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Joseph Morgan News

Post by destinyros2005 » 09/05/13 07:36

The Originals’ Joseph Morgan and Charles Michael Davis Talk Sexy Vampires

Many Vampire Diaries fans have already seen The Originals, but the official premiere happens a month from today on October 3. While the basic premise is clear — a spin-off featuring the family of original vamps from TVD with a few unexpected twists, including a baby on the way — we’re still getting to know two of the sexy stars: Joseph Morgan and Charles Michael Davis.

During a recent chat with ET Online, the two showed off their budding bromance while discussing the roots of their roles, ranging from complicated mythology to sex appeal.

When asked about what makes people so obsessed with vampires, Joseph explained, “They have a dark secret that no one knows about and they’re a little bit ashamed of, but it’s kind of exciting. It’s being different.” Ultimately, it is a lot of teens who respond to The Originals and “the mothership show, The Vampire Diaries,” he notes, but it doesn’t stop with The CW.

“Vampires have been made so sexy now,” Joseph said, before getting a little flustered by inadvertently complimenting himself. “Starting with Interview of the Vampire, [they’re sexy], instead of becoming these horrific creatures.” Charles helped him out, saying, “Yeah, vampires are really sexy.”

For Joseph, this has been a longtime dream — whether vamps are sexy are not. "For me, I've always been a little unhealthily obsessed with the genre, so I felt like this was the chance of a lifetime,” he revealed. “Now I just have to play a pirate and someone with supernatural powers. Wait, I’ve done that! So just a pirate. Then all of my 5-year-old self’s dreams will be fulfilled!” All together now: aww.

Charles’ dreams came true with this role, too, but not because of his fangs. “I was a big fan of Greek mythology growing up and read a lot of comic books, so I geeked out about the characters that would be introduced and their powers and how they would offset or accentuate the other characters,” he said excitedly. In New Orleans (where the show films), he geeks out because of the scenery, too. “There’s something in the air that is so mysterious; something going on that people don’t speak about, but they know about,” he said. But are there really vamps roaming around Nola? Probably not, but we can dream.

Source: ET Online

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