

It's never going to accept people like us.

Never ever.

It will.

We'll make them change.

No, it won't.

Iwe need to go somewhere where we can be ourselves.

Where's that? The un-dead prophet.

He's got a commune.


He says he's got answers.

Aren't you curious why we're here? Why we came back in the first place? Yeah, of course I am.

He's got a community.

Lots of people like us up there.

He's bad news, dangerous.

Come with me, then.

Be my big, strong bodyguard.

That's me, is it? Yep.

That is the best impression of yourself you'll ever see in your entire second life, Kieren Walker.

OK, then.

So that's a definite yes? You'll come with me? I can't come with you.

Not just yet.

Rick? He seemed like a dickhead, if you ask me.

Oh, it's an act he puts on with his dad.

You think he'll change too? Yes.

You're such a soppy optimist.

Optimist? Amy, I killed myself.

OK, so you're an optimist with depressive tendencies.

I'll be depressed if you leave.

You've a family.

I don't have that.

Much as I love staring at your pretty face all day, I need something like it.

The medication.

We have to have our shots every day.

What are you going to do about that? Well, the guy with the website, he's got tons of the stuff stockpiled.

Don't be so glum, handsome.

I'll be back.

Oh, we've got a wedding to go to anyway.

Wedding? Ours, dum-dum.

Be careful, yeah? I mean it.

OK, ladies, if you'd like to take a seat.

Right, now.

This is a safe place.

What is said here does not leave this room.

Now, how is everyone feeling? Any burning questions regarding Eh! Yes, love? Well, my son Henry's been getting fan mail from perverts who find his condition, PDS, arousing.

Some of the letters he gets, pure filth.

This is one.

"Dear undead love god, "I want to feel your cold dead hands all over my warm silky bodice.

"I want you to bite me deep, you horny corpse.


Stoke on Trent" Oh, well, yes, er, well, I can see that this Barbara is very misinformed.

It's not the point, Shirl.

How's everyone else feeling? Sue? How do I feel? How am I feeling? Er, well, er One minute I'm so happy he's back, and the next I'm filled with anger.

Then a minute later, I'm in the bathroom bawling me eyes out.

So quite honestly, I can't keep up.

A very common reaction, isn't lady? Yeah.

You mentioned being angry with him? Well, when Kieren, erm, left, my family, erm My family went into freefall.

Jemima became this white hot ball of rage that I couldn't reason with and Steve Well, you know there's that joke about the best husband is a mute husband.

But the reality of erm, of watching someone that you've known and loved for so long just erm Just shutting down in front of you, is awful.

And at its worst point with both of them, I blamed Kieren.

I was just so bloody mad with him.

And that's a horrible to feel that way about someone, especially your only son.

I've felt exactly the same way, Sue.

But more erm more fear than anger.

I'm ashamed to admit it but when Rick came back I were scared of him.

Scared of me own flesh and blood.

You've got to get it deep enough so it pierces the brain, yeah? Got you.

Right, I'll be the rotter.

All right, mate, how's it going? Brilliant.

You've got it, well done.

Well, get your coat on, then.

Yeah, just a sec.

Rick! What are you playing at? Where are you? Well, the way Vicar Oddie puts it, they're all supposed to be possessed by the devil himself.

Demons in disguise.

I haven't found that at all.

My handsome man's back.

He's different.

He's a bit different looking.

But he's still the same.

Deep down.

You know, I know that.

My Ricky's a he's a good boy.


I don't want to hurt Ren.

He's me best mate.

If Ren's evil, Dad, then so am I.

I get you.

Do you? I do.

You're trapped.

Aren't you? You know something's not right and you want out.

Come here.

Come here.


It's all right.

It's going to be all right.

It's going to be all right.

Excuse me, mate, I need help.

What? Oh, it's bloody Ken.

Hello, Mr Burton.

I hate to ask you this.

What do you want? I need help.

I'm a diabetic.

I need sugar.

Sarnie or summat.

What sort? Coronation chicken, if they've got it.

Thank you.


I'm sorry for what I've done.

'Hi, Ren.

It's me.

You're in danger.

'My dad wants you gone and he wants me to do it.

'So please, please, if you see me or my dad coming, 'justjust run.

' Kieren! Hiya, love.

Sorry I'm late.

Shirl kept nattering on about the village fete.

By heavens, that woman can't half talk.

Where's Rick? Bill? Where's Rick? Rick? I haven't seen Rick for five years.

What do you what do you mean? At Manchester Airport, when we waved him off.

That's the last time I saw our son.

Kieren? Wha? Kier? Mum! Dad! What idiot's making all that racket? Kieren.

I don't want to Stand up.

Stand up! You're barred from this house.

And that's why.

Bloody animal.

You heard me, you're not allowed in this house.

You banned me eight years ago.

And it wasn't for wrecking your furniture, it's because I gave your son a mix CD.

Aye, and when he comes back, you'll still be banned from here, so trot on.

What do you mean when he comes back? Next time.

Next time? What next time? Janet, get us another, would you? What next time, Bill? Have you not fucked off yet? What next time? The next resurrection.

The dead are going to rise again.

But this time, only the good dead are going to come up.

The right dead.

Not impostors like you and that thing.

Thing? Oh, he looked like him.

He talked like him.

But there were tell-tale signs.

I see now.

The medal, now that was a stroke of genius.

Sticking up for the likes of you.

Well, that's when the scales fell.

Oh, Christ, Rick.

It weren't the proper Rick.

Next time, my real son's going to come back and everything'll be put to rights.

Your real son did come back.

No, he didn't.

He came back.

And he showed you his real self and you killed him for it.

I got rid of an imposter.

Because he stuck up for me?! Yeah! And he looked like you an'all! Those beady little eyes.

Because he WAS like me.

Wrong! He came back! And it was a one-shot deal.

It was a was a gift.

A gift and you ruined it.

You murdered your only son.

No, no, no, no! No! No! No! You rotten bastard.

You've upset my wife.

No! No! She should be upset.

You killed her boy.

I told you, Vicar Oddie said there's going to be a second Rising, and then the real Rick can come back again, after I judge the rest of 'em.

You killed Rick.

You killed Rick.

You killed Rick.

You killed Rick.





Our boy! You killed our boy! Oh, Christ, Rick.

Oh, Christ.

Oh, Jesus, Rick.

Janet, what have I done? I didn't see nothing.

Someone help.

Someone please help me.

I've just had that door varnished.

Well, I'm just following orders, Mrs Bennett.

Mum'll find him, Dad.

He wouldn't He wouldn't leave us again.

Lisa? Kier, is that you? Christ, Mum, nearly gave me a heart attack.

Why am I giving you a heart attack? What the hell are you doing here? I wasn't going to I didn't, I didn't know what to do, so I jus I just started running and I just needed to be somewhere, I needed to come here where where me and Rick used to I'm so sorry about what happened to him, love.

I think I got him killed.

No, you didn't.

He stuck up for me, and Bill Yeah, Bill.

That's right, Bill killed him.

Not you.


Christ, Mum, it's becoming just like it was before and I don't know how to change it.

Well, I'll tell you how you change it.

This time, you live.

You don't leave.

You stay.

You want me to stay? When I'm like this? Yes.

My God, Kieren, I'd love you with all my heart if you came back as a goldfish! I know how it feels.

To lose someone.

I was going out with this very handsome RAF pilot.

I know.

It's true.

I never told you.

I was so amazed by this man.

In awe of him, really.

And I had it in my head that we were going to get married, have kids, the whole shebang.

The only trouble was that he had other plans, namely dumping me and going out with my best friend Emily who he deemed more socially acceptable.

I was devastated.


I thought that was it.

The end.

I was never going to meet anybody who got me so completely again.

So I quit college and I came home.

And one night, I decided I was going to end it all.

And so I sneaked out the house and went to the late night chemist.

But the fella on the counter point blank refused to serve me.

And I just burst into tears right there in the shop.

But he was so kind, this fella, and even though he wouldn't serve me, he took me in the back, and he made me a tea, and he listened.

And I talked.

All the way through his shift, I talked and he listened.

And he made me laugh too.

That's something that you don't know about your dad, he can be very funny when he wants to be.

But sometimes I wish he'd talk more.

And not about Blu-rays and the weather.

But about the real stuff.

He'd love to talk to you, Kieren, talk to you about real stuff.

Where is he? Having a nervous breakdown at home.

He was going to come with me, but, erm He can't come here.

The prodigal son returns.

I'm sorry, Dad.

Not your fault.

You were under a lot of stress.


I don't want you to let me off that easy.

Oh? I just left you.

No phone call.

No nothing.

Well, yes.

Yes, you did do that.

I wasn't thinking.

I didn't think.

About Mum's feelings, Jem's.

About your feelings.

Suppose you didn't.

So I want you to tell me off.

Give me a piece of your mind.

Give me hell.


You're you're grounded.


What did you think you were playing at? You had your mother worried sick.

And? And you had your sister worried sick an'all.

And? And I were going to call the police.

You would have been right to.

Because I was concerned, son.

Yeah, I understand that.

I understand that now.

Very concerned.

Why? Cos you know why.

Tell me.

You know.

Go on, Dad.

Come on, harder.

Go on! Cos I was worried sick! You just go out, don't tell anyone where you're going, no contact for days.

Jem thinks she knows where you might be and she tells me, so I put on me jacket, I grab a torch and go up into the woods and I get there, I get to the cave.

And there you are.

You're sitting down, you're leaning on a rock.

And I think, "Thank God, he's OK, he's OK.

" But then I get close.

I see the Swiss army knife I'd got you for your birthday and it's You're covered in blood.

So much blood.

I take you in my arms and I run with you in my arms.

I run and run and run, but it's I can't because you're I can't, son.

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