Why Slash Ships Matter

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Why Slash Ships Matter

Post by bunniefuu » 08/27/14 19:37

Here is an excerpt from The Geekiary a great article if you haven't read it yet.
the #SlashShipsMatter tag has become a haven for serious discussion about slash pairings in general. Many people in the tag expressed their appreciation that slash fandom exists because it’s allowed them a place to explore their own sexuality and find characters to identify with. In a world where most characters are straight until proven gay, queer readings of characters have become extraordinarily important for those trying to find an outlet to express themselves. For bisexuals, bi readings of characters have also become important as our sexuality is often defined by the outside world by who we are currently dating or expressing interest in at any given moment. Seeing characters as gay or bisexual makes them relatable on a different level and fills the representation void left by mass media.

Agree or disagree??

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