Dracula - Fun Facts

A legend is reborn.
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Dracula - Fun Facts

Post by bunniefuu » 08/27/13 15:27

A few fun facts to watch for in the new upcoming show.

1. Dracula cannot step out into sunlight.

2. Dracula posing as an American investor, played by Alexander Grayson, who has come back to seek revenge on the secret society who, centuries ago, slaughtered his wife.

3. Van Helsing- His family was killed by the same group that killed Dracula’s wife.

4. Jonathan Harker - a reporter who is lured into business with Grayson.

5. Mina Murray - Jonathan's girlfriend and is studying to be a physician.

6. Lucy - a brash social-climber.

7. Renfield is not crazy - he is Grayson’s valet.

8. Dracula can semi-fly, has fangs, is sensitive to religious icons and is very charming, arrogant and seductive!

9. Violence is minimal. A few bloody scenes but most bodies are off-screen. However, the sex is definitely HOTTER! This is why it's a 10pm show!

10. There will be other supernatural creatures on this show also!

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Re: Dracula - Fun Facts

Post by destinyros2005 » 09/03/13 17:04

Should be interesting!

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