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It's the end of the world, Lis, screw it.

Get us some biscuits as well.

Thought you said you were on a diet, mate? I am, but I want biscuits.

Well, I got you some shortbread.

Caramel ones? No, they don't have any of those.

They've got Caramels.

Oh, what! If you stick them both together in your gob it's the same thing.

Very funny.

Huh? Oh! Argh! Argh! Oh, oh! Uh, uh! 'Kieren.

' 'Kieren.

' Kieren.

It's all right.

It's all right.

It's OK.


Another involuntary recurrent memory? They're getting more vivid.

That's a good sign.

Means the cognitive circuitry's connecting again.

Like a computer rebooting.

Maybe it means I'm not ready? No.

It means the opposite.

No, I don't feel ready.

That's exactly why you're ready.

You're feeling.

It's not, not just the flashbacks.

The medication, all the side effects.

It means your brain's responding.


That's a positive.

Count yourself lucky, you don't want to be a patient who doesn't respond to Neurotriptyline.

Where do they go? The ones that don't respond? We take care of them.

Your parents.

They're looking forward to seeing you again.

Why wouldn't they? Because I'm a zombie.

And I killed people.


Kieren, what are you? Look at me.

You are a I am a Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferer.

And? And what I did in my Untreated State was not my fault.



Could you maybe talk to someone, Doctor Shepherd? Um, to get more time? It's going to be good for you, going home.



Name? Kieren Walker.

Blue or brown? Did you have blue eyes or brown eyes? Brown.

Next! 'Patients to Administration Room 12.

' The righteous perish and no-one ponders it in his heart.

Devout men are taken away and no-one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil.

Those that walk uprightly enter unto peace.

They find rest as they lie in death.

Neighbours are lovely, aren't they? They are.

Yeah, very nice.

Here we are.

Fantastic room if you have children or guests.

Or, uh, strangers round ever.

Well Do the fittings come included? Yeah.

What you see is what you get.

Someone likes to rock and roll, eh? Oh, er Jem.

We're coming in.

There's a party going on! All the people are dancing.

A psycho killer bursts in and starts shooting everyone.

Ptshoo, ptshoo, ptshoo! Oh, no! Only one survives - Mr Fuck Off Right Now! She doesn't come included! We've got a couple of dogs, haven't we? Have you? It's dog city round here.

There's quite a few.

I thought the Human Volunteer Force had disbanded.

No, round here they're still going strong.

You've got a beautiful home.


It's just we're looking for something We were just looking for something more Remote? Yes.


So are we.

They must have one, too.

I think we should start lowering the asking price.

He can't come back here.

Well, he's just going to have to, Steve.

You pull any of that crap again, and you're going to be seriously grounded.

Instead of what, Dad? Hilariously grounded? I mean it.

Ooh, shaking.

Listen, Jemima before you leave What? Well, tomorrow Tomorrow we've got to go to Norfolk to pick up your No.

No way.

You don't have to come, but it's just me and your dad, we thought it would be nice if you were I hate that she still wears that bloody armband 24-7.

She'll come around.

At least the drive to Norfolk's quite scenic.

The worst side effects, for me, are the flashbacks.

It's always of the last person I When When I was in my Untreated State.

Um, me and another dead PDS sufferer, we hunted together and we went to this supermarket and er, this girl was there and It's so vivid what we did what I, what I did to her, and the guilt It's crippling.

But I guess I deserve it.

Ah, mate, if you hadn't have fed on her, you'd have rotted away yourself.

You shouldn't feel guilty.

What? They killed us too during the Rising.

They'd blow our heads off without a second thought.

But oh no, that's "defending humanity" - that's OK.

That's not murder, that's being being a hero.

While they get medals, we get medicated.

Without medication we'd go back to being rabid.

Well, maybe that's a better state to be in.

God, you're such an idiot, Alex.

I'm an idiot? I'm not the one who took acid four years ago and thought she could, er fly way up to the sky.

All right, that's enough.

I can.

That's enough.

I can't.

Look, you're all on edge.

Because of Sunday.

Right? Am I right? It's OK to be nervous about going back.

You know you get in your cover-up mousse and I see a couple of you have started wearing your contact lenses.

How are they feeling? A bit unnatural.




Keep it up.


You're seeing your family and friends again.

Can't wait.

Kieren, mate, who are you looking forward to seeing? My little sister.


Ah, here she is.

The Rambo of Roarton, eh? Yes, Bill? Er, pint of bitter for me, and a cider for this trigger-happy honey.

Six pounds, please, love.

You what? Six pound for the drinks, love.

But your sign They're having to come down today.

Some of you are bleeding me dry.

If it hadn't been for my fighters, this place would be rubble and you wouldn't be here charging me for two bloody pints, I can tell you that much! I'll get this one in, eh? Can you believe the disrespect? Things are moving on, I suppose.

Rising were years ago.

What are we? Fucking Southerners? Roarton's sacrifice will never be forgotten.

As long as I draw breath.

Too right.

HVF! HVF! Your patrol rotas for the week ahead.

Lying bastard government says there's no more rabid rotters in the woods, but we know better.

What about ones on drugs? What about 'em? I heard they're coming back.

In cities, Daz.

Government wouldn't put treated ones back in Roarton.

They wouldn't dare.

Don't count on it.

You heard summat, Sarge? I'll say this, a rotter's a rotter - drugs or no drugs.

If there's any round 'ere, we'll deal with 'em.

Your report everything that you see.

That said New walkies? Council splashing out? Yeah, right.

These came out me own pocket.

Thanks, Sarge.

They're tidy.


Right swish.

You want one of these, love? Yeah.

Sorry, Sarge.

Summat on your mind, sweetheart? No.


You know.

Just stuff.

I do know.

Anniversary of the Rising coming up.

Lots of memories.

To the fallen.

To the fallen.

Nervous? Yeah, a bit nervous.

What did he say? He says he's looking forward to seeing me.

Did you ask Keith about the riots, when they first started putting us back? Yeah.

He says you're talking bollocks.

Course he did.

He's one of them.

The living.

Can't trust a word they say.

Here's a guy you can trust.

It's that guy I've been going on about.

The Undead Prophet.

Here's his website.

When you get home, check him out.

He'll blow your mind.

Shot time.

OK, nurse, next.

Alex? What have you taken? Reload the Neurotriptyline.

Let's double dosage.

Nurse, it's my room-mate, I think he's taken something.

Your arm, please.

Put you to sleep.

Urrgh! Guard! He bit me.

Where are you doing to him? Get out the way! What are you doing? Come on! Next.

Thank you.

Come on, now.

That's your lot.

Ssh! Quiet, love, keep it down.

Argh! Nice here, innit? I were expecting armed guards and barbed wire all over the place.

Me too.


Your mam and dad are here, mate.

I'm so sorry You look Don't he look? I were expecting, er I don't know what I were expecting but I mean, you hear stories I mean, your doctors had said, you know, be prepared, but You look well.

Don't he look well? Even caught some sun, I see.

It's the cover-up mousse.

Makes me look better.

It's going to take some time to adjust, that's normal.

How's the move been? Oh, well, there's been some difficulties.

Things have changed in Roarton, haven't they, Sue? Yeah.

It's much less radical.

Really? Because from what I've heard, Roarton's quite infamous for its views on assimilation.

No, not any more.

It's, it's become much more tolerant.

'They are vicious' killers.

End of story.

And now the government is putting these dangerous fiends back into our community.

Passing laws to protect the beasts.

And they want us to support them.

Well, here we are, Minister Not all of us, admittedly, just those fortunate enough to survive.

Yeah, that's right.


Damn right.

Hear, hear! Boo! There he is.

Liar! Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Boo! I understand that many of you share your vicar's concerns about the PDS Domiciled Care Initiative.

However, if I could remind you that the, er, Protection Act not only protects the Partially Deceased, er, Syndrome sufferer, but also Who will protect us? What happens if they decide to attack again? Vicar, the PDS sufferers didn't DECIDE to attack anyone.

When they first ro When they first rose from the grave, they were in a very primitive state, but now they are properly medicated.

They're still rotten.

And what if the medication wears off? Or they stop taking it? What then? Well, er, young man, er, let me assure you that all assimilated PDS sufferers must legally take their medication.

And if on the slim chance a PDS sufferer becomes tolerant, there are strict protocols in place, which Yeah, like, like before? Eh? During the Rising, when the government promised that troops were coming to help us and then no-one showed up? That's it.

Where were you? Where? Ad-ad-admittedly, the, the subduing of the untreated PDS sufferers in the cities A rotter's a rotter, mate.

Tell it like it is.

Took more time and manpower than we had expected.

So you got it wrong! There were over 140,000 risen dead so, if I may I express my gratitude to the people of Roarton, er, for creating the very first Human Volunteer Force platoon and inspiring many other rural communities to do the same, er, and We appreciate the platitudes, Minister.

But the question remains - why put the people back in our community that wanted to destroy it in the first place? Yes! It's useless, it's ridiculous, and if you don't mind me saying, it's bloody dangerous.

If, if, if I could perhaps, er, direct your parishioners to the official government website Oh, fuck off! I think that would be the best I'm afraid I'm being told that unfortunately But may I say what a beautiful part of the world this is, and Off! Off! .


that I can't wait to visit this wonderful area again.

Get in your car! Off! Off! Run away! Start the fucking car! Rubbish.

You've missed a lot of good films while you were away.

Oh, yeah? Don't worry, when we heard you were back I went on a bit of a spending spree, didn't I, Sue? Got the works - Blu-ray, flat screen, tons of discs.

Thought we could have a movie marathon night.

Like we used to.

I'd like that.

I got some new speakers and all.

Dolby surround sound.

You should hear the bass on 'em.

Who are the HVF? It's all very well downloading, but there's something about actually physically having a film in your hand that I find satisfying.

It's like with a book, you know Steve.

What? It's only eleven.

What's wrong? You need to get down as flat as you can.

Why? Just get down now! Right now! Take off your coat.


All right, all right.

I tell you what, I'd like to see his kids living with 'em.

I didn't see you in the pews this morning.

You, er, you missed all the action.

Did we? We'll have to come over to yours this afternoon, you can tell us all about it.

I'll tell you now.

You're going my way, aren't you? We haven't got room.

Philip and Shirley don't mind squeezing in the back with me.

No, we've got stuff back there.


I need a word.

In private.

Thanks for the offer, but Shirley wants a word.


No trouble.

Bye, then.

See you.

Here, you can take that off now, son.

What was that about, Dad? Precautions.

What precautions? I thought you said everything was all right around here now.

Everything is going to be OK.

It was just, er everything's going to be fine.

All your old stuff is upstairs.

In the loft? No.

In your room.

You kept my room? Course we did.

Just as you left it, love.

Shirley? Hi, Sue.

Can I come in? It's not a good time.

I know he's back.


I know.


I got a call out the blue, a few months ago.

"This is The Department of Partially Deceased Affairs.

"You're on our system as a primary care giver.

"Would you be interested in, er, "in training to be a PDS Community Care Officer?" I said, "Yeah, anything to help in this brave new world.

" Yeah, I mean I never really agreed with er, treating PDS sufferers badly.

I mean I know they went rabid for a while and caused a spot of bother, but you know, the past is the past.

How long did you say you trained for, Shirl? About three weeks.

I know, it's a long time, isn't it? Right, let's just Oh, hang on Click, that'll be it.

OK, put my gloves on.

It's all right, love, I won't bite.

OK, now Sue, Steve, come round here, and I'll show you how to administer the medicine.

OK? Now, let's have a look.

Right, see that hole there? Yeah.


Right in the middle between the first and second vertebrae? That's where the syringe goes.

Oh, no - like that, that way.

OK, so just pop it in the hole, like that.

And then you just press the trigger, and hey, presto.

Oh, hold him steady, please.

Argh! That's it.

God! How many times does he have to go through that? Every day I'm afraid, Steve.

What does the medication actually do? It, er Well, it helps with balancing chemicals in the brain.

I think.

Let me just check the leaflet.

Neurotriptyline artificially stimulates neurogenesis of gial cells.

Cells I can't produce any more.

Gial cells are vital for proper brain function.

Oh! Even I didn't know that.

Now, love, you know how to use yer FleshTone mousse and yer IrisAlways contacts, don't yer? Obviously.

The contacts are really only for when he has to go outside.

Which, for the time being, he really shouldn't be doing a lot of.

What about the PDS Protection Act? Oh, well you know when the Government passed that law banning people drinking alcohol on public transport? But, you still get lots of folks on the bus drinking cans of lager, don't yer? So, if I do go outside? Oh, there might be a spot of bother.

Mum, could I have a quick word in private? OK, just in here.


By law, I have to give you this.

Why? Well, if you notice Kieren acting strangely at all, it might be a sign that he's Well, there's this illegal drug going around, PDS kids are calling it "Blue Oblivion".

And it's very dangerous.

So if you see Kieren taking any blue pills, you'll want to use this on him, and then you'll want to call me.

I-I'm sure Kieren, you know, wouldn't get involved with drugs but, you better be safe than sorry.

If you've got any other questions, Sue, don't hesitate to give me a bell, all right? Oh, and, um, if Philip ever picks up, just um, just ask for me in a sort of friendly tone, you know, like, "Oh, hello, is your mum about for a natter?" Don't mention anything about Kieren.

So Philip doesn't know about you? Oh, no, no, no, no.

He works for the parish council.

Would be dangerous.


I'll let myself out.

Who gives a monkey's about trick or treaters? Nothing's being done about the HVF.

Bill, I said we'd get to matters of the HVF in due time.

Said that last meeting.

So me proposal passes? Uh, sorry, look.

Excuse me.

Can I say something? I think the ban should stay.

When did the clerk start arguing policy? Now, councillor.

Philip might have a point here.

Go on, son.

We're living in a world where real monsters exist.

People going around pretending to be ghouls, and ghosts and what have you would still be distressing to members of the community.

Halloween night, before the Rising, well, it were a big draw for The Legion.

I want to change me vote.

Your first Scotch, son? Yes, sir.

Don't be ashamed.

Sir, can I, erm, can I start off by saying I didn't mean to speak up at the council meeting? I, I was just worried that Calm down, Philip.

Is that why you think I asked to see you today? No, no, no.

You are in a unique position to assist me in protecting this community.

I am? I'm fearing the worst.

The reassimilated undead.

But there are no medicated ones living in Roarton.

Are there? There are whispers, son.

Whispers that cannot, should not, be ignored.

Oh, right, I see.

But I'm still not sure how I'm in a unique position, sir.

How's your mother, Philip? Mum? Oh, she's very well.

She works up at the hospice, doesn't she? Or rather, she did work up at the hospice.

No, she still works there, sir.

Really? Because I visit there every week and I haven't seen your mother in a very long time.

It seems she handed in her notice some months ago.

But she goes off to work every morning.

I see her leave.

Perhaps she's in a new line of employment.

Like what? Perhaps you should find that out, son.

When's Jem going to be back? Should be any minute.

I don't eat any more.

It's lamb.

Your favourite.


Well, erm Just pretend for a bit, eh? Here she comes.

I'm not I'm not coming in until that disappears! Get in here right now! I'll walk out.

I swear I'll spend the night on a bench.

Jem! Kier, you don't have to! No tea for me? Jesus, Mother, I'm starving.

There's plenty here.

You know I hate lamb.

< Unbelievable.

You ready, love? Yeah.

Happy birthday, son.

Happy birthday, son.



proof of Jesus' prophecies that the temple would fall.

' I'm shattered.

What, long day, Mum? Yeah, been on my feet most of the afternoon.

Bunions are killing me.

What, chasing the old dears around that hospice, were yer? Yeah.

They're quite the handful.

Are they now? Aye.

They are.

Well, I'm to bed.

Just going to watch the end of this.

Night night, Goldie Hawn.



and transform the fate of Jerusalem.

' Philip? What you doing, with MY laptop? I'm watching pornography.

Pornography? On the world wide web.

This is what I do to, um, relieve stress.

I think I might be one of those sex addicts.

I'm not sure yet.


I'm going cold turkey right now.

Well, I'm to bed.

Scan for viruses when you're finished, Philip.

Will do.

Good night then, Mum.

What are you? Are you a demon? A monster sent from hell? I don't know.

You see, my brother was a kind, gentle person.

He wasn't a monster.

Who are you? What's your name? Kieren.

No, don't believe you, sorry.

That's my name.

Prove it.

I don't understand? Tell me something only my brother would know about me.

Well, come on, then! When you were 11, you walked on your tiptoes for nine months.

No-one knew why, but you, you had done since you started secondary school.

Mum and Dad tried you on all sorts of pills and therapy, but still you tiptoed.

Everyone knew I did that.

Those special clogs.

Do you remember those clogs? You wore them in the morning but after Mum dropped you off at the bus stop, you'd take them off, put them in your backpack, put on some pumps and be back on your toes by the time the coach pulled up.

Everyone thought you'd be like that for ever and they didn't know why.

But I did.

You didn't want to be noticed.

You thought you were strange for some reason so you walked around quiet as a mouse.

But I knew what would do it.

I made you a hardcore metal mix CD.

Mum went mad when she saw how many songs I put on with swear words, but I knew it'd do the trick.

You didn't even leave a note, Kier.

I just wanted to disappear, Jem.

When I heard about Rick It was my fault he died.

Bullshit! He died in Afghanistan.

Taliban killed him.

It was my fault he joined the Army.

I'm sorry, Jem.

Fuck you! You don't get to say that to me.


Fucking did it again.

What have you said to him? Don't know why you're stressing.

He can't kill himself twice.


You're having a bad run today, son.

You used to beat me every time at this.

Tree falls on house.

No insurance.


Thank you.

Oh, you get off to work now, love.

Oh, we're playing that, are we? You used to beat me every time at this.


Is that me? 'We know how you feel.

'We know how you feel because I was once where you are now - frightened.


Filled to the brim with guilt.

'I was like you but then my heart was opened and I no longer felt ashamed.

'Because I finally understood we have a purpose, 'a divine purpose that must be fulfilled.

'We who died in 2009 and were redeemed from the Earth are truly blessed.


"God shall wipe away all the tears from their eyes.

'"For as they shall rise from the dead, '"they are as the angels which are in heaven.

"' Hi.


What you up to? Ch-checking the weather.

Oh, they say maybe gales tonight.

Looks like it'll be a rough night.

Your service during The Rising was exemplary.

You were the shepherd that kept the wolves at bay.

I wasn't able to protect them all, Vicar.

That's because we had no idea what was coming.

But now, we have intelligence on one of them.

Councillor Macy, we have a wolf in our midst.

"The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

"He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: "He leadeth me beside the still waters.

"He restoreth my soul: "He leadeth me to walk in righteousness "for His name's sake "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, "yet will I fear no evil: for Thou art with me "Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me" Bill? What you doing? What's going on? One of them's amongst us.

A rotter living right in our village.

Where you going? I know where he's hiding out.

Bill, you're scaring me! I'm the shepherd, Janet.

Dean, where are yer? 'Freezing me bollocks off on patrol, where'd yer think? 'Get yer arse up woods entrance, come and pick me up.

'You what? 'There's a rotter living on Leas cul-de-sac.

'We're going over there now to bag it! 'You are joking.

' Shit! Mmm, lovely bit of beef this, Sue.

Eh, Kier? Oh, delicious, Dad.

Really melts in the mouth.

Mum! Dad! They know about him! Who knows? The HVF.

They're coming to get him right now! Get going.

Come on.

Come on, hurry up! Get out the way, quick! Right Right.

We're all right.

Sue, you take the back.

I'll take the front.

Jem, hide him.

But he's Just do it now.

Hello, mate.

Can you get Jem, please? Jem? Can you come down here, please? It's Dean.


Wanted yer to see this.

Ken! Ken! Ken, help me, please! Shut up.

Ken, please! Please help me! Shut up! Shut up! Set it down here.

Maggie! The floor! Eh! Get your bloody hands off my wife! Whoa, whoa! Where are you going? Don't, don't! Please, don't.

Gary, get off her! How do, Ken? Oh, please, Bill? How do, Maggie? Long time no see.

I seem to recall, Ken, last time I saw yer wife, she were in a casket.

That wasn't her, Bill.

Oh, that wasn't her? It was her sister.

That was her sister? So Maggie's got a twin sister and she were the one who died, not yer wife? Yeah.

Right, right.

Oh, no! Ken! Ken! It's Maggie.

Me wife of 25 years! Oh, please, don't, Bill.

Don't do it, Bill.

Don't, Bill.


Please, Bill.

Have mercy.

Don't, don't shoot.

Oh, thanks, Bill.

Oh Oh Why do yer eyes look like mine? I-I-I wear contact lenses, Bill.

Take 'em out.

Just take 'em out, love.

That's more like it.

No! Why?! You Why? You're safe now, Sweetheart.

You bastard! Oh, no! Are you all right, you? Oh, come here.

So you've come to put the shackles on me, have yer? Bill.

I had to do it, Janet.

Can't let it get like last time.

Where were they when we needed them, eh? When neighbours were getting ripped to bits.

Nowhere! Bill, they've found Rick.

Rick? MoD found him in Afghanistan.

They've found his body, eh? It's more than that.

What, he's alive? They've found him alive!? Partially.

It's going to be all right, son.

I know you! I don't know you.

I don't know you either.

Which school did you go to? Girls' Grammar.

Aren't they all lezzers there? Stay back.

Aaargh! Aargh! Why did you bury me? I wanted to be cremated.

That didn't happen, obviously.

No shit! He's a rotter, eh! He's a rotter! I've seen a rotter.

A rabid one! In the woods.

Right, let's go.

Aaargh! Rick.

He's coming home.

We expect your full support.

Rick's back like Kieren's back.

Like Kieren? Dead man walking.

Jemima! This family is fucked.

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